xubuntu_newbierecently lost sound...still chirps when i shut down but thatś the only sound i can get it to make...ubuntu formum troubleshooting guide hasn´t helped..any suggestions...help...jokes???8-)02:26
xubuntu_newbiehey...i got to have some fun....or i´d just scream...>:o02:28
xubuntu_newbiei seem to remember having sound problem when i first installed xubuntu...and it was a simple fix then...somthing to do with activating alsa02:29
rr72know the feeling all to well lol02:29
rr72what kind of sound do you mean? in general or sound effects?02:29
rr72double check that it is not muted is always a first step, that happened to me sadly02:30
xubuntu_newbieonly sound i can get is the little beep that happens when i log off...02:30
xubuntu_newbieif it was muted wouldn´t that include logoff beep???02:30
rr72like if you go to youtube or try to play sound files nothing happens?02:31
rr72try muting and unmuting?02:31
rr72sometimes funny things happen02:31
xubuntu_newbiei think this happened when i tried to install ubuntu-studio...then tried to remove it...too much ...and now i have no sounds02:31
xubuntu_newbiek...will try...02:31
rr72that is a good piece of information that could be crucial :-P02:32
rr72well you are in right place, someone here could prolly help you but most people might be asleep02:34
xubuntu_newbiek...tried manual mute button on laptop...no sound after mute...unmute and get sound on typing errors (which i certainly make enuf of)...tried muting and unmuting with volume control.....alsa mixer...also tried mute and unmute in player....no help...02:36
xubuntu_newbieisn´t there a terminal command to make sure alsa is actually active???02:38
Balsaqgood morning Lords of the Code....05:18
syn-ackOk... so does this channel cover Lucid issues as well as Karmic issues?05:19
GSF1200Sanyone here know where I can get the latest xfce packages? Is there a binary somewhere or do I have to compile?05:19
Balsaqi get them in synaptic05:20
syn-ackI'm trying to figure out what the proper channel for Xubuntu Lucid support is being held05:20
Balsaqthis is xubuntu support for all of them05:20
syn-ackSomeone want to help me with bug 51964105:21
GSF1200SBalsaq: well, im stuck on 9.10, and xfce on this version has bugs for dual monitors.. I know its been corrected, but I need later packages05:21
Balsaqhave you recieved all your updates05:21
syn-ackOf course I have.05:22
bazhanglucid support is in #ubuntu+1 including xubuntu05:22
syn-ackThank you. :)05:22
Balsaqwoops thanks bazhang05:22
bazhangnp :)05:22
Balsaqif 910 is current, why is it in that channel?05:23
syn-ackLucid is not 9.1005:23
syn-ackit is 10.405:23
syn-ackrather 10.0405:23
GSF1200SBalsaq: yes I have.. I had the same issue on Arch, but later versions of XFCE got released and the problem got fixed.. I just need to upgrade a bit.. either another repo, something...05:24
Balsaqim still on 904!05:24
Balsaqso i cant run dual on my 904?05:24
flahhi all... i'm considering jumping from mac to linux at home...05:24
flahany suggestions on dual core 4gb ram 320 gb 256/512 vram laptops ... something as durable as a mac (my last two mac laptops lasted me 4-5 years)05:25
GSF1200SBalsaq: yeah, i think you can- it just has some annoying bugs on the second screen05:25
GSF1200Sbugs the xfce devs fixed05:25
Balsaqyeah i tried it with ARk and it too had annoying bugs with dual05:25
syn-ackGSF1200S: if you think that's what it'll take, look into apt-pinning.05:26
GSF1200Sflah: xubuntu is pretty good.. Arch is good but a little more involved.. those would be my recommendations05:26
syn-ackPinning is goodness if you want to update only specific packages and not others05:26
GSF1200SBalsaq: yeah, I have to move off the taskbar and back onto it everytime I want to click something...05:26
GSF1200Sapt-pinning? huh.. never heard of it.. Ive been in Archland a while though05:27
GSF1200Sflah: haha.. im an idiot.. I thought you were asking for OS suggestions05:30
syn-ackum pinning's been around since the time of the ancients ( Debian Woody et al)05:30
GSF1200Sflah: I got my laptop from ibuypower.com, and it has been a brick. It was cheap for what I got, and it performed well05:31
flahgsf1200s: thanks, i'll check 'em out!05:31
GSF1200Ssyn-ack: I never really needed to stay up to date on my laptop, and my dual monitor i7 desktop has been on arch since i built it.. this is the first case where I really need something like apt-pinning05:32
Balsaqi  just stole an i5 lapper05:32
Balsaqmeaning i bought it really cheap05:33
flahthe other big question is ... has anyone managed to reliably migrate itunes meta data?... i've got well over 200gb of mp3/aac ...05:33
syn-ackGSF1200S: I'm pretty sure pinning is NOT supported in Ubuntu in any form whatsover... :/05:34
GSF1200Sheh.. wow.. i5 laptop must be sweet. My lappie is a core2duo 2.16ghz, but its 3 years old. Has intel even released a better processor than the i7? I think the i5 and i3 are more midrange replacements, right?05:34
GSF1200Ssyn-ack: ehh.. I can deal with breakage if it happens. Running arch unstable kinda numbs you to random issues05:35
syn-ackThe Development version of XFCE is 4.6 BTW... that's what I'm running here.05:35
GSF1200Ssyn-ack: 4.6.? Im on 4.6, but its the version shipped with xubuntu 9.1005:37
syn-ackI thought 9.10 Shipped with 4.205:38
GSF1200Swhat?! Ummm.. maybe with 7.10, but 9.10? Unless im missing something :)05:39
syn-ackmeh, I don't know, I just started using Xubuntu myself05:39
GSF1200Sit shows 4.6.1 at menu>about xfce>info05:39
syn-ackI'm finally tired of the Gnome bloat05:39
GSF1200Ssyn-ack: yeah.. and gnome sucks with 2 screens as well05:40
syn-ackNever bothered me05:40
GSF1200Ssyn-ack: kde 4.4 STILL has no support for seperate x sessions05:40
GSF1200Sxfce is the best dual monitor desktop environment in linux05:40
GSF1200Swindow managers handle it well, but eh.. sometimes I like an environment.. just depends05:41
balsaqxubuntu...the way, the truth, the light.09:24
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* Psilocybin_Elf waves.12:00
Lam3r_coplease, anyone uses xubuntu on via epia? I've got the slowest one 5000 series and want to use xubuntu in there12:01
Lam3r_coI would use epialinux.org, but wayback machine is having brainfarts12:02
exshi, ivh installed xubuntu but i cant see any thumbnails for flv data13:36
exsxubuntu-restricted-extras is installed13:36
exsbut for avi it functions13:36
exshi, ivh installed xubuntu but i cant see any thumbnails for flv data. xubuntu-restricted-extras is installed. but for avi it functions13:53
Psilocybin_ElfNot sure...I don't get thumbnail views in Xubuntu??!13:54
exswas this a question?13:54
exsi know its possible. cause i had a gnome and changed to xfce and u saw for every file thumbnails in thunar13:55
mr_pouitexs: check that the mimetype returned by "file -i /path/to/your/video.flv" is listed in /usr/share/thumbnailers/ffmpeg-thumbnailer.desktop14:09
exsmr_pouit: it is listed14:22
exsits still not function14:34
mr_pouitexs: mmh, you could check that you have the 'extra' variants of the ffmpeg libs (libavcodec, libavdevice, libavformat, libavutil...) installed, and if generating the thumbnail manually works (e.g. "ffmpegthumbnailer -i /path/to/your/video.flv -o thumb.png")14:43
exsthis command function14:47
exshow to delete all saved thumbnails?14:52
exsnow he does not eve show thumbnails for images14:53
mr_pouitexs: did you run (in a terminal) /usr/lib/thunar/thunar-vfs-update-thumbnailers-cache-1 and restart your session?14:55
exs/usr/lib/thunar/thunar-vfs-update-thumbnailers-cache-1 is not existing14:55
mr_pouitexs: which version of thunar are you using exactly?14:56
exsok ivh found it /usr/lib/thunar/thunar-vfs-update-thumbnailers-cache-114:56
exsok ivh executed this command and now it functions14:58
TheCashhello, I'm new to Xubuntu and was wondering if anyone knows a good place to learn how to program in C++ on it15:13
Psilocybin_ElfI'm not too sure about C or C++15:16
Psilocybin_ElfBut I read that Python is better for starting off with.15:16
TheCashwell I already know C and C++ and was wanting to continue developing with those15:17
TheCashI just can't find any info on where to start15:18
ablomenTheCash, http://gcc.gnu.org/15:31
* Psilocybin_Elf nods.15:31
TheCashI have the compilers what I need is API documentation for creating GUI programs, thanks15:33
Psilocybin_ElfI'm not sure I'm afraid...you mean stuff like libraries to use?15:34
Psilocybin_Elfwith c & c++?15:34
ablomenTheCash, google for c++ linux, c++ gtk, c++ wxwidgets etc15:35
* Psilocybin_Elf nods.15:35
ablomenand http://www.gtk.org/documentation.html15:35
Psilocybin_ElfGTK is the one to go for!15:35
Psilocybin_ElfNot Qt....lol :-P15:35
TheCashi didn't no what to look for15:36
Psilocybin_ElfDumb question, but does anyone know how to reg a nickname? Iv forgot......was years ago since I last reg.15:37
ablomenohw ehm..15:38
ablomenhttp://www.technerd.net/nickserv.html :)15:38
Psilocybin_Elfcheers :-)15:38
ubottuInformation about registering your nickname: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#userregistration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available in #freenode15:44
exshow to install thunderbird16:22
bazhangsudo apt-get install thunderbird16:23
Lam3r_cohallo again :)16:28
eXpl0i7Lam3r_co: hello16:36
Lam3r_cofrom what I read, xubuntu 8.04 has all the modules for supporting via padlock as default crypto engine, right?17:12
Lam3r_copardon me, but can I update to newer kernel without actually compiling new one? It's gonna take 8 hours on this computer... I just need few modules18:16
TheSheepsure, just do an update18:18
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/upgrading18:18
TheSheepum, that's upgrade :/18:18
Lam3r_coI have 8.04, so upgrade is also an option18:18
TheSheepanyways, your update manager should tell you when there are new versions of kernel available18:18
TheSheepand will let you install from repositories18:19
TheSheepif not, you can use the synaptic package manager to do that18:19
Lam3r_coupdate manager updated around 250 packages hour ago, but I have still have the same kernel after reboot18:20
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Lam3r_coso I'm gonna upgrade to 8.10 and then to 9.04 and then to 9.10 ?18:21
TheSheepLam3r_co: upgrading between long-term support versions should be possible18:21
ubottuLTS means Long Term Support. LTS versions of Ubuntu will be supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server. The current LTS version of Ubuntu is !Hardy (Hardy Heron 8.04).  The next LTS release is scheduled to be !Lucid (Lucid Lynx 10.04)18:22
TheSheepdamn, still 2 months of waiting18:22
TheSheepyeah, you will have to take the long path18:23
Lam3r_coif the manager cleans the mess after upgrading, I don't mind18:23
Lam3r_coI have only limited space18:23
TheSheepcall 'apt-get clean' afterwards18:23
TheSheepwith sudo, of course18:23
Lam3r_coyay, it is working \o/ thanks TheSheep18:29
bob-has-an-imgboalright i need help, i went to grub 2 after restart, choosed recovery mode, waiting, choosed "resume", tried to login with my nickname XYZ and my password nice123tree. btw these aren't mine but anyway i didn't worked, i just failed why? how can i fix it? i can still go to "root" instead "resume" BUT i don't want to be root in recovery shell. plz help18:47
bob-has-an-imgbo hi how can i login in shell of recovery mode (not root)?18:52
bob-has-an-imgbomy nick & pw aren't accepted by kubuntu18:52
bob-has-an-imgboalthough with x i can log in18:52
exspasswd $USER18:52
exslogin with root and then passwd user18:53
bob-has-an-imgb1is it normal that num-pad does not work in shell?18:58
charlie-tcaIf it is kubuntu, have you them? #kubuntu19:00
charlie-tcas/you them/you asked them19:00
bob-has-an-imgb1no it's xubuntu what?19:00
charlie-tcaAre you sure it is the correct user name and password? They should match what was typed in during the install19:01
charlie-tcaNormal for num-pad not to work until logged in.19:02
bob-has-an-imgb1yes i found the error,19:02
bob-has-an-imgb1just what u said19:02
bob-has-an-imgb1numpad does not work (numbers)19:02
bob-has-an-imgb1bad :/19:02
charlie-tcaAfter you get to the desktop?19:03
bob-has-an-imgb1when i use shell with x19:03
bob-has-an-imgb1num pad works19:03
bob-has-an-imgb1but if not19:03
bob-has-an-imgb1it doesnt work without x19:03
bob-has-an-imgb1bad ://19:03
charlie-tcaThat is correct behaviour, as far as I know.19:04
bob-has-an-imgb1i am interested in gpm. how can i use mouse in shell without x?19:05
bob-has-an-imgb1thx everyone linux works fine now so far19:11
bob-has-an-imgb1next step: gpm19:12
bob-has-an-imgb1i am very interested in shell, mouse and non-x19:12
charlie-tcaYou may have to google for that one19:12
bob-has-an-imgb1i do already =)19:12
omarHi all.19:21
omarI just installed xubuntu, and updated my system, but I after I made a reboot, the frames of the windows won't appear at all. What could have gone wrong?19:22
TheSheepxfwm4 didn't start19:22
TheSheeptry pressing alt+f2 and starting it manually19:23
omarTheSheep, Okay, I now I just got a little more control over the windows again, but still.. no frames.19:24
TheSheepyou mean no frames around the windows?19:25
omarTheSheep, exactly.19:26
omarTheSheep, oh! Okay,19:27
omarSorry. My mistake. :)19:27
omarThe frames are there.19:27
omarBut how can I stop this from happening every time I reboot?19:28
omarDo I add xfwm4 to my Startup Applications?19:28
TheSheepit shouldn't happen again, you may try saving the session on logout if it does19:28
omarTheSheep, I see.19:29
TheSheepit should be started automatically, unless something bad happened, like maybe out of memory19:29
TheSheepor it crashed19:29
omarI see.19:29
omarI know, it didn't happen to me when I first logged into my Xubuntu environment. But somehow it started happening after I made a system update.19:30
omarThanks a lot for your time.19:30
TheCashdoes anyone know of a good resource for editing configuration files(like .desktop and theme files)?20:23
vinnlTheCash, for .desktop files you could check the desktop file specification at freedesktop.org20:24
vinnlTheme files should be Googable, "create a gtk theme" or something20:24
TheCashok thanks20:24
Lam3r_coyou just have to love the estimated time counter22:50
Lam3r_co"10 minutes remaining". After 15 minuter without hearing beep as machine restarting "5 minutes remaining".22:50
`mOOse`my head hurts22:56
knome`mOOse`, good luck with it. i had a killer headache today as well.22:56
`mOOse`can some kind soul show me how to find files from the cli?22:56
`mOOse`thanks knome22:57
knome`mOOse`, locate ...22:57
knome`mOOse`, be sure to run 'sudo updatedb' first22:57
`mOOse`I've been wrestling with this vidalia/tor/polipo install for about 2 hours22:57
`mOOse`ok thanks22:57
knome`mOOse`, you could also use 'find', but haven't used it myself22:57
`mOOse`knome, and if it just comes right back to the prompt does that mean it didn't locate the file?22:58
knome`mOOse`, then it didn't find anything.22:59
knome`mOOse`, it'll list all files it found if something is found.22:59
knome`mOOse`, did you run 'sudo updatedb' ?22:59
knomethat updates the file database from where locate searches23:00
`mOOse`yes I did23:00
knomethen ... no luck this time ;)23:00
`mOOse`yea I was looking for a doc that an error was referencing23:01
`mOOse`of course, the doc doesn't exist23:01
`mOOse`to make it even more fun - another file I'm trying to locate is tor...there's only about 1034052 files on this install with the letters t, o, and r in them23:03
`mOOse`I know there's gotta be an easier way to do this23:03
charlie-tcatry putting a space in front and / or in back of tor23:08
`mOOse`no change23:11
`mOOse`vidalia wants to find it in /usr/sbin/tor....23:12
`mOOse`obviously it's not there - and this is where I'm new to linux and  xubuntu - I don't know where the common dirs are that apps install to23:13
`mOOse`I found the config files in /moose/.tor23:13
charlie-tcathe executable files should be found in /usr/sbin/ or /usr/bin or /bin or /sbin23:14
`mOOse`yea that's where I've looked and I don't see it23:14
`mOOse`weird - let me look some more23:14
charlie-tcaThat is what it is looking for . Try 'which tor' and see if it finds anything in the path23:14
`mOOse`no output just goes back to the prompt23:16
`mOOse`when I just type "tor" at the prompt it tell me it's not installed, which it is23:16
`mOOse`it runs as a service - would that matter?23:18
`mOOse`(of course it would `mOOse` you retard)23:18
charlie-tcaIs tor the full name it asks for? If it is, the file is not in the path, and going to be harder to find23:20
charlie-tcaYou can look in /etc/init.d/ and /etc/init for it.23:20
`mOOse`go joy23:22
`mOOse`er no23:22
charlie-tcaOkay, here is a find command to try: find / -iname <WHAT_TO_FIND> -type f -fprint /home/$USER/Desktop/file-found_it23:23
charlie-tcaIt will put the results in the file called /home/$USER/Desktop/file-found-it for you to examine23:24
`mOOse` ok23:25
charlie-tcaIt will also throw a lot of lines about what it could not look in onto the terminal screen23:25
`mOOse`probably should have sudo'd that23:26
charlie-tcaWon't matter. It will still do the same thing23:26
`mOOse`heh..well...the only tor it found was in the setup23:28
`mOOse`ok, looks like I gotta do a bit of reading23:28
charlie-tcaWell, at least you found that much out23:29
oldtopmanhello all23:33
* Psilocybin_Elf waves.23:33
oldtopmanI just deleted the swap partition that xubuntu uses, then made a larger one. Will i have to tell it to use the resized one?23:36
charlie-tcaIt won't know until you do.23:37
charlie-tcaYou also have to add it to fstab, since it is different than the original one23:37
oldtopmanhow do i do that23:38
ubottuswap is used to move unused programs and data out of main memory to make your system faster. It can also be used as extra memory if you don't have enough. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq for more info23:38
oldtopmanthanks all23:40
geniialso: man mkswap23:45
`mOOse`thanks for the help charlie-tca  - I gotta split for a bit23:47

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