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Q-FUNKis there any howto on converting init scripts to upstart services? I'd like to give it to CUPS.16:22
sadmac2Q-FUNK: no precise howto. the manpages may help though16:24
Q-FUNKsadmac2: that was somehow the last place I expected to look :)16:25
* coolo is trying to get upstart@opensuse and fails to figure out basic stuff21:14
coolohow to debug why a job is not set to stopped when the last line of script is run?21:14
AaronSDGHello, all!  I have some software that starts with special startup.sh and shutdown.sh scripts.  Is it possible to give upstart different exec stanzas for startup and shutdown?21:41
sadmacAaronSDG: no, though you may be able to place the shutdown in pre-stop21:42
AaronSDGI hadn't thought of that.  I will give it a try.21:43
ionclang’s static analyzer seems nice: http://www.hitzemann.org/stuff/report.html#EndPath21:54
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