Sarvattso much breakage in mesa master the past few days, been trying to update it for 2 days now and  now r600 isn't building right01:00
Sarvatt-   dri2_set_tex_buffer2(pDRICtx, target, GLX_TEXTURE_FORMAT_RGBA_EXT, dPriv);01:02
Sarvatt+   dri2_set_tex_buffer2(pDRICtx, target, __DRI_TEXTURE_FORMAT_RGBA, dPriv);01:02
Sarvatt+#define __DRI_TEXTURE_FORMAT_RGBA        0x20DA01:02
Sarvattoh whoops thought i read __DRM_TEXTURE_FORMAT_RGBA there01:02
Sarvattah i did, pasted the wrong thing01:03
Sarvatt-        r600SetTexBuffer2(pDRICtx, target, GLX_TEXTURE_FORMAT_RGBA_EXT, dPriv);01:03
Sarvatt+        r600SetTexBuffer2(pDRICtx, target, __DRM_TEXTURE_FORMAT_RGBA, dPriv);01:03
bjsnideri've got a dependent package issue here03:18
bjsniderit's a philosophical thing03:18
bjsniderif you want to use vdpau with va-api, you need a package called vdpau-video. that package links to the vaapi package, but not the other way around.03:20
bjsnideri'm thinking i should add vdpau-video as a dependent package of libva03:21
bjsnidereven though there are other ways to use libva than vdpau. it can also be used with dxva03:22
bjsniderthe developer however in his debian scripts did not do so03:22
brycehbjsnider, what's the name of the developer?03:32
bjsnidergwenole beauchesne03:32
brycehdon't know him03:34
brycehbjsnider, I would recommend running this by jcristau first since he's well clued on the debian packaging of these things03:34
bjsniderright now, to get vlc with va-api you need to install vlc from my ppa03:35
bjsniderthat pulls in a new version of ffmpeg, which pulls in libva03:35
bjsniderthen you have to manually grab vdpau-video03:35
bjsniderthat's the step that bugs me03:36
RAOFSo libva is a wrapper around video-decode-acceleration APIs?03:36
bjsniderlibva is the package name of va-api03:36
bjsnideri'm sort of using them interchangeably here03:36
bjsnidervdpau-video is the vdpau side of va-api03:37
bjsniderand in fact installs a driver file into /usr/lib/libva03:37
bjsnideri mean how much more linked together than can that get?03:37
RAOFAh.  So vdpau-video is a shim that implements VA-API over VDPAU?03:38
bjsnideryes, i guess so03:38
bjsniderso in my view, instaling libva should automatically pull in vdpau-video03:39
RAOFFor final bonus points: does libva dlopen VA-API backends?03:39
bjsnideri think so. there are 3 backends03:40
bjsnideri'm not a programmer per se, so i'm not sure of what it's doing exactly, but all the vdpau-video package does is installs the vdpau driver03:41
bjsniderso libva is doing all the rest of the work03:41
RAOFSo, what you'd like to see happen is for the libva binary package to Recommend: vdpau-video?03:41
bjsniderthey should really be in the same package03:41
bjsniderno, not recommend, to actually depend on it03:42
RAOFDoes vdpau-video have any other depends?03:42
RAOFIt sounds to me like Recommends: is the right relationship - “will be found together in all but unusual circumstances”03:42
bjsniderit has no other explicit depends int he control file, only shlibs03:43
bjsnidergivent he build-depends it is going to probably depend on libvdpau03:43
bjsniderif it's a recommends, then the user would still have to manually install it right?03:44
RAOFNo; Ubuntu & Debian both install recommends by default.03:44
bjsniderwaldo bastian is listed as the maintainer for this thing03:45
bjsnidermaybe it's his fault03:45
RAOFIs there a bug open?03:45
bjsnidergwenole is in fact not mentioned in the control file03:45
brycehoh yeah03:45
brycehthis library was one that came out with poulsbo03:46
brycehwaldo probably would be the right contact for it03:46
RAOFEveryone's favourite intel driver :)03:46
bjsniderthe gma4500 can do hardware accel too03:47
brycehI would get poulsbo drops with libva included, but libva wasn't released at that point so we had to delete it out.  fun times03:47
bjsniderthis works for nvidia cards too03:47
bjsniderwitht he blob03:48
brycehRAOF, btw did we ever sort out who has responsibility for nouveau-firmware?03:48
superm1bjsnider, is libva on it's way into debian anytime soon?03:49
RAOFbryceh: I don't recall sorting that out, no.03:50
bjsnidersuperm1, i don't know if it's in there now. but i just built all of it and tested vlc and hardware accel works fine here. it would be nice to get it into lucid03:55
bjsnideri can ask waldo about this, assuming he responds to the email i just sent him03:56
superm1bjsnider, what state are the packages in? if it's gonna take too long to get them in debian, we can try to fast track them into ubuntu before the New package deadline03:56
bjsnideri didn't have to make any change to either package to get them to build03:56
superm1i'm still a bit mixed up with how va-api and vdpau relate though03:56
bjsniderthey build -dev packages and -dbg packages too03:56
superm1va-api can use a vdpau backend, but not vice versa?03:57
superm1so projects like ffmpeg that have support for vdpau already don't benefit at all03:57
bjsniderva-api can use vdpau, dxva, which is the ati thing, or one other...03:57
superm1xvba is the ati thing03:57
brycehmm standards03:57
bjsnideroh, right03:57
bjsniderlibva's description is "VA API extensions for VDPAU and XvBA backends"03:58
bjsniderthere is also an xvba-video package03:59
bjsnideri haven't built it. i wonder if it would work with fglrx?03:59
superm1it's supposed to 03:59
superm1the guy developing it announces releases on the ati-beta mailing list all the time04:00
bjsnideris there some rule that says you can't put these things in ubuntu if they're not in debian first?04:01
RAOFMainly the rule of -ENOTIME.04:02
superm1its generally beneficial to both04:02
bjsnideryou can't have them in lucid just for testing before the stable release?04:03
superm1so it's better to put it in debian and then be able to sync it from there04:03
superm1then the debian folks are able to step up and help maintain it too04:03
RAOFThat's what I meant be not enough time :)04:03
bjsnideri wonder what happens if you have both the xvba and vdpau packages installed...04:04
bjsniderdoes it try to use both? does it know enough not to use the xvba side on an nvidia system?04:04
bjsniderdoes the entire world explode?04:04
superm1so on the client side, what supports va-api though so far?  VLC?04:05
superm1anything else?04:05
brycehRAOF, weird, when I debdiff the udev nouveau changes, it produces infinite diffage04:05
bjsniderit's used through ffmpeg, which actually doesn't have to be patched at this point04:05
bjsnidergwenole has an mplayer patch which i haven't tested because mplayer works well as is04:06
RAOFsuperm1: I actually think gstreamer has some va-api support, too.04:07
RAOFWhich would be nifty, because that means that things I actually care about support it.04:08
bjsniderit would be nice to see gstreamer catch up to xine, mplayer, and vlc04:08
bjsniderand everything else04:08
bjsniderugh, the xvba-video package has two separate "latest" tarballs, one for i686 and one for x86_6404:13
bjsnideroh, the other thing is gnash. there's a patch to enable gnash to use it04:14
bjsniderva-api that is04:14
virtualdno I'm just kidding07:10
BelthazorGood afternoon everyone!13:19
Belthazorat least in Europe13:19
BelthazorI have a problem: I'd like to install new stable stuff onto my production machine13:20
Belthazorbut the x-org edgers ppa for karmic now tracks mesa 7.813:21
jcristauthe edgers ppa is everything but stable stuff13:21
Belthazorwhich I don't want to use yet13:21
Belthazoryes, that's why I opted for mesa 7.713:21
Belthazorwhich was released in december13:21
Belthazorso I checked the x-updates ppa but that has only mesa 7.6.113:22
Belthazorwhich is too old13:22
Belthazorany plans for upgrading that to 7.7?13:23
Belthazoror any ideas where I can get that? there's git of course, but I'm lazy13:23
tjaaltonbackport mesa from lucid13:24
Belthazoris there an easy way for that?13:24
tjaaltongrab the source and build13:24
Belthazorppa or tutorial?13:24
Belthazorwell, that's pretty much the same as git, I guess13:25
tjaaltonwhy do you need 7.7?13:25
BelthazorI have an ATi rv71013:25
Belthazorthat already has 3D13:25
Belthazorworked nice on a pendrive install when it was in the edgers ppa13:26
jcristaubuilding the r600 driver from 7.7-branch should take you about 10 minutes13:26
Belthazoryeah, maybe for an experienced user :)13:27
Belthazorso I assume there are no debs for this13:27
jcristauthere are.  it's called lucid.13:28
Belthazorthat's true, but it was still not considered stable last I checked13:28
Belthazormy plan is to have karmic with mesa 7.7 and 2.6.32 and .33 when it will be stable13:29
Belthazoruntil lucid comes13:29
Belthazorcan't I just add an official repo for lucid which has mesa?13:30
BelthazorX updates says: "This PPA is for stable upstream releases of X.org components."13:32
Belthazorthat's why I asked if there were plans to upgrade it to mesa 7.713:33
Belthazorsince the edgers for karmic now has 7.813:33
tjaaltonlucid won't have .3313:35
tjaaltonwe are concentrating on lucid, not karmic13:35
tjaaltonand I doubt there are plans to update that ppa13:35
tjaaltonfor karmic13:35
BelthazorI know that lucid will have .32, but .33 has irq support for my card and hopefully .34 will bring power management13:39
BelthazorI doubt these will be backported, so until lucid+1 I guess I'll have to live with an "unofficial" kernel13:40
Belthazor"and I doubt there are plans to update that ppa" -- that's unfortunate13:41
Sarvattbryceh: http://cgit.freedesktop.org/mesa/drm/commit/?id=4f0f871730b76730ca58209181d16725b0c40184 14:33
tjaaltonand it works?14:35
Sarvatti just woke up and saw it and the bug was closed, haven't built it yet14:35
tjaaltonwas that the blocker for 2.10?14:35
tjaaltonok, nice14:39
tseliotah, right the Execbuf bug. So I can haz 2.10 now plz :-P ?14:45
tseliotsuperm1: I pushed my changes to the git repository yesterday15:24
superm1cool.  hopefully we'll see a build that can use them soon too now :)15:24
tseliottjaalton: I added a provides abi 5 in the fglrx package in lucid15:25
* tseliot nods15:25
tjaaltontseliot: thanks15:25
tseliottjaalton: thanks for reporting the problem. I thought it had that already15:25
tjaaltontseliot: it used to, but got dropped for some reason15:32
tseliotaah, ok15:32
Sarvattone pass of "CAIRO_TEST_TARGET=xlib ./cairo-perf-trace cairo-traces/benchmark/*" stable with the libdrm update, looks promising because this could crash it easy yesterday16:07
Sarvattugh.. maybe I should start updaing ia32-libs on xorg-edgers as well, i've come across *so many* bug reports from people using edgers on x64 and not realizing wine uses the 32 bit libs so its using the distro mesa versions17:30
Sarvatttjaalton: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mesa/+bug/459961 is fixed whenever mesa is updated. dont know if you want to add it to the changelog? already fixed in the ubuntu git branch with the 7.7-3 merge17:37
ubottuUbuntu bug 459961 in mesa "radeon_dma.c:210: radeonRefillCurrentDmaRegion: Assertion `dma_bo->bo->cref == 1' failed." [Medium,Confirmed]17:37
Sarvattchanged it to fix commited, not sure about karmic17:39
jcristaulibv: oh, so it's not just me who has no idea how x.org works, and who does what?17:40
libvjcristau: :)))17:47
libvi run the devroom17:47
libvand i do so without help from the foundation17:47
jcristauand you asked for help?17:48
libvthe fosdem folk do most for me, the extra expense (about 25EUR or so per day of devroom) is not worth the hassle17:48
libvi did in the past17:48
libvfirst year i got 500usd, 2nd year i dropped the ball (RandR1.2 and stuff, remember?), third year i asked for 500EUR so we could have a local X.org foundation board member pick up the tab at the mirabelle (as this would be a "thank you" for everyone, and it would otherwise not cost a thing)17:49
libvdaniels complained about these 500EURs17:49
libvwhile he had just spent a huge pile of money on cambridge17:49
libvthen i decided: i do not need them, and i can refer people who want travel sponsorship to the board directly17:50
libvso fosdem has basically been free. last year the extra expenses were shared between suse (printing and nametags) and me (water/random things needed for the devroom)17:51
libvin any case, i wonder who got paid to go where17:51
libvand how this is spread between different individuals and companies17:51
libvi think the result will be that this money is used in a surprisingly limited fashion17:52
jcristauyeah it would be nice to have some reports of what goes on to members@ from time to time17:52
libvi personally have never received money from the foundation for my own expenses, only once did i ask for it, and later on there were issues, and i got like half my trainticket repaid by some other stash somewhere17:53
libvgusarov was referred to the board when he asked me for support for travel to fosdem, he got some money, this is the only fact i have about what the board did in the last year17:54
libvDavid Nicol his answer17:55
brycehSarvatt, excellent.  I'd asked yingying about that yesterday, so this is good news :-)18:03
brycehSarvatt, now I hope there aren't other bugs we're going to hit moving to 2.10?18:03
jcristaubryceh: hah.  wishful thinking.18:04
Sarvattall those people using UMS because KMS doesn't work right for them will be crying :)18:04
Sarvatti would say we should update intel-gpu-tools to a newer version that has intel_reg_dump buuuut18:06
Sarvattreading /sys/kernel/debug/dri/0/i915_regs hangs the system on 2.6.32 :)18:07
jcristauget anholt to release a tarball for it?18:07
jcristaulibv: hah.  this guy sounds like a clown.18:08
libvjcristau: he is, and i now love him for it18:10
libvjcristau: with this one sentence, he turned these elections into a complete farce18:10
* jcristau will hold his vote for a little longer.18:11
libvyup :)18:11
libvactually, these elections should be declared invalid18:11
libvjcristau: don't you find it kind of strange that there are mostly just .us citizens on the board?18:20
SarvattDuke`: if you didn't see the hang should be fixed with the latest libdrm in edgers, no need to rebuild that one :)19:19
Duke`well, I haven't seen it for some days19:19
Duke`but I had it sometimes19:19
Duke`less frequently19:19
Duke`so I don't know if there is a (partial) fix, or if my usage makes it crash less often19:20
Sarvattdo you have limited arb_fragment_shader support enabled in driconf? because i think i found another bug with that where it can cause an invalid batchbuffer hang just like the other one19:21
Sarvattbut that might have also been my pixman 17.3 snapshot causing it I think19:21
Duke`no, it's disabled19:23
Sarvatthow much uptime did you have at the most lately? longest i went without a hang was 3 days shortest was 110 seconds19:25
Duke`I could reach a full day. I power off my laptop before going to bed (sleep is hardware-broken)19:26
Sarvattoops 117 seconds, [  117.964249] [drm:i915_gem_execbuffer] *ERROR* Execbuf while wedged19:26
Duke`shortest for me was the time to reboot + to reopen the webpage which hanged me + scrolling 3 seconds :)19:27
Sarvattthat was boot, idle 1.5 minutes then open gnome-terminal :D19:27
Duke`    intel: Handle resetting of input params after EINTR during SET_TILING19:37
Duke`that should fix it, right?19:37
Sarvattand the commit before it fixes a similar thing people on <=915 were getting with failure to install fence errors in dmesg19:53
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
LLStarksbryceh, is there anyone to set xrand full aspect as default?20:18
brycehLLStarks, dunno20:18
LLStarksthis: xrandr --output LVDS1 --set "scaling mode" "Full  aspect"20:19
LLStarkscan we make it default?20:19
LLStarksi hate having to set it upon bootup20:19
brycehI haven't had to set that up myself20:19
LLStarksi don't like how "full" is the default.20:20
LLStarksstretches 4:3 games too much20:20
brycehit'd be best to convince upstream to change the default20:21
brycehand then have me pull a patch from them20:21
LLStarksis there an x freeze i need to consider?20:21
brycehfor features, alpha-3 is the target20:22
jbarnesLLStarks: it was the default where supported for the X driver20:22
jbarnesLLStarks: for the kernel I'm not sure why it changed... post a patch and I'll ack it20:23
BUGabundoevening 21:19
Q-FUNKare we gonna rebase our X to match Debian's 7.4.2  on time for Lucid?21:44
Q-FUNKööö.. 1.7.421:45
Sarvattthe stable 1.7 branch is mostly just fixes, i dont think it counts for the feature freeze? its already queued up in git anyway22:30
Q-FUNKfixes are always welcome22:30
Sarvattjust hasnt been uploaded yet22:30
Q-FUNKah, ok22:31
Q-FUNKI'm just a bit aparanoid about ensuring that -geode is still remotely usable on Lucid.22:31
Sarvattnothing between and 1.7.4 affects that anyway so no worries :D22:33
Sarvatt(on the xserver front)22:33
Q-FUNKwell, there's already regressions when building the same geode source against 1.7, compared to 1.6, so I'm already worried.22:33
herman_Sarvatt, 22:40
herman_hey, my ubuntu 9.10 is freezing sometimes, and stop all the activities and a i have to restart the notebook directly from the button on/off22:42
herman_someone passed for the same problem?22:42
joumetalThere is radeon kms bugs in lucid like bug #507148. Is following backtrace useful?23:04
ubottuLaunchpad bug 507148 in xserver-xorg-driver-ati "[lucid] desktop runs out of video memory on ATI Radeon Mobility 7500" [Unknown,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/50714823:04
joumetalit's custom kernel with radeon module unloaded and reloaded with modeset=1.23:06
RAOFSarvatt: Hm.  System-wide nouveau_dri.so is not the problem; someone's obviously broken GL_EXT_texture_from_pixmap for nv40 in mesa git.23:27

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