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elkyhas a logbot been requested for #ubuntu-women-project yet? If not, please consider this as such.11:08
jpdselky: rt--at--ubuntu.com11:27
elkyjpds, oh, right. keep forgetting that's how it's done now11:28
elkyjpds, can you see if there's a request there already from akgraner?11:28
jpdsCan't see the incoming queue, sorry.11:28
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DJoneswhats with ubottu joining & being k-Lined18:05
DavieyDJones: freenode thinks ubottu is a spammer18:06
bazhangnetwork error18:06
DJonesI saw idoru joining/leaving idoru earlier with a freenode utility bot ident18:07
DJonesAs long as its not Jeremy Clarkson commentating18:07
jussi01oh please no...18:08
bazhangI like idoru, both the name and the implementation18:08
bazhangnice William Gibson reference there18:08
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