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persianthykier: So, there's a new swt-gtk being synced from testing, and we've an eclipse that provides swt-gtk.17:09
persiaBut this causes a bit f a conflict.  Which should win?17:09
nthykierpersia: next upload with eclipse ships without swt17:15
nthykierpersia: sadly I do not have time right now (though I am available in a about 3-4 hours) - alternatively you can debate it with bdrung17:15
persiaOK.  Should I authorise the sync now, and we can expect that upload in the next few days?17:15
persiabdrung: Please pipe up if you like :)17:15
persianthykier: The sync is currently blocked.  Later is fine if bdrung doesn't answer.17:16
nthykieralright - later then17:16
persiaThanks for the quick response even when you're busy.17:16
nthykierlate for class - the cold weather outside is not really motivating me17:18
bdrungpersia: i am here. eclipse in lucid does not provide the swt libs any more. so we need the swt-gtk source package again.17:28
bdrungpersia: but the version of swt-gtk must be bumped17:29
persiabdrung: That information conflicts with what I was just told by an archive-admin.17:29
persiaSpecifically, the sync is failing into lucid *because* eclipse is providing the binaries.17:29
bdrungpersia: eclipse 3.5.1+repack~3-0ubuntu1 provides the swt libs, 3.5.1+repack~3-0ubuntu2 does not.17:30
persiacheck #ubuntu-devel from :08 to :1517:30
persiaWell, that's confusing.17:31
* persia checks a few other places17:31
persiaBother, and those are in NBS.  Gotcha.  Thanks.17:32
persiaI'll file a bug to unblock the sync and sort it.17:32
bdrungpersia: we need to bump the swt-gtk version >> 3.5.1+repack~3-0ubuntu117:32
persiaSo it's not a sync, and we need to upload swt-gtk 3.5.1-2 as swt-gtk 2.5.1+standard-0ubuntu1 ?17:34
bdrungpersia: 3.5.1+standard-0ubuntu1. or replace standard with something meaningful.17:39
persia"standard" was just the first string >> "repack" that came to mind.  Do you have any suggestions?17:39
bdrungpersia: repack would works, to17:40
bdrungpersia: repack would work, too17:40
persiaExcept it is no longer a repack :)17:40
bdrungnthykier: can you remember a good name for the swt-gtk version?17:41
persiaHe's at class now :)17:42
bdrungpersia: there was a name starting with s, but i can't remember it17:42
persiaAlright.  I can wait a few hours before uploading it and getting it unblacklisted.17:43
bdrungpersia: how about +versionbump?17:43
persiaheh.  works for me.  Shall I just upload with that?17:43
bdrungpersia: yes17:43
bdrungpersia: 3.5.1+versionbump-0build117:44
persiaWhy -0build1?17:44
bdrungpersia: therefore it will get synced once the debian version is greater17:44
persiaAnd that means I don't need to mangle debian/control.  I'll go with it.17:45
bdrungpersia: we use buildX for rebuilding and fakesyncs. so why not for versionbumps?17:45
persiaWe don't use buildX for fakesyncs (or we shouldn't be doing that)17:45
bdrungpersia: how will you do the fakesync then?17:45
bdrungpersia: do you really want to edit debian/control for fakesyncs?17:46
persiaI tend to use -0ubuntu1 for fakesyncs.17:46
bdrungpersia: -0?17:46
persiaErr, no.17:47
persiaThe reason being that I can't sync -{X+1}17:47
bdrungpersia: Xubuntu117:47
persiaI need to wait for the next upstream.17:47
persiaI also want to preserve the Ubuntu debian/changelog entries so that it's clear who should get the complaints about creating the unsyncable tarball.17:48
bdrungif dpkg --compare-versions 1build1 lt 1+1; then echo yes; fi17:48
persia${X+1} is "2" when X is "1".17:48
persia(at least in my head, for which there is admittedly little documentation)17:48
bdrungups, yes17:49
* persia cringes at xulrunner-dev17:52
persiabdrung: nthykier: version-bumped swt-gtk uploaded.18:07
nthykierpersia: thanks20:52
persianthykier: No problem.  AnAnt was asking me about it earlier, but I hadn't been following the eclipse stuff closely, so I had no idea what was the right thing to do, and somehow ended up with my name against the blacklist, so had to clear it.20:54
persiaThanks for helping to get me to understand what was needed.20:54
nthykierpersia: a large hammer, a lot of muscle and even more patience :P20:55

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