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jodie_I not getting all of my files & folders uploaded. Any suggestions on what I can do?05:17
jodieany one around?06:31
duanedesignmorning rye08:10
ryeduanedesign, good mornings :)08:10
duanedesignrye: did they end up using your code for the zeitgeist logger?08:11
ryeduanedesign, frankly speaking, i dont know. We have agreed upon the license and that was the last time I heard from them.08:13
duanedesignrye: ahh. I just was going over some logs on saome lists and saw the discussion about the telepathy observer08:13
duanedesignrye: either way good work08:14
ryeduanedesign, nope, this does not work properly with muc, only p2p sessions, so nope, not a good work. can be done better08:15
duanedesignheh, that is a good trait to have, always looking to improve08:16
ryeduanedesign, thanks, yes, a good trait until this causes the code to be trashed and started all over. It is not clear at this point whether rewrite is going to be actually finished.08:18
ryeso i decided to output the code before I want to trash it :)08:18
duanedesigndefinetly. I have a couple of projects that I decided to go a different direction, so i will always save the original. Just in case the new direction is a dead end.08:32
duanedesignrye: i am working on a web interface for the Ubuntuone-client bug graphs. I hope to have that done today08:35
duanedesigni have a ton of graphs being plotted:  http://people.ubuntu.com/~duanedesign/complete-graphs/ubuntuone-client/plots/08:35
duanedesigni havent set the script to execute on the hour yet do those stats dont include the bug jam yesterday08:36
ryeduanedesign, bug jam... right, i am still reading the bug reports for yesterday :)08:39
duanedesignrye: i noticed a lot of the 'low hanging fruit' has been taken care of. The ones left seem to require a bit more detective work08:40
duanedesignrye: did you ever make sense of the gedit/modification date issue08:40
ryeduanedesign, yup08:40
ryeduanedesign, nautilus plugin :)08:41
ryeduanedesign, the only thing that nautilus plugin does since the karmic release is utime() the file that is being uploaded :)08:41
ryeduanedesign, and nautilus does not need to be in this directory, dbus signal arrives, plugin handles it, utimes() the file (in order to refresh the emblem) and here's how we get updated versions of files08:43
ryehm, bug 51956908:46
ubottuLaunchpad bug 519569 in ubuntuone-client "Always starts disconnected" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51956908:46
ryeit is not fixed in stable releases...08:47
ryeit is actually bug 49844408:47
ubottuLaunchpad bug 498444 in ubuntuone-client "Ubuntu One Cloud Icon Always Shows Exclamation Mark After Boot" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/49844408:47
duanedesignrye: what was it you were working on yesterday that had to do with a lot of metadata08:54
duanedesignoh yeah clicking the applet causing crash. But that was something to do with shares too08:56
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mattgriffinleifal: hi leif14:28
ryewho knows a trustworthy file upload service?14:54
* rye wants the client to test upload on other service, not UbuntuOne to see what's wrong14:54
CardinalFangimgur?  anon ftp to some big site?15:03
vdsrodrigo_: yup, should have been started already...15:05
rodrigo_MEETING BEGINS/STARTS then15:06
vdsbeuno CardinalFang Chipaca jblount teknico urbanape, ready for the meeting?15:08
rodrigo_isn't rye supposed also to be on this standup?15:11
ryerodrigo_, i can only say: DONE: bug triaging and investigation, TODO: more bug triaging and investigation, BLOCK: none15:12
teknicorye, ehi, don't jump the queue! ;-P15:12
rodrigo_ok, I'll start then?15:13
teknicorye, and you're ops+ anyway, aren't you?15:13
teknico(the old "us and them" dynamic at play ;-) )15:13
ryeteknico, right...15:13
ryenot me15:14
rodrigo_ok, I'll start15:16
rodrigo_• DONE: On-call review. Force dependency on openssl on libu1. Made music store widget use relative URLs. Several tweaks on contacts picker widget. Attended statik's packaging talk. Move contacts picker to u1-client. GNOME upstream releases. geoip detection on music store. Added new API to couchdb-glib for missing CouchDB REST API features. Bug day. API docs for couchdb-glib. Contacts picker tweaks15:17
rodrigo_• TODO: Conflict resolver tool in pair tool. Make sandy's snowy test suite work with our server (http://git.gnome.org/cgit/snowy/tree/api/tests.py). Discuss with jdo and aquarius about oauth token per app, not per machine? Add jslint tests to check. Remove autosave code in notes web editor. U1 client interrogates library page to update download progress.15:17
rodrigo_• BLOCKED: no15:17
CardinalFanglucid ate my keyboard!  one minute.15:17
rodrigo_next: vds15:17
vdsDONE: sprinting! :) proposed branch to remove verification sms #519740. On the way to propose a branch to remove unused skip decorator #519876.15:17
vdsTODO: more sprinting! :)15:17
vdsBLOCKED: no15:17
vdsCardinalFang: go go go15:17
CardinalFangskip me.15:17
teknicoDONE: discussed with Funambol support some issues around minimizing the phone setup web ui, and supporting multiple devices; landed a branch to fix phone sync from outside localhost (#517506); proposed a branch to disable autoprovisioning in the DS server (#519246 ); reviewed a branch to remove the old phone setup web ui (#519740)15:17
teknicoTODO: more reviews; redoing a minimal phone setup web ui; more phone sync minisprint at vds'15:17
teknicoBLOCK: none15:17
tekniconext: jblount15:17
jblountDONE: Got lucid environment kinks ironed out, worked on bugs15:18
jblountTODO: Try to knock out some bugs before web team gets focused on new project next week15:18
jblountBLOCKED: Nope15:18
jblountdobey: You :) (I'm not sure who's next)15:19
dobey☺ DONE: Platform Sprint, Prefs app rename, App icon redux, ChangeUp hacking on plane, Bug Day15:19
dobey☹ TODO: Expenses, ChangeUp release, Pkg branch reorg, Me menu integration, Initial control panel tabs15:19
dobey☹ BLCK: None.15:19
CardinalFangDONE: triaged bug reports. reviewed patches.15:20
CardinalFangTODO: think about severity of d-c get_port-avoiding-dbus bug.  Perhaps package d-c for upload.15:20
CardinalFangBLOCKED: None15:20
mandelare you guys  done? can i interrupt?15:24
rodrigo_mandel, done I think15:25
mandelrodrigo_ cheers15:25
mandelCardinalFang, mind taking a look at this: https://code.launchpad.net/~mandel/desktopcouch/fix_bug_519873/+merge/1901815:26
mandelCardinalFang, thx :D15:27
urbanapeoh, ho. Did we cut back to just wednesdays? No meetings yesterday or Monday.15:29
urbanapeDONE: Got caught up, upgraded to Lucid, wrestled with packaging to get Bindwood 1.0(!) into at least the PPA, and hopefully into lucid.15:29
urbanapeTODO: Finish packaging, start in on the funambol stuff for the web ui.15:29
urbanapeBLOCK: None15:29
CardinalFangOh yeah, missing from my to-do list for today;  un-break my lucid update.15:30
rodrigo_urbanape, yeah, several days without standup15:30
beunoDONE: Fixed the bug I introduced on the file UI, landed a few fixed so files don't generally wrap in 2 rows, made a lot of CSS fixes15:31
beunoTODO: Finish my CSS branch and mattgriffin's, and land it15:31
beunoBLOCKED: Just on officially moving teams  :)15:31
mattgriffin+1 :)15:31
beunoshould be solved by Monday15:31
beunovds, so is standup 15 UTC every day?15:36
vdsbeuno: yup15:36
vdsbeuno: there is an event in the calendar already15:36
beunovds, cool, I will add it to mine15:36
ryegrrr, isp which routes ipv4 traffic is down...15:43
ryeno, its lp hick-up :)15:44
CardinalFangmandel, still working on it.  You need some tests for .pop() and .pop(N)  Also remove and pop from empty lists.15:45
mandelCardinalFang, ups, I'll add them right away15:52
mandelCardinalFang, question, since MergeableList cannot be empty, do I have to test the method for those cases??15:56
jblounturbanape: Do you use Simplenote ?15:57
ryeok, 2 desktopcouch questions: 1) http://paste.ubuntu.com/373302/ is happening on lucid lynx now, 2) should desktopcouch-stop also shut down desktopcouch-service ?15:58
CardinalFangmandel, if it can't be empty and you're adding a way to make it empty, we should test *something*.16:01
mandelCardinalFang, mmm I  forgot to think about that case, I should ensure that the same exception that is raised when we arr creating an empty list is raised when we try to remove the last element and write a test to ensure that happens16:03
mandelrye, CUCH_EXEC_COMMAND ?? afaik it should be COUCH_EXE16:11
mandelrye, I mistyped the command in the pastebin but statement is correct :P16:12
ryemandel, pastebinit, no manual substitutions16:12
mandelrye, ok, give me a sec16:12
ryemandel, yup, it is clearly COUCH_EXEC_COMMAND in the script16:13
mandelrye, there you go: http://paste.ubuntu.com/373319/16:14
ryemandel, erm,, is it the contents for the bug report?16:15
mandelerror line from you pastebin is line 2, corrected line is 5, rest just points the code that sets it up, let me know the bug report and I'll take a look16:17
mandelCardinalFang, sorted, I updated the branch with a test in both methods that ensures that if len == 1 we raise an exception, unit tests have been added. ths for you input ;)16:18
ryemandel, i took your info and added to the bug 51992216:19
ubottuLaunchpad bug 519922 in desktopcouch "desktopcouch-stop: 'module' object has no attribute 'COUCH_EXEC_COMMAND'" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51992216:19
mandelrye, ok, I can get a patch for that in 10 min, ok?16:21
ryemandel, erm... ok16:22
urbanapejblount: I do16:23
jblounturbanape: Are you working on a Simplenote to TomBoy syncing magical thing yet?16:26
jblounts/TomBoy/Tomboy (I'm still recovering from the dot bomb)16:27
urbanapenegatory, but that sounds kinda cool.16:42
jodieHave had U1 running on my Ubuntu system at work and at home. Put 5+ gig of files and folders from work and expected after 3 days the system at home would sync to the files/folders. U1 files/folders only report 47meg.. Client reports they are synced. Any suggestions on how I can get the rest of the stuff to sync?16:50
mandelthisfred, CardinalFang, mind approving https://code.launchpad.net/~mandel/desktopcouch/fix_bug_519922/+merge/1902916:52
thisfredmandel: it's on my list, I'm on review duty today, so I will get to it16:53
duanedesignhello jodie16:54
mandelthisfred, great :D16:54
duanedesignjodie: in your ~/.cache/ubuntuone/log/ directory do you have a syncdaemon-exception.log file16:55
jodieyes. syncdaemon-exceptions.log is reporting ERROR - MakeFile share:''node:'a39ae816-bffa-41f9-b68d-a2817196c4d6'16:56
jodieim jodie here and another user at home. Humm16:57
duanedesignjodie: ahhh16:57
duanedesignjodie: i was just experiencing something similar. I was trying to sync my etc/ directory and it didnt go so well16:58
duanedesignjodie: the file being owned by another user16:58
duanedesignrye: honk16:59
jodiework computer no. jodie is master in the U1 folder16:59
duanedesignjodie: ok. let me see if i can find more info for you17:02
jodieRan across a thread in the mail archives that some times killing the U1 process(s) and restarting will clear things up. How does one restart U1. There are 2 process(s)17:02
jodieMachine was re-booted this morning and it didn't make any difference17:03
beunorebooting absolutely restarts everything  :)17:03
beunothe servers are under heavy load at the moment17:03
beunomaybe it's just being super slow?17:03
jodieThats why I gave it 3 days..17:04
duanedesignjodie: yeah. For future reference though if you quit the client from the panel and run: u1sdtool -q17:04
beunojodie, lets try to dig a bit more17:04
beunowhat version of Ubuntu are you running on the machines?17:04
jodie9.10 a few updates are on the list didn't notice if U1 was one of em17:05
jodiewhen you say quit the client from the panel do you really mean disconnect?17:06
duanedesignjodie: r-click > quit17:07
jodieOh.. That one got by me some how.17:07
ryeduanedesign, erm... pong17:08
jodieis this normal output for u1sdtool -q ... ubuntuone-syncdaemon still running.17:09
jodiei checked for pids after click on quit and there weren't any17:10
duanedesignrye: i was just helping our friend jodie here and thought you might be of better service to him than i :)17:11
duanedesignjodie: does your excption.log have a lot of the <akefile entries17:12
jodiecat .cache/ubuntuone/log/syncdaemon-exceptions.log |grep akefile |wc -l ... returns 017:14
ryejodie, could you please run the script from bug 48823217:15
ubottuLaunchpad bug 488232 in ubuntuone-client "u1sdtool should be able to show sync status of local files" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/48823217:15
jodiesure will take me a few to get to that point. Will return as soon as I can17:16
jodieThank you.17:16
ryejodie, it is not going to fix it, but it will show what files are not synced17:16
ryein case syncdaemon failed to get ...17:16
ryejodie, what does apt-cache policy ubuntuone-client say?17:17
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ryejodie, a glance on syncdaemon.log will be helpful as well, if it does not contain any sensitive file names17:18
duanedesignrye: i came across bug |wc -l17:19
duanedesignbug 407762 today while trying to back up my /etc directory17:19
ubottuLaunchpad bug 407762 in ubuntuone-client "ubuntuone-syncdaemon maxes out system resources when trying to hash a file with root permissions" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40776217:19
ryeduanedesign, yes, I have faced this as well, but I made chmod 000 file :)17:21
duanedesignrye: also i came across a few bugs today with- BadTransition: State READY_WAITING_WITH_BOTHQ17:25
jodiebunch of .. KeyError: '/home/jodie/Ubuntu One/Photos/2001.u1conflict/07/20/MVC-003F-2.JPG' .. It appears to have gone out to lunch17:26
duanedesignhavent had a chance to look at them much deeper, just thought i would mention it in case it was something you were familiar with17:26
ryejodie, ok, great. It means that syncdaemon was not able to advance to them17:26
ryeduanedesign, no, I haven't touched state transitions... yet.17:27
ryejodie, ok, so you syncdaemon takes all cpu cycles, right?17:27
jodienot according to top17:28
jodiei'll do a ctrl-c17:29
ryeis it possible for you to paste your syndaemon.log to paste.ubuntu.com ?17:29
ryeor better yet17:29
ryestop the script17:29
ryerestart syncdaemon17:29
ryei.e. quit syncdaemon, restart applet, wait for ERROR messages to appear and then paste the log to paste.ubuntu.com17:30
ryejodie, ^17:44
ryeIPv6-only torrents17:53
* jblount makes a note to look up why IPv6 is interesting17:56
jodiehum tail -f didn't scroll after starting.. I'll18:01
jodiesorry im getting pulled away try and be back as soon as I can18:02
ryegreat, my main ISP seems to be worse than backup one, PPP now fails with "Failed to authenticate ourselves to peer". The backup ISP seems to become main one in a while18:06
CardinalFangOkay, mandel, reviewed.  Two more complaints.18:10
mandelCardialFang, tell me :)18:11
CardinalFangmandel, 1) empty is not like lists  2) enumerate()18:12
mandel1) I know, but that is a constraint given my the RecordData. if you try to create an empty list and add it to it you will get an exception. I would love to be able to remove the list which would be a nicer way to do it, but how do I get the reference of the correct container18:16
mandel2) agree18:16
mandelCardinalFang, shall I just fix 2 ^ 'cause all the ideas I have for  are horrible hacks...18:30
mandelCardinalFang, check this out: https://bugs.launchpad.net/desktopcouch/+bug/51023218:35
ubottuUbuntu bug 510232 in desktopcouch "Empty list values and simple (non-mergeable) lists are not possible in desktopcouch" [Medium,Incomplete]18:35
deadguyshi all.  my ubuntuone client seems to have stopped syncing.  are there any logs I can dig through?18:46
jodierye are you still there?18:50
ryejodie, yup18:50
jodiehere is the log file http://paste.ubuntu.com/373416/18:50
deadguysjodie: may I ask where you found that log?18:51
ryedeadguys, this is ~/.cache/ubuntuone/log/syncdaemon.log18:51
jodieI did make some changes to protect privie stuff. Messages remain the same18:52
jodieits pretty bad uh?18:53
jodierye.. I've got to slip away again. Will get back as soon as I can. Thanks.18:55
ryejodie, browsing the log18:56
ryejodie, 2010-02-10 10:36:11,518 - ubuntuone.SyncDaemon.ActionQueue - WARNING - connection lost: Connection was closed cleanly.18:57
jodieabout the time i pressed quit18:58
ryejodie, your client is not connected but it does not realise that.18:58
jodieso do quit and then reconnect?18:58
ryejodie, try u1sdtool -q and then reconnect using the applet, bug #48725718:59
ubottuLaunchpad bug 487257 in ubuntuone-client "The client gets stuck into STANDOFF state" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/48725718:59
jodiethe cloud icon is showing and says every thing is synced but there is only 40meg on the U1 drive18:59
ryejodie, it has synced every file it knew of...19:00
ryejodie, ok, I'll stuff my mozilla profile to my u1 directory19:01
ryedeadguys, ok, so, what has happened to your client?19:01
jodieit reports u1sdtool -q ... ubuntuone-syncdaemon still running.19:02
jodiecloud icon went away19:02
jodierye.. they are screaming at me. I'll get back soon.19:03
deadguysrye:  looks like it lost track of my dbus session.  guess that's what I get for running xmonad.  is running gnome-settings-daemon before starting ubuntuone-client-applet enough, or are there other deps?19:05
deadguysoops spoke too soon. got a "failure INTERNAL_ERROR"19:07
ryedeadguys, is INTERNAL_ERROR preceded by some kind of other message?19:10
CardinalFangmandel, ah, good.  I didn't know that bug existed.  You don't have to solve it.19:10
deadguysrye: http://paste.ubuntu.com/373439/19:11
mandelCardinalFang, I can take a look but I do not know if  aquarius has done anything about it19:12
CardinalFangmandel, you don't have to do anything about it.  Raise exception as you do, and expect aq to fix that later.19:12
ryeawesome, put mozilla profile tree to Ubuntu One folder and... START_STANDOFF_WAITING_WITH_NETWORK_WITH_BOTHQ19:15
mandelCardinalFang, ok, then unless you have more comments about that branch I'm done with it :D19:15
ryedeadguys, is there any info about server disconnect, etc? in the log file?19:33
deadguysrye: no, and it continues after the errors, but they're occurring quite regularly now19:35
ryedeadguys, ah, yeah, right, debug...19:44
mandelthisfred, ping19:45
thisfredmandel: pong19:45
mandelthisfred, if relying on the form of the keys is removed there web client will not have to have a 500 error when the key does not match the uuid patter, right?19:46
ryedeadguys, could you please perform the steps listed in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuOne/Bugs#Running%20syncdaemon%20in%20debug%20mode19:46
mandelthisfred, which I think it looks a little hacky (I have not seen the code but feels like it :P)19:46
thisfredmandel: as I say in the bug, I would keep the restriction in place, just not use it to check whether or not we're dealing with a mergeable list19:47
mandelthisfred, I'm just trying to convince you an remove it hehe19:48
thisfredmandel: we definitely want  to enforce uuids as keys in mergeable lists, and yes, doing that by the pattern of dashes is hacky, but I know of no better way19:48
thisfredmandel: perhaps try with aquarius first, he's a much more reasonable person than I am :D19:49
mandelthisfred, hehe you will be surprise19:51
jodierye.. I'm back.19:51
mandelthisfred, I like your solution or at least it will make the rest of the work better since the use of dict are far too much overhead when dealing with lists... lets talk with him before we touch the code19:52
mandelthisfred, also with rodrigo_ since he has code for that in his evolution lib and may be a pain in the ass for him19:52
thisfredmandel: yeah, sounds good. I think it will also make the code simpler, since we can some of the magic. The checking on a _is_mergeable_list key is slightly magic, but less so and more explicit19:53
thisfredyeah of course, we'll try to break as little API as possible.19:54
thisfredwe'll have to do a data migration step, which is painful, but it'll be good to get infrastructure to those in place19:55
mandelthisfred, mm so who uses the API, tomboy notes, evolution and ubuntuone, I think that if no one sees a problem in ubuntu-one it would be a good improvement19:58
mandelthisfred, i do not know the internal steps you guys follow or this, so I relay on you ;)19:58
ryejodie, ok, so, has the client restart helped?20:00
jodierye.. I'll get it restarted20:01
jodierye.. cloud icon says the files are up to date20:02
thisfredmandel: also gwibber, and perhaps others we don't know of. Keeping the API as stable as possible should be a goal, and if we're gonna break it, do it as early as possible, and make a lot of noise about it20:04
ryejodie, can you check the logs? Is there anything different now?20:04
mandelthisfred, although I'm thinking if removing the excessive usage of MergeableLists is going to take a long time we might as well merge the remove branch and then look20:05
mandelthisfred, I forgot about gwibber, do they use this record format: https://wiki.edubuntu.org/Gwibber/DesktopCouch20:05
jodierye.. this one stands out... cat syncdaemon-exceptions.log |grep ERROR20:06
jodie2010-02-10 11:26:15,527 - pyinotify - ERROR - The path /home/jodie/Ubuntu One/Seamonkey/Profile/Cache of this watch <Watch wd=15 mask=3064 auto_add=False proc_fun=None path=/home/jodie/Ubuntu One/Seamonkey/Profile/Profile/Cache dir=True > must not be trusted anymore20:06
thisfredmandel: not 100% sure what format they use, CardinalFang may know as he helped them I think20:08
jodierye.. syncdaemon.log is just showing INFO entries20:08
ryejodie, ok, is applet connected?20:09
CardinalFangthisfred, mandel, gwibber has at least three kinds of records.  I toyed with an accounts record long ago, and I suspect it's replaced by now.20:09
jodiejust got a explamation mark in the cloud ican when clicked it says connect20:09
jodiewhat applet?20:09
jodielet me check the pids20:10
jodiepids for /usr/bin/python /usr/lib/ubuntuone-client/ubuntuone-syncdaemon and /usr/bin/python /usr/bin/ubuntuone-client-applet are running20:11
thisfredmandel: ok, so not sure, but it doesn't matter really, we will need to provide a data upgrade path if we mess with the format of mergeable lists. I'm thinking desktopcouch can do a check when starting up. We'll store a dataformat version document in the system db or so20:11
jodierye.. click cloud icon and selected connect pids are the same20:12
ryejodie, the logs are rotated when they reach certain size, therefore tail -f on the log file might not be enough20:13
jodierye.. see what you mean syncdaemon-exceptions.log is empty20:14
ryejodie, yes, that may not be an exception20:14
ryewhat is the last line of syncdaemon.log file ?20:14
mandelthisfred, ok, sounds like you have a plan, just let me know if you need any help (email me or something), need to go now, leters!20:15
thisfredmandel: later!20:15
jodierye.. last line is 2010-02-10 13:14:42,586 - ubuntuone.SyncDaemon.sync - INFO - T:LOCAL:F a2eb321d-74ad-4fac-8eb1-c20c446e29cb [root:0b90c782-a4cb-4d46-b329-10a61eabfd6a] ''Ubuntu One/Seamonkey/Profilee/urlbarhistory.sqlite'' | Called new_local_file_created (In: T:LOCAL:F)20:15
jodiewho is mandel?20:16
ryejodie, ok, i it is still working on metadata20:16
jodierye.. that is good to hear.20:16
CardinalFangjodie, ask him tomorrow.  He should be back.20:17
jodieok.. I'll check back tomorrow20:18
duanedesign progress making the ubuntuone-client bug graphs accesible by web interface. http://people.ubuntu.com/~duanedesign/complete-graphs/ubuntuone-client/index.interface.html20:21
duanedesignplenty of empty slots in the interface if you guys see any benefit to adding other U1 packages20:23
ryeduanedesign, hm, how do you detect the number of, say, open bugs for the previous periods? (I haven't hacked lp library much)20:27
duanedesignrye: good question. I was only able to get the last month. Let me look...20:28
ryejodie had inotify problem as well...20:35
ryeweb ui20:38
ryeclick on file info, the link is set to go to '#'. In case file not on the first screen (i.e. scrolling is required) the page jumps up (#) and displays file info20:39
dobeyyay. snacks secured21:07
duanedesignrye: looks as though the bug stats are monitored by the QA team for projects of a substantial size. Beyond that I believe it is up to the teams to track them if they want them.21:21
duanedesignif i stumble on to something to the  conrary, like a way to use the Launchpad library, i will let you know21:21
ryeduanedesign, thanks :)21:22
duanedesignrye: oh and off topic21:22
duanedesignrye: i went to your photo accout to look at a screen schot or something and ended up browsing soomw pictures21:22
duanedesignthere were some great pictures of an old fort those were awesome21:23
ryeduanedesign, old fort?21:23
duanedesignprobablly not a good description21:23
ryeah, Poland ?21:23
duanedesignmust be. I was going to ask where they might be taken at. I am so jealous of the history in Europe. the US does not have much like that21:24
duanedesignrye: lol, yep. I guess i should of been more observant as they are labeled Poland200921:25
ryeyep, those were nice, I live in Kiev, which is also full of historic places but it is like something casual. The buildings there raise completely different feelings21:25
ryeor rise21:26
ryeinvoke :)21:26
BookmanHas it been figured out and corrected on how to get UbuntuOne to work with Wicd insteat of Network Manager yet?21:27
ryeBookman, if network manager is not responding or not installed then ubuntuone will try connect anyway. This is fixed in the latest SRU, which is now available as karmic upgrade21:30
ryeok, guys, it seems that i have switched to a dumb mode, therefore it looks like i need to have some sleep :)21:30
duanedesignok cya rye21:31
ryegood night everyone21:31
BookmanOk, it is not fixed up to 10.0421:31
duanedesigni need to look at some thing other than the screen myself :)21:31
BookmanStill broken on one 9.10 and one 10.04 installation21:31
ryeBookman, hm... Is NetworkManager running on 9.10 ?21:32
BookmanNo, Wicd on both21:32
BookmanNetwork Manager does not work on both installations21:32
ryeBookman, ok, what version is installed on 9.10 ?21:32
ryeof ubuntuone-client21:32
BookmanI'm not there now.  Whatever the latest was as of last week.21:33
BookmanI uninstalled and installed21:33
ryeBookman, the update was uploaded to karmic-updates on 2010-02-0521:35
ryeduanedesign, yep, it turns out that there's whole world to explore :)21:36
Bookmanok, then just my machines.21:36
ryeBookman, i will find out about the state for Lucid, but this will be tomorrow21:37
BookmanNo rush, I will check back in a later release.21:37
ryeBookman, thanks!21:37
BookmanNot ready for primetime yet!  Keep at it.21:38
ryewe are working to make it really shine.21:38
BookmanGet sleep, you will need it.21:38
ryeok, shutting down :)21:38
dobeythe nm fix is in lucid already21:45
dobeyBookman: the nm dependency issue is already fixed in lucid21:59
dobeythe 1.1.0 package has the fix i believe21:59
Bookmandobey, I stand corrected.  I just powered my 10.04 machine up and yes, indeed it is fixed!22:01
BookmanI seem to have to eat a poop sandwich on that one!  I swear it did not work but 3 days ago.22:01
BookmanBut still not with 9.1022:02
dobeyit's fixed in the 1.0.3 update on karmic22:03
dobeywhich is now in karmic-updates22:03
BookmanWhat date, the 5 th?22:03
dobey     1.0.3-0ubuntu1 022:05
dobey        500 http://us.archive.ubuntu.com karmic-updates/main Packages22:05
dobeythat one, from apt-cache policy ubuntuone-client-gnome22:05
dobeyit of course needs to be restarted for the change to take effect, which is most easily done by logging out and back in22:06
rodrigo_thisfred, not sure I follow what you were discussing with mandel about the mergerable lists, so what is the change you're planning?22:06
thisfredrodrigo_: there are two changes: 1. make the use of regular lists possible in desktopcouch, 2. to do that, change the JSON format of mergeable lists slightly, so that they have a _is_mergeable_list key, or something22:08
rodrigo_ah, so just adding that field to the list itself?22:08
thisfredthis makes regular lists possible, which are smaller and simpler, and makes things less magical.22:08
dobeyverterok: ping22:08
thisfredrodrigo_: well to the json dictionary that represents a mergeable list yes22:09
rodrigo_thisfred, yeah, right, ok22:09
Bookmandobey, I just did a standard update and it does not work.  I'm not interested in custom repositories.22:09
rodrigo_thisfred, so sounds good to me, and just needs a little change for couchdb-glib, so all ok :-)22:09
dobeyBookman: it's not a custom repository.22:09
thisfredrodrigo_: ok, good to hear22:09
dobeyBookman: what version do you have installed?22:09
Bookmandobey, then it does not work.  How to tell the current version from the command line?22:10
dobeydpkg -l ubuntuone-client-gnome22:10
dobeyso you're running the version from the beta ppa22:11
dobeywhich is actually newer than the version on lucid22:11
dobeyand you are probably experiencing another bug22:11
BookmanI have no idea.22:11
dobeywhat does dpkg -l python-ubuntuone-storageprotocol say?22:12
Bookmanpython-ubuntuo 1.1.1+r82-0ubu22:13
dobeydoes ~/.cache/ubuntuone/log/syncdaaemon-exceptions.log have anything in it?22:14
BookmanOk to pastebin that here?22:17
dobeyyeah, pastebin.ubuntu.com if it's more than a couple of lines22:21
dobeyBookman: hrmm. looks like your metadata is corrupt22:23
dobeyverterok: ^^22:23
BookmanDo I need to see a Dr about that?22:24
BookmanMaybe a cream would solve that?22:24
BookmanI'm only on a SSH session with the target machine.22:24
dobeyBookman: if you quit the applet, mv ~/.local/share/ubuntuone ~/.local/share/ubuntuone-broken, then try to start the applet again, it should work22:25
BookmanAnd to quite the applet/restart the applet how via ssh?22:26
dobeyBookman: probably better to wait at that machine. doing all that over ssh will be quit complicated due to dbus/X/etc... needs22:27
dobeywait until you're at that machine, i mean22:27
BookmanI thought so.22:27
BookmanI can do the fix and ask the remote user to reboot though.  Not an issue.22:28
BookmanShould I just kill the service then?22:30
dobeyis ubuntuone-syncdaemon running?22:36
Bookmanyes, under two users22:38
Bookmanubuntuone-login running22:39
dobeyare all the users seeing the same problem?22:39
Bookmanubuntuone-client-applet running22:39
Bookmanyes, all users22:39
BookmanNot for me!22:39
dobeywell they shouldn't all have the same metadata22:40
BookmanLets solve one at a time.22:40
dobeyand ubuntuone-login should only be running while it's associating the computer with the u1 account22:41
BookmanOk, obviously more problems with this program than I can solve.  I will just remove and move on to something else.22:42
dobeyi assume each user on that pc has a separate ubuntuone account?22:43
BookmanLet me see if dropbox works for me.22:45
dobeyi want to solve your issues. i think it's best if we can debug one at a time, with someone physically at the computer, with only one user logged in at a time, will be easiest to determine where the problems are22:45
BookmanOk, I'm installing dropbox in the background.  What would you like me to try.  I need the computer to have two users at all times.  I can log everyone out and reboot but the machine has to stay productive.22:48
dobeymoving the broken metadata out of the way, and restarting the service as I mentioned before22:49
Bookmanmaybe I missed it...how to restart the service?22:50
BookmanHoly cow, Dropbox works with no mods....22:51
dobeyu1sdtool --quit should work, but again, it requires dbus, so will probably not work over ssh22:51
BookmanOk, I will try but Dropbox works for now.  Keep working!22:52
BookmanOk, stopped22:53
BookmanThere is something really wrong with UbuntuOne.  Even this local machine that is supposed to work has tons of files with red x's on them in Nautilus.22:58
beunoBookman, the servers have a high load at the moment22:58
beunowe're working to solve some issues22:58
beunoto be able to scale more for Lucid  :)22:58
beunoit should be back to normal in a few days22:58
BookmanI'll bet22:58
beuno__lucio__ will make sure22:59
beunosorry for the delays22:59
BookmanI'm thinking you need to remove all installations and start from scratch!22:59
BookmanDropbox just works.  Period.  Copy that!22:59
BookmanAnd it is not even a Ubuntu/Linux app!23:00
dobeythis isn't #dropbox23:00
beunowe're a little bit more ambitious than that *wink*23:00
Bookmandobey, I understand that and I'm really trying to use open source here.23:00
beunoBookman, things will fall into place soon23:01
dobeyand dropbox has been beta for like 4 years23:01
beunoit's not there *now*, but it should be by Lucid23:01
dobeyi'm sure you would have complained about some of the same things 4 years ago when it came out, if you were able to get in the private beta23:01
BookmanI just hate that Dropbox works in Ubuntu, but Ubuntu's own does not work in Ubuntu.  No, I would not have complained that an add on to Windows did not work in Windows.23:02
beunoBookman, of course23:02
BookmanThere you go.  That is my argument.23:02
BookmanMaybe wrong of course!23:03
beunothere's a lot of people working on this day and night23:03
BookmanI know you guys are and I'm sorry to vent here.23:03
dobeythen please don't complain that we aren't dropbox. constructive criticism is welcome, but "please be someone else" isn't helpful23:03
beunowe have a few rough edges to polish23:03
beunoand we're working  on a lot of new features23:03
Bookmandobey, you are correct.23:03
beunoit shou[1~Lucid should be a pleasure to use with ubuntuone23:03
dobeyand we're trying to help you solve your problems23:04
BookmanYes you are.23:04
BookmanAgain, venting.  This all actually used to work well!  Until Network Manager no longer worked with DSL23:04
beunoBookman, I hear you, I've been struggling all week with problems23:05
beunoluckily, facundobatista sent me a patch today that fixed it23:06
beunoso once the servers are back to normal, life will be good again23:06
dobeybeuno is the king of making u1 not work23:06
beunoand proud of it!  :)23:06
beunoI should of pursued a carrier in QA23:07
BookmanWell, let's just hope that this is something that you can get working and maybe make Canonical some much needed money.23:08
* dobey wonders where that bug rye filed the other day is... if he actually filed it23:08
beunoBookman, we will23:08
beunothere's no doubt23:08
BookmanHave at it!23:08
BookmanI am waiting to test but unfortunately I have to go with what works for me today.23:09
* dobey grumbles at web companies changing the meaning of "beta" to be "stable"23:10
BookmanYou know what, with your enthusiasm, I would accept a hack to get it working.  I never do that.23:12
dobeyi am not sure you need a hack23:13
=== jamalta is now known as jamalta-afk
dobeylooks like some metadata just got corrupted for some reason, so moving it out of the way and restarting should be enough23:13
BookmanThen that is even better.  Get Crack-A-Lackin then23:14
BookmanI tried that23:14
dobeyand you have the same problem? you didn't say anything about it working or not.23:16
BookmanI believe I did.  It did not work.23:17
beunoBookman, so have you filed a bug about this?23:20
beunoif you have, I'll point our QA guy to it tomorrow so he can help you through it23:20
BookmanDon't get me started about this bug system.23:20
beunoI won't23:20
dobeyok, I have to go now. must get food23:20
BookmanIT does not work.  Not for manual reports.  I've been through the whole system.23:20
beunoBookman, so you don't have a bug #?23:21
BookmanNo way.  I tried.23:21
beunook, so in about 8 hours, our QA guy, Roman is going to be around23:21
beunohe can help you through it23:22
BookmanSo, I assume without a bug #, no help, correct?  Like the  Canadian Government?  An excuse?23:22
BookmanNah, it is ok23:22
BookmanCarry on developing.  You have a long way to go though.!23:22
BookmanNo couple of months and then make revenue.23:22
beunono, it's just hard to track across timezones and different problems23:23
BookmanYou said it yourself.  the other guys took 4 years.23:23
beunowe're less abosessed about revenue, and more about ptting the right infrastructure into place to support the whole Ubuntu community23:23
BookmanYes, but you have one guy in one timezone.23:23
BookmanNot good23:24
beunothat's more than dropbox has  ;)23:24
BookmanBut it works23:24
BookmanIn Ubuntu23:24
beunosure, so our resources are better spent fixing things  *wink*23:24
beunoI'm off to bed23:25
BookmanI tried here.23:25
beunosee y'all in 8 hours!23:25
BookmanFor a second time.23:25
BookmanI am not without trying.23:26

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