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dobeyany uploaders around?00:11
TheMuso`dobey: What needs uploading?00:36
maxbIs this the right channel for totem/gstreamer in Ubuntu?00:36
maxbI'm wondering if anyone working in those areas tests DVD playback00:37
TheMuso`maxb: I think those who maintain such packages are not around currently.00:39
TheMuso`dobey: To be more clear, I can upload whatever you need uploading.00:41
maxbAm I at least in the right channel that suitable people might be around at the right time of day? :-)00:43
james_wmaxb: yup00:48
chrisccoulsonbah, i can't upload gnome-user-share any more01:26
kenvandinehey rickspencer301:32
rickspencer3hi kenvandine01:32
rickspencer3woah ff is well and truly broken for me01:45
TheMuso`FF as in firefox?01:48
nekohayofeature notabug?01:49
rickspencer3TheMuso`, yeah02:19
rickspencer3asac, is just made of awesome02:20
rickspencer3he's already uploaded what he thinks will fix it02:20
asacwell. awesomely failed ;)02:22
asacso now fixing the dirt ;)02:22
rickspencer3robert_ancell, you about?02:30
rickspencer3asac, thanks for the fix!02:30
rickspencer3I hope you get some sleep now!02:30
asacsure  about to do that ;)02:31
asaccan sleep much better that way02:31
robert_ancellrickspencer3, hey02:48
rickspencer3how's it going robert_ancell?02:48
robert_ancellrickspencer3, good02:48
rickspencer3someone in #ubuntu-app-devel was asking about how to lay out files for a game02:48
rickspencer3seemed like you would be up, and would have an opinion02:48
rickspencer3it was gingerheadman02:49
robert_ancellwhen? not seeing it in the log02:49
rickspencer3this is "app-devel", not "devel"02:49
robert_ancelldidn't know about that one!02:49
rickspencer3it's new02:49
rickspencer3if you wouldn't mind, and you have like 3 minutes02:49
rickspencer3maybe you could help him out02:49
rickspencer3thanks robert_ancell02:50
* robert_ancell reading log..02:50
dobeyTheMuso`: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~dobey/ubuntu/lucid/ubuntuone-storage-protocol/trunk/+merge/19552 and https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~dobey/ubuntu/lucid/ubuntuone-client/trunk/+merge/1955702:55
TheMuso`dobey: I'll take a look.02:56
TheMuso`dobey: Do they need uploading in a particular order?02:57
TheMuso`dobey: also the package gives a Vcs-Bzr pointer to https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntuone-control-tower/ubuntu/lucid/ubuntuone-client/trunk. Should I be using that branch in any way shape or form?03:03
rickspencer3robert_ancell, the Gwibber posting UI just rocks!03:04
rickspencer3oops, I guess I meant that for kenvandine ;)03:04
rickspencer3kenvandine, jono wants to marry simple scan03:04
robert_ancellrickspencer3, what is the process required to make an application "featured"?03:06
TheMuso`I don't feel comfortable uploading/merging these unless there is a documented procedure for these ubuntuone packages somewhere. Merging from a personal branch seems weird considering the packaging points to the ubuntuone-control-tower branch.03:07
rickspencer3robert_ancell, I dunno yet03:07
dobeyTheMuso`: ubuntuone-storage-protocol needs to be uploaded first03:07
rickspencer3you tell me and I tell mvo ;)03:07
rickspencer3robert_ancell, in all seriousness, how do you suggest we pick those apps?03:08
dobeyTheMuso`: no, i forgot to change the Vcs-Bzr there to point to lp:ubuntu/ubuntuone-blah03:08
TheMuso`dobey: Ok just its just a merge review, and upload03:08
dobeyworking merge proposals for package branches is still a new thing to me :)03:08
robert_ancellrickspencer3, I think we should decide how many to have and then propose new ones at desktop meeting.  Once we have the max number you have to nominate one to replace03:09
rickspencer3robert_ancell, I shall steel that idea03:09
rickspencer3the other option was for me to pick ;)03:09
rickspencer3Rick's Picks03:10
dobeyanyway, I need to get some sleep03:10
TheMuso`dobey: ok am on it.03:11
kenvandinedobey, gettting an upload!03:14
kenvandinedobey, that whole process is "so documented"03:14
robert_ancell rickspencer3, inkscape! cheese! blender! frozen-bubble!03:14
kenvandinedobey, best docs i found is "bzr help dh_make"03:15
rickspencer3robert_ancell, quickly! photobomb!03:15
kenvandinedobey,  not for merge proposals... but for the process of sucking in packages03:15
kenvandinerickspencer3, you know a small part of you isn't j/k :)03:15
rickspencer3well, quickly is cool03:16
rickspencer3but we should probably stick with apps in Main for them to be "featured"03:16
robert_ancellrickspencer3, and gui based03:17
rickspencer3robert_ancell, yeah, and not for programmers :/03:17
robert_ancellrickspencer3, it would be kind of nice to have a programmers featured section, i.e. an ide, glade, ... but I guess programmers can easily look on the web03:18
robert_ancell*sigh* software-center does not close with Ctrl+Q.  I think I might try and tackle the Ctrl+Q/Ctrl+W message for Lucid+103:20
rickspencer3robert_ancell, I suppose that is a bug03:28
rickspencer3unless mpt has decided that we should do it differently now03:28
robert_ancellrickspencer3, it's a very contentious that everyone likes to argue about and not fix03:28
robert_ancellcontentious point03:28
rickspencer3anyway, for this case, "Q" seems logical, as it is quiting an app, not closing a window03:29
robert_ancellwhat I do is, Ctrl+Q for quit application (all applications implement this), Ctrl+W for close document (if appropriate for application).  If a single document app use Ctrl+W for quit as well03:30
rickspencer3I'll see if I can fix it right now03:30
rickspencer3what does the HIG say?03:30
rickspencer3in any case "W" seems wrong, as there is no document03:30
robert_ancellhmm, my ff is broken now.  Did that upload come asac?03:31
TheMuso`ubuntuone-storage-protocol uploaded, waiting for a test build of ubuntuone-client.03:31
TheMuso`robert_ancell: It was uploaded, but likely not published yet.03:31
robert_ancellTheMuso`, ah, should have waiting to do my update :)03:32
robert_ancellman, I'm on a roll today03:32
rickspencer3robert_ancell, the quit command is a stock menu item in Glade03:37
rickspencer3would be more work for him to do a merge than to just do it03:37
TheMuso`robert_ancell: its built on amd64 but yet to be published, building on i386.03:37
robert_ancellrickspencer3, change w to q in SoftwareCenter.ui line 6003:39
rickspencer3robert_ancell, uh03:39
rickspencer3I edited the glade file and changed it to quit from close03:39
rickspencer3if it uses a stock item, best to just use that, right?03:40
robert_ancellrickspencer3, I don't think the stock buttons carry shortcuts anymore03:41
rickspencer3oh snap03:41
rickspencer3that sux03:41
kenvandinethat sounds like a bug!03:41
robert_ancellrickspencer3, I don't know why it was changed but it seems to have happened some time ago03:41
robert_ancellwith the menus changing etc I just assume these things are being done on purpose :)03:41
kenvandineseems silly03:42
kenvandinethis doesn't encourage consistency03:42
robert_ancellwhich is why we have _no_ consistency :)03:42
* kenvandine wouldn't be surprised if it was on purpose :/03:42
kenvandinebut i still think that is silly03:42
mclasenrobert_ancell: must be an Ubuntu improvement... stock items haven't changed upstream03:43
rickspencer3I should be refactoring these quidget.prompts.filedialogs, but the tedium is driving me crazy03:43
robert_ancellI love Python apps, sudoedit the installed file and it works until next upgrade03:43
TheMuso`dobey: ubuntuone stuff you requested is now uploaded.03:43
robert_ancellmclasen, right03:44
kenvandineTheMuso`, thx!03:44
TheMuso`kenvandine: np03:44
rickspencer3robert_ancell, kenvandine looks like some have 'em and some don03:44
robert_ancellmclasen, hey, which app did you put the gdm gconf stuff in?03:45
robert_ancelldamn, just missed him!03:45
rickspencer3no, wrong03:45
robert_ancellThere also doesn't seem to be a Help>Contents menu anymore which should be consistent (and F1 shortcut)03:46
rickspencer3in glade you have to set an accelerator in addition to choosing the stock item03:50
rickspencer3seems rather odd03:50
rickspencer3but happy I figured that out03:51
* rickspencer3 pushes code and turns out lights03:52
rickspencer3g'night all03:52
AmaranthWell, compiz is using almost no CPU now according to bootchart06:11
Amaranthof course I've only got 5 plugins installed and loaded...06:11
Amaranthalso seems to have cut 1.5 seconds off my boot06:13
Amaranthnow to figure out which plugins are the problem...06:14
^arky^Question about unclutter: setting START_UNCLUTTER doesn't seems to have effect in lucid?06:39
pittiGood morning06:47
pittididrocks: upgrade> set it to "dropped" and add a comment at the bottom about the details06:47
^arky^pitti: Good morning06:49
Amaranthgood morning pitti06:53
pittididrocks: in KVM it seems that n-l-efl wants to start up, and on the mini I get n-l, so this part works, congrats! too bad that n-l-efl crashes immediately :/07:15
* Amaranth is off to make more bootcharts07:33
BactaHai all!08:01
didrocksgood morning08:20
didrockspitti: oh, n-l-efl crash?08:21
pittibonjour didrocks08:21
pittididrocks: yes, just try to boot today's netbook daily08:21
pittididrocks: ^ that built again, BTW \o/08:21
pittididrocks: (boot it on a machine without 3D, such as KVM)08:21
pittididrocks: but that probably belongs into asac's domain rather08:22
didrockshey pitti :)08:23
didrockspitti: right08:23
didrockspitti: I'll help asac as well on setting up a dedicated n-l-efl session08:23
didrocks(the work as already began, just need some cleaning)08:24
didrocksI tried as well on Xephyr and on my laptop with and without the nvidia driver08:25
pittididrocks: we wanted to bring back OO.o to netbook, right? would you mind updating the WIs on https://blueprints.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/desktop-lucid-une-applications ?08:25
didrockspitti: ok, we will do the same for Tomboy08:25
didrocksdoing it now08:25
pittioh, that too?08:26
pittididrocks: then netbook is basically ubuntu + extra packages08:26
pittiIOW, they'll overflow08:26
didrockspitti: hum, we can do in two steps maybe? first add OOo and then, see the remaining space?08:26
pittididrocks: *nod*08:27
didrockspitti: also, removing gnumeric and abiword08:27
didrocksand redemote them :)08:27
didrockspitti: do you want me to change the seed and your pull my branch or do you want to do it directly?08:28
pittididrocks: as you prefer; you can also tell me what to change08:28
didrockspitti: I'll try to edit the seed and push the branch somewhere08:28
pittididrocks: as a matter of exercise, feel free to patch it yourself and either mail me a bzr bundle or push a branch08:29
didrocksright :)08:29
didrocks(hum, wiki.ubuntu.com isn't reachable)08:33
pittiRiddell: Kubuntu exclusively uses https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kubuntu/Todo/Lucid, right? currently that's only represented on http://people.canonical.com/~pitti/workitems/canonical-desktop-team.html, mashed with a lot of other specs, which makes it much less useful for both canonical desktop team and Kubuntu; do you want me to set up a separate report for Kubuntu?08:37
Riddellpitti: yes that's right.  and yes that would make it much easier to read08:37
Riddellasac: finally got approval for KDE patches to firefox, care to review? https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~jr/firefox/firefox-3.6.head/+merge/1958008:38
didrockspitti: ~didrocks/+junk/netbook.lucid08:42
pitti$ bzr merge lp:~didrocks/+junk/netbook.lucid08:43
pittiNothing to do.08:43
pittidid you push?08:43
Amaranthhmm, nothing obvious seems to cause compiz cpu usage08:43
didrockspitti: right, I just pushed, let me check08:43
Amaranthwhen I cut it down to literally the bare essentials the cpu usage went away08:44
pittiAmaranth: so it's mostly spent on xml parsing, plugin loading, etc?08:44
didrockspitti: I guess LP hasn't scanned it yet: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~didrocks/+junk/netbook.lucid08:44
Amaranthbut when I cut out animation, regex, scaleaddon, dbus, etc it only puts a dent in the CPU usage, it does not get rid of it08:44
didrockspitti: because I bet you don't have my last commit :)08:45
AmaranthI thought for sure it was going to be animation or regex08:45
Amaranthpitti: it may be ccp itself now that I think about it08:45
Amaranthnone of the other plugins I have loaded seem like they would do all that much08:46
Amaranthexcept perhaps workarounds and session08:46
AmaranthI'll have to look more tomorrow08:47
* Amaranth goes to bed08:48
pittiAmaranth: good night!08:48
Amaranthone fun thing I realized: we have no reason to use the animation plugin anymore08:49
* Amaranth goes to bed for real08:49
Amaranthhehe, guess not08:54
Amaranthhttp://i.imgur.com/tgbPF.png <--no CPU usage!08:54
Amaranthwell, a little sliver08:55
Amaranth(that's my super hacked setup)08:55
mvoAmaranth: have you seen the profiling patch in debian/patches (in the ubuntu compiz branch?)08:57
Amaranthyeah, it didn't seem to point to anything08:58
Amaranthkeybuk also gave me some tool to use to track function call usage and time but I forgot it08:58
AmaranthI think next will be to replace compiz with a shell script that calls compiz for real with that tool so I can profile a boot08:59
chrisccoulsongood morning everyone09:01
chrisccoulsonhey seb12809:03
seb128hey chrisccoulson09:03
chrisccoulsonhow are you?09:03
pittihey chrisccoulson, good morning seb12809:03
seb128hey pitti09:03
chrisccoulsonhey pitti09:03
seb128chrisccoulson, I will tell you in a bit ;-)09:04
chrisccoulsonpitti - i can't upload gnome-user-share any more :(09:04
seb128chrisccoulson, blocked nose and no coffee yet, let's see how it is in half an hour ;-)09:04
didrockshey chrisccoulson and seb128 :)09:04
seb128chrisccoulson, do you need some sponsoring?09:04
seb128lut pitti didrocks09:04
chrisccoulsonseb128 - you definately need some coffee then ;)09:04
didrocksseb128: welcome to the blocked nose family :-)09:04
pittiargh, plague is spreading in France?09:05
seb128didrocks, how do you feel today? got a cold too then?09:05
didrocksseb128: right, and some headaches in the morning, but it's better now09:05
didrockspitti: heh, it seems that, yeah ;)09:05
chrisccoulsonseb128 - i put gnome-user-share in bzr, with some preliminary changes (I've added the autostart delay, and made it not possible to enable the webdav sharing checkbox when apache is not installed)09:05
didrocksthere is "freeze" in feature freeze :)09:06
chrisccoulsoni also changed a default gconf key to enable notifications when bluetooth push is enabled and you receive a file09:06
seb128chrisccoulson, sounds a good start, I can upload that so we get the rebuild for langpacks too09:06
chrisccoulsoncool, thanks09:06
pittididrocks: great job on your WIs! so your only outstanding one is the upgrade, which (as discussed earlier) is sort of dropped, right?09:06
didrockspitti: exactly, I just changed the status and add a comment09:07
didrockspitti: and thanks ;)09:07
seb128pitti, oh, you decided to drop the upgrade one?09:09
pittiseb128: well, s/decided/didn't find a way to make it work/09:09
pittiideas appreciated09:09
seb128out of doing something hacking to update-* I've no good idea sorry09:10
pittiit would be a ton of work for only very little benefit09:11
chrisccoulsondo we actually know what the benefit would be? (ie, i assume BG caching still works, but it does not get profiled by ureadahead)09:13
pittiureadahead would read the large image in vain, and g-s-d needs to re-read the cache09:18
pittididrocks: please only seed writer and calc; the rest pulls in too much java09:20
pittididrocks: oh, impress doesn't pull in java as well?09:21
pittididrocks: ok, let's try this then09:21
pittididrocks: committed09:21
didrockspitti: impress is still needed and pulls java right. Let's see with that size and I'll have a look tomorrow at the CD size09:24
didrockspitti: thanks09:24
pittitseliot: your two plymouth WIs on https://blueprints.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/foundations-lucid-boot-experience: do they look realistic to land this week still? or should we move them to beta-1?09:50
seb128pitti, so I guess we need to decide now on gnome-keyring09:51
seb128who has been testing the ppa update?09:51
chrisccoulsoni've not had a chance to try it yet09:51
chrisccoulsonhave you had any issues with it?09:51
pittiargh, need to do that still09:52
seb128just mission control failing on first run09:52
seb128but there is a patch in bugzilla for that I need to apply09:52
seb128otherwise seahorse, empathy, ssh, etc works fine09:52
* pitti upgrades to PPA09:56
om26erkenvandine, can I have a minute please, gwibber 2.29.90 is showing 2.29.1 in about window. I was told to ping you instead of opening a bug report.09:59
seb128om26er, he's probably sleeping by now10:01
om26erseb128, ah. ok thanks10:02
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pittiseb128: just testing g-k, which seems to work with evo, empathy, and ssh10:21
pittijust now X keeps freezing10:21
seb128uninstall plymouth?10:21
pittiI already disabled that10:21
seb128I would be susprised if it was due to g-k10:21
pittisee #u-devel10:22
seb128how did you disable plymouth?10:22
pittiboot without "splash"10:22
pittiwell, disable the graphic bits10:22
pittithat helps for me to get X up properly10:22
tseliotpitti: this week?10:30
pittitseliot: well, "alpha-3" is basically "this week", yes10:30
pittiMonday still, too10:30
tseliotpitti: "support for 16 colours" won't make it in time for sure10:31
pittitseliot: is that important?10:31
tseliotpitti: only if you want a bootsplash with non-kms drivers10:31
tseliotother than the text plugin10:31
pittiah, for that10:31
pittitseliot: "new plymouht boot theme", is that artwork, or code changes?10:32
tseliotpitti: the design team gave me the artwork but I'm changing code as the theme is a program10:32
pittitseliot: right, but behaviourally it's still "artwork"10:32
pittitseliot: I'm interested in how regression prone it will be10:33
pittiif it's just different "putPixel()" calls (on a very abstract level), that should be fine for beta-110:33
tseliotpitti: it should be much simpler than it used to be10:33
pittiif it's "change the boot order, introduce a menu", etc., that's intrusive10:33
tseliotpitti: with the scripting language that I'm using I'm operating on a very abstract level, as you said10:34
tselioti.e. no memory leaks, etc.10:34
tseliotI'm almost done and I'll try to complete it by Monday10:35
pittitseliot: ok, thanks10:36
pittitseliot: so I'll keep the artwork for a3, and move the 16 colors to beta-1?10:36
pittithen we can still drop it altogether if it's considered too much work/intrusive10:37
tseliotpitti: yes, that would be wise. But there's no need to drop it completely10:37
tseliotbeta-1 should be fine10:37
pittithanks, done10:37
seb128got disconnected10:43
seb128pitti, did you get what I was writting about uninstalling plymouth rather than changing splash option?10:43
pittiseb128: no, I didn't10:43
pittiseb128: slangasek just pointed out bug 51835210:43
ubottuLaunchpad bug 518352 in plymouth "[lucid] if booting without 'splash', gdm starts X on wrong vt" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51835210:43
seb128<seb128> pitti, that didn't fix the plymouth crashes for people there10:43
pittiso "nosplash" apparnetly doesn't work very well10:43
seb128 pitti, you have to apt-get remove plymouth10:43
seb128 don't ask why I don't know10:43
seb128 pitti, I think without splash you still get plymouth used10:43
seb128 but in text mode or something10:43
pittiseb128, didrocks: curious; I just tried disabling nautilus in UNE (just to see whether it's worth changing some initialization to lazy/deferred), and it seems to have no impact at all10:44
didrockspitti: you mean, disabling at startup time?10:45
didrockspitti: btw, from looking at the bg code and adding some debug, I noted that the "draw bg" function was called twice during the initialization10:46
pittiwithin g-s-d? or once from g-s-d and once from e. g. launcher or nautilus?10:46
didrockspitti: not, within libgnomedesktop. I assume there is one call from g-s-d and one from nautilus, but unsure (there is always a compiz output between the two calls)10:47
asacdidrocks: already added ooo and tombox? please keep them !armel ;)10:48
asac(as they were before)10:48
didrocksasac: I added OOo but didn't add it for armel10:50
didrocksasac: we'll see tomorrow CD size to see if we can add tomoby on !armel :)10:51
didrocksrebooting server, brb11:21
seb128pitti, so what do you think for g-k?11:38
pittiseb128: (1) seems to work, (2) medium risk, low benefit11:44
pittibut on the plus side, consistency with the rest of gnome11:44
seb128consistency + maintained for something which is somewhat a security component11:44
seb128+ uptodate platform11:45
seb128which is nice on a lts11:45
pittiI'm leaning towards taking it11:45
pittibut we need to watch out for regressions11:45
pittiseb128: what's your feeling?11:45
seb128- is that upstream will be busy soon apparently, waiting a children11:45
seb128but current version seems to work fine11:45
seb128pitti, I still lend toward doing it11:46
pittibah, each time I want to generate a clean bootchart, plymouth is acting up11:48
seb128could somebody who upgraded today look to the Version in /usr/lib/pkgconfig/libpulse-mainloop-glib.pc?12:20
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seb128hum, bug #52371612:25
ubottuLaunchpad bug 523716 in pulseaudio "pulseaudio version defined as UNKNOWN" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52371612:25
seb128TheMuso`, ^12:25
faganmvo: http://twitpic.com/13xftx if you have installed a repo other than a ppa it doesnt have an icon in the software center12:30
mvofagan: thanks, we need nice icons :)12:31
faganmvo: True but I meant that the google repo doesnt have an icon12:32
mvofagan: right, I wanted to say "sort-of known issues, we do not have a icon yet for "other" repositories"12:33
faganAh ok I just thought it was a small corner case that needed addressing12:33
mvofagan: yeah, we need a icon for "other", than we will add it12:54
faganmvo: good12:55
kenvandinepitti, rhythmbox-ubuntuone-music-store is still in NEW, can you help move it through?13:18
kenvandinegood morning all :)13:18
pittiseb128, all: I just filed bug 523788 FYI; do you have the exact same symptoms? Want to confirm it?13:19
ubottuLaunchpad bug 523788 in plymouth "Only see X mouse cursor on VT during boot" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52378813:19
pittihey kenvandine13:19
pittikenvandine: can do13:19
pittioh, source new? didn't I accept it yesterday?13:20
seb128pitti, I think you didn't no13:20
seb128pitti, bug confirmed13:20
pittiso it's not just me then?13:21
seb128the plymouth issue?13:21
pittiI get it 1/10 cases with standard lucid13:21
seb128I've not tried this week but that's exactly what I described to slangasek and Keybuk one week ago13:21
pittiand 100% with not starting cups13:21
seb128I get it 75% of the time on my d63013:21
pittikenvandine: done13:22
pittiseb128: same here13:22
seb128brb trying gtk update13:22
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seb128kenvandine, csd in lucid now btw13:27
seb128or building rather13:27
* kenvandine hopes it doesn't explode :)13:27
seb128good that I tested13:27
seb128it made gnome-panel not start with french locale13:28
kenvandinei saw that13:28
seb128the same issue I had when I tried some months ago13:28
seb128you guys lack non english testers ;-)13:28
kenvandinebratsche was loving the french last night :)13:28
kenvandineseb128, we have you!13:28
* kenvandine waits for the bug reports :)13:29
seb128I've already one13:29
kenvandinei think there are still bugs13:29
kenvandinethere are always bugs13:29
seb128nautilus icons are grey squares in dnd13:29
kenvandinei noticed last night f-spot rendering weirdness13:29
tgpraveen12there is an the option of sending annonymous usage statistics.13:53
tgpraveen12where are these stats available? i want to see em13:53
pittitgpraveen12: do you mean http://popcon.ubuntu.com/ ?13:53
kenvandinepitti, rhythmbox-ubuntuone-music-store is binary NEW, mind poking it again?13:56
kenvandinepitti, sorry to nag... they are trying to get it to a point they can get some people testing it :)13:56
tgpraveen12pitti: what about the information from system->admin->system testing13:57
kenvandineseb128, wow cody was up late fixing the fr_FR problem in csd13:57
seb128kenvandine, yeah, we crossed this morning my time and I overslept13:58
pittikenvandine: sure13:58
kenvandinethx pitti13:58
pittiI just fixed the bug in cups which caused udev-configure-printer to be needlessly spawned 10 times13:58
pittianother 2 s I/O block gone from bootcharts13:59
seb1288 seconds now? ;-)13:59
pittinah, no measurable difference for total time13:59
seb128btw dell rocks14:00
seb128got my mini back today14:00
pittithe good thing is now that the big solid CPU block now consistently ends at 10.0 s14:00
pittiseb128: oooh14:00
pittiand afterwards there are just a few spikes14:00
* pitti sees seb128 crave "myyyyyy precccciousssss!"14:00
pittiseb128: did they repair it, or sent a replacement?14:01
seb128repair apparently14:03
seb128it had not distinctive mark so I can't say for sure but it's not a new one14:03
tgpraveen12hmm found it at http://hwdb.ubuntu.com . unfortunately it is of no use14:03
seb128and they put a paper saying they changed the mb and the ram14:03
asacRiddell: where did you get permission?14:04
asaci didnt get a CC14:04
didrockssweet, seb128's bootcharts will be back :)14:06
tgpraveen12and none of the links on the page work :-(14:06
pittichrisccoulson: did you ever happen to have a look why gnome-session needs .5 seconds (without 100% cpu) to start the autostart files?14:07
pittioh, at least half of it is gconf apparently14:07
pittigosh, I really want to use this 1 s CPU time14:08
Riddellasac: rick talked to mconnor14:12
asacok i will check with rick14:20
chrisccoulsonhey pitti - yes, about 200ms is reading autostart files on the mini14:21
pittichrisccoulson: and the rest is gconf startup?14:22
chrisccoulsonpitti - there's a breakdown on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam/Specs/Lucid/StartupSpeed , although that's slightly out of date now14:23
chrisccoulsonit's actually 50ms for the autostart files on the mini14:23
chrisccoulsonit was 200ms on my rotary disk14:23
chrisccoulsonthe 150ms delay for starting upower is not there now either14:24
chrisccoulsonbbiab, another meeting to go too now14:24
pittiseb128: oh, cups fix seems to win .1 s14:26
pittiargh, I hit the "warp 10 barrier" again14:28
pittiremoving xdg-user-dirs autostart breaks plymouth again14:28
kenvandineseb128, pitti: did either of you add the music store rb plugin to the seed?14:29
pittiseb128 did14:29
* kenvandine doesn't know how to check that himself14:29
kenvandineshouldn't that be in the ubuntu-meta package?14:29
pittikenvandine: it won't appear there until the package is in main14:30
seb128I did the vcs change14:30
seb128I didn't refresh and upload the package though14:30
pittiseb128: that wouldn't be of use, since it won't catch universe packages14:30
pittikenvandine: yesterday you told me to hold back, because it's not working yet14:30
pittiso I sent it to universe14:31
kenvandineoh... i didn't mean that...14:31
kenvandinebut ok :)14:31
kenvandineas long as we get it in by alpha-314:31
kenvandineit doesn't break, just displays you a under construction page14:31
kenvandineunless you know the magic ENV variables14:31
kenvandinepitti, how about gwibber, can we get that added to the seed?14:32
pittikenvandine: did you see my responses to the MIR?14:32
kenvandineoh... no14:32
pittithat was a bit .. scary14:32
kenvandinepitti, did you look at the autostart file?14:32
kenvandineit is disabled14:32
pittikenvandine: ah, ok; ignore that bit then14:33
pittihowever, why ship a disabled autostart file?14:33
kenvandineit is there so you can just check the box :)14:33
kenvandineit shows in the list, just unchecked14:33
pittiah, gconf option "start with session"?14:33
kenvandinemakes it easier14:33
pittiI see; sounds fine14:33
kenvandineok, i have no strong opinions on it... but it shouldn't hurt startup time :)14:34
* kenvandine comments on the bug14:34
pittiright, that bit is fine then14:34
kenvandinei changed it to new again :)14:36
pittikenvandine: that was just one third of the problem, though; responded again14:39
* kenvandine read it all this time14:40
kenvandinewell indicator-me really needs to depend on it... or get an overhaul14:40
kenvandinemost of those bugs should get closed, they are very old14:40
seb128what should the indicator depends on?14:41
kenvandineand gwibber has effectively be re-written twice since many of them were filed14:41
kenvandineindicator-me should depend on gwibber14:41
kenvandinesince it relies on gwibber for posting14:41
seb128I though we didn't want gwibber in the default installation for lucid?14:41
kenvandineunless they finish the features needed to make it more dynamic14:41
kenvandinewhich they say they will14:41
kenvandinewe did14:41
pittikenvandine: shouldn't it rather hide the input box if gwibber is not installed?14:41
kenvandineit was a pretty important deliverable for lucid14:42
kenvandinethat is the plan14:42
seb128I had the impression at the sprint that it was on by default for une14:42
kenvandinei hope that is in today's upload14:42
seb128and not for lucid desktop14:42
pittia dependency from the indicator sounds wrong14:42
seb128yes it does14:42
seb128there is many people not using microbloging14:42
kenvandinewell, it should be a recommends14:42
pittiseb128: it's seeded on netbook only ATM14:42
kenvandinebut it was an important goal for lucid14:42
kenvandineto include it14:42
pittikenvandine: well, if if gets included, it should be seeded14:43
seb128right, I just though it good cut as many others14:43
pittinot made a recommends of a random package14:43
seb128ie too much to do14:43
kenvandinenobody mentioned cutting it to me :)14:43
seb128ok, I got the wrong impression14:43
kenvandinei was told it was my top priority :)14:43
pittikenvandine: so, that was sort of my question14:43
seb128I don't follow that up closely ;-)14:43
pittikenvandine: if it's a high lucid goal, then we can seed it, but someone needs to look at it in LTS14:43
pittiif we don't have that resource, then we can't have it in main14:44
seb128do we have space for it right now?14:44
kenvandineyeah, we will need to make sure we follow the bugs14:44
kenvandinei assume that will be my responsiblity :)14:44
pittiseb128: its heavy dependencies are another problem (also mentioned in the MIR), but separate from the bug situation14:44
rickspencer3ccheney, hi14:44
jcastrokklimonda, great job on getting transmission 1.90 in!14:44
pittihi rickspencer314:45
rickspencer3hi pitti14:45
kklimondajcastro: thanks. chrisccoulson has helped too :)14:45
jcastrowoo team!14:46
pittikenvandine: well, yes, but this looks like it'd take half of your time?14:46
kenvandinepitti, i am going to look at splitting those docs out14:46
kenvandinepitti, we need to go through and expire or just close most of those bugs14:46
kenvandineand we need to get more folks involved in triaging them14:46
pittikenvandine: we also have all these new indicators to care for, they are still buggy and need fixing/triaging14:46
kenvandinei know14:46
pittiand csd, and all that new stuff14:46
pittiI'm just afraid that we are overloading ourselves14:47
kenvandineyeah... for an LTS14:47
pittiand at the current pace the current gwibber code will be horribly outdated in a year or so14:47
seb128reviewing and maintaining all the appindicator changes will be a time sink14:47
pittiyes, I don't think upstream will take them anytime soon14:47
kenvandinejcastro will have fun with that :)14:48
seb128well jcastro does what he can14:49
kenvandineit's a hard job14:49
seb128but the actual work fixing and updating those will be ours14:49
seb128that's why I expect many upstream will not take those this cycle14:49
seb128which means we will have to jungle with that extra workload for a while14:50
jcastrowell, there's no time crunch for fixing them to get accepted upstream since 2.30 is basically finished14:50
seb128jcastro, well, we want them in lucid14:50
jcastroright, of course14:51
seb128which means all the workload is down on the desktop team for lucid14:51
rickspencer3well, considering that Gwibber is required by the Me Menu, what do you suggest seb128?14:51
seb128ie we will have to review those, distro patch them, fix them and update them14:51
kenvandinerickspencer3, hopefully DX will have that stuff so it is "optional"14:51
seb128rickspencer3, I was under the impression that having the entry displayed when gwibber is not installed is a bug and would be fixed for lucid14:51
rickspencer3seb128, but Gwibber *should* be installed14:52
pittirickspencer3: it really shouldn't be required14:52
seb128or when gwibber is installed but you don't have microblogging accounts14:52
rickspencer3I suppose someone could remove it14:52
seb128well I have it14:52
seb128I read facebook14:52
pittirickspencer3: it must be possible to remove gwibber without breaking the me-menu14:52
didrocksseb128: +1 :)14:52
seb128but I never used microblogging14:52
seb128why should I have this entry which is of no use for me?14:52
rickspencer3pitti, it hardly breaks it14:52
pittirickspencer3: i. e. it should be explicitly seeded as a top-level feature, not be a dependency14:52
seb128it will confuse users rather being useful14:52
pittirickspencer3: exactly; that's why it's not a dependency14:52
rickspencer3but I do think it would be better if the Me Menu had some way to show that it wasn't configured to work14:53
pittibut anyway, seed vs. dependency is a tiny technical detail14:53
kenvandineseb128, right... tedg is that magic infrastructure for handling that stuff in today's upload?14:53
pittirickspencer3: right, it should hide the entry field14:53
rickspencer3but that seems like a minor bug level task14:53
seb128what was the discussion about again?14:53
seb128I think I lost track there14:54
rickspencer3ok, I was commenting more on the concerns about maintaining Gwibber14:54
pittirickspencer3: the main problem that I see here is that supporting gwibber is a huge task, which we don't have manpower for14:54
tgpraveen12kenvandine: is the me menu also supposed to set the chat status text in empathy ?14:54
pittiwell, we could seed it and then just let it bitrot in LTS14:54
pittibut then it can just as well stay in universe14:54
kenvandinetgpraveen12, no14:54
asacbitrot in LTS sounds bad without knowing the details ;)14:54
kenvandinetgpraveen12, and i think the design team will have a few UI enhancements to make it more obvious14:55
rickspencer3Gwibber is an important contribution, we will have to maintain it14:55
tgpraveen12any specific reason why? it sure would be helpful as the status can already be set from there (busy,available etc)14:55
rickspencer3however, the bugs that it will accrue will not be of the nature of eating your data14:55
rickspencer3crashing your hardrive, etc...14:55
pittirickspencer3: but we can't sell it as a new feature with 50 open crasher bugs14:55
rickspencer3so I don't expect we will get critical bugs14:55
pitti(yes, I just got told that many of them are probably outdated)14:55
rickspencer3it has 50 open crashers atm14:55
kenvandinetgpraveen12, i think there are some plans for that in lucid+114:56
rickspencer3right, so those need to be fixed14:56
rickspencer3the only way through is forward at this point14:56
seb128which bring us back to the issue that we have too much to fix for our manpower right now14:56
kenvandinetgpraveen12, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MeMenu14:56
rickspencer3seb128, but we can't say that our position is that we won't create any innovative features, and in any case, it's too late for that discussion14:57
kenvandineseb128, we need to go through and mark all the old bugs as incomplete, or invalid14:57
pittigwibber needs fixing, indicators need fixing, csd will probably need more love as well, we still need to get faster by .8 s, and we are also supposed to fix many bugs in existing stuff14:57
kenvandinesince most of them are so old they aren't really valid anymore14:57
rickspencer3the question is not "should we support Gwibber", it's "How will we support Gwibber"14:57
asacwhat is coming for gwibber? i tried it yesterday and it felt quite incomplete feature wise14:57
pittirickspencer3: ok, that at least settles the MIR question then14:57
seb128well we are not speaking about removing gwibber14:57
seb128just about installing it by default or not14:57
rickspencer3we have bugs14:57
kenvandineasac, incomplete?14:57
rickspencer3we have time14:57
rickspencer3no reason to panic14:57
asackenvandine: lots of features gone from what we had in karmic. yes.14:57
kenvandinewhat kind of features?14:57
rickspencer3we just prioritize the bug and fix them in priority order until we ship as per usual14:57
seb128we have too many bugs seeing the timeframe for lucid and our team ressources14:58
seb128that's not going to work well14:58
rickspencer3seb128, I understand your viewpoint on that14:58
seb128that's the first cycle since warty I've the feeling we are not on position to get the quality we want14:58
rickspencer3my point is that we have some time, and we have a system14:58
kenvandineasac, services supported?14:58
asackenvandine: like clicking on !tags for identica ... and a bunch of others that came in my way (just reading part ... havent tried sending)14:58
seb128we have too much on our plates there14:58
rickspencer3first, everyone stop creating new features, it's feature freeze14:58
asackenvandine: also Home + Messages are really redundant (the same) for me now14:59
rickspencer3now we fix bugs from here on out14:59
kenvandineasac, oh groups in identi.ca? that might be a bug14:59
seb128well it's better to be realistic on what we can do and organize work according to that14:59
asackenvandine: sure its a missing feature (maybe just UI)14:59
seb128rather than opt for a non realistic strategy to admit in one month that it will not work because we don't have the manpower to do it14:59
pittikenvandine, rickspencer3: ok, updated the MIR, just leaves the heavy dependency problem now (but that should be easy to fix)14:59
asackenvandine: also twitter doesnt work at all for me ;) (but thats obviously not a feature missing i hope14:59
kenvandineasac, that could be a ca-certificates bug15:00
asackenvandine: i will run it today again and write down what i find missing15:00
seb128rickspencer3, ok, so we fix bug, what do we do about the stack of applications which are going to be ported to appindicators15:00
rickspencer3rather than list the bugs here in a haphazzard manner, I suggest that kenvandine gives the bug list a good going over15:00
kenvandineasac, thx15:00
asacjust took a brief look yesterday15:00
seb128rickspencer3, we will need to review those changes, get them in shape, ship those and maintain them for there15:00
rickspencer3(for Gwibber)15:00
rickspencer3seb128, right15:00
rickspencer3three things:15:00
rickspencer31. find and fix the most important bugs15:01
rickspencer32. ensure a smooth update experience15:01
rickspencer33. integrate the latest and greatest from Dx and OLS15:01
rickspencer3 15:01
rickspencer3we've done this before15:01
pittirickspencer3: where in your list is "keep adding more bugs"? (SCNR)15:01
rickspencer3there is no reason to panic, the distro is in good shape, and we are more than 2 months from shipping15:01
seb128hum, I disagree but *shrug*15:02
rickspencer3pitti, this is why I keep saying "stop doing blueprint work!"15:02
* pitti apologizes for being in a sarcastic mood15:02
seb128no need to panic15:02
seb128but it doesn't seem realistic15:02
rickspencer3seb128, we go through this every release15:02
seb128the indicators alone will takes weeks of work to get in15:02
pittiwe didn't add a million new features in hardy15:02
seb128rickspencer3, well, usually I'm confident with the goals and the capacity we have to deal with those15:03
seb128I'm not there15:03
pittiwell, we'll get some new employees soon, so that should help quite a bit15:03
seb128and I think it's probably the first time I feel we are so crushed since warty15:03
rickspencer3seb128, ok, noted15:03
seb128sorry to bring that15:04
seb128I'm back to doing things that need to be done in order15:04
seb128let's see how it goes ;-)15:04
seb128but I predict we will have difficult time to squeeze all we want in in that timeframe15:04
rickspencer3what time frame?15:04
rickspencer3between now and release?15:04
pittiwell, we can squeeze it in, it just takes away time for bug fixing15:04
seb128pitti, getting those +35 appindicator patches in will takes week alone15:05
rickspencer3what's left except bug fixing, integrating app indicators, Dx, and OLS stuff15:05
seb128without having those tested or debugged15:05
asacjust my 2c: the current lucid desktop i have feels quite good ... not sure what is planned to land late, but for an outsider it feels not that bad15:05
pittiseb128: I don't think we'll take them all15:05
pittiseb128: we should get the existing ones working well15:05
seb128pitti, we have like 5 of those15:05
rickspencer3and lots of them are just universe apps15:05
jcastrowe're going to have about 4 more15:05
pittihang on15:05
jcastrothere's no one barely working on the universe ones15:05
pittiare we actually committing to applying them _all_??15:05
seb128pitti, the lucid list has 19 + universe extra ones15:06
pittino way15:06
seb128pitti, I think the spec has 19 for lucid15:06
seb128+ extra ones are bonus15:06
pittiwell, it's FF now15:06
pittiso what isn't in now needs serious justification anyway15:06
seb128isn't that15:06
seb128 3. integrate the latest and greatest from Dx and OLS15:06
pittithere's certainly enough time to fix the g-p-m one15:06
jcastrowe just really need brasero, gnome-bt, vino, gdu, and gpm fixed15:06
seb128I though it was one of the lucid goal to have default install ported to those15:07
seb128jcastro, + g-s-d I guess?15:07
rickspencer3any app indicator that isn't ready to ship simply won't ship15:07
jcastrothose are the major ones, the others are in main but not on the disc and I don't think we should worry about them15:07
jcastroseb128, oh right, and that one15:07
pittiseb128: well, perhaps, but I'm not ready to willfully break working software; these need to be properly tested and be ready15:07
baptistemmto whom can I ask more permission to modify bug in lauchpad ?15:07
pittii. e. exactly what the gpm patch was *not*15:07
pittirickspencer3: right, that was how I believed how it should work15:07
seb128pitti, rickspencer3: so maybe part of my "we have too much to do" is that I though we commited to get those 19 apps ported in lucid15:08
* pitti sees a big *phew* from seb12815:08
rickspencer3seb128, well, we want them ported, for sure, but we will ship the ones that are ship shape15:08
seb128pitti, ;-)15:08
seb128rickspencer3, well I though have not ship shape was not an option15:08
rickspencer3personally, I am a bit more worried about OLS stuff landing15:08
rickspencer3U1 and music store being solid15:08
pittilet's get 5 in top shape, not 20 barely working15:08
rickspencer3sleep up this weekend kenvandine!15:09
rickspencer3pitti, ack15:09
kenvandinei plan too15:09
rickspencer3we'll take the other 15 into Lucid + 115:09
jcastropitti, I think we can do that now that ted is unblocked and can fix the indicator bugs blocking brasero, gnome-bt, and vino15:09
seb128rickspencer3, pitti: pfiou, I feel better already ;-)15:09
rickspencer3seb128, maybe you need a day off tomorrow?15:09
pittiand before we take more we also ought to get an agreement with GNOME to bless the principle15:09
rickspencer3oh wait ;)15:09
pittiwe can't sit on those forever15:09
tgpraveen12asac: will nm 0.8.1 be in lucid?15:09
jcastroafter that it's just fixing gpm and doing gdu and gsd15:09
* rickspencer3 visits canonicaladmin15:09
* seb128 hugs rickspencer315:09
asactgpraveen12: there isnt even a 0.8 final yet ;) (we are at rc4)15:10
seb128rickspencer3, hehe, right, I just need to convince my boss to accept it ;-)15:10
rickspencer3good news on the #1 front15:10
* pitti -> back to (*#$(#*$# boot time15:10
rickspencer3I talked to marjo last night15:10
rickspencer3he said the that QA team will put effort into really scrubbing for the most important bugs15:10
rickspencer3so that you all have more time to fix bugs rather than triage them, etc...15:11
seb128rickspencer3, that's good news ;-)15:12
rickspencer3speaking of which, we have some "critical" bugs now15:12
rickspencer3is ccheney around? they seem to be assigned to him and on OOo15:13
pittilooking at qa.u.c.15:13
pittiA total of 5619 bug tasks were fixed during Karmic!15:13
pittiA total of 2085 bug tasks were fixed during Lucid!15:13
pittiso, some way to go for lucid still :)15:13
pittibut we are just after FF, so we didn't really _try_ yet15:13
asacwe are not even at a3 ;)15:13
kenvandineyeah... and haven't even entered bug fix mode :)15:14
pittiseb128: hey, you are #115:14
* pitti pulls the gauntlet15:14
seb128pitti, hehe15:14
seb128pitti, stop slacking and try to catch with me :-p15:15
* seb128 hugs pitti15:15
pittiYou bet!15:15
rickspencer3next release we will not leave bug fixing mode, I think15:15
rickspencer3fewer work items in Lucid + 1 if I can talk you guys into it15:16
pittirickspencer3: hm, 10.10 is a crack cycle, isn't it?15:16
kenvandinepitti, in theory it should be15:16
kenvandinebut i wonder what other crack we can introduce that we didn't add to lucid15:16
* kenvandine ducks 15:16
rickspencer3pitti, the "crack"/"stable" cycle doesn't make sense to me15:17
pittirickspencer3: well, it would if we'd stick to it :)15:17
rickspencer3I would rather we figure out how to make strong steady progress with innovation while keeping the quality high15:17
pittiit was an idea that came up some 1.5 years ago15:17
rickspencer3over a year, it's the same rate of change either way15:17
rickspencer3yeah, but I don't feel that it is working well15:18
rickspencer3seems to cause too much stress for us and our users15:18
pittirickspencer3: e. g. in karmic we got a lot of new infrastructure: upstart, devicekit-*, halsectomy, etc.15:18
rickspencer3but now we have a rough estimate of work items per engineer that we can pull off15:18
pittirickspencer3: and in lucid we stabilized that15:18
pittior KMS15:18
seb128pitti, did we? (SCNR)15:18
rickspencer3so we can just meter that so we can have ample time for quality too15:19
chrisccoulsonurgh, i'm only 14th on qa.u.c this cycle15:19
pittiseb128: well, at least KMS/udev/udisks/etc. are much better now, IMHO15:19
chrisccoulsonlook like i've got some catching up to do ;)15:19
seb128chrisccoulson, I assume you will start catching up in 2 weeks ;-)15:19
pittiof course we couldn't resist and again added lots of new crack to lucid, but landing the major changes of karmic in an LTS would have been plain mad15:19
chrisccoulsonseb128 - yeah, i need to go on a bug-fixing frenzy15:20
kklimondachrisccoulson: is anjuta horribly broken atm? I can't get it to save any of my settings15:21
didrockschrisccoulson: strange, I'm the global page, not on the canonical desktop team one :)15:22
pittirickspencer3: btw, I did some cleanup this morning, this is the current plan for beta-1: http://people.canonical.com/~pitti/workitems/canonical-desktop-team-ubuntu-10.04-beta-1.html15:27
Riddellasac: so do I get to upload firefox?15:28
pittirickspencer3: the big one is obvioulsy DX/OLS integration, then some stragglers15:28
pittirickspencer3: https://blueprints.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/desktop-lucid-gdmsetup is the big ? here15:28
pittirickspencer3: it's a target of opportunity, and I just noticed that it has grossly overcounted WI15:29
* pitti fixes15:29
rickspencer3pitti, why do we have *any* work items?15:29
pittirickspencer3: desktop-lucid-dx-integration has 1815:29
rickspencer3even targets of opportunity seem like churn that make stabelization more difficult15:29
jcastroseb128, ok I just scrubbed through the list of app indicators, here's their status http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/379144/15:29
rickspencer3well, fair enough ;)15:29
pittirickspencer3: the rest are things spilled over from a3, like finishing touches of a3 specs15:29
jcastroI think we can do those 8, and the rest are either done or won't make it.15:29
rickspencer3oh fudge15:30
rickspencer3pitti, is adding non-import editing to f-spot on that list?15:30
pittirickspencer3: yes15:30
rickspencer3I see adding "edit in f-spot" to eog15:30
rickspencer3and a design review15:31
pittirickspencer3: desktop-lucid-default-apps15:31
seb128jcastro, thanks15:31
seb128jcastro, what is gnome-cc? gnome-control-center?15:31
pittirickspencer3: hm, where is that; I know that I saw it, hang on15:31
chrisccoulsonseb128 - did you get a chance to look at g-u-s at all? I'm not sure if we need a FFe for the work on that now15:31
pittirickspencer3: ah, it's still on the a3 chart15:31
jcastroseb128, the ones blocking on DX are mostly finished, they just need to fix the crasher and then test.15:31
rickspencer3I don't see that happening15:31
rickspencer3we need to get that done asap15:31
seb128chrisccoulson, don't worry about ffe for that, and not yet thanks for the reminder15:32
rickspencer3right after a315:32
seb128rickspencer3, we got gtk csd in lucid today btw15:32
rickspencer3seb128, nice15:32
rickspencer3I don't expect *any* bug reports from that :/15:32
chrisccoulsonpitti - do you know if there is any reason we can't have g-u-s in the ubuntu-desktop package set?15:32
chrisccoulson(so i can upload it again)15:32
seb128rickspencer3, too late, it breaks nautilus dnd icons already ;-)15:33
pittichrisccoulson: I don't know; used/seeded by xubuntu, etc.?15:33
seb128rickspencer3, that was sarcastic right?15:33
asacRiddell: i will review and integrate15:33
chrisccoulsonpitti - i don't think it is. it's only pulled in currently via gnome-bt, which is already in ubuntu-desktop15:33
chrisccoulsoni don't think it's seeded by anyone else15:34
pittichrisccoulson: that needs cjwatson to fix then, I'm afraid15:34
chrisccoulsonpitti - thanks15:34
rickspencer3seb128, well, I would say "ironic", "sarcastic" is a bit more extreme15:35
asacRiddell: the patches dont have bugzilla bugs15:35
asaci need the exact reference where they were taking from15:36
asacbugzilla id + attachment id15:36
ubottuMozilla bug 528510 in General "[Tracking] Port OpenSUSE KDE Integration for Firefox" [Normal,New]15:36
seb128rickspencer3, yeah sorry I picked the wrong word ;-)15:36
rickspencer3seb128, s;okay, I was just kidding, really15:36
asacRiddell: that doesnt help. there is no attachment there15:36
asacgreat. there is not even a single patch attached to all those bugs15:38
asacwhich bug gets addressed by firefox-kde.patch?15:38
asacor is that a multi-bug patch?15:38
Riddellasac: here's debfx, he's done the packaging of this15:41
asacdebfx: where did you take the patches from?15:42
asacdebfx: can we get doc on that?15:42
debfxasac: the patches are from http://gitorious.org/firefox-kde-opensuse/firefox-kde-opensuse/blobs/master/mozilla.patch15:44
asacdebfx: thats our mozilla-kde.patch?15:44
debfxasac: though that patch is based on a patched firefox 3.5 source15:44
asacor all combined?15:45
debfxboth combined15:45
asacdebfx: what is this cp $(DEB_SRCDIR)/toolkit/content/widgets/dialog.xml $(DEB_SRCDIR)/toolkit/content/widgets/dialog-kde.xml ?15:48
debfxasac: dialog-kde.xml is copied so it can get patched15:49
asacdebfx: was the rebase easy for 1.9.2?15:51
debfxasac: not too complicated15:56
ccheneyrickspencer3: just saw you tried to call but call dropped when i tried to answer15:57
asacdebfx: do you have the originals still? so we can produce a diff?15:57
asacwould like to check if there is anything obvious15:57
asacdebfx: if not, its ok. i can review the diff on its own i think15:58
debfxasac: which originals?16:00
debfxasac: my patches are still based on the one from firefox-kde gitorious16:01
debfxsince firefox doesn't use system xulrunner anymore, we could cat both patches16:03
pittiseb128: during boot we are running both xdg-user-dirs-update and xdg-user-dirs-gtk-update; do we need both?16:03
seb128pitti, yes, it's -gtk running the other one16:04
pittiseb128: no, I mean we launch -gtk-update from /etc/xdg/autostart/user-dirs-update-gtk.desktop16:04
pittiand -update from /etc/X11/Xsession.d/60xdg-user-dirs-update16:04
seb128right, we launch one16:04
seb128that seems wrong16:04
pittiand the Xsession.d is synchronously16:05
seb128that one can probably be dropped16:05
pittiuser-dirs-update-gtk.desktop only runs on GNOME?16:05
didrocksthe one in Xsession.d is the one which handling the session16:06
seb128didrocks, what session?16:06
seb128didrocks, it's gnome-session which handles the session ;-)16:06
didrocksseb128: add /etc/xdg/xdg-$GDMSESSION16:06
didrocksseb128: I mean, the xdg path depending on chosen gdm session :)16:07
seb128~$ cat /etc/X11/Xsession.d/60xdg-user-dirs-update16:07
seb128if [ -x /usr/bin/xdg-user-dirs-update ]; then16:07
pittididrocks: I don't mean 60xdg_path-on-session16:07
seb128didrocks, ^ I'm confused16:07
pittididrocks: I mean 60xdg-user-dirs-update16:07
seb128didrocks, what that has to do with gdm?16:07
didrocksoh sorry, I was thinking about 60xdg_path-on-session, indeed16:07
pitti60xdg_path-on-session needs to stay of course16:07
didrocksseb128: sorry, pitti found the misunderstanding point :)16:08
asacdebfx: you rebased ... rebasing can have bugs7forgotten hunks etc. anyway, nevermind for now16:09
pittirickspencer3, seb128: I need to leave for today, we have a concert16:15
rickspencer3bye bye pitti16:16
rickspencer3break a leg16:16
rickspencer3(or maybe he's just attending the concert, not performing)16:16
didrocksenjoy pitti16:16
seb128pitti, enjoy16:16
pittiseb128: if you are bored, feel free to eliminate the extra xdg-update call :)16:17
seb128pitti, I doubt I will be bored16:17
seb128pitti, any opinion about gnome-keyring btw?16:17
seb128should I just upload?16:17
seb128let's discuss about it tomorrow16:17
pittiseb128: I'm fine with going ahead16:17
seb128I'm officially not working but will be one hour around in the morning16:18
seb128let's see how tonight goes16:18
seb128pitti, enjoy your evening!16:18
baptistemmboth xdg-user-dirs-update and xdg-user-dirs-gtk-update are necessary16:19
baptistemmyes I'm late16:19
pittibaptistemm: I thought -gtk-update would call -update?16:19
baptistemmhmmm ..16:19
seb128it does16:20
baptistemmI remember I did the initial packaging and both  were necessry16:20
pittiso maybe we can drop the extra call from -gtk-update16:21
pittianyway, need to go16:21
kenvandinelater pitti16:23
didrocksbaptistemm: well, you need it to build xdg-user-dirs-gtk, I'll have a look if it fetches it then in -gtk-update16:23
tommy^mhi guys, any chance we're going to see kernel-2.6.33 on karmic?16:24
baptistemmAlex is answering me of the necessity of run both or not16:24
didrocksbaptistemm: thanks ;)16:24
baptistemm<alex> baptistemm: xdg-user-dirs-update always run very early in the login16:25
baptistemm<alex> xdg-user-dirs-gtk-update runs in gnome sessions at a later time16:25
baptistemm xdg-user-dirs-update is generally run by the x startup scripts rather than the session16:25
didrocksright, but the question is: does xdg-user-dirs-gtk-update make an additional uneeded call to xdg-user-dirs-update?16:26
Amaranthhehe, seems we're booting too fast now :)16:48
LaserJockdidrocks: around?16:50
didrocksLaserJock: yes :)16:50
Amaranthpitti, seb128: bug 523788 happens to me without plymouth, I think16:50
LaserJockdidrocks: did you upload the latest netbook-launcher?16:50
Amaranthbut as my boot is 20+ seconds it is very rare16:50
didrocksLaserJock: right, yesterday night16:50
ubottuLaunchpad bug 523788 in plymouth "Only see X mouse cursor on VT during boot" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52378816:51
LaserJockdidrocks: I noticed that -efl is now Recommends, which means I get a bunch of new stuff to install :(16:51
Amaranthbut I don't have plymouth installed anymore (thought it was the problem) and I'm pretty sure I got the problem at least once more while doing bootcharts last night16:51
didrocksLaserJock: yes, the idea is for people not having a 3D driver to get a fallback16:51
LaserJockdidrocks: I kind of thought it would go the other way around16:51
didrocksLaserJock: but as it's just a Recommends and not a depends, you can still remove it16:51
seb128did somebody ping me?16:52
seb128xchat-gnome crashed16:52
didrocksseb128: no, nothing16:52
seb128ok weird16:52
seb128the message indicator has a line for this channel16:52
seb128and when I clicked on it xchat-gnome crashed16:52
LaserJockdidrocks: so -efl is for people without 3D drivers?16:53
Amaranthseb128: yes16:53
didrocksit reminds me a bug I had two weeks ago in accepting people in empathy16:53
didrocksseb128: oopps16:53
didrocksseb128: there is Amaranth16:53
didrocks17:50:34      Amaranth | pitti, seb128: bug 523788 happens to me without plymouth, I think                                                                                                                                 │ halfline16:53
ubottuLaunchpad bug 523788 in plymouth "Only see X mouse cursor on VT during boot" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52378816:53
Nafaiseb128, I reported this a bit ago: bug #52056816:53
ubottuLaunchpad bug 520568 in xchat-gnome "xchat-gnome crashed when selecting an xchat item from the messaging indicator" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52056816:53
Amaranthseb128: I was saying bug 523788 happens to me without plymouth, I think16:53
didrocksLaserJock: exactly16:54
seb128Nafai, thanks16:54
seb128Amaranth, are you sure?16:54
seb128Amaranth, what do you call without plymouth?16:54
Amaranthseb128: no16:54
Amaranthseb128: completely uninstalled because it added like 8 seconds to my boot :)16:54
LaserJockdidrocks: I see, kinda sucks to have 20 additional packages because of it but it makes sense, perhaps that would be something for documentation?16:55
qenseI'm using Gwibber 2.29.90 on Ubuntu and Twitter doesn't show up in my feed. Is that worth a bug report, or is the configuration at my computer wrong?16:55
didrocksLaserJock: right, that if people have 3D driver, they can after remove the netbook-launcher-efl. That's why it's only a recommends. We just want to make it work for most of people :)16:56
rickspencer3qense, it's worth a bug report16:56
qenserickspencer3: OK, I'll report16:57
chrisccoulsonyay, it's snowing outside, just in time for me to drive home16:57
Amaranthseb128: also, booting compiz with bare minimum plugins (move, resize, place, decoration) removes almost all CPU usage from compiz in bootchart and seems to cut 1.5 seconds16:57
Amaranththat's without ccp, too16:57
Amaranthbut when I trim it down to what I would consider the bare minimum to make it worth enabling compiz (no animation plugin even) it doesn't seem to make any dent16:58
AmaranthI guess I need to go through the remaining plugins and hope one of them causes most of the CPU usage but I have a feeling it's death by a thousand cuts16:58
LaserJockdidrocks: does Canonical do hardware certification for netbooks?17:02
didrocksrickspencer3: ^ ?17:03
LaserJockI'm wondering if there will be a known "UNE *will* work OOTB for these models" list17:04
rickspencer3LaserJock, I think they did for Karmic, but I don't know for Lucid17:04
didrocksLaserJock: I think the community page at least for that is good. I've chosen my netbook from it :)17:04
LaserJockdidrocks: do know what the URL for that is? I'll add it to the landing page17:05
seb128Amaranth, did you remove those from the config or from the disk?17:05
didrocksLaserJock: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport/Machines/Netbooks17:07
LaserJockawesome, thanks17:07
didrocksLaserJock: some are tested on UNR other on ubuntu-desktop, so, be careful ;)17:07
Amaranthseb128: both17:07
didrocksLaserJock: but the page is pretty useful, right :)17:07
Amaranthseb128: dunno if removing from disk made any difference though17:07
LaserJockdidrocks: it's odd that it's on wiki.ubuntu.com, I would have expected it to be on help.ubuntu.com17:08
=== MacSlow is now known as MacSlow|capoeira
kklimondaseb128: new gtk+ update has made rhythmbox a real cpu hog when playing music :/17:09
seb128just when playing?17:10
LaserJockdidrocks: I'll dig around wiki.u.c and see if there is other netbook help-type docs that maybe should get move over or linked to at least17:10
kklimondaseb128: yes17:10
kklimondaseb128: the moment I start playing rhythmbox starts burning ~25% of cpu and makes X work hard too17:10
didrocksLaserJock: apart from that one, I don't know any other, but that worthes a look. You can maybe paste it on help.ubuntu.com and make a link from wiki.u.c to help.u.c.17:11
didrocksLaserJock: thanks for your excellent work on that ;)17:12
kklimondaseb128: when I close window it's back to normal17:12
seb128hey bratsche17:12
qenserickspencer3: My problem was already reported in bug 52156917:12
ubottuLaunchpad bug 521569 in gwibber "Gwibber not pulling feeds from all accounts" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52156917:12
seb128kklimonda, bratsche is the one who worked on those changes17:12
seb128bratsche, where would be the right place to open a bug? rhythmbox or gtk?17:12
kklimondabratsche: hey - my rhythmbox doesn't like your gtk+ :)17:12
bratschekklimonda: I'm putting some music into Rhythmbox now so I can try to test.  Sorry. :)17:13
bratscheDamn, I should have just imported one album.  I imported everything from Banshee and it's taking forever.17:14
LaserJockdidrocks: np, it's nice to be able to do something useful for a change ;-)17:14
seb128bratsche, you can close rhythmbox ;-)17:14
seb128bratsche, close and reopen, that's usually efficient :p17:15
baptistemmdidrocks, from alex "they do completely different things, xdg-user-dirs-gtk-update tracks language changes and offers to migrate to new folder names"17:16
didrocksbaptistemm: ok, thanks, we'll rediscuss that tomorrow once pitti is back17:17
baptistemmI did packaged it but I totally forgot its purpose17:18
LaserJockdidrocks: is there a URL for UNE specs/task list?17:19
seb128kklimonda, can you open a gtk+2.0 bug on launchpad?17:20
kklimondaseb128: sure17:20
didrocksLaserJock: the current UNE specs from last UDS as just been completed as FF was yesterday. I'll give you the links for lucid +1 when next UDS will be prepared17:21
bratschekklimonda: I'll get it fixed up asap.  Thanks!17:22
LaserJockdidrocks: so all the specs from Lucid UDS got finished? or did some get deferred?17:22
didrocksLaserJock: all for UNE in any case are finished :)17:23
didrocksLaserJock: now, it's time for bug fixing17:23
LaserJockdidrocks: wow, awesome.17:23
didrocksLaserJock: if you want to give an hand, I have a list of bugs that I want to be fixed for lucid. I'll try to setup an order and difficultie level :)17:24
kklimondabratsche: bug 523949 for reference and closing when fixed :)17:26
ubottuLaunchpad bug 523949 in gtk+2.0 "after upgrade to 2.19.5-1ubuntu3 rhythmbox hogs the cpu while playing" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52394917:26
bratschekklimonda: Thanks!17:26
LaserJockdidrocks: sure, I'd have a look. I don't know that I have time to contribute much but I could have a go at it anyway.17:26
LaserJockdidrocks: is https://bugs.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-unr-qa/+packagebugs a good list?17:27
didrocksLaserJock: no, I'll setup it tomorrow and paste it somewhere in the wiki17:27
didrocksLaserJock: I'll ping you in any case :)17:28
LaserJockdidrocks: ok, cool17:28
didrocksLaserJock: thank you for your work there!17:28
seb128bratsche, g-t keeps flashing too, I've not found what triggers it but that happens quite often, not sure if that could be a vte thing17:33
bratscheseb128: Yeah I think I know how to fix that.  I'll do that after I figure out the RB issue.17:36
seb128bratsche, do you get it too?17:43
bratscheseb128: It happens when the title changes.17:44
seb128bratsche, ok17:45
seb128bratsche, I think evolution has a similar issue17:45
seb128it's so sluggish today so I can't almost use it17:45
kenvandineseb128, i just shaved 976K off the size of the gwibber deps :)17:55
kenvandineseb128, can you review a debdiff?17:55
kenvandinewhen you have time?17:55
kenvandinethis package did some things i havent' seen before ;)17:56
kklimondakenvandine: is there any eta for music store launch you can give?17:58
didrocksjames_w: I can confirm that the first time I convert to the new workflow merge-upstream, the debian/ directory is removed. I'll try to give you a simple testcase18:05
didrocksjames_w: and the debian/ directory was never created/deleted in the upstream branch18:06
james_wdidrocks: cool, a test case would be great18:06
kenvandinekklimonda, http://isthemusicstorereadyyet.com/18:07
kenvandinekklimonda, alpha3 :)18:07
kenvandineaquarius, i love that page :)18:07
kklimondakenvandine: nice :D18:09
didrocksasac: you didn't remove n-l-efl autostart file (it's a conffile), consequently, for people having it before, it wasn't moved :)19:05
asachmm true19:08
* asac remembers his dislike about /etc for system defaults ;)19:08
asacdidrocks: i am on a marathon call and wont be able to fix today. if you have a diff i can sponsor19:09
asacdidrocks: otherwise ill do first thing in morning19:09
didrocksasac: I'll do that tomorrow morning, not so important right now and I'll propose you a diff19:18
didrocks(and right, that's misleading)19:18
mdeslaurbratsche: the new gtk+2.0 is causing my xchat and xorg to use all available CPU. I've added a comment to bug #523949.19:24
ubottuLaunchpad bug 523949 in gtk+2.0 "after upgrade to 2.19.5-1ubuntu3 rhythmbox hogs the cpu while playing" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52394919:24
=== MacSlow|capoeira is now known as MacSlow
bratschemdeslaur: Thanks.  Sorry about that, I'm working on it.19:26
mdeslaurbratsche: cool, thanks19:27
bratscheAlthough I need to get some lunch and run an errand now.19:28
bratscheI'll be back soon and try to get it fixed asap.19:28
chrisccoulsonbratsche, have you noticed that the GDM greeter window is decorated now?19:36
chrisccoulsoni'm just wondering if that's due to the gtk update19:36
chrisccoulsontedg - where is the me menu meant to get the face icon from? (i assume that the new version is meant to display that)19:50
chrisccoulsoni just get the stock placeholder icon19:50
tedgchrisccoulson: I'm not sure actually davidbarth did that work.19:51
chrisccoulsonah, ok. thanks19:51
chrisccoulsoni'll see if i can figure it out after dinner ;)19:52
chrisccoulsonthe new menu looks pretty sweet btw19:52
bratschechrisccoulson: Yeah, that's due to the gtk update.  Will fix. :)20:25
chrisccoulsonbratsche, thanks!20:25
kenvandinehey seb128, wb!20:26
seb128kenvandine, hello20:27
seb128how are things going there?20:27
kenvandineseb128, if you have time.. i would appreciate a review/sponsor of bug 52396920:27
ubottuLaunchpad bug 523969 in egenix-mx-base "Split docs out into separate packages" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52396920:27
kenvandinegood, i got the last two DX uploads20:27
seb128ok, will do that in a bit20:27
kenvandinethx seb12820:27
TheMuso`seb128: thanks will take a look.20:41
seb128TheMuso`, hey20:41
seb128TheMuso`, it has been fixed since but thanks ;-)20:41
chrisccoulsonhey seb12820:42
seb128hello chrisccoulson20:42
chrisccoulsonhow are you?20:42
seb128still having this cold but it's ok20:43
seb128kenvandine, the doc packages should probably be arch all20:44
seb128or do they have anything arch specific?20:44
kenvandineoh, ok20:44
seb128I would also uses Replaces: rather than Conflicts: there20:45
chrisccoulsonseb128 - yeah, i'm ok thanks. had quite a long journey back this evening though20:45
seb128but maybe check with mvo I'm never sure about that and if both should be used20:45
seb128chrisccoulson, snowing again?20:45
chrisccoulsonseb128 - yeah, it's snowing again. but there's not very much snow20:45
chrisccoulsonthe roads just seem to stop when a few flakes fall ;)20:46
kenvandinemvo, if i am splitting out docs into separate -docs package (which of course has path conflicts), should that be a Conflicts, Replaces, or both?20:46
kenvandineseb128, changed it to arch all20:47
mvokenvandine: replaces (<< ) should be enough20:48
kenvandineso what is Conflicts for?20:48
kenvandineseb128, ok, fixed that too20:48
mvoreplaces just means "this package will replace/overwrite/take over some of your files"20:48
mvoconflicts: the two packages can not be unapcked on the system at the same time20:48
mvo(which is a much stronger statement)20:48
seb128kenvandine, Conflicts is for things conflicting20:49
seb128like things which can"t be installed together because one breaks the other one20:49
mvoso for a conflicts apt will remove the old first before installing the new, but that causes more trouble for the ordering and more fs churn. that is not needed in a situation like this were just some files get replaced20:49
seb128random example would be login managers if you couldn't select which one to run20:49
mvoor two httpd20:49
kenvandineah, ok20:50
mvoyeah, its confusing :)20:50
pittiah, that was nice21:03
pittididrocks: "without plymouth" -> nosplash, or purged package?21:03
pittibaptistemm_: thanks; I know that they do different things, but I thought that -gtk-update would call -update; anyway, I'll check that21:04
chrisccoulsonmy laptop is not in a happy place right now21:08
kenvandinepitti, i shaved the 2 egenie-mx packages down by 965K :)21:08
pittikenvandine: yay21:09
kenvandineso i think they are no 70K and like 81K21:09
pittikenvandine: so all the docs/examples are in a -doc package now?21:09
kenvandineseb128 is reviewing it21:09
kenvandinethe docs are all pdf files, gzipped21:09
kenvandineso huge21:09
kenvandinebut actually quite nice, i had never looked at them :)21:09
pittikenvandine: tomorrow's CDs should build again (unless someone else breaks them all over again tonight :) ), then we'll see how much we have left21:09
kenvandineyay for documented APIs21:10
pittiI think I fixed the overflow yesterday with chopping langpacks21:10
baptistemm_pitti, alex larsson (the guy who wrote the two tools) told me their jobs was different. I guess -gtk-update can be deferred to the end on the session beginning without any problem21:10
pittibaptistemm_: right, my concern was just that we call -update twice (once from Xsession.d/, once from -gtk-update)21:11
pittibaptistemm_: thanks for the investigations!21:12
baptistemm_you're welcome21:12
chrisccoulson_the latest indicator-messages makes every messaging app crash at launch now21:12
pittibaptistemm_: ok, strace says that it's not21:13
baptistemm_you're doing the same job than me :)21:13
baptistemm_I was stracing too :)21:14
LaserJockchrisccoulson_: that's uncool21:14
pittibaptistemm_: however, the code does have several spawns for -update21:15
seb128tedg, !!!21:40
seb128everything using the message indicator crashes on start there21:41
seb128ie xchat-gnome, empathy21:41
tedgseb128: We're talking about it in #ayatana21:42
seb128tedg, ok21:42
* RAOF passes on the morning upgrade, then.21:42
LaserJockI'm going for the "don't log out or reboot whatever you do" route21:44
seb128workaround is to remove the indicator message applet and stop the corresponding service21:45
dobeyyay. I don't have an indicator applet, so no worries here :)22:02
dobeyexcept I guess at some point soon the nm-applet icon is going to disappear from my notification area :-/22:02
seb128no it's not22:03
seb128the indicators fallback to notification icons22:03
dobeyso i am supposed to still have the pulseaudio thing in the notification area?22:05
dobeybecause i don't :(22:05
seb128no, that one is a system indicator22:05
seb128it's just because we disabled the autostart for gnome-volume-control-applet22:05
seb128you can reable it in your session22:06
dobeyi don't see it in the gnome-session-properties list22:09
seb128I've dropped GNOME; from the ShowIn in the desktop22:10
seb128so maybe that filter it out of the capplet too22:10
chrisccoulson_its because it has NoDisplay=true22:10
seb128it has?22:10
chrisccoulson_and our patch to the capplet filters it out22:10
chrisccoulson_maybe we should drop that from the desktop file then22:11
seb128oh right22:11
baptistemm_who should I contact to have some permission to in the bug part of launchpad?22:14
dobeypermissions for what?22:14
seb128baptistemm_, try talking to pedro when he's around22:14
baptistemm_+modify bugs report22:16
baptistemm_okay, I'll ask tomorrow, I wont be long to go to sleep, tx22:17
baptistemm_pitti, could a power daemon or any power related software could affect the bug https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/bluez/+bug/381913 ?22:53
ubottuUbuntu bug 381913 in bluez "InitiallyPowered and RememberPowered options from main.conf file are not honored" [Undecided,New]22:53
nekohayoping seb128?22:56
nekohayoI'm the main pitivi tester/ui nazi/etc., and I have noticed that *many* files are not properly detected by the gstreamer codec installer thingy22:57
nekohayoI have put together this bunch of samples, ordered:22:57
nekohayo...urgh wait a sec my server is down :(22:58
nekohayoanyway I have gathered lots of sample video files22:58
nekohayothat I *know* work with gstreamer, but are not properly detected for the missing codecs dialog22:58
nekohayoso I'm wondering who I should bug about this22:58
nekohayorickspencer3 suggested I ask you22:58
brycehnekohayo, cool that you have a good test suite built up, I don't know if seb128 has already put you in touch with the qa team, but it would be awesome to see that included with the general ubuntu tests23:02
nekohayoseb128, http://jeff.ecchi.ca/public/gstreamer-codec-autodetection/23:03
brycehnekohayo, pedro or ara would probably be good people to speak with23:03
brycehthink they're on #ubuntu-qa23:03
nekohayobryceh, well it's a "bunch of random video samples" for testing, it's not a test suite that I have programmed or something like that23:03
seb128nekohayo, do you know if the issue is specific to ubuntu?23:04
brycehnekohayo, the qa team might be able to help massage those into something more structured23:04
nekohayoseb128, not sure23:04
seb128are you doing testing for upstream?23:04
seb128did you raise the issue on #pitivi before?23:04
seb128I don't get this debian format3 system23:17
robert_ancellseb128, do you know what Debian package provides the GNOME_COMPILE_WARNINGS autoconf macro?23:18
nekohayoseb128, I filed a bug on pitivi but not yet on gstreamer, and I poked Tim on #gstreamer about it vaguely23:21
nekohayoseb128, pitivi bug is https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=61032523:22
ubottuGnome bug 610325 in source list "codec autodetection does not always work" [Normal,Unconfirmed]23:22
seb128robert_ancell, gnome-common: /usr/share/aclocal/gnome-compiler-flags.m423:22
seb128robert_ancell, I think23:22
robert_ancellseb128, thanks, that was it23:22
seb128nekohayo, seems to be an upstream pitivi issue I think you opened the bug at the right place23:23
nekohayoseb128, but the thing is23:23
nekohayoit's not just pitivi.23:23
nekohayototem, too.23:23
nekohayoas you can see in that folder23:23
nekohayoso at least part of it might be gstreamer's fault23:24
seb128on the bug you say some work in totem and not in pitivi23:24
seb128some in neither23:24
seb128you should open different bugs for those different scenarios23:24
seb128and give a specific example for each23:25
nekohayospecific examples: well just look at http://jeff.ecchi.ca/public/gstreamer-codec-autodetection/ and you'll see :)23:25
seb128sorry I can't really look to it right now, lucid feature freeze was yesterday and I'm still trying to get some late changes23:25
nekohayook sure23:25
seb128maybe come back next week23:25
nekohayoshould I file a bug on a) totem b) gstreamer general c) both?23:25
seb128or drop an email about that on the ubuntu-desktop@lists.ubuntu.com list23:25
nekohayod) ubuntu ?23:26
seb128well, whatever has the issue23:26
nekohayoseems like all of them23:26
seb128you can try gstreamer with gst-launch playbin2 uri=...23:26
seb128if that fails to play a video and you have the codecs open on gstreamer23:26
seb128if that's a codec installation issue and you know there is a codec to play the format open a bug on totem23:27
seb128or pitivi if the issue is only with pitivi23:27
seb128better to open on launchpad and bugzilla23:27
seb128and give urls to the other bugs in the comments23:27
robert_ancellseb128, hmm, do you think simple-scan is "gnome-like-enough" to be included in the feature freeze exception?23:29
seb128robert_ancell, no23:29
seb128robert_ancell, the GNOME ffe exception is made because they have known schedule and freezes for translations, etc23:29
robert_ancellseb128, :P But I'm following that schedule...23:29
seb128robert_ancell, but it should be pretty easy to get ffe exception for it by just pinging pitti for example23:30
robert_ancellseb128, np, I expect the next release will be 1.0 anyway23:30
seb128usually for such updates it's just ask, get a quick reply to upload and do it23:30
robert_ancellseb128, ok, I have a merge with Debian update, ok to release that?23:31
robert_ancellseb128, also, I'm planning to propose it for GNOME 3.0, do you happen to know where the list of current GNOME modules/dependencies is stored?23:31
seb128have you seen the email on desktop-devel-list today about that topic?23:32
robert_ancellseb128, the request for proposals? yup23:35
robert_ancelloh duh23:35
robert_ancelltl;dr :)23:35
robert_ancellgetting the amount of email these days makes me skim read too much :)23:35
seb128robert_ancell, I deleted the email now but there was no url or instructions there?23:37
robert_ancellseb128, yeah, there was a url :)23:38
robert_ancellInteresting - gnome-scan/sane are not part of GNOME23:39
seb128ok good ;-)23:39
robert_ancellpitti, who produces libgudev?23:47
=== robbiew is now known as robbiew_
seb128robert_ancell, look to the debian copyright in the source?23:49
robert_ancellseb128, thanks, was looking at packages.debian.org.  I hate how low-level projects often don't bother with a website.23:50

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