quietonenewbie here. just found out i can connect my tv to the router. ah, but then what?03:40
tgm4883quietone, I guess that would depend on the TV03:43
quietonetgm4883: A 1 year old Sony  Bravia03:44
rhpot1991might do interweb streaming of some stuff, or upnp, or just updates03:44
rhpot1991google is your friend here03:44
tgm4883yea I think it's a DLNA client03:45
quietonerhpot1991: searching isn't working for me. too many new acronyms. too much detail. i need a conversation03:46
rhpot1991quietone: look up your model on sony's website and download the manual03:46
quietonerhpot1991: I have the manual in front of me. i still don't know what functionality it give me. or if I need more hardware.03:47
tgm4883quietone, what is the model number04:01
quietonetgm4883: KDL-46W450004:06
tgm4883quietone, looks like you can use it to connect to a DLNA server and view pictures or listen to music04:09
quietonetgm4883: since I do can do that now via the HDMI cable, the advantage is being wireless?04:14
tgm4883quietone, how do you do that via HDMI?04:14
quietonetgm4883: Use Display to connect to two displays, set sound output to HDMI, then use rhytmbox. For pix or movies, I move the app window to the correct area of the extended display.04:17
tgm4883quietone, the advantage then would be you don't need a pc connected to the TV04:17
quietonetgm4883: still missing a big piece. The DLNA server is ... what ...  .where ...04:21
tgm4883on your computer04:22
tgm4883or perhaps your PS3?04:22
tgm4883that might be a server04:22
quietonetgm4883: what is a PS3?04:22
ZinnThis seems like a question that you probably could have solved by looking the first few results from a Google search.  Try to make sure to do the appropriate research before asking a question ( http://www.google.com/ )04:22
quietonetgm4883: So I install sw to be a DLNA server and talk to the TV via our router?04:24
tgm4883although if you have a computer hooked up to the tv, whats the point?04:24
quietonetgm4883: learning, options etc04:25
quietonetgm4883: there are 4 options in sw centre for 'myth', control centre, netTV, frontend, backend. which one do I need?04:27
tgm4883you might be able to connect to the UPNP server in mythtv backend04:28
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quietonetgm4883: thank you for your patience. You've given me a place to start this weekend.04:52
tgm4883no problem05:16
FaithfulHow good can a TV Tuner be?06:38
FaithfulWhat about picture quality.06:38
Faithfuljoin #mythtv-users06:39
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stuarticusHi, is there a way to add search functionality to mythgame? Scrolling through my thousands of games is quite impractical...11:47
BartthPlaying livetv causes my video to stutter beyond viewability, it appears to me that it only happens on certain 'color schemes'. For example when watching the news, in the studio it's horrible but an outside report is good12:25
BartthPlaying back videos is perfect12:25
BartthOnly problems on mythtv 0.22, my old install 0.21 plays good12:26
Bartthon exactly the same hardware (besides harddisk)12:26
BartthI can see errors like  NVP(2): prebuffering pause in the mythfrontend.log12:26
BartthAny ideas?12:27
FaithfulAnyone got a RTL2832u working?13:12
mrandFaithful: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/me-tv/+bug/478379 may contain some instructions that might be helpful.  (don't know myself... just found it via googling that part number)14:38
Zinn[bugs.launchpad.net] Bug #478379 in me-tv (Ubuntu): “me-tv does not work with rtl2832u-dvb-t-chip”14:38
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stuarticusHi, is there a way to add search functionality to mythgame? Scrolling through my thousands of games is quite difficult.15:33
FaithfulThanks guys... mrand Zinn15:34
ZinnHi Faithful, something I can help you with today?  I am a bot, use !help to see what I can do.15:34
FaithfulHow do you tell the version of V4L Karmic has in the 2.6.31-19 kernel?16:22
mrandFaithful: closest thing I can find: http://linuxtv.org/downloads/v4l-dvb-apis/ch07s02.html16:51
Zinn[linuxtv.org] 7.2. Changes of the V4L2 API16:51
Faithfulthanks mrand16:53
FaithfulIs there any benefit of running 64bit Mythbuntu as opposed to 32bit?17:00

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