MenZarww: Thanks for the heads-up09:02
* MenZa goes to check Junk09:02
MenZaNothing here.09:02
rwwMenZa: I ended up checking against the mbox archive on the website to read the ones I'm missing09:03
rwwconversation makes more sense when LjL doesn't look like he's talking to himself.09:03
MenZaHe does that all the time, though!09:04
MenZaHmm, can anyone think of a way a default-configured Apache on Ubuntu would allow to serve files from /? I've been grumbling about this last night since a user suggested to me in #u that it did09:04
MenZavhosts revealed nothing, so I shrugged it off09:05
rwwMenZa: so example.com/ was mapped to / ?09:05
MenZaI think what he said was including ./file.ext in a HTML document tried to grab /file.ext from the file system09:06
* MenZa huggles rww 09:10
MenZaI think jussi's box died :(09:10
rwwThere go the Quassel users~!09:17
rwwMenZa: Anyway. That's weird and I've never seen it happen in my time using Apache09:22
MenZaharro maco09:23
czajkowskikklimonda: aloha10:53
kklimondahey czajkowski10:54
czajkowskijussi01: ping10:54
czajkowskikklimonda: you can always ask for help in here and see if someone can help you11:03
* MenZa waves to kklimonda, czajkowski 11:03
kklimondaczajkowski, will do in a moment :)11:04
czajkowskikklimonda: grand11:08
kklimondaso - there is a problem with #ubuntu-pl channel that is an official Polish support channel for Ubuntu users. I can't actually remember the time when it was a place where new users could "safely" ask lame and stupid question and not be harassed (making fun of their age, the way they speak or their linux knowledge in general - rm -rf / and similar jokes aren't something not heard of) but at least before we had some operators who bann11:14
kklimondaed the worst cases. When I've discussed this matter a year ago with channel operator I've actually had some grand plans like creating #ubuntu-pl-chat for all "oldtimers" to chat about Arch Linux and other topics that aren't related to Ubuntu and start or "fighting" with all trolls and people who harass others. Owner's anwer (backed by the most active operator at that time) was that a) there is nothing that can be done about trolls11:14
kklimondabecause they keep changing their nicks and b) no reason to create another channel for offtopic discussion because old users are important and why should they change channel.11:14
kklimondafast forward one year and now I don't care about offtopic discussions anymore but we still have users harassing other users and normal trolls who are, well, just trolling. Also we have only two people who are on channel access list and their response time is really slow (actually I couldn't get in touch with them for the last 4 days). I've send another email to the channel owner but even if he takes some action the damage has alrea11:20
kklimondady be done. There aren't many people left on the channel who actively help others, there is still a possibility that if we start banning those more burdensome users they start fighting us back (with shells and registered names - I've been told that it was the case in the past).11:20
kklimondaSo I guess my question is - how to deal with people who are constantly harassing others and use various means to do that?11:21
kklimondas/to do that/to avoid being banned/11:21
jussi01kklimonda: hi11:21
kklimondahey jussi0111:27
jussi01kklimonda: as a non operator you can catalyse (http://freenode.net/catalysts.shtml) however, if there is a problem with the code of conduct not being followed, and the operators and founder of the channel have been consulted but are not acting, then you need to take it to the ircc directly.11:28
jussi01kklimonda: the ircc has its own channel if you need immediate help (#ubuntu-irc-council) or if it is a long term situation then its better you send us an email.11:29
ubottuThe Ubuntu IRC Council is the team governance council for the the Ubuntu IRC channels on the freenode network - For serious inquiries please join #ubuntu-irc-council - See also https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/IrcCouncil11:29
kklimondajussi01, ok, thanks - I'm going to see what response I get from channel owner and act on it.11:32
jussi01kklimonda: but please just remind him or her that all ubuntu channels need to follow the CoC. ALso, if the channel owner is contactable and helpful, adding the UbuntuIrcCouncil nick to the access list is recomended11:34
jussi01kklimonda: I would also really recomend creating #ubuntu-pl-offtopic - its not hard to do and will create a place where people can go just to chatter, allowing better support to happen. Many loco's do this already.11:35
czajkowskikklimonda: hope this helps, and if I can help on the other matters you know how to get a hold of me11:39
* genii makes a fresh pot of coffee18:27
* charlie-tca thanks genii 19:05
geniicharlie-tca: Anytime :)19:06

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