tonyyarussoTakyoji: Correct, particularly since your key has a passphrase as well.00:15
kermit(2010-02-09 05:42:51) tonyyarusso: someone tell Takyoji to visit http://ubuntu-minnesota.org/openid later.00:16
tonyyarussokermit: yeah...turns out that doesn't help him until I configure the mail server properly - whoops00:17
marcos_any of you particularly fantastic at openoffice?00:22
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_diablodirect responses at me if you are :)00:23
TakyojiWhat would you need help with?00:24
TakyojiOtherwise I'd be willing to try to find the solution.00:24
_diabloTakyoji: well, I don't know if it's even a problem. I built the newest OO.o (3.1.1) from the downloaded debs and it looked great.00:25
_diablobut then I started it and it said it had problems with the JRE. It doesn't show the message again and it appears to be working fine00:26
TakyojiSidenote: Anyone know how to port forward from a VirtualBox VM? (I know it's possible, I've done it before)00:39
_diabloTakyoji: sorry, no clue00:43
_diabloTakyoji: do you think there's anything wrong with my OO.o?00:44
TakyojiI wouldn't really be able to say. I'm not very Java-oriented00:44
_diabloTakyoji: fair enough :)00:50
TakyojiNote: Testing in a VM is much more stable.00:54
TakyojiI was doing a benchmark and the numbers come out more stable when I'm doing a benchmark in a stripped down VM00:54
TakyojiI feel pathetic that, as a Linux user, I don't entirely remember all the necessary parameters for extracting an archive by heart xP00:55
_diabloTakyoji: really? xvzf if it's a gz, xvjf if it's bz01:02
_diabloyou've been in a gui too long lol01:02
TakyojiBeen quite a while since I've done any PHP..01:27
* Takyoji wonders if tonyyarusso has done anything of the mailserver yet01:34
mr_stevehey folks, how's it going?01:45
TakyojiAverage, normal, and unexciting. :P01:46
TakyojiWoo, more fun http://arstechnica.com/microsoft/news/2010/02/microsoft-warns-of-tslssl-flaw-in-windows.ars01:48
mr_stevevimperator is awesome02:42
Takyojiheh, interesting02:45
TakyojiFirefox addon, yes?02:45
TakyojiAnyone ever do any GUI-based development?02:46
mr_steveTakyoji, yes, a firefox addon. And yes, I've done some stuff in Python with Gtk02:48
TakyojiBecause I'd be curious of doing pretty much exactly that; but am a little unfamiliar with how to build dialogs and so on; since it seems that they use relative sizing rather than fixed02:51
mr_steveRight, that takes a bit of getting used to. I came from VB, so WxWidgets and Gtk were both a bit different for me02:52
mr_steveOnce you start thinking about your UI windows in terms of rows/columns it starts to be pretty natural02:52
TakyojiYea, that's just all I really need to understand02:53
Takyojibased upon my observations02:53
mr_steveYou can check out launchpad.net/~taskstacker for a very simple UI example, I wrote it as an exersise in Gnome app development02:55
mr_steveerr, that's not the right URL02:55
Takyojitasktracker, or?02:55
mr_steveIt's a really really stupid task list program I wrote02:57
mr_steveFor practice with Gtk, Gnome, Bazaar, Launchpad, etc02:57
TakyojiAnd then I take it, and revolutionize it, then it becomes the next most popular application. :P02:58
mr_steveOddly, it somehow ended up in some free software directory02:58
mr_steveSome editor actualy took the time to download it, install it, and take a screenshot of it02:59
Takyojiheh interesting02:59
mr_steveYeah, not more than a day after I uploaded the first release tarball I got an email that it was accepted into some software directory03:00
TakyojiNo deb package? :o03:01
mr_steveActually there is, in my ppa03:01
TakyojiAnyone else agree that it's kind of a step back that the Ubuntu Software Centre doesn't have checkboxes to check off what software you want installed?03:45
TakyojiBut at the same time a person could of course use the Synaptic Package Manager03:49
TakyojiI'm curious on how they intend to merge the two..03:49
tonyyarussoTakyoji: oh god yes - it takes forever to install more than one thing...03:50
TakyojiStart a petition then over the annoyance? :P03:53
TakyojiIt should be voiced in some fashion though03:55
mr_steveUbuntu's Brainstorm?03:56
mr_steveHeh I submitted an idea to brainstorm a while back, and now I can't even remember what it was03:59
Obsidian1723Ever since 9.04, Ubuntu has gone downhill.04:09
Obsidian1723Ubuntu One, Software Center, the Ubuntu "Vista" is 9.10, mono, and grub204:09
TakyojiI haven't had much issue with GRUB204:13
Obsidian1723sucks compared to v104:14
TakyojiIn what aspect though?04:14
TakyojiConfiguration, or?04:15
tonyyarussoIt lacks some config options, but those will be back soon enough.04:15
tonyyarussohey Takyoji, I think the mailing is working again - *now* trying sending yourself a new password :)04:16
Obsidian1723just how messy it is underneath the hood compared to grub 1. It's a personal preferences thing.04:16
TakyojiGDM has also been a step back as well (in terms of customization)04:16
tonyyarussoalso, tell me what address it comes from...04:16
Obsidian1723yeah, not too hip on GDM 3 either.04:16
Obsidian1723If this keeps up, I may have to dump Ubuntu and go to Debian or Gentoo.04:16
TakyojiBut over all, it's all new technologies; over time they should be properly refined04:18
tonyyarussonow let me know if you can log in :)04:19
TakyojiYes, from a temporary link04:20
tonyyarussogood, good04:20
Takyojihowever I can't modify what OpenID identities are related with my account, nor the account password04:22
* Takyoji pokes tonyyarusso04:23
* tonyyarusso needs screenshots04:26
tonyyarussoaww, when did our heading get uncentered?04:26
TakyojiSince the edit04:28
TakyojiIt's a general 'unauthorized' Drupal error04:28
* tonyyarusso has a theory04:29
tonyyarussoTakyoji: still logged in?04:29
Takyoji /user/me/openid04:30
TakyojiNow I'm able to access it04:31
tonyyarussoho ho04:31
tonyyarussoApparently the 'me' aliases module has some quirks.04:31
Takyojiand successfully added04:31
tonyyarussosomeone added a negative margin on it for some reason04:42
TakyojiI'll be leaving for the night04:44
TakyojiAhh yes, such luxury. Login to my desktop over FreeNX and make it Suspend. Then access ny DAAP share on another system to listen to song I haven't heard in a while. All while I'm laying in bed lazily.04:52
Obsidian1723ame This is worth a download: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/914191/Computer-Hardware-High-Resolution-24w-x-34h.png15:47
* Obsidian1723 This is worth a download: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/914191/Computer-Hardware-High-Resolution-24w-x-34h.png15:47
mr_steveI used to have that printed out at work for identifying all the random junk laying around15:58
Obsidian1723good stuff .. I have tons of things like that.16:16
kermitwhy does it have 168 pin memory twice?19:00
mr_steveWow firefox didn't handle that well at all19:16
kermitmine did19:18
mr_steveLooked like it had 168 pin and then 168 pin PC100, for some reason19:19
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TakyojiAny thoughts on the "We're Linux" contest again?23:35
TakyojiSeems we only have one individual claiming to be away.23:44
TakyojiI wonder how many others here actually read the contents of this channel, or just still have it set to auto-join without really much acknowledgement. :P23:44
tonyyarussoActually, I believe everyone in here has spoken in the last two weeks (with the exception of ChanServ, locobot_5, ubot3, and ubuntulog of course)23:46
_diabloTakyoji, I'm here23:48
_diablosorry, I don't know what that is.23:48
_diabloso I wasn't going to jump in and waste some more time lol23:48
TakyojiI wasn't implying it in terms of being annoyed, I was just implying that I don't notice some users mentioning anything is all23:49
_diabloah, fair enough23:49
Takyoji_diablo: http://video.linuxfoundation.org/contest/we-are-linux-superbowl-ad-contest23:51
_diablothat's expensive23:52
TakyojiI realized the same. :P23:52
TakyojiBut I have a feeling if someone does make a commercial that just makes us weep in the beauty of it; there might be a couple of companies that might fund such together; who knows. :P23:53
_diablofair enough23:54
TakyojiNow come on folks, let's make that video!23:54

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