jacquesdupontdwhat is the new project after ubuntu mobile cause it seems it's not supported anymore and i would have liked to install it on my touch machine i just built02:19
jacquesdupontdi'm gonna run a multiboot with Moblin 2, Ubuntu Mobile, Android or Chrome os, Kubuntu Notebook or real Kubuntu as the machine is powered by Amd Sempron 3000 and good nvidia chipset and hdmi and 2 gb of memory ddr2 it can handle them very easily02:21
jacquesdupontdif anybody has ideas about some interface that could be interesting knowing the the screen in 15 inch resistive touch screen02:21
GrueMasterWhen you say Ubuntu Mobile, which are you referring to?  Ubuntu MID or Ubuntu Netbook Remix?02:22
jacquesdupontdi have space but i want the UI to be fully useable with fingers easily except for 1 part of the compiz cube side wich will be running the real ubuntu os and will be connected to bluetooth hardware keyboard and mouse for when you come back home02:22
jacquesdupontdUbuntu MID, cause this is the one to be run with touch screen right ? Ubuntu Netbook remix is more to have a light ubuntu for small screens if i'm right02:23
jacquesdupontd i'm searching for a live CD of Ubuntu Mobile and Emmbedded02:23
jacquesdupontdto put it on a usb key and install it on the device near me already running Mobin 2 repackaged by myself02:24
persiajacquesdupontd: We tried to merge the work the Mer team was doing, but there were some packages that we just couldn't merge.02:24
persiaMer is probably the most similar thing to the goals of Ubuntu MID right now.02:25
jacquesdupontdcan i install mer ?02:25
persiaThere is ongoing work for "liquid", but some of the pieces weren't ready upstream for this release cycle, so we won7t have something targeting handhelds again until 10.1002:25
jacquesdupontdi've heard about it02:25
GrueMasterUbuntu MID was built specifically for the Intel Atom processor and SCH chipset combination, however the packages should still be somewhat available in i386 (I think).  Mer and LXDE are both designed to replace the original hildon desktop.02:26
persiaQuite possibly.  It's not directly part of Ubuntu, so we don't necessarily know how to install it :)02:26
persiaGrueMaster: That was true for hardy.  Jaunty actually worked on all architectures.02:26
jacquesdupontdi know i know be sure i know i had some Problems (lerzlkhzlekrhzelrj) to get working those UI's like Moblin02:26
jacquesdupontdbut we can make it work :)02:26
jacquesdupontdis anybody able to gimme a link i could use ?02:27
jacquesdupontdof a live install02:27
jacquesdupontdEither Ubuntu MID or Mer i don't care02:28
jacquesdupontdi'm doing test for now to see what will be on the device final version before the selling part02:28
GrueMasterMer is the closest to what you are looking for that I have seen.  Not sure if they are targeting x86 or not.  Last time I talked to the developers (almost a year ago) it was targeted towards Nokia systems.  I don't know of a live image though.02:28
persiaAt one point there was an x86 image for testing in KVM.02:30
GrueMasterHave you looked at the Ubuntu Netbook Remix for Karmic or Ubuntu Netbook Edition (currently alpha) for Lucid?02:30
GrueMasterHere's a link to Mer:  http://wiki.maemo.org/Mer.  Also, you can get Ubuntu images from http://cdimage.ubuntu.com.02:33
jacquesdupontdi know all of this02:33
jacquesdupontdok thanks02:33
jacquesdupontdfor the Mer link02:34
jacquesdupontdcan't wait to test it02:34
jacquesdupontd'm searching for a qt interface02:34
jacquesdupontdbut i'm gonna build it02:34
jacquesdupontdKubuntu is going to have one02:34
jacquesdupontdFirst Glance or i don't know the name02:34
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ian_brasilrbelem, just reading backscroll..no problem with the PPA16:04
ian_brasilas long as the major infra pieces are there for lucid16:05
ian_brasilplasma-mobile, meta, default-settings, kwin and kdm ...OK16:06
iJonnyAnyone know how to install ubuntu mobile .img onto windows mobile pda16:14
iJonnyim trying to follow instructions found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromImgFiles16:14
iJonnyon windows vista the pda shows up as a pda n not drive or drive letter & on mac os x it dosn't show up all together :?16:15
jacquesdupontdis there anybody here ?17:19
persiaAlmost always lots of people.  Most of them may not respond for some time.  Ask a question, and be patient.17:24
iJonnyyea there are some people on here :p17:27
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