Iv4nbgood morning people10:49
Iv4nbcan somebody tell me How To PATH Java so I can start with compiling10:49
Iv4nbI have issue to do that on Ubuntu10:49
Iv4nbI installed everything , just PATH ... if10:50
nthykierIv4nb: hi java is in PATH by default if you install a jvm via Ubuntu's repositories10:55
Iv4nbYes , I just succeed to compile it ... I was in wrong folder /numb ...11:02
Iv4nbnthykier: can U see this http://pastie.org/83051311:09
nthykier Iv4nb: you have to go up one folder and run java myfirstjavaprog.Main (Assuming your class is named Main and in the package "myfirstjavaprog")11:11
Iv4nbHello world11:13
Iv4nbnthykier: Tnx a Lot !11:13
Iv4nbI guess Im ready to go learning now :)11:13
nthykierIv4nb: you are welcome - by the way, for java coding questions you should checkout the #java channel instead as they know more about that11:14
Iv4nbok tnx11:17
Guest99615help me !14:01
Guest99615install java last version ?14:11
nthykierGuest99615: install default-jre, default-jdk or default-jre-headless14:18
nthykierGuest99615: You most likely one the first, unless you are going to compile java programs in which case you want the second... the only reason for choosing the third would be if you know you are not going to run java programs with a GUI and you need to save space14:18
Guest99615now update to 16 to 18 java6?14:20
nthykierGuest99615: I suppose that depends on the vendor you need - for openjdk, I believe Ubuntu have 6b17-1.7 in their coming release (10.04) though I am not sure, since I don't use Ubuntu14:22
persialifeless: Just out of curiosity, now that Ubuntu has 6.8, have you tried in-repo netbeans?22:13
lifelesspersia: no22:22
persiaI'd be curious how well it works for you, and I suspect Juli would be as well :)22:23
persiadogfooding and all that :)22:23
lifelesssure, problem is - that machine is running karmic; and its not my work machine : its my games machine22:24
persiaNevermind then.22:24
lifelessand my laptop really doesn't have enough juice to do netbeans22:38
persiaIt does take a bit, unfortunately.22:39

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