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shadeslayeranyone around?16:07
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LaserJockany wiki (help.u.c/community) guru's around?17:37
stlsaintLaserJock: i can try and help though im very far from guru...17:40
LaserJockI'm working on doing some documentation for Ubuntu Netbook Edition17:41
LaserJockI notice quite a few places where Ubuntu Netbook Remix is talked about in a larger page about Ubuntu in general17:41
LaserJockhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick for instance17:41
LaserJockI'm wondering if I should move Netbook-specific material into it's own page17:42
LaserJockor whether to link to the large Ubuntu page even though a fair amount of it may not apply specifically to Netbook users17:42
stlsaintLaserJock: im sure there is a unr page already created but is probably an orphan paged17:44
stlsaintLaserJock: seems this was started but not completed: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UNR17:46
LaserJockstlsaint: right, almost all of that material is outdated and not useful for Ubuntu Netbook Edition17:51
LaserJockI'm trying to get things cleaned up17:51
stlsaintLaserJock: well i ws unable to locate any docs directly tied into a UNR page on help site...17:53
stlsaintLaserJock: which leads me to think orphan page17:53
stlsaintLaserJock: thing is i would hate for you to start a big workup on UNR just to find that its already made somewhere17:54
LaserJockstlsaint: yeah17:55
LaserJockstlsaint: I started https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuNetbookEdition17:55
LaserJockbut I don't want to duplicate work if there's stuff around17:55
LaserJockbut the bigger problem I've seen is Netbook stuff embedded in regular Ubuntu pages17:56
LaserJocklike "For Ubuntu Netbook Remix, do ..." sections in the middle of a page17:56
LaserJockit seems to me like it would be good to extract those out and put then in a NetbookEdition page17:56
stlsaintLaserJock: yea i was just gonna add that you could go ahead and start a page then once starcraft comes in bring it to his attention17:57
LaserJockstarcraft is the wiki lead person?17:57
stlsaintLaserJock: not so much THE head guy but he knows plenty on wiki and knows who to contact to get things straightened out17:58
LaserJockok, thanks for the info17:58
stlsainthe is the lead wiki foucs group leader for the ubuntu beginners team17:58
LaserJockI used to be a Doc Team member once upon a time17:59
LaserJockbut it's been a while, the team has changed a lot17:59
stlsaintim not really anybody important...i just write and clean up wiki...simple17:59
LaserJockwell, that's important work18:00
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stlsaintRocket2DMn: ping21:56
stlsaintLaserJock: ping21:56
Rocket2DMnhey stlsaint , what's up21:56
stlsaintRocket2DMn: hola...21:57
stlsaintRocket2DMn: user above...laserjock had a question about docs on UNR...21:57
stlsaintRocket2DMn: they were unable to find a doc just focused on unr in help.ubuntu...they wanted to make one strictly for UNR21:57
stlsaintRocket2DMn: i thought maybe there was already a doc for unr but was a orphan doc21:58
stlsaintRocket2DMn: any thoughts?21:58
Rocket2DMnafaik, there aren't any docs specifically for UNR21:58
stlsaintoh ok21:58
stlsaintwell yea i told them to go ahead and make one and talk to starcraft about how to go about getting it linked up...but you showed up first so i ping ya21:59
Rocket2DMni'm not sure how much starcraftman knows about system docs, he mostly knows wiki21:59
Rocket2DMnI thought i remember discussion in the past about unr...22:00
stlsaintLaserJock: ping22:00
Rocket2DMnthta says there are some docs, but i have no idea where they are22:01
LaserJockstlsaint: hi22:02
Rocket2DMnsee bug 34024622:02
ubot4Launchpad bug 340246 in ubuntu-docs (Ubuntu) (and 2 other projects) "Netbook Remix needs a seperate ubuntu-doc branch (affects: 2) (dups: 1)" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/34024622:02
stlsaintLaserJock: Rocket2DMn here is also a good person to ask help on doc issues22:03
LaserJockI was going to start with wiki docs22:03
LaserJockI'm not sure if there would be enough material for system docs22:03
Rocket2DMnthe community docs are a good place to start :)22:03
LaserJockthere's just a few differences between Netbook Edition and regular Ubuntu that need some documentation22:03
LaserJockI gotta run for a few min. bbiab22:04

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