howie368Hi, is anyone willing to give me a hand with an ubuntu 8.04 grub bootloader problem?05:16
howie368I need to add some modules to the initrd so grub can see my cf card "/" partition05:42
thwappGood morning..  Can anyone here help me get my Samsung SCX-4828FN Multi-function laser-copier-scanner-fax to install on Ubuntu please?11:12
thwappI did download the latest drivers off the samsung site...11:12
cjwatsonthwapp: you'll probably get better answers somewhere else (not sure where), as the installer software which is what this channel is for doesn't handle scanners etc. at all11:26
cjwatsonmaybe #ubuntu or maybe the forums or similar11:27
thwappI don't know how, but I just figured out how to get the driver installed...11:29
thwappthere was a command sudo ./cdroot/Linux/install.sh that I had to run after I untarred the driver file...  it started a script that installed my printer driver to the system, but on the wrong interface port.11:30
thwappThen, I opened up the Printing utility...  Right clicked on the printer, selected properties, then clicked on the change button for the port setting and let it auto-detect the connected printers...11:32
thwappIt showed me 4 printers when I only have the one, so I made sure to select the right model from the list it said was connected and then clicked on print test page..  voila!  the driver worked!!11:32
thwappNow, if I could just get my sound working.. <G>11:33
kaushalwhile installing ubuntu 8.04 server using net install i get "No root file system is defined" on Dell Poweredge 1950 64 Bit Server,i am using pxe install It says Please correct this from paritioning menu and when i click on <Go Back> i dont see that option. please suggest13:49
ograev, todays oem-config dies before getting to user-setup14:17
ograev, http://paste.ubuntu.com/379101/14:17
ogra(debconf frontend)14:17
kaushalAny updates to my post to the ubuntu-installer Mailing List16:17
kaushalwhile installing Ubuntu 8.04 amd64 Bit server using CD Image, does it17:22
kaushalfetch the kernel image from the internet ?17:22
kaushalam i understanding it correctly ?17:22
kaushalthe reason why i am asking is the CD install works perfectly fine17:22
kaushalwhile the pxe install fails since netboot kernel image is obsolete17:22
kaushalchecking in again for my query17:27
CIA-6ubiquity: superm1 * r3798 ubiquity/ (debian/changelog ubiquity/frontend/noninteractive.py): Use raised_privileges() in the noninteractive FE for init.21:54
CIA-6ubiquity: superm1 * r3799 ubiquity/ (debian/changelog ubiquity/components/ubi-usersetup.py):22:05
CIA-6ubiquity: Fix a couple of areas that broke in the noninteractive portions of22:05
CIA-6ubiquity: ubi-usersetup from the plugins conversion.22:05
arandcjwatson: ping, would you mind having a re-look on Bug #445067 at some point?23:37
ubottuLaunchpad bug 445067 in partman-basicmethods "ubiquity overwrites VBR of extended partition" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/44506723:37
cjwatsonarand: please ask me next week, I'm on holiday23:38
cjwatsonjust stopping in to look at IRC before bed23:38
arandcjwatson: ah sorry, enjoy :)23:38
cjwatsonI'll look at the bug later, sure, although it's probably a new cause for the same symptom23:39
cjwatsonso it's not clear that a reopen of the partman-basicmethods task was necessarily correct.  we'll see.23:39
arandhmm, the symptom has been the same throughout jaunty-lucid afaik so my guess would be not..23:40
arandyea, which package being the cause, that is a good question.23:40
cjwatsonI didn't say the symptom had changed23:41
cjwatsonbut, based on my experience with the previous cause, it's the sort of symptom that could be caused by code in a number of places23:41
cjwatsonanyway, whatever23:41
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