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BobGreenwillIt says "#ubuntu You are banned from this channel."01:32
BobGreenwillIt says " #ubuntu  Cannot send to channel "...02:58
semitonescheck #ubuntu03:13
semitonesRomney2012 is spamming the channel03:16
bazhangtrying to understand yoyoma04:24
bazhanghis space key seems to be missing or broken04:24
geniiI think I have the #k floodbots sorted out finally, I unbanned them now and nothings exploded (yet)05:01
nhandlergenii: Good to hear. Did you let Riddell know?05:02
geniinhandler: Yeah I PMd him I unbanned the bots already05:03
* jussi01 is sleepy05:47
* genii slides jussi01 a coffee05:51
* mneptok drops a Benadryl in it05:52
* jussi01 thwarts mneptok...05:53
jussi01thanks genii!05:53
geniijussi01: No problemmo05:53
* genii ponders a !chrome07:00
jussi01genii: add chrome to !browser and alias it07:05
ubottuBrowsers available for Ubuntu: Firefox (GTK, Gecko engine), Konqueror (KDE/Qt, KHTML engine), Epiphany (GTK, Gecko engine), Dillo (GTK), w3m (terminal-based), Links2 (terminal-based or graphical, see !man page), edbrowse (command-line), Opera (Qt, proprietary)07:05
geniijussi01: I'll think more tomorrow about it... Going to bed in a minute or two here07:06
jussi01nini genii07:12
dholbachgood morning08:03
ubottuIf you disagree with a decision by an operator, please first pay #ubuntu-ops a visit. If you are still unhappy, please see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/AppealProcess for the steps you should take. If you feel the need to discuss the channel rules, please contact the ops on IRC or via the email address on the aforementioned page.08:41
elky* venuism (venuism@banned.by.an.irc-op.net) has joined #ubuntu-women <-- for some strange reason this raises my eyebrows.09:32
Myrttihe's had a sshow in #freenode09:33
elkyjussi01, jpds, other ubot* owners: did akgraner request a bot for #ubuntu-women-project yet?10:49
jussi01elky: I havent seen one10:49
elkyconsider this her request by proxy then10:49
elkythanks jpds10:50
jpdselky: No problem.11:11
Gryllida"#ubuntu  #ubuntu-ops  Forwarding to another channel" Why?11:19
Gryllida"#ubuntu  Cannot send to channel" Why?11:20
Tm_TGryllida: hi, sounds like someone wanted to talk to you here before you can be allowed in #ubuntu11:20
Tm_TI don't know (yet), please wait11:21
Tm_TGryllida: ah, you have spellingbot or similar popping into #ubuntu?11:24
Tm_TI should be elsewhere btw, someone please11:25
elkyGryllida, you have a bot running on your network. it's been banned from #ubuntu for being a problem.11:25
elkythis first happened on feb 10 and again today, feb 1711:26
elkythe ban is there to prevent it going back on. if you can disable the bot, we can let you back in to the channel11:27
GryllidaThis is who I am: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/user/4817791 I don't make spelling bots... This must be Bob Greenwill... a nasty person in my room who found my Chatzilla. ;) I think he is the only person in the world who could imitate a spelling bot... What was it like?11:30
Gryllidamust have been a NASTY "bot" ;) There isn't one in my Chatzilla, though.11:31
Myrttipenny for every claim of "it was my roommate/brother"11:31
elkyGryllida, please be honest. trying to blame someone else isn't a nice thing to do and usually loses our sympathy.11:32
GryllidaWell, there isn't a bot in my Chatzilla now... Neither I see one at my whole hard drive. Never seen a code of a one. Honestly!11:33
GryllidaI was just wondering how I can add a input locale to Ubuntu.. In Windows it's pretty uncomfortable some times.11:35
elkyGryllida, so you've removed the bot from your chatzilla now?11:38
GryllidaI didn't have any11:38
GryllidaDon't you believe that https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/user/4817791 is me? Check there below the picture, I've added letter "U"11:38
GryllidaI don't know how to make a bot.11:38
elkyif you havent' made any change, then I cannot let your network in as the bot will also get back in. i need assurance the bot is gone.11:39
GryllidaCan you tell me what did the bot react at? Was there anything what reproduced its reaction always?11:41
GryllidaI can offer the following steps to test it: 1) Maybe you can let me in #ubuntu 2) then you will type something what the "bot" reacts at 3) then we'll see what happens.11:42
GryllidaThese steps can work if the bot didn't do big-volumed messages at once11:43
GryllidaConnection was reset because of my Internet connection. The last word I saw was "Hello?" If you asked anything after, please repeat11:50
Tm_TGryllida: Hi, no I don't think we would do any "testruns"11:51
GryllidaHm. I could send you a screen-shot... Or I can send you my 60GB hard drive... I just don't see a spelling BOT here.11:52
elky* Gryllida (~chatzilla@ has joined #ubuntu-ops  as compered to  2010-02-17T12:19:44 *** spellingbot (spellingbot!~chatzilla@ has left #ubuntu (requested by ikonia (please visit #ubuntu-ops if you wish to discuss your removal))11:53
elkyyou have the same ip address.11:53
GryllidaI just don't see a spelling BOT here. I think it is gone now. If it's there again with the same IP as me, send me an e-mail to gryllida@gmail.com , I will delete all my addons that I created for Firefox11:55
ubotturww called the ops in #ubuntu (Juanma: nsfw link)11:57
Tm_TGryllida: I unfortunately cannot see you talking the truth12:00
Tm_TGryllida: so, what I suggest, please come back when you are willing to discuss about this honestly (:12:04
GryllidaI am. Don't you believe that I am https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/user/4817791 ?12:05
GryllidaI think I will be asking this question at the mailing list. Thanks for attention.12:06
GryllidaIf you suddenly decide to believe me, please e-mail me to gryllida@gmail.com bye12:07
GryllidaHere it is: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-users/2010-February/211260.html But the #ubuntu channel could have helped me quicker...  If I was really an owner of a bot, I would just change my IP in a second or two... Thanks for attention anyhow!12:15
GryllidaThen, please describe what the "bot" did... At least I will know the adventure fully. What user-name did it have? Why didn't the channel like it?12:22
* gnomefreak wonders if im the only one confused12:23
Tm_Tgnomefreak: you are (;12:23
gnomefreakTm_T: thanks12:23
gnomefreaklooking at logs in a min12:24
Tm_TGryllida: problem is, you're not telling the truth about other things, so I don't see why you would tell the truth about bot12:24
GryllidaWhere I am not telling the truth?12:24
gnomefreakthe link is to a mailing list what does a bot or #ubuntu have to do with that :(12:25
* gnomefreak goes back into corner until i am caught up12:25
GryllidaThis is the support question I have. I wanted to ask it at #ubuntu.12:25
Tm_Tgnomefreak: this is person who has been banforwarded here because there's been misbehaviour from the very same ip12:25
gnomefreakTm_T: ah12:25
gnomefreakgood starting point :P12:26
GryllidaWas there a liar nicknamed "Gryllida" before?12:26
GryllidaShould I register my nick?12:26
gnomefreakcouldnt hurt12:27
GryllidaWhere should I do it?12:27
ubottuInformation about registering your nickname: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#userregistration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available in #freenode12:27
gnomefreak:) yay it was right one12:27
GryllidaHm, now I will wonder what "ops" is in alike manner...12:27
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) -  elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, jpds, bazhang, jussi01, Flannel or ikonia!12:27
ubottuGryllida called the ops in #ubuntu-ops ()12:27
gnomefreakoh please dont do that12:28
MenZa'Gryllida: Please don't do that.12:28
GryllidaOps = channel emergency... Now I know. Thanks, ubottu.12:28
bazhangthis the spellingbot guy?12:28
GryllidaNo, of course.12:28
Tm_Tis any of you willing to take control of this issue? I just don't have the time12:28
Tm_Tbazhang: same ip12:28
bazhangTm_T, yep12:28
GryllidaI just saw the "!register" line and wandered what "!ops" is in alike manner.... I don't know what "ops" is.12:29
Tm_Tthanks, I need to vanish again (:12:29
bazhangGryllida, you were running the spellingbot in #ubuntu earlier12:29
GryllidaI'll ask ubottu12:29
Gryllida!spelling bot12:29
Gryllida"<ubottu>Sorry, I don't know anything about spelling bot"12:29
bazhangGryllida, did you wish to resolve this?12:30
GryllidaWho is ubottu?12:30
Gryllidaubottu who are you?12:30
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)12:30
bazhangGryllida, could you please focus on the matter at hand and answer my question?12:30
GryllidaAnother bot... Seems that everybody here makes bots...12:31
Gryllida!how to make a bot12:31
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)12:31
bazhangGryllida, I'll ask again, did you wish to resolve this?12:31
GryllidaAdministrators, I am sorry for this stuff... I am just new here, I am a computer science student...12:31
GryllidaI didn't know that "!" is an operator. This chat was in English up to this point. Some programming languages have operators... I found this one "!" operator and tried it out. Seems that it works when I talk with ubottu privately...12:33
GryllidaOnly English has no operators...12:34
GryllidaAny other operators here?12:34
Gryllidaaa, I see, this is "OPs", "OPeratorS", must be plenty of them. Strange... Maybe "==" is an operator here too? I will test it at ubottu's room...12:35
jribGryllida: why not learn a programming language with your time instead?  At the end you could say, "that was productive, I learned a programming language"  What you are doing now is just wasting your and other's time12:35
GryllidaThis programming language ... I know JS, XML, C++, Visual Basic, XUL, but nothing like "!register" or "!ops" before12:36
GryllidaThis is interesting12:36
jribGryllida: and then you could program an artificial op, and try to troll him.  It would be like playing chess against yourself, you always win12:36
GryllidaArtificial operator? No, there are plenty of them already, "+", "add", "!"... I find using existing languages enough for any purpose12:37
MyrttiGryllida: can you move on?12:38
jribGryllida: anyway *I'm* off to do more productive things, good luck12:38
GryllidaI am turning some things into experiments sometimes...12:38
GryllidaSometimes it's dangerous, but you see I stopped12:39
GryllidaDidn't any new user wonder what ops is in an alike manner? I am pretty surprised.... Anyhow, good for this channel12:40
bazhangseems to be nothing left to discuss then12:40
jussi01the lad in #ubuntu is correct, there is some redirect,  on that page (http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com/ideas_in_preparation/)12:43
GryllidaI've registered my nick and I think that when enabling a new input locale in Ubuntu I will need operators. (I'm telling this because you told me to "feel free to return if you have something that the operators can help with.")12:45
Myrttithe operators as the people with moderator rights?12:45
Gryllidaand yes too12:46
Myrttifeel free to accustomize yourself with the irc lingo12:46
Gryllidabecause I still want to join #ubuntu12:46
Myrttithats what it means here12:46
Gryllidaok I remember12:46
GryllidaI promise to not use a "!" without first asking ubottu what it is.12:47
Gryllidae.g. what the word following ! can trigger12:47
tsimpsonjussi01: seems they don't escape HTML tags, so scripts can be inserted12:48
Gryllidaare there any other dangerous ...symbols I should use with care?12:48
Myrttiok, i give up on this one12:48
Gryllidadid spelling bot also say " !   ... ops " ?12:49
Gryllidai am curious to know what the bot was like12:49
* Mamarok is wondering if this is ever going anywhere...12:50
bazhanganyone know the brainstorm channel? I am getting nothing from alis12:50
Tm_TGryllida: we are not discussing about that here, only if you are willing to discuss about the (reason of the) ban honestly12:50
Gryllidacan you un-ban me?12:51
Tm_TGryllida: not until we have discussed the issue honestly12:51
GryllidaI am doing it for the last ... about hour12:52
Tm_Tno, you haven't12:52
GryllidaI had12:52
GryllidaNo? Why do you think so?12:52
bazhangthe nick was wre then morphed to spelling bot12:53
Gryllidaask a question12:53
Gryllidai'll answer honestly12:53
bazhangsame exact IP address12:53
Gryllidaaa... you want me to ask bob greenwill where his spelling bot is, right?12:53
Tm_TGryllida: oh come on12:54
Gryllidai already asked him... he said he imitated it, e.g. did many copy and paste operations...12:54
Gryllidadid the bot output similar lines?12:54
Gryllidai think there should have been some irregularity in the bot's work... didn't you guess that it was a human?12:55
Tm_TGryllida: doesn't matter12:56
Tm_TGryllida: I see this issue cannot be dealt this time, please come back no sooner than 24 hours AND with honest attitude, thanks12:57
Tm_TGryllida: please leave now12:58
Tm_Tbah, was just about to do that13:03
Myrttiwhat is indus up to?13:04
bazhang<spellingbot> rww, my home page is http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/English_spelling13:07
GryllidaI am polite here. The impolite thing was the "! ops" line (now I write it with a space). Other were just fine... please un-ban me13:07
bazhanghe was trolling quite a bit earlier as the user 'wre'13:07
Gryllidaaa, I went away, you started to discuss the bot13:07
Gryllidacome along ;)13:07
bazhangGryllida, it's not been 24 hours13:08
Gryllidawell, you banned it, it just couldn't13:08
Gryllidathe bot couldn't operate for 24 hours since you banned it13:08
Gryllidano surprise13:08
Gryllidadid it give the line " my home page is http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/English_spelling" many times ?13:09
Gryllidawait, is that channel #ubuntu logged anywhere?13:09
GryllidaI just am curious to read it somewhen13:09
ubottuOfficial channel logs can be found at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ - For LoCo channels, http://logs.ubuntu-eu.org/freenode/13:10
GryllidaI wasn't smart enough to ask ubottu about logs. Seems that I will try to find ubottu's dictionary index sometime. Thank you. I am visiting the links.13:11
GryllidaMaybe I will see that channel in read-only mode now ;)13:12
jpdsGryllida: With an hour-delay, sure.13:12
GryllidaNo. Don't you see it's a human? First ikonia asked him, then rww, but he responded to rww first . February 17, [12:18]13:14
Gryllida"No" is expression of my surpeise13:14
Gryllidanow the Q is how I don't let Bob find my chatzilla in future...13:15
bazhangGryllida, your ban won't be lifted until there is some resolution to this. The best way to go forward is to come back in 24 hours with a more honest and open attitude13:15
Gryllidathis was because I forgot to log off. Bob plays many games and this was just another one.13:16
bazhangGryllida, there won't be a debate on the logs.13:16
GryllidaDon't worry, I will come back in a week after I install Ubuntu. Then I think Bob will talk with you about it.13:18
GryllidaThanks for letting me look at the "bot". It is a human. While it is me here, it is nothing dangerous ;)13:18
PiciOkay then.13:18
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (repeated abuse from jackbrown)13:33
niko if (tree.dataDescriptor.hasChildren(e.itemRenderer.data))13:38
niko   {13:38
nikooups, sorry13:38
* topyli steals niko's code13:39
ikoniafyi Gryllida wasn't actually as bot, it was someone pretending to be a bot13:50
indus1 question,how do you people assign work among yourselves for 1 day, for example, 1 op cannot do it all day13:51
ikoniait's just self managed13:52
ikoniayup, quite easy with people split across time zones13:53
ikoniaand a bit of self managment13:53
indusok,so when selecting the ops,they keep this in mind ?13:53
ikoniatime zone, sure13:54
Myrttimore or less13:54
indusso how many countries are all of you from13:54
indusany op from india?13:54
ikoniamany, across the world13:54
ikoniadon't know13:54
ikoniabut that time zone is certainly covered13:54
indusyou not in contact with all the other ops?13:54
Myrttithe india timezone is taken care of by overlap of eastern asia/australia and europe13:55
ikoniayes, but can't remember where everyone is from all the time13:55
indusyou surely must have meetings regularlt no?13:55
ikoniayes there are meetings13:55
ikoniaI can't think of anyone from indian specifically13:55
indusok thanks , had few more questions but forgot now13:57
indusaha got 113:57
ikoniago on13:57
indusi have noticed , the ops rarely return your greetings, is that an irc thing?13:57
indushonest question that one13:57
ikoniaerrrrr people normally say "i"13:57
jussi01indus: return your greetings?13:57
indusi may not know you personally, but i see all of you often in #ubuntu and do say hi once in a while but never comes back13:58
induswhy is it13:58
ikoniaindus: saying "hi" back in ubuntu would be 1400 users,13:58
jussi01channel scroll13:58
induslegit way to reduce chatter?13:58
ikoniaindus: if you say "hi" in ubuntu normally few people say hi back, not just ops13:59
jussi01indus: if you say hi in #ubuntu-offtopic you michgt get a better response13:59
indusmaybe you missed the point13:59
indusi rephrase the question, is saying hi discouraged and you suggest users directly start with their questions?14:00
jussi01indus: users are free to say hi when they enter, but we dont encourage it14:00
Tm_TI'd say not discouraged but not also mandatory14:01
jussi01what he said ^^14:01
indusjussi01, also, iam not quite sure why you told me i might get a better response in off topic14:01
Myrttiindus: for saying "hi"? because it's the chat channel, not support channel, and with less people14:01
jussi01indus: if you want people to greet you, say hi in -offtopic, more people are likely to chatter...14:02
indusseems like i hit a brick wall in here14:03
jussi01indus: ?14:03
indusnvm , see you around14:03
elkythose two characters pretty much encapsulate discussions with indus, in my experience.14:05
elkythough i usually go for the third, just for balance.14:06
geniiOops forgot to /away15:21
MenZaI forget that too often.15:23
* genii sneaks MenZa another coffee from /away-land15:26
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Myrttipersia: mind doing a +b *!*@unaffiliated/eagles0513875$##fix_your_connection in -motu15:36
Myrttithanks jpds15:36
Myrttithat bouncing hurt me eyes15:36
persiaMyrtti: Apparently I can't.  I discovered about 15 hours ago that I'm not an op on -motu as previously thought :(15:36
persiaI expect this to be resolved at some point, but ... :)15:37
persiaThanks jpkds15:38
Mamarokoff to work, later15:40
eagles0513875hey guys can i get unbanned from kubuntu ubuntu+1 and ubuntu-motu. i honestly dont know what was happening with my connection but it seems everythign is fine now15:41
Picieagles0513875: sure15:42
eagles0513875thanks Pici honestly dont know what happened. just let me know when the ban has been lifted15:42
Picieagles0513875: you're all set.15:43
eagles0513875thanks Pici and sry about that15:43
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ardchoilleI think andreas_ in #ubuntu is a bot, not being very productive and not responding to pleas to be so16:34
* MenZa ponders /arbn andreas_ hurr durr ban hurrrr16:45
MenZaPici: Are you talking to him, or should I open up a /query?16:46
PiciMenZa: I'm juggling a few different things right now, you can talk to him if you wish.16:47
MenZaPici: Gone now - should I add a forward here?16:47
MenZaDo we have auto_bleh for seven yet?16:50
* MenZa runs off for lunch.16:54
PiciMenZa: are you in my timezone now?16:58
Myrttihe's clearly drifting again17:02
bazhangdarthanubis telling user to just google it in #kubuntu17:11
jpdsbazhang: He should be telling them to upgrade to GNOME.17:12
bazhanghe's banned in #ubuntu for that behaviour btw17:12
MenZaPici: Perhaps, perhaps.17:30
bazhangsomeone want to step in on #kubuntu ? darthanubis has pretty much alienated everyone17:38
PiciI just got back to my desk and I'm thinking the same thing.17:46
hcooki was in #ubuntu a few minutes ago and tried to inform someone of the spanish channel, and freenode banned my ip instantly for "spamming"17:48
hcooki'm now on a different computer/ip and using my other nick...just wondering if someone can unban me since i really wasn't spamming17:48
jussi01hcook: you need to talk to freenode about that17:48
ubottuIn ubottu, ChanServ said: [#xubuntu] This channel is officially logged at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/17:48
hcookjussi01: how do i go about that?17:49
jussi01hcook: join #freenode17:49
hcookbut also, you guys should probably look into why freenode thinks that "17:49
jussi01hcook: we are looking into it17:49
hcooklook at 17:38 gmt you can see my other nick (yaaar) just doing "!es | Sifrega"17:49
hcookjussi01: ok, thanks. i'll get with freenode on the ban. just wanted to let yo uknow17:50
Dominianhcook: what nick were you suign when it happened?17:50
* Dominian just got here17:50
Dominianhcook: ping17:51
Dominianjussi01: thanks for the ping,, I think we got it sorted now17:55
jussi01Dominian: great . :)17:55
PiciDominian: Thanks17:55
Dominiansorry for the issues guys.. man18:00
Dominianwhat a nightmare18:00
bazhangthe bot will need to email klines@18:00
jussi01Dominian: hows that kline situation?19:18
Dominianjussi01: er.. it was fixed a while ago19:18
Dominianat least within minutes of it occurring19:18
jussi01Dominian: great, just wanted to make sure :D19:18
Dominianno worries :019:19
ubottuAscy_Vamal called the ops in #ubuntu-women ()20:06
jussi01have we a nice shiny new auto_Bleh yet?21:32
GryllidaHaallo. Why can't I send to channel #ubuntu ?22:34
GryllidaIt says "#ubuntu  #ubuntu-ops  Forwarding to another channel" and "#ubuntu  Cannot send to channel". Help!22:39
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)22:42
GryllidaWhy can't I send to channel #ubuntu ?22:42
elkyThe same reason you couldn't last night.22:42
GryllidaI removed the bot several hour ago.22:42
Gryllidathe "bot" who was a human22:43
GryllidaHe  is now very far22:43
elkyAha, so you did know what the problem was.22:43
GryllidaSo I told you.22:43
elkyNo, you tried to claim you didn't know22:43
GryllidaI am not going to tell about how I removed it, you will laugh so that you'll be unable to type anything... Then you will not be able to un-ban me. No, making you laugh that lot is not what I am going to do.22:45
elkyjussi01, still around?22:45
elkyi need to go to work, you'll have to wait for someone else22:46
GryllidaIs an un-ban so long?22:46
GryllidaHi! Please open me the door to #ubuntu !22:59
ikoniahello Gryllida23:00
ikoniaGryllida: can you explain to me why someone was pretending to be a bot using your computer and xchat client ?23:00
ikoniaseeing as I was the one who placed the abn23:00
GryllidaSorry, what is "abn"?23:00
GryllidaWell, I don't think you will believe me.23:01
jpdsikonia: No, they were using chatzilla.23:01
GryllidaI am using it now too.23:01
GryllidaThe problem that I told the right things here yesterday but they didn't believe me.23:02
ikoniaahh chatzilla sorry23:02
ikoniamy notes said xchat, the ban was chatzilla though on firefox23:02
ikoniaGryllida: can you explain why on multiple occasions someone has pretended to be a bot using your PC23:02
GryllidaBecause my friends had a party. They were the people whom I didn't see for several years. They were here about 2 weeks. Several hours ago they departed...23:03
GryllidaWe had a party at my home23:03
GryllidaI almost always logged off23:04
ikoniaGryllida: ok - that's nonsense23:04
GryllidaBut when I didn't Bob did some strange things23:04
GryllidaYou're calling my friend nonsense!23:04
GryllidaYou offend me!23:04
ikoniaGryllida: you where logged on as one nick, and kicked for your attitude, and you came back as "spelling_bot" 2 minutes later23:04
GryllidaYou think bad of him since he looked like a bot.23:04
GryllidaThat was Bob. I'm sure it was him.23:05
ikoniaso are you trying to suggest that you where using IRC in the middle of a party, got kicked, then 2 minutes later, someone else - without your knowledge logged to you computer and pretneded to be a bot23:05
GryllidaNow he is far away.23:05
GryllidaBob was using it on Feb 1723:05
ikoniaall day ?23:05
ikoniaI thought it was at a party ?23:05
GryllidaThe party was in one room... The computer was upstairs.23:06
ikoniaall day ?23:06
GryllidaBob went upstairs... I didn't see that he disappeared.23:06
GryllidaYes, all day.23:06
ikoniayou do know your real name on the irc client is "bob"23:06
ikoniaeg: you are bob23:06
GryllidaGryllida is me, my registered nick23:07
ikoniayet your client real name is "Bob"23:07
GryllidaMaybe he set it to "Bob", wait I will look23:07
Tm_Tikonia: not to mention he did use bobgreenwill nick today23:08
Tm_Terr, yesterday23:08
GryllidaYes, not surprising.23:08
GryllidaI would not know anything about Bob's activity if he didn't leave the "Bob Greenwill" name in my chatzilla.23:09
ikoniaTm_T: yes,23:09
ikoniaI was getting to that23:09
ikoniaand the q0k nick name as well as wre23:09
ikoniaGryllida: the fact is I personally think you are not telling the truth.23:10
GryllidaBob could have used 100 names that day, I would not be surprised.23:10
ikoniaeither that or you are not really in control of your computer23:10
ikoniaGryllida: was bob using the PC on the 10th of Feb to ?23:10
GryllidaThe second one.23:10
GryllidaYes... But I think that wasn't so long.23:10
ikoniaGryllida: ok, while you're not in control of your computer I can't remove the ban23:10
ikoniaooh, so that was bob to on the 10th23:10
GryllidaWell, I just forgot to log off two times...23:10
ikoniaok, well I don't think we can remove the ban as Bob may come back23:10
GryllidaBob noticed this23:11
GryllidaBob can't23:11
GryllidaHe is in another country23:11
ikoniaI don't want to chance it23:11
ubottuSpaceGhostC2C called the ops in #ubuntu (zeal0t)23:11
ubottugoose called the ops in #ubuntu (zeal0t is a spam hammer)23:11
GryllidaBob can't! Otherwise than from his ip23:11
Gryllidaikonia, do you see?23:11
ikoniaGryllida: I do see, but I don't believe you23:12
Tm_Tburmas: hi how can we help you?23:12
ikoniathat's my personal opinion, so I won't be removing the ban23:12
GryllidaWell, I saw that "bot"... Typical human23:13
Gryllidanot a "bot"23:13
jribwelcome back Gryllida23:13
GryllidaYou seem to think that I am Bob Greenwill23:13
GryllidaHang on, I will type my real name in now23:14
ikoniaGryllida: I've made the position quite clear23:14
ikoniaGryllida: I don't believe what you're saying based on what I've seen, so I won't be removing the ban at this time23:14
Gryllidaikonia>Tell me where you don't believe me23:15
ikoniain every line you've said23:15
Gryllidaikonia, I don't see any contradictions23:15
Gryllidaikonia, I don't see why we are doing all this... Just because I forgot to log off two times23:15
ikoniaI didn't say contradictions, I said I don't believe what you are typing23:15
Gryllidaikonia, why don'23:15
Gryllidatt you believe?23:16
ikoniabecause you've been other nicknames last night when you said it was bob23:16
ikoniabecause you've done this before - and it's been "bob"23:16
GryllidaLast night I was Gryllida23:16
Gryllidaat 10:00 AM UTC Bob was gone yesterday23:17
Gryllidamaybe I appeared as bobgreenwill since I didn't see that this name was left in my chatzilla23:17
ikoniaok - my personal opinion, I don't believe you23:17
ikoniaso I'm not removing the bob23:17
ikoniathe ban23:17
ikoniathat's my stance23:18
GryllidaI said yesterday: if you see that bot there again, e-mail me and I will delete my add-ons for Firefox.23:18
ikoniaI'm not changing it at this time, another operator can remove it if they have more confidence23:18
Gryllidaikonia>Ii's night in the USA23:18
ikoniait wasn't a bot23:18
ikoniait was a person pretending to be a bot23:18
Gryllidaikonia, I need support at that channel now...23:18
ikoniathen you should either a.) stop telling lies b.) take better control of securing your computer23:19
Gryllidab) is fine23:19
GryllidaI did change it...23:19
GryllidaI set some more secure settings about users here23:19
ikoniawell, bob still had access after you came in here last night, so you've failed23:19
ikonialook - I don't believe you23:19
GryllidaUTC time, please23:19
ikoniaI'm not removing the ban, so I'm going to stop discussing it now.23:19
GryllidaPlease not!23:20
GryllidaWhen did you see "bob"?23:20
Gryllidabob still had access after you came in here last night - I am sure that it was not true23:20
GryllidaUTC time, please23:21
Gryllidaahh, are you there?23:21
Gryllidaikonia, I did give many details about me, can you please just give me the time?23:21
mneptok04:17 -!- BobGreenwill [~chatzilla@] has joined #ubuntu-ops23:21
mneptok04:18 -!- Gryllida [~chatzilla@] has joined #ubuntu-ops23:21
mneptok04:19 -!- BobGreenwill [~chatzilla@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]23:21
jpds"b) is fine" ← is a) is.... not fine?23:22
mneptokyou *and* "Bob" /joined this channel within seconds of each other23:22
GryllidaThis is because when I started Chatzilla there was his nickname23:22
mneptokso either Bob is using your computer without your knowledge, and is invisible and takes up no physical space, or you are lying.23:22
GryllidaThen I went to #ubuntu23:22
GryllidaThen I changed the nickname23:22
mneptokummm ...23:22
mneptokyou *AND* Bob joined *at the same time*23:23
Gryllidawait, I will change nickname now, let's look at what it will look like23:23
=== Gryllida is now known as Gryllida1
Gryllida1Well, where is the "Gryllida quit" message?23:23
Gryllida1Is this channel in another mode now?23:24
mneptokbefore you tell lies, you might want to have a better understanding of the technology you are lying about.23:24
ikoniano - you're telling lies23:24
ikoniaGryllida1: leave the channel and come back when you want to tell the truth23:24
Gryllida1This is what I did: changed tha name as soon as I saw it23:24
ikoniaGryllida1: you're ban will not be removed at this time as I told you.23:25
Gryllida1Now we are going to reproduce the effect with changing nickname23:25
ikonianothing is going to happen23:25
Gryllida1the problem is that I don't see a "Gryllida quit" message yet23:25
ikoniaplease leave the channel and come back wnen you are prepared to tell the truth then we can remove the ban23:26
Gryllida1please tell which channel Ishould use to experiment23:26
Gryllida1with changing nickname23:26
=== Gryllida1 is now known as Gryllida
ikoniathats nothing to do with us23:26
ikoniaplease leave the channel and come back when you want to tell the truth23:26
jpdsI'd let him back into #ubuntu.23:27
=== Gryllida is now known as bob_greenwil
=== bob_greenwil is now known as Gryllida
GryllidaPlease set this channel to a mode so that quits are displayed23:28
jpdsThey... always are?23:28
GryllidaI changed my name... oldname should have quit23:28
jpdsErr, no.23:28
ikoniaGryllida: stop23:29
ikoniaGryllida: stop23:29
ikoniaBobgreenwill: stop using this channel for testing23:29
Bobgreenwillwhat channel to test on?23:29
Bobgreenwillaa, I know23:29
BobgreenwillI will open another one23:29
ikoniaBobgreenwill: well, you're real name changed23:29
ikoniathat means you're using two different client23:29
jpdsikonia: I'd let him back in, just to see what he does.23:30
ikonianah, I don't think it's too much to tell the truth23:30
ikoniaeveryone makes silly mistakes, I'd have no problem unbanning him from that23:30
ikoniathis pathetic messing around isn't very popular23:31
ikoniabed time23:31
=== Guest8326 is now known as Gryllida
GryllidaHello. You wondered about the name change I had: first Bob in, then Gryllida in, then Bob out. Right?23:57

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