donkeypunchwhy will tvtime work but myth doesnt do squat00:15
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bunderwhich mythtv protocol version does mythbuntu 9.10 support?02:21
mrandbunder: $ mythfrontend --version will always give you the current network protocol version,among other important info.02:24
Gamrokhey guys i had a question do i need to install the restricted drivers to properly connect my tv tuner to my machine03:34
DHRmy disk is filling up with messages logged in /var/log/gdm/:0-greeter.log.  I think the problem is that two window managers are being started (xfwm4 and metacity).  I think that this is because both have files in /usr/share/gdm/autostart/LoginWindow.  Can I just delete one?  Or is this analysis wrong?05:08
DHRxfwm4 is started by mythbuntu-gdm-window-manager.desktop (it includes the line Exec=xfwm4) which comes from mythbuntu-gdm-theme package.05:18
DHRmetacity is started by metacity.desktop which comes from gdm package.  Does that mean these two packages conflict?05:19
superm1what are the messages logged to that log saying?05:26
superm1i mean what you say sounds plausible05:26
DHRWindow manager warning: Screen 0 on display ":0.0" already has a window manager; try using the --replace option to replace the current window manager.05:27
DHRWindow manager warning: Failed to read saved session file /var/lib/gdm/.config/metacity/sessions/1057e55ebdbfac9c126645249737304300000022070009.ms: Failed to open file '/var/lib/gdm/.config/metacity/sessions/1057e55ebdbfac9c126645249737304300000022070009.ms': No such file or directory05:27
DHRrepeated over and over.05:28
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superm1yup that sounds like the situation to me then05:29
superm1go ahead and remove one of them from that directory and file a bug05:30
DHRdo you see both those files on your system?  (Mine is 9.10 + mythbuntu packages)?05:31
superm1all of the boxes i have are either full mythbuntu or 9.10 + mythbuntu-control-centre and some mythtv packages (no mythbuntu-default-settings)05:31
DHRbtw, the infinite logging goes away once I log in, and stays away even when I log out.  Seems to come back on reboot.05:32
DHRI've never used OpenID before.  the Mythbuntu site requires OpenID.  On a google account, I've enabled a profile URL.  I think that that should allow me to log in with that as my openid.  But it seems to get ignored.  What am I likely to be doing wrong?06:13
superm1there is a special URL for google accounts06:24
superm1DHR, http://lists.openid.net/pipermail/openid-general/2009-July/009271.html06:24
Zinn[lists.openid.net] [OpenID] What is my Google OpenID URL?06:24
superm1use that url listed in there to log in with a google openid06:24
DHRtried that.  Did something (that involved google asking me if it was OK), but popped back to the mythbuntu page as if I'd not logged in.  Same happened when I used my google profile URL.06:28
superm1i dunno.  i'm able to log in with mine :)06:29
superm1it's easier to use your launchpad login imo though06:29
superm1and easier to remember06:29
DHRyup, my launchpad account worked.  Thanks!06:35
DHRmythbuntu.org's time is out.  It think the time is x:14 (where x depends on timezone).06:38
superm1Daviey, ^06:38
DHRhmm.  I guess that bug reports go in bugs.launchpad.net -- no separate bug database for mythbuntu.  This isn't stated obvious places.06:48
Zinn[bugs.launchpad.net] Launchpad Bugs06:48
DHRjust created https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mythbuntu-gdm-theme/+bug/52363907:12
Zinn[bugs.launchpad.net] Bug #523639 in mythbuntu-gdm-theme (Ubuntu): “dueling window managers fill disk with logging flood”07:12
vanksii have an uptodate ubuntu 9.10 64bit with mythtv and nuvexport/mencoder etc installed from the repositories, recording works fine but when i'm trying to nuvexport-xvid it always stops at around 99% and says that it died early08:37
vanksianyone else have this problem?08:37
vanksioh, and by the way, does mythbuntu install include all the necessary codecs for encoding?08:38
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tgm4883kees, am I just supposed to do "python check-bios-nx" from a command line?21:49
keestgm4883: you can, though it's not very interesting.  try it with --verbose for more details21:50
tgm4883yea I didn't get jack the first tim21:50
keesit just sets an exit code (non-zero means "fix your bios")21:51
tgm4883I think i'm ok21:51
tgm4883This CPU has 'nx' in the flags, so the BIOS is not disabling it.21:51
tgm4883would be nice to know that I was already setup with the right kernel though21:52
keesyeah, I'm trying to do one piece at a time.  this is strictly "is my bios dumb?"  :)21:52
tgm4883something like "This CPU has 'nx' in the flags, so the BIOS is not disabling it. You also have pae activated. According to kees, your security is the bees knees"21:53

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