persiaSo, the nick "Speedy1" has been posting links (and not responding to queries" in several channels with some delay between posts.  I'm not sure this is banned behaviour, but it strikes me as at least slightly inappropriate.08:53
persia(at least #ubuntu-meeting, #ubuntu-devel, and #ubuntu-motu)08:53
persiaIf someone knows of a good way to calm them, it might be good.08:53
DJonesThey've done it in #ubuntu as well a few minutes back08:53
rww#ubuntu+1, also08:54
DJonesI see ikonia has just brought it to the attention of #freenode08:54
persiaAnd #launchpad08:54
DJonesI've just kicked them from ubuntu-uk for the same08:56
bazhanghe spams and quits08:56
DJonesI got to him before he quit :)08:56
DJonesIts a shame there isn't a global ban that could be used for all #ubuntu* channels apart from the network kline for somebody doing that08:58
persiaWouldn't necessarily sort it.  Like I said, it hit #launchpad.08:59
DJonesTrue, but it would catch a large percentage of the ubuntu namespace including most if not all the loco's09:01
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m4vnice, I'm being ctcp flooded for... 10 minutes now, shouldn't that trigger some flood detector or something?19:50
Myrttim4v: from which channel?19:54
m4vfrom none, they're ctcp version messages sent privately to me by a ban evader19:56
m4vI'm ignoring them, I opened the raw buffer just for see if he has stopped but he's still at it19:57
Myrttioh dear, it's amanda98 again...20:00
m4verUSUL: amanda98 es de guadalinex?20:05
erUSULi guess so. 98 --> 1998 --> 11-12 years old kid with free laptop20:06
arandAnyone got any good idea for a !pae factoid? Since there are no good linkable help articles I wonder what would be most helpful... Just an "apt-get linux-image-generic-pae linux-headers-generic-pae" and short info?20:19
erUSULarand: yes. something like "If you want to use more than 3-4 GiB of RAM in a 32 bit ubuntu install install the blabla packages. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Physical_Address_Extension20:33
erUSULyou get the picture :)20:33
arandAny opinions on?: !pae is <reply> To use more than ~3.2GB RAM on a 32bit system you can install the packages « linux-image-generic-pae » and « linux-headers-generic-pae » See en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Physical_Address_Extension for more info.21:05
arandShould a "karmic only" be shoved in there as well?21:06
erUSULarand: could be " .... and « linux-headers-generic-pae » (aviable only in karmic and later). See ... "21:07
erUSULarand: could be " .... and « linux-headers-generic-pae » (available only in karmic and later). See ... "21:08
arandSoo: !pae is <reply> To use more than ~3.2GB RAM on a 32bit system you can install the packages « linux-image-generic-pae » and « linux-headers-generic-pae » (only available in 9.10 and later) See en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Physical_Address_Extension for more info.21:08
erUSULlooks good to me. but i do not have the final word :) #ubuntu-ops have it21:09
arandMyrtti: Since it's mostly going to be desktop users that finds it useful I though mentioning the server pae would be unneccessary (and make the factoid longer than it already is ), but I don't know..21:21
arandblarh, what excellent time for disconnect...21:27
arandMyrtti: lost irc, anything more said?21:32
Myrttiarand: nothing yet really21:32
Myrttiarand: we're in the middle of a swamp right now21:33
arandah, ok, sorry21:33
erUSULMyrtti: may i ask why ?21:40
Myrtti#ubuntu-offtopic and #ubuntu were a bit busy. We also have a limited amount of ops that can actually assess if the factoid is factually correct (for example, I run 64-bit happily and couldn't tell about the benefits or downsides of 64 vs pae even if I'd be smacked with a pae kernel printout.21:43
erUSULMyrtti: the factoid is for someone who already installed ubuntu 32 and do not want to reinstall ... so his only option is pae or not use all his/her ram21:53
tsimpsonCrashOverride: can you post your launchpad ID please22:27
CrashOverrideone moment22:27
CrashOverrideinface I am actually on two Ubuntu teams22:28
CrashOverrideSigned the code of Conduct as well22:28
nickwareHi, could I have a hostname cloak please?22:29
CrashOverrideI check the website every hour as well22:29
tsimpsonCrashOverride: you don't appear to be an ubuntu member yet22:30
CrashOverrideI dont?22:30
CrashOverrideIm in two teams22:30
tsimpsonyou're not a member of the ~ubuntumembers team22:30
ubottuWant to become an Ubuntu member? Look at http://www.ubuntu.com/community/processes/newmember22:30
CrashOverrideI see22:30
CrashOverrideSo i need to contact my team manager?22:30
Myrttiyou need to read that link the bot supplied22:31
Myrttinickware: what's your launchpad id?22:36
Myrttinickware: mine is, for example, https://launchpad.net/~myrtti22:38
Myrttinickware: you're not eligble for a Ubuntu hostname cloak yet.22:41
Myrttinickware: but you can apply for an unaffiliated one at #freenode22:41
Myrtti- anyway - it's way past my bedtime, good night22:41
nickwareMyrtti: ok, thanks.  How would I become eligible for an ubuntu one?22:43
tsimpsonnickware: this link explains how: http://www.ubuntu.com/community/processes/newmember22:43
nickwaretsimpson: thank you22:44

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