godbykHey, humphreybc's alive!05:30
humphreybci am!05:31
humphreybcsorry had to change internet plans so internet was down for a few days05:31
humphreybchow's everything going?05:31
godbyknot too bad.  I've spent most the day playing with my new Nexus One phone.05:31
godbykare there any major formatting things that need to be done before the alpha release?05:32
humphreybcnot really, alpha is today isn't it?05:39
humphreybctechnically whatever we have now becomes alpha05:39
humphreybci think just clean anything up to "release" standard. but it's only alpha so not a biggie05:39
humphreybcwe'll probably have a meeting this weekend to sort out the learning day and other stuff05:39
humphreybcoh and our goals for beta05:39
godbykhumphreybc: What needs to be done to 'release' alpha?05:41
humphreybcnot a lot. tonight i'll just build the latest revision and stick it on our launchpad download thing05:41
humphreybcthat should suffice for a "release"05:41
humphreybci'll also email some media and tell them of the release05:41
godbykI guess I'd better update the cover page real quick then. :-)05:42
humphreybcwhat with?05:42
humphreybcor are you going to change the version to 0.3 alpha05:43
godbykYeah, there's a slightly modified version with the 0.3 alpha tag on it and the new title.05:43
humphreybcyeah update that then05:43
humphreybcwhat have i missed the past couple of days anyway?05:44
godbykHmm.. not too much activity in the channel, I don't think.  Let me look real quick.05:45
godbykYeah, nothing of note here that I can see.05:46
godbykGah! It'd be nice if inkscape did a better job converting SVGs to PDFs.05:54
godbykI may have to use the PNG for now (so it doesn't look so ugly).05:54
godbykhumphreybc: Okay, It's using the new cover page now.  You might try compiling it real quick to make sure there aren't any problems06:02
godbykI haven't looked at it or anything -- just made sure it compiled. :-)06:04
humphreybcnew title with that font looks terible06:24
godbykI haven't looked at it.06:36
godbykI don't think that's going to be the final title page anyway.06:36
godbykJust another interim (with the right version # and date on it).06:36
humphreybcokay who's here?23:01
dutchieseamless transition23:02
humphreybcoh well i'll email the list23:02
humphreybcright well i'm going to get up and shower then grab some food. i'll be back in about an hour and i'll get some stuff done23:08
dutchiehumphreybc: it's still today here...23:09
humphreybcit's midday thursday here :D23:09
dutchieif you choose a timezone carefully, we can make the release on time23:09
humphreybcwe should totally time the manual release to the same hour as lucid23:10
humphreybcwe'll have to create a website too... something like www.ubuntumanual.org23:11
humphreybcprobably already taken23:11
humphreybcah yes it is23:11
humphreybcbzr: ERROR: These branches have diverged. Use the missing command to see how.23:12
humphreybcUse the merge command to reconcile them.23:12
dutchiethis is why I prefer git :)23:13
humphreybchow do I remedy it?23:13
dutchieread the list23:13
humphreybcoh is that what they are talking about23:13
dutchiethe message marked "PLEASE READ THIS NOTICE" :)23:13
humphreybcgot it23:14
humphreybcgodbyk - thorwil should contact you at some point today or tomorrow with a new title page23:14
humphreybcreplace the current one with his one, then we can let the media go nuts23:14
godbykhumphreybc: Okay.23:14
humphreybcoh cool you're actually there23:15
godbykI am. :-)23:15
godbykJust had to summon me. :)23:15
humphreybcswell. also, could you fix the URL wrap on the first page of the license? it's bugging me...23:16
godbykhumphreybc: Anything for you!23:17
humphreybci'm talking to jono bacon tomorrow over skype23:17
humphreybc(ubuntu community manager)23:17
dutchieI don't think you needed to clarify that23:17
dutchieeveryone knows who jono is \o/23:17
humphreybci'm not sure kevin does23:17
dutchiehe even eclipses all the other jonos23:18
humphreybcdo you godbyk?23:18
godbykI know who Jono is, yeah.23:18
humphreybcanyway, what are the main things from the backend that i need to tell him?23:18
humphreybcwhat can we output to besides pdf?23:19
humphreybcare translations automated yet?23:20
dutchieyou can build them independently23:20
humphreybcand does rosetta get updated automatically when we update the branch?23:21
dutchieif we update the pot file23:21
dutchiewhich I haven't done for a while23:21
humphreybchmm okay23:21
humphreybcso that stuff about the strings getting overwritten, is that our fault or rosetta?23:21
dutchieprobably more ours23:22
dutchiebut mainly because quite a lot has been changing23:22
dutchiehmm, po4a has decided not to work23:24
godbykRight now it's PDF only for output.23:24
godbykTranslations are semi-automated.  There's still a lot of work to go into them.23:24
godbykEspecially for non-Latin scripts.23:24
humphreybcokay cool. what outputs are we aiming to produce by the final?23:24
godbykI'd say just PDF for now.23:25
humphreybcand is it possible to output to docbook or ASCII?23:25
humphreybcokay cool. roadmap for future outputs - HTML5?23:25
godbykThere is some TeX -> HTML conversion tools that we can play with, but I think that PDF should be the priority.23:25
humphreybcyep sweet23:25
humphreybcjono will want to know how we're going to integrate with other projects that use different tools23:26
godbykWhat kind of integration?  What other projects?23:26
humphreybcubuntu learning is the main one, i think they use ascii23:27
humphreybcand possibly the docs project down the track which use docbook23:27
godbykIt seems to me that the ubuntu manual project has a fairly simple focus: to produce a great 'getting started' manual that can be printed (or purchased as a printed book).23:27
humphreybcyep but if we actually do produce something that's really cool, we want to be able to share it with other projects that are interested23:28
humphreybcbecause _good_ content is valuable :)23:28
godbykI think someone overwrote or reverted some of my recent changes.23:30
dutchiewhy do useful things only ever happen late at night for me?23:30
humphreybcgodbyk: oh no!23:31
humphreybcyou can revert to previous revisions though23:31
humphreybcsomething like bzr revert 20523:31
godbykyeah, they weren't big changes.. just the cover page, I think.23:31
humphreybcwhere 205 is the revision number, obviously23:31
godbykLet me see how far back things went.23:32
godbykhmm.. weird.  did I just not push or something?  I don't see it listed in main branch.23:36
godbykoh well, let me fix this and push again.23:36
godbykhumphreybc: Okay, I just pushed the title page update I had previously (not the one I'm waiting for thorwil on) and fixed the URL in the license.23:49
godbykhumphreybc: If you find any other bugs, feel free to ping me with them.23:49
humphreybcyep i'm going to comb through the manual today and do a bit of a spit and polish23:59
dutchieOK, definitely time for bed23:59
dutchienight all23:59

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