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lfaraonedoctormo: it seems Ground Control depends (in code, not in deps) on NetworkManager. Is that intentional/required? If so, I'll make the change, otherwise, I'll file the bug.02:59
lifelesslfaraone: I'd file it as a bug; folk without NM may well want GC, so it should be soft.03:01
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pooliehttps://code.edge.launchpad.net/~nmb/bzr/mkdir-recursive-253529/+merge/19488 has no diff despite being hours old06:10
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thumperpoolie: corrupt branch or it oopsed creating the diff I guess07:33
thumperpoolie: uh, nothing in the branch?07:33
thumperhttps://code.edge.launchpad.net/~nmb/bzr/mkdir-recursive-253529 not been pushed to07:34
bialixhi, I have a question about teams and bugs08:13
bialixin qbzr we want to set the qbzr-bugs team to be able triaging bugs08:13
bialixand we have restricted qbzr-dev core team which is owner of code and releases08:14
bialixthere is Driver (on main page) and also Bug supervisor (on bugs page)08:15
bialixshould we set qbzr-bugs to be driver and/or bug supervisor?08:15
pooliehey bialix08:16
pooliebug supervisor i think08:16
bialixhi poolie! thanks08:17
twbapport is supposed to be the ubuntu equivalent of reportbug, right?08:20
twbI'm trying to work out how to actually provide a problem report.  "apport-cli apport" wants to "S: Send report (1.6 KiB)" before I even say anything08:21
poolietwb: is this after a crash?08:24
poolieafter it sends it, you'll be prompted to enter a description into a web form08:24
pooliei think actually you want to use ubuntu-bug if you don't already have a crash file08:25
twbInitially I wanted to report that a live image built with live-helper is loading vga16fb even when I tell it not to, but then when I installed apport into a pbuilder chroot, I found that it calls start(8) and ignored policy-rc.d(8), so I wanted to report that, too.08:25
twbubuntu-bug seems to have the same issue.08:26
twbIf I hit "S" to submit, it gives me a URL that I can't open without logging in, so I'd prefer to provide the problem as part of the original submission.08:26
wgranttwb: You need to log in before you can report a bug.08:28
wgrantYou cannot do it anonymously.08:28
twbI was hoping that had been fixed since 200608:29
pooliethe theory is, or part of it is, that anonymous reports tend to have little value08:29
wgrantAnd that they are spammy.08:29
twbpoolie: you mean like all those spammy reports on debbugs ;-P08:30
pooliei don't know08:31
pooliewhat does debbugs do with spam and with bad reports?08:31
twbI don't know.  I've never seen spam on bugs.debian.org.  IIRC the web UI some kind of button that pokes a moderator to remove potential spam reports.08:31
twbBad reports just get flagged "needs more info" and ignored, in my experience.08:32
twbI guess I'll just dig out the malone mail gateway docs and send a signed email, since I know where my GPG key is, but I don't know if I still have my launchpad username/password written down somewhere.08:34
sorentwb: Launchpad usernames are e-mail addresses.08:37
twbThanks for not using captchas that require inline images and/or javascript and audio08:39
twbIn w3m, clicking the button [No, I need to report a new bug] has no effect08:45
twbMaybe it's supposed to be javascript that unhides the remaining form fields?08:46
magciusDoes Launchpad allow you to fork/associate your branch with something that originated in +junk?09:45
Nightrosehi :)10:29
Nightrosei'm investigating unsing launchpad bluebrints for my company and wanted to know how difficult it is to set up your own instance10:30
kklimondaof launchpad?10:33
Nightrosewe'd only need the bluebrints part for now though10:33
kklimondaI don't think there is any documentation how to run production instance10:35
sluimersHi there. I've got problems with a ppa10:35
kklimondayou could probably start by reading https://dev.launchpad.net/Running but it only mentions development instance with a comment that developers aren't really interested in raising number of LP installations.10:35
sluimersI get a "Failed to upload" error10:35
Nightrosekklimonda: hmmm that's bad10:36
sluimersHere is my uploadlog: http://launchpadlibrarian.net/39357043/upload_1515646_log.txt10:38
sluimers.. wait, I think I know what's going on10:39
maxbNightrose: The licence doesn't permit running your own instance unless you are prepared to replace every icon and image and use of the word Launchpad.10:39
sluimersthanks for the help guys!10:39
kklimondamaxb: even in the intranet?10:40
Nightrosemaxb: mpfh - so much for open sourcing it...10:40
Nightrosekklimonda: we'd need a public instance10:40
maxbYes, even in an intranet10:40
kklimondaNightrose: code is open source - brand itself isn't10:40
Nightroseok i guess that takes launchpad off my list10:40
maxband neither are any of the graphics..... making the code significantly less useful10:41
wgrantsluimers: You are somehow producing binaries without a Description field. Your package is buggy.10:41
sluimersYes, I've noticed the description field is empy10:41
sluimersI could have sworn I had written it down before.10:44
shadeslayerhi anyone around?12:11
directhexmoon_2.1-0ubuntu1~dhx1~karmic1.dsc: format '3.0 (quilt)' is not permitted in karmic.12:12
wgrantdirecthex: 3.0 (quilt) is only permitted in Lucid and later.12:13
directhexblarg, what's the point in that? all the build tools in karmic support debsrc312:13
shadeslayerwell thing is i cant login to kubuntu wiki12:13
wgrantdirecthex: Not perfectly.12:13
shadeslayerany idea where should i go?12:13
directhexbah -_-12:14
shadeslayerit says bad time zone12:15
sluimersHi, two questions: 1) How do i delete a personal package archive? 2) I often upload packages just to see if they build. I noticed that there's a pointing system that gives many extra points to private PPA's, is it possible for me to have a private PPA section so I can upload fast and test if my builds work?13:02
bigjoolssluimers: 1) you can't, we don't support that yet, although we can disable it13:02
bigjools2) no13:02
bigjoolswell, 2) no, unless you pay :)13:03
sluimersOkay, since I have it disabled already, no luck then :/.13:03
sluimersPrivate PPA's are for people with money?13:04
bigjoolswe can set up a trial period if you're interested13:04
sluimersWhy would anyone want to have a private PPA then?13:04
bigjoolswell you suggested one reason yourself13:05
bigjoolswith private PPAs you can control who is allowed to download the software as well13:05
crimsunnote that compile-tests can be done locally; you don't need a private PPA, only an Ubuntu chroot13:06
sluimersI thought so, but I find PPA's not very useful if I want to make it available to the Ubuntu Community due to the whole adding repository and key thing.13:07
bigjoolssluimers: it's very easy to do that now, "software sources" knowa about PPAs13:08
bigjoolsor you can use add-apt-repository ppa:<user>13:08
sluimerscrimsun: I make 12 mistakes in the control file on average per build.13:09
kklimondasluimers: you can still test it locally - that's what pbuilder and similar programs are13:09
bigjoolssluimers: use pbuilder locally, PPAs are not useful for build testing really, unless you don't have access to an arch13:09
sluimersAh, okay, thanks for the info.13:11
sluimersI gotta learn how to use pbuilder again then.13:11
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rtzhello, is there a way to batch process the status of many bugs13:46
marsrtz, you can not bulk-manage bugs via the web interface.  Others have coded up tools via the Launchpad API to do mass bug management.13:54
rtzmars, ok, is there a python script available that can do this?13:55
marssinzui or deryck, ^ any ideas?  I thought Cody had such a script for managing U1 bugs.13:56
deryckmars, rtz -- I would look at bughugger.13:57
marsrtz, http://www.murraytwins.com/blog/?p=6013:58
rtzmars, thank you, will look into this13:59
marsneat, bughugger uses plugins to add functionality14:00
mars"there are plugins for tagging a bug based off the apport release information in a bug’s description. There is also one for adding any tag you want to a bug report, and another for marking a bug as incomplete and asking people to run apport-collect for their bug."14:00
deryckyeah, it's really coming along nicely.14:00
marsderyck, you should write a post about it on the Launchpad blog :)14:01
marsthat is a neat looking tool14:01
deryckI thought we had said something about it before.14:02
marsor maybe  a guest post from Rick?14:02
deryckmrevell-lunch, what do you think about the above suggestion from mars ^^ ?14:02
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mrevellderyck, mars I think a guest post from Rick would be a great idea. I'll ask him if he'll do it.14:17
marsmrevell, one question I have is whether bughugger can handle any project's bugs en-masse, or is it ubuntu-specific?14:18
deryckmrevell, cool14:18
mrevellmars, Hey, you know what might be cool -- how about you "interview" Rick by email about Bug Hugger and then write it up into a blog post :)14:19
marsmrevell, interesting idea, but I am already two interviews behind in my queue :)14:19
marsmrevell, that does not mean we can't collect a set of interesting questions14:20
mrevellmars, Yeah, I think that'd be a good way to do this. I'll post to the list.14:21
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rtzis there a working version of bughugger for karmic available14:35
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marsrtz, it looks like the bughugger team PPA has a Karmic version in it: https://launchpad.net/~bughuggers/+archive/bughugger14:42
rtzmars, this is an old version which is working with staging server14:44
rtzmars, i have compiled the lucid version now14:45
rtzbut the configuration of the old version seems to be still present14:45
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marsrtz, you might have to purge the old version, to strip the config files14:46
rtzmars, bughugger saves prefs in couchdb14:47
marsrtz, that is interesting.14:52
marsBy pushing the config off of the *nix filesystem, you break one of the assumptions that apt was built on: everything is a file.14:52
marsso --purge doesn't work (or at least, not as cleanly)14:52
rtzmars, purge doesnt work for user config files15:03
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flowerhow do I register a key15:46
flowerTo confirm the key is yours, decrypt the message and follow the link inside.15:46
flowerI do not understand15:47
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leoquantflower: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GnuPrivacyGuardHowto15:51
leoquant: Validation on Launchpad15:52
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leoquantgpg --decrypt file.txt15:52
leoquantenter your passphrase15:53
leoquanta message will be displayed along with the link you must follow to confirm your key in Launchpad15:53
leoquantfollow the link, enter your Launchpad password as asked15:54
leoquantgpg --clearsign UbuntuCodeofConduct-1.0.1.txt15:54
leoquantupload the contents of UbuntuCodeofConduct-1.0.txt.asc on https://launchpad.net/codeofconduct/1.0.1/+sign15:54
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davidstraussThis page isn't working for me: https://launchpad.net/~davidstrauss/+vouchers16:09
marssinzui, ^ ?16:10
marsI can't access the page either.  Insufficient permissions.16:10
sinzuimars I hope you cannot, that would be an invasion of privacy16:11
davidstrausssinzui: The page keeps timing out.16:12
sinzuidavidstrauss: interesting. How many vouchers do you think you have. I have two and it displays16:12
marsdavidstrauss, what is the OOPS id?16:12
davidstrausssinzui: I just bought one, and I want to load it in.16:13
sinzuioh, maybe the offsite store is delayed in syncing. I have had to wait up to 10 minutes16:13
marssinzui, ah, so the browser is timing out?  Not our application server?16:14
sinzuiwell all launchpad seems slow today, maybe I can get a time out doing repeated loads16:14
sinzuimars: 504 Gateway Time-out16:14
davidstrausssinzui: Now it says "David Strauss does not have any unredeemed vouchers available."16:16
davidstrausssinzui: How long does it take to sync?16:16
sinzui10 minutes for me once. Since I too got the connection error after reloads, I think the store is also having trouble sending the data...16:17
sinzuiwell, edge just fell of the earth. That may also be launchapad too16:17
sinzuidavidstrauss: try again, launchpad seems faster now for me16:18
davidstraussHow do I use private branches on a commercial project?16:20
sinzuidavidstrauss: I can set up private branches for you. What project is it and what person/team is permitted to see the private branches?16:21
davidstrausssinzui: Project: economist-magic Team: economist-magic16:21
sinzuidavidstrauss: I setup branches, do you want private bugs? You will need to enable bugs and set a bug supervisor before I can do that16:25
davidstrausssinzui: Doing that now...16:26
davidstrausssinzui: done16:27
sinzuidavidstrauss: done. the commercial subscription warning will disappear when you apply your voucher. I alerted the admins to the server issue--we may have connection issues stalling launchpad16:29
davidstrausssinzui: How do I push branches to this project and have them be private?16:29
davidstrausssinzui: or are all branches private?16:29
sinzuiall are private by default, only users subscribed to a branch can see them. you team is automatically subscribed16:30
sinzuidavidstrauss: https://launchpad.net/economist-magic/trunk includes instructions to register the branch for the default series16:31
sinzuidavidstrauss: you can create many series (stable, experimental for example), and your team can have hundred of individual branches, and only your team can see them16:32
davidstrausssinzui: Excellent. Thank you. :-)16:36
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marshenninge, kudos for the IProjectGroup refactoring!16:57
henningemars: thanks but it's only the beginning ... ;-)16:58
davidstrausssinzui: Should I wait until the voucher stuff is worked out before pushing code?17:03
sinzuidavidstrauss: you do not need to. I set everything up17:09
davidstrausssinzui: OK, thanks. But I still need to handle the voucher thing eventually, right?17:09
sinzuiyes. eventually, when the store and launchpad decide to talk. don't let that prevent you from working on your project17:11
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davidstrausssinzui: Why does it say "This branch is public" on here: https://code.launchpad.net/~economist-magic/economist-magic/sprint17:43
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maxbdavidstrauss: Launchpad also supports private branches, but only for commercial subscription projects18:06
marsmaxb, don't worry, he has one set up :)18:08
maxbah, didn't read that far back in scrollback18:09
persiapity, in some ways, because I know I'm going to want to use that code :)18:11
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sinzuidavidstrauss: I do not know. abentley, rockstar, can you explain why a proiect which default forbidden has public branches? is the UI lying?18:20
persiaFrom seeing prior cases, privacy seems completely separate for projects, groups, branches, bugs, etc.18:21
persiaSo it needs to be frobbed for each thing.18:21
persia(but I don't actually know, so much as read lots of backscroll)18:22
sinzuithis is a case of ambiguous enums in the UI the branch access is forbidden by default, so I wanted to give the team access to see them, but that made the branches always visible. :(18:27
sinzuidavidstrauss: delete your two branches. I will ping you when someone who can understand the UI double-speak has set the privacy correctly18:28
davidstrausssinzui: I've deleted them.18:29
marssinzui, thumper should be online soon.  lifeless knows how to as well, but he is offline for a good while yet.18:29
sinzuithank you. my apologies.18:29
sinzuidavidstrauss: try pushing test branch and verify if the branch correctly reports it is private.18:37
davidstrausssinzui: has something changed?18:38
sinzuiYes, I set the team policy to private.18:38
davidstraussTeam pages are not loading right now.18:45
goundyGuys I've a straight forward question:19:07
goundy* Is it possible to install Launchpad on a ubuntu server, and then limit access to few people only ? (on the same LAN but also on the WAN)19:08
goundyA "yes" or "no" is far enough for now :)19:08
persiagoundy: That sort of ACL would be implemented in the network, and invisible to the application (yes)19:10
goundypersia, thanks.19:10
keithydoes launchpad have repo commit emails/rss ?19:13
keithyhmm looking for a blog19:14
rockstarkeithy, launchpad does have email notifications and rss feeds for many different configurations.19:18
rockstarkeithy, what are you looking for specifically?19:18
keithycommit notifications19:21
keithyfor repo pushes?19:21
marskeithy, if you are looking at the branch page in Firefox, it will show you an RSS feed for commit notifications in the title bar19:23
marskeithy, and you can hit "Subscribe to this branch" on the right-hand side to get commit notification mail for that branch.19:24
keithyhmm I am not seeing the rss19:26
rockstarkeithy, what browser are you using?19:26
keithyah found it19:28
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pooliederyck: hi20:45
pooliecan someone from malone point me to documentation of the roles used in malone20:45
poolielike just what the bug supervisor does?20:45
deryckhi poolie20:46
deryckpoolie, there are the doc tests and maybe the help site will have some info on that.20:46
pooliebialix wants to know what bug supervisor does vs driver20:46
deryckpoolie, I don't think there's an easy way to get at that.20:47
deryckpoolie, some of that info is likely in a registry doc test and some in bugs tests.20:47
pooliethere's https://help.launchpad.net/BugSupervisors20:47
pooliebut it doesn't say what they can actually _do_20:47
deryckyeah, it's not very nice.20:47
deryckpoolie, so there's a couple options.  One, sinzui has all this knowledge in his head. :-)  Two, we can see if someone from the bugs team, maybe with mrevell help, can document this.20:48
deryckpoolie, the documentation route takes a bit longer obviously.20:49
sinzuipoolie: deryck: I think the bug supervisor is the person or team that is automatically subscribed to every bug, and thus always has permission to access it.20:50
sinzuipoolie: deryck: this role predates structural subscriptions which allow users to be notified of bugs without being subscribed to a specific bug.20:51
deryckthere is other minutia, too.  Only bug supervisor can set certain statuses, like critical.20:51
poolieand that includes seeing all private bugs?20:51
poolieand triaged20:51
pooliederyck, most users can't set importance at all?20:51
sinzuipoolie: deryck: Since bug privacy requires someone to be subscribed, the role is required to have private bugs, but is also insane because no one wants the email of all bugs to gain access to a few of them20:52
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sinzuipoolie: you are correct about the triage/milestone rule. that is a bug, the release manager should have permission to access both without being a member of the supervisor role. This is easy to fix than privacy20:53
pooliewhat is the milestone rule?20:54
pooliethey can assign things to milestones?20:54
sinzuipoolie: yes20:54
pooliei guess they can also target to series and approve nominations?20:54
sinzuipoolie: drivers can. owner and release managers are implicit drivers20:55
sorenSomething seems to have gone wrong during a bzr upgrade of https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-virt/vmbuilder/0.1120:55
sorenWhat to do?20:55
deryckpoolie, sorry, missed the early question.  Yes, most users can't edit importance.  bug supervisor can and I believe people who have edit perms on the context.20:56
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pooliesinzui: are they; that's interesting20:57
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poolieso a driver is a superset of being a bug supervisor?20:57
poolieand an owner is a superset of that?20:57
sinzuithe bug supervisor is not related, and that is why there are bugs. bugs and registry have independent and conflicting implementations of roles, security, and privacy20:58
poolieoh so you're saying drivers cannot do targeting?20:59
poolieyou're saying only drivers, not bug supervisors, can do targeting?20:59
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sinzuipoolie: I think the bug supervior can be banished. structural subscriptions are very close to providing the needed communication and access control (that are not coupled). driver/manager/owner have progress degrees of power in a project, and no other role should stomp on them21:01
pooliewell, that would be great, but i want to answer a question about what exists now21:01
pooliei think they use case of 'bzr-qa is trusted to do all bug stuff only' is useful21:01
pooliedon't mean to be snarky21:01
sinzuiwell we need to read the code every day because someone changes a role.21:01
sorenIf a bzr upgrade of a launchpad branch fails, how can I get access to the backup?21:02
sinzuipoolie: I know what is promised from the registry perspective, I do not know what code or bugs promises.21:02
sinzuipoolie: barry made someone both a bug supervisor and an release manager to ensure that there were no barrier blocking that person from target bugs and creating a release21:03
sinzuipoolie: I really do not know what "bug stuff" is21:04
* sinzui think no-one has the right to supersede a release manager's status, priority, or targeting of a bug.21:06
pooliehi soren21:06
pooliedid you use the web ui to upgrade it, or bzr?21:06
poolieanyhow you may need to either use an sftp client to move the backup.bzr directory back, or ask for help21:06
pooliemwhudson: speaking of which, did you see that bzr is going to use backup.bzr.~N~?21:06
poolieyou might need to adjust for this?21:06
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pooliesinzui, deryck, thanks for the help, does https://help.launchpad.net/BugSupervisors#preview look correct now?21:07
poolieistm it would be nice to have a page in help.l.n pointing to pages about all the access control rules21:07
poolieand other stuff21:07
poolieit may even help the developers in doing privacy21:07
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sorenpoolie: I can do it from the web UI? Fancy.21:07
sorenpoolie: I did it from bzr.21:07
poolie'has the right' in terms of 'actually has the right in code' or 'has the moral right'?21:07
sorenpoolie: bug 524062 filed21:07
ubottuLaunchpad bug 524062 in bzr "bzr upgrade failed" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52406221:08
mwhudsonpoolie: vaguely, can you file a bug or mark something affecting launchpad-code?21:08
deryckpoolie, yes, that looks right to me.21:10
pooliemwhudson: done https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/launchpad-code/+bug/52407121:10
ubottuUbuntu bug 524071 in launchpad-code "bzr 2.2.0b1 will create backup.bzr.~1~" [Undecided,New]21:10
mwhudsonpoolie: thanks21:11
sorenCould an admin please restore the backup of https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-virt/vmbuilder/0.11 ? "bzr upgrade" went bad.21:28
maxbIs there a LOSA in the house?21:29
thumperwe are a little short of losa's21:30
thumperabentley: have you got a minute to help soren?21:30
* thumper is running out21:30
sorenthumper: ta21:30
abentleythumper, soren: on it.21:30
thumperabentley: thanks21:31
sorenabentley: Excellent, thank you.21:31
abentleysoren, done.21:33
sorenabentley: Yay. Thanks.21:38
abentleysoren, np.  Did you upgrade using bzr or using the Launchpad upgrade button?21:38
sorenabentley: bzr. Already talked to poolie about it.21:39
sorenWhere is this button you all speak of? I've never noticed it.21:39
maxbooh, button! shiny! :-)21:40
lifelesssoren: bottom of the page on eligible branches21:40
* soren clicks21:41
maxbIt doesn't let you specify a format, though :-/21:41
maxbhow long does it take for something to pick up new upgrade requests?21:42
lifelessmaxb: a few seconds, but there isn't user visible logging yet21:46
lifelesssee my bug from yesterday21:46
maxbI hit upgrade before what I last said, on a 1-revision test branch, and nothing has happened yet21:46
maxblp:~maxb/+junk/wibble ftr21:47
sorenmaxb: Yeah, I think "in progress" really means "pending".21:47
lifelessit means 'in the job system'21:48
sorenIs that different?21:49
persiaCould be any of "submitted", "pending", "in progress", "awaiting results", "publishing results"21:50
sorenOh, it's done. Yay.21:51
sorenbzr: ERROR: Not a branch: "bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-virt/vmbuilder/0.11/".21:53
sorenThat was not expected.21:53
lifelesslosa !21:53
lifelessmbarnett: I believe that is you21:53
lifelessmwhudson: may need your knowledge of the current setup about now :)21:54
mbarnettlifeless: i am stuck in a deploy at the moment, but should be able to help momentarily.21:54
lifelesssoren: don't touch anything ;)21:54
* soren sits absolutely still21:54
mwhudsonlifeless: ?21:55
mbarnettlifeless: ok, what is going on here?21:55
Lord-ReadmanIs there by anychance an ubuntu brainstorm moderator in here?21:57
mwhudsonwell the branch is certainly broken21:58
persiaLord-Readman: I suspect this is entirely the wrong place to search (although I admit I can't point at a good right place)21:58
Lord-Readman#ubuntu is too busy for anyone to see what you write, but thanks anyway21:59
sorenIt might be worth mentioning that I didn't see it work after abentley restored the backup.21:59
sorenNot that I see it being broken either... I'm just saying.22:00
mwhudsonthere is a .backup.bzr and a backup.bzr but no .bzr22:00
sorenUm... Fascinating stuff.22:00
mwhudsoni can't remember how you open a branch when it's not in a .bzr22:03
lifelesssoren clicked on the 'upgrade a branch' button.22:04
lifelessand it when 'bang' and let the magic smoke out22:04
mwhudsonit sounds like the smoke may have gone before that point, possibly22:05
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sorenYou may want to talk to abentley. He restored a backup for me immediately before this happened.22:11
sorenI didn't see the branch working in between (but didn't try, either).22:11
sorenMaybe he has some interesting scrollback in a terminal somewhere.22:11
sorenmwhudson, lifeless: Are you guys still playing with that branch.22:41
mwhudsonoh sorry, got distracted22:42
mwhudsonsoren: do you have a local copy of the branch?22:42
* soren wonders why punctuation seems to be so much harder late at night22:42
sorenmwhudson: Probably.22:42
sorenmwhudson: I can certainly reconstruct whatever was there before.22:42
sorenI just didn't want to trample all over your crime scene :)22:43
mwhudsonsoren: then probably bzr push lp:vmbuilder/0.11 --use-existing-dir is easiest22:43
mwhudsonsoren: i don't know what happened, but i don't really want to spend ages figuring it out right now22:43
sorenmwhudson: Fair enough.22:44
* soren spoke too soon22:44
sorenI may not have an up-to-date branch, but I'll see if kees has. He pushed to it most recently.22:45
L0neRangerCan any one help? I seem to to be having a problem with signing on for Ubuntu one. I get "Unauthorized token" page after I click on the link that was sent to me when I registered with my email address. Browser: 5.0.307.9 beta on Ubuntu 9.10. Email: Gmail23:36
L0neRangerBrwoser was chrome. sry23:37
poolieL0neRanger: was the mail sent recently?23:37
L0neRangeryes like about half an hour ago. thats when I tried to register23:38

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