neversfeldeScottK: ost the ne quassel package working witha 0.5 karmic core?00:21
persiaAnyone currently reviewing kfritz on REVU?00:27
* persia takes silence as apathy and pulls the source00:28
neversfeldepersia: no one afaik00:28
JontheEchidnayeah, I won't be able to revu it for probably another hour. go for it00:28
persianeversfelde: Well, I am now :)00:28
ScottKneversfelde: I don't think so.00:30
neversfeldeScottK: is there a backport somewhere for karmic?00:31
ScottKneversfelde: Not yet00:31
neversfeldeScottK: k, I will not upgrade then :). Thanks.00:31
Lex79Riddell: pkg-kde-tools? :)01:36
Lex79seems not uploaded yet01:36
persianeversfelde: So, I can't test this (no HW).  Also, there's a precompiled binary in the source, some files without licensing headers, manpage parse issues, no watch file.  Do you promise to get all that fixed if I upload?01:41
* persia isn't 100% sure the archive-admins will approve it, but they might, since one seemed to think it was OK already01:42
persianeversfelde: Rejecting for now (for those reasons).  ping me if you can commit to a short-term fix.02:02
ScottKprecompiled binary is OK for Multiverse as long as it's distributable.02:06
persiaThe precompiled binary isn't used, and if built, comes from the unlicensed source.02:12
persiaThis is clearly a candidate for universe, and belongs there, but without someone promising to fix the issues, I'm not going to upload it.02:12
persiaAnyone else could if they liked :)02:12
KDeskhi, can you remove the python2.5 dependency of python-kde4? I think it is not necesary and it installs python2.5.03:00
KDeskin the KDE 4.4 packages from the backports PPA03:02
shtylmanwhat is going on with this mysql client package nonsense03:25
_Groo_hi/2 all, anyone awake?03:50
_Groo_im having a strange behaviour with latest round of kde updates in lucid03:50
_Groo_for ex in kopete, when you open a chat window, all icons appear as the ? missing icon, but if you over the icon the icon shows up while the mouse is over it.. anyone else is having this behaviour?03:51
Lex79ScottK: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/amarok/2:
ScottKLex79: Probably won't work until mysql gets fixed.04:01
ScottKal: Looks like the po files (and pot) made it to the import queue: https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/lucid/+source/quassel/+imports05:08
verbalshadowhas any one fixed the krita-kde4 depend on libkdcraw7 since libkdcraw8 is in the repo?05:57
Riddellverbalshadow: nixternal will06:13
* Riddell wonders why he suddently has a screensaver in lucid06:34
apacheloggerRiddell: silly recommends maybe?07:24
apacheloggerpersia: what is the binary blob in kfritz?07:38
* apachelogger notes that he does not have his deb-sourcecheck script around :S07:39
apacheloggerneversfelde: the problem with md5.c/h is not that KDE got its own implementation, the problem is that there are like 500 public md5.h and I dont quite understand why libfritz++ cant link against any of the associated libs07:53
ghostcubeguys i have a question... wth why is sun java taken out of lucid ?07:56
ghostcubeyou want the users to change to other distros ?07:56
apacheloggerit is?08:13
apacheloggerfor one it is crap08:13
ghostcubeapachelogger: :| but the most java apps need it08:13
apacheloggerfor another openjdk implements java just as well and does not require the user to agree to some weirdo agreement08:14
ghostcubeso you need to install manually ... can anyone sponsor an ppa build ?08:14
apacheloggerghostcube: no, most java apps need a jvm08:14
apacheloggerand openjdk implements such a jvm08:14
ghostcubenot working with all ptogz so far08:14
apacheloggersun-java is no more than an implementation of the java language08:14
ghostcubehmm ok then i need to package my own java up08:14
ghostcubebad decission thats all i have to say to this08:15
Riddellyou can't put sun java in a PPA, PPAs are for free software only08:16
ghostcubenah Riddell on my machine i not so good to release my packages08:17
ghostcubeomg would kill thousands of machines08:17
ghostcubebut in ubuntu-de-offtopic are many claiming about open java not working with the apps they use08:18
coz_I wonder if sun java will be available on other distributions?08:19
coz_red hat is going open I believe08:19
ghostcubeopensuse i think will have it08:20
coz_ghostcube,  oh boy   I have been with ubuntu since day one practically  and only because of sun java  I would hate to switch to suse08:20
apacheloggerghostcube: maybe they should report that as bugs then?08:27
apacheloggerI dont think talking in some offtopic channel will prevent sun-java from getting the boot08:27
ghostcubeapachelogger: right so i ask why its taken out instead of discussing with them there08:28
apacheloggerbecause it is unfree software and to the knowledge of the people who care openjdk is working just as well as sun-java08:28
ghostcube:| but this isnt true so far08:28
apacheloggerso go report bugs08:28
ghostcubeok :)08:29
coz_apachelogger,  openjdk is about in the same position as neaveau driver for nvidia08:29
coz_it doesnt work08:29
* apachelogger does not give a butterfly about java and finds it offtopic in here08:29
coz_ah sorry thought i was in offtopic08:29
apacheloggerfrom my point of view jvm can go into a corner and die a very painful death08:30
apacheloggerhow that language ever became popular is a miracle to me08:30
ghostcubeapachelogger: heh i never sayed i love java :) but som eapps need this damn thingy08:30
Riddell"Reason: unmaintained, superseded by OpenJDK in main" is the delete message08:41
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=== debfx_ is now known as debfx
alScottK: alright, thanks08:53
Riddelldebfx: yo08:57
Riddelldebfx: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~jr/firefox/firefox-3.6.head/+merge/1958008:57
debfxRiddell: have the patches been approved?08:58
Riddelldebfx: yep :)08:58
debfxnice :)08:58
Riddelldebfx: on condition that we help get them upstream, but there's a new firefox guy being hired by canonical next month so he should be able to help with that08:59
apacheloggerRiddell: I guess kfi mustn't install firefox-gnome-support anymore?09:44
shadeslayerapachelogger: was listening in on the kubuntu-devel ML a few weeks earlier about the kdm login theme,and was wondering if they changed it upstream or is it a kubuntu specific change?09:48
jussi01hrm, my kmail freezes :(09:50
Riddellapachelogger: will need to install kmozillahelper instead once its in09:52
apacheloggerRiddell: okdokii, just poke me or change it yourself once we are there :)09:52
jussi01err, kmail in kontact that is, havent yet tested kmail09:53
shadeslayerapachelogger: one more thing... how do i tarball a svn checkout? :P09:53
apacheloggershadeslayer: kubuntu specific AFAIK, it did not make it into upstream before artwork freeze09:53
apacheloggershadeslayer: svn export URL target, tar target, gzip -9 target, done09:54
apacheloggersomething like that09:54
Riddellthe KDM theme is in trunk I believe09:54
shadeslayerapachelogger: ah thanks :D09:54
apacheloggerRiddell: I doubt it will stay the same until 4.5 though :)09:55
shadeslayeryeah... :P09:55
jussi01Ok, looks like nepomuk is having issues, here is the report for any interested? http://paste.ubuntu.com/378950/09:57
apacheloggerjussi01: looks more like a problem in the dep chain of akonadi09:58
apacheloggerjussi01: is this lucid?09:58
jussi01apachelogger: right, so thoughts on fixes?  no, its karmic with 4.409:59
apacheloggermaybe a migration issue09:59
Riddell'Unknown/unsupported table type: innodb09:59
Riddellthat doesn't look good09:59
jussi01mind, I did at one point test the virtuoso packages Riddell had going10:00
jussi01is there a way I can delete the db and start again or so?10:00
* jussi01 doesnt really understand akonadi10:00
debfxRiddell: I updated the kmozillahelper package on revu: http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/kmozillahelper10:00
shadeslayerapachelogger: um : http://pastebin.ca/180135710:01
shadeslayerapachelogger: i think were missing a few options..10:02
Riddelldebfx: thanks10:03
jussi01shadeslayer: you can look at the tar man page for the options: man tar10:04
jussi01its a real good man page :)10:04
shadeslayerjussi01: its also a huge man page...10:05
jussi01shadeslayer: yup, nothing like a good read in the morning :D10:06
shadeslayerjussi01: lol... well sure why not.. man pages + Google...10:06
shadeslayerbetter than a cup of coffee :D10:06
Riddelljussi01: you could wipe out /home/jr/.local/share/akonadi/ if you were sure akonadi wasn't running, but that's not very elegant and I'm not sure it would solve mysql being unable to read innodb10:06
jussi01Riddell: Ill have a look...10:07
shadeslayertar -cvzf worked for now :P10:08
jussi01Riddell: it seems that worked10:09
Riddelljussi01: hmm10:10
shadeslayerhehe... its my lucky day... my isp just turned off the throttling... wooh10:14
jussi01Riddell: on the first time I started it, I still got errors: http://paste.ubuntu.com/378960/ I closed, restarted and seems to work fine now.10:17
apacheloggershadeslayer: I said gizp -9, tar cvzf does not use maximum compression AFAIK :P10:20
jussi01Riddell: wibble?10:22
shadeslayerapachelogger: hehe.. how much if a difference would it make10:23
apacheloggera lot10:23
apacheloggerdepending on the content of the tar10:23
shadeslayerapachelogger: well its in KB's///10:24
shadeslayeroh well...10:26
shadeslayerapachelogger: so tar target.tar target_folder/ >10:26
apacheloggertar -cf target.tar target_folder && gzip -9 target.tar10:27
shadeslayerapachelogger: http://pastebin.ca/1801375 << make error at line 18,should i be worried?10:38
shadeslayerlogin.ubuntu is just being stupid :P10:44
shadeslayerW: choqok source: unknown-field-in-dsc original-maintainer10:56
shadeslayeri know i should be concerened about that :P10:56
ScottKdpm: I finally got a version of quassel uploaded that uses .po/.pot files.  I'd appreciate it if you could make it a priority for getting the templates imported: https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/lucid/+source/quassel/+imports11:12
dpmScottK, yeah, I saw it this morning, I've just approved it and given it a priority value to be shown amongst the other KDE templates -> https://translations.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/lucid/+lang/ca/+index?start=150&batch=5011:33
dpmScottK, however11:33
dpmIIRC the quassel guys are not using gettext and only produce the template in gettext format for the benefit of translators11:34
dpmso having it it Launchpad will only offer the benefit of having a translation UI11:34
dpmas if I'm not mistaken those translations will not be used at runtime because they are using qt for translations instead of gettext11:35
dpmso the way the quassel people can benefit from that at the moment11:36
dpmis by getting the translations done in Launchpad converted to qt format with the scripts they've got11:36
dpmand committing them in the code11:36
neversfeldepersia: Upstream released three new kfritz versions in 2 days to make kfritz distributable for us, so I am pretty sure, that all these issues will be fixed soon.11:38
neversfeldeapachelogger: I will tell upstream about it, unfortunately this has to wait till tomorrow, because I am busy today with rela life :(11:39
Sputdpm: please talk to al about that - in theory the .po are converted at build time (so yes, generating new language packs would mean someone has to rebuild them or run the appropriate scripts), in practice there might still be some issues in the conversion process11:40
Sputal is going to look into that, to make it all work hopefully :)11:41
dpmhey Sput, is al in #quassel? I'll join the channel11:42
Sputdpm: yes he is (but he is also in here ;-))11:43
Sputnot sure if he's afk now11:43
dpmok, thanks Sput, I'll have a chat with him11:43
Sputin any case he's the guy taking care of the translation stuff in quassel, and would really love to make it work properly (you've already been a big help, I think we've incorporated your patches)11:44
dpmSput, yeah, the patches were committed IIRC, thanks :)11:45
Riddellhmm, how does kpackagekit do it's dist upgrade notification again?12:12
JontheEchidnaRiddell: apachelogger would know12:18
shadeslayerRiddell: btw can you login to the kubuntu wiki?12:18
Riddellshadeslayer: yes12:20
JontheEchidnaI think there was a patch for desktop environment detection that needed to go upstream12:20
markeyRiddell: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=10369912:25
markeyI'm having the same issues here with KMail12:25
markey"Kmail GPG problem needs to be solved ... what did i do wrong?"12:25
markeymissing all sorts of deps12:26
markeyfor doing PGP12:26
markeynow it wants some "chiasmus"12:26
Riddellmarkey: did it work with KDE 4.3?12:32
markeyRiddell: figured it out, but it was rather complicated12:36
markeyRiddell: it's really KMail to blame12:37
markeythis was far easier with Thunderbird 3 :)12:37
markeyMamarok was fighting with it for 10 minutes12:37
markeyvery weird GUI12:37
markeybut not Kubuntu's fault :)12:37
markeyother than that, I find KMail really nice now12:38
markeyvery fast12:38
Riddellmarkey: you figured it out with 4.4?12:39
Mamarokmarkey: no, I was not fighting with it, you were12:39
Mamarokand the gpg usability in general is not really userfriendly, regardless of the email client you use12:40
markeyRiddell: 4.4, yes12:42
markeyMamarok: with Thundebird it worked pretty quickly for me12:42
markeyfar easier12:42
Riddellmarkey: what needed doing?12:42
markeyRiddell: first, going to this "Crypo" page, and importing the key there, or something12:43
markeyRiddell: then, you also had to go to your account settings, and enable GPG there12:43
markeybut it only worked in this order12:43
Mamarokmarkey: well, you said otherwise, I remember you having had problems for about half a day with the various Thuderbird versions and you didn't make it woithout help12:43
Mamarokalso, using a key with an email address which is *not* in the key is a serious security breach in Thunderbird12:44
markeythe error messages were basically cypto too ;)12:44
markeyhard to understand12:44
MamarokRiddell: he apparently didn't add that mail address to the key, but was able to use the key to sign the mail, now that is a serious security problem (talking about Thunderbird)12:44
Mamarokmarkey: you should talk to the Thunderbird guys, that is very serious12:45
markeyMamarok: I don't use TB any more, it's dog slow12:45
markeyeats all of my CPU12:45
markeyit started well, but then it got slower and slower12:46
markeythreading issues, or so12:46
Mamarokstill, what they did there is a disaster security wise, since that means you can sign any of your mails with a key without the mail address being in the key12:46
Mamarokand that is definitely *not* OK12:46
markeyJeremy was fighting with KMail too ;)12:46
markeyit's a bit complicated12:46
Riddellhi dantti12:47
danttiRiddell: hey :D IRC and IM programs don't like advanced routing :P12:47
* dantti has to find a way to fix this..12:48
Riddelldantti: I want to test the distro upgrade feature in kpackagekit, how can I make it get called?12:48
danttiRiddell: well when you open the update view in system settings it asks the backend if there are distro upgrades12:49
danttiif there are it will show a click here that executes an script12:49
Riddelldantti: so it shows in the kcontrol module?  does it also have an icon popup?12:50
Riddellyes, I see the check in both SmartIcon/KpkDistroUpgrade.cpp: and Updater/KpkUpdate.cpp:12:52
danttiRiddell: did you said something else? adv routing is excellent for web browsing but it sucks for other things :P12:58
Riddelldantti: no that'll do for now, I need to setup a web server to pretend there's a distro upgrade available and test on that12:59
danttiRiddell: i thinks it's easy to patch apt backend to emit a distro upgrade available?13:01
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shadeslayerhey anyone around?15:30
shadeslayerhttp://imagebin.ca/view/U5V3RmWu.html << Problem signing up for a kubuntu wiki name :)15:30
Riddelldebfx: able to join us in #ubuntu-desktop ?15:39
debfxRiddell: sure15:40
Riddelldebfx: http://kubuntu.pastebin.com/m4ccdb37515:41
shtylman_ScottK: is there a fix for this libmysqlclient16 package issue?15:44
Riddellbug 52222515:49
ubottuLaunchpad bug 522225 in mysql-dfsg-5.1 "permissions incorrect on libmysqlclient16_7.0.9-1_amd64.deb" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52222515:49
Riddellfix released is a good sign15:49
shtylman_I saw that15:50
shtylman_hasn't taken hold yet I guess15:50
shadeslayerRiddell: got a minute?16:04
Riddellshadeslayer: yo16:07
shadeslayerRiddell: ok,i try to register for a kubuntu wiki account and i end up here with my timezone : http://imagebin.ca/view/U5V3RmWu.html : if i change the timezone @ launchpad to New york,everything runs smoothly16:09
Riddellshadeslayer: I don't know I'm afraid, it's a job for canonical sysadmin, you can complain on #canonical-sysadmin or file a bug on their rt tracker rt@admin.canonical.com16:10
shadeslayerRiddell: this happens with both wiki.ubuntu and wiki.kubuntu16:10
shadeslayerRiddell: ok thats what i was looking for :)16:10
Riddellmake that rt@ubuntu.com16:11
* jussi01 sighs... how does one know which /dev a usb device is?16:11
jussi01dmesg says:16:11
jussi01[ 4722.773152] usb 2-4: USB disconnect, address 316:11
jussi01[ 4724.812546] usb 2-4: new full speed USB device using ohci_hcd and address 416:11
jussi01[ 4725.048792] usb 2-4: configuration #1 chosen from 1 choice16:11
shadeslayerjussi01: um sudo fdisk -l ?16:12
jussi01shadeslayer: its not a disk...16:12
Riddelljussi01: it doesn't say anything else?16:12
jussi01Riddell: no :(16:13
shadeslayerjussi01: oh.. you meant its just a usb device16:13
shadeslayerRiddell: any required info i should provide or just the general problem>16:13
Riddellit may not have a /dev node, it probably appears somewhere in /sys though16:13
Riddellshadeslayer: I think that screenshot and your description above would suffice16:14
shadeslayerRiddell: ok.. thanks :)16:14
shadeslayerRiddell: apparently its a known bug : https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad-foundations/+bug/40299416:22
ubottuUbuntu bug 402994 in moin-openid "UnknownTimeZone Error When Logging into Ubuntu wiki through launchpad" [Undecided,Confirmed]16:22
nixternaloi oi16:40
nixternalhrmm...installing lucid is impossible right now isn't it? alpha2 live cd doesn't even work, the latest live cds don't work, the alternates don't work...this is a bit ridiculous I would say...for 4+ days now none of the images work16:55
jussi01have we got thes libs in karmic still? checking for Qt... configure: error: Qt (>= Qt 3.3 and < 4.0) (headers and libraries) not found. Please check your installation!16:55
markeyapachelogger: "28 Followers"17:15
markeyI'll get you :p17:15
markeythis Jorge Castro dude has 15017:16
markeybut: some of the names look very made up17:16
markeyI think he created some fake accounts17:16
markeyfoul play ;)17:16
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markeythat said, anyone here using Buzz who I'm not following yet? :)17:17
markeyI can follow you, then you follow me back17:17
markey(have to beat apachelogger)17:18
jjesseyou following me?17:18
markeynot sure17:18
markeylet me check17:18
jjessejjesse @ GMAIL dot Com17:18
markey"Practice Principle -- DLP at ITS Partners"17:18
markeythis one? :)17:18
markeythere are many Jonathan Jesse17:19
jjesseyes thats me17:19
markeyaah ok17:19
markeyCaddell Condemns Union Thugs, White House - Blogs For Victory17:20
markeyMore trouble in Democrat-land: Longtime Democratic strategist Pat Caddell on Wednesday blasted the Obama White House for creating “a world in which there is no dissent,” following his banishment from...17:20
markeyis that from you?17:21
jjesseshared from my google reader probablly?17:21
markeyI guess17:21
markeyjust checking if I got the right person ;)17:21
markeyaway he goes17:22
markeyJonathan Riddell17:24
markeySan Francisco, Ca17:24
markeyis that you?17:24
nixternalwth, klining ubottu17:47
jussi01nixternal: its being sorted :)18:07
nixternali just somehow installed lucid with the broken iso18:08
nixternaldon't ask me how, because it crashed at the end of installation, but i booted into lucid18:09
nixternalthat it was18:10
nixternalissue with amarok packaging known I take it?18:10
nixternaldoing a dist-upgrade and it is removing amarok, holding back mysql18:10
nixternaljeesh, people still crashing planes into buildings18:12
nixternalin one of my favorite cities too18:12
nixternalwooo, windows machines getting attacked by a new botnet18:14
nixternal"Massive Hack Attack Shows Major Flaws in Today's Cybersecurity"  <- if only they were using Linux, BSD, or even a Mac :)18:15
Tonio_I noticed smoething *very* weird.... about kwin compositing performances...18:15
nixternalKneber botnet is taking out your windows users left and right today18:16
Tonio_I noticed lots of my effects were nice, but not very smooth, about 10fps max...18:16
Tonio_I changed from oxygen windeco to qtcurve, and everything is 3 times smoother and faster than before...18:16
Tm_TTonio_: which effects?18:16
nixternalthe default effects are fairly decent performing for me18:16
Tonio_Tm_T: resizing for example18:16
nixternalTonio_: you aren't the only one to say qtcurve seems smoother than oxygen18:16
Tm_TTonio_: aaah, might be oxygen to blame, it is bit weird18:17
Tonio_nixternal: it's like I changed my GPU :)18:17
* Tm_T sticks with good old B218:17
Tonio_hum...... considering the discussion we had the other day, I truelly understand why we have KDE18:17
Tonio_but I trully know we should, imho, switch to qtcurve ;)18:17
neversfeldepersia: I am not sure, if I know the difference between a minus-sign and a hyphen?18:18
Tonio_Tm_T: I just don't understand how can a windeco slow down the all compositing......18:18
Tm_TTonio_: qtcurve windeco or widget style?18:18
Tonio_Tm_T: I changed the windeco18:18
nixternallets go old school, back to plastik18:18
Tonio_and use the style for a long time18:18
Tm_Tnixternal: that's not very old (:18:18
Tonio_Tm_T: it is the windeco which made an incredible difference18:18
Tonio_like switching from an intel chip to an nvidia..... amazing18:19
nixternalTm_T: at least 10 years old18:19
Tm_TTonio_: yeah, oxygen does some funkyness to kwin18:19
nixternalTonio_: I have intel, and it totally rocks for me :)  old school intel at that18:19
Tonio_Tm_T: hum.......... beeing stuck with oxygen sucks imho..... although I understand we want to be a pure kde distro and we are in good mood with upstream because of that18:19
nixternal950 I think18:19
Tonio_nixternal: with ? oxygen windeco ?18:19
nixternalIntel Corporation Mobile GM965/GL960 Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 0c)18:20
ubottuhttp://websvn.kde.org/trunk/?rev=0&view=rev | svn://anonsvn.kde.org/home/kde/trunk -r 018:20
persianeversfelde: Heh.  They are different unicode code points.  The "hyphen", which for *roff is "\(hy" is typically used to link works, like sales-force.  The "minus-sign" is typically used in equations (2-1=1) or, due to the way ASCII and unicode work, as argument lists (e.g. `myprog --help`), and represented in *roff with "\-".18:20
nixternalwith oxygen18:20
JontheEchidnayeah, no difference here between oxygen and qtcurve for me and my intel chip18:20
Tonio_nixternal: well I'd say the problem is that I tested on several coputers and with oxygen it can be very smooth,but a lot of people do complain18:20
Tonio_it looks to me than qtcurve is smooth in any case...18:21
Tonio_I should blog about that :)18:21
nixternalI will have to try qtcurve18:21
Tonio_nixternal: it looks to me that qtcurve is never worse than oxygen18:21
Tonio_nixternal: the opposite seems to me not true... just my two cents...18:21
Tonio_nixternal: it would be nice to get several people to test this18:21
Tm_Tnixternal: ouch, there's still "Copyright (C) 1999" lines in kwin clients (themes), means there's plenty of styles in KDE that has been just made to run in KDE4, no rewrite or anything18:22
nixternalor they have been updated without having the copyright bumped, which I doubt though18:23
Tonio_I just re-tested on 3 computers, I can confirm again18:24
Tonio_there's really a problem of performances with oxygen, globally speaking, and mostly with the windeco afaics18:25
Tonio_moving everything to  qtcurve give a HUDGE improvement in kwin performances....18:25
Tonio_I will report a bug about that18:25
JontheEchidnaI tested on an intel and an nvidia and saw no difference18:25
Tonio_JontheEchidna: because performances are good in your case I suspect18:25
neversfeldepersia: thanksy, I'll try to change this18:25
Tonio_good driver18:26
Tonio_JontheEchidna: and that's fine18:26
Tonio_I see no differences on computers which are very smooth also with oxygen18:26
nixternalI am with JontheEchidna on this one, I just tried it and no difference...I minimized/maximized and they were both quick18:26
Tonio_but there are chips with performances problems18:26
Tonio_nixternal: as I said, it may depend on the driver also18:27
nixternalI would figure intel to have a performance issue, but it has been good to me thus far18:27
Tonio_nixternal: I would like to get people who experience problems with some chips a feedback18:27
nixternaland it isn't like I am using a high powered machine...this laptop is a centrino duo 64bit install, 2gb ram, and gma965 chipset18:27
Tonio_nixternal: my driver is know to be poor performances when it comes to compoziting18:27
Tonio_nixternal: and it's a 4500HD18:28
nixternalthat's ati right?18:28
Tonio_nope, intel18:28
nixternalshows you how much I know about graphics these days18:28
Tonio_theorically very good, but the driver is known for bad linux performances18:28
JontheEchidnaOxygen utilizes compositing for rounded edges, iirc18:28
Tonio_a gma965 will perform better18:28
nixternaltalk about bad performance, my interview today was a bad performance by me...I knew the answers and everything, but I think I was a bit to over confident, and it bit me in the ass...simple python questions and I couldn't get the words out correctly18:29
Tonio_JontheEchidna: yeah there might be a few things in oxygen that don't impact people with good chips, but that may cause problems of your chipset sucks at some point with compositing18:29
nixternalit was a train wreck from the start18:29
Tonio_JontheEchidna: that might be why...18:29
Tonio_JontheEchidna: therefore could be considered as a driver issue18:30
Tonio_JontheEchidna: anyway since this chipset is pretty much the new intel standard on modern laptops, it would be nice to blog about the qtcurve workarround to get decent compoziting performances...18:30
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nixternalhttp://5z8.info/bombbuilding_s6s0_trojan <- interesting18:58
persiaA URL like that just screams "Don't click here!".  Consider adjusting to http://tinyu.rl/fuzzy-bunnies or similar to get more hits.19:02
nixternalpersia: did you click it though? shady url shortening service :)19:06
nixternalit goes to kubuntu.org19:06
* persia sets up a jail to view that content19:07
persianixternal: Hrm.  That's boring.  A URL like that should at least be acting as a transparent proxy with keylogging or the like.19:08
jussi01nixternal: rock on with the fedora?19:15
* daskreech gets dressed up in Fedora19:17
jjessehrmm plasam-desktop and xorg are taking up 30% of my processor right now, anything to look at?19:24
daskreechIs there a rekonq 0.4 beta ppa anywhere ?20:17
MelisUdaskreech: I only found one for lui#ci###20:26
daskreechMelisU: I think I saw that as well. Not Sure if I'm jumping to lucid20:26
daskreechwell actually be using Fedora throughout the whole Lynx cycle :(20:27
MelisUthe .deb works in karmic .. but for updating it has to be removed20:27
daskreechI'll try that20:29
MelisUeh, it works in karmic with 4.4 installed20:30
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daskreechYeah that would describe me :)20:31
MelisUdaskreech: it needs a dpkp --force-depends though20:33
daskreechhttps://launchpad.net/~rohangarg/+archive/kde-extra Cool :)20:34
MelisUdaskreech: cool, those are new. thx20:37
ScottKshtylman: Not that I know of yet.20:39
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ScottKal: I got this error on the import of the German PO file: http://paste.debian.net/60423/ - Would you please look into it?20:57
alScottK: only the german one?20:58
ScottKal: Yes.  Only the German one.20:58
ScottKal: I've now gone through the rest of my inbox.  I also don't have confirmation the others were accepted.21:15
alyea, i can confirm it's the only file with duplicate msgids21:16
claydoh /msg NickServ identify 98windstar21:28
claydohoh well21:28
claydohnever use a strange irc client ar werk again21:28
jjessei've done that several times21:29
Riddellssh claydoh@cpe-67-251-50-177.maine.res.rr.com21:35
claydohsorry no pr0n there21:36
nixternallooks like claydoh drives and old mini van22:15
kwwiiRiddell: just so everyone knows, here is your photo ;) http://www.flickr.com/photos/kwwii/4369048452/sizes/o/in/photostream/23:28
kwwiiI just noticed that you're actually wearing shoes now...getting soft, eh? :P23:29
kwwiishtylman_: killer work on kdm, btw23:30
kwwiiyou did do that, right?23:30
Riddellmy sandles fell apart, I'm too stingy to buy a new pair23:31
neversfeldeI still have a basic ksplash on both screens, but that may be related to my upgrade from ninjas23:31
kwwiiRiddell: yes!, that is what I expected to hear ;)23:31
neversfeldeshtylman_: I saw you mentioned the problem here before, is it already fixed?23:31
RiddellI think this is the magazine that photo was for, but the contents doesn't list me http://www.ubuntu-user.com/Magazine/Archive/2010/423:31
kwwiiRiddell: honestly, that's a decent pic of you23:31
shtylman_kwwii: yea... thanks :) mostly just combined artwork that was out there23:32
shtylman_neversfelde: ?23:32
Riddellkwwii: of course it is, are there any bad pics of me?23:32
kwwiiRiddell: erm, let's not go there23:33
neversfeldeshtylman_: kdm is on the left side and a blank rectangle is on the other screen23:33
Riddellkwwii: if you see ubuntu user in a newsagent do flick through and let me know if I'm in it, I want to know if I'll be famous and have all the girls after me or not23:33
kwwiiRiddell: I'm getting a copy from Iain..he noticed another pic I took in the latest issue23:33
neversfeldeshtylman_: afair you said something abou background=true that is wrong23:34
kwwiiRiddell: is it in the Ubuntu User sold in the UK?23:34
Riddellkwwii: dunno, don't think I've ever seen it23:34
kwwiiI just got home late last night...going back on Monday23:35
Riddellthe showbiz lifestyle of an artist23:35
shtylman_neversfelde: yep... that was fixed23:36
neversfeldeshtylman_: k, so it was not updated here23:36
shtylman_at least from what I know23:36
neversfeldepersia: I uploaded a new version of kfritz. Upstream fixed most of the issues (without even waiting for my complaints^^). I know feature freeze is in effect, but it would be great, if you could review again, I will try to get an exception, once the package is ok.23:38
persianeversfelde: OK.23:38
persiaYou replaced *all* '-' in the manpage with "\(hy" ?23:39
neversfeldepersia: mhh, no, I replaced some - with a longer -23:40
persiaDoes searching for arguments in a terminal with man & less work?23:40
persia(this being the entire reason for my comment, which was apparently insufficiently clear)23:41
neversfeldepersia: I will have another look at it, but I am a bit confused about this problem, because I created the manpage with kdemangen like I did a few times before. Seems that I did not understand where the problem is.23:43
persiaI think the bug is in kdemangen.23:44
persiaSo, the issue is that by default, the processors will pick the unicode character for hyphen rather than the unicode character for minus-sign.23:44
persiaBut when we search with text tools (most importantly less when running man in a terminal) we end up searching for minus sign.23:44
persiaSince this doesn't match, the user can't type "/--help\n" in less and expect to find the help argument.23:45
neversfeldeso 8-utf should be 8\(hyutf ?23:45
persiaIf one uses \-, it gets a real minus sign.  For completeness, in case the processor changes, using \(hy gets a real hyphen.23:46
persiaWell, utf\(hy823:46
persiaAnd \-\-help23:46
Riddellhi sgh23:46
sghRiddell: hi23:46
Riddellsgh: so to add a patch to our packaging you need to checkout our packaging from bzr, add the patch, add it to the series file so it gets applied and add a changelog, then put your bzr branch somewhere so we can commit23:47
Riddellsgh: bzr branch lp:~kubuntu-members/kdelibs/ubuntu23:47
neversfeldepersia: puh, I am still confused, will have a look at it tomorrow again23:48
sghRiddell: meaning that you will merge the branch I'm creating ?23:48
persianeversfelde: I haven't reviewed it yet: you might have gotten it right :)  Anyway, catch me when you have some time, and I'm happy to talk about it in detail.  Maybe we can get kdemangen fixed :)23:49
sghRiddell: What do I need to put my branch "somewhere" ?23:49
neversfeldepersia: yes, would be a nice side effect :)23:49
Riddellsgh: you'll need to have an ssh key registered in launchpad23:50
sghRiddell: ok23:50
Riddellthen  bzr push lp:~<launchpad-username>/kdelibs/<branchname>23:51
sghRiddell: ubuntu/debian/patches right ?23:51
Riddellsgh: yes put the patch in there following the nameing scheme, kubuntu_<number>_<description>.diff23:51
sghRiddell: ok23:51
Riddellsgh: bzr add  the patch file23:53
Riddelladd it to the debian/patches/series file23:53
Riddellin debian/ run dch -i  and add a changelog with the patch name and description and upstream bug URL23:54
Riddellbzr diff   to check   bzr commit  to commit locally   bzr push  as above to send to launchpad23:54
sghRiddell: ok ... and how do I tell you guys what I have done ?23:55
Riddellsgh: you can file a merge request in launchpad on the branch you want to merge to.  or you can just tell us on irc23:56
neversfeldeRiddell: talking about patches reminded me about https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~kubuntu-members/kdepim/ubuntu23:56
neversfeldeI think this patched version still is not uploaded, but upstream suggested to add this patch23:56
sghRiddell: I have trouble registering a ssh-key. Actually doing anything else than modifying name and email. Where do I do that ?23:56
Riddellsgh: https://launchpad.net/~<lp-username>/+editsshkeys23:57
sghRiddell: thanks23:57
sghRiddell: how do I test I the patch applies correctly ?23:58
sghRiddell: test if the patch applies23:58
Riddellyou need to download the source package, put the packaging into it and run debuild to start the compilation23:59
Riddellyou can do that with installing bzr-buildpackage  and running bzr db do23:59
Riddellthen run debuild  and control-c to kill it once the patches have been applied23:59

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