jtolentinohi. i'm a noob with ubuntu and i'm helping my sister install it into her laptop. having problems with the wifi. can someone help?17:17
jtolentinoi followed https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx#See%20Also17:18
jtolentinoand got this: http://sites.google.com/site/johntolentino/_/rsrc/1265812280474/miscellaneous/Screenshot.png17:18
jtolentinoas you can see, the driver is activated and is currently in use17:18
jtolentinoi've already restarted17:18
jtolentinobut it can't detect the wireless network17:19
jtolentinothe laptop's model is Compaq Presario CQ40-635TU17:20
gorthxjtolentino:  is the network actually broadcasted, or is it hidden?17:49
jtolentinoyes it is broadcasted18:03
jtolentinoi configured the router18:03
jtolentinoand i can detect it with my notebook (the one i'm using right now)18:03
jtolentinothere are also other wireless networks in our area18:04
jtolentinoi already tried manually adding the SSID of the network, as you can see here: http://sites.google.com/site/johntolentino/_/rsrc/1265812280474/miscellaneous/Screenshot.png18:06
jtolentinobut it still doesn't connect to the network18:06
gorthxjtolentino Hrm.  hold on, lemme go look at my ubuntu box.18:12
gorthxI *think* you should have a "wireless networks" option in that drop-down list (the one that's connected to the satellite-dish looking icon)18:14
gorthxWhat happens if you right-click that icon?18:14
jtolentinolet me boot up the linux box. just a sec18:32
jtolentinogorthx: i see the following options18:33
jtolentinoEnable Networking18:34
jtolentinoEdit connections...18:34
jtolentinoConnection Information (also listed but disabled)18:34
jtolentinoEnabled Networking is checked18:34
jtolentinoas you can see in the link i provided (has a screen shot), only the wired network is available18:35
gorthxjtolentino:  yeah...which says to me that something else is up with your wireless setup.  Mine has wired, wireless, and vpn.18:40
gorthxMine also has a "enable wireless networking" box18:40
gorthxmy setup might be different from yours though.18:40
gorthxIt's been a while since I set it up & it required some poking around.18:41
gorthxlemme go see if i still have my notes.18:41
jtolentinothanks :)18:41
gorthxWell, ultimately my problem was due to an additional HW switch for the wireless that I needed to enable from Windows (thanks, HP) so I don't think that'll help you.  :(  sorry.18:46
gorthxOther commands that might point you to a solution:18:46
gorthxifconfig and iwlist.18:47
gorthxI used wicd, too.18:47
jtolentinoi'll check them out. thanks :)18:48
gorthxThe ubuntu forums were a big help, just make sure you look at recent info :)18:48
gorthxGOod luck!18:48

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