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saeedplars: ping08:39
ograsaeed, ~3am where he lives ...08:40
saeedogra: hi08:40
saeedhave you installed lucid over dove x0?08:41
ograi'm not one of the lucky guys to have an X008:41
saeedI see08:41
ograand i think NCommander is travelling, plars and GrueMaster ate in later timezones08:42
saeedasac: ping11:54
asacsaeed: hi12:59
saeedasac: have you installed lucid on dove?13:02
wvdoes somebody has some experienc an i.mx51 bbg board combined with gstreamer?13:06
loolA lot of people here played with babbage boards, but with varying versions; less so with the gstreamer codecs13:07
wvits the latest evk board13:07
wvinstalled with the demo image from freescale itself13:08
wvProblem is that I want to stream some rtp (mpeg ts, with divx) to this board13:08
wvand use the gpu to decode13:08
wvbut it kindof hangs13:09
wvI mean13:09
wvthings seem ok13:09
wvit's detected13:09
wvit does some things but then just "hangs"13:09
wvi see no video13:09
wvcommand to receive I use is: gst-launch-0.10 -v gstrtpbin name=rtpbin udpsrc caps="application/x-rtp, media=(string)video, clock-rate=(int)90000, encoding-name=(string)MP2T" port=1234 ! rtpbin.recv_rtp_sink_0 rtpbin. ! rtpmp2tdepay ! decodebin2 ! xvimagesink13:10
wvdo I choose a wrong output device or something?13:10
wvdo I miss an option?13:10
wvon a normal pc on my network, it just works like that13:10
wvand localy also13:10
loolwv: Sorry, no idea about the hangs13:12
loolYou don't have any buffer though13:12
loolYou might want to add some ! queue elements in your pipeline13:12
wvwhat are queue elements?13:14
loolYou could also try in software without the gpu decoder13:14
wvI mean, I'm not a gstreamer specialist13:14
loolwv: literally buffers13:15
wvthis pipeline is also constructed with some help from the gstreamer channel :)13:15
loolwv: gst-inspect-0.10 queue will give you some doc13:15
wvlool: ok13:15
wvlool: I already tryed with vlc and it works ok, despite the lack of hardware acceleration13:15
loolwv: but I'm not sure it's the problem; it's just usual to have at least one queue to have sufficient data for the decoders to work13:15
loolwv: Try with gstreamer without hardware acceleration13:16
loolwv: Or try the pipeline on your PC13:16
loolwv: FSL's gst codecs require patching to gstreamer13:16
looland it might be that they either hang with some input, or that the gst stack misbehaves13:16
loolI would validate my pipeline in pure software decoding mode, and then try with FSL's stack and optimized elements13:17
wvlool: how can i test it without the fsl gst codecs?13:20
wvit just loads them as I run this command13:21
wvor do I uninstall them?13:21
loolwv: Try on your Ubuntu host?13:21
loolwv: You could just "mv" the elements away to try it on the board; you'll need replacement elements such as the ffmpeg divx decoder13:22
wvI tryed it on my host and it worked (streamed to
wvlool: also tried to another networked pc and worked also13:24
loolwv: Ok; so try without the gpu codecs; look for the gstreamer plugins which provide these and move them away, see if the software decoders work13:24
loolIf it works with software decoders, you can basically point at the fsl plugins13:24
loolIf it hangs with software decoders, you should look into the fsl gstreamer patches, perhaps rebuilding an unmodified gstreamer13:25
wvwell, I'll first have a look to add some "queue"13:28
* ogra lols about lool's creative long patch names13:28
* lool uses git format-patch's default13:28
ogralong sentences with dashes ?13:28
loolgit format-patch takes the first line of the commit, just as shortlog does13:29
loolAnd changes spaces to dashes13:29
loologra: Since you mention it, at your earliest convenience please test this new qemu-kvm upload; I wonder whether the GCC atomics changes break anything and would like some additional testing before submitting upstream13:30
loolI usually submit to upstream first, but this change is quite intrusive13:30
ograis that working around the glib issues or do i still need to export the gslice stuff ?13:30
ograor are you just referring to -static here ?13:31
loolThis is unrelated, it's for the armel build13:31
loolBut it changes locking on all architectures13:31
ogragiven that i'm madly testing rootstock atm i'll have it with the next upload and will notice any issues i guess13:32
* ogra curses compiz broken focus behavior in lucid 13:34
Sleep-Walkerhi all13:40
Sleep-Walkeramitk, am I right that for changing board ID (understand assinging Netwalker's specific ID) I would need to modify RedBoot in NOR?13:42
amitkSleep-Walker: redboot would need to pass the correct board id to the kernel, yes13:42
ograwhats the current id you see in /proc/cpuinfo ?13:43
amitkSleep-Walker: what is it you're trying to do?13:43
ogra(the field is "Revision:" iirc)13:43
Sleep-WalkerI'm preparing that wiki page and read Netwalker's code13:44
Sleep-Walkeramitk, I'd like to have support for Netwalker in upstream13:44
Sleep-WalkerI'm trying to make some plan of pushing all neesary stuff13:45
asacsaeed: the smoke testing? let me ask whats the progress on that13:45
Sleep-Walker(I know that large part of code need to be rewritten or modified a lot)13:46
asacsaeed: i was fighting with getting stuff done for feature freeze (which was today) ... so i didnt get to it personally yet13:46
asacbut GrueMaster and plars wanted to check it ... and NCommander afaik13:47
amitkSleep-Walker: as I said the other day, try booting the stuff that is upstream with a modified bootloader. You'll find it probably boots13:47
Sleep-Walkerbut there is more work left than support for i.MX5113:48
Sleep-Walkerwifi, optical point, touch buttons,...13:48
amitkSleep-Walker: one small step at a time is my motto. Personally, I want to concentrate on the drivers _on_ the SoC first. Not the external peripherals.13:49
amitkand there is lots of things there too13:49
Sleep-WalkerI'd rather try kexec instead of bricking my new toy for now13:50
Sleep-WalkerI'm currently not writing code itself, just creating plan, status page etc13:51
saeedasac: I've seen few issues with lucid installation, Iet me know when we can work on it13:52
asacsaeed: what issues did you see?13:53
asacsaeed: which image did you try?13:53
asachttp://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-netbook/ports/daily-live/20100215/ ?13:53
asac(i dont remember if i gave you the desktop image)13:53
asacogra: do you know whats up with the image builders?13:54
asacthey are down?13:54
asacno logs for me13:54
asacah wait13:54
asaclooking at wrong logs i think13:54
ograhas logs13:54
ograbuildd breakage fallout13:55
ogratoday we should get images again13:55
asacogra: i dont even say a fatal error in the current log13:58
asacit produces squashfs13:58
asacand then its gone13:58
ograhuh ?13:58
ograThe following packages have unmet dependencies:13:58
ogra  update-notifier: Depends: update-notifier-common (= 0.94) but 0.95 is to be installed13:58
ografrom http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/livefs-build-logs/lucid/ubuntu-netbook-imx51/20100218/13:59
ogranot sure what you look at :)13:59
asacnow i see13:59
asaclooking at netbook might help14:00
ograyeah :)14:00
KosiNusshi, what does "Unhandled fault: external abort on non-linefetch (0x1018) at 0x4033e000" mean?14:04
plarssaeed: I tried the patched kernel yesterday and was able to boot14:07
plarsI did hit some problems when I built it into an image, it was complaining about my squashfs, so something went wrong when rebuilding it I suspect.14:07
plarssaeed: I'd like to try with the image once it's built in, but I'm traveling today, GrueMaster should be up in about 2 hours and would be able to test it though14:08
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GrueMastersaeed: I'm up now.  What would you like to know?16:19
saeedGrueMaster: hi16:23
saeedI've tried to install lucid from live image on dove16:23
saeeddove x016:24
GrueMasterThe most recent image I have is 20100215, and it doesn't boot on X0.16:24
GrueMasterIt gets as far as uncompressing the kernel, then nothing.16:24
saeedok, you should take this img http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-netbook/ports/daily-live/current/lucid-netbook-armel+dove.img16:25
GrueMasterOddly enough, I get the same problem with a known working Karmic image.16:25
saeedthen take the image and initrd from http://people.canonical.com/~mcasadevall/dove/x0_casper/16:25
saeedthe kernel image from that link should work on x016:27
saeedGrueMaster: new dove x0 boards (rev 1.4) needs patches that still not merged to the lucid dove kernel16:29
GrueMasterI planned on trying that later today.16:29
saeedthe live images boots fine16:30
saeedbut I started to see issues when installed it on sata hdd16:30
saeedthe installation process doesn't complete gacefully16:30
saeedI mean there was no message the it completed, and some error message regarding ubiquity showed up16:31
GrueMasterAny ideas as to why Karmic fails?  Same kernel issue?16:31
saeederic uploaded kernel package that suppots dove x0 board at  http://people.canonical.com/~ycmiao/dove-x0test/16:33
GrueMasterOk, I'll look into them.  Thanks.16:33
loolWee upstream u-boot gets support of imx51 with fec17:34
loolfor babbage actually (evk)17:35
NCommanderlool: \o/!17:35
ografunny, wolfgang told me he doesnt want to merge the git tree when i pointed him to it yesterday17:36
loolThey just selected a new imx custodian on the u-boot list and the port was proposed immediatly thereafter17:37
lool(Stefano Babic proposed himself as the custodian)17:38
ograoh, funny17:39
ograits not the freescale tree17:39
loolIt's from freescale though17:39
ograbut not the git tree17:39
ograsomehow that defeats the purpose17:39
looland that's the fec fix http://lists.denx.de/pipermail/u-boot/2010-February/067329.html17:40
ogra08 ?17:40
ografreescale has everyting on 0917:40
ograall 08 patches were dropped and rewritten17:40
loolFunny, the new custodian gets pointed at our source package http://lists.denx.de/pipermail/u-boot/2010-February/067656.html17:42
ograoh my17:44
ograand that source is really messy17:44
ograa mix of 08 and 09 patches17:44
armin76NCommander: ooo built, however it fails as http://www.openoffice.org/issues/show_bug.cgi?id=10535919:59
ubot4OpenOffice.org bug 105359 in udk "bridges:arm failure to start OOo - terminate called after throwing an instance of 'com::sun::star::ucb::InteractiveAugmentedIOException'" [Defect,Started: ]19:59
NCommanderarmin76: there's already a bug for this, I just wanted to make sure it wasn't an Ubuntu specific bug; I need to do some testing  but its possible this is a binutils issue20:00
armin76you have your answer now :)20:01
NCommanderarmin76: thanks.20:01
armin76openoffice-3.1.1: Wed Feb 17 02:12:23 2010: 1 day, 11 hours, 42 minutes, 56 seconds20:02
loolapw: Thanks for udebs, linux-source, and meta, you rock   :-)20:22
ograeven meta ?20:53

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