ubottuMagnesium called the ops in #ubuntu (Zippo|)00:02
ubottuCShadowRun called the ops in #ubuntu (|Zippo|)00:03
nikono ops alive ?00:03
ubottuMagnesium called the ops in #ubuntu ()00:03
tsimpsonthere we go00:04
ubottuFloodBot2 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)01:25
ubottuFloodBot3 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)01:25
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ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)01:25
ubottuardchoille called the ops in #ubuntu (By_Your_Command)04:39
bazhanglooks like he was just waiting to start up again when he thought no on was watching the channel (by_your_command)05:23
bazhangerr no one05:23
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (repeated abuse from q0k)08:03
ubottuikonia called the ops in #ubuntu-women ()08:36
ikoniaassistance in -women08:36
ubottuFloodBot2 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)08:38
ubottuFloodBot3 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)08:38
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)08:38
ubottuFloodBot4 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)08:38
Tm_Tsee bactas realname08:40
Tm_Tanyone who has time, you might like to have word with him about that08:41
* Tm_T goes back lurking08:42
ikoniaTm_T: it's been like that for ages08:43
ikoniait's "ok"08:43
ikoniait's a play on Arnolds Schatzanager's name08:43
ikoniait doesn't say "fuck" or "nigger" despite implying it08:43
ikoniathis is what annoys me, the constant pushing of the limit08:43
mneptokikonia: i hope you don't plan on having kids ;)08:47
ikoniaI'm covered08:47
Tm_Tmneptok: ah, how that differs from IRC? (;08:48
Tm_Tikonia: I don't think it's "ok" until that comes from -women team too ):08:48
ikoniaTm_T: how can it not be, it doesn't have anything actually offensive in it08:49
ikoniait's just an implication08:49
Tm_TI don't think it's that simple08:50
ikoniaI don't see why not. Is the name offensive or abusive, no, can't do anything08:51
ikonia(can't believe I'm defending this)08:51
nigel_nbA user named  Speedy1 (~Speedy@bzq-79-180-18-85.red.bezeqint.net) seems to be cross-posting spam in various channels08:52
Tm_Tikonia: we cant have a word? I'm not suggesting any heavy measures08:52
ubottuvish called the ops in #ubuntu-meeting ()08:53
bazhangnigel_nb, thanks freenode staff have been apprised08:53
nigel_nbah. thanks :)08:53
ikoniainformed staff08:53
ikoniaTm_T: what do you suggest we say, "Hi, you've got a real name that if you re-arrange the letters and substitue others for them spells out a reacist comment"08:53
ikoniaTm_T: I know what you're saying, and I agree with it, but how much effort goes into policing this guy ????08:54
Tm_Tikonia: indeed08:54
ikoniawould you ask my to change my real name if it was zexygurl08:54
mneptokTm_T: if you ban your children from your channel, you get arrested.08:54
Tm_Tmneptok: hrr, have to invite them back then08:55
* Tm_T hides08:55
* MenZa fervently points to freenode.net/catalysts.shtml08:55
Tm_TMenZa: indeed, that is very good article08:55
MenZait's a very good document to use.08:56
ikoniacome on , the guy is a massive known network issue08:56
ikoniaare you really suggesting that after 1000000+ bans in multiple channels we need to try harder to catalyst with him ?08:56
MenZaI can't say I know who we're talking about, specifically08:57
* MenZa reads up08:57
ikoniamneptok: bacta08:57
ikoniaand his suggestive real name08:57
MenZaHe's... a pretty lost cause.08:57
mneptokikonia: uh ... why are you pointing me at this?08:57
* MenZa slaps mneptok 08:57
ikoniamneptok: because I'm a moron typer08:57
topylithe realname is offensive and stupid, and not his real name i'm sure, if you ask me. please don't ask me :)08:57
mneptokikonia: just wondering if i missed something :)08:58
ikoniatopyli: I agree, but drawing attention to it just feeds him08:58
ikoniathe guy can't behave in ANY channel, and constantly pushes the limit,08:58
MenZawell, you can't really force people to set REALNAME="Real Name"08:58
topyliMenZa, you can ask them to not set reaname=fugganigah08:58
ikoniatopyli: why ?08:58
bazhanghonestly, if it's outside of #ubuntu channels, just ignore him.08:58
mneptokthe realname was chosen to feed his need for attention. i suggest we deny him that need.08:58
MenZaIt's in #ubuntu though.08:59
MenZamneptok: +108:59
ikoniabazhang: ubuntu #ubuntu-women08:59
Tm_Tbazhang: he is in ubuntu channels...08:59
ikoniatopyli: there is nothing offensive about it in real wording08:59
bazhangif inside, and he is disruptive, then ban and remove.08:59
MenZaIf we receive complaints about it, then I say we jump into action.08:59
topylifine then08:59
ikoniamaybe its time the council look at blanket banning this guy08:59
Tm_TMenZa: did I just complain?08:59
ikoniathe ammount of effort to police him is beyond stupid08:59
MenZaTm_T: I don't know, did you?08:59
bazhangikonia, well let the ops there ban him.08:59
Tm_TMenZa: I kind of did (:08:59
ikoniabazhang: so should I ban him in #ubuntu ?08:59
ikoniafor having a name that maybe if you re-arrange the latters may be racist09:00
bazhangikonia, is he misbehaving there? or is this the ident issue09:00
ikoniabazhang: ident09:00
MenZaEh, /abrn Please re-consider your choice of REALNAME09:00
ikoniabazhang: I don't think he should be banned for that09:00
ikoniaMenZa: why ?09:00
bazhangikonia, nor do I09:00
ikoniaMenZa: it's nothing rude or offensive as it is09:00
MenZaIt seems like a pretty silly thing to ban for, it's just stupid.09:00
ikoniaMenZa: it just suggests rude/offensive09:00
MenZaSo I'm going with mneptok's solution.09:00
MenZaIf any of the users in #u start complaining, then we step into action.09:01
ikoniabest option09:01
bazhangthere are tons of those. too time-consuming to check every single users ident and PM/ etc09:01
ikoniabut this raises the question again of how much effort we are taking to police this guy09:01
* MenZa throttles Tm_T 09:01
MenZaTm_T: Far too much is the answer.09:01
MenZaChances are he'll want more attention later on, and do something we can ban him for properly.09:03
ikoniaI'm not looking to provoke a ban09:03
bazhangno one suggested that09:03
ikoniaI'm looking at discussion about his overall presense in any of the channels09:04
bazhangmadpilot's policy seems the best here09:04
Tm_Tbazhang: mneptok you mean?09:04
bazhangTm_T, madpilot09:04
Tm_Tbtw, are you aware that his mere presence makes people uncomfortable? all due to his history09:05
Tm_TI know it keeps me in full alert09:05
bazhangusers? or ops09:05
MenZamneptok breaks tabcomplete.09:05
Tm_TI'm ok having him other channels, but NOT in -women TBH09:05
ikoniaTm_T: very aware09:06
bazhanghe knows the rules. very simple.09:06
ikoniaTm_T: hence why I'm looking for discussion about tthe name space09:06
ikoniabazhang: and he constantly breaks/pushes them09:06
Tm_Tikonia: me too, actually09:06
bazhangikonia, and he is subsequently banned from those channels, such as #ubuntu-offtopic09:06
Tm_Tbazhang: but if his presence is problem? if he doesn't do any mistakes in this particular channel? so the ones with uneasiness should just tolerate it?09:07
MenZaikonia: About namespace-wide bans?09:07
ikoniabazhang: he's only banned from #ubuntu-offtopic as other bans keep getting lifted for "another chance" and here we are again discussing him as an issue09:07
Tm_TMenZa: we don't have any clear policy even09:07
MenZaTm_T: I know. So bring it up at a meeting.09:07
MenZaThere's one in three days.09:07
Tm_TMenZa: one of my plans, if I have time (:)09:08
MenZaWell, I'll be around for the meeting, so if you add it, let me know if you want me to start the discussion up09:08
MenZaAlternatively, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/IrcCouncil/IRCteamproposal09:08
ikoniaadding to agenda09:08
Tm_Tikonia: thanks09:08
Tm_TI want clear policy how handle people with 1000+th chance09:09
christelmay i suggest murder?09:10
bazhangyikes. quick! erase the logs!09:11
MenZachristel: are the attacks dying down recently, or are you just getting better at K-training them?09:11
MenZaikonia: good good09:11
christelMenZa: looks to me like they're going up09:11
bazhangMenZa, you must not idle in #freenode then09:12
christelthey're just wasting less project time and focusing on #freenode for some reason09:12
christelwhich is quite alright, better its #freenode than say #ubuntu :)09:12
ubottujschall called the ops in #kubuntu ()09:13
bazhangmultiple trolls in #kubuntu09:14
ikoniaTm_T: has them09:15
Tm_Tif I have time, I'm babysitting09:15
bazhangyep :)09:15
ikoniaTm_T: I will keep an eye on #k09:16
MenZabazhang: I do, I just don't look at it much09:17
ubottuFloodBot4 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join)09:26
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join)09:26
ubottuFloodBot2 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join)09:26
ubottuFloodBot3 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join)09:26
Myrttichristel: your joy was a bit premature09:30
LanlostHi, can someone tell me why I was banned from #ubuntu. Regardless of if the reason is a legitimate reason or not, I didn't see it.10:10
bazhangLanlost, did you see the topic in #ubuntu-read-topic ?10:10
LanlostI'm just curious because I was coding and I switched to my irc client and I was no longer in the channel.10:10
LanlostRight, I'll check it out. Thank you =)10:10
bazhangbot attack10:10
Myrttiirony of the channel name10:10
Lanlostbot attack making people mass quit/rejoin?10:11
LanlostI'm assuming it is something like that10:11
bazhangwhat port are you using for freenode10:11
Myrttiyeah. though our method of educating people and having Ubuntu clients use a correct port by default has assisted in weeding the quits/rejoins10:12
LanlostI remember joining #ubuntu before and being forwarded to #ubuntu-read-topic10:15
Lanlostbut it never said I was banned from #ubuntu before or after forwarding me to that channel10:16
Lanlostbut give me a sec and I'll do what I need to do there10:16
Myrttimight have been the old ircd10:16
Lanlostmy internet connection went up and down a few times and I have it auto join #ubuntu among a few other channels. It may have just looked like I'm having that problem. Regardless, I'll do the steps again10:16
bazhangok :)10:17
LanlostI was screwing around with my router the other day because someone was trying to send me something over DCC and you know how that can be.10:17
bazhangwhich client10:17
LanlostNo matter what I did, it wouldn't work. Turned out I had the ports forwarded fine, it was him but who knows what I did when I was desperate10:17
bazhangset ignore on dcc ctcp then10:18
Lanlosthah, I had auto accept on.10:18
LanlostThat's right, once we finally got it working I was on the verge of going to bed so I set DCC to auto accept.10:18
Lanlostsorry for spamming, I know no one else is chatting in here really but I don't want to aid in the prevention of it.10:19
Lanlostalright, let me reconnect on 800110:19
LanlostCan you do a test on me manually10:21
LanlostI was already on 800110:22
Myrttithere you go10:24
bazhangLanlost, you should be able to join now10:24
Myrttiyou can join now10:24
LanlostYeah, I didn't see the "test me" thing at first.10:25
LanlostSo what happens for that to take effect though? As a programmer I'm just curious of how it works.10:25
LanlostI figured I was mass-rejoining or something.10:25
bazhangthe dcc exploit I am guessing10:25
LanlostDo you guys just randomly send out one of those malformed dcc packets and if its accepted you kick/ban them?10:25
bazhangnot us sending them10:26
MenZaLanlost: Alas, if we did, your internets might die a horrible death.10:26
MenZaAnd we don't want that!10:26
LanlostWell, technically if I was affected by the exploit I shouldn't have been able to get in there at all right?10:26
Myrttiyou need to quit within certain timeframe after the attack, the bots banforward you to the -read-topic channel10:26
Myrtti(need to quit with a certain quit message)10:26
LanlostI was in the channel for hours and then all of a sudden I looked and I wasn't in half my channels anymore but the only one I couldn't rejoin was #ubuntu10:26
MenZaAye; we try to educate our users instead of allowing it to happen to them repeatedly.10:27
LanlostAh, see, I'm used to being sent to the -read-topic channel immediately, or so it seems.10:27
MenZaSeems to be a much better solution :)10:27
LanlostI didn't even know you could force someone to join a different channel. I find that so weird.10:27
MenZaWell, it makes sense.10:27
LanlostUnless you have to have some kind of one-on-one setup with the server or something.10:27
MenZaYou can ignore it on your user, but I wouldn't recommend it.10:27
LanlostNo, I mean I've ran channels before and I never remember seeing that option.10:27
Myrttiwhen we didn't have the automation, the attacks were daily, almost hourly, and it really disturbed the channel10:27
MenZaIt was available on the old ircd as well as the new one. It's always been there. Before, you'd /mode +b *!*@host!#channel-to-forward-to10:28
LanlostAre these the attacks that I see sometimes when I wake up and have like 300 dcc file transfers being attempted?10:28
MenZaI don't recall how it is now10:28
Myrttinow that the education/default settings have kicked in, even the trolls have started to realise the channel isn't as fun anymore10:28
LanlostSo annoying, this was months ago but it happened when I slept and every morning I woke up to it.10:28
LanlostNot to mention, a lot of times I had important stuff going on on my computer and/or in irc and I could never read the logs because I had to force quit xchat10:28
Myrttino, the file transfers usually are a different troll mechanism10:29
LanlostThere is only so long I will click every single "do you accept" dialog box. Especially when I can't click "yes to all" or do anything while they are on the screen.10:29
LanlostWell I appreciate it really. I guess It interests me because I've never seen it done this way before.10:29
bazhang<indus> loquitus, just download a torrent of the movie and play it, works great10:30
ikoniaI'll speak to him10:30
LanlostFrom my experience though, no matter what you do there will always be other problems though. Keeping people who are affected by this exploit doesn't stop people (like me, unfortunately) from spamming, or being assholes or whatever.10:30
LanlostI'm really sorry I type so much and so fast. I've had this problem for years. The channel I created people bitched about it. I try not to do it in channels like #ubuntu though for obvious reasons. It's not really chat.10:31
Myrttitrue, but atleast the exploit isn't that bad anymore10:31
MenZaLanlost: That's why we're here -- and watch your language; Big Brother (and younger brothers!) is watching.10:31
LanlostOn that note, I'll shut up and let you guys get back to business. Thank you though. Just had to know what was going on.10:31
Myrttino probs, nice talking to you10:31
LanlostPoint taken.10:31
* MenZa bows.10:31
LanlostI've reached some milestones in coding in the last few hours so I'm in a happy chit chatty mood. Hence all the talking.10:32
LanlostAlright, see ya.10:32
MenZaWell, #ubuntu-offtopic is open for business :)10:32
Myrttitata :-)10:32
LanlostAh, didn't know it existed. Toodaloo.10:32
bazhangindus feels that continuing when asked to stop is 'self-moderation'10:41
MenZaWell, indus should know that he's breaking network policy, and might see himself on the K-train soon.10:42
bazhanghe feels that being removed when being asked to stop is 'insulting to users' and he is right to self-moderate, that I should enjoy my 'power trip'10:43
MenZabazhang: well, if he keeps it up, perhaps he needs a bit of a talking in here.10:46
MenZaindus, while a good contributor, is no higher in the ladder than others :)10:46
bazhangMenZa, well up is down in his view. he has had talks in here before to no avail.10:46
MenZaAye, I'm aware.10:47
bazhanghis PM suggested: I need to learn how to read, am on a power trip, and he is free to 'self-moderate' in all instances.10:47
MenZaThen I suggest he's brought in here for the remainder of the discussion10:48
ikoniabazhang: this conversation has been had 100 times with him10:48
bazhangikonia, yep10:48
ikoniaself moderation excuse is his get out of jail free card10:48
ikoniahe's used it tons of times10:48
MenZa"self-moderation" is fine, as long as your standards are higher than those of others moderating you :)10:48
bazhangcontinuing when asked to stop is somehow not continuing if its self moderation10:49
bazhangMenZa, that's the point: he rejects the channels rules out of hand.10:49
MenZabazhang: Then he has no place in it.10:49
MenZaEnd of story.10:49
MenZaWe don't operate on a karma system.10:50
ikoniabazhang: I'd put him on a week's ban personally, because actual no access to the channel is the only thing that changes his behaviour10:50
ikoniaI know that may sound harsh, but it's the same loop with this guy10:50
MenZaI'd agree with ikonia.10:51
MenZaHis support is admirable, but he needs to learn how to operate under the channel rules.10:51
bazhangikonia, lets see if our intervention has had any effect in the near term; if not then I agree10:51
bazhangMenZa, yes, to the karma situation, he does a ton of offtopic nonsense with the support10:52
MenZabazhang: We can't give him any more slack than any other person in #u, though10:52
MenZaofftopic -> !offtopic -> warn -> /remove -> /ban (throw in a couple of PMs)10:52
bazhanghe is pushing it right now10:53
indusi wanted to know about dodgy stuff on the wiki10:54
bazhangindus, what is the nature of asking about piracy now when you were asked to stop in #ubuntu10:54
indusnot about irc, iam asking about the wiki pages10:54
induswho regulates it i mean10:55
industhere is some questionable stuff there i feel10:55
indusbazhang, also , i want to make it clear ,iam not asking this to argue about the ban at all, hope to clear that point10:55
indusi 100 % agree with the wrning10:56
bazhangindus, it was not a ban.10:56
indusi mean mild kick10:56
bazhangindus, let me explain something clearly10:56
Tm_Tindus: the related team is the best direction when talking about wiki10:56
bazhangindus, there is no self-moderation by yourself10:56
induswell bazhang i think i was suggested by one of the ops here about self moderation10:56
indusnvm i change that topic10:57
bazhangindus, who was that10:57
indusin this link , there is definitely questionable content i thought10:57
bazhangindus, lets be 100 percent clear on this10:57
indusbazhang, why are you still on that ? can we drop it?10:57
indusoh man10:57
MenZaindus: It's legal to rip videos for your personal use in Denmark, at least.10:57
bazhangGryphon4, hi how can we help you10:57
bazhangindus, hold on a second10:58
MenZaindus: As is it in many parts of the world.10:58
indusguys iam not mad , iam not angry , iam not arguing,10:58
induswill you just help me out here10:58
MenZaGryphon4: How may I be of assistance today?10:58
indusi was just referring a bluray/dvd how to page on the community docs, but a lot of ripping , decrypting etc is given there10:59
bazhangindus, then you understand there is no 'self-moderation' by yourself in #ubuntu .10:59
MenZaTo answer your other question, indus, the scribes team manages the wiki.10:59
indusbazhang, i consider it a helpful gesture to the ops but i dont think you agree with that11:00
indusmany a times , a user (me too ) might step on questionable content11:00
bazhangindus, I don't understand your answer; is that a Yes?11:00
indusbut i like to correct my mistakes11:00
indusfrankly i dont understand the logic of what you are saying11:01
indusMenZa, thanks11:01
bazhangindus, when you are asked to stop, ie offtopic, suggesting piracy and others, then simply stop, no self-moderation (ie continuing) involved11:01
indusbazhang, i did stop11:01
MenZaDifferent jurisdictions have different laws, indus. We try to accomodate that of course, but piracy is most definitely illegal in most parts of the world, and it's prohibited by several international treaties.11:02
MenZaindus: If you have an issue with any of the content on the wiki, contact the scribes team. I'd even suggest it might be a good idea to formulate a policy of where the line in the grey zone is cut off11:02
indusMenZa, yes of course,iam not a pirate and i try to get people arrested for selling bootleg copies here11:02
industrue story11:02
bazhangindus, so we are clear then. no self-moderation outside of the channels rules and guidelines.11:02
indusbazhang, 'outside of the channel rules' yes that i agree11:02
MenZaindus: If in doubt, ask in #ubuntu-irc-helpers!11:03
bazhangindus, okay. then we are 100 percent clear now.11:03
MenZaHuzzah :)11:03
indusbazhang,I was always clear on this , you dont believe me that s all11:03
indusyou repeat yourself too much11:04
bazhangno need for further warnings or discussion then.11:04
induscant say11:04
indusfeel free to warn me11:04
bazhangno need. you know the rules.11:05
indusyes, i do and i also have signed the coc11:05
indusnot sure if that is relevant here11:05
bazhangthat is good.11:05
bazhang100% clear then11:05
industhere are many more nice things but ill chare it with you folks later :)11:05
indusso how is the weather in wherever you are ?11:06
indusok no reply? well, bye then and thanks for your patience11:07
* MenZa is speaking in botlanguage in #u11:07
* elky dreams of the day we can make that guy change his nick. (re: keakulani in #u-w)11:51
jussi01elky: ?11:52
elkyjussi01, google "kea kulani"11:58
elkyjussi01, and tell me if that sounds appropriate for a nick for a guy to use in a women-in-tech channel.11:58
elky(or anyone for that matter, it's just waaaaaaaaay creepier from a guy)11:59
jussi01oh thats not so nice.11:59
jussi01elky: so whats wrong with just asking him/her to change it?11:59
elkyit's right up there with "kamultow"11:59
elkyjussi01, he's been asked.11:59
jussi01you could have mention nsfw though11:59
jussi01elky: and?12:00
elkyjussi01, oh sorry.12:00
elkyjussi01, and he plays dumb.12:00
Tm_TI think this same conversation has been done with him earlier too, though12:09
elkyWe have been trying for this for... months.12:09
elkyTm_T, *for months*12:09
Tm_Telky: my dejavu comes from years, though I cannot remember anything specifics, just the feeling12:09
elkyWell, it hasn't worked yet. :(12:13
Tm_TI didn't want to spoil your fun by stating that (:12:13
ikoniaelky: you've still got ops in #ubuntu-women, who else ?12:26
elkyikonia, hypa7ia, a few othres12:26
elkythe typical access list thing should work12:26
ikoniaelky: fair point12:26
Tm_T /msg chanserv access #ubuntu-women list12:27
Tm_Tas a reminder (:12:27
ikoniaelky: can you hang around for a moment I need to grab another ubuntu women op,12:27
ikoniaelky: I'd like a few if possible12:27
ikoniaTm_T: you too please12:27
ikoniajussi01: also as you're active and council, are you awake please12:27
ikonia(you appear active in -women)12:28
elkyikonia, it's like 6am hypa7ia time.12:28
Tm_Tikonia: please for what?12:28
ikoniaok, I'll be quick12:28
pleia2not everyone agrees that they should change their name, since it's not obviously offensive12:29
ikoniabasically I've had bacta pm'ing me discussing his ban in #ubuntu-offtopic, I don't believe it was really about getting his ban removed, but that's not the issue12:29
ikoniahis last comment basically is an attempt to bait myself and elky about his idling in #ubuntu-women to try to actually cause a problem12:29
ikoniaI'd basically like this user removed from the channel and possibly from other channels until the ubuntu-irc-council meeting where we can discuss this persistant behaviour12:29
ikoniahis last comment12:30
ikonia#ubuntu-women was not mentioned12:30
ikonia11:11 <Bacta> the funniest bit is neither you or elky can do a damned thing about me  being in #ubuntu-women :P12:30
* pleia2 nods12:30
ikoniahe's basically trying to provoke elky12:30
elkyHe's been asked numerous times in PM by me to vacate the channel due to how he's harrassed folks there elsewhere in the past.12:30
pleia2yeah, he's been on our watch list because he's been a problem elsewhere in womens spaces12:30
ikoniaelky: I know that, but the fact that he's pm'ing me out of the blue to almost "brag" abou ti is enough12:30
elkyI'm not game to op in #ubuntu-women because of how laura reacts.12:30
ikoniaI'd do it myself and take the fall for it as I'm dont with this sort of beahviour in ANY ubuntu channel12:31
elkyAs demonstrated tonight.12:31
jussi01has bacta done anything in the channel thats an issue?12:31
pleia2jussi01: nope12:31
ikoniano-one mentioned -women yet he feels the need to brag about upsetting people12:31
elkyjussi01, he's there as a taunt.12:31
elkyjussi01, *purely* as a taunt.12:31
ikoniawhich he's just admited12:31
ikoniajussi01: thank you for waking up12:31
ikoniahe has made inappropriate comments12:31
ikoniaeg: are we discussing what women look like12:32
ikoniabut I'm fed up of his intention of being a problem in ANY ubuntu channel12:32
jussi01ikonia: Im in the middle of a lot of work stuff atm.12:32
ikoniathat sort of thing12:32
ikoniajussi01: understood12:32
elkyUm, i'm not sure what to make of keakulani's new nick.12:33
elkyIt's not a nsfw google, but it's... um... still not really right.12:33
pleia2I don't understand why that one is offensive either12:33
elkybelly dancers.12:34
elkypleia2, keakulani isn't there for ubuntu, he's there for the chicks. he's admitted as much in the past.12:34
pleia2ah, I didn't see that12:34
elkyhe doesn't even use ubuntu, he's there because there's women in the channel12:35
pleia2I even thought they were a female for a long time, since they told me they "wanted help from other women"12:35
pleia2I'll have a word with him12:36
ikonia08:37 < Bacta> Are you commenting on the looks of the women in here?12:36
ikoniasame thing12:36
ikoniahe knows that's not the case12:37
ikoniait's just to provoke response12:37
ikoniaand as you can see from the pm he sent me, bragging about it12:37
ikoniaat what point are we going to actually stop this, and thus stop this sort of round and round discussion12:38
Tm_Tikonia: pretty much grepping him from logs tells what he's up to12:38
ikoniaTm_T: agreed12:38
ikoniathe pm mocking elky about it just getting stupid now12:38
elkyTm_T, yeah, he's as transparent as a mud brick wall.12:38
elkyhe hasn't actually PMd me for days.12:39
ikoniahe started with me under the veil of getting his -ot ban removed, then when I said no he started with this line of mocking12:39
ikoniaI don't care personally about him doing this as it's water of a ducks back, but if he's causing problems in community channels for a fun or to to get back at one of two of the operator staff - then it's wrong and it needs to stop12:40
elkyHe's not stupid. He knows i'm scared to defend that channel because of the reactions I get.12:42
ikoniaelky: which is why I asked for some of the other -u-w staff to be more aware of what he's doing, plus this isn't just about -u-w as I was discussing before12:42
ikoniait's taking too much effort to police this guy and it causes too much distruption12:43
ikoniahe doesn't want to use ubuntu/part of the community, he wants to be a problem (see other channels banning him) and it's too common in ubuntu12:43
elkyIt's common in ubuntu because our own policies are trapping us in to it. instinct and experience is trumped these days.12:44
ikoniaelky: one of the reasons I'm raising it here, and I've put it on the agenda for the council meeting12:45
ikoniathat said, based on his pm to me, I personally feel it's appropriate to remove him from #ubuntu-women (unless the ubuntu-women ops disagree) based on the fact that his only reason to be there is to make another user (at least one with elky) uncomfortable12:46
ikoniathat's not the spirit of the channel,12:46
ikoniaif the #u-w ops are comortable with him being there, then it will wait until the council meeting, but I wasn't aware how much they knew of the tricks being played against a genuine member (at least 1)12:47
elkyI want him gone months ago.12:47
pleia2thanks ikonia, I'll talk to some of the other ops12:47
ikoniapleia2: thanks,12:47
pleia2we have removed users in the past for harassing our members12:47
elkyHe's getting back at me in any way he can for having spent all that time catalysing him12:47
ikoniapleia2: I'll be raising it with the council for the whole name space this weekend, but I wasn't sure how much you/other ops where aware of his intentions, to be honest I wasn't fully aware until he pm'd me mocking me / elky about it12:48
pleia2ikonia: we've been keeping an eye on him, but haven't felt he's actually crossed any lines in the channel itself so he's been able to stay12:48
ikoniapleia2: hopefully now you have an idea of his actual reasoning12:49
pleia2eh, we knew he was there to provoke, I think mostly we just thought he'd get bored and go away, hopefully no one is actually engaging him in PM there12:49
pleia2he gets a rise out of getting a response, we didn't want to feed that with a removal when his behavior hadn't become a problem there12:50
elkyWho knows who he's PMing12:50
pleia2I haven't heard complaints, I usually do for serial troublemakers12:51
ikoniawell....there you go, there is one now12:51
* pleia2 nods12:51
ikoniahe's pm'd me suggesting he's there to make elky and myself (????) feel uncomfortable12:51
elkyhe knows it's irritating all the linuxchix regulars who are there12:53
ikoniathank you pleia2 I'll leave it with you guys to resolve,12:54
pleia2thanks ikonia12:54
ubottuom26er called the ops in #ubuntu (dummer)12:59
ikoniahi jeffc9113:02
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ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (repeated abuse from archboxman)15:30
* genii sips15:36
MenZagenii: Bahhh15:45
* genii slides MenZa a large penguin-shaped mug of strong coffee15:46
* MenZa bows.15:46
MenZaHow's genii?15:46
geniiMenZa: Sore, after shovelling sidewalks :) Otherwise slightly undercaffeinated but OK. Work is strangely busy today.15:48
MenZagenii: Fun, fun.15:51
ikoniahey it's jack sparrow !15:53
geniiHeh. The /topic of ##church-of-loudbot makes me want to amend !caps to mention it.... (but i won't of course)17:27
* MenZa eyes genii 18:43
* genii winks18:44
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* genii makes another pot of coffee, distributes the mugs19:52
ubottublakkheim called the ops in #ubuntu (Amanda98)20:04
Myrttihas the stupidity hit the fan again?21:06
MyrttiI'm so disappointed I can't do anything but cry21:06
MenZaHe didn't actually :\21:07
Myrttiapart from giving the idiots the idea?21:07
jpdsWho, what, where?21:08
Myrtti[23:05] < Seveas> /exec -o cowsay amoooooooosing21:08
Myrttiin -offtopic21:08
Myrttiand so, the idiots did that.21:08
jpdsikonia: I think he wanted the "O" to be a "U".21:09
ubottuIn ubottu, arand said: !pae is <reply> To use more than ~3.2GB RAM on a 32bit system you can install the packages « linux-image-generic-pae » and « linux-headers-generic-pae » (only available in 9.10 and later) See en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Physical_Address_Extension for more info21:11
ikoniahello arand21:11
arandWas just wondering what would be the outcome of my ubottu proposal..21:12
ikoniathe pae one ?21:12
ikoniaarand: that one ?21:12
SpaceGhostC2CHey, something silly happened in the #ubuntu-offtopic channel.21:12
Myrttiarand: we've not had time to review it yet at all21:13
ikoniawhat's the issue21:13
MyrttiSpaceGhostC2C: can you hold that thought for a while21:13
SpaceGhostC2CMyrtti, yes.21:13
Myrttithanks :-)21:13
Myrttiarand: looks like a good factoid, however it might need a bit more chewing from us. Is it really needed? what's the general opinion?21:14
arandYea, I know, I was just interested if there was any discussion of it (just submitted it)21:14
Myrttino, there hasn't been any discussion yet, as there's a lot of activity on the channels right now that we're attending to21:14
ikoniaarand: there will be discussion, it looks pretty reasonable21:14
arandI realise, maybe not the best reason for me idling in here though...21:15
jpdsI'm pretty sure PAE was in before 9.10.21:15
ikoniame too21:16
ikoniabut only the serve rkernel, 9.04 it came in in the desktop21:16
Myrttiperhaps this should be continued in -irc as it seems to already?21:16
arandjpds: Yes, through the -server kernels, but I wonder if it should be mentioned..21:16
Myrttihow about it?21:18
arandsure, as you can tell I'm not completely in on the procedures :)21:19
MyrttiI how about on Desktop from Jaunty forwards21:19
Myrttionwards, even21:19
Myrttiok, moving the factoid conversation to #ubuntu-irc21:22
Myrttithere you go21:22
MyrttiSpaceGhostC2C: mic is yours21:22
topylinow there's a subject i know nothing about (pae)21:22
SpaceGhostC2CWe were just playing and funkyHat said something I did was amusing, and I replied amoosing. Seveas replied /exec -o cowsay amoooooooosing21:24
SpaceGhostC2CThen funkyhat spammed with this, http://paste.ubuntu.com/373502/21:25
topyliright. then cowsayers were removed, except i removed seveas and missed funkyhat21:25
SpaceGhostC2CIkanobori did almost the same.21:26
topylii removed ikanobori too, yes21:26
SpaceGhostC2CThen here's the list of kicks and the like, plus a juicy tidbit from Seveas http://paste.ubuntu.com/373503/21:27
Myrttiyeah, that's the Seveas we've grown to love alright.21:28
SpaceGhostC2CI have no doubt that no one was hurt permanently. I asked topyli if he apologised, and he said yes. I dropped it and then later I read that Seveas didn't receive the message and topyli said "<topyli> funkyHat, which is not my prolem"21:28
topyliwhether or not he receives msgs is indeed not my problem. i'll catch him when he's around21:29
SpaceGhostC2CIt was topyli's fail and it sounded like he didn't really care to apologise correctly.21:29
topyliwhat is the problem then? whether or not seveas was/will be apologised to properly? how does that affect you?21:30
SpaceGhostC2CI hope topyli apologises, it's his perogative. It's not personal, I think topyli is really funny and cool.21:30
jpdsikonia: Oh my god.21:30
SpaceGhostC2Ctopyli, I'm trying to spell it out, could you possibly wait until I'm finished and then you can the other ops can discuss it?21:31
jpdsikonia: Interesting relationship you have with the cmp.21:31
ikoniahe's like this with every question, "please give me exact commands" and "how" for everything21:31
ikoniahe's been trying to remove a file for 3 days21:31
ikoniabut refuses to just get a simple grasp of the basics of even using nautilius21:32
SpaceGhostC2CMy closing thought was that it was a small incident, not terribly important, but it made me feel like topyli didn't care much by the way he talked afterwards. Kind of disconcerting. That's really the whole of it.21:32
topyliok, thanks SpaceGhostC2C21:34
SpaceGhostC2CI think I'm good to go. Everything good Myrtti?21:35
Myrttiyeah, I'm planning bedtime anyway21:35
SpaceGhostC2CThanks. Later.21:35
Myrttiso, what about that factoid21:40
topylilooks like a good factoid, but i have no idea whether it's correct :)21:42
* Myrtti looks at -offtopic in horror, again21:46
ubottuFloodBot4 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join)22:12
ubottuFloodBot2 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join)22:12
ubottuFloodBot3 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join)22:12
DrManhattanyou guys sure hold a grudge for a long time - I've been banned for MONTHS from #ubuntu-offtopic for daring to laugh at bazhang and MenZa22:25
CrashOverrideAnyone here that can assist me?22:26
tsimpsonwhat's up CrashOverride?22:26
CrashOverrideI am a regsitered Ubuntu Team member22:26
CrashOverrideis there a way I can get a vhost at all?22:26
CrashOverrideI seen people with ubuntu/member22:26
CrashOverrideor something around22:26
tsimpsonCrashOverride: please you join #ubuntu-irc22:27
CrashOverrideim on there22:27
CrashOverrideDo I ask there?22:27
tsimpsonI'll help you there22:27
DrManhattanany chance of getting the ban removed?22:28
ikoniaDrManhattan: who banned you ?22:29
tsimpsonDrManhattan: MenZa doesn't appear to be here at the moment, try later22:29
DrManhattanNeither one of them are ever really here.22:29
DrManhattanikonia, MenZa22:29
ikoniaDrManhattan: I see you have had a vew bans22:32
DrManhattanyeah the one in #ubuntu was removed.22:33
jribhmm, is btlogin working for anyone?  When I visit ubottu's link, I receive the message that "bantracker is not available for anonymous users"22:33
DrManhattanthe one in offtopic was not.22:33
ikoniajpds: just woke up now22:33
ikoniaDrManhattan: there appears to be a few over al22:33
DrManhattanmaybe from ##windows, a while ago22:33
DrManhattanthey're sort of over-touchy about the language22:33
MyrttiCrashOverride: if your business is handled in -irc, you can leave this channel now :-)22:34
ikoniaif it was a one off ban I'd be comfortable looking at it, but looking at the logs you've had a few bans from  ubuntu channels so it's best you come back when menza is active22:34
ikoniajrib: BT responding super slow22:34
jribhalf my internet has been slow today22:34
DrManhattannah, never mind. I don't need to go back into -offtopic. Thanks anyhow.22:34
CrashOverrideIm sorry22:35
CrashOverrideMy bad22:35
jriboh well, guess people stay banned for today22:35
ikoniaif he didn't need to get back in, why ask ?22:35
Myrttigood night everyone22:40
jribnight Myrtti23:09
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)23:33
ubottuFloodBot2 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)23:33
ubottuFloodBot3 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)23:33
ubottuFloodBot4 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)23:33
geniiBah. How long do the bots stay in emergency mode?23:46

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