MTecknologySarvatt: thanks00:50
Sarvattno worries, it really doesn't help much for a ext3 to ext4 conversion regarding fsck times though at any rate, my converted one still takes ~3 minutes to fsck vs the 20 seconds of my native ext4 partition thats 4x bigger and I run e4defrag on it all every other month or so for the past year00:53
crimsunapw: any chance for CONFIG_TASK_DELAY_ACCT to be enabled for -generic (lucid)?01:41
bjfcrimsun, it's best to make the request on the mailing list01:43
crimsunbjf: right, enqueued01:49
apw  * PCI: AER: fix aer inject result in kernel oops09:06
apw    - LP: #unable to handle kernel NULL pointer dereference at 000000000000035009:06
apwsmb, ^^ just noticed that in my printchanges!09:06
apw    uartlite: ttyUL0 at MMIO 0xc8000100 (irq = 30) is a uartlite09:07
apw    BUG: unable to handle kernel NULL pointer dereference at (null)09:07
apwoops ... seems our LP handling is a bit weak09:07
smbapw, you confuse me a bit09:08
apwfdr printchanges is picking up BUG: text as a buglink and making it into a -LP :#<crap>09:08
* apw goes fix09:08
smbapw, Oh, got it09:12
smbapw, Thats is on your latet release?09:12
apwsmb, yep a stable update has tickled the bug ... strange09:12
* smb goes looking how that commit message looks in full09:14
apwits just that line that matters09:14
apwwe check that BugLink: has an http* after it, but _not_ that Bug: has a number after it ... silly of us09:15
apweasy to fix, except there is a major duplication of code here i think i should fix too09:15
smbapw, It could be resulting from that we had something different before. /me is so forgetful. Might it have been Bug: #number?09:18
apwyeah its the support for Bug: #nnnn,nnnn,nnnn which is broken09:19
apwit matches non numeric forms too which is silly09:19
smbapw, Very silly. To assume that "Bug:" R us09:22
apwheh indeed :)09:22
smbapw, Sounds like another thing I want to slurp in when you have fixed it09:23
Keybukapw: no new bootcharts for today09:27
Keybukinstaller still broked09:27
apwDAMN the installer09:27
apwshame we don't have an alpha- coming up, that would focus minds09:30
apwmirsal, that patch looked good, and seems to have gotten the nod, nice10:02
smbI am about to pick that up10:03
smbShould do no harm, so...10:03
smbapw, Rebasing seems evil for git describe --contains... grr 10:03
apwwell it'll always only be in the latest one10:04
smbapw, So that ALPS protocol patch seems to be in since around Jan-27. Heard or seen an angry mop of ALPS users recently?10:04
apwi've heard nothing about it no, but then i don't have a huge number of users either10:05
apwbut its in stable, so its 'offical' if nothing else10:05
smbapw, Just was wondering about taking it in for Karmic10:06
smbEven without it being on stable there10:06
apwi believe we have a bug from someone with it in karmic right?  so we have a test subject at least10:06
smbI believe there was something. I just need to check back whether it was "only" the maintainer. But I think it was someone with the problem for real10:07
dholbachI had my amd64 desktop machine freeze a couple of times this morning (music stuttering, X froze, couldn't ssh in, but magic sysrq still worked), but I didn't get anything in any logs, with the 2.6.31-20 kernel the machine is running for over an hour now without any problems - can anybody help me debug this somehow?12:08
mattiHi dholbach 12:10
dholbachhey matti12:10
smbdholbach, Hmm, it might help slightly to know which kernel version was misbehaving...12:35
dholbachsmb: the most recent: 2.6.32-12.1712:36
dholbach(generic, amd64)12:36
smbdholbach, Ahh, so you can slap apw for that. :-P12:36
dholbachI just wonder how I could debug it as there's nothing in any of the logs12:36
smbOne thing might be to have a watch on memory consumption12:37
alex_jonialso looking at the HDD led helps sometimes12:37
alex_jonimaybe it's swapping..12:37
dholbachI was running 2 or 3 pbuilders, listening to music, fetching mails, surfing the web, so there was definitely some HDD activity and maybe I even ran out of mem (only 2G in there)12:39
dholbachbut how could that be related to the freeze?12:39
smbAnd if ssh is not working, trying to ping12:39
dholbachshouldn't it just swap and be done with it?12:39
smbDepending on your memory it might swap out for a while and then start killing things or hang if there is something wrong with memory management12:40
dholbachok, gotcha12:40
dholbachthe machine was maybe running for 5-10 minutes, but yeah, next time I try using the current lucid kernel I'll have a look at it12:41
slytherinsmb: Free? Need to discuss linux-ports-meta bump in karmic.12:42
smbdholbach, Can also be a deadlock on something. Thats probably harder to find out. On tight spinlocks the fans on laptops would go up, but desktops are sturdier12:43
dholbachsmb: ah, good to know - I'll let you guys know12:44
smbslytherin, Yes. It might have been delayed by a mistake in the abi number12:44
slytherinsmb: Ok. Just wanted to know if you saw my message about same few days ago.12:45
smbslytherin, Hm, a few days ago we were all on a sprint which is prone to miss messages. So it might be worth repeating12:46
slytherinsmb: Nothing special. I just wanted to point out that the wrong kernels were being pulled by security update i.e. -15 instead of -19.12:47
smbslytherin, Ah, yep. I found out yesterday when going over the current versions. A -19 has been sent for upload yesterday, so I hope this hits today12:48
smblinux-ports-meta | | karmic-security | source12:48
smbSeems there, just was not copied to updates, which looks strange12:49
smbI'll try to find someone to fix this12:49
smbslytherin, So it seems its updated, but if you are behind a slow mirror (like me) it looks broken13:01
smbslytherin, https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-ports-meta13:01
slytherinOk. 13:01
slytherinMy last update was about 8 hours before.13:01
slytherinI will check again when I go home13:01
smbslytherin, Atm at least de.archive.ubuntu.com seems to slightly disagree. But launchpad usually knows better (or earlier)13:06
smbslytherin, But the change was just 3hrs ago, so it just needs time13:09
slytherin know. I didn't actually check if the change was made already.13:09
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amitkapw: quick question regarding 'git fetch' on a remote repo15:03
amitkif the remote repo is a local one (on the HDD), does git fetch copy the objects from that remote repo into the local one.15:04
JFoI'm seeing a lot of 'deleting plymouth fixed my issue' bugs... who do I need to ping to look into those?15:10
amitkJFo: Keybuk is our plymouth guy ;)15:13
JFookey dokey :)15:14
tgardneramitk, I think it depends on how your local repo is defined, e.g., --reference, etc15:23
amitktgardner: what did you do to rtg?15:25
tgardneramitk, someone stole my nick, so I had to register15:25
apwamitk, yeah it does, though it may link them if you use -s i think it is15:27
amitktgardner: the remote is a subsystem maintainers tree that --reference's linux-2.6 in the same dir. So the real objects are in linux-2.6. I guess I need to monitor size of the directories next time I do this.15:27
tgardneramitk, I'd think it would be smart enough to do the linking correctly15:28
amitkapw: aah, so I'd end up with linux-2.6 objects in almost every git tree I have since I add a remote to linux-2.6 in them and run a 'git fetch linux-2.6'15:29
dholbachapw, smb: now I can't reproduce the machine freeze any more - I've been test-pbuilder-ing chromium and the kernel and exposed the machine to some other work and it still hasn't frozen with 2.6.32-12.1715:39
dholbachI'll let you know :)15:39
smbWe're sure you will :)15:39
dholbachsmb: I can't recall the last time where I was sitting there and saving "my work" like every 5 minutes :)15:40
apwhehe ... we are making your experience more windows like every day15:40
JFooh dear15:41
smbJust reminding people of good work practices :-P15:41
apwi blame the triager :)15:41
* JFo runs away crying15:42
dholbachJFo: I'll let you know when the machine freezes again - no problem!15:44
JFoheh, thanks dholbach 15:45
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apwanyone know how stable the sha1's in the lnux-2.6-tip tree are?15:57
* smb has no clue15:58
KeybukJFo: the two people who know plymouth are the two people who can't replicate the bug16:26
JFoKeybuk, interesting. hardware specific/related then16:27
Keybukno idea16:27
Keybukpeople are reporting it on hardware that I have16:27
Keybukit's at least partially a kernel bug16:27
Keybuksince the result is that you end up in a situation that's supposed to be impossible16:28
Keybukbut it's kernel code that no engineer dares look at16:28
Keybuk(the VT code)16:28
Keybukyou seem to end up in this strange situation where you're simultaneously on VT1 and VT716:28
Keybukwith X running16:28
Keybukbut what you type into X ends up on the underlying VT16:28
Keybukand you only need Alt+F2 to move out of it, not the Ctrl key16:29
Keybukit's very weird16:29
JFosounds like it16:33
* JFo 's head hurts thinking about it16:33
Q-FUNKhowdy! has anybody found a fix for the initramfs-tools issue that just popped up?16:37
JFoQ-FUNK, what do you mean?16:37
JFois that the  "update-initramfs fails: ./lib/udev/firmware.sh does not exist" issue?16:38
JFoI believe so16:38
JFoone sec16:38
JFoQ-FUNK,  you should be able to apply http://launchpadlibrarian.net/39011493/udev-firmware.patch and then 'update-initramfs -u' again16:39
JFothat is the fix I saw earlier16:39
JFoit is from https://launchpad.net/bugs/51985516:40
ubot3Malone bug 519855 in udev "update-initramfs fails: ./lib/udev/firmware.sh does not exist" [High,Triaged] 16:40
JFoQ-FUNK, let me know how it turns out16:42
Q-FUNKJFo: seems to help16:44
JFoQ-FUNK, np16:47
SarvattKeybuk: speaking of plymouth, it needs a little lucid only update for lbm-nouveau which will be landing soon - http://sarvatt.com/downloads/patches/plymouth-lbm-nouveau.patch17:21
Keybukgo for it then17:22
ne78How can i rebuild the kernel from http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/v2.6.33-rc7/ , linux-source-2.6.33_2.6.33-020633rc7_all.deb doesn't contain the debian directory where can i get it ?19:06
ne78and there are no .dsc and orig files19:06
JFone78, those are built kernels. I'm not sure what you are looking for.19:30
JFoah, wait19:30
JFoI just read the rest of the first statement19:30
JFone78, mainline builds are vanilla kernels built from the main source tree. linus' tree19:31
JFoso there is no debian specific goodness if I am not mistaken19:31
aboganiCould anyone point out me on issues about running .31 kernels on Lucid?19:53
akheronne78, JFo: there's ubuntu specific .config AFAIK19:59
JFoakheron, I was under the impression that they were vanilla builds that we automatically built and uploaded from the -stable branch20:00
ne78yes my question was, where does the debian/ or debian.master come from ?20:01
ne78how can i reproduce that build20:01
akheronJFo: the -stable branch of what?20:02
JFoof the linux tree20:02
JFoapparently I was wrong20:02
JFowe drop a modified debian directory in there20:02
ne78yes that's what i'm looking for20:03
tgardnerJFo, at least thats the way he used to do it.20:03
JFoI think the plan is to start using the built-in packaging target20:03
JFodoesn't look like it is there anymore tgardner 20:03
JFoor at least that is what ne78 is saying20:03
* JFo goes to look20:03
ne78and the script that does that doesn't seem to be public20:04
tgardnerhmm, there is a wiki somewhere about mainline build foo20:04
* JFo looks for that too (good to bookmark)20:05
tgardnerJFo, should also be in teh build scripts repo, but taht appears to have moved20:05
JFothanks tgardner 20:05
JFofound 3 pages in the wiki20:06
tgardnerJFo, maybe its in kteam-tools.git now20:06
JFoah hah, yes because amitk and smb cleaned those up at the sprint20:06
tgardnerne78, git://kernel.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/kteam-tools.git20:07
smbOh, yeah. amitk wrote mail that everybody has ignored apparently :)20:07
* JFo has a forgettory instead of memory smb20:07
ne78maybe a link from the ppa to that git would be useful20:08
tgardnersmb, I operate on a 'need to think about it' basis20:08
JFotgardner, I am with you there20:08
smbYeah, we figured when the repo suddenly vanished it will make people think20:08
tgardnersmb, indeed, your evil plan worked20:09
smbThank you. >:-)20:09
aboganiCould anyone pinpoint me on issues that I'll incur running 2.6.31 kernels on Lucid?21:01
Q-FUNKogasawara: hi! was any decision reached with smb about that Geode patch?21:47
ogasawaraQ-FUNK: I chatted with him, sounded like he didn't want to submit it for lucid since it's not a proper fix22:03
Q-FUNKogasawara: ok, so what's the solution then? risking to break support for a sub-architecture on an LTS release?22:04
mjg59Declare geode unsuported? Nobody with the skills to do anything about it seems to be interested in fixing it.22:05
ogasawaraQ-FUNK: from reading the upstream bug it seems pretty specific to the hw that you have as upstream is unable to reproduce22:06
Q-FUNKmjg59: that would be silly. you'd essentially render the whole LTSP project obsolete at the same time.22:06
ogasawaraQ-FUNK: and the patch that smb had didn't seem like a patch but rather adding debugging printk's22:06
Q-FUNKogasawara: upstream doesn't have access to similar hardware.22:06
mjg59Yeah. Any approach that's just based on changing timings risks breaking when there's an unrelated kernel change22:07
Q-FUNKI fully agree that adding printk's is an odd kuldge, but if it succeeds in making that particular kidn of hardware boot again, why not?22:07
Q-FUNKthe thing is, that particular hardware is rather common about the thin client users covered by LTSP.  if an LTS suddenly drops support for it, that's gonna be a mess.22:08
Q-FUNKsomething just popped into mind:  do we have nightly builds of the upcoming ISO for Lucid?   if we do, I could make a USB stick and see if *that* displays the same symptoms, just  to rule out a progresssive corruptino of the filesstem on that hardware's hdd.22:11
ogasawaraQ-FUNK: there's the daily-live images - http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/22:12
Q-FUNKnope.  not a corrupt filesystem.  booting from lucid alpha on a usb stick also freezes with the same issues.23:24

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