CIA-52ubiquity: cjwatson * r3747 ubiquity/ (debian/changelog ubiquity/frontend/kde_ui.py):09:33
CIA-52ubiquity: * KDE frontend:09:33
CIA-52ubiquity:  - Don't add partition bar frames for devices we can't find for whatever09:33
CIA-52ubiquity:  reason (LP: #485450).09:33
CIA-52ubiquity: cjwatson * r3748 ubiquity/ (debian/changelog ubiquity/components/ubi-console-setup.py):09:52
CIA-52ubiquity: Pass model, layout, variant, and options to rewrite_xorg_conf09:52
CIA-52ubiquity: (LP: #514646).09:52
CIA-52pkgsel: cjwatson * r155 ubuntu/debian/ (changelog postinst):09:55
CIA-52pkgsel: Install zh-hans language packs for zh_CN, and zh-hant language packs for09:55
CIA-52pkgsel: zh_TW (LP: #517621).09:55
CIA-52pkgsel: cjwatson * r156 ubuntu/debian/changelog: releasing version 0.25ubuntu509:57
CIA-52ubiquity: cjwatson * r3749 ubiquity/ (debian/changelog scripts/install.py):09:58
CIA-52ubiquity: Install zh-hans language packs for zh_CN, and zh-hant language packs for09:58
CIA-52ubiquity: zh_TW (LP: #517621).09:58
CIA-52ubiquity: cjwatson * r3750 ubiquity/ (debian/changelog ubiquity/components/ubi-console-setup.py): Fix crash on keyboard variant selection (LP: #512953).10:18
dmarkeyis it possible to disable specific entries in tasksel10:20
cjwatsondmarkey: yes, preseed tasksel/skip-tasks10:33
cjwatsonev: don't suppose you could have a look at bug 507343?10:33
ubottuLaunchpad bug 507343 in ubiquity "[kde] Ubiquity crashed in OEM configuration" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/50734310:33
dmarkeycjwatson: genious, as always10:34
cjwatsonthere's a report from karmic as well10:34
evcjwatson: will do10:34
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evhrm, the persistent debconf changes to casper appear to have the effect that debconf isn't writing to its database10:43
evjust a heads up, I'm looking into it10:44
dmarkeycjwatson: can one customise the "installation is finished" message11:02
ogracjwatson, so in my log from last night you think the locking was the issue ? (i wouldnt know where that comes from, nothing uses debconf here apart from ubiquity)11:03
cjwatsondmarkey: no11:04
ograand yes, i think libc6-vfp is gone since we have vfp by default11:04
cjwatsondmarkey: not without editing source and rebuilding anyway (but that should be obvious!)11:04
cjwatsonogra: it looked like it.  you may think you aren't using debconf but some packages are being reconfigured under the covers and they apparently use it.11:04
ograwhen could that happen ? i mean i boot directly into ubiquity-dm ...11:05
cjwatsonit's being done by the configure_hardware function in /usr/share/ubiquity/install.py11:06
CIA-52hw-detect: cjwatson * r138 ubuntu/ (debian/changelog hw-detect.sh):11:06
CIA-52hw-detect: Don't try to install libc6-vfp any more; it hasn't been built since11:06
CIA-52hw-detect: eglibc 2.10.1-0ubuntu10 in karmic.11:06
cjwatsonwhich some people do want to happen in oem-config, so it isn't as simple as just dropping it11:06
ograor rephrasing that, could it be ubiquity or could it be the bootstrapping11:06
cjwatsonit is a bug in ubiquity11:06
cjwatsonor at least it appears to be11:06
ograwell, i run debootstrap and the subsequent apt-get under DEBIAN_FRONTEND=noninteractive ... so i was fearing it could be a leftover from the build run11:07
cjwatsonnothing to do with thta11:07
ograif you think its clearly ubiquity then i'm fine for the script side at least :)11:08
cjwatsonthe problem is that ubiquity uses debconf itself, but then tries to reconfigure some packages that also use debconf, and in oem-config mode they end up trying to use the same database11:08
cjwatsonand it appears not to be passing down the necessary fds or whatever11:08
cjwatsonthis is just a top-level analysis, I haven't seriously looked into the bug11:08
cjwatsonplease do file it separately from your earlier one11:08
ograwill do, i guess you'D like syslog with it ?11:09
evit'd be fantastic if initramfs-tools supported break=top,bottom.  Might have to hack that in at some point.11:09
ogra(the full one)11:09
cjwatsonogra: yes11:10
cjwatsonev: yes :)11:10
evhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/373137/ - does that look reasonable?11:23
evcool, uploaded11:26
ograev, how does that work from a user perspective, i ctrl-d out of one breakpoint and it moves to the other ?11:37
evogra: indeed11:38
ograsweet !11:38
CIA-52tzsetup: cjwatson * r513 ubuntu/ (debian/changelog tzsetup): Only set http_proxy if mirror/http/proxy is non-empty (LP: #519241).11:39
CIA-52tzsetup: cjwatson * r514 ubuntu/debian/changelog: releasing version 1:0.26ubuntu511:45
ogracjwatson, bug 429146 wrt libc6-vfp ... feel free to wipe the patch12:25
ubottuLaunchpad bug 429146 in ubuntu-meta "ubuntu-minimal needs to drop libc6-vfp" [Critical,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/42914612:25
ogra(apparently it was gone in karmic already, sorry that nobody notified you)12:26
cjwatsonogra: already done, look at scrollback about 1h20m ago ;-)12:26
cjwatsonsuppose I could upload it12:26
ograheh, missed that12:26
ograi'd love to test the recent changes ... at least for the debconf frontend12:27
ograoh, thats only in hw-detect ... not oem-config12:27
CIA-52hw-detect: cjwatson * r139 ubuntu/debian/changelog: releasing version 1.73ubuntu212:28
aracjwatson, ping12:38
cjwatsonara: hi12:48
cjwatsonev: https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=605137 making progress ...12:49
ubottuGnome bug 605137 in general "way to suppress "(as superuser)" message" [Enhancement,Assigned]12:49
aracjwatson, hello, I am working on setting up the testcases for iscsi root installations12:49
aracjwatson, (ubuntu-server lucid up to date iso)12:49
araand, although I can login to the target, it does not appear in the list of available disks12:50
evah, awesome12:50
cjwatsonara: odd, can I see logs?  what kind of target are you using?12:51
cjwatsonara: if a software target, do you have a Lun entry in the appropriate Target block in /etc/ietd.conf?12:52
cjwatsonmine looks like this:12:52
cjwatsonTarget iqn.2009-07.org.ucam.vpn.pelham.wl.sarantium:test12:52
cjwatson        Lun 0 Path=/srv/iscsitest,Type=fileio12:52
aracjwatson, yes, I have12:52
aracjwatson, http://imagebin.org/8418612:52
cjwatsonok, that does look good12:53
arabut, it does not show the new disk12:54
arathe one that appears is the "physical" one12:54
cjwatsonoh, you mean that fdisk shows the physical one?12:56
arabut not the iSCSI target12:58
cjwatsonara: can I see logs, please?13:03
arasure, let me try to post them somewhere13:04
aracjwatson, I found the typo in the ietd.conf file13:22
aracjwatson, strange thing is that it does not report it when you start the daemon13:23
arait is working now, thanks13:23
cjwatsonyeah, it's all a bit delicate :-/13:23
superm1cjwatson, did you see whether preseeding was working during Jamie Bennett's merge (bug 518272)?13:35
ubottuLaunchpad bug 518272 in casper "preseed is not getting loaded at boot" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51827213:35
cjwatsonsuperm1: the core of it did work, but ev's in the process of fixing a bug whereby the debconf database doesn't get saved.13:41
superm1cjwatson, ah okay :)13:41
evI suspect we're not poking the right environment variables.  strace indicates that it's just not writing to config.dat-new like it normally would.13:45
evfor debconf, that is13:45
cjwatsonwe're killing debconf-communicate with SIGTERM, which it may not consider to be a clean shutdown13:58
cjwatsonit would be worth trying to close its file descriptors first, and then waiting for it to shut down by itself13:58
cjwatsonindeed maybe just removing the kill would do it ...13:58
evnope, it doesn't shut down14:09
evSIGINT doesn't help either14:09
cjwatsonthat suggests to me that some other process still has an fd held open to it14:10
cjwatsonlook through /proc/*/fd/14:10
cjwatsonif that's the case, then some judicious 3>&- 4<&- redirections ought to help14:12
dmarkeyis there a way to get grub-pc to generate menu.lst14:28
dmarkeyin tandem to grub.conf14:28
cjwatsonno, menu.lst is exclusively for grub-legacy.14:34
cjwatson(and grub.conf is Fedora's name for menu.lst; I assume you actually mean grub.cfg)14:34
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dmarkeyis it possible to get partman to start the 1st partition on LBA 128 instead of LBA 6315:38
dmarkeystrange question i know15:38
cjwatsonnot really.  why?16:00
cjwatsonif you're asking about this for the sake of SSD alignment, that's a somewhat bigger question than just the position of the first partition, and I'm hoping parted 2.1 will help16:01
dmarkeycjwatson: its for block alignment with xen, between the guests partition table and the backend storage device16:43
dmarkeyprobably applied for kvm too16:43
cjwatsondmarkey: right, alignment is really a bigger problem, I'd rather try to solve it in one block rather than cherry-picking bits around the corners17:03
cjwatsonthe way to get libparted to do this kind of thing is to apply what it calls "constraints"17:04
dmarkeycjwatson: can that be preseeded?17:05
dmarkeybtw i'm working on 9.10 here17:05
cjwatsondmarkey: no, you're probably stuck on this, sorry17:05
cjwatsonthe installer just doesn't have this feature right now17:06
dmarkeycjwatson: how about a format the disk before the installer kicks in17:06
dmarkeyin an early command or something17:06
cjwatsonsure, you can hack around with that, but it's horrendously difficult17:07
cjwatsonyou have to duplicate chunks of partman and convince it not to run somehow17:07
cjwatsonI'm afraid you're kind of on your own there17:07
dmarkeyso, fdisk wont do what i want?17:08
cjwatsonfdisk might17:09
cjwatsonlike I say, you'll have to work this out for yourself I'm afraid, you're well outside normal installer territory17:09
cjwatsonin future I'd like to have the installer do this itself, but I don't think I am able to help with doing it on 9.1017:10
dmarkeycjwatson: but if i set up something early, the partitioner will probably overwrite it17:14
cjwatson17:07 <cjwatson> you have to duplicate chunks of partman and convince it not to run somehow17:14
cjwatsoni.e. you may find you have to set up fstab for yourself and stuff like that17:15
cjwatsonalthough I suppose you could try creating a small dummy partition at LBA 128, and then tell the partitioner to use the remaining free space17:15
cjwatsonthat might work, with care17:15
dmarkeythanks alot17:17
cjwatsonlet me know if it does, in case somebody else asks? :-)17:18
fragadeliccjwatson - hi, this is fragadelic the guy who made remastersys.  been getting some reports from folks that ubiquity in karmic is having some issues due to unresolved deps - are you guys in the process of updating ubiquity for karmic?17:54
cjwatsonfragadelic: wasn't aware of that, do you have any detail?18:07
cjwatsonwe don't normally update ubiquity in point releases, but in any event I'd guess this would be a problem with individual packages, not with the installer itself?18:08
cjwatsongiven that it worked at release time :)18:08
cjwatsonerr - I meant to say "we don't normally update ubiquity in non-LTS releases" (since they don't get point releases, so no CDs etc.)18:08
cjwatsoncan make exceptions for really bad stuff18:09
ograare the gtk/qt UIs of oem-config supposed to have a tasksel run as well or is that debconf_ui only ?18:10
cjwatsondebconf_ui only18:13
cjwatsonbuilt-in tasksel was just for the server mode.  you can always run tasksel manually18:13
ograi have a tasksel gui for the rootstok-gui app i was just wondering if i could leave that part completely to oem-config18:14
ograbut then i'll go with my current solution18:15
cjwatsonyou could try adding a UI page for it to ubiquity18:16
cjwatsonwouldn't have to be used as a mandatory thing18:16
cjwatsonthere's probably some complex debconf plumbing involved, though18:16
ogramy ui just parses the desc file and hands over ^$task for each selected task to apt ...18:17
ograits really primitive but does the job18:17
ograand i think i need to do the run in advance actually, since i select the oem-config ui based on the fact if x/gtk/qt is installed18:18
ograhmm, yeah, that would actually not work18:19
tbrijeskicjwatson - are you there18:52
tbrijeskicjwatson or anyone else - my question is about the version of ubiquity in karmic - is it changing or has it changed? some users of remastersys on karmic are reporting they can't install as ubiquity won't install due to deps. I have to go soon but will check the irc logs if anyone answers. thanks in advance21:00
cjwatsontbrijeski: you left *just* before I could answer21:32
cjwatsonI already answered you under a different name21:33
cjwatson18:07 <cjwatson> fragadelic: wasn't aware of that, do you have any detail?21:33
cjwatson18:08 <cjwatson> we don't normally update ubiquity in point releases, but in any event I'd guess this would be a problem with individual packages, not with the installer itself?21:33
cjwatson18:08 <cjwatson> given that it worked at release time :)21:33
cjwatson18:08 <cjwatson> err - I meant to say "we don't normally update ubiquity in non-LTS releases" (since they don't get point releases, so no CDs etc.)21:33
cjwatson18:09 <cjwatson> can make exceptions for really bad stuff21:33
* cjwatson will try mail21:34

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