aramorning davmor2 :)08:38
davmor2ara: are you back in a really timezone then?08:38
aradavmor2, I am :)09:03
davmor2How was the sprint09:04
apacheukcan someone point me to the correct location on launchpad in order to search/raise a possible Lucid bug please12:45
apacheukit's to do with the panel notification area12:45
persiaRun `ubuntu-bug gnome-panel` on an affected system.12:47
persiaOr maybe something with the notification area (I'm not sure of the right package)12:47
apacheukahh cheers didn't know you could do that12:48
persiaIf you can figure out the right package to call, it works better :)12:48
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davmor2morning all14:06
fader_davmor2: What timezone are you in? :)14:57
davmor2I was saying morning to all you that had just logged in rather than specifying names :P14:58
nagappancr3, if I go to this page https://bugs.launchpad.net/ how can I find the bugs that filed, like My Bugs in bugzilla18:11
persianagappan: Start from https://bugs.launchpad.net/people/+me/+bugs : there's a link in the upper right18:16
nagappanpersia, sure, thanks, its bit confusing, its not in the main page :)18:20
persianagappan: You'll get used to it, and the UI will change, and you'll learn to hack the URLs :)18:22
nagappanpersia, :)18:22
cr3nagappan: eventually, you might even understand the meaning of "+" in the launchpad urls :)18:31
cr3... which is not even consistent, by the way18:31
persiaDoes it mean anything at all?18:32
* persia thought it was just an arbitrary separator18:33
nagappancr3, :)18:33
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cr3persia: it is sometimes used to demultiplex paths which can either contain interpolated variables /foo/+$some_variable from hard coded names like /foo/bar. the "+" makes it possible for a regular expression to distinguish the two cases18:35
cr3persia: sometimes, it's indeed just arbitrary and gratuitous I might add18:35
* thekorn wishes there were more such '+' containing urls as shortcuts like /+me/+reportedbugs/+open18:35
persiacr3: There's a sufficiency of gratuity that I missed the interpolation cases (of which I suppoose +me is one)18:36
cr3thekorn: that could just be /me/reportedbugs/open, there's sometimes no need for the "+" in the first place18:36
persiathekorn: That kinda exists.18:36
persiacr3: No, me requires both + and peopl18:37
persiathekorn: https://bugs.launchpad.net/people/+me/+reportedbugs defaults to only showing open bugs.18:37
* persia may have spent too much time watching people chatter in the launchpad support channel18:38
cr3persia: this is simply an implementation smell of launchpad which requires it but, strictly speaking, I don't see how /+me needs to be disambiguated from /me18:38
* cr3 has an acute sense of smell for applications18:39
persiacr3: Compare /people/persia18:39
persiaSo the + specifies that it's to be interpolated as a variable in this case.18:39
thekornmaybe because "me" is a valid user name?18:39
persiaFor +reportedbugs it seems pointless.18:40
cr3persia: yeah, I might not have good examples, but you get the point19:01
persiaBut I still don't understand why it's both /people/persia/ and /~persia/, nor why /~+me/ doesn't work.19:02
persiaSo your sense of smell is not far off.19:02
cr3personally, I prefer deterministic urls, perhaps something like /people/me and /person/persia, so no need for magical characters19:03
persiaWell, /people/me would fail if someone wanted to register "me"19:03
cr3persia: nope, a person registered as me would be under /person/me19:03
persiaBut I'd prefer if it was only things that were obviously variables to end-users.19:03
persia+reportedbugs may be a variable, but surely that's an implementation detail that needn't be exposed.19:04
cr3I also don't like to have a blacklist of names because that fails if I eventually think of a new feature for which a name has already been registered19:04
persiacr3: So what URL would be the same as /people/+me/ ?19:04
cr3persia: /people/me as opposed to /person/persia (note the use of plural and singular)19:04
cr3persia: where /person would always be followed by an interpolated variable and /people would never be19:05
persiaBut consider teams ...19:05
cr3teams == people, essentially19:05
persiaYour example is backwards in sense to your description19:05
persiaThen what if I wanted to register the team "me" ?19:05
cr3then you'd have /person/me which would not conflict with /people/me19:06
cr3now, if you wanted to distinguish teams from people, as is not the case in launchpad, then you'd have /team/me19:06
persiaSo /person/ would always be a username, /team/ might be a group, if they were differentiated, and /people/ would be a call into some API.19:07
cr3the only disadvantage is that being explicit in naming things this way usually results in longer urls, ie /person/persia is longer than /~persia19:07
persiaSo /people/search and /people/me/... etc.19:07
persiaBut it's already /people/persia/...19:07
persiaThe ~persia is just a shortcut, which could as easily apply to our system.19:07
cr3as long as you only have interpolated variable names under /people, then this is indeed akin to my proposed system. the confusion arises when you have both interpolated variables and hard coded names under a same path which results in needing a special character like '+' to demultiplex the two. if the user is expected to hand craft urls, this can be confusing19:10
cr3I tend to be very picky about naming, in my code and especially in the public facing parts of my code19:10
persiaYeah.  So go reachitect LP :)19:11
cr3one problem I've encountered are in names which are the same both in singular and plural forms, like hardware19:11
persiaDo you generally use plural for operations and singular for objects?19:14
cr3persia: I typically use singular for things that apply to unique objects, like /person/persia, whereas I use plural to groups of objects, like /people/search.19:18
persiaI still read that as a verb/noun distinction: please pick another example19:18
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crisboot1hello, I'm starting with Mago I've already have experience with UIAutomation in Windows, Ranorex, White and others frameworks20:56
crisboot1i wanna ask if somebody knows about some book of UIAutomation and GUI testing in Ubuntu20:56
fader_crisboot1: I'm not sure myself but you might want to ask on the Desktop Testing mailing list20:58
fader_I know that many of the mago developers are on that list and can probably give you some good advice :)20:59
crisboot1thanks fader_ :) you are rigth21:00
fader_crisboot1: Glad to help... good luck! :)21:00
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