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gioacchinosomeone is using kde 4.4 with kubuntu ??00:25
gioacchinoi have kubuntu 9.10 64 bit00:25
gioacchinoand amarok crash everytime i try to start it00:25
cbwcjwI do with 32 bit, probably doesn't help :(00:27
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amdgoonhello yannis00:37
Zoot365I'm trying to run Steel Beasts(simulation game) through Wine, but when it comes up the start screen is all pixilated and wierd coloured.  Whats wrong?00:42
ubottuWINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu00:43
cbwcjwZoot, what I ment was try joining #wine with your question. Just type /join #wine00:44
Zoot365ok. Thanks.00:44
Zoot365Ok.  #wine is dead, or something and #winehq is silent.  Can anyone answer my question here?00:51
cbwcjwhttp://ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=313 That's all I can recommend. Sorry.00:54
cbwcjw!hi robin080001:11
cbwcjw!hi | robin080001:11
ubotturobin0800: Hi! Welcome to #kubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!01:11
robin0800cbwcjw: just playing with the updated Quassel01:18
khaije|amalti may be a fuddy duddy but konversation seems so much more friendly to me, i can't fathom why quassel is the default01:18
cbwcjwQuassel works well for me, but meh.01:19
khaije|amalti'm sure it's awesome but atm it's too irritating for me to want to learn it01:20
salvad1Hello. I cannot set dofferent zoom parameters to folders.01:39
salvad1Is this normal in Dolphin?01:39
salvad1I mean, set some zoom value to one folder and other to other folder and that each folder remembers its zoom value.01:40
salvad1Is that possible?01:40
james_lWhat do you mean by zoom?01:42
tranzform2ok where is the list of channels...  sorry very newb here01:42
clone1018okay so I stoped kdm. Did Xorg -configure and then started KDM. Now when graphical mode starts it loads then turns into a blank screen01:42
salvad1Applying a zoom value to the a folder in dolphin.01:42
james_lsalvad1: If it's what I was trying to find the solution to, which is large icons in detail mode, this worked for me (mostly I use konqueror): Ctrl + Mouse Wheel, and it's stayed the same in all folders.01:43
salvad1To see bigger thumbnails icons.01:43
salvad1I do not want the same zoom value in all the folder.01:44
james_lI think that may work, try it and see.01:44
salvad1Each value to each folder.01:44
clone1018Can someone please help lol. Console mode sucks01:46
james_lsalvad1: While my ctrl + mousewheel works to change that, it doesn't seem to want to be confined to a particular folder.01:47
james_lclone1018: KDE 4.4?01:47
clone1018The most recent version that comes with Kubuntu01:47
james_lWhat graphics card, which driver, and have you made any changes to kdm?01:48
clone1018ATI Radeon x1250. No driver (But worked perfectly before) and no01:49
clone1018Okay it seems like the background loads and programs load (or at least the wallet) but not the ui01:50
clone1018and I cant click on any links.01:54
clone1018So ya02:03
clone1018Any ideas?02:03
Svetliohi all02:07
Svetliocan you help me02:07
ubottuPlease try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!02:07
SvetlioAbout Kubuntu,i can't connect with wireless02:08
Svetlioi can connect with lan cabel but with wirelles i can't02:08
Svetlioim a new in "linux world"02:08
Svetlioand.. i don't know..02:09
Svetliohow repire my problem02:09
SvetlioBilly can you help me?02:12
Billyi am looking at connecting apache to sql server02:12
Billycan it be done?02:12
Svetlioi dont know02:12
Svetliosry dude02:13
clone1018Why would you connect apache and sql?02:13
clone1018They dont need to be connected as apache doesnt use sql02:13
Billyschool project .02:13
clone1018Well as far as I know02:13
clone1018They dont connect02:13
DaughainI love how often I see that answer around here. =)02:13
Daughain"school project" that is.02:13
Billyyes ... lol02:14
Billyi got to fire up some transaction to a sql sitting on windows 2003 server and get some data back from a sql server02:14
Billyyes, ms sql server02:14
* Daughain chuckles....02:14
clone1018this is kubuntu help02:15
DaughainTHats ok, Billy, I wanna make a netbook act like a cel phone. =) And, still trying to define the questions to ask about it. =)02:15
Billyyes, i wanna make my netbook to a server as well.. lol02:16
Billygotta go02:16
DaughainI think he may have missed my point...02:17
clone1018I am stuck in console mode02:17
clone1018with irssi02:17
DaughainDamn, what did *you* delete??02:17
clone1018I just restarted kdm02:17
DaughainThats how I got there the last two times. =)02:18
DaughainDeleted the wrong package.02:18
Daughainrestarted kdm????02:18
clone1018stopped it02:18
clone1018then started it02:18
clone1018To configure xorg02:18
Daughainvia terminal?02:19
clone1018via tty102:19
DaughainYou try a system reboot?02:19
clone1018several times02:19
DaughainI remember doing something like that once and a reboot solved it.02:19
DaughainOK, well, Thats all the advice I had...Sorry.02:20
clone1018thanks anyways02:20
DaughainI may not know much, but I still try to help. =)02:20
clone1018I guess I will just use telnet to browse the web02:20
DaughainI remember telnet...02:20
clone1018ya lol02:20
DaughainFrom *before* gui.02:21
DaughainGood luck, mate.02:21
DaughainMorning, ev0sx102:23
ev0sx1assume you have 2 partitions. one with 80gb, and another with 10gb. I have linux installed also on the 80gb partition, but i installed on the 10gb partition an older version. Both of kubuntu 9.10. How can i make the linux install on the 10gb partition assume all system files are on the 10gb, but the home folder and all other preferences and installed programs are on the 80gb partition?02:24
m44Buenas noches02:25
m44¿Alguien vivo?02:26
e_t_!es | m4402:26
ubottum44: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.02:26
DaughainAnyone know if it is plossible to access the phone number assigned to a 3G card byu the carrier and use it to place and receive calls?02:31
e_t_Daughain: I would expect not. I think data communications go over a different frequency than voice.02:34
DaughainNot with 3G, as far as I have been able to tell. All the same. GPRS/Edge is different.02:35
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clone1018I stopped and started KDM and now the UI wont load up. How do I fix this?02:43
james_lclone1018: do you mean the KDE UI or the KDM login window?02:45
clone1018I set it to auto login. So it logs me in. Then the splash screen pops up. Loads then the bg goes away and all I am left with is cursor and black screen02:45
DaughainThats why I keep gnome, and dont auto login...02:46
clone1018but kde is awesome02:47
clone1018Gnome is boring lol02:47
DaughainI agree, but, when I screw up kde, I can backup to gnome, and usualy get kde fixed. =)02:47
DaughainONly had to do a kde reinstall once, so far. =)\02:47
clone1018is it that buggy?02:47
DaughainNO, I'm that new. =)02:48
e_t_clone1018: it sounds like Plasma isn't starting automatically. See if you can get krunner (alt+F2). If you can, type plasma-desktop and hit enter.02:48
clone1018I did02:49
clone1018Still blank screen02:49
e_t_Try opening Konsole and typing plasma-desktop there. That way, you'll be able to see any output.02:50
clone1019I get tons of errors02:51
clone1019Most of them invalid index02:51
e_t_What I've seen work in the past is to delete ~/.kde/share/config/[anything with plasma in the name].02:53
clone1019Wait seriously?02:55
clone1019Dont i need plasma?02:55
* Daughain chuckles...02:55
DaughainDeleting plasma files will force kde to re-create them.02:56
DaughainAfter a few reboots...02:56
DaughainI dont know your answer, but I can explain it once I hear it.....????02:56
ev0sx1Daughain: you there?03:01
DaughainGmme a few more horus and the answer may be partially. =)03:02
ev0sx1Daughain: if possible, help me out03:02
ev0sx1assume you have 2 partitions. one with 80gb, and another with 10gb. I have linux installed also on the 80gb partition, but i installed on the 10gb partition an older version. Both of kubuntu 9.10. How can i make the linux install on the 10gb partition assume all system files are on the 10gb, but the home folder and all other preferences and installed programs are on the 80gb partition?03:02
clone1018Okay I deleted everything I could find03:03
clone1018And restarted03:03
clone10182 times03:03
clone1018it appeared for a second then went away03:03
DaughainMay take a few more reboots, clone101803:03
clone1018ok lol03:03
ev0sx1Daughain: any help, or you will keep ignoring my question?03:04
Daughainev0sx1: I'm a newb, honestly.....You will need to make some manual edits to files, but I dont know which ones. =( Dude, I got three p[eople asking me questions right now, and I can only tyupe so fast.03:05
ev0sx1and thanks anyway03:05
Daughainev0sx1: All I can say about which files would be to google it.....03:05
DaughainWhat ya need to do is change pathnames.03:06
e_t_ev0sx1: you will need to edit /etc/fstab.03:06
ev0sx1e_t_: only?03:06
DaughainYou can do that in fstab???03:06
ev0sx1i was messing out with the blkid03:06
ev0sx1i was unable to be 100% sure of the real UUID03:06
ev0sx1i know how to change the /home folder to the other partition03:07
ev0sx1easily done on the user manager screen03:07
ev0sx1as for the other folders i don't know.03:07
ev0sx1All i know is that on windows it was easy03:07
ev0sx1e_t_: any idea? i found help online, but only to change the home screen03:09
clone101810th time restarting03:09
e_t_I don't know how to get the UUID either. If you find it, you should be able to add an fstab entry with a mount point of /home and that *should* make it a permanent mount.03:09
jacquesdupontdhi guys03:10
e_t_clone1018: what version of Kubuntu, of KDE?03:11
ev0sx1yes i know... and getting the blkid command is also easy03:11
jacquesdupontdi'm actually building my touchbook prototype that should be produced if things are going ok in the year03:11
clone1018Newest of Kubuntu and Not sure on KDE03:11
jacquesdupontdthat said i'm searching for a kubuntu version to be used smoothly with fingers and touch screen only03:11
clone1018But i think its the newest03:12
e_t_clone1018: one way to find out your KDE version is to open a KDE app (dolphin, konsole, konqueror) and click about > about KDE.03:12
clone1018ok one sec03:13
clone1018should I update?03:15
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e_t_clone1018: KDE 2.3.2? That sounds ancient.03:15
clone1018_Should I update?03:21
asobihow do i configure a new monitor? switched from crt to lcd, lcd is using old resolution from crt03:22
Daughain4.3.2 is what I installed last month.....03:22
DaughainBut., I didnt know 4.4 was officially released yet.03:23
e_t_KDE 4.4 was released two weeks ago (time?), but you'd have to get it from the kubuntu backports ppa. It's not Ubuntu official, and won't be until Lucid.03:24
clone1018_So what do I do...03:25
Daughaine_t_: Ah, ok. I knew it was slated for lucid, but didnt know they actualy released on backports...03:25
DaughainAlso been busy wth other things the last few weeks.03:26
clone1018_So... I just wait03:27
e_t_If you want to upgrade to 4.4, type "sudo add-apt-repository ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports" (no quotes), then do the update/upgrade cycle.03:29
DaughainNah, waiting on lucid for a variety of reasons. =)03:32
dado they make a wire to hook up for 2 machines, 1 w/windows, 1 w/linux?03:33
e_t_da: you mean a crossover ethernet cable?03:34
* Daughain chuckles.03:34
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daI guess,03:34
dadoes that work?03:35
e_t_There's no special equipment to connect a Windows and a Linux computer, it's all in the configuration.03:35
daAnd how does that work?03:36
e_t_It depends on what you're planning to do.03:36
daDon't know what I want to do, I would like to have a new computer with windows XP, but I still like Linux.03:39
e_t_The easiest way to network them is to setup static IP addresses (set on one and on the other). Then, you'll need to setup Samba on the Linux machine. That will give you the ability to share files.03:41
daIs Sanba a linux OS?03:43
clone1018_Samba is a file sharing server03:43
e_t_No. It's a program that lets Linux share files with Windows.03:43
daDoes Ubuntu have it on its OS?03:44
e_t_You can install it easily.03:44
daokay, I'll go look. ty03:45
clone1018I upgraded to the newest version03:51
clone1018Still no UI03:51
e_t_plasma still crashing if you start it manually?03:51
e_t_Hmm. I checked Google, but didn't find much helpful. The first step is always delete ~/.kde/share/config/*plasma*rc. Some people had it work for them and for some, it didn't. I don't know what to tell you. The last time I had a plasma issue like that, I ended up re-installing (because I usually messed up other stuff too).03:56
clone1018i guess I will reinstall then03:56
e_t_On the bright side (if there is one), I seem to learn a little more every time I reinstall.03:57
ubuntukuclone1018: type startx03:57
clone1018x is started a long time ago03:57
ubuntukudelete *authority files in your home folder03:58
ubuntukuthen type: sudo shutdown -r now03:58
e_t_ubuntuku: will that fix Plasma?03:59
ubuntukudelete .Xauthority04:00
ubuntukudelete .ICEauthority04:00
ubuntukuthen type: sudo shutdown -r now04:00
clone1018that didnt fix it04:07
clone1018Anymore ideas?04:10
CheapyIf I enable desktop effects, there is a 2-3 second delay between when I click on an application on the taskbar and when it is restored to its previous size. Does anyone know why this could be? I've googled everything I could think of to no avail.04:10
snarkfishok so i just rescanned my amarok database and now it is totally F***ed04:11
snarkfishwhat is the deal?04:11
ubuntukuhmm that trick worked for me04:11
clone1018Here is what i did in order. startx > delete those files and then exectuted the shutdown command you said04:12
ubuntukutry remove ~/.kde/share/config04:12
e_t_snarkfish: in what way is your database .... ?04:13
clone1018ubuntuku: and then what04:14
snarkfishwell i lied04:14
snarkfishi restarted amarok and now everything is back to where it belongs..04:14
clone1018"Have you tried turning it on and off again"... "No.... Oh hey it works now"04:15
snarkfishwell after all the problems Im facing i think im due for alittle frustration04:16
clone1018all the problems you are facing?04:16
clone1018I dont have a UI04:16
snarkfishwhy would rescanning cause all my music to dissapear04:16
snarkfishif you dont have a UI then why are you in here?04:16
clone1018Anything Linux is buggy04:17
e_t_Technically, the command line is a UI. You just lack a *G*UI.04:17
clone1018I am in here because I need my GUI back04:17
ubuntukuclone: reboot again sudo shutdown -r now04:17
snarkfishoh you have gui problems04:17
snarkfishwell good luck dude04:17
snarkfishlater all04:17
skreechIs there a rekonq 0.4 ppa?04:18
clone1018No luck04:21
clone1018Thats whats in the Developer Information04:22
jschallMy canon digital camera does not show up on the "recently plugged in" devices list when i plug it in, but i can go system settings -> advanced -> digital camera and its there. Its not mounted in dolphin, but i can go to camera:/ and there's a folder for it there but no pictures anywhere. gwenview does not see it.04:24
jschallworked fine with gnome.04:24
jschallthis is with kde 4.404:24
clone1018I guess04:25
e_t_At this point, I'd file a bug report with KDE. If nothing else, the reporting process might turn up a similar bug and point you in the right direction.04:25
clone1018I will just reinstall04:25
jschalle_t_: who, me?04:25
e_t_jschall: not you, clone1018. Sorry, I should have specified.04:26
ubuntukuclone: do u have plasma-desktop installed?04:26
clone1018Maybe. I'm not sure at this point lol04:26
jschallshould i just install gnome-volume-manager?04:26
clone1018I did at first04:26
clone1018But now its anyones guess04:26
ubuntukuapt-cache policy plasma-desktop04:27
e_t_jschall: Have you tried Digikam? Also, what model camera?04:27
clone1018Installed: (none)04:27
ubuntukuinstall it then04:27
clone1018apt-get install plasma-desktop?04:28
jschalle_t_: powershot s3 is04:28
jschalle_t_: no haven't tried digikam04:28
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jschalle_t_: but i shouldn't need any extra programs for my freaking camera to work!04:28
jschalle_t_: i'll try it04:28
clone1018If this works04:28
clone1018I am going to freak out lol04:28
e_t_jschall: If that model uses SD cards for storage, I'd probably just use a card reader.  I suggested Digikam because it's a fairly complete photo program, and I have used it in the past with my XTi.04:29
jschalle_t_: don't have a card reader.04:30
jschalle_t_: trying digikam04:30
clone1018Thanks so much for everyone who helped :D04:43
megamanhow can i change the background and text colors when i send?04:52
james_lclone1018: What did it end up being?04:52
clone1018Well after all that I dont know04:55
clone1018I know it was installed at first04:55
clone1018But at the end it wasnt04:56
e_t_Well, it's always the simple things.04:56
james_lYeah, I rebuilt a package because the one in kubuntu wasn't new enough... I rebuilt it on a different machine, and freaked out, then did a --version, and realized what I did.04:57
james_lssh is a wonderful tool, and a very frustrating at times.04:58
David_HIIanyone got any experience fixing resolution issues with ubuntu?05:45
e_t_What kind of resolution issues?05:47
David_HII only have 800x600 and 640:480 avail05:48
e_t_Desktop/laptop? ATI/nVidia? Ubuntu version?05:48
David_HIIdesktop emachines  and ubuntu 9.1005:49
David_HIIintel chipset05:49
e_t_Kubuntu, right?05:49
David_HIIubuntu and Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator 95005:50
e_t_What should the monitor display at?05:50
e_t_David_Hill: OK. First, we need to kill Xorg (sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop). Then, sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg. Finally, sudo /etc/init.d/gdm start.05:58
geniie_t_: That won't make a new xorg.conf any more05:59
geniiyou want: sudo X -configure && sudo mv xorg.conf.new /etc/X11  instead05:59
David_HIISince the script you are attempting to invoke has been converted to an06:01
David_HIIUpstart job, you may also use the stop(8) utility, e.g. stop gdm06:01
David_HIIstop: Rejected send message, 1 matched rules; type="method_call", sender=":1.97" (uid=1000 pid=6512 comm="stop) interface="com.ubuntu.Upstart0_6.Job" member="Stop" error name="(unset)" requested_reply=0 destination="com.ubuntu.Upstart" (uid=0 pid=1 comm="/sbin/init"))06:02
FloodBotK3David_HII: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:02
David_HIIso do i need to do somthing different?06:02
geniisudo stop gdm            for stopping it, and sudo start gdm    to start it06:04
geniiAlthough you likely want kdm there if you're using Kubuntu06:04
roote_t_:  give me the instructions one more time please06:07
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agbi need help i already have ubuntu with gnome since last year but i decide to install kde, everything fine but  when i tried to connect with a wireless network it simply no conect i've tried with many networks but  nothing it only waiting for connection please help (PD: sorry for my english, i was in gnome for obvious rason jeje :D)06:08
e_t_Guest99213: genii says my fix won't work anymore. After a second look, s/he's probably right.06:09
geniiGuest99213:  You can generate an xorg.conf by: logout to gdm ... choose "console login" as session type. Once logged into console, stop X: sudo stop gdm         then generate a new xorg: sudo X -configure       then copy it to where it should be: sudo mv xorg.conf.new /etc/X11      then restart gdm: sudo start gdm06:09
Guest99213ok ty06:10
e_t_agb: is the network you are trying to connect to password protected? Did you enter the password?06:11
jacquesdupontdhey guys06:12
jacquesdupontdim sorry to be asking that but i'm trying to add xinerama to an xorgserver X11 that has built without it06:13
jacquesdupontdhow can i do that ? am i obliged to recompile ?06:13
agbyes i've written the password of each network but never connect there is something i didn't say: kde can connect with a cable network only the wireless have problems :S06:14
e_t_agb: If you log into the Gnome desktop, does it work right?06:16
BugsbaneAnyone know what version of Koffice will be in Kubuntu 10.04? Feature freeze is today and it's still at 2.0.2, while even Kubuntu 9.10 has Koffice 2.1...06:19
agbyes in gnome there is no problem, i don't think that the  problem is a driver because in kde the network manager find the wireless networks but even when i select one and in the new window i put the net info there is still waiting for connection and never connect06:19
e_t_agb: Hmm. I researched your problem, and a few people on the forums suggest trying wicd (sudo apt-get install wicd).06:23
agbi can install it in gnome and no problem?06:24
agbso when i have installed it i log in kde06:25
e_t_wicd does not depend on any desktop. you could use it in kde, gnome, xfce...06:25
agbthanks!!!!!!! :D06:25
e_t_agb: http://wicd.sourceforge.net/06:26
agbooo i was in kde jeje thanks e_t_06:33
navetzhey guys, i currently have a server that is running fairly slow. How do I find out what is causing it to bog down? I want to know if its the internet connection, or perhaps enough ram, or not enough processing power.06:38
DarkriftXwhat handles edge snapping? wm? dm? win decorator?07:02
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nikhil_hi guys, is synaptic package manager available for kubuntu 9.10? I tried searching software manager but i only get synaptic pointing device drivers07:16
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DarkriftXsudo apt-get install synaptic07:21
DarkriftXwill do it07:21
DarkriftXbut i think it came installed by default07:22
Speedy2Anyone using digikam 1.10 with KDE 4.4 SC ?07:55
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vbgunzfellas I really hope this isn't too long but in Konqueror 4.4 I get 5 certificate checks for this link on wiredmagazine http://www.wired.com/gadgetlab/2010/02/e-readers-innovations-2010/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed:+wired/index+(Wired:+Index+3+(Top+Stories+2))&utm_content=Google+Feedfetcher08:52
vbgunzwhy so many, one time I got 1208:52
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Sirconisnewbie question: Is kubuntu basically a different UI for ubuntu, kinda like a skin? Can it be applied over an existing ubuntu installation without losing anything?09:02
oinkoinkoinkSupppp guys09:16
amichairwill oo.o 3.2 be backported to karmic?10:04
shadeslayeramichair: maybe10:04
amichairshadeslayer: are you sure about that? :-p10:04
shadeslayeramichair: well if the developers are free enough... sure why not10:05
Mamarokamichair: maybe means exactly that, may be :)10:20
amichairMamarok: ;-)10:21
shadeslayeramichair: well do you know packaging?10:24
shadeslayeramichair: you can build packages in your PPA and then request them to be backported...10:25
shadeslayer(idk if you can do that even if you dont know packaging)10:26
starslightsmorning to everyone11:20
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GalvatronIs there any way to install KDE 4.3.x on Kubuntu 9.04, since it was removed from repos? I can;t migrate to Kubuntu 9.10 because of problems ith X.org and Compiz.11:28
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ben_qhello, which program can I use to create an iso of a video dvd? diskdump does not remove the copy-protection and the iso is thus not playable on a mediatank :(11:41
jarleis there a script that will be run when X starts no matter if I use KDE/kdm or Gnome/gdm? So far it seems like neither ~/.xinitrc or ~/.xsession is executed in a standard kubuntu startup?11:45
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Anubishi ! is anyone tried kde sc 4.4 ?12:38
AzikaCorpAnubis: yes12:38
AnubisAzikaCorp: any problems with 4.4 ?12:39
AzikaCorpwhen I reboot, my screen was black, I could only see my cursor but I was able to lauch any soft12:40
AzikaCorpAnubis: I installed plasma-desktop and plasma-desktopthemes-artwork, and no problem anymore12:42
Anubisi see. i asked because i want to know if it is ok to try it without messing my kde box12:43
Lantizia1Hey! any KDE/Firefox users here?12:45
Lantizia1I'm curious to know if when you go to a save/open dialog box - if you get a GTK/Gnome one or a Qt/KDE one12:45
AzikaCorpLantizia1: KDE one12:46
Lantizia1interesting - but it's the same Firefox package that a normal Ubuntu (gnome) user would install right?12:47
AzikaCorpLantizia1: of course ^^12:47
Lantizia1so what lets firefox know it should launch the KDE file chooser?12:48
Lantizia1or is firefox just happens to be both kde and gnome "aware" and checks itself?12:48
AzikaCorpLantizia1: there's a gnome package and a KDE package12:51
Lantizia1you just confirmed they're the same12:51
Lantizia1AzikaCorp: ?12:54
AzikaCorpLantizia1: in this case, KDE take care about that12:59
AzikaCorpLantizia1: all this is possible thanks to the modularity of linux13:01
Vgehey, is it possible again to use 3.x lookalike desktop in KDE 4.x?13:03
lalalolhi, does anyone know how to make a shortcut for the System Monitor?13:08
=== bigjools is now known as bigjools-lunch
Vgelalalol: create new link to application->application tab, "ksysguard" as command?13:26
lalaloli mean a keyboard shortcut Vge,sorry13:29
Vgelalalol: ctrl+esc ?13:34
shadowhywindhay all, i did a  bunch of upgrades a few days ago, to KDE 4.4 I believe. Now after a min the monitor goes off. Theres even time, when I am doing stuff, it will blink off for a second. Any ideas?13:34
lalalolVge, yeah, thats system activity, i want system monitor, then i can watch my cpu and swap and ram13:35
BluesKajlalalol, have you explored kmenu apps at all ...look around before asking ppl to hold your hand at every turn13:39
lalalolyes i have13:39
BluesKajthen you'll find the sytem monitor there13:41
lalaloli want a keyboard shortcut for it13:48
n8w1nghow do i print(lpr) under a different username than im logged in?13:49
Koliashadowhywind: are you sure you upgraded completely?13:52
shadowhywindKolia: I have no reasons to believe otherwise13:52
Koliashadowhywind: what does sudo apt-get upgrade says ?13:53
Koliano blocked or kept back packages?13:53
shadowhywindwell, i just ran that a few mins ago, just some firefox upgrades, which I did. So now everythings been updated, nothing held back13:54
Koliano idea then13:54
=== coaboa_ is now known as coaboa
n8w1nghow do i pass a username while printin via lpr?14:03
Vroomfondlehmmm... having added the PPA for KDE4.4, how exactly does one install it? An aptitude safe-upgrade14:16
Vroomfondledoesn't seem to list the packages I'd expect14:17
shadeslayerVroomfondle: sudo apt-get update first14:17
Vroomfondleyeah, done that14:17
Vroomfondlewill do it again to be sure14:17
shadeslayerVroomfondle: the sudo apt-get dist-upgrade14:17
VroomfondleAh, that worked. I wonder why aptitude safe-upgrade didn't do it.14:18
Vroomfondleperhaps it considers this option unsafe ;)14:18
shadeslayerVroomfondle: hmm no idea :)14:18
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=== bigjools-lunch is now known as bigjools
drostiehave recent aptitude updates broken Alt-F2 for any other users out there, or just me? :<14:42
shadeslayerdrostie: i can use krunner fine14:44
drostieshadeslayer: from alt-f2? I can use it fine from right-clicking on my desktop, but that's not the same. :<14:44
shadeslayerdrostie: try running krunner in a konsole14:45
drostieshadeslayer: that's also fine. it's the keybinding that's messed up for me.14:46
shadeslayerdrostie: oh.... K > System settings > Keyboard and mouse14:46
drostieD: i think I found part of the problem. Keys bound to "Meta" are no longer the same as keys bound to "Alt." :x14:47
n8w1ngcan i resize a swap partition without using any live cd?14:47
drostien8w1ng: presumably by using swapoff and then resizing it with gparted/qtparted.14:47
n8w1ngdrostie: ok,thx..14:48
drostieshadeslayer: yeah, I've found it in there. Basically, all of those prefs need to be changed from their defaults. :x14:48
drostiewell, actually, I think I'll just change them as I need them.14:49
n8w1ngdrostie: btw if i run free -m it shows 3 gb of memory, but ive got 4gb....runnin 64bit kubuntu...isnt it weird?14:49
drostieBut it's weird that my keyboard used to fire the keypress as Alt and is now firing it as Meta. :x14:49
drostien8w1ng: might be, might be. I'm more used to using top for the same information. but I don't know much about the backend of either.14:50
drostieIt might mean that one of four RAM chips is burned out, or something like that. :x14:51
n8w1ngdrostie: ye,the top shows 4gb14:52
n8w1ngdrostie: hmm how big should i make the swap file...a bit over 4gb rite?doesnt have to b like 5-614:53
drostien8w1ng: it really depends on the rest of the system's setup and intention.14:54
n8w1ngdrostie: heh sry i actualy forgot to mentiond what is my problme:))) i need to resize the swap file in order to enable hibernation14:54
zyxHello. I can't hear any sound with flash player, After installimg my VGA driver. (nVidia) Any ideas?14:54
drostieah. I don't know much about hibernation, myself. I *really* prefer a clean slate each time I start up my computer or web browser. I hate having the persistent mess. :x14:55
n8w1ngdrostie: the file has 690mb rite now:))) a bit too little:)14:55
drostiealso, I like crypto disks too much. ^^;;14:55
drostieBut, um, yes. You'll need more space for the hibernation file than memory (virtual or real) that you plan to be using at any given time.14:56
drostieIt's usually safe to go with something like "twice RAM" or so, but if you've got big plans for those extra 4GB then you can shave a bit off of them.14:56
drostieIn general there's no exact number, as any virtual buffer you specify could one day, on hibernate, be fully allocated with stuff left in RAM. :D14:57
n8w1ngdrostie: ye thats the problem...i havent got that much(ram*2)14:57
n8w1ngdrostie: 5g's would b my top i guess14:57
drostiewell then I'd either buy a bigger hard drive or delete old data. :P14:57
drostiethe "you really don't need 30GB of porn" rule strikes again! :D14:58
n8w1ngdrostie: no way man,im not touchin my most important folder "porn"...14:58
SatManUKis there any way to extend the amount of time a user is logged in before being logged out when multiple sessions are open - if i open a second session under a new user the previous sessions logs out even if i tell it to lock15:07
v1ttuis there anyway to make konqueror suck less?15:08
shadeslayerv1ttu: install rekonq or chromium?15:09
Vgemaby by chosing a other name than a swearword as your nick?15:09
v1tturekonq is even worse than konqueror15:10
Vgekonqueror is the sole reason im sticking with KDE atm15:10
v1ttufor flash*15:10
shadeslayerv1ttu: oh wow... thats a slap on our face15:11
shadeslayerv1ttu: why would you say that rekonq sucks?15:11
v1ttuit sucks for flash15:11
|||apriori|||hm? rekonq absolutely rocks15:11
shadeslayerv1ttu: yeah im one of the people helping out rekonq :)15:11
Vgei dont use it for browsing thou15:11
shadeslayerv1ttu: do you have the flash plugin installed?15:11
v1ttuyes lol15:11
|||apriori|||well, for me it did already replace konqueror.. mostly.15:11
v1ttuits great except for flash15:12
shadeslayerv1ttu: ok then whats the problem with the flash?15:12
|||apriori|||flash.. just beat up adobe15:12
v1tturesiing youtube vids15:12
* shadeslayer wonders when the www will use html515:12
v1ttusome flash content crashes the browser15:12
shadeslayerv1ttu: hmm.. well thats a flash issue,not a rekonq issue..15:12
shadeslayerv1ttu: lemme try that out15:12
v1ttusometimes you only get audio and no video15:12
v1ttudosent happen in konqueror with the same flash tho15:13
v1tturekonq needs to mature more anyway, its only young ^^15:13
|||apriori|||actually flash should mature someday ^^15:13
|||apriori|||cpu usage of 100% for even the tiniest applications... its a joke.15:13
v1ttuits worse for me on windows tbh15:14
v1ttuflash on linux is better15:14
shadeslayerv1ttu: ok i can reproduce the issue15:14
v1ttuwhich issue?15:14
shadeslayer*but* its a flash issue15:14
shadeslayerv1ttu: resizing15:14
v1ttunope coz it works in konqueror and opera15:14
v1ttuits a rekonq issue15:15
SatManUKif we are talking about browsers, why do some sites refuse to work in ff but work in konq..15:16
v1ttudunno :(15:16
|||apriori|||SatManUK: I guess some unrare standard breakage is the cause...15:16
SatManUKmy housemate is waiting for his security licence and when you login into security licencing authority website firefox doesn't run their php15:16
SatManUKbut konqueror works fine15:17
v1ttukonqueror is pretty awful though15:17
SatManUKfor some things is better than ff....15:17
v1ttuwrong sized text boxs are pretty annoying :/15:17
SatManUKkonq reminds me of ie15:17
|||apriori|||SatManUK, v1ttu, a few months ago the topic in #khtml was "implementing mutually exclusive bugs everyday"15:17
|||apriori|||that's the sole reason why several browsers got problems and others don't15:17
SatManUKi don't get that..15:18
|||apriori|||most of the websites don't obey standards...15:18
v1ttui see15:18
|||apriori|||so any browser not implementing such actually "buggy" behaviour is doomed to fail15:18
v1ttustandards arent the problem15:18
v1ttuits bugs15:18
v1ttumostly ui15:18
FloodBotK1v1ttu: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.15:18
v1ttuand the smearing bug is really bad15:19
|||apriori|||sure, I don't say konqueror is bug free...15:19
v1ttuits the worst browser ive ever used15:19
|||apriori|||but the major problem isnt khtm, webkit or gecko.. its the god damn website designer tools like frontpage etc. that pretty much "shit" on standard compliance.15:19
v1ttui wish the kde intergrated firefox didnt break so easily15:19
ubottu#kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!15:20
|||apriori|||Pici: is the channel currently in use otherwise? no.. so its simple as "not to read" for you.15:20
Pici|||apriori|||: Nevertheless, its offtopic.  #kubuntu-offtopic or #ubuntu-offtopic would be the appropriate places to discuss.15:21
shadeslayer|||apriori|||: nope15:21
shadeslayer|||apriori|||: Pici is right15:21
SatManUKhow to prevent kde kicking out one user then a second session is opened on f9?15:22
shadeslayerSatManUK: isnt that default behaviour?15:22
shadeslayermultiple users...15:22
SatManUKbut its not working15:22
v1ttuis there anyway to fix this problem in konqueror?15:22
shadeslayerno idea then :)15:22
SatManUKI have different accounts on my laptop to keep different work seperate15:22
v1ttuthe really small text box...15:23
SatManUKpersonal login "stuart"15:23
SatManUKwork login "extreme"15:23
SatManUKlogged in as stuart, but wanna check work e-mail open a session on f9 as user "extreme" whilst i am browsing mail, "stuart" gets logged out on f715:23
shadeslayerv1ttu: the problem is with the site not konqueror imo15:23
SatManUKafter about 1 minute15:23
shadeslayer( yes this happens on many sites )15:23
v1ttuugh no15:23
v1ttuit happens in rekonq too15:24
v1ttuits a ui bug15:24
shadeslayerv1ttu: thats what im telling you ><15:24
v1tturendering ui*15:24
shadeslayerv1ttu: most of the sites support only FF or IE15:24
v1ttuwhy does it happen?15:24
rerxhi guys, has anybody of you got Digikam 1.1.0 running on Karmic with KDE 4.4?15:24
v1ttui know that but..15:24
shadeslayerv1ttu: these sites are just tested with FF and IE and nowadays chrome.. not rekonq or konqueror15:25
shadeslayerv1ttu: you can try changing the browser identification15:25
v1ttu1.0 works rerx15:25
shadeslayerv1ttu: try changing it to IE or dont send the identification at all15:25
v1ttufalse user agent doesnt work15:25
v1ttunor does no agent lol15:26
v1ttuit happens on loads of sites tho15:26
rerxv1ttu: yes, I know, but 1.0 crashes a lot, 1.1.0 mainly introduces countless bugfixes15:26
shadeslayerPici: btw is there a page for signing up on wiki.kubuntu?15:26
v1ttui see15:26
v1ttui dont use digikam much ^^15:26
Picishadeslayer: Signing up for what?15:26
shadeslayerPici: a wiki name15:27
shadeslayerPici: the problem is that when i try to Register it redirects me to a openide login which then gives me : UnknownTimeZoneError15:27
Picishadeslayer: I'm not sure, I registered on the wiki long before there was any launchpad integration, I'm not sure how it works now.15:27
rerxi tried to build it and kipi-plugins myself but it resulted in package chaos for me... and if i'm not mistaken their ppa only provides a version that works on kde 4.315:27
shadeslayerPici: http://imagebin.ca/view/U5V3RmWu.html15:28
shadeslayerPici: any ideas if i can get more help on this issue?15:29
SatManUKPici: do you know how i can resolve this time out issue so i can have mutliple users logged in on mutliple fkeys?15:29
v1ttuso i guess theres no way to make konqueror not suck........ok >_<15:29
Picishadeslayer: Er.  I'm not sure who handles the kubuntu wiki.... #kubuntu-devel or maybe #ubuntu-doc15:29
SatManUKbecause it is frustrating when one user gets kicked out15:30
SatManUKdefats the point of multiuser..15:30
shadeslayerv1ttu: um just use chromium till we replace konqueror.. or if you want kde apps only,arora15:30
v1ttuarora is too minimal15:30
v1ttusucks with flash too XD15:30
shadeslayerv1ttu: use html5+chromium15:31
v1ttualso doesnt intergrate with kde...#15:31
v1tturead above :P15:31
PiciSatManUK: I'm sorry, I don't know.  I don't actually use KDE <.<15:31
SatManUKdo are you just a console person Pici?15:32
PiciSatManUK: console and gnome.15:32
SatManUKstrange to see support for a kde distribution with people who don't use kde..15:32
geniiSatManUK: The underlying system is the same no matter the desktop15:33
v1ttuand btw shadeslayer, is rekonqs flash support handled by nsplugins?15:34
SatManUKwho is the best person to ask in here?15:35
SatManUKthe mutliuser kickout issue15:35
v1ttuwhich kde are you using?15:35
v1ttui dont have any issue like that15:35
SatManUKbut i have experienced it with kde 4.3 on other platforms15:35
v1ttuhow many accounts do you have switched?15:36
SatManUKv1ttu: do you have multiple sessions running15:36
v1ttujust 1?15:36
SatManUKjust 215:36
v1ttunot at the min no15:36
SatManUKthen you can't replicate it15:36
v1ttubut it doesnt boot anyone out when iy has15:36
SatManUKdo me a favour, create a second user on your system15:36
v1ttuthere is aleready 315:36
SatManUKlogin on f9 with the second user and just see if f7 logs out..15:37
SatManUKwell fine just login on f9 with another user15:37
v1ttukk brb15:37
SatManUKand see if it kicks you out lol15:37
SatManUKif you get kicked out we know why..15:37
ubottuInformation about registering your nickname: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#userregistration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available in #freenode15:38
v1ttui wasnt kicked15:39
v1ttui wasnt kicked if that helps but i dunno :315:42
SatManUKit did it on my several times15:42
v1ttui dont wanna see your dick15:42
v1ttuput it away :'(15:42
v1ttuhold on15:43
v1ttuwhat do ya mean by that?15:43
SatManUKmutliple x sessions15:43
SatManUKnot multiple console sessions15:43
v1ttui didnt do that15:43
SatManUKhence why you didn't get kicked lol15:43
v1ttui just switched users through the menu15:43
andreas_But i though KDE fan boys liked penis15:43
v1ttulol yea15:43
SatManUKyou mean you switched into f1>f6?15:44
v1ttudoes loving your own penis count?15:44
SatManUKa console session15:44
SatManUKandreas_: are you a girly gnome?15:44
v1ttui use switch use in the menu15:44
v1ttui dont know how to do it anyother way15:44
andreas_Kde is too shiny, it blinds me15:44
v1ttuany other*15:45
SatManUKi click start new session15:45
=== six is now known as six6
SatManUKand it opens a second session on ctrl alt f915:45
SatManUKand previous session is on ctrl alt f715:45
v1ttuwhere does it say that?15:45
SatManUKwhen you click leave > switch user15:45
v1ttuill try15:46
SatManUKKickoff > Leave > Swtich User > Lock Session and start a new one on Ctrl Alt F915:46
geniiandreas_: Stop trolling15:46
v1ttui still dont get kicked15:48
sateHow do I get compiz working15:48
satelike what respos do I download, and getting it to actually work etc15:48
v1ttugenii andreas justs wants to see your penis...15:48
SatManUKhow long did you give it?15:48
SatManUK90 seconds?15:48
v1ttulike 30 seconds15:48
SatManUKi think it must be a couple of minutes..15:49
geniiv1ttu:  Also, please stop helping to feed them15:49
SatManUKwhen i have finished what i am doing i will time it15:49
v1ttuok ill try again...15:49
v1ttufeeding who?15:49
sateHow do I get compiz working15:49
SatManUKv1ttu: stop egging on andreas_15:49
SatManUKthat what genii means15:49
SatManUKv1ttu: are you doing anything imoportant in this session aside from irc?15:50
v1ttustill doesnt kick me15:51
v1ttui dont have any eggs15:51
v1ttuits not easter :)15:51
v1ttunot really15:52
SatManUKv1ttu: did you keep switching back15:52
SatManUKv1ttu: open irc in the other session15:52
SatManUKand leave this session unattended15:52
v1ttui just quit the other session x(15:52
SatManUKlets see how long it is before it kicks you out15:52
SatManUKits unattended quits i am talking about15:53
SatManUKif i get carried away working on session 2 - i don't monitor session 1 for a while15:53
v1ttuok well its still the same thing we usually use and that never quits15:53
v1ttuwe just dont use f9 and f7 to switch15:53
wizkoderI found one thing that is really annoying. When I klick the Shutdown button and then close my laptop it will go to sleep instead of shutting down :-(((16:02
=== mgagne is now known as wftl
v1ttudisable it in power manager16:02
wizkoderThe machanics are wrong I guess16:03
wizkoderIt has to check if its already shutting down16:03
wizkoderdisabling it is not a real solution16:03
v1ttuif you leave the lid open and click shutdown, what does it do?16:03
wizkoderit shuts down16:03
v1ttuthen disabling it in power manager should fix it16:03
olaf__hi all i comming from germany, i littel engl..16:04
v1ttugutten tag :P16:04
olaf__hallo vittu16:05
v1ttuhallo olaf16:05
v1ttuwizkoder did you try disabling sleep in power manager?16:05
wizkoderbut i think its cool when i close it that it goes to sleep16:06
v1ttu<wizkoder> I found one thing that is really annoying. When I klick the Shutdown button and then close my laptop it will go to sleep instead of shutting down :-(((16:06
wizkoderRead carefully. I klick shutdown so I want it to shutdown. But then I close the laptop so its not shutting down anymore. It goes to sleep16:07
v1ttumy mistake16:07
v1ttujust make it go blank or something?16:08
wizkoderits an ubuntu 9.10 bug16:08
wizkodersame as sound is stopping to work every once in a while16:09
v1ttui dont get that bug...16:09
v1ttuor that one..16:09
wizkoderthe bug is: when an action concerning power is clicked it has to check if there in another already running. very simple16:10
v1ttuif i click shutdown and close the lid, it shuts down16:10
v1ttuand i havent disabled sleep mode16:10
wizkoderso its even worse. its different on different machines :-(16:11
wizkoderSame for the sound issue16:11
v1ttulol its linux16:12
v1tturandom as16:12
wizkoderI can't take that. Because it was working perfect in 8.1016:12
v1ttucant take?16:13
wizkoderIts not about linux. Its about ubuntu16:13
v1ttuubuntu is linux duh :P16:14
wizkodera little bit more I would say :-)16:14
Hellmark[S10e]Anyone having issues with KDE 4.4 just freezing up on them?16:15
v1ttudo you use kwin?16:15
v1ttuwhat graphics card?16:15
v1ttuim using gma945 with no problems16:16
geniiwizkoder: The file responsible for what action occurs16:16
Hellmark[S10e]GMA950 here.16:17
geniiis /etc/acpi/lid.sh16:17
v1ttukubuntu version?16:17
darthanubisbug #201116:17
v1ttuim using 9.1016:17
genii!lucid | Hellmark[S10e]16:18
ubottuHellmark[S10e]: Lucid Lynx is the codename for Ubuntu 10.04, due April 2010 - Lucid is NOT released and is NOT stable - Discussion and support only in #ubuntu+116:18
Hellmark[S10e]I was using karmic, till an app I use needed packages only in lucid16:18
geniiHellmark[S10e]: #ubuntu+1 is also #kubuntu+116:18
Hellmark[S10e]genii, asking in there16:21
Hellmark[S10e]I've been using Debian Sid for years, and just trying kubuntu on my netbook, and I've never had sid be as unstable as ubuntu's unstable.16:22
geniiHellmark[S10e]: Lucid is more like Experimental   than Unstable16:23
v1ttuits beta16:23
wizkodergenii: I am reading that acpi file. As I am not a bash coder its a little bit difficult for me16:23
Hellmark[S10e]v1ttu, is there anything more akin to sid?16:27
Tm_Tv1ttu: actually Lucid is still alpha (:16:28
wizkoderHow can I say that when I close the lid it shuts down?16:32
v1ttualpha beta, it still aint a stable release now is it?16:33
wizkoderIs it okay to change the /etc/acpi/events/lidbtn that it calls /etc/acpi/power.sh ?16:37
wizkoderOr is there a better way to achive shutting down when I close the computer?16:38
v1ttudisable sleep....16:39
wizkoderfound it16:43
andreas_You'd think so but you'd be wrong.16:50
Hellmark[S10e]v1ttu, personally, I prefer a more advanced release than stable releases. I am used to Debian, where it isn't uncommon for stable to be a year or more out of date from the stable releases from the individual projects. In a desktop environment, having something be even a few weeks out of date is often annoying or problematic. If say that a issue pops up in pidgin due to a server side change, do you really want to do without until16:53
Hellmark[S10e] it gets tested and pushed through, even though pidgin already has a stable release with that issue fixed?16:53
SatManUKyahoo is the worst for that16:54
Hellmark[S10e]SatManUK, yeah16:57
Hellmark[S10e]they offer shitty ass support for a platform, but don't want other to do the job for them16:58
v1ttudebian is horrible16:59
anoneemousehi, I have some vob files and i want to merge them into one video and compress them... can anyone give help, advice, tips?17:02
darthanubisanoneemouse: google17:04
darthanubis!language | Hellmark[S10e]17:04
ubottuHellmark[S10e]: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.17:04
anoneemousedarthanubis: tried that... maybe im searching for the wrong thing but im not finding anything useful17:04
darthanubisanoneemouse: #kubuntu-offtopic17:05
rohdefhow am I supposed to show detailed hard drive-informations in Kubuntu? My logic says right click the usb drive in Dolphin and select properties, except properties ain't there ;)17:05
darthanubisrohdef: then you have bigger problems because I have a properties17:08
rohdefdarthanubis, in the panel in the left side?17:08
anoneemousei don't have properties either17:09
SatManUKrohdef: on the right click at the bottom17:09
rohdefdarthanubis, it only had some safely remove, hide and add features when I right click17:09
bazhanganoneemouse, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=126166 this what you had in mind for burning vob to dvd?17:10
anoneemousethanks bazhangm ill have a look17:10
rohdefSatManUK, ok, helped but didn't show the info I need :p is parted and similar tools the only way to reveal what type of partitions the disk has?17:10
anoneemouserohdef: on the commandline you can type df17:11
SatManUKwell you can use partition manager to detail filesystems and partitions17:12
rohdefanoneemouse, it don't reveal the partition type, only size, usage and such. Problem is that I know too many commands :p (I'm a konsole junkie), but I want to know the gui tools too, since a lot of people hate me when I start with the commandline17:12
SatManUKdoes kubuntu have sysinfo:/17:13
rohdefSatManUK, by partition manager are you referring to qtparted?17:13
anoneemouseit would be nice if the properties were in that right click menu... you should post it on kde brainstorm rohdef :)17:14
anoneemousei have kde partition manager.... works like a charm but takes about 20 minutes just to load17:14
rohdefanoneemouse, if you give me a link I'd add it instantly17:14
darthanubisit is in the rt-click17:14
SatManUKi would say yes17:14
anoneemousewhats your dolphin version darthanubis17:14
jarleis there a script that will be run when X starts no matter if I use KDE/kdm or Gnome/gdm? So far it seems like neither ~/.xinitrc or ~/.xsession is executed in a standard kubuntu startup?17:14
darthanubis1.4 kde4.417:15
anoneemousethats what i have darthanubis, but it doesnt show for me17:15
rohdefdarthanubis, are you right-clicking the same place we talk about? We're not talking about right clicking the folder directly or in the blank space of the folder, but on the quick shortcuts on the left of the window in the default setup17:15
rohdefdarthanubis,  ah never version, on the beta?17:16
rohdefdarthanubis, beta/alfa/pre release, whatever :p017:16
darthanubisI would have never thought to click where it properties are not supposed to appear17:16
rohdefdarthanubis, it's a logical place to have them, where you got a list of your removable devices, partitions etc.17:17
anoneemouseagree with rohdef17:17
darthanubisIf I want nautiluis I'll use anutilus17:18
anoneemousewhats anutilus?17:18
darthanubisanoneemouse: it looks liek nautilus but it aint17:20
rohdefdarthanubis, who the f*** would want that ugly and annoying thing?17:20
anoneemousei used to kinda like nautilus17:20
rohdefblast :p sorry for the insult17:21
darthanubissomeone looking for properties to a folder in the quickview17:21
anoneemousei havent used it for years... np17:21
rohdefdarthanubis, where most users probably will find it logical?17:22
darthanubisyou conducted a poll?17:22
rohdefdarthanubis, "most likely" hints that it's an assumption17:22
anoneemouseyou dont need a poll... its logical17:23
djnick89help me please17:23
djnick89im trying get kde to work not work 4 me ksplashx: double free or corruption (out)17:23
darthanubislogical because you fail to understand quick does not entail detailed?17:23
darthanubis!details | djnick8917:23
ubottudjnick89: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."17:23
=== orion_ is now known as Guest85064
djnick89ubuntu 9.1017:23
anoneemouseokay... so what other logocal place would you put it then?17:24
darthanubisanoneemouse: where they are now17:24
anoneemousewhich is where?17:24
darthanubisanoneemouse: you still don't know?17:25
darthanubisI thought we were pass that17:25
rohdefdarthanubis, but even though most users might find it more logical to use it as it is, is that really a reason not to also have it the other place to ease the work for the rest17:25
djnick89im using ubuntu 9.1017:25
djnick89and using vnc17:26
anoneemousethe idea is that your right clicking on a device, getting the properties of that device makes perfect logical sense... and no were not past that17:26
darthanubisrohdef: you don't know what most users would wnt. And this is a topic for #kubuntu-offtopic17:27
darthanubismove ti there17:27
djnick89i log in and sceeen funny17:27
rohdefdarthanubis, I just got confirmed that the logic anoneemouse and I have is the same in Windows, you can do it, and if I remember correctly mac does the same17:28
darthanubisrohdef: you don't know what most users would wnt. And this is a topic for #kubuntu-offtopic17:28
rohdefdarthanubis, two things 1, haven't said so, but I assume a lot, 2 you aren't in there17:28
darthanubisrohdef: #kubuntu-offtopic17:28
darthanubisdonn't be a troll17:28
darthanubisthis is support17:29
djnick89any one help me please17:29
darthanubis!ask | djnick8917:29
ubottudjnick89: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)17:29
anoneemouserohdef: post it on the brainstorm forum please: http://forum.kde.org17:29
darthanubisdjnick89: notice how it says ONE line17:29
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)17:29
djnick89!ask i put new kde and not working ksplashx: double free or corruption17:31
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)17:31
darthanubisdjnick89: what are you doing?17:31
ubottuThe people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines17:31
djnick89im try put kde in17:32
eagles0513875darthanubis: why did you send anoneemouse to kubuntu-offtopic he was looking for a video editing program17:34
mr-S^b43djnick89 : lets start with the basics : Which Kubuntu version are you running now ? 2. Have you upgraded or made a clean install ?17:34
darthanubiseagles0513875: you can't read the topic either? This aint the videoediting program forum. It is for support. He can poll for his query in offtopic and #ubuntu-bots17:35
bazhangdarthanubis, it was a legitimate question17:36
eagles0513875darthanubis: hes more likely to get help from this channel then in offtopic17:36
darthanubiseagles0513875: why do you care to ask? If you have suggstions to give him, do so, but in the correct channel is all?17:36
ahoxdarthanubis: and one of the support part is what programms are available in kubuntu...17:36
darthanubisbazhang: no it was not17:36
anoneemousedarthanubis: is it necesary to be so rude?17:36
darthanubisahox: that is polling17:36
bazhangdarthanubis, sure it was.17:36
ubottuUsually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.17:36
darthanubisbazhang: hardly17:36
KiRiLoSHow can i completely remove printer applet?Kubuntu 9.10 kde 4.4 thanks17:36
bazhangdarthanubis, asking how to burn vob to dvd is most certainly ON topic17:37
darthanubisanoneemouse: it was rude to get you to people who could better assist you in the correct channel?17:37
anoneemousei wasn't refering to that... your attitude just seems rude in general17:37
darthanubisweird definition of rude, or wearing feels on sleeve17:37
darthanubisanoneemouse: rude  in what sense?17:37
eagles0513875his question was legit question for this channel17:38
darthanubisuh oh, this is OT again17:38
* eagles0513875 shakes head and walks away17:38
* darthanubis applauds17:40
anoneemousei was just making an observation... take it, leave it, whatever17:40
darthanubisanoneemouse: I left it 100 lines back17:40
anoneemouseyou act like a civil servant... i don't get it17:40
* eagles0513875 thinks to self that is no way to treat people who were asking a legitimate question for the channel17:41
ahoxanoneemouse: just ignore him. What was your original question again?17:42
anoneemouseit's cool ahox. KDENlive seems to be working :)17:42
eagles0513875ahox: i helped him out17:43
eagles0513875he was looking for a video editing program17:43
ahoxanoneemouse: ah ok, yes, that's a good one17:43
eagles0513875the only one i know is that one17:43
rohdefanoneemouse, added it there now :) and then no reason to discus it further in here. Even though I don't like darthanubis way of handling it, he has a point, it's off topic17:43
anoneemousecan you pm me the link rohdef so i can vote on it?17:44
ahoxthere is also qdvdauthor17:45
mr-S^b43anyone own a Nokia E71 and got calendar/conatct syncing running with it ?17:47
npad|homehi, I accidently deleted network icon from panel. I cant seem to find where to restore that18:09
vbgunzI have my computer set to suspend every 60 minutes. it works. But, upon resuming from that, 30 seconds or so back into the session, it suspends again. whats happening?18:09
kevalvalaubuntu is great18:13
daskreechDoes anyone know of a PPA with rekonq 0.4 beta?18:20
bazhangoinly see ppa for 0.3 daskreech18:22
daskreechwhich version of 0.3 ?18:22
nasrullahwhich netbook is the best for kubuntu?18:26
nasrullahthank you and can you give me the edition  please.....18:27
goodtimemini 11018:28
npad|homeI was deleting some icons on the tray panel and realized i deleted network management ... and have tried and tried without any luck bringng it back18:29
npad|homehowwwww do I do it18:29
npad|homekubuntu is strange18:29
npad|homeand its widgets doesnt work, when I click the star next to the icons to add widget, I see nothing18:30
npad|homeno widget is added18:30
npad|homeplease someone explain this to me18:30
goodtimeasus would be good too18:30
goodtimebroken os18:31
=== EagleScreen is now known as Guest59512
npad|homespent an hour trying to understand 'widget' when I dont even see anything adding to the panel18:31
goodtimeits in the top right corner18:32
npad|homeyes I tried that too18:32
=== EagleSn is now known as EagleScreen
goodtimeidk what to tell ya then18:32
goodtimewidget are unnessesary thoe18:33
npad|homefor example, when i click "Comic Strip" widget from "Add Widgets" window, then click to add, all I see is "Folder VIew" window box... whatttt18:34
goodtimei couldnt tell ya18:34
OxymoronI have a question, the plasmoid Daisy (The dockstation that works kind of macstylish ....), anyway does anybody know if I can replace plasma panel with that one? I want it to autohide after three seconds like you cannot setup in plasma panel at all. Then I would like windows to cover it when possible at the same time and if you point the mouse pointer like tree seconds on the bottom then it hsould appear, not else because some18:36
Oxymoronapps use the lower level of the window, like Konversation. I dont want the panel to popup if I dont want to if you know what I mean :P18:36
rethusjhave no java in my firefox.18:38
rethushow can i easy install it on kubuntu 9.1018:38
rethusjava6-jre is installed18:39
npad|homeu mean the java plugin?18:39
Armi^rethus: or do you mean flash?18:40
goodtimegoto the ubuntu softwear center and type  java in the search18:40
goodtimelook under internet18:41
rethusgoodtime there is no internet on kpackagekit18:41
Picirethus: you need to install the sun-java6-plugin package   for the browser plugin.18:41
rethusor u mean synaptic18:41
=== Armi^ is now known as Walter
=== Walter is now known as Guest15665
goodtimeoic rethus sorry18:43
OxymoronAnyone please? :)18:43
Hellmark[S10e]Oxymoron, you can remove the stock panel and use daisy instead, but as far as the the other, you'd have to set up a mouse corner for showing the desktop to access it18:44
rethusPici great, thanks it works18:44
Picirethus: yay18:45
rethusbut other question. on firefox i got a notification if i start https-page with no valid certificat... before i could accept it forever.. but now the option is allways grayed out18:45
OxymoronHellmark[S10e]: How to do that then? For the moment dasiy only works if I show desktop? I want it to work even if windows are covered over dock panel? Then I wonder if you possible know if its possible to switch places on the icons in the bar? I want the KDe Lancelot app launcher to be on the most left side and not in the middle :P18:45
rethusso i have to check everytime the certificate an accept it.18:45
Hellmark[S10e]Oxymoron, go to the system settings, and see about having a mouse event, or something of that nature to show the desktop.18:47
Hellmark[S10e]I'm not in KDE right now, so I can't really tell you much more18:48
Hellmark[S10e]version of KDE I have installed locks up after a few minutes18:48
OxymoronHellmark[S10e]: But NOOOO, that screen thing sucks and the setting reset every time you logout on KDE ... :P Or the screen edges action itself rocks, but the settingsare not persisent for the moment ... And I dont want to show desktop on screen edge, I want the plasmoid? :S WHy cannot a plasmoid dock like the plasma panel? :S18:49
=== orion_ is now known as Guest79691
OxymoronHellmark[S10e]: I really like Daisy, its awesome and should replace panel totally if you ask me :P It has more features than Apple users also I think. The most awesome is that you can setup the autohiding to dissapear after x seconds, which I miss in the regular panel which autohides WAAAAAAAY to fast :P18:51
=== fale_ is now known as fale
Hellmark[S10e]Oxymoron, I love daisy too. use it myself when KDE is working.18:51
rethuswhich is a nice programm to edit pdf-files?18:52
rethusmaybe with gui18:52
OxymoronThen I ALSO wonder if anyone knows if you can get your hands on the Avant theme that looks absolutely beautiful? :O18:52
OxymoronHellmark[S10e]: I think I might would like Apple OS X, the dock thing really is nice :) I dont know if Daisy is more sofisticated though or not :P But Mac OS sucks in other areas, so I think KDE 4.4 is better :P18:53
Oxymoronrethus: I dont know if Okular can, but thats a good pdf-viewer. Or else you get Adobe Acrobat?18:53
rethusnot viewing18:53
Hellmark[S10e]Oxymoron, glad you like 4.418:55
=== paolo is now known as paoligno
paolignoHi. how can I set a custom name for the window of a specific application?18:59
daskreechnpad|home: Got the widget thing explained?19:00
OxymoronHellmark[S10e]: Yeah overall usage is very good, but has some minor "bugs" missing implementations like a working Akonadi in Kmail and together with Nepomuk. I have been struggling with Akonadi and its impossible to get it work with Kmail ... even if it works itself sort of speak. Then the sceen edges actions does not save settings in systemsettings permanent, just temporarly which sort of sucks. Then if you dont use Oxygen as19:00
OxymoronWindow Decorator for Kwin the window tab feature does not work. I want to use Avant or Crystal theme/decorator becase I dont like Oxygen.19:00
FloodBotK1Oxymoron: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.19:00
npad|homedaskreech, no19:00
Hellmark[S10e]Oxymoron, for me, it freezes after a few minutes use.19:00
npad|homeIm trying to launch wifi manually19:00
npad|homebut its not working. thats why I hate automatic systems19:00
daskreechnpad|home: Which Widget Are you trying to add?19:00
npad|homenetwork manager19:01
npad|homeI accidently deleted it19:01
npad|homefrom task panel19:01
daskreechKDE 4.3 or 4.4 ?19:01
npad|homecant remember if its 4.3 or 4.419:01
[-Haza-]Hey guys. Has anyone else had problems with Flash and after a couple of hours of playing the sound starts to stutter non-stop?19:01
[-Haza-]Its ahppening on two computers i have with 9.1019:02
daskreechnpad|home: 4.3 then if you don't know19:02
daskreech You dragged networkmanager to the panel?19:02
npad|homeyes I believe so19:02
OxymoronHellmark[S10e]: What freeezes?19:02
OxymoronHellmark[S10e]: Btw, for me Crystal Kwin style does render faster than Oxygen style does, so KDE works much faster strange enough with Crystal even if it has more eyecandy :D19:03
npad|homedaskreech, so how do I add back the network icon to the panel19:03
daskreechnpad|home: what happened when you dragged it back to the panel?19:04
Hellmark[S10e]Oxymoron, KDE apparently. it stops responding to all input, but the system as a whole is still working.19:04
npad|homeI thought it should be simple enough, but apparently I cant find anywhere in the system window to do that, nor use 'add widget'19:04
Hellmark[S10e]if I use other desktops, it works fine.19:04
npad|homeah let me try that19:04
daskreechHellmark[S10e]: Using kwin?19:04
Hellmark[S10e]daskreech, yes.19:04
daskreechLike the windows are there but don't respond to anything?19:05
OxymoronHellmark[S10e]: Yeah that happens me to sometimes. PLasma-desktop AND Kwin freezes totally if you change settings for Kwin, theme and so on multiple times and if youre lucky you can get a terminal. I owuld like starting processes when you do ctrl+esc, why isnt that implemented like Windows has, and even logout and switch user? :S19:06
Hellmark[S10e]windows are there, but type on the keyboard, or try to use the trackpad, but nada. Can't drop to console.19:06
OxymoronYeah same problem for me :S Everything just freeze19:08
npad|homedaskreech, which widget configures the network?19:09
npad|homeit doesnt seem obvious19:09
npad|homeand dragging the widgets onto desktop works19:09
OxymoronHellmark[S10e]: Not sure if its KDE or Kubuntu/Ubuntu related crash/bug :P19:10
Hellmark[S10e]Oxymoron, what do you do to fix it?19:10
daskreechnpad|home: You can drag them anywhere in theory19:11
daskreechonto panels, Off panels, In KDE 4.4 into the Systray19:12
OxymoronHellmark[S10e]: EH if I even can do something I do alt+f2 and get the konsole or run command directly and FIRST start Kwin because both plasma-desktop and kwin crashes at the same time, lol ... Or I use ctrl+alt+f* to switch X-session If that even works ... If not anything of those works I just turn off computer and login again :P19:12
daskreechHellmark[S10e]: do you know how to jump to a virtual Terminal?19:12
=== jtheuer_ is now known as jtheuer
npad|homedaskreech, I mean, the wifi network interface. it used to be on panel by default19:14
Hellmark[S10e]daskreech, you mean like control alt and F119:14
daskreechHellmark[S10e]: Yes19:14
OxymoronBtw, Intel audio problems once again since last backport update ... WHY DOES THEY break those packages, I dont understand :S Weird is that Kaffeine and Amarok which uses Phonon works anyway, but VLC, Flash PLayer and so on does not work :S19:15
daskreechnpad|home: Yeah you can throw it back there19:15
Hellmark[S10e]daskreech, when it locks up like that, doesn't respond when I try to do that.19:15
daskreechHellmark[S10e]: oh ok not the issue I was thinking of19:15
daskreechHellmark[S10e]: If you have another computer ssh in and kill kwin to see if that's causing it (kwin will be using like 99% of your CPU)19:16
npad|homedaskreech, problem is, what is it called? It isnt "Network Manager" which I thought19:16
Hellmark[S10e]daskreech, will have to try that later.19:16
daskreechIf that's it The kwin guys will be very happy to get your report It's been a bug since KDe 4.0 Thought that it was killed in KDE 4.3 if its not they will want to know. iT's a race condition19:16
Hellmark[S10e]this is happening on my netbook, which I mostly use when I am not home.19:17
daskreechnpad|home: It will be by KDE 4.519:17
npad|homedaskreech, I think you have the wrong person for kde 4.5 thing19:17
npad|homeIm looking for the name of the icon that configures wifi19:18
npad|homeNetwork manager isnt it19:18
Oxymorondaskreech: Btw, do you know what features KDE5 will have if there will be any? :P I thought KDE should be stable with KDE 4.3, but not even 4.4 is enough stable ... I think you have to wait for KDE 4.5 anyway :D19:18
daskreechnpad|home: I'm saying it should be named better by KDE 4.5 It's a playground project for 4.3 and 4.419:18
npad|homeah ok19:18
Esmareldasee u later roller skater19:18
daskreechOxymoron: KDE5 will be decided when Qt5 ships. When the KDE team sees what that can do they will have a target Feature list19:19
npad|homeanyway, if you're on Kubuntu can you please look at what the wireless icon on your tray is called19:19
npad|homeI cant find the icon in the widget menu19:19
Oxymorondaskreech: Alright, but in theory then if ypoure looking on the web, society, peoples behavior in different mobile and desktop platforms and so on, what do you think KDE5 will focus on? :P Will we get some kind of 3D and Internet interaction with the OS maybe? :D That would be aweseom to take "The cube" one step longer and make everything in 3D :D19:21
daskreechOxymoron: We have that with KDE4 now19:21
daskreechWell not everything in 3D that's plain stupid19:21
paolignoHi. how can I set a custom name for the window of a specific application?19:22
ubuntuafter installing ubuntu on my pc (windows is also installed -> games) i get the "Disk boot failure, insert system disk and press enter" error, how can i restore the windows bootloader?19:23
Oxymorondaskreech: Yeah, I know we have the cube and so on now ;) But I guess Internet/web will be totally interacted with our computers in the future :P I hope for more hybrid protocols like Phonon though so everything just works flawless :)19:23
Hellmark[S10e]this is happening on my netbook, which I mostly use when I am not home.?19:23
daskreechIf it was flawless it would be boring :)19:24
Hellmark[S10e]daskreech, out of curiousity, what is the issue you know of with kwin freezing19:24
daskreechHellmark[S10e]: The one I was talking about near as I can guess is Qpixelbuffer bug with Qt I haven't been able to track it down yet19:25
daskreech So you are clicking and typing and it's ahppeneing it's just not getting drawn on the screen19:25
Hellmark[S10e]yeah, I don't think that is what's going on, because dropping to a console should be independent of that, since you're stepping outside of the X server.19:26
daskreechYep if you are getting the input actually being blocked then it's a resource starvation issue or something is crashng the kernel19:28
Oxymorondaskreech: Flawless would be good so I dont have to take time bug searching and being interupted in my work all the time because of app and system crashes19:29
daskreechyou should still be able to ssh into the box even if it's resource starved (since that's reserverd already) and fix it but that gives you an idea as to what you are looking for19:29
daskreechOxymoron: oh no crashes are bad. Crashes shouldn't happen19:29
Oxymorondaskreech: Well some minor feature and config misses is okay if it does not break something or really annoy you :P Then you could look forward for the next release ;) But as you said, crashes are not good, neither is plane crashes :D19:30
daskreechI think losing 3 hours worth of work is not really comparable with wiping out a family line19:31
npad|homeanyone here work with webcams or use them with Kubuntu?20:08
npad|homedaskreech, btw, finally found the icon for wlan/eth0 interface, it is "System Tray" icon from widgets. d-oh20:09
npad|homethat wasn't too clear for me, Im not used to kubuntu20:09
EagleScreennpad|home: no good KDE apps for webcams until I know20:11
EagleScreenyou might want to use cheese20:12
npad|homeI have ekiga it looks fine, but once I connect using h264, the video quality is very very poor from other end20:12
daskreechnpad|home: Ah of course :)20:12
npad|homeit is same with youtube, and other flash based engines20:13
daskreechnpad|home: What are you looking for from webcam apps?20:13
npad|homeI am interested in joining dev team to help improve quality of webcam on flash based apps20:13
npad|homeI've worked on embedded linux devices dealing with v4l20:14
npad|homeI am deaf by the way, so I developed video phone using webcam on embedded system20:15
daskreechnpad|home: http://wm161.net/2009/12/29/webcams-in-phonon/20:16
npad|homedaskreech, are you a Qt developer?20:17
daskreechnpad|home: Comments are interesting and his blog is interesting. You can follow up with either avenue that interests you20:17
daskreechNo that wuld be #qt :)20:17
npad|homeIve written in 4.3 and 4.4 for Qt embedded. it is very nice UI20:17
npad|homeoh and 4.5 with its webkit improved20:18
OxymoronHoly *********************************, everyone should install awn-window-manager, its freaking awesome and far away better than daisy and also have its own applets and a popuptemrina in the panel even :O I really want Awn/Avant themeas well :O20:18
daskreech4.6 is nice improvements but a lot of bugs :(20:18
=== dac is now known as Hristina
npad|homefor each 4.6.x theres bug fixes, so for final release of 4.6.x where x is final number it should be clean20:19
otswimhello, i'm on kde and my micro doesn't work; could someone help me with it?20:23
daskreechThat's the idea. Bt yes Qt overall is very very nice20:23
npad|homedaskreech, thanks for the link20:27
npad|homeim going over them, Im really interested20:27
npad|homehopefully get started on multiconference SIP based20:28
daskreechnpad|home: he's a good person to contact20:28
npad|homeI dont see anything like that for linux, do you?20:28
daskreechAsteri ?20:28
npad|homeI have many deaf friends who have asked for this feature - multiconference to see everyone same time , aka 'Brady Bunch'20:28
npad|homeAsterix? the telephony api?20:29
npad|homeor Asterix and Obelix? lol20:29
=== villemv is now known as villemv_fake
daskreechyes it should have SIP support20:29
daskreechWell Obelix could just throw everyone into the same room :)20:30
xarewarSPANISH ¿?¿?¿?20:30
npad|homeok you mean Asterisk20:30
npad|homehaha that'd solve the internet issue ;)20:31
npad|homeaka obelix throwing everyone into a room20:31
npad|homeanyway, asterisk and v4l api, hmm20:31
daskreech!es | xarewar20:32
ubottuxarewar: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.20:32
npad|homedaskreech, are you one of the ops here?20:32
npad|hometho you arent marked20:33
daskreechWhat would you like an op for?20:33
daskreechNo ops are marked20:33
npad|homeyou came in answering everyones questions i was like wtf an angel came and rescued me20:33
npad|homeyou sem to know a lot about kde stuff, so I had to ask.20:34
daskreechThat doesn't make me an op20:34
daskreechthat makes me old :)20:35
npad|homelol. Im going to run out to get iced mocha. Its a nasty habit.20:36
npad|homethen..... fire away with phonon, etc.20:37
khaije|amaltwhats the app that lets you launch programs and search in kde? it's like a gnome-do sorta thing20:37
khaije|amaltoverlays on the screen...20:37
daskreechkhaije|amalt: alt+f2 ?20:38
khaije|amaltlol ya20:38
khaije|amalti had it mapped to ctl+space and forgot what it was originally20:38
daskreechdoes that work or do you need the name?20:38
daskreechOk :020:39
khaije|amalti only thought i needed the name to install it, what is it called btw?20:39
otswimhello, i'm on kde and i'm not able to use my microphone; could someone help me with it? (the microphone works fine on windows)20:42
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daskreechkhaije|amalt: Oh wait you want it in Gnome or something?20:43
navetzcan someone help me figure out how to benchmark a server? I don't know whats causing it to be so slow.20:44
daskreechotswim: How are you using it?20:44
lexeDoes anyone know if nvidia xid errors are caused by software (driver) bugs or hardware malfunction? I'm experiencing random hard freezes, these xid errors are the last errors available in syslog.20:44
otswimdaskreech: i would like to use it on amsn. i also tried it on audacity but nothing so far20:45
daskreechnavetz: benchmark or troubleshoot?20:45
navetzdaskreech: benchmark I think. I want to know whats causing it to be so slow and to figure out what I need to upgrade (ram, cpu, internet connection)20:45
daskreechlexe: probably the driver but if you can figure what's triggering them you can check that project (#kwin for example) or check in #phoronix20:46
lexedaskreech: thx!20:46
daskreechnavetz: Check out the Phoronix Test suite20:47
daskreech!find phoronix20:47
ubottuFound: phoronix-test-suite20:47
navetzdaskreech: okay ill look into it, thank you20:47
lexedaskreech: have you encountered such errors or just read about it?20:48
khaije|amaltdaskreech: nono the kde kicker-widget thing is what i was looking for20:49
daskreechotswim: Umm tries Kmess?20:49
daskreechkhaije|amalt: Not sure what you are talking about now20:50
daskreechThe same alt+f2 ?20:50
khaije|amaltlol ya, you already answered my immediate question, i wanted to take you up on your offer to tell me what its called, is all20:50
otswimdaskreech: i thought that kopete was the messenger application for kde?20:51
daskreechit is20:51
otswimok i have to go i'll come back a bit later and tell you i that works20:52
khaije|amaltdaskreech: thx mate20:52
daskreech!hi | vicdani20:53
ubottuvicdani: Hi! Welcome to #kubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!20:53
vicdanii use gnome20:54
vicdanii'm from Brazil, so i'm sorry about my english20:55
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vicdanii use firestarter but thi icon don't show up at the icons in the top, be side the date. Is it working?20:57
daskreechvicdani: Would you like help in Portuguese ?21:01
ubottuPor favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Obrigado.21:01
paolignoHi. how can I set a custom name for the window of a specific application?21:03
daskreechvicdani: You can ask here as well I was just giving you an option :)21:04
daskreechpaoligno: I think that it would be in the Windows Specific setting in Kwin21:04
daskreechHaven't looked though21:04
Authoritydaskreech: that's just where I was looking, but I don't see anything about overriding the window title21:05
daskreechhi robertknight221:05
daskreechAuthority: I know that you can set it when you are starting the app so you can probably do that in a .desktop file21:06
khaije|amaltso there's no way to install software from krunner?21:17
daskreechkhaije|amalt: Hm ?21:17
khaije|amaltif i wanted to install kreversi, for example, is there no way to do this in krunner?21:28
khaije|amaltit seems krunner doesn't have a plugin for that, i was just wondering out loud hoping someone would contradict me :)21:29
Hellmark[S10e]khaije|amalt, you could do the full apt-get command21:30
Hellmark[S10e]gksu apt-get install kreversi21:31
Hellmark[S10e]or rather, gksudo apt-get install kreversi21:31
* khaije|amalt is trying that now21:36
khaije|amaltthat doesn't seem to work, but it's fine, just an idle curiousity21:39
khaije|amalti only just installed 9.10, it is really polished21:44
khaije|amaltlinux user for 5 years and i'm really impressed21:44
khaije|amaltwhats the sitch with ubuntu one and kubuntu? no intergration yet?21:45
james_lThey both use the same core, one has gnome, the other kde, there's also xubuntu (which I haven't played with, but has a different WM)21:46
OxymoronDoes somebody know if there is some stable release of avant window manager? :)21:48
sghRiddell: What does this mean? http://pastebin.ca/1802019  I am bulding 'kde4libs' with 'dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot -uc -b -j2'21:48
Riddellsgh: I don't know, it's not in English21:50
sghRiddell: well no :) ... I just tought that you might know since you are maintaining the kde-packages - correctly if I'm wrong:)21:52
Riddellsgh: doesn't mean I can read languages I don't know21:53
sghRiddell: ok ... How can I avoid rebuilding the package over and over again every time the compilation fails?21:55
Riddellsgh: debuild -nc21:57
sghRiddell: great ... thanks for helping.22:00
OxymoronDoes anyone know if awn window manager is available for KDE or just Gnome? :(22:04
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cbwcjwHmmm, so I'm getting annoyed by typing my password twice every time I login. First it prompts in KDM, but after I'm at the desktop it wants me to reenter my password for the KDE wallet, presumeably for my wireless settings.22:38
idbeuHey all, quick question: I've just finished installing all the updates for KDE4.4 from the Kubuntu backports server, and now it's crashing on startup (kde4init)22:39
idbeuAny ideas?22:39
TresmiusHey I've got a 64 bit system, should I get the 64-bit version of Kubuntu? Does it support everything the 32-bit version does?22:40
idbeuTresmius: I have the 64 bit version, and I haven't run into a problem yet22:40
TresmiusI remember a while ago I had trouble getting flash installed on a 64-bit version of ubuntu22:41
TresmiusDo 32-bit versions work fine too?22:41
Tresmiuson the 64-bit OS :P22:41
idbeuBelieve it or not, Flash for 64bit linux is in alpha right now22:41
idbeuI'm pretty sure I have flash on my machine, and it works.\22:42
idbeuThe 64 bit version of Flash showed up in the ppa22:43
Tresmiusa 64bit version?22:43
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djusticehm. in my chroot dir, /boot/vmlinuz has magically disappeared... how do i regenerate it?23:36
sghRiddell: The performance-patch for kde4libs is here : http://pastebin.ca/180212423:38
sghRiddell: It works real nice and smooth now. I would be happy if your would include it.23:38
cbwcjwSo I'm wondering why I have to keep manually start compositing in 4.423:40
cbwcjw(Why do people join, say hi, then leave?)23:41
Riddellsgh: well, it's hassle for me and I could just wait until 4.4.1 comes out which we'll be packaging anyway.  I can upload it but only if it's minimal hassle which would mean you adding it to our packaging, do you know how or want me to show you how?23:43
sghRiddell: yeah that would be real nice.... is it a long procedure ?23:45
Riddellsgh: nope, join us in #kubuntu-devel for the secrets of the ninjas23:45
sghRiddell: :D23:45
ni1sIs ahoxtherre23:49
ni1sIs there any way to "alt+tab" between channels in quassel?23:49
cbwcjw!hi | n8w1ng23:51
ubottun8w1ng: Hi! Welcome to #kubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!23:51
n8w1ngconsider the followin configuration: 4gb of ram,kubuntu 64bit, 4.65gb of swap...would u say that suspend to disk is gonna work?23:52
cbwcjw!hi | arturo23:54
ubottuarturo: Hi! Welcome to #kubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!23:54
arturoThank you23:55
robin0800ni1s: if the all chats has focus you can use the arrow keys23:57
ni1srobin0800: focus? how do you mean?23:59

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