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happytigeramarok: Depends: amarok-common (= 2:2.2.2-0ubuntu1) but it is not going to be installed00:51
happytigerIs amarok tottally screwed ATM?00:51
kuadrosxBUGabundo: all works fine now, thanks for the help and hopes :)00:54
kuadrosxand sorry for my English :)00:54
billybigriggerhey all02:45
billybigriggeranyone here have any luck jailbreaking an ipod touch in lucid yet?\02:45
TakyojiAnyone having an issue with the address bar in Firefox just recently?03:28
kebomixdoes Kubuntu 10.04 LTS (Lucid Lynx) Daily Build includes to kde 4.4 ?03:37
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[Adam|Miner]When trying to go to Lucid, I get the popup "Unable to get exclusive lock" in Ubuntu, how do I get it to upgrade?03:49
billybigriggeryou not running as sudo03:50
[Adam|Miner]And how do I?03:50
billybigrigger:) i guess i could have told you that in #ubuntu but lucid support is here03:50
billybigriggertype sudo before your command03:51
=== crimsun changed the topic of #ubuntu+1 to: Official Ubuntu Lucid Lynx support and discussion channel | Nvidia users should avoid suspend/hibernate | IRC Guidelines: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines | Milestones: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/LucidLynxSchedule | Alpha 2 released: http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/lucid/alpha2
billybigriggerand enter your password03:51
[Adam|Miner]Okay thanks, I'm still a windows guy who's fed up at this point03:51
[Adam|Miner]sudo update-manager -d right?03:52
jageadam, I've been where you are a few weeks ago, including the "GOTO #ubuntu+1!!!"  I've pretty much stopped posting in the forums.  *shrug* it's still better03:52
jage*than windoze03:53
[Adam|Miner]I used to like windows untill the good ol "Bad battery" bug in windows 7 that would shut down my laptop while it's plugged in03:53
billybigrigger[Adam|Miner], yes, that's the right command03:53
billybigriggeryou should read the release notes before upgrading though03:54
billybigriggermight save you some hassle of asking repeated questions in here03:54
wolterhi, how fast is lucid booting?03:54
jageadam, I did a fresh install going to Lucid, of course I was formatting from windows anyway03:54
wolterI get about 75s in karmic03:55
dugI have tried #ubuntu for hours,  I know this is lucid support but perhaps someone where could let me know why I am getting runlevel unknown on karmic,  I have tried everything I can thing of03:55
[Adam|Miner]Think I'll go with a fresh CD for now :/ not having the best of luck03:56
[Adam|Miner]My current disc is 8.04 XD03:56
jagewhat broadcom do you have?03:57
[Adam|Miner]I know it is a Compaq C727US, not sure exactly what chip they put in it03:57
jagemy driver comes up as "Broadcom B43" ... hope it works for you03:58
jageyou know about turning the driver on?03:58
DanaGwhere's 'ze' bot?04:00
DanaGoh, it PMs.04:00
DanaG!info b43-fwcutter04:00
ubottub43-fwcutter (source: b43-fwcutter): Utility for extracting Broadcom 43xx firmware. In component main, is optional. Version 1:012-1 (lucid), package size 17 kB, installed size 112 kB04:01
jageso anyone in here recommend a GUI file find that would result in being able to drop a replacement file in the folder?04:03
pasjrMy FireFox is broke.  Did any one else lose the ability to use FireFox04:04
crimsunFYI, JACK has been approved to be promoted back into main, so pulseaudio will be shipping the jack source and sink in Lucid.04:05
crimsunThis is likely to ripple over to xine-lib and alsa-plugins, too.04:05
pasjrany one here???04:07
jage!ask | pasjr04:08
ubottupasjr: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)04:08
pasjrWhat Happened to FireFox?  It broke04:10
alex_mayorgapasjr, let me see if mine breaks, I just got the latests updates BTW broke=???04:13
pasjrI can not enter http: add and go to it, can only go to what is bookmarked, and I have no search funtion04:14
pasjrno start page either04:14
jagemovie player is saying it needs a plugin, requested plugin in "DVD subpicture decoder" and it's "No packages with the requested plug-in found"  What are these plugins and where can I search/install them?  DVD was created w/ Windows movie maker04:21
* DanaG wonders if that pasjr just had to restart firefox.04:25
anderskMy Firefox has the same problem.  Restarting doesn’t help.04:45
anderskThis is possibly bug 523569?  It still seems weird that I can’t visit a URL in the address bar.04:50
ubottuLaunchpad bug 523569 in firefox "No search providers or default search provider in 3.6+nobinonly-0ubuntu3" [Critical,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52356904:50
kklimondaandersk: it's going to be fixed in ubuntu4 release04:56
anderskYeah, 3.6+nobinonly-0ubuntu4 fixes it.05:15
* alex_mayorga guesses he shouldn't have restarted Firefox05:15
alex_mayorgaandersk, when's that coming out?05:17
jagehow does one get the firefox fix?05:17
alex_mayorgaso it's aptitude install chromium time?05:20
jagein my firefox I can use the homepage button.  Went to Edit > Prefs and changed the homepage to google.com, and I can use google just fine.  Clicking on links from here seems to work as well (e.g. the launchpad bug link)05:21
kklimondagrr.. why can't evolution support sieve..05:24
wolterAre there any major bugs in Lucid which would make it a non-recommendable system?05:50
wolterAs of now, I'm having some problems with karmic, such as 70s boot times, and app-armor failures most probably due to that i installed the 2.6.32 kernel05:50
kklimondawolter: lucid alpha quality - you don't know when it's going to break05:51
kklimondawolter: you may not even be able to boot it or login05:52
wolterthanks for the feedback :P05:52
kklimondawolter: it's not recommended for the main system05:52
wolterok, then its not for me, thanks again05:53
anderskalex_mayorga: I got it from https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/firefox .  It’s already built for amd64, i386, and powerpc, but not uploaded yet.05:55
jageis there a way to set a backup point so that if an update fubars things Lucid can be reinstalled at the previous point (as opposed to format, install and reconfigure)?05:57
kklimondajage: no05:58
DanaGwell, full-partition backup might count.06:02
arandjage: partimage/fsarchiver/dd06:03
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geniiI wonder if a metric piano has 100 keys instead of 8806:07
leniosusing a virtual machine could help restoring a previous point06:07
kklimondaheh, I'd use yahoo search if it didn't look so cramped compared to google06:24
kklimondaeven bing looks better06:25
iflemaya rekon itll change?06:25
kklimondaprobably not06:26
iflemakklimonda try out another metacrawler.... one that searches goole yahoo and whatever else..... all in one06:28
cefTrying to upgrade from Karmic to Lucid (Server install) using 'do-release-upgrade -d' and I get "E: Couldn't configure pre-depend libplymouth2 for mountall, probably a dependency cycle." (Bug #514012 against mountall). Any suggestions to hard-force my way through this issue?06:44
ubottuLaunchpad bug 514012 in mountall "cyclic dependency between mountall and libplymouth" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51401206:44
coz_guys..any news on sun-java in the rpositories?07:13
crimsunwhat do you mean?07:17
crimsunsun-java was removed completely07:17
hifithats baaad07:18
coz_crimsun,  I see that but  many sites do not work with icedtea07:18
coz_and I have no interest in open java07:18
coz_will sun java be available though?07:18
hifione finnish bank uses java for ebanking, it does not accept icedtea07:19
crimsunnot in the Ubuntu repository, no.07:19
hifiI can already hear the screams07:20
coz_crimsun,  oo that  may stop my use of lucid ...the only reason I switched to ubuntu when it came out from BeOs is sun java :(07:20
* DanaG read that as: ubuntu came out from BeOS.07:20
DanaGoh yeah, crimsun: I've been having lots of trouble getting "memblock.c: pool full" messages on that BeagleBoard.07:21
coz_manual install i guess :)07:21
DanaGWill it be in partner?07:21
crimsunDanaG: test 0ubuntu7 when it's built & available, please.07:22
DanaGokay, shall do.07:22
DanaGI've been streaming over cdc-ether from host to beagle, to onboard.07:22
DanaGI also randomly suddenly started having to enable the "headset" sliders to get any audio.  Boy, having that many sliders can be confusing.07:23
DanaGoh yeah, and I forgot to enable ubuntu-audio-dev repo on the thing.07:26
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virtuald_is it just my firefox that is broken? i can't go to urls07:31
virtuald_if i type them in manually07:31
virtuald_search box doesn't work either07:31
virtuald_never mind there's a newer package07:32
coz_virtuald_, I noticed  ctrl+ enter doesn work let me check another07:32
coz_virtuald_,  no cant go to site when typing manually here either07:32
DanaGoh yeah, I do have the thing running in System mode on the beagleboard.07:32
RAOFcrimsun: Is “ubuntu-bug audio” going to collect enough information to debug “the volume control on my USB speakers has approximately the full volume range compressed into the last 10% of the slider”?07:35
virtuald_coz_: now it works again when i got the newest packages07:38
coz_virtuald_,  mm I will have to update let me try07:38
RAOFI'd guess ALSA's lying about its ability to convert dB values, so I'm getting an exponential volume control rather than a linear one.07:38
DanaGeh, I had a thought.... my cm106 card: who could I donate one to to get the weird PA behavior fixed?07:40
crimsunDanaG: what does "weird" entail?07:40
DanaGThis one:07:40
crimsunRAOF: not really, but it's already being discussed on alsa-devel@.07:40
crimsunpretty much all usb devices have this symptom07:41
crimsunall usb audio devices*07:41
coz_virtuald_,  yep works here as well07:41
DanaGALso advertises bogus dpi... even confuses win7 out-of-the-box driver.07:41
DanaGbogus dB.07:41
DanaGSorry, I must have "DPI rant" leftovers littering my brain.07:41
RAOFcrimsun: Oh, so no point in filing a bug?07:44
RAOFOr just file one for tracking.07:44
ActionParsnipYo yo yo07:45
DanaGyo yo MA07:46
ActionParsnipQuiet in here07:49
DanaGargh, this atom cpu sucks so much... scrolling on the host system makes the pulseaudio network audio drop out.07:58
DanaGThe ARM is fine, though.07:58
voidmageoh, for whoever was about the SC2 beta earlier07:59
voidmagei found a download link on fileplanet, going to see how far i can get with the install and launch up until login at least07:59
voidmage(no key so i can't actually get in very far)07:59
voidmagein wine, that is08:00
DanaGGUAWd, this atom is slow.08:03
DanaGI'll have to stick firefox on the arm thingy to compare. =þ08:04
ghostcubewhy is sun java not included to lucid anymore ?08:11
ghostcubemtoolkit bug exists since years08:12
chris|ghostcube, it was replaced by opensdk08:20
ghostcubenot working with many apps08:20
ghostcubeno solution08:20
chris|then you should file bugs against those apps08:23
DanaGer, openjdk?08:23
DanaGthat's s -> j08:23
chris|yeah, what I meant :)08:24
ghostcubei dont file bugs against 50% of the java apps08:25
ghostcubeis ubuntu in relation with apple nowadyas or why is this ?08:25
chris|what does openjdk have to do with apple?08:25
ghostcubecause they blame sun java08:26
ghostcubethats all i ask08:26
ghostcubehmm ok nm i will install manually08:26
chris|Sun open sourced Java some years ago and since then, it's the openjdk08:26
voidmageoh whoops08:26
coz_yeah openjdk is not adequate enough for my use08:26
voidmagethat whole SC2 thing i put in the wrong channel sorry about that08:26
chris|you won't find anything else on Suns Webpage either08:27
chris|there IS NO Sun JDK any more, it's that simple08:28
coz_unfortunately that means I may have to move away from ubuntu08:29
* kklimonda shrugs08:30
coz_6 years not wasted but now useless08:30
chris|to what end? using MS Java? yeah, that's propably much better08:30
DanaGhmm, some official news about this thing?08:31
ghostcubechris|: the apps dont work with open java but ok we file bugs now08:31
ghostcubewe'll see08:31
DanaGthe discontinuation, that id?08:31
coz_openjkd is useless  so I need  sun java  regardless of the distribution08:32
kklimondacoz_: if you think it's easier to switch to another distribution than to download sun java directly from their site than just switch.08:32
ghostcubekklimonda: thats not the point08:32
chris|ghostcube, you don't get it, do you? it's not an ubuntu thing, it's not a linux either, there IS NO Sun sdk any more08:32
DanaGIs this just a Lucid thing... or has Sun themselves discontinued the self-built Java?08:32
DanaGI need a news article link of some sort.08:32
coz_DanaG,  same here08:33
ghostcubechris|: i get it but i think you dont get it ... the apps dont run with open java08:33
coz_not clear on the reasoning  or rational08:33
chris|Solaris: OpenJDK, Windows: OpenJDK, Mac: OpenJDK, java.sun.com: OpenJDK08:33
ghostcubedoenst matter what you tell me08:33
DanaGargh, for some reason, alllllllllllll my audio sliders are all muted!08:36
kklimondaI'm pretty sure that they are going to move sun java to partners repo before lucid is released08:40
DanaGI still see no news of official discontinuation of Java.08:41
DanaGDOesn't look discontinued to me.08:42
chris|and why would you?08:42
DanaGso IS it just an Ubuntu decision?08:44
kklimondaDanaG: we are moving it to the partners repo so what's the problem?08:45
DanaGI was just reading one person saying that "even on Windows, only OpenJDK is left".08:45
chris|the bins from java.sun.com are build using the OpenJDK source08:45
DanaGSo that's not correct.08:45
DanaGoh wait08:45
DanaGnow I am half-confused. =þ08:45
DanaGwhere's some official source for that bit of info?08:46
kklimondaDanaG: openjdk is simply a java from sun that has been opensourced08:47
DanaGah, so it's more like the two systems have converged.08:48
kklimondaand icedtea6 is a fully compatible java implementation08:48
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kklimondaif any application doesn't work with it and works with java 6 from sun that it's a bug in the application08:48
kklimondabut the plan is to still have java 6 from sun in -partner repository08:49
BUGabundo_remotekklimonda: and what about a browser plugin?08:52
BUGabundo_remoteI need to pay my taxes08:52
kklimondaBUGabundo_remote: there is a plugin08:52
BUGabundo_remoteand you know how public entities love to use java at 800x60008:52
kklimondanot really - in Poland I've managed not to use Java for anything ;)08:53
kklimondaon the other hand we still can't pay taxes though the internet08:53
BUGabundo_remotewe can pay pretty much any official thing via internet08:59
DanaGbank site fail: http://branchline.pacificservice.org08:59
DanaGshould redir to https.08:59
BUGabundo_remoteeven prepring marriage or new IDs08:59
DanaGbut nope.08:59
dAnjouhey, ghostcube09:03
ghostcubehi dAnjou :)09:03
kklimondaheh, the more time passes since alpha2 release the longer my system boots :/09:03
kklimondaover 20 seconds after latest updates09:03
kklimondaso it looks like u1 music store sells mp3s.. and that's the only info I've managed to find :/09:06
chris|kklimonda, as far as I know, u1 is just a middle man. they just provide an interface for some partners content09:12
kklimondachris|: indeed09:12
kklimondabut I was hoping to get a confirmation which partner it is09:12
chris|haven't found anything on that topic either09:12
kklimondaheh, loading jamendo catalog in rhythmbox makes rhythmbox use over 160MB of ram09:13
chris|but I wouldn't be surprised if you could find that in some unwanted id3 comment or something09:14
kklimondathere are quite a few clues that it is going to be 7digital09:14
chris|never heard of them09:17
chris|but "High Quality MP3 Downloads" is quite a contradiction ;)09:17
kklimondawell, for me MP3 files compressed with V0 lame settings are indistinguishable from flac files anyway ;)09:19
arandIs U1MS going to actually sell mp3s or ogg?09:19
kklimondaarand: All I've found out is that rhythmbox plugins installs mp3 decoder09:20
* DanaG wishes places would sell flac.09:21
DanaGCowon S9 plays flac natively.  woot.09:21
arandSo are you buying the decoder or are they simply ignoring the legalities?09:21
kklimondano idea - it downloads fluendo version of the decoder so either Canonical has made a deal with them or it's free and legal now09:22
kklimondalooks like it's free09:23
chris|kklimonda, that might be even true, but I won't pay money for something that has been chopped down into a 20 year old format for the sake of stupidity09:24
kklimondachris|: sure - you are entitled to your opinion. My friend says the same09:25
chris|also, buying CDs of ebay is often cheaper that downloads ;)09:27
kklimondabut then you get CD which you have to keep somewhere safe09:28
kklimondaI like buying digital content as long as I get the right to redownload it when I want exactly because I hate having physical mediums..09:29
Sysii'm with xubuntu lucid on eee 701, how can i set up password for default keyring?09:30
Sysior is that even possible yet09:32
DanaGCDs are good to just stash somewhere after you rip to, say, FLAC.09:32
kklimondaDanaG: sure - but the point is you have to stash them somewhere :)09:34
DanaGyeah, but you can put a whole bunch in the same place.  Like, the back of a closet.  Or something.09:35
chris|I would prefer digital as well, but so far, I have only found magnatunes to be a store that i like09:36
kklimondahmm.. magnatune09:39
kklimondaI have to contact them and ask for access to my purchases..09:39
kklimondaI've removed @gmail.com account and it was a pretty dumb move to make ;)09:39
om26erany one using gwibber 2.29.90 ? its showing 2.29.1 in about window09:47
BUGabundo_remoteom26er: correct09:51
om26erBUGabundo_remote, I'll report it09:51
BUGabundo_remoteits always changing09:53
BUGabundo_remoteI bet it was put on a hurry to meet FF09:53
BUGabundo_remoteping kenvandine instead09:54
om26erBUGabundo_remote, ok09:57
zniavrerhythmbox crash randomly, is it known as bug ?10:03
BUGabundo_remotezniavre: depends on the crash10:04
BUGabundo_remotedo you have a trace?10:04
zniavrenot really there is no apport window (i started it with launcher not via terminal)10:04
BUGabundo_remoteso it aint all that usefull10:05
zniavreyes i know10:05
zniavrebut it's ramdomly sometime i can stay 1 hour , other time it crash after 5mn10:06
kklimondazniavre: it still doesn't help - do you have /var/crash/_usr_bin_rhythmbox... file?10:08
zniavrekklimonda,  a yes it's opening apport window10:08
zniavrenice   thank you10:09
zniavrei m sending it right now10:09
kklimondabug 52372110:17
ubottuBug 523721 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/523721 is private10:17
zniavreprivate ?10:18
kklimondaall crashes are made private by default as they may contain private data like logins, passwords etc.10:18
zniavreit still usefull like that ?10:19
kklimondalater, when apport-retrace tool checks it ubuntu-bugcontrol is going to be subscribed to it and we'll check attached files for any private data and make it public10:19
zniavreok thank you10:19
zniavrelet 's wait and see10:19
om26erjust updated and after reboot no sound10:26
om26erALSA lib conf.c:3272:(snd_config_hooks_call) Cannot open shared library libasound_module_conf_pulse.so10:26
om26erALSA lib control.c:902:(snd_ctl_open_noupdate) Invalid CTL default10:26
om26ercannot open mixer: No such file or directory10:26
om26erthis message came when started alsamixer from terminal10:27
kklimondacrimsun: ^10:28
kklimondaom26er: have you modified your audio stack or configuration somehow?10:28
om26erkklimonda, no, just updated10:28
robin0800what caused alpha3 to be slipped a week to the 25th?10:34
ciplogicWhere I report the package unavailability? The biggest miss is gnome-shell but I found other one non updated with a daily update10:37
om26erciplogic, gnome-shell is available in lucid10:37
ciplogicgnome-shell: libgjs0 but it is not going to be installed10:38
ciplogicI use x64 version10:38
ciplogic(may matter)10:38
ciplogicSorry: full error message is:  Depends: libgjs0 but it is not going to be installed10:39
om26erciplogic, wanna try the daily ppa?10:39
ciplogicWhich is the repo string?10:39
ciplogicOf course10:40
ciplogicso I should add this in synaptic, isn't so? " deb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ lucid ppa:ricotz/testing "10:42
om26erciplogic, no10:42
om26ersudo add-apt-repository ppa:ricotz/testing ;sudo apt-get update;sudo apt-get install gnome-shell10:43
ciplogicThank you, you're right, I don't have errors on installing gjs right now10:43
kklimondarobin0800: why do you think it slipped?10:44
robin0800kklimonda: bugs I expect but that hasn't stopped them before10:45
kklimondarobin0800: 25th has been alpha3 release date since the beginning10:46
kklimondawell, since the moment we decided to synchronize with debian freeze10:46
jveI'm trying to install the daily build of lucid server from a usb stick onto a computer without a harddisk but with a sd-card. But when i come to the partitioning part in the install the sd-card does not show up. Haven't the server install got support for sd-cards?10:50
kklimondano idea10:51
om26erjve, I guess yes as alternate install did not detect my sd card either10:53
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LSD|NinjaDoes Lucid compile epiphany with the webkit backend?11:06
rwwLSD|Ninja: yes11:10
LSD|NinjaAwesome, so I can completely remove firefox, xulrunner, et al?11:11
rwwI think yelp depends on xulrunner11:12
RAOFNo, I'm pretty sure yelp has been ported to webkit.11:12
kklimondaLSD|Ninja: you can try - it is probably going to remove ubuntu-desktop metapackage11:13
rwwlooks like RAOF's right. Shiny :)11:13
LSD|Ninjakklimonda: I'll give it a go. It's sitting in a VM atm so if I take a snapshot first I can always roll it back >:D11:13
JoshuaLit would be awesome if we could choose what software to install when installing (maybe under a advanced option)11:14
LSD|NinjaAlso, have they fixed aliases in the latest versions of Empathy, anyone know?11:14
LSD|NinjaThe one in karmic is completely useless because I can't set my outgoing aliases in anything11:15
kklimondawhat do you mean by aliases?11:17
kklimondaJoshuaL: not going to happen11:18
JoshuaLto bad11:18
LSD|NinjaDisplay names, whatever they're called in other clients. Basically what other people see in their contact lists instead of 94674033 or johndoe36845@hotmail.com11:18
LSD|NinjaThe version of Epiphany in karmic looks as though it lets you change them, but close the window, open it again and it's back to what it was before11:19
LSD|Ninjanot Epiphany, Empathy11:19
kklimondaworks fine for me with Jabber but support for it may depend on protocol and if it's implemented in the llibrary11:21
LSD|NinjaThere's like a dozen open bugs on this in their bugzilla. It doesn't surprise me the Jabber module works though, that's been around for absolutely ages (assuming that Empathy/Telepathy in GNOME is related to Empathy/Telepathy in Maemo)11:22
robin0800sound broken on today's update pulse audio has stopped working11:22
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PolitikerALTHello everyone, I got the following problem (started with 9.10): One of my wireless networks (NOT the wireless network "button" itself) is greyed out so I can't connect to this network. I can, however, connect to another network but this connection is rather unstable. I am using b44 driver using ndiswrapper - how can I find out what the problem is and fix it?11:31
marienzheh, glad I have a second browser on standby, this firefox thing is a little annoying11:49
kklimondawhat firefox thing?11:52
kklimondaubuntu4 version still isn't uploaded?11:53
crimsunubuntu4 is already available11:53
crimsunom26er: alsa-plugins is currently broken; I know about it11:53
crimsunI may not have time to fix it before I go to work in the next hour11:53
om26erah. ok11:54
jveI hve installed desktop lucid now but plymuth crashes. How do i get into the bootloader and change to boot without plymuth?12:00
kklimondakeep shift pressed before grub loads12:01
kklimondaleft shift12:01
jveok thx12:01
jveit doesn't work12:06
jveI have tried right shift, left shift, holding it, spamming it12:07
jvebut i still end up with a blinking cursor and nothing happens12:07
kklimondajve: you sure you kept it hold before system starts booting?12:08
jveCould it be that grub failed when i installed?12:08
marienzhmm, I see references to this in my lastlog but no solution yet. My firefox stopped responding to the "enter" key in the url bar.12:08
kklimondawhy do you think it's a plymouth issue then?12:08
marienzI can still navigate through clicking links, but I can't enter urls directly.12:08
gnomefreakmarienz: run it in safe mode it should help it12:09
marienzextensions issue then, I'll find the guilty one12:09
gnomefreakmarienz: more than likely it is if not than its likely a profile issue12:10
marienzyeah, I can debug firefox, don't worry. Just figured this'd probably be known.12:10
gnomefreakmarienz: not as far as i heard yet12:10
ghostcubemarienz: do you have more than one java konsole as plugin ?12:11
ghostcuberemove all except the last one12:11
marienzmy /lastlog has... 6 or so people complaining12:11
marienzI don't java12:11
marienzit's not ubufox. Disabling everything...12:12
gnomefreakthere is an extension that is known for that and i cant recall the name12:12
marienznope, still dead in safe mode. Trying a fresh profile...12:13
gnomefreakmarienz: safe mode or just disabling extensions?12:13
marienzstill dead in safe mode, which disables all extensions12:13
crimsunmarienz: dpkg -l firefox12:13
marienzI just wanted to know if this was known. If it's not I'll debug, I can do that12:13
gnomefreakmarienz: it disables more than just extensions12:13
marienzI know!12:13
crimsunmarienz: i.e., which version is installed?12:14
marienzreally, seriously, I can do basic debugging on firefox. You do not have to walk me through this. I just wanted to know if this specific problem (no working enter in the url bar after an upgrade earlier this morning) is known.12:14
kklimondamarienz: there have been a problem with ubuntu3 release but it didn't affect my url bar12:14
crimsun0ubuntu3 is broken; please update.12:15
marienzok, thanks12:15
marienzweird, my timing must've sucked12:15
=== crimsun changed the topic of #ubuntu+1 to: Official Ubuntu Lucid Lynx support and discussion channel | firefox 3.6+nobinonly-0ubuntu3 is broken; update to 0ubuntu4 | libasound2-plugins is broken, being fixed | Nvidia users should avoid suspend/hibernate | IRC Guidelines: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines | Milestones: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/LucidLynxSchedule | Alpha 2 released: http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/lucid/alpha2
marienz(and either my bug search sucked or it affecting the enter key in the url bar is an uncommon failure mode)12:16
om26erto report a bug against the icon of evolution should I choose humanity or report it against evolution12:19
gnomefreakom26er: does it only happen with that theme?12:20
gnomefreakom26er: the theme than12:20
vishgnomefreak: is thunderbird3 not upgraded by default?12:21
* vish doesnt see it being offered12:21
gnomefreakvish: it hasnt landed in Lucid yet. and yes it should be12:21
vishgnomefreak: oh , it hasnt..   heh, then whats asac tweeting all about ;)12:22
gnomefreakthere are a few things that needed to be done last i heard but dont recall what is holding it up12:22
om26ervish, would you look into this? in window picker applet evolution's icon is not obvious whether its active or not12:22
gnomefreakvish: dont know havent gotten there yet :)12:22
vishom26er: screenshot ?12:22
marienzthanks, -ubuntu4 firefox fixed the failing enter key problem.12:23
om26erworking on it12:23
vishom26er: use imagebin12:31
om26ervish, http://imagebin.org/8533412:33
vishom26er: what am i looking for?12:34
om26erevolution active or not no big difference12:35
vishom26er: with gnome?12:36
vishom26er: hmm? screenshot with gnome ?12:36
om26erits window picker applet in netbook edition12:36
LSD|NinjaAny idea what's up with vboxmouse detection? It's rendering the pointer invisible when I have 3D on, and isn't letting me use anything but mouse capture with it on or off12:37
vishom26er: i'm not sure what the problem here is.. i dont use netbook.. how does it look with gnome-icon-theme12:38
om26ervish, just tried, actually in its case its not really obvious as both use white icon12:39
vishom26er: exactly! ;)12:39
om26erboth themes have the issue12:40
om26eror not ;)12:40
vishom26er: the window picker just desaturates the inactive icon... but there is nothing to desaturate from a white icon ;p12:40
om26ervish, exactly12:41
arpuhave empathy and icq problems?12:43
arpui get network error12:43
vish!ask | arpu12:43
ubottuarpu: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)12:43
om26erarpu, always network error?12:44
arpubut in pidgin too12:44
om26erarpu, which type of internet are you using?12:44
arpucable over router and wlan12:44
arpuworks since 5 years :>12:45
arpuom26er, you have the same problem ?12:52
om26erarpu, no, I read many bug reports like that12:52
HomereI'm testing lucid lynx on Xen PV and I don't get upstart messages on the console (starting OpenSSH Server [OK]), only kernel log and upstart errors.12:52
om26erarpu, but in every case pidgin worked fine so your case is a bit unique12:53
=== crimsun changed the topic of #ubuntu+1 to: Official Ubuntu Lucid Lynx support and discussion channel | firefox 3.6+nobinonly-0ubuntu3 is broken; update to 0ubuntu4 | fixed pulseaudio & alsa-plugins uploaded | Nvidia users should avoid suspend/hibernate | IRC Guidelines: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines | Milestones: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/LucidLynxSchedule | Alpha 2 released: http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/lucid/alpha2
om26erarpu, try this open gconf-editor12:54
om26erarpu, click on apps>empathy and untick use_con12:54
om26erthat *might* help12:55
arpusame problem12:56
om26erarpu, report a bug12:59
om26erarpu, can you please try to use wired internet and see if that helps?12:59
arputhis makes no different i think12:59
arpui make same debug infos and make an bug report13:00
cow_Hemm, What should I do when I got a broken packacge that fixing it requires to remove ubuntu-desktop?:O13:18
cow_(This is what "sudo apt-get -f install" tells)13:18
JoshuaLreport a bug :p13:24
jpdscow_: That's fine.13:25
jpdscow_: Just be sure to read the description of 'apt-cache show ubuntu-desktop'13:26
cow_Whats fine.. If be losing alot of the ubuntu stuff13:26
=== jf is now known as Guest39307
jpdscow_: No.13:26
jpdscow_: It's just a package that depends on all the other packages.13:26
ryebtw, i figured out why my /tmp is not cleaned (I was running in circles, screaming and shouting about /tmp not being tmpfs in this channel). I have /usr on a separate partition. /usr/bin/find was not present on when /tmp mounted event arrived. Filed a bug. :)13:27
cow_Well. Still how can I avoid to remove this?13:27
cow_Isn't way clear this list without actualy do what its asking?13:28
kklimondacow_: what package is that?13:29
kklimondacow_: but what package is broken?13:30
ubottuk/ed/x/ubuntu-desktop is a metapackage. It depends upon other packages and brings them in; you can safely remove it, but it is recommended that you re-install it when upgrading.13:30
cow_Hem.. GR I dont realy remember, thats not broken at my computer..13:30
cow_Ok hope that it wont remove any other stuff too:X13:32
BUGabundo_remote(01:50:39 PM) asac: https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/thunderbird/3.0+nobinonly-0ubuntu1/+build/151487013:51
BUGabundo_remoteTB3.x is now in the archive13:51
johe|workhi, i just downloaded lucid (server amd64) iso and tried to install, but grub cant be installed, i tried on an ESX system, any idea?13:52
BUGabundo_remoteeheh one ESC to many13:52
BUGabundo_remoteno idea johe|work13:52
johe|workso, its also no 'normal' known bug?13:52
BUGabundo_remotenever touched ESX so I can't say13:53
BUGabundo_remotetake a peak at LP13:53
ryejohe|work, you should use daily build13:54
ryejohe|work, the one that happened to be in lucid alpha2 has broken grub installation13:54
johe|workwell, rye where to find the daily?13:55
johe|workjust found the other13:55
BUGabundo_remoteshouldnt be much on that keyword13:55
BUGabundo_remote!daily | johe|work13:55
ubottujohe|work: Daily builds of the CD images of the current development version of Ubuntu are available at http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily/current/ and http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/13:55
BUGabundo_remoteI assumed he was using dailies :(13:55
BUGabundo_remotemy bad13:55
ryejohe|work, ubuntu server is @ http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-server/daily/current/13:55
* BUGabundo_remote will start demanding md5 hash of isos13:55
johe|workthx rye13:56
johe|workBUGabundo_remote, hehe, i assumed too ;-)13:56
ryeBUGabundo_remote, i got hit by this bug as well. And I was one click away before submitting the bug report, then the daily image finished downloading and I started installation from that. It installed grub w/o any problem.13:57
BUGabundo_remotewell if it was fixed in daily13:57
BUGabundo_remoteno need to bug on alpha13:57
BUGabundo_remotebut ppl still download that13:57
BUGabundo_remotefor some *****d reason13:58
jveI have installed lucid desktop daily onto a sd-card but when i boot get an error taht says it can't find my root device and i am dropped to a initramfs shell. If i look into the /dev i there's no mmcblk devices. Can you help me?13:58
ryeBUGabundo_remote, right, need alpha2 SP113:58
BUGabundo_remotejve: file a bug13:58
ppineHello, other people experience a broken pulseaudio / alsa after today's upgrade?13:58
kklimondappine: see topic13:58
BUGabundo_remoteppine: /Topic13:58
BUGabundo_remotedamn it kklimonda beat me to it13:58
BUGabundo_remote:( im soooo lagged13:59
ppineerr? fix uploaded?13:59
ppineit just broke....13:59
BUGabundo_remoteno build yet13:59
ppineits a automated proces?14:00
BUGabundo_remoteif it doesn't fail to build14:00
kklimondaheh, 2 seconds to the 10s boot target14:01
ppineok, should be a matter of hours then right?14:01
BUGabundo_remoteppine: track the buildes14:03
ppineThanks, i can see its building on a sparc machine14:05
ppinethis will give i386 ?14:06
jemarkno more sound after the latest pulseaudio update :(14:07
ppinejemark: known issue, its being resolved atm14:07
jemarkcool, thanks ppine14:07
jemarkppine, is that a ppa for karmic or lucid?14:08
ppineBinary packages awaiting publication:14:08
ppinewhat does that mean in general?14:08
* BUGabundo_remote hands a dicitionarie to ppine14:08
ppineyou knew what i meant it :P14:09
* BUGabundo_remote hands a dictionary english to french to ppine14:09
BUGabundo_remoteahh time14:09
jemarkjust waiting for this evening update then?14:09
BUGabundo_remoteask crimsun14:09
BUGabundo_remotejemark: evening *where* in the world?14:10
BUGabundo_remoteits 14h here14:10
tgpraveen12ubuntu one music store in14:10
jemarkit's 15:10 here14:10
* BUGabundo_remote updates14:11
ryetgpraveen12, http://isthemusicstorereadyyet.com/14:11
tgpraveen12rye: heh interesting. who created that site?14:12
ryetgpraveen12, aquarius, ubuntuone dev14:12
tgpraveen12nice but then what does http://www.mail-archive.com/lucid-changes@lists.ubuntu.com/msg05961.html mean?14:13
tgpraveen12it is ready right?14:13
jemarki hope that the sound issue will be solved soon since I like to listen to the news this evening ;)14:13
ryetgpraveen12, it is not ready for production yet, the plugin is created, the server side is being worked on14:13
knittlhi. after recent upgrades my sound broke14:14
knittlCannot open shared library libasound_module_conf_pulse.so14:14
jemarkme too, knittl. knows issue according to ppine14:14
knittlok, then it's alright :)14:15
knittlvolume control is also missing in panel, and rhythmbox is not shown in notification area14:15
jemarkknown issue according to ppine... and it will be solved soon but I have no idea how soon ;)14:15
knittlit's ok, i listen to the radio in the meantime :D14:15
vaibhavMy webcam is not working , Dell 1525 inspiron, integrated webcam, it worked fine in karmic14:16
jemarkknittl, I don't have that problem... i remember that I had no more speaker applet but I added this manually. no issue with Rhythmbox, just no sound14:16
knittljemark: what's the name of the applet? i can't find sound nor speaker14:16
BUGabundo_remote$ aptitudeupgrade14:16
BUGabundo_remotehumm my terminal buffer just got clean, after libpam upgrade14:17
BUGabundo_remotenot a good sign14:17
BUGabundo_remoteknittl: /topic14:17
BUGabundo_remotevaibhav: file a bug against kernel (aka linux)14:17
BUGabundo_remotejemark: volume is now and indicator, not applet :\14:18
knittlBUGabundo_remote: jemark already told me. just wanted to mention my panelapplets are also gone14:18
knittloh, volume is in indicator now? good :)14:18
knittlbtw … i miss hover for rhythmbox indicator icon14:18
BUGabundo_remoteFetched 4,817kB in 5s (878kB/s)14:18
BUGabundo_remoteahh we are back14:19
jemarkknittl, gnome-volume-control-applet14:19
jemarkknittl, try to run that14:19
knittlyup, that helped :)14:19
knittlbut i don't have sound anyway ;)14:19
jemarkknittl, me too, like I said, a known issue...14:20
knittls igl ludl jgt TT14:20
knittlwops * i got that now ^^14:20
knittl(wrong keyboard layout xD)14:21
jemarkknittl, I added the gnome-volume-control-applet in the startup items... then it will appear as normal again after the reboot14:21
knittlbut still no sound :P14:21
jemarkppine, do you have the LP number of this issue so I can track it when the update will be released?14:22
ppinejemark: i am new to this tracking thing as well, i suppose : https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/pulseaudio/1:0.9.22~0.9.21+stable-queue-32-g8478-0ubuntu8/+build/151604614:23
ppineits found there and the build is finished i downloaded some deps manually but i cant install depency errors.14:23
jemarkppine, that's a ppa for karmic, I'm afraid14:24
ppineSeries: Lucid14:24
jemarkppine, https://launchpad.net/~ricotz/+archive/unstable14:24
ppineyeah thats something else :)14:24
ppinecheckout the last link i posted14:25
ppineits the primary archive of ubuntu :> lucid14:25
BUGabundo_remotejemark: DON'T Had it14:25
metricpianowhat's the latest on the ff fix for no search/no url entry? (bug 523569)14:25
ubottuLaunchpad bug 523569 in firefox "No search providers or default search provider in 3.6+nobinonly-0ubuntu3" [Critical,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52356914:25
BUGabundo_remoteit was replace!!14:25
jemarkonly karmic...14:25
BUGabundo_remoteits now a new indicator14:25
BUGabundo_remotejemark: don't link to that builder14:26
BUGabundo_remotejust look at the package queue14:26
BUGabundo_remotemetricpiano: ask on #ubuntu-mozillateam14:26
jemarkBUGabundo_remote, i see.14:26
jemarkBUGabundo_remote, do you have an idea when we can expect the fix for the sound issue?14:29
jemarki regret i updated today14:32
ppinejemark: so do i :)14:32
jemarkppine, also no sound for you, right?14:32
BUGabundo_remotejemark: downgrade14:32
BUGabundo_remotedon't you have the old one in cache?14:32
BUGabundo_remoteno X is worse, believe mne14:32
jemarkBUGabundo_remote, tell me how to do that please?14:33
ppineBUGabundo_remote: well i can chat browse and listen to music from a tty :)14:33
knittli still have my mp3 player with rockbox on it, so everything is fine14:33
knittli will survive a day without youtube :D14:33
BUGabundo_remoteppine: LOL14:33
knittlmocp \*/14:33
BUGabundo_remotemocp FTW14:33
jemarkknittl, I have an internet radio next to me... ;)14:33
aquariushm, sound is broken since upgrading about an hour ago...sound preferences thinks that sound is playing OK. I also don't have a sound menu. How do I start debugging this?14:34
BUGabundo_remotecrimsun: will downgrade help this needy guys, or the build will be soon out ?14:34
ppineaquarius: dont its a known issue14:34
knittljemark: i have radio on my mp3 device ;)14:34
BUGabundo_remoteaquarius: /topic14:34
BUGabundo_remotedamn... don't ppl read topic anymore?14:34
jemarkaquarius, welcome to the club. ppine and I have the same issue14:34
BUGabundo_remotego look into your apt cache14:34
* knittl too14:34
aquariusBUGabundo_remote, the topic says that fixed PA is uploaded. :)14:35
knittlbut i don't care *g*14:35
BUGabundo_remotein /var/cache/apt/archive14:35
BUGabundo_remotesee if you have the older packages14:35
jemarkBUG, it should be still there... I will check it now14:35
BUGabundo_remotetehn$ sudo dpkg -i THOSE files14:35
om26eris there a way so that humanity dont use monochrome14:35
BUGabundo_remoteaquarius: uploaded != build != released14:36
aquariusBUGabundo_remote, pulseaudio* and alsa* in the older versions?14:36
jemarkBUGabundo_remote, where do I look for an how to install the older version from the cache?14:37
BUGabundo_remoteaquarius: -1 then the on you have?14:37
BUGabundo_remotejemark: 3 lines above you asked14:37
jemarkBUGabundo_remote, I see but which files caused the issue exactly?14:38
aquariusBUGabundo_remote, yeah, just checking which packages need re-doing. If new ones are in the queue, I'll wait.14:39
stdiseaseI currently can't install xorg-driver-fglrx - am I doing something wrong14:39
jemarkBUGabundo_remote, i will try the pulse*14:39
stdiseasegives me a complain about a xserver-xorg-core dependency14:40
ppineForget it, the version is the same14:40
ppineit wont be in the cache...14:40
jemarkppine, i see14:41
ppineat least here it is. : Package: pulseaudio14:41
jemarkppine, makes more sense since the cache are the files just downloaded14:42
ppinemaybe u have them try this command: sudo apt-cache showpkg pulseaudio14:42
jemarkppine, this one is in my cache pulseaudio_1%3a0.9.22~0.9.21+stable-queue-32-g8478-0ubuntu6_i386.deb14:42
ppinesame here14:43
jemarkppine, we are in the same boat14:43
ppinesucks to watch porn without the sound does it not. :P14:43
jemarkppine, just waiting is the best i guess14:43
jemarkppine, hahaha14:43
jemarkppine, watching dvb-t tv without sound is not so nice14:44
knittlppine: haha, just told that to a friend over jabber xD14:45
knittlwithout reading your message first14:45
jemarkknittl, haha14:45
ppine:D tell him jemark is trying to cover himself telling us he doesnt like watching dvb-t tv without sound14:46
ppinelike there aint no pron channels on dvb-t :P14:46
jemarkknittl, using skype without sound is not so nice too14:46
knittli don't use/have skype14:47
ppineahwell, what can we expect running a distribution in development.14:47
jemarkknittl, i can't hear the one calling.. im going to sleep ;)\14:47
jemarksound is pretty basic...14:48
knittlbut you can always use sign language on skype ;)14:48
ppinetrue, but anything is prone to failure.14:48
BUGabundo_remotestdisease: as yet to update their driver to match Xorg14:48
BUGabundo_remotejust use open driver instead14:48
jemarkyou mean calling to a landline with skype?14:48
BUGabundo_remoteam I all alone in here today???14:48
BUGabundo_remotekklimonda, bjsnider, yofel_, charlie-tca, HELP14:48
kklimondaBUGabundo_remote: what do you need help with?14:49
jemarkknittl, but you like the solution for the applet, right? ;)14:49
* kklimonda is reading backlog14:49
stdiseaseBUGabundo_remote, ah all-right then14:49
knittljemark: no, still no sound :P14:49
jemarkknittl, at least it's a known issue and you have the speaker back...14:50
BUGabundo_remotekklimonda: I'm becoming a bot, *again*14:50
knittlso i get reminded of the issue all the time? xD14:50
jemarkwhat's wrong with firefox (broken in the topic?)14:51
kklimondajemark: 0ubuntu4 is fixed14:51
jemarki have changed the search to google again, that's all..14:51
kklimondaBUGabundo_remote: I'm having an information overload - too many channels, not nearly enough time :)14:52
BUGabundo_remoteI know14:52
BUGabundo_remoteME TOO14:52
* BUGabundo_remote is mentally tired today14:52
kklimondaheh, I've been waking up at 5am for the last few days..14:52
BUGabundo_remotenot enouth sleep and strange dream for the 1st time in ages14:52
kklimondaright now I'm a zombie14:52
BUGabundo_remotetry not sleeping for 5 days14:52
BUGabundo_remotethen you will know what a zoombie is14:52
kklimondaheh - working on some awesome thing or just insomnia? :)14:53
BUGabundo_remoteno no not now14:53
BUGabundo_remotea few years ago14:53
BUGabundo_remotewhen I used to do Lan Parties14:53
stdiseaseLan Parties??14:53
charlie-tcaBUGabundo_remote: sorry, I missed it14:55
charlie-tcaWhat am I helping with?14:55
kklimondaapparently we've got quite a few nasty bugs and a lot of people are asking about them :)14:56
charlie-tcaI just confirmed the abiword bug. It won't start in lucid.14:58
* BUGabundo_remote puts /topic on quick trigger14:58
jemarkim updating with the latest pulseaudio updates now15:00
jemarkknittl, a reboot and then I will be back, you too?15:01
knittldo i have to reboot?15:01
ppinewhat mirror are u using ?15:01
jemarkppine, the main one15:01
ppineim using the dutch mirror its not here yet.15:01
jemarkppine, for development, I use the main repo...15:01
ppinejemark: ok i will wait to see if you got it working again15:02
jemarkknittl, i guess, you can also kill pulseaudo and start pulseaudio again ofcourse15:02
jemarkppine, ok, see ya in a while crocodile15:03
BUGabundo_remoteI use a local mirro, plus main15:03
BUGabundo_remotethat way files in the mirror save bw from main15:03
knittlpulseaudio -k will not work xD15:03
ppinealsamixer gives the same error :(15:07
jemarkppine, still same15:07
ppinebummer :(15:08
jemarkyes me too: ALSA lib conf.c:3272:(snd_config_hooks_call) Cannot open shared library libasound_module_conf_pulse.so15:08
jemarkALSA lib control.c:902:(snd_ctl_open_noupdate) Invalid CTL default15:08
jemarkcannot open mixer: No such file or directory15:08
stdiseasehmm I get the same error15:09
ubottuUbuntu bug 523722 in alsa-driver "[Realtek ALC268] ALSA test tone not correctly played back (dup-of: 523716)" [Undecided,New]15:09
ubottuUbuntu bug 523716 in pulseaudio "pulseaudio version defined as UNKNOWN" [High,Fix released]15:09
ppinejemark: and if you try : sudo alsa force-reload15:11
jemarkppine, what happened with urs?15:12
ppinestill not working, but i didnt reboot yet15:12
knittlppine: that crashed my firefox :>15:13
jemarkppine, see u soon. you can check my output here http://pastebin.com/m4effe32b15:15
jemarkppine, still no sound15:16
ppinesame messega here15:17
ppinerebootign now15:17
ppinenope, no luck15:20
ppine+ gtk looks ugly15:20
jemarkwe are in the same boat15:20
jemarkwhich theme?15:21
BUGabundo_remoteguys stop beatching15:21
jemarkhere as ugly as before ;)15:21
BUGabundo_remoteyou are worse then danag on stroids :D15:21
ppinehuman lucid15:21
BUGabundo_remotemine is simply beautiful15:21
BUGabundo_remoteI just can't show COMPIZ cause I'm over Free NX15:22
alex_mayorgawhat's the "uglyness"?15:22
ppineand audacious is showing gtk decoration even though its set not to15:22
jemarkweird, no change in human theme here, only nicer icons15:23
ppinealex_mayorga: http://img163.imageshack.us/img163/2228/screenshotuqm.png15:24
knittladacious supposed to be a winamp clone? :D15:25
jemarkppine, just ur font is ugly..15:25
ppinejemark: no the font is nice :P15:27
ppinethat supposed to be like that15:27
jemarkppine, i see, I like a bigger font, but I don't see what's really ugly15:27
xxploitanyone else not have sound after upgrading packages?15:28
jemarkxxploit, welcome to the club and please check the topic. here are a bunch of ppl having sound issues after the latest upgrade15:28
xxploiti looked at the topic, topic seems to say that fixes were available? least thats what i thought it said15:29
jemarkppine, i don't have human-lucid . where did you get this theme?15:29
xxploitfixed pulseaudio & alsa-plugins uploaded15:29
jemarkxxploit, yes but my latest upgrade didnt solve the issue15:30
barfI did a dist-upgrade to 10.415:30
knittlxxploit: uploaded does not mean it's built and released15:30
barfand the config for dovecot-postfix is all different15:30
barfI chose to keep my current configs15:30
jemarkxxploit, knittl gave the answer ;)15:30
barfHow can I reconfigure?15:30
xxploitknittl, o i think it meant the packages were now available, been like 2 days since i upgrade and read that and assume the fixes had been applied15:31
jemarkppine, do you have a deb file? ;)15:31
kklimondabarf: try reinstalling package15:31
kklimondabarf: or purging it and installing again15:31
barfremove install?15:31
ppinejemark: nope just download the tar, open your appearance propperties and drag it in15:31
kklimondaapt-get --purge remove to delete your configuration (make sure to backup it)15:32
barfI tried dpkg -configure dovecot-postfix, but it told me that it was already configured15:32
jemarkppine, i will do that and see if it is "ugly"15:32
kklimondabarf: it would be dpkg-reconfigure15:32
kklimonda(a command, not option)15:33
barfSo that might still work for me?15:33
=== KB1JWQ is now known as PFY
kklimondait won't hurt to try15:34
=== PFY is now known as KB1JWQ
knittlLOOOOOL, what's wrong with eagles…? xD15:35
jemarkppine, ok here it seems...15:35
barfOr Tom Bombadil?15:35
barfNow you see me, now you don’t sort of...15:36
knittlbarf: user joining all the time, just to get kicked 2 seconds later for flooding15:36
jemarkppine, this is the screenshot: http://img192.imageshack.us/img192/5499/screenshotpp.png15:36
ppinehere is a close up of the problem : http://img651.imageshack.us/img651/7177/gtkerror.png15:36
jemarkppine, can u check mine?15:37
ppineaber das ist ganz gut ja15:37
ppineu dont seem to have the problem15:38
knittlppine: hihi, falscher chan? ;)15:38
jemarkppine, ben ook een Nederlander15:38
jemarkppine, also Dutch like you15:38
barfIs there a way to make linux and MacOS X co exist on the same node?15:38
ppinewrom moet je weten dan hoeveel graden het in dusseldorp is :P15:38
barfIdeally I would say 5GB MOSX, 5GB Ubuntu, 200GB storage15:39
ppineah u live in germanencountry15:39
barfbut which format to choose for storage?15:39
BUGabundo_remotewhy do ppl do dist upgrades !?!?!? specially when changing distro versions?? this is NOT debian... please use update-manager -d next time barf15:39
jemarkppine, yes, but will move shortly15:39
jemarkppine, for off-topic we can go to ubuntu-nl-offtopic ;)15:40
BUGabundo_remotebarf: we recommend mailbox15:41
ppineu see the gtk glitches ? in the last link15:41
BUGabundo_remoteohh no longer on mail subject15:41
ppinemaybe its because of my dpi15:41
BUGabundo_remoteFS is ext415:41
BUGabundo_remote5G is very small15:41
ppineBUGabundo_remote: besure to set noatime,nobarrier15:41
BUGabundo_remotemake that at least 10GB plus swap15:41
jemarkppine, maybe a reboot will help (again) or it's the video driver?15:42
barfWhat is mailbox?15:42
BUGabundo_remotesince everyone is so verbose today (and I can't work like this), anyone having X and dbus link dying to the point no new windows open up ??15:42
jemarkppine, i see some glitches now, too15:42
BUGabundo_remoteyou scared me Pici15:43
jemarkppine, just a development version i guess..i will delete it and go back to the normal human theme...15:43
BUGabundo_remotebarf: you don't know what maildir is and you manage a mail server?!15:43
barfmaildir I like15:43
ppinejemark: have the problem here even with clearlooks15:44
barfmbox becomes corrupt15:44
barfI have mbox on my current mail setup15:44
jemarkppine, really? i will check mine15:44
jemarkppine, yes me too15:45
jemarkppine, at least the sound is worse than this15:45
jemarkppine, i wouldn't have noticed it15:45
jemarkppine, normal human seems ok here15:46
ppinestrange things happening15:47
jemarkppine, yes but the sound need to be fixed soon ;)15:48
ppinehow did they manage lucid to boot so fast actually15:48
jemarkppine, not bad isnt it.15:48
ppinereally nice15:49
kklimondaso my sound doesn't work...15:50
kklimondagreat ;)15:50
ppinekklimonda: type : modprobe pcspkr15:52
jemarkkklimonda, great?15:52
BUGabundo_remotejemark: won't bother him15:52
ppinehe's being synical15:53
jemarkBUGabundo_remote, i does bother me :(15:53
jemarkppine, ok15:53
ppinenew updates available ....( cups and consorts15:54
jemarkppine, i see15:55
jemarki can't see the "no sound" issue here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/15:55
ppineah its not ubuntu specific15:56
ppinecheck google its popping up all over now15:56
ppinealso suse 11.2 rc2 suffering from the same problem15:56
jemarkppine, i see15:56
jemarkppine, then should be fixed soon (hopefully)15:57
ppineerr well that was a post from november last year now i see :S15:57
kklimondaBUGabundo_remote: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Testing/NouveauEvaluation15:57
jemarkppine, updated cups...15:57
kklimondahave you added your results?15:57
ppineshame there is no jsf driver for w32 then i could listen my music in windows16:01
kklimondaheh, still no sound and I have updated both pulse and alsa plugins..16:02
kklimondastupid jack migration16:02
kklimondaPulseaudio plugin:  no from alsa-plugins build log..16:04
jemarkkklimonda, me too16:05
jemarkkklimonda, probably there will be a new update soon...16:05
jemarkppine, any solution yet?16:07
ubottuUbuntu bug 523874 in ubiquity "No audio" [Undecided,Confirmed]16:12
BUGabundo_remotegreat name for a bug16:14
BUGabundo_remotealmost as good as "ubuntu doesn't work" :p16:15
geniiBUGabundo_remote: Or "broken"16:18
Hellmark[S10e]anyone having issues with KDE 4.4 freezing up?16:19
Hellmark[S10e]about 5-10 minutes after logging in, KDE stops responding to keyboard and mouse input16:20
Hellmark[S10e]using a Intel GMA950 for graphics16:20
alex_mayorgamy audio is too faint today, is that a known problem?16:25
ppineon the sound thing, i can get the mixer to work by placing libasound_module_conf_pulse.so in /usr/lib/ rather then /usr/lib/alsa-lib16:28
ppinestill no sound though...16:28
kklimondaach, this silence is deafening..16:28
jemarkppine, sound is back?16:29
jemarki see16:29
jemarkim waiting for an update ;)16:31
jemarkthe firefox update wiped my bookmarks...16:31
alex_mayorgajemark: check del.icio.us ;)16:32
alex_mayorgathere are pulse updates, let me pull those16:32
jemarkalex_mayorga, thanks, i will pull those as well16:33
jemarki had an backup in ubuntu one...16:34
alex_mayorgais there a way to reset the sound levels?16:34
ppinejemark: u have new updates to for pulse ?16:36
jemarkppine, no, not yet16:37
kklimondathey don't seem to fix anything16:37
kklimondaI have both new pulse and alsa-plugins16:38
jemarki will just relax and listen to the radio16:38
jemarkkklimonda, no solution?16:38
kklimondajemark: not yet16:38
jemarkkklimonda, ppine,  i will come back after a few hours16:39
kklimondappine: please - don't tell me you have just pasted a link to porno site on purpose..16:40
jemarkoh no, i thought it was a fix16:41
ppinekklimonda: no i was thinking it was i site about keez dogś :P16:41
jemarkat least no sound...16:42
alex_mayorgappine: no sound there either :(16:42
jemarkit would be strange that there will be sound and not in rhytmbox...16:42
alex_mayorgaactually there's sound, but super faint16:42
jemarklet's check :D16:43
alex_mayorgaso I'm sticking to my messed up levels theory16:43
jemarkreally? but can't even startup alsamixer16:44
alex_mayorgathere's sound if I plug headphones16:45
jemarkok, i will check16:45
ppinealex_mayorga: try this, like this you are able to use the alsamixer from the terminal again16:45
ppinesudo cp /usr/lib/alsa-lib/libasound_module_conf_pulse.so /usr/lib16:46
BUGabundo_remoteGUYS listen to me for a sec16:46
BUGabundo_remoteinstall PAMAN16:46
BUGabundo_remoteopen it up and check the percentage of the pipes16:46
alex_mayorgappine: sorry the DP video got me distracted :P16:46
alex_mayorgaBUGabundo_remote: what's the package name16:47
alex_mayorgamy output tab on sound preferences has "analog-output-desktop-speaker" and "Analog Output" does that matter?16:48
jemarkalex_mayorga, but i have no sound from the headphone...16:48
ppinedid one of you try this ? sudo cp /usr/lib/alsa-lib/libasound_module_conf_pulse.so /usr/lib16:49
ppineit will give you back access to "alsamixer"16:49
BUGabundo_remotealex_mayorga: err paman?16:49
BUGabundo_remote!info paman16:49
* alex_mayorga kicks the bot16:50
ubottupaman (source: paman): PulseAudio Manager. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.9.4-1ubuntu2 (lucid), package size 90 kB, installed size 560 kB16:50
ppinethats excluding the deps16:51
alex_mayorgaBUGabundo_remote: installed, how do I check the levels?16:51
jemarkppine, yep, installed it16:53
BUGabundo_remotenothing like a good kike to make stuff work16:53
BUGabundo_remotealex_mayorga: open it up, 2nd or 3rd tab16:53
* charlie-tca is impressed. That was a good kick16:53
BUGabundo_remotecheck the pipes props16:53
knittllibasound2-plugins in update16:54
alex_mayorgaBUGabundo_remote: it's all 100%16:55
jemarkBUGabundo_remote, where is the pipes?16:55
alex_mayorgado I need to restart something?16:55
BUGabundo_remoteif it is LOW increase it16:55
BUGabundo_remoteon karmic I used to get ass low as 10%16:56
BUGabundo_remoteor as high as 400%16:56
BUGabundo_remoteit was weird16:56
BUGabundo_remoteits way better (until) now16:56
knittlalsamixer is working again16:56
BUGabundo_remoteI can't test16:56
BUGabundo_remoteI can't open new windows until reboot16:57
BUGabundo_remoteI'm amazed as I'm the only one with that16:57
knittlok, sudo also force-reload after upgrading helps16:57
ppineknittl: u got sound ?16:58
knittlbut speakers in alsamixer are now muted again -.-16:58
jemarkok, i will do that16:58
knittlppine: hell yeah :D16:58
ppineGood me next :P16:58
alex_mayorgaBUGabundo_remote: that's pulse audio volume control, right?16:58
alex_mayorgahow do I make it 400%16:59
ppineknittl: how did u get sound again?16:59
knittlhm yap, seems like a regression that was already fixed once17:00
knittlppine: apt-get upgrade (libasound2-plugins)17:00
knittlthen alsa force-reload17:00
knittlalsamixer and crank up the speaker volume17:00
knittlvolume of speakers is reset when pulseaudio restarts17:00
alex_mayorgaBUGabundo_remote: I don't think I have pulse as the volume meter doesn't move :S17:01
jemarkfixed here too!17:01
alex_mayorgaknittl, jemark: mind a step by step?17:01
jemarkalex_mayorga,  ok, here you go.17:02
knittlbut i don't like this muting issue …17:02
jemarkalex_mayorga, do apt-get update and then apt-get upgrade (for the few new updates)17:02
jemarkknittl, my sounds works again17:02
ppinenot working for me17:03
knittlmine too17:03
ppineno new updates neither17:03
knittlbut when restarting pulseaudio speaker volume is set to 017:03
alex_mayorgajemark: on it17:03
jemarkalex_mayorga, did you get some updates?17:03
ppinedid you all install that paman thing ?17:03
alex_mayorgajemark: bear with me, slow interwebs :(17:03
jemarkppine, yes, i did and then after the update forced the alsa thing then reset the sound level in paman17:04
jemarkworks ok now17:04
BUGabundo_remotejemark: use aptitude safe-upgrade instead17:04
* BUGabundo_remote goes for another round of updates17:05
jemarkBUGabundo_remote, i don't use aptitude and apt-get together ;)17:05
kklimondayeah, I got sound too - but now rhythmbox is using 33% of my cpu17:05
kklimondaand makes X use other 33%17:05
jemarkkklimonda, yes, me too! :(17:05
jemarksound but heavy cpu load :(17:06
kklimondait may be somehow related to the new gtk+ update17:07
jemarkkklimonda, i don't like the high cpu load now17:07
jemarkthis this: sof: WARNING: can't stat() fuse.gvfs-fuse-daemon file system /home/mark/.gvfs17:09
jemark      Output information may be incomplete.17:09
jemarkTerminating processes: 4535lsof: WARNING: can't stat() fuse.gvfs-fuse-daemon file system /home/mark/.gvfs17:09
jemark      Output information may be incomplete.17:09
jemarklsof: WARNING: can't stat() fuse.gvfs-fuse-daemon file system /home/mark/.gvfs17:09
jemark      Output information may be incomplete.17:09
jemarklsof: WARNING: can't stat() fuse.gvfs-fuse-daemon file system /home/mark/.gvfs17:09
alex_mayorgajemark: updates pulled17:09
jemark      Output information may be incomplete.17:09
kklimondayeah, related to gtk+17:09
alex_mayorgafor the record I never lost sound entirely17:09
jemarkalex_mayorga, ok, do sudo alsa force-reload17:09
alex_mayorgajust to faint on the speakers17:10
knittlwhy does my cpu not scale when load is higher than 1 or 2?17:10
knittlthat seems to be the issue, normally it scales perfectly, but if load goes to high it stays where it is :-/17:10
knittland that makes things even slower and the load higher17:10
jemarkoh no17:11
alex_mayorgajemark: done, that took firefox with it, is that normal and crashed indicator-sound :(17:11
jemarki will reboot to make sure17:11
knittlalex_mayorga: yep, that happened here too17:11
jemarkalex_mayorga, does the sound work now?17:11
h00kThe new GDM is beautiful.17:11
knittlnow start alsamixer and set your volume17:12
knittlh00k: new gdm? how new?17:12
h00kknittl: new as in the userlist is now movable17:12
alex_mayorgajemark: let me log-off/on just in case17:12
h00kand it looks a little different17:12
knittlhm, haven't seen it then, yet17:12
h00kknittl: I just restarted, it's pretty slick.17:13
knittlok, i'll do that tomorrow :D17:13
alex_mayorgastill no/faint sound from the laptop speakers17:17
knittlalex_mayorga: have you started alsamixer?17:17
alex_mayorgaknittl: I restarted, FWIW17:17
knittlalex_mayorga: ok, then it's a sign pulse is resetting speaker volume again17:18
knittlstart alsamixer17:18
knittlyou will see speaker volume set to 017:18
alex_mayorgaknittl: on a terminal17:18
alex_mayorgaI see Maste is 017:18
knittlok master is the volume controlled by volume keys17:19
alex_mayorgaIf I move it up, I can hear sound from the speakers17:20
jemarkknittl, still high cpu load after reboot and rhythmbox17:20
knittljemark: i don't have much higher cpu usage than usual17:20
knittland my usage comes from virtualbox i guess17:20
alex_mayorgaknittl: do I crank Mater all the way to 100?17:20
jemarkknittl, but you had a high cpu usage right after it?17:20
knittlmaster is the normal volume17:21
knittljemark: no, basically the same17:21
knittlit's ~10 %17:22
jemark30 here17:22
knittlbut that's for days now17:22
jemarki see17:22
jemarki will open de dvb-t (me-tv)17:23
alex_mayorgaknittl: so I'll need to up Master on alsamixer on every reboot17:23
knittlalex_mayorga: maybe17:24
alex_mayorgaknittl: thanks, at least there's sound now17:24
alex_mayorgadoes anyone know the bug for this?17:24
jemarki disabled some plugin and now the cpu is 417:24
jemarkand xorg is 1%17:26
jemarkknittl, so solved ;)17:26
kklimondajemark: what plugin?17:26
jemarkkklimonda, all17:27
knittlhm ok17:27
knittli don't have any plugins17:27
knittlwait … that's strange17:27
knittlthere should be17:27
knittlno scrobbles since yesterday17:27
kklimondajemark: rhythmbox plugins?17:27
knittlwhat happened to my plugins? oO17:28
jemarki suppose virtualisation?17:28
jemarkim happy the sound is back17:28
kklimondajemark: didn't help here17:28
knittlvirtualisation? wth?17:28
kklimondait's probably a gtk+ issue - devs are working on it already17:29
knittljust wondering :)17:30
jemarkkklimonda, well my cpu is only 4% now with rhytmbox ;)17:32
jemarkoh no! it's again 33%17:33
alex_mayorgatalking about rhytmbox, are other last.fm like streaming services that work17:34
jemarksorry guys17:34
kklimondajemark: it drops to normal value if you close window to the tray17:35
jemarkkklimonda, i will check that now17:35
knittli don't have rhythmbox in tray since yesterday17:36
jemarkkklimonda, yes!17:36
jemarkkklimonda, thanks17:36
knittlrelated to missing plugins?17:36
jemark5% now17:36
jemarkkklimonda, not related to plugins after all17:37
kklimondaknittl: Status Icon plugin is responsible for displaying it17:37
kklimondaknittl: but it has been ported over to the indicator-application some time ago17:37
knittlkklimonda: ok, where do i get it if it's missing?17:37
knittli don't have any plugins in my list17:37
kklimondaso make sure you have it added to your applet17:37
kklimondaknittl: hmm..17:37
knittl"scrobbling" for nothing …17:37
jemarkstill wondering why the cpu is so high when I open rhythmbox (not playing in the tray)17:38
kklimondaknittl: you have rhythmbox-plugins installed?17:38
om26erbye ubottu17:39
knittlkklimonda: dunno, but i should have17:39
knittli did not uninstall them17:39
knittldidn't know there was a package for that …17:39
zniavresomething went wrong with window decorations no ?17:40
knittlState: not installed17:40
knittlk, there's the problem17:40
kklimondazniavre: maybe - we got a new gtk+ with client-side-decorations patches17:42
knittlstrange, why were my plugins missing?17:42
zniavrethe gdm logon window get decoration and you can move this login window17:43
zniavrei guess it's not "normal" behaviour17:43
zniavreand my xorg eating 75% cpu17:44
knittlok, now rhythmbox eats cpu too17:44
zniavremmm we updated too early ...17:44
razerteki just upgraded to alpha 3 from karmic 64...didnt stop to think when i was installing new raedon drivers from ati =/ now i can not load x how do i remove and refressh my xorg.xonf or whatever...revert back?17:51
ZykoticK9I thought Alpha 3 was suppose to be released in 7 days?17:54
kklimondait is17:58
ZerHowdy. I've noticed since upgrading to 10.04 that there's a little textbox that just arbitrarily pops up here and there and takes text in, but seems to do nothing. There's no real pattern to it. Is it some accessibility feature I am accidentally triggering or what?18:02
BUGabundo_remotewhy do ppl come here report probs with very little detail, and leave after 2 min ?18:02
BUGabundo_remoteZer: never seen it18:02
BUGabundo_remotewhat DE ?18:02
ZerIf you mean environment, Gnome18:03
ZerIt's just a tiny textbox, about an inch wide. And it pops up and gets in the way of my normal typing and screws up focus, but otherwise has no function I can see18:04
Ian_CorneZer: that's a very primitive keylogger :p18:04
ZerReally. Ubuntu 10.04 with built in keylogging eh ? :)18:05
Ian_Corneextra flavors18:05
ZerFinally getting ahead of the commercial environments18:05
ZerThey won't be doing that for three or four years now :)18:05
razerteki wasnt thinking and downloaded the drivers from ati...when i know they are prerelease in alpha3 and broke my x...how do i revert back18:06
JoshuaLuninstall them?18:06
razerteki do not want to have to reinstall karmic then upgrade to lucid alpha 3 again18:07
JoshuaLuninstall the ati drivers and reconfigure x?18:07
razertekwhat is the reconfigure syntax for lucid?18:08
razertek!google reconfigure x syntax for lucid18:10
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)18:10
JoshuaLdpkg-reconfigure packagename18:10
razertekin this case the package name would be? xorg-driver-fglrx or xserver-xorg-core?18:11
razertekor just X?18:11
JoshuaLyou can try the xorg-driver-fglrx18:12
razertekjoshuaL,thanks...will give it a shot18:12
g0rillaanyone able to assist?18:13
g0rillalucid alpha2 suffering no sound? no resolution so far?18:14
g0rillapurged alsa & pulseaudio & reinstalled18:14
g0rillapkill no help18:14
g0rillaall levels AOK just no output from speakers18:15
knittlg0rilla: wait for updates18:15
ZykoticK9g0rilla, has the sound ever worked?  or did this just start happening?18:15
knittlor have a look in alsamixer18:15
g0rillaworked fine, happened since update18:15
g0rillaalamixer no go, checked all outputs ok18:16
g0rillaits mythed me so far18:16
knittlg0rilla: /topic18:16
knittlwait for updates18:16
ZykoticK9g0rilla, lol - i reinstalled cause i lost sound and couldn't fix it :(...   My luck with Lucid finally ran out.18:16
knittlit's already fixed18:16
g0rillaknittl, u sure??18:17
g0rillapatience will be a virtue on this one then18:17
* rye updates to the latest packages, pulseaudio is among them.... will see whether I can hear after the updates.18:18
knittlyep i'm sure, i installed the updates, and sound is working again (apart from a few alsamixer glitches)18:18
Andre_Gondimmy last update crash my search engine on  firefox18:31
alex_mayorgaAndre_Gondim: read the topic, and update again18:33
Andre_Gondimalex_mayorga, many thanks18:33
rippsI don't understand, if backporting linux 2.6.33 drm to 2.6.32 is so difficult, why doesn't ubuntu pull 2.6.33 entirely? It must be much easier than the headache of picking and choosing patches.18:45
alex_mayorgaripps: I agree18:46
Oli``2.6.33 would be so much better. Especially for SSD users (.33 has finally ATA TRIM support)18:46
ali1234i wonder if they will backport the HDA fixes too... my sound is unusable without them18:46
ryeALSA lib conf.c:3272:(snd_config_hooks_call) Cannot open shared library libasound_module_conf_pulse.so18:48
ryels: cannot access /usr/lib/alsa-lib/libasound_module_conf_pulse.so: No such file or directory18:48
ryehm... :)18:48
Hellmark[S10e]is there any way to downgrade from lucid to karmic?18:48
ryeI: (alsa-lib)conf.c: Cannot open shared library libasound_module_conf_pulse.so18:50
ryeI: (alsa-lib)pcm.c: Unknown PCM hw:018:50
arand!downgrade | Hellmark[S10e]18:51
ubottuHellmark[S10e]: Attempting to downgrade to an older Ubuntu version is explicitly not supported, and may break your system.18:51
ryeit looks like someone stole module so that's why sound is broken18:51
arandHellmark[S10e]: Even more so from lucid :/18:51
kklimondarye: wait for an update - it's a known issue18:51
ryekklimonda, do you have the bugreport #?18:51
* rye forgot that he can search launchpad...18:51
DanaGaargh, is it a FEATURE that nm-applet sends notifications of "Wired Network" disconnected.. instead of saying WHAT network?18:52
ryeYAHOO SEARCH? o_O18:52
kklimondarye: the main report that this bug is related to is bug 52371618:52
ubottuLaunchpad bug 523716 in pulseaudio "pulseaudio version defined as UNKNOWN, which breaks everything with build-dep on libpulse-dev" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52371618:52
DanaGOn connect notification, it says "Auto eth0" connected, or "auto usb0"18:52
DanaGdisconnect: just18:53
Hellmark[S10e]arand, damn18:53
DanaG"Wired Network"18:53
Hellmark[S10e]because lucid broke my system.18:53
ryeHellmark[S10e], how did it break?18:53
Hellmark[S10e]rye, fire up KDE, and after a few minutes, 10 at the most, it stops accepting all input from keyboard and mouse.18:54
* Blues-Man hi all18:54
Andre_Gondimmy gwibber don't display any update from twitter and identi.ca either18:54
Hellmark[S10e]apps are still running, network connections appear to be maintained18:55
arandrye: making the browser search worse will make ubuntu better ;D18:55
ryeAndre_Gondim, it does not display the notifications or there is nothing in the main window?18:55
Andre_Gondimrye, no display nothing in the main windows18:55
ryeHellmark[S10e], grr... need to persuade my wife to upgrade to Lucid to test. She's devoted KDE user...18:55
tenpenny9.10 vs 10.04 any performance improvement ?18:56
ryeAndre_Gondim, you might want to run PPA version, that's where fixes are being appied18:56
Andre_Gondimrye, do you know the gwibber ppa to tell me?18:57
ryeAndre_Gondim, https://launchpad.net/~gwibber-daily/+archive/ppa18:57
Andre_Gondimmany thanks rye18:57
arandtenpenny: boot should be seeing considerable improvements at least..18:57
tenpennyarand: nice18:58
tenpennyarand: and base architecture ?18:58
Hellmark[S10e]rye, I take it that you don't want a happy household?18:58
arandtenpenny: I do not know.18:58
tenpennyarand: ok18:58
g0rillai love ubuuuuuuuuuuuntu!19:00
Hellmark[S10e]g0rilla, that's good for you19:00
g0rillaproblem arises and suddenly people from all over the world come together to fix it19:01
g0rillaif only everything worked like that!19:02
knittli love u…buntu19:02
tenpennyi have tried to change priority for an app, and it seems like it is taking forever to implement19:06
ryetenpenny,underlying architecture for boot process now resembles architecture and not the set of scripts simply tied together with a duct tape, so yes, there are changes...19:06
tenpennyinfact gdm is unresponsive19:07
ryetenpenny, you mean that it does not react to mouse and keyboard?19:08
tenpennyrye: all windows are colorless19:08
ryetenpenny, does it allow you to switch to VT ?19:08
rye* other vt19:09
tenpennyrye: what m i suppose to kill now ? system-monitor ?19:09
Andre_Gondimmy empathy don't connect with msn, just gtalk, does any one knows about it?19:10
ryetenpenny, i don't think I follow you - the window are colorless on boot? What exactly colorless mean in this context?19:10
tenpennyrye: tried to change priority for an app by clicking and selecting the app from system-montor19:11
tenpennyrye: system-monitor window and other application windows are all white19:12
tenpennyrye: means i cann't see n e thing but can see the container "rectangeles"19:12
ryetenpenny, that basically means that the apps hanged and do not repaint their windows19:13
tenpennyrye: yes19:13
ryejust updated the priority via system monitor, looks like it worked19:13
ryetenpenny, what app you were trying to 'nice' ?19:13
tenpennyrye: vbox19:13
ryetenpenny, are you sure it happened right when you updated the nice value of vbox?19:14
tenpennyrye: what need to be done to repaint all windows ?19:14
tenpennyrye: yes19:14
ryetenpenny, xrefresh is the app, but I don't think it would help. Are you able to start processes via gnome run, i.e. Alt+F2, etc?19:16
tenpennyrye: i can alt+f7 and see white rectangle19:18
ryetenpenny, ah, you are running compiz, right ?19:18
tenpennyrye: compiz yes19:19
tenpennyrye: shall i kill compiz ?19:19
ryetenpenny, i believe you can do alt+f2 and blindly type gnome-terminal and another white rectangle will pop-up, could you please try this ?19:19
tenpennyrye: mouse icon is changed to processing state and everything is unselectable19:20
ryetenpenny, you may try killing compiz, but in my case metacity did not overtake the window management19:21
tenpennyrye: lemme try19:22
ryeheh, the bug 523716 is still goes on19:23
ubottuLaunchpad bug 523716 in pulseaudio "pulseaudio version defined as UNKNOWN, which breaks everything with build-dep on libpulse-dev" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52371619:23
ryei.e. it is still not fixed19:23
ryehm, my xchat became slow after restart19:25
jemarksound works here19:25
ryexchat - stat64("/etc/localtime", {st_mode=S_IFREG|0644, st_size=2057, ...}) = 0 - keeps statting the file19:26
ryejemark, yep, until you upgrade :)19:26
jemarki did19:26
g0rillastill no sound with new updates19:26
tenpennyrye: thanks got it19:26
jemarki've updated19:27
tenpennyrye: gnome-system-monitor was stuck. killing it solved problem19:27
ryejemark, are you using the official archive or the mirror?19:27
jemarkto the latest updates, then it works again after alsamixes and put everything 100%19:27
ryetenpenny, ah, ok then.19:28
jemarkofficial main repo19:28
ryejemark, hm, ok, let me switch...19:28
tenpennyok thx, bye19:28
ryejemark, thanks19:29
jemarkit works now?19:29
ryejemark, switching...19:30
jemarkok, let me know19:30
jemarki had the same issue a few hours ago19:30
ryei wonder what broke xchat now, it is furiously stat()ing /etc/localtime...19:30
g0rillarunning main repo, all alsamixer levels at 100%, why-oh why is my sound no working19:30
robin0800what's wrong with sound today?19:31
jemarki use xchat-gnome19:31
jemarkg0rilla, do sudo alsa force-reload19:32
g0rillaall kindsa warnings19:33
g0rillawait a min sound indicator suddenly muted19:33
ryeg0rilla, alsamixer -c019:35
g0rillalevels are fine but indicator still showing muted19:36
ryeg0rilla, are you sure that the underlying alsa device is not muted?19:36
jemarkrye, sound is working again?19:37
ryejemark, yes, it does but indicator applet for sound shows 3 different main sound levels19:38
g0rillai swear on my lil pinkie19:38
jemarkrye, what do u mean? 3 level in one applet?19:39
g0rillathis is wierd ,indicator shows muted, but preferences showing not muted volume 100%19:39
ryejemark, yes, and every has its own 'Sound Preferences'19:39
ZykoticK9songbird-daily PPA doesn't seem to provide songbird?  Software Sources lists the PPA, but "apt-cache search songbird" is only showing pidgin-musictracker.  I have run "sudo apt-get update" after adding PPA.  Installing Skyzim's DEB suggested in https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Songbird seems to work fine.  Anyone successfully using the songbird-daily under Lucid?19:39
jemarktry to run paman19:40
robin0800rye can't un mute sound from laptop button although software says it works hence no sound19:40
ryei guess applet needs to be restarted19:40
jemarkreboot to make sure ;)19:41
ryejemark, heeey, no reboots until it is completely broken  :)19:42
ryejemark, ok, removal and re-add of indicator applet service fixed duplicating volume meters19:42
jemarkhow did u add it actually? ;)19:43
ryejemark, volume control is now indicator, so I had to remove and re-add indicator-applet19:43
ryeto the panel19:43
ryejemark, nope, it is no longer an applet19:44
jemarkindicator applet...19:44
g0rillano success after reboot, alsa force-reload gives "lsof: WARNING: can't stat() fuse.gvfs-fuse-daemon file system /home/g0rilla/.gvfs19:45
jemarkwhich command is it? i've added it with gnome-volume-control-applet19:45
ryejemark, you just need to have indicator applet on your panel, the same that shows the message count for evolution, xchat IRC messages (w/ xchat-indicator), etc19:47
jemarkbut doesn't show the sound19:47
ryejemark, ok, do you have the envelope icon in your panel?19:48
robin0800rye still cant get my mute button off it comes on somtime during boot19:48
ryejemark, then you will have the indicator applet for the sound19:48
g0rillai'm all alone, there's noone listening to me!!! lol19:49
jemarkrye, i have this one :gnome-volume-control-applet19:49
robin0800g0rilla: I have the same problem as you its something that got changed today19:50
ryerobin0800, i believe for the sound issue we will need to wait a day or two, however I am not really sure I am following you19:50
ryerobin0800, not all mirrors are updated at the same time19:50
robin0800rye: there's been changes twice today at least19:51
g0rillaso to get this straight in my head19:57
g0rillafor some people sound is now working19:57
g0rillabut for my setup is not19:57
g0rillabest approach is give up and try again in few days19:57
g0rillayay or nay?19:57
jemarktry paman19:59
DanaGI think I may have figured out why my readahead was aborting:20:00
DanaGMy Pictures dir is a symlink to my ntfs partition.... and my wallpaper comes from that place.20:00
DanaGIt seems ureadahead doesn't like symlinks, perhaps?20:00
jemarkg0rilla, i will be back soon, sound should be ok for you later20:01
ryeok, I guess I need to restart xchat - it just eats all my cpu20:12
razertekanyone know how to revert back after downloading and installing the new ati drivers...i wasnt thinking when i put them on here that the new alpha 3 would have a prerelease20:12
DanaGrazertek: depends how you installed the official ones.20:14
ryeno, xchat is definitely broken20:14
DanaGoh, and IS there a new prerelease catalyst?20:14
razertekDanaG: i downloaded the run file and ran it after a chmod using ./20:14
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DanaGAh, note for future reference: do ati-driver-installer.sh --buildpkg Ubuntu/karmic, or such.20:15
DanaGIt'll build packages.20:16
DanaGAnyway, for now, I believe the uninstaller may be in /etc/ati.20:16
stdiseaseWhen updating the apt database do I always have to fetch the whole thing?20:16
stdiseaseDanaG, if it uninstalls cleanly it's worth a shot20:16
stdiseaseNext on my todo20:17
razertekDanaG: where is the installer.sh at?20:17
DanaGer, the installer is the thing you downloaded and ran; that's for future reference.20:20
DanaGthe UNinstaller.. is likely in /etc/ati or /etc/amd20:20
razertekDanaG: no luck =/20:24
DanaGhmm, maybe /usr/share/ati ?20:24
stdiseaselook maybe under /opt or /usr/local or or20:25
razertekDanaG: they do make an installer?20:25
razerteki mean uninstaller?20:25
DanaGYeah, I just don't remember where it is.20:25
DanaGI normally do my installs themselves, via the buildpkg thingy.20:25
stdiseaseIt's been a while since I last used the ATI driver but I believe they do ship an uninstaller utility as well. NVIDIA surely do.20:26
razertekwell i was reading on the release wiki ... about running the cmd... apt-get remove --purge xorg-driver-fglrx ...did this break a lot  on my system?20:26
arandrazertek: If it is called "uninstallsomething": " find / 2>/dev/null | grep uninstall "20:26
DanaGnvidia's installer is their uninstaller.20:26
razertekarand: k ty20:27
rabbi1can't wait for lucid, shld i try the beta version ?20:28
ZykoticK9rabbi1, if you're comfortable with breakages (check Topic right now for some examples) and/or want to report Bugs to help out.20:29
rabbi1ZykoticK9: thx. but already if i am caught in LAMP and other stuffs, figuring all this out ;)20:30
rabbi1ZykoticK9: i have AMD64 nVidia in built, i took lot of time solving my resolution issue itself, and finally it was a simple conf job to do.20:31
bjsniderrabbi1, you're caught in a lamp? that sounds painful20:38
rabbi1bjsnider: ;) i don mind, learning a lot as new user20:39
rabbi1actually this is 7th time i am installing AMP20:40
Crashbitcrashbit@m1330:~$ grep \(EE\) /var/log/Xorg.0.log.old (WW) warning, (EE) error, (NI) not implemented, (??) unknown.20:50
Crashbit(EE) [drm] failed to open device20:50
Crashbit(EE) No devices detected.20:50
Crashbitcrashbit@m1330:~$ cat /proc/fb20:51
Crashbit0 nouveaufb20:51
Crashbitups, sorry20:51
dupondjehmm, I don't have volume button anymore in taskbar .. any idea how to get that back ? :)20:52
Crashbitmm install indicator-applet20:52
Crashbitand add the applet to a gnome-panel20:53
dupondjeits installed20:54
dupondjeii  indicator-sound                            0.1.1-0ubuntu2                                 A system sound indicator.20:54
dupondjeis also installed20:54
dupondjebut there is nothing when I add .. :s20:54
Crashbitdupondje: indicator-applet20:55
dupondjeii  indicator-applet                           0.3.2-0ubuntu3                                 GNOME panel indicator applet20:55
dupondjeis also installed ... :)20:55
Crashbitok, add indicator-applet to gnome-panel20:56
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=== AlanBell_ is now known as AlanBell
dupondjehmz ok :p20:57
dupondjefound it now20:57
dupondjethx Crashbit20:57
DanaGmm: command not found20:58
DanaGJoking, of course.20:58
CrashbitDanaG: :)21:02
g0rillaquick question?21:05
g0rillai'm having sound issues, topic mentions new pulseaudio & alsa plugins21:05
dupondjeso ?:)21:05
g0rillais it strange that i don't have alsa-plugins21:06
dupondjeno, don't have it neither :D21:06
JoshuaLg0rilla, wait for updates?21:06
g0rillayes josh, soz, just impatient21:06
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=== AlanChicken is now known as AlanBell
dupondjewhy do we use alpha versions :) yep because we are impatient for new versions :D21:08
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BUGabundoso no sound yet?21:29
stdiseaseAlsamixer is working for me again, after latest updates21:31
Crashbitmm nouveau not working for me21:33
BUGabundoCrashbit: wfm21:34
BUGabundojust kills GDM21:34
RAOFThat's not a ringing endorsement!21:39
BUGabundoRAOF: for that last two days I've been like this21:41
BUGabundoboots ok, but once on GDM, I get horizontal green bars21:41
BUGabundoI stop GDM, and some how it just autologins21:41
BUGabundoI _think_ there are *two* GDMs starting or something21:42
stdiseaseIm having strange behaviors with gdm as well21:45
BUGabundonot the kind it freezes on Enter, righrt?21:46
BUGabundocause that one is well known21:46
stdiseasenope on startups and service manipulations21:47
ni1shey all21:56
stdiseaseni1s, although in my case I pressed the 'Update installer' button at the beginning of the install21:56
ni1sstdisease, oooooohh, I though it meant "... to use this language"21:58
ni1ssilly me21:58
ni1sIs there a way to start the "alternative" installer on the Live iso?22:02
Machtinresolvconf: Error: /etc/resolv.conf must be a symlink <- i deleted that link.. could anyone tell me where it's supposed to point or how to create it?22:10
Machtinoh, i think i know - except it's not /etc/resolvconf/run/resolv.conf22:14
cjohnstonAnyone else have sound die with todays upgrade?22:16
dupondjeis there a way to make a list of files on a system that arent provided by any package ?22:43
BUGabundonice page https://help.ubuntu.com/9.10/installation-guide/powerpc/hardware-supported.html22:45
rr72hey guys, i need some help, when I upgrade i get an error aobut sbin/ldconfig.real: File /usr/lib/libgweather.so.1 is empty22:55
rr72i have no where to start looking for what it means, google doesn't come up with much22:56
BUGabundorr72: prob corrupt install22:56
BUGabundodebsum should help you out22:57
BUGabundoand then reinstall the offending package22:57
rr72how do i know what the offending pacakge is? that's my question22:57
rr72how do i reinstall a package w/o having to uninstall all the deps?22:58
BUGabundorr72: debsum will complain22:59
alkisgI have 2 keyboard layouts (us/gr). When I login with an English interface, I can see a language indicator in the panel. When I login with Greek UI, I can see an empty space in that place. Which package is that, so that I can seach why the icon is missing with the Greek UI?22:59
rr72/sbin/ldconfig.real: File /usr/lib/libgweather.so.1 is empty, not checked.23:00
rr72BUGabundo~ what is debsum?23:01
BUGabundo!info debsum23:04
ubottuPackage debsum does not exist in lucid23:05
cefanyone got a suggestion for getting past Bug #514012 when upgrading from karmic to lucid (server, no X)?23:05
ubottuLaunchpad bug 514012 in mountall "cyclic dependency between mountall and libplymouth" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51401223:05
BUGabundo!info debsums23:10
BUGabundodo I need to kick the bot again?23:10
ubottudebsums (source: debsums): tool for verification of installed package files against MD5 checksums. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.0.48 (lucid), package size 47 kB, installed size 268 kB23:10
BUGabundorr72: ^^^^23:10
alkisgAh, got it, "gnome-settings-daemon".23:22
alkisgApparently it isn't utf-8 aware for the layout names23:22
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rippsIs there a program to find out which packages are taking up the most disk space?23:37
arandripps: pick and choose: http://www.commandlinefu.com/commands/view/3842/list-your-largest-installed-packages-on-debianubuntu23:45
ppineStill no sound after the updates :(23:48
rippsarand: awesome, thanks23:49
robin0800ppine: nor me join the club23:51
ppinerobin0800: some people did get it working.23:53
ppineWhat, now Evolution also isnt working anymore :(23:53
ppine** (evolution:1919): DEBUG: Number of email accounts: 123:53
ppine** (evolution:1919): DEBUG: EI: SHELL STARTUP23:53
ppineSegmentation fault (core dumped)23:53
RAOFYeah, everything that adds an indicator to indicator applet will crash at the moment.23:53
robin0800ppine: how?23:53
ppinedont now, i just rebooted and now evolution is not working anymore.23:55
ppinemajor let downs, i understand its a development release and all but ey.23:57
cefAny ideas on how to get past Bug #514012 when upgrading from karmic to lucid (server, no X)? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?23:57
ubottuLaunchpad bug 514012 in mountall "cyclic dependency between mountall and libplymouth" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51401223:58
o_portista17does anyone with lucid and ati, has problems with the screen/xorg ?23:58
robin0800any one know how to get sound working today?23:59
hemantHi, I upgraded today to lucid lynx on my macbook pro23:59
hemantsince the upgrade I am not able to use my keyboard on the login screen.23:59
hemantI am also not able to use my extended monitor.23:59

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