satellit_davidfarning:0208 .iso works on sun-vb still dl / import of "current.ovf" does not seem to work though ..... 08.ovf does (due to link?) still testing : ) hope you  are better00:14
davidfarningsatellit_ thanks,  feeling better:)  So the *08.ovf imports correctly but not the *current.ovf ..00:20
davidfarningI guess that makes sense because I you look inside the .ovf with an editor it still points to  USR-i386-20100208.vmdk ....00:21
satellit_davidfarning: ovf works and is up on neighborhood....  not the current version...00:23
satellit_off for dinner.....00:26
davidfarningsatellit_ I'll write a sed script to fix that00:34
satellit_davidfarning: sugar-emulator window is too small/ have to hide top and bottom toolbar to see back and next buttons on staring sugar (name, color) using 800x600 on netbook01:07
satellit_wish we had gdm so could switch to sugar full time....01:08
dogihi davidfarning01:43
davidfarningdogi, hey02:17
satellitdavidfarning: I edited https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuSugarRemix  to reflect DL file link changes18:46
jelkneri just communicated with anurag19:34
jelknerwe would like to schedule weekly sugarlabs dc meetings here on tuesdays at 1:40 pm EST19:35
jelknerhow should we proceed?19:35
jelknerit would be great if the meeting could show up as a Topic on login to the channel19:35
davidfarningTOPIC test19:47
davidfarningdogi, do you know how to set a topic for jelkner?19:48
davidfarningI just used up _all_ of my irc foo :(19:49
dogi#ubuntu-sugarteam :You're not channel operator19:50
dogi /msg chanserv op #ubuntu-sugarteam davidfarning19:51
davidfarning /msg chanserv op #ubuntu-sugarteam davidfarning19:51
dogiyou need to be op in this channel to write a topic19:51
dogiwithout the first space19:51
jelknerdogi, can we make it an automatically recurring meeting for tuesdays?19:52
jelknerat 1:40 pm19:52
dogijelkner, i don t understand ... topic problem?19:54
dogior is this for howto use meeting bot19:54
davidfarningdogi, should I contact morgs to get op authority in this channel?19:54
dogidavidfarning, yes I think u should19:54
jelknerdogi, both, i guess19:54
dogihe should add u to the oplist there19:55
jelkneri'm just hoping for two things:19:55
dogijelkner, ok19:55
davidfarningdogi, ok thanks I ping him on email19:55
jelkner1. that we see the meeting on loggin the day of (and maybe day before?)19:55
jelkner2. that their is auto logging of the meeting19:55
jelknerwe requested auto logging of the channel in generatl19:56
dogijelkner, read this http://wiki.laptop.org/go/User:Dogi/meeting19:56
jelkneronce that is in place, 2 is taken care of19:56
* jelkner goes a readin19:56
meetingMeeting started at 14:58 UTC. The chair is dogi.19:57
meetingCommands Available: #TOPIC, #IDEA, #ACTION, #AGREED, #LINK19:57
dogi#topic test19:57
dogi#idea test19:58
dogi#action test19:58
jelknerdoes the meeting bot run on this channel?19:58
dogi#link https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SugarTeam19:58
dogijupp jelkner19:58
jelknerso i can chair the meeting by using #startmeeting at around 1:30, say19:59
dogi#agreed to jelkner has to give a test meeting :)19:59
dogi#action jelkner test meeting19:59
meetingMeeting finished at 15:01.20:00
meetingLogs available at http://me.etin.gs/ubuntu-sugarteam/ubuntu-sugarteam.log.20100210_1458.html20:00
dogijelkner, it your turn20:00
meetingMeeting started at 15:02 UTC. The chair is jelkner.20:00
meetingCommands Available: #TOPIC, #IDEA, #ACTION, #AGREED, #LINK20:00
dogihi jelkner20:01
jelknerhi dogi20:01
davidfarninghey jelkner20:01
jelknerhey davidfarning, nice meeting with you! ;-)20:01
* dogi waves davidfarning 20:01
jelknerso, do we agree that this is the way to go?20:01
davidfarning#Agreed meeting bot is cool!20:01
dogi topic buildslave20:01
dogidavidfarning, who would like to have access there20:02
jelknershould i end the test meeting?20:02
davidfarningjelkner, the normal ubuntu logger is also working20:02
jelknerdavidfarning, sweet!20:02
meetingMeeting finished at 15:04.20:03
meetingLogs available at http://me.etin.gs/ubuntu-sugarteam/ubuntu-sugarteam.log.20100210_1502.html20:03
* dogi is finished with template20:03
jelknerthat means we can look in the regular log to find the link to the meeting20:03
doginow i clone lucid to buildslave20:03
dogiups template-lucid20:04
davidfarningDogi at this point we really only need me, you, sascah20:04
jelknerbtw.  i communicated with anurag, lfarone, and hgrover today20:04
dogidavidfarning, ok20:04
jelknerwe have some servers from mediawiki20:04
jelknerwe have a place to host them20:05
davidfarningyes, three are going to RIT20:05
jelknerso soon we will need to figure out how best to utilize them20:05
jelknerthe ones here, i mean20:05
dogijelkner, are this the 3 servers for RIT?20:05
jelkneri think yes20:05
jelkneri didn't have anything to do with them yet20:05
davidfarningare you going to host three at the acadamey?20:05
jelknerexcept for agreeing they could arrive at our school20:06
jelknerdavidfarning, no20:06
jelknerluke has a place in alexandria willing to do it he says20:06
jelknerthat would be best20:06
davidfarningahh ok I have not been following that side of things.20:06
jelknerme neither, davidfarning, until you alerted me to it this morning20:07
davidfarningthe new servers are dogi and bernies area.20:08
davidfarningI have a lot of ideas,  but must focus on working with dogi to get the three machines at RIT up and running20:09
jelknerok, davidfarning, i'll let everyone know when they arrive20:14
jelknerluke told me it should be this week20:14
jelknerbut with the weather we have here20:14
jelknerwho knows20:15
dogijelkner, the weekly sugarlabs dc meetings here on tuesdays at 1:40 pm EST20:15
jelknerdogi, yes20:15
dogiis this the channel where sugarlabs DC meets?20:15
jelknerok, all, talk to you later...20:15

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