highvoltageedubuntugirl: announce feature freeze is now in effect00:04
edubuntugirlhighvoltage: One learns a new thing every day00:04
highvoltageedubuntugirl: forget announce feature freeze00:04
edubuntugirlhighvoltage: Yessir00:04
sbalneavhighvoltage: ping\00:35
edubuntugirlsbalneav: By the way, highvoltage on freenode told me "tell sbalneav please ping me when you're back :)" 1 hour, 57 minutes and 41 seconds ago00:35
sbalneavGee, thanks :)00:35
highvoltagehey sbalneav :)00:35
highvoltagesbalneav: at least we don't have to get the gartoon-redux package in *right now*00:36
highvoltagesbalneav: it's covered by the artwork freeze but it would still be nice to get it in before the end of the week00:36
highvoltagesbalneav: I'm going to sleep now since its 2:36am here but we'll talk again tomorrow!00:36
sbalneavhighvoltage: cool, yeah get some sleep :)00:37
mhall119|workhighvoltage: Qimo packages made what?01:00
mhall119|workthank you highvoltage and nixternal01:57
mgariepysbalneav, when you launch sabayon with gksu does the cursor stay in the busy position forever, for profilemanager it stay there for like 30 seconds even tho it takes like 4 sec to start02:42
stgrabermgariepy: takes more like 0.5s here then 30s of that wait cursor ;)02:43
mgariepyhmm not on karmic02:43
mgariepybut that's great then ;)02:44
stgraberyeah, everything is just faster in lucid ;)02:44
mgariepywith your ssd02:44
stgraberwell, that helps but Lucid in general is faster02:44
* stgraber should really reinstall his laptop ... hundreds of useless packages and a ton of hacks have piled up since alpha102:45
mgariepysame for me but mine was a karmic alpha i think.02:46
sbalneavmgariepy: yeah\02:47
sbalneavit's a bug in gksu02:47
sbalneavthe code's a nightmare02:47
sbalneavYou know the screen-scraping stuff we do with ldm for the ssh connection?02:48
sbalneavgksu does that for sudo02:48
sbalneavso, if you've already authenticated (i.e. the sudo runs right away without asking for a password) the gksu sits there in the main thread for 30 seconds looking for a passord prompt02:49
sbalneavmeanwhile, the apps aready running.02:49
sbalneavman, I can't get that new pam module running fast enough :)02:50
sbalneavI've already got it authenticating02:50
sbalneavthe libssh stuff's going to be MUCH more sane.02:50
stgraberlooking forward to getting rid of all that expect code ;)02:53
sbalneavoh, you have no idea02:59
sbalneavthat code's my worst nightmare02:59
sbalneavI'm simultaneously very proud, and very ashamed I wrote it.03:00
sbalneavProud that it worked, and it was the only solution we had to the problem03:00
sbalneavAshamed that it was such a gawd-awful hack03:01
stgraberwell, I guess you haven't looked at NX's code then ;)03:01
stgraberldm is so clean compared to it :)03:01
stgraberNX is using ssh for communication (so it's using expect too) but then it has its own protocol (implemented as a shell) with some more expect to in the end run a daemon on both side of the SSH link and use a ssh tunnel for data ;)03:02
sbalneavNo, I long ago gave up on looking under rocks for gross things that squiggle just for the fun of it :) I only do it as needs must.03:02
stgraberthe good thing they did is force a standard protocol rather than fight with PAM, the only issue is that they added a second layer of expect for that03:02
sbalneav"If engineers built buildings the way programmers wrote programs, the first woodpecker to come along would destroy civilization" :)03:05
stgraberhehe ;)03:06
sbalneavOn a lighter note, I was down at Windsor Plywood today looking at 6" tongue-in-groove knotty-pine siding and flooring to finish the basement on my cottage over the spring break03:07
sbalneavso, by end of march, I'll know if I can host the mini-hackfest :)03:08
stgraberyeah !03:09
mhall119|workanyone know a good bittorrent tracker for hosting a Qimo ISO?03:09
sbalneavmhall119|work: heh, never hosted anything on BT.  Only ever downloaded ISO's :)03:10
sbalneavStill no luck with hosting?03:10
mhall119|workI used linuxtracker.org for 1.0, but their site isn't responding anymore03:10
mhall119|workactually I did have luck, University of South Florida (where I'm going to school) is going to host a mirror03:11
stgrabermhall119|work: I don't know of any good tracker, though once you find one, please give me a .torrent and I'll put one of my server so it seeds it (100Mb/s)03:11
mhall119|worksure will03:11
sbalneavmhall119|work: what about ibiblio?03:11
sbalneavthey maitain a huge archive of a lot of Linux ISO's03:12
mhall119|workhaven't contacted them yet, I think USF hosting should be enough, they have plenty of bandwidth03:12
mhall119|workmy non-USA mirrors seem to be doing okay03:12
mhall119|workQimo 2 Alpha 2 ISO is now available: http://www.quinncoincorporated.org/qimo-2.0-desktop-alpha2.iso14:04
mhall119|workif anyone could help seed, that would be much appreciated14:04
mhall119|workhighvoltage: now that the Qimo packages are approved, what's the process for bugfixes?15:26
mhall119|workstgraber: The Qimo ISO is up for seeding: http://www.quinncoincorporated.org/qimo-2.0-desktop-alpha2.iso15:28
mhall119|workhttp://www.quinncoincorporated.org/qimo-2.0-desktop-alpha2.iso.torrent that is15:30
highvoltagemhall119|work: bug fixes are *much* simpler than getting a new package in, especially since only one person needs to sponsor it, we'll talk about it a bit later, I'm just in the middle of a few things at the moment15:43
mhall119|worksure, no problem15:51
mhall119|workwasn't there talk about a Netbook edition of Edubuntu?17:13
highvoltagestgraber: how did ltsp-livecd cause a ftbfs?17:16
stgraberhighvoltage: it was my fault, I called it debian/ltsp-livecd but the package is also called ltsp-livecd and so uses debian/ltsp-livecd/ as build directory18:02
stgraberhighvoltage: I moved it to debian/scripts/ltsp-livecd to workaround that issue18:02
highvoltagestgraber: ah ok, thanks18:03
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