dholbachgood morning08:03
dholbachhighvoltage: if you could have a look at zope.catalog in revu, I'd appreciate it :)09:06
dholbachor rather the schooltool devs would :)09:07
=== cypher___ is now known as czajkowski
highvoltagedholbach: done (and advocated)09:17
dholbachhighvoltage: will you upload?09:18
highvoltagedholbach: yes, sorry I tend to forget about that part :)09:19
dholbachsuper, thanks09:19
* dholbach takes the dog for a walk09:19
czajkowskiyay Murphy is back10:03
highvoltagedholbach: btw, why are you learning French?11:56
czajkowskiit's a nice language11:58
highvoltagedifficult language too :)12:01
czajkowskiI think once a person has managed to learn English as not their native lanugage every other language must be easier12:03
czajkowskihighvoltage: do you speak any other language?12:03
highvoltageczajkowski: Afrikaans is my first language and English my second language. I know a little Xhosa and I'm going for French lessons when I go to quebec12:04
highvoltageczajkowski: I'm slowly learning Toki Poki in between, it's a fun language12:05
czajkowskiToki Poki ?12:05
highvoltageczajkowski: awesome constructed language. it only has about 130 words, of which 30 or so sound very similar to other words, it's meant to be super-easy to learn, so people from different cultures and languages can also pick it up quite easily and use it to communicate12:06
highvoltageI mean, Toki Pona of course :)12:07
highvoltageit doesn't use all the latin letters either12:07
highvoltageand one word can mean a lot of things but it's designed in a way where it's always clear12:08
highvoltageso oompa means sex.12:08
highvoltagebut it can also mean sexuality12:08
highvoltageor gender12:08
highvoltageor reproduction12:08
highvoltagedepends in what context you say it12:08
czajkowskiah ok12:08
highvoltagewhen you count, you count "one, two, two-one, two-two, one-hand"12:09
highvoltageone-hand-one, etc12:09
highvoltageit feels slightly primitive but it's also designed to keep your thoughts good12:10
highvoltagethere's lot of illogical or weird things in English and similar languages that it doesn't do12:10
czajkowskinever head of this12:11
czajkowskisounds interesting12:12
highvoltagetoki pona wiki has lots of nice info: http://en.tokipona.org12:13
dholbachhighvoltage: I learned it in school, but forgot so much again12:27
dholbachhighvoltage: for me it was more the opportunity to chat a bit of french in a funny group (we meet in a bar near here) and learn a bit again - it's a lot of fun :)12:27
czajkowskilearning langauge in a fun way is more interesting and you don't feel like you are in class12:30
dholbachlike last night we played something like the taboo game in french12:31
dholbachit was great :)12:31
dholbachalrightie... Indian food, here I come! :)12:32
czajkowskihmm some garlic naan please12:34
* highvoltage is also in the mood for something garlicky12:42

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