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manjocrimsun, you are more than welcome to write :)00:12
manjocrimsun, git clone git://kernel.ubuntu.com/manjo/kernel-qa.git kernel-qa00:12
manjocrimsun, and send patches 00:12
crimsunmanjo: ok, I'll try and look at that this weekend00:12
manjocrimsun, its all in shell00:12
manjoand adding a test is pretty easy00:13
manjowrite your shell script that outputs no noise, wrap it up in the test harness and submit the patch 00:13
manjocrimsun, look at the suspend/resume or graphics test 00:14
crimsunmanjo: thanks for the pointers00:15
manjocrimsun, :)00:15
smoserjjohansen, that issue hasn't cleared itself up. the one with bad dependencies in karmic02:55
smoserbug 52001502:56
ubot3Malone bug 520015 in linux-meta-ec2 "bad dependencies on karmic linux-ec2, linux-image-ec2" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52001502:56
jjohansensmoser: okay, I'll hit up apw and smb when they come online tonight and we will get it sorted out02:56
smoseri shoudl verify for sure that the recreate is still valid02:56
smoserbut the issue that my builds were having due to it is still present.02:56
smoserkarmic builds end up with 2 -ec2 and 2 -virtual kernels02:57
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Wellarkhi! how long does it take for to get from karmic-proposed to main?11:23
apwWellark, presumably you mean from -proposed to -updates?12:32
smbWellark, As its a big change at least two weeks. And the more feedback there is on the specific bugs the better12:32
apwWellark, it cannot move until the various bugs it fixes have been tested and verified by the reporters12:33
apwyou can of course just add -proposed to your sources and get it anyhow?12:33
mozmckis the karmic kernel really just 2.6.31 with some patches or is it with some patches?14:48
mozmckor something in between?14:50
smbIts or .9 with some patches. Depending whether you look on -updates or -proposed14:50
mozmckhow does one tell?  I've got the git tree and have looked in the changelog, but I just see tags like 2.6.31-xx.xx14:53
smbThe git tree itself is now at when you take master. Simplest thing to look is Makefile 14:54
smbEXTRAVERSION is the stable version included14:54
mozmckoh, duh!  should have thought of that.14:54
mozmckWhen I was trying to find out a while back I was looking at the package from the repository.14:55
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hallyni notice that lucid doesn't have CGROUP_DEVICE enabled in the kernel17:05
hallynis there some particular place i should go to request that that be turned on (for whatever release it's feasible for, be that lucid or the next one)?17:06
ckingapw, ^^17:28
* apw groans17:28
apwwhy can't everyone ask for the CGROUP things all at once?17:29
cndsmb, when you pull from -stable, do you pull all the commits, or do you sometimes leave some out?17:29
smbapw, That should have been in the stuff you added lately...17:30
apwhallyn, yeah that seems to be on already17:30
apwhallyn, normally the place to ask is here informally and  though is kernel-team email list formally17:31
smbcnd, Normally all (until 3 month after release (of a series like Karmic). After that only critical stuff. Though on LTS it will be always everything. Just very very few exceptions. I think once I decided that the upstream change was too much risking regression without need17:32
apwcking, can you check if your outputs are muted in alsamixer ... all mine were17:32
hallynapw: hmm, i just installed a lucid image this morning and it didn't have it - recon' i have to update?  17:32
apwheadphone and speaker channels on MM17:32
ckingapw, checking...17:32
cndsmb, ok17:32
apwthats from the config for lucid17:32
hallynapw: ok, thanks17:33
hallyn(upgrading right now)17:33
* hallyn makes a note of the path debian.master/config/config.common.ubuntu for future ref17:34
ckingapw, I just needed to pull in some more updates that came in over the past hour or so - audio now OK17:36
* cking checks skype + BT17:36
cndapw, smb, I did more research and found that the card for bug 505808 is actually an r690 part, which is hit directly by the other of the two commits I was looking at17:41
ubot3Malone bug 505808 in linux "Can't boot with last linux kernels from to" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/50580817:41
smbcnd, err sorry I am a bit lost17:44
cndsmb, don't worry17:44
cndjust an aha moment for me17:44
apwcnd cool ...17:57
hallynapw: hmm, after an upgrade i still dont' have CGROUP_DEVICES - i see it shouldve gone in dec 3, is that recent enough to not have made it into updates?18:10
hallyn(or is it being masked by some other file - i don't know how configs are generated)18:10
* apw is confused, we have no -updates in lucid18:10
apwin my insgtalled config18:11
apwhallyn, how are you checking if it is available18:11
hallynwrong install cd18:12
hallynso sorry...18:12
apw[    0.013607] Initializing cgroup subsys devices18:13
hallynyeah, apparently i installed karmic.18:13
apwfor karmic the changes are not yet in any pocket, they are still out for review18:13
apwnow what the heck that does for me is another question18:13
smbThey will be uploaded but that is not before this proposed is done18:13
hallynall right, sorry about that, guys, i'm off to install the right *$&(*%& cd.18:14
smoserjjohansen, ping20:00
smoseri just did a 'apt-get --purge remove linux-image-2.6.31-302-ec2' and get an error: 20:00
smoserdpkg: warning: while removing linux-image-2.6.31-302-ec2, directory '/lib/modules/2.6.31-302-ec2' not empty so not removed.20:00
smoserI'm guessing this is something that is not a problem with the other kernel packages (i did not see similar error for -virtual and removed it)20:01
mattiNot really and error ;] Unless you expect this to be deleted as well.20:01
smoserwell, the content in it is 20:01
smoser$ ls /lib/modules/2.6.31-302-ec220:01
smosermodules.alias.bin  modules.dep.bin  modules.symbols.bin20:01
smoserso no, not an error, but those were definitely generated by the package and should be removed with it (and I believe are removed in other linux-image packages)20:01
ogasawarasmoser: I think a fix recently was committed for that issue, can't remember the bug number off the top of my head though20:28
smoserogasawara, ok. this was on karmic, and obviously of an older package (-304 is now in -updates)20:29
ogasawarasmoser: did -304 resolve the update issue you reported?20:30
smoserhmm.. no. just checked.20:30
smoser$ dpkg-query --show linux-image-2.6.31-304-ec220:31
smoserthat demonstrates the issue20:31
smoserogasawara, ^^ do you want me to open a bug ?20:40
ogasawarasmoser: yes please, and let me know the bug #.  we can get it on our weekly bug list we'll review on monday20:40
brycehapw, sconklin, drm discussion on #dri-devel if you're around.  airlied thinks option #2 is the only sensible one to consider20:55
cndsconklin, by backporting .33, you're talking about the entirety of .33 drm, not just nouveau, ati, and intel?21:12
sconklincnd: that would remain to be seen. Based on what I know now, I think intel and radeon for sure, and I'll defer to the nouveau experts21:13
sconklinAnd the X people will handle their part.21:13
cndsconklin, I just wonder if there aren't skew issues if we're backporting parts of .33 drm but not all of .33 drm21:14
sconklinFor the rest, I think it makes sense to take it all, unless we run into some strange dependencies on recent kernel features21:14
tjaaltonbest to pull it all in21:14
sconklinI think we should try to take it all21:14
cndI thoguht .33 was required for nouveau as well, anyways21:14
sconklinit's the piecemeal nature of the current backporting situation that makes it risky and painful - we want to minimize that21:15
cndfor lucid, are we targetting nouveau ddx or 3d as well?21:15
sconklinand Lucid kernel would then be able to support Wayland, which some people are interested in21:15
tjaaltonthe effort done on lbm would not be lost though, since that can be used for pulling proposed patches and letting people test those21:15
tjaaltoncnd: no 3d21:15
tjaaltonthat'd need mesa 7.8921:15
tjaaltonor maybe the classic dri for the old chips, dunno21:16
cndtjaalton, so I assume that's probably for lucid+1?21:16
sconklinall this needs to be run by apw of course21:16
tjaaltoncnd: yes. though fedora has it I don't think they want bugreports from us :)21:16
tjaaltonat least that's the current upstream policy about nouveau 3d21:16
brycehcnd: we may put it in a ppa or something21:17
brycehcnd, seems like a perfect thing to provide in xorg-edgers for example21:17
cndbryceh, I might actually be interested in helping with that21:17
brycehcnd, cool21:17
cndI only need up to compiz support, so based on phoronix's tests I'm guessing that would be mature enough to play around with in a ppa for lucid21:18
cndoh wait, I'm getting ahead of myself...21:18
brycehcnd, are you experienced with packaging?  touch base with the other xorg-edgers fellows on ubuntu-x21:18
cndnouveau doesn't support 9400m yet21:18
cndor at least not when I last tried21:19
brycehcnd, particularly RAOF and sarvatt21:19
cndbryceh, I've got my own ppa for rinputd, my side project I've been working on21:19
cndso I've got a bit of experience21:19
brycehcnd, excellent21:19
cndbut I'm not sure if I'd be the best to work on it if I can't even get nouveau ddx working :)21:20
sconklinbryceh: I'll make a response to the current "Status of kernel X drivers" thread and cover what we just discussed.21:21
brycehsconklin, great21:23
brycehsconklin, yeah I think this will simplify a lot of different things (packaging, testing, bug upstreaming)21:23
brycehsconklin, and having lbm for .34 stuff will address the concern that upstream will stop focusing on .33 after a time21:24
RAOFAs long as .34 lbm does not contain nouveau, or we revert the API break it would introduce.21:26
sconklinbryceh: yes. and honestly, spending effort backporting .33 makes more sense than wading into a pile of backports for individual features21:26
tjaaltonRAOF: why not include it from the start?21:27
cndhmmm... I see someone else with exact same hw as me got nouveau to work 4 days after me21:28
RAOFtjaalton: If we're ok with pulling from drm-next (or the nouveau tree itself; I'm not sure if that's been pushed to drm-next yet) and upgrade to libdrm 2.4.18, that'd be fine.21:28
cndmaybe it'll work now21:28
RAOFtjaalton: It *would* make cherry picking fixes easier.21:30
tjaaltonRAOF: we'll be backporting from there anyway, so sooner or later some nouveau fix will need that commit21:30
tjaaltonor need backporting21:30
tjaaltonI mean, more work to backport21:30
brycehahh cnd == chase douglas21:30
cndwe shook hands in portland21:31
brycehcnd, ok sorry for my lame question about if you knew packaging ;-)21:31
cndwell, it's not really that lame21:31
cndI didn't know packaging until a few months ago :)21:31
RAOFtjaalton: Yeah.  It wouldn't be too long before we ran into something that touched that commit.21:31
brycehcnd, :-)21:32
cndbryceh, I've been doing rpm packaging at IBM for a few years though21:32
RAOFcnd: Sarvatt has, or had, a build of mesa in xorg-edgers which built the nv3x+ nouveau gallium component and the classic mesa driver for older cards.21:32
cndso just a shift in process :)21:32
brycehRAOF, I've got libdrm 2.4.18 on my todo list to merge either with or without the API change21:32
tjaaltonbbl, testing if blade runner on 1080p looks ok with the optoma :P21:32
* RAOF wonders if the slightly odd X behaviour he's seeing is because he's got both drm.ko and lbm_drm.ko loaded.21:33
cndRAOF, so does that mean just boot into lucid, install Sarvatt's packages, and there *could* be 3d support?21:33
cndor is something else needed?21:33
RAOFcnd: Just that.  Install, boot, run.21:34
cndbryceh, looks like your suggestion has already been done :)21:34
RAOFcnd: Last time I tried nv4x gallium had broken, both from the packages and from git.  nv5x gallium seems to be the new sweet-spot :(21:34
cndhmmm... what do I have again?21:34
RAOFGeforce 8 or newer?  nv5x.21:35
RAOF6/7 - nv4x21:35
cndgeforce 9400m21:35
cndso that sounds good21:35
RAOFIn your swankypants shiny macbook, yes.21:35
cndI'll probably try that later on21:35
cndheh :)21:35
RAOFWhile everyone's here, we also need to work out where the hook for installing nouveau.ko in the initramfs.21:35
RAOFAhem.  Should go.21:36
* bryceh lunching21:37
RAOFUnless nouveau's going to end up in drivers/gpu/drm, we'll need an initramfs hook to pull it onto the initramfs so nvidia users get the same KMS experience as everyone else.  And to prevent vga16fb loading, and messing everything up.21:37

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