uvirtbotNew bug: #523538 in postfix (main) "package postfix (not installed) failed to install/upgrade: subprocess new pre-installation script returned error exit status 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52353800:01
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ivokskirkland: thank you! :D00:15
kirklandivoks: no problem00:15
kirklandivoks: on your bash patch00:15
kirklandivoks: i recommend fixing the bashism00:15
kirklandivoks: rather than using /bin/bash ;-)00:15
kirklandivoks: but not a blocker00:15
ivokskirkland: i'll do that once it is in main00:15
ivoksor universe00:15
ivoksi just need features in before FF00:16
ivoksthat's it from me for today, see you tomorrow00:27
RoAkSoAxkirkland, how can I see all the VM's created using virt-manager with virsh?00:35
kirklandRoAkSoAx: virsh list ?00:36
RoAkSoAxkirkland, yeah I do that but does not work00:36
RoAkSoAxi mean00:36
RoAkSoAxdoes not list anything00:36
kirklandRoAkSoAx: sudo virsh list ?00:36
RoAkSoAxkirkland, not even sudoing00:36
RoAkSoAxthat's why I ask :)00:37
kirklandRoAkSoAx: sorry, i don't know00:38
kirklandRoAkSoAx: you might ask in #virt on irc.oftc.net00:38
RoAkSoAxkirkland, ok will do... thanks :)00:39
RoAkSoAxkirkland, btw.. I did create /patch/to/xml/file, which is the xml file that was created by virt-manager and now it is showed00:48
RoAkSoAxi guess there's a but there00:48
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Roxyhart0hi there i am blackilist frequenly (my server is NAT) and i got few users at the moment. there are any change that my server got virus?01:03
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Roxyhart0hi, how i can run a C program, i mean program.C?02:01
InsyteRoxyhart0: It needs to be compiled.02:03
InsyteRoxyhart0: At its simplest, that's done by running 'gcc -o program program.c'02:03
InsyteBut that assumes a lot about how the program was written.02:04
InsyteIt can be quite a bit more complex.02:04
twbIf I had to describe how most programs are written, it would be "badly"02:06
InsyteOr "drunkenly"02:06
cefAny libvirt people: Does libvirt have an upstart script in Lucid?02:16
cef(as apposed to karmic)02:16
twbcef: apt-file should tell you02:23
twboooh, libvirt-bin no longer depends on crappy ol' hal02:25
ceftwb: I'm currently using karmic, which is why I'm asking.. trying to decide if I upgrade this kvm host to lucid and work on a bridging issue (see https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/495394 )02:27
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 495394 in libvirt "autostart almost always fails on boot time host" [Medium,Confirmed]02:27
twbcef: you can get the file list from packages.u.c, too02:27
ceftwb: arggg.. for whatever reason when I looked at that yesterday, I missed the 'list of files' bit. *sigh*02:46
twbcef: np02:47
cefhrm.. now, do I upgrade this machine to lucid? hrmmmm02:47
twbubottu: karmic->lucid02:48
twbCrappy bot02:48
cefit's not running production or anything02:48
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/upgrading02:48
cefoh I know how to upgrade. :P02:48
cefonly upgraded to karmic on this box a week ago. ;)02:48
twbIf your way involve dist-upgrade, that's not the official way02:49
twbBut I can't remember what the "right" way in Ubuntu is, since it's some damn silly separate tool02:49
cefnup, using do-release-upgrade, after installing update-manager-core02:49
twbAh, sorry, I misread you "do I upgrade" as "how do I upgrade"02:49
cef<-- no desktop install on said box02:50
cefnot enough coffee eh?02:50
twbcef: I'm still absorbing it02:50
cefhrm, upgrade I guess and then time to seriously learn about upstart02:52
JanCdist-upgrade works fine too, if you're prepared to do all the work that do-release-upgrade does by hand  ;)02:57
twbJanC: but how do you know what that work is?02:58
twbDo you RTFS of update-manager?02:58
ja660khey, can someone give a guide as how to a printer and cups??02:58
ja660kset up a printer*02:58
twbja660k: have you already tried the ubuntu-serverguide?02:58
ja660ki dont think so02:59
JanCtwb: I've used it (through aptitude or synaptic) when the official way didn't work (on a system that had lots of non-official packages etc.)02:59
JanCjust check what it wants to do, and if you don't like it, try to find why it's doing it, add/remove offending packges, repeat  ;)03:00
twbHow do you check what it wants to do?  Or by "it" do you mean aptitude?03:01
JanCbut if possible I use the recommended way too of course03:01
* twb installs update-manager-core in a pbuilder chroot03:01
JanCtwb: when you use it interactively it shows what will be removed etc.03:01
JanCand yes I mean aptitude/synaptic/...03:01
JanCafter I saw the official way tried to remove half of what I used  ;-)03:02
JanCworst example of that was on a desktop anyway03:02
twbJanC: I'm perfectly happy to full-upgrade by hand, since that's what I've been doing since Woody.  But I want to upgrade documentation to tell me what the transition edge cases are, instead of just saying "use this wizard and hope it all works"03:02
JanCthey can't document all edge cases, as they don't know what unofficial packages you have03:03
ja660kis there anything i need to enable in order to use ssh tunneling to my server as socks5 host?03:03
JanCand nobody can test all combinations of official packages either03:03
twbJanC: I mean I want them to document known edge cases -- i.e. I want the Debian upgrade process, not the hand-holdy Ubuntu desktop upgrade process.03:04
JanCtwb: I agree documenting what update-manager does would be useful03:04
JanCeven if it were only on soem wiki page03:04
twbIf nothing else, there should be an update-manager-core --dry-run --verbose03:04
twbIt looks like the only thing there is "-s, --sandbox         Test upgrade with a sandbox aufs overlay"03:07
JanCtwb: the GUI version shows you what it's going to do before actually doing it, so shouldn't be too difficult to implement?03:07
twbThere's a --proposed, but it looks like it doesn't DTRT03:07
twbJanC: NFI.03:07
JanCit shows what new packages will be installed, what packages will be removed, what packages will be upgraded03:09
JanCif on a GNOME desktop it wants to remove all of GNOME, you know it's time to do amanual upgrade  ;)03:10
JanCsame should be possible on the CLI-version for servers IMHO03:11
cefbtw: 'do-release-upgrade' does that as well03:11
cefno idea if it has other options (eg: show what will be done, etc)03:12
twbWell, let's try it in a scratch hardy chroot03:12
twbThe lucid chroot failed because, obviously, there wasn't anything to upgrade to :-)03:12
ceftwb: heh.. I'm actually about to upgrade this karmic host to lucid, so I guess I'll find out soon enough03:13
geniiI am looking at Intel fibre network cards... would anyone know about Pro/1000 XF (pci-x) or the Pro/1000 PF (pci-e)  ? I have boards with both these ports03:15
twbLooks like update-manager needs an internet connection, too -- you can't just give it a lucid debmirror.03:18
twbThat means I can't use it on my secure sites, at least.03:18
ceftwb: doh!03:19
twbHaha, and a ^C causes the app to backtrace instead of exiting cleanly03:19
twbCrappy python crap03:19
twbAnd the prompt says "Continue [yN]", but just hitting enter isn't the same as N03:20
Roxyhart0 HI I am getting error to join the domain and do wbinfo:  http://pastebin.com/dbf34dcb any idea?03:20
twbIt's also interesting on Hardy, it seems to assume that I'm doing LTS -> LTS, because unless I supply --devel-release, it claims there's no release after hardy.03:21
cefwill just scp my vm guests to a backup machine before I upgrade this vm host to lucid methinks ;)03:23
twbHaha, ^C-ing do-release-upgrade leaves sources.list in a fucked-up state.03:24
twbI can't work out why, but even if I restore sources.list and aptitude update, it still can't see packages from hardy.  I was gonna install man(1) so I could read the do-update-manager manpage.03:27
ceftwb: it's a python script btw03:27
twbWhich is a waste of time, because it has no manpage.  Fucking idiots...03:27
cefyeah, no man page in karmic either03:29
twbIf this was Debian, that would be a policy violation.03:29
cefhrm, looks like libvirt 0.7.6 might solve the bridge not being up issue, or at least, without fscking with upstart scripts.. hrmm oh well.03:34
twbcef: ow ow ow ow ow -- guess what else it does.03:37
twbcef: it ignores your local, unmetere, FAST mirror and always uses archive.ubuntu.com03:37
ceftwb: that iis fixed in jaunty+ at least03:38
cefit used my approxx mirror03:38
twbcef: hmm, do you have that in /etc/apt/sources.list, or in a sources.list.d/foo file?03:38
twbMaybe it doesn't understand the former03:38
twbOh well.03:39
cefI think it didn't use it prior to jaunty03:39
twbCertainly looks like update-manager-core is waaay too flaky for me to use for LTS->LTS upgrade03:40
cefthey should backport a later version back to hardy before lucid ships, at any rate03:45
twbWell, I don't turn on backports for production servers.03:46
twbBecause new versions = new bugs03:46
Roxyhart0twb do you have any ide about my problem?  http://pastebin.com/dbf34dcb any idea?03:47
twbIt's not like a server needs a stupidly new firefox 3.5 :-)03:47
cefno as in backport the script into main - as in traditional meaning of backport, rather than a repo meaning03:47
twbcef: oh, right03:48
ehndeis there a way to block port scanners from my server?03:55
twbehnde: unplug it03:55
ehndeand...just saw an entry in my apache access.log coming from something trying to find an zencart vulnerability :|03:56
cefehnde: you can use an iptables firewall, but it won't block someone who hits the right port03:57
twbcef: depends if you mean xtables -m dscan03:57
ceftwb: yeah, but if it's a public webserver on port 80.. welll03:57
twbehnde: such a log entry isn't generated by port scanning.03:57
ehndetwo different episodes twb03:57
Roxyhart0hi just a question can you read that because i think i am invisible?03:58
twbcef: if you're having iptables *detect port scanning*, you can use that to selectively blacklist access from that IP -- including access to the otherwise open port 8003:58
cefRoxyhart0: you're not invisible.. I just don't know the answer to your question, sorry!03:58
ceftwb: yeqah, assuming they hit a different port first. but yes, I agree, that would work03:58
twbSorry, it's -m psd, not -m dscan03:59
twbI don't know how reliable it is; I've never deployed it.03:59
twbFrom the manpage, I get the impression that psd will only detect sequential probing of a large port range.04:00
twbSo e.g. a typical port knocker won't inadvertently trip it04:00
Roxyhart0nad sombody know how i can install a package which is .tar i got samba 3.4.5 package in tar format04:02
lifelessthats not a package for ubuntu04:03
lifelessits either a bsd package (can't use) or its a source tarball (need to package it up)04:03
twblifeless: what isn't?04:04
ehndeAddress maps to asus.bmstu.ru, but this does not map back to the address - POSSIBLE BREAK-IN ATTEMPT!04:04
MTecknologywhat's the tool that shows me a pretty graph of where my network usage is going?04:04
ehndei'd love to somehow blacklist stuff like that04:04
twbMTecknology: rrdtool?  Munin?  Cacti?04:04
lifelesstwb: what Roxyhart0, the personal that asked the question, is asking about.04:04
Roxyhart0i just download it from ubuntu04:04
twblifeless: oh, sorry, I have /ignored Roxyhart0.04:04
MTecknologytwb: nope, is was a pretty little cli tool, showed source/dest/usage04:04
Roxyhart0yes so i am invisible for you04:04
twbMTecknology: by "cli" do you mean it emits an image file, or do you mean it's an interactive ncurses UI?04:05
Roxyhart0sorry i just download this package because i have a bug and the guys from ubuntu-log told me i should instal samba 3.4.5 but i dont know how to do it. I just download form whe webpage a tar file. any idea ?04:06
MTecknologytwb: ncurses04:06
twbMTecknology: I got no idea.04:06
MTecknologytwb: any ideas what the cause would be?04:10
MTecknologytwb: any ideas what that tool is called? I just forgot the name ***04:11
twbMTecknology: nope, sorry04:11
MTecknologytwb: I remember exactly what it looks like; but for the life of me, I can't remember the name04:12
twbMTecknology: try feeding debtags and keywords into aptitude's filter.04:12
twbaptitude search ~dgraph~dtraffic~Gcurses or so04:12
MTecknologygah.. I used this last time to find who was doing a dos attack on my system...04:16
twbI hope that j doesn't designate java04:19
MTecknologyis it possible to limit use of a port based on IP?04:31
twbAnybody seen this failure before?  I'm trying to install syslinux in a lucid chroot.  http://pastebin.com/f1ade18c04:32
twbHmm, maybe it's whatever live-helper is doing AFTER syslinux is installed?04:34
Roxyhart0him one question the first time when i was setting samba wbinfo -u was working but i uninstall winbind and install again and it does work any more. maybe i miss some package?05:20
cefok, upgrading this karmic box to lucid. wish me luck!05:34
leniosgood luck!05:59
cefhrm, no workie. couldn't configure pre-depend for libplymouth2 for mountall06:05
uvirtbotNew bug: #523621 in squid (main) "squid_2.7.STABLE7-1ubuntu5 fails to install with " Unknown job: squid" error " [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52362106:06
twbThe lucid images I'm building switch to an 80x30 framebuffer when booting.  This breaks qemu -curses -- how do I turn it off?06:15
twbIf I try vga=normal, the kernel segfaults.06:16
cefhrm, another bug to follow for me: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mountall/+bug/51401206:24
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 514012 in mountall "cyclic dependency between mountall and libplymouth" [Undecided,New]06:24
twb"[   18.699679] Console: switching to colour frame buffer device 80x30"06:30
kaushalis there a way to download only particular repositoties06:44
ceftwb: btw: known alpha2 bug is that it leaves the fb device up after a boot, and you need to switch the VT *sigh*06:45
twbcef: that's a different issue06:46
cefahh ok.. thought it might be related06:46
twbI don't have X, I don't have ubuntu-minimal, I don't even have a root filesystem06:46
cefit happens on server specifically btw06:46
twbI boot a kernel and a ramdisk, and *even when I tell it not to*, it loads vga16fb06:46
twbThis is with the -generic kernel06:46
twbLemme pastebin for you06:47
cefyeah afaik it's not specific to -server kernel.. it's something to do with the initrd.img I think06:47
twbThey might be related errors, but I'm not convinced it's the same error06:48
cefBug #506297 (from Known Issues @ http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/lucid/alpha2 fwiw)06:49
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 506297 in plymouth "Graphical Ubuntu logo enabled on servers, no more login prompt" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/50629706:49
cefactually that might be another thing I saw.. something about lucid images not booting in kvm .. or was it UEC? hrm06:53
twbAlso, WTF is the point of making a swap partition IN RAM?06:56
twbsed 1d /proc/swaps ==> /dev/ramzswap0 partition 29632 0 10006:56
twbcef: I just checked, and sending ctrl-alt-f1 to the screen after vga16fb is loaded doesn't help -- as expected, it's enabling the framebuffer on all ttys07:01
ceftwb: ugh07:01
twbIt wouldn't normally matter, because you're looking at an analogue signal anyway07:01
twbBut because I'm in qemu, I can get 80x25 console visible as text, which you can just copy/paste.  That's not the case for vga/vesa framebuffers07:02
cefok, I'm off home.. have fun ppl!07:04
twbSo now I try to reproduce this with a Debian kernel, so I can report it to them instead of using launchpad...07:05
Roxyhart0hi guys i got saba 3.4.5 and i want to install on ubuntu 9.10 somebody know how to do that?07:22
ivoksttx: morning07:30
ttxivoks: yo07:30
ivoksttx: could you sponsor two of my packages?07:31
ttxivoks: shoot07:32
ivoksttx: https://edge.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-ha/+archive/lucid-cluster07:32
ivokscorosync and openais07:32
Roxyhart0hi guys please help how i can install samba 3.4.5 in ubuntu07:42
twbFuck, this problem is Ubuntu-specific07:42
twbSo now I have to fight apport and/or malone's mail gateway07:42
Roxyhart0twb what mean you "Fuck"?07:43
Roxyhart0i am a lady please respect!07:45
ttxivoks: for corosync, quilt is no longer needed, you prefer to keep it in ?07:47
ivoksyes, keep it, so that we don't add diff to debian07:47
ivoksthis is something that should be fixed there07:47
ttxyou removed the last patch :)07:48
ivoksi added quilt07:48
twbHey, guess what else is retarded?07:48
ttxok, removing07:48
ivoksi woke up 20 minutes ago..07:48
twbpostinst scripts that call start(8) instead of invoke-rc.d(8), and thus IGNORE POLICY-RC.D07:48
BactaAm I allowed to speak in this channel if I don't run Ubuntu as a server?07:53
ballBacta: Hopefully, otherwise I'd be gagged too.07:54
BactaI got a +q in +1 for apparently not running lucid07:54
JanCmost likely it was for asking questions that weren't relevant for lucid07:56
uvirtbotNew bug: #523646 in samba (main) "missing changelog on changelogs.ubuntu.com" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52364607:56
JanCand doing so repeatedly07:56
BactaJanC: I didn't say or do anything :P An op there hated me, found out what distro I was using and banned me07:56
BactaThen felt bad and made it a +q ;)07:56
* ttx uploads 2 minutes before EOD westcoast time07:57
ivoksttx: wait... that's it? :)07:58
ttxcorosync done07:59
ivoksit's 10PM on tahiti :)07:59
ttxopenais in progress07:59
ttxI'd have difficulties to prove I'm on tahiti.07:59
twbSigh.  So "apport-cli" apparently sent a bug to ubuntu, but I can't open the URL it gave me without digging out my stupid account details07:59
ttxopenais uploaded08:00
ivoksthank you08:01
ttxivoks: now if you need more you need a Tahitian coredev :)08:01
ttx(or a FFe) :P08:01
ivoksFFe from now on...08:01
ttxyou should at least apply for ha stack upload rights08:01
ivoksi'll apply for core dev08:02
ivoksthis is silly...08:02
ttxit's not as if I tested those better than you did :)08:02
ivoksnow, that's great...08:08
ivoksall that's left now is wait for MIRs to get accepted and then upload new rhcs, ocfs2-tools and lvm and finally demote parts of rhcs :)08:09
baffleivoks: Oh, you've created all the MIRs? :)08:10
baffleOr, well, ttx. :)08:10
ivoksbaffle: turns out, 99% of them weren't needed08:11
ivoksbut don't tell that anyone, cause i'll look stupid08:11
baffleivoks: Is there really a functioning cluster in Karmic? I have it *running* on a set of machines, but it seems a bit.. Off...08:11
baffleivoks: :-)08:11
baffleivoks: (I figure since you have been working with cluster for lucid you might know the state of 9.10)08:11
ivoksbaffle: rhcs isn't really maintained, and pacemaker in karmic was still non working solution08:11
baffleivoks: Hmm, okay.. Because what I have now seems to be a bit hit'n'miss..08:12
ivoksbut lucid should have gfs2, ocfs2, clvmd and lots of other goodies with pacemaker08:12
baffleivoks: It seems to be using corosync.. But it takes many minutes to get it to actually join the cluster, and on a different setup clvm doesn't work and all.08:13
ivokscorosync is just one part of the story08:13
ivoksboth pacemaker and rhcs use it08:13
ivoksclvm on the other hand, in karmic, is compiled with support only for rhcs208:13
baffleivoks: And it also seems LVM does not fall back to local locking when I've set up cluster locking? Wich is a problem since I have / on a local LVM VG. Wich means servers won't boot, since there is no cluster at initramfs stage.08:14
ivoksthat should all be fixed in lucid08:14
baffleivoks: Great.08:14
ivoksi've seen that bug report of your complains on irc08:15
baffleivoks: Is it working in Lucid now, or are you waiting for the MIRs?08:15
ivoksi'll look into it, once everything is there08:15
ivoksat the moment, i don't consider we have clvm at all :)08:15
baffleivoks: I don't think I ever got aroudn to reporting a proper bug, since I haven't digged enough into it to be 100% sure it isn't PEBKAC.08:15
ivoksbaffle: clvm stuff? not yet... we need to recompile it with support for corosync08:15
baffleivoks: Oh, so clvm doesn't use corosync? What does clvm use in Karmic?08:16
ivoksttx: could you that for me? :)08:16
ivoksttx: i could send you a patch and you would patch this loveley small meaningless package, called lvm08:16
ttx...no :)08:17
ivoksok... i'll ask kees then08:17
ttxkey to survival is to stay away from big predators.08:17
ivoksdepends how you see surviving08:18
ivoksjust staying alive or taking other lives :D08:18
twbMan, I'm confused08:18
twbDid remoras work out how to get on IRC?08:18
ivokswell, see you later08:21
acalvoanyone can recommend an online log viewer for a centralised rsyslog server? (something like splunk but open-source)08:41
twblogwatch if you enjoy writing perl modules or having critical security events silently discarded08:42
acalvoI'll check both options08:42
uvirtbotNew bug: #523665 in update-manager (main) "missing changelog on changelogs.ubuntu.com" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52366509:11
tsimpsonBacta: I remind you to keep channel topics in mind09:13
RoyKhrmf. if I mount an nfs filesystem and the server dies, it seems the client needs to be rebooted after the server comes up. volume is mounted with -o rw,bg,intr,soft09:19
qman__yeah, I have that same problem with my nfs mounts09:21
qman__never really looked into it because the server doesn't go down that often09:23
RoyKdoesn't matter, really. the connection should reopen09:24
RoyKnot just hang09:24
nijabagood morning09:35
sorenjiboumans: 'morning.09:38
jiboumanshey soren, how's life?09:38
sorenjiboumans: Much better now, thanks.09:39
qman__I just ran chkrootkit on all my servers, and on my router it detected dhclient3 and dhcpd3 as packet sniffers09:40
huayraI got an instance with Vanilla Ubuntu Server LTS 8.04 with nothing else than SSH09:40
qman__is this a false positive/normal, or do I have a problem?09:40
huayrais there an easy way to install the LAMP stack?09:40
huayraI had hoped to get it finished out of the box, but I didn't...09:41
qman__huayra, sudo tasksel install lamp09:41
huayraAnyone can point to a how-to or give me the apt-get install list09:41
huayraqman__, you rule!09:41
huayrait gives me some locale failure09:41
huayraperl: warning: Setting locale failed.09:42
huayraperl: warning: Please check that your locale settings:09:42
huayraLANGUAGE = (unset),09:42
huayraLC_ALL = (unset),09:42
huayraLANG = "en_US.UTF-8"09:42
huayra    are supported and installed on your system.09:42
huayraperl: warning: Falling back to the standard locale ("C").09:42
acalvohuayra: pastebin please09:42
qman__huayra, sudo apt-get install language-pack-en (or whichever language you use)09:43
huayrathanks a lot. it was lamp-server09:46
huayrathis community makes me believe!09:46
Cybert1nusI've moved my Ubuntu Server install from one partition to another. I have a seperate /boot partition. I've done this before (with the same install) and then it worked. Now it doesn't. When I boot Grub2 works fine, but during the boot Linux can't find the root filesystem. I've checked the UUID it wants to mount, and it is the correct one. So it looks like my InitRD has lost the RAID drivers or something (I'm running on softraid level 1). Anybody any advi09:48
Cybert1nusbut I checked /proc/modules and the raid1 module gets loaded09:48
henkjanhuayra: sudo locale-gen en_US.UTF-809:49
ivokswould someone sponsor my amavisd-new-postfix thingie?09:49
Cybert1nusI also updated /etc/mdadm/mdadm.conf with the new situation and /etc/fstab too09:50
* ivoks looking for core devs09:51
ivoksanyone? small feature before FF?09:58
ivokshttp://www.init.hr/dev/amavisd-new.debdiff <- it isn't that scary :)09:58
Cybert1nuswhen I run update-grub on a LiveCD (I've mounted my Ubuntu install on it, and chrooted to it) I get the error "Cannot find list of partitions!". I've Googled for this error, but nothing simular to my problem came up, only really old stuff (Ubuntu 6.06 :S). I don't know if it has something to do with my problem?09:59
ivokswhy would you update grub on live cd?09:59
ivoksCD is a read only medium10:00
Cybert1nusI know10:00
ivoksyou can't update anything10:00
Cybert1nusbut I boot a live CD, and then mount my Ubuntu install and update Grub in my Ubuntu install ;)10:00
ivoksyou chroot before you run update grub?10:01
ivoksyou mounted all dirs?10:02
ivoksso, this is how i would do it:10:02
Cybert1nusall my partitions, /dev and /proc10:02
ivokssudo mount /dev/sdXY /mnt10:02
ivokssudo mount -t sysfs /mnt/sys10:02
ivokssudo mount -t proc /mnt/proc10:02
ivokssudo chroot /mnt /bin/bash10:02
ivokssudo update-grub210:02
ivoksi'd also run:10:03
ivokssudo update-initramfs -k all10:03
ivoksand then update-grub10:03
Cybert1nushmm, trying that now ivoks10:06
Cybert1nusI didn't mount sysfs10:07
Cybert1nusand update-initramfs -k all -u I didn't run10:07
Cybert1nusupdated everything, rebooting now :)10:08
Cybert1nusivoks: it didn't work :(, my /root device still can't be found :(10:11
ivoksdoes it drop to the busybox?10:11
acalvojust to know your opinion: I've a bunch of ubuntu server 9.04 running with some services (apache2, openldap, samba, mysql...). I know that maybe it wasn't the best move to install a non-LTS system. My question is, is it worth (and safe) to upgrade to 9.10 and then to the next LTS (10.04 I assume)?10:12
ivoksacalvo: don't10:12
ivokswait for lts10:12
ivoksCybert1nus: and your root is?10:13
acalvoivoks: ok, seems fine. thanks10:13
ivoksCybert1nus: /dev/...?10:13
Cybert1nusivoks: /dev/md310:13
ivoksCybert1nus: and is there /dev/md3?10:13
ivokshow about lsmod10:14
Cybert1nuscommand not found10:14
ivoksdoes it show any modules?10:14
ivokscat /proc/modules10:14
Cybert1nuscat /proc/modules does list modules10:14
Cybert1nusincluding the raid1 module10:14
Cybert1nusany ideas ivoks?10:17
ivoksCybert1nus: you are looking for md_mod module10:17
ivoksand dm_mirror10:18
Cybert1nusproblem found, I would say10:18
Cybert1nuscat /proc/modules | grep md_10:18
Cybert1nusdoesn't return any lines10:18
Cybert1nushow to add those? :)10:19
ivokstry loading it10:19
ivoksmodprobe md_mod10:19
Cybert1nusnow I've got a lot of md* devices in /dev10:20
ivokswait, i have a fire over here10:21
Cybert1nusno /dev/md3, only /dev/md3_0p1 till /dev/md3_0p4 and /dev/md_d310:21
ivoksyou need to rebuild initramfs10:22
ivoksboot into live cd, mount patitions and add md_mod to /etc/modules10:24
Cybert1nusindeed, with md_mod and md_mirro in it10:24
ivoksand update initramfs10:24
Cybert1nusbooting live CD now10:24
Cybert1nusindeed, typo ;)10:24
ivokstake care, got to run10:24
Cybert1nusok, good luck10:24
Cybert1nusthnx for you're help10:25
ichati have strange problem,  i have a raid set of  4x sata 1tb disks,   -  first partition on all 4 drives is a  1gb  /boot parttion  (raid 1)   -  now when i installed  ubuntu server 9.10 grub fails to install,  when i install  ubuntu-alternate-desktop (text only install)  it works fine...10:58
maxagazwhy nmap isn't installed on ubuntu by default, should i use something else ?10:58
sorenmaxagaz: We don't install random utilities like that by default.10:59
maxagazsoren, nmap, a random utility ?11:00
sorenmaxagaz: Yes?11:00
sorenWhy what?11:00
sorenWhy we don't install them by default?11:01
maxagazi mean, what else should I use to check wether a port is opened/filtered/closed ?11:01
sorenIt's the right tool for the job.11:02
sorenThat doesn't mean it should be installed by default, though.11:02
maxagazwhere can I check where does fail2ban put the banned addresses ?11:06
livasoren > id like to understand why it doesn't make sense to have nmap install by default11:07
sorenliva: Becuase it's dead simple to install it when you need it, and there's no need bloating a default install with every little utility that someone finds useful.11:08
maxagazit's in the Chain fail2ban-ssh when checking iptables -L, right ?11:08
livaOk i understand11:08
sorenliva: If we installed every little utility that someone finds useful, the default install would easily grow to 5 GB.11:08
sorenliva: Or 10.11:08
sorenliva: Or more. I don't know. A lot, for sure.11:09
livayep true11:09
livamaxagaz > yes11:10
Roxyhart0Hi i got a NAT and some of the client machines are with virus so my domain is blacklisted frequently. there any way to check the packages and stop when a virus is transfer?11:46
Roxyhart0hi i need to install a antivirus and antisyware for my nat. any diea?12:07
sorenclamav is the antivirus thing in Ubuntu.12:10
Roxyhart0but are not working i got a confiker12:12
sorenAre you using clamav to scan all your traffic?12:15
Roxyhart0yes but doesnt work12:16
Roxyhart0or do i need to config something else on clamav12:16
soren"something else"? What have you done so far?12:16
thafreakMorning server folks...I'm still wondering if anyone can point me to any docs on how to configure CLVM?12:16
Roxyhart0it is checking emails but not sure about traffic about HTTP12:17
sorenDo you know how the virus got in?12:17
sorenWell, if you want to scan HTTP traffic you need a proxy of some sort.12:17
sorenGoogle for squid and clamav, and I'm sure you'll find something useful.12:17
Roxyhart0because i am blacklist (my domain) many times this week and they say is comming for virus, troyan or blabla12:17
sorenNo, /how/ the virus got in. Mail? Web? Something else?12:18
Roxyhart0web apparently or IRC12:18
Roxyhart0i got this one http://mtc.sri.com/Conficker/contrib/plugin.html12:21
kaushalwhile installing ubuntu 8.04 server using net install i get "No root file system is defined" on Dell Poweredge 1950 64 Bit Server12:32
kaushali am using pxe install12:32
kaushalIt says Please correct this from paritioning menu12:33
kaushaland when i click on <Go Back> i dont see that option12:34
kaushalplease suggest12:34
sorenDid you go through the partitioning?12:35
kaushalsoren: i am not able to see that option12:36
kaushalI am using kickstart12:36
kaushalshall i pastebin the ks.cfg file ?12:37
sorenI won't be able to make much sense of it anyway.12:41
sorenkaushal: Does it work if you're not using kickstart?12:41
kaushalsoren: yes12:44
sorenkaushal: Ok, try posting your kickstart file.12:48
sorenGah, /me needs lunch12:48
* soren goes to lunch12:50
kaushalsoren: http://paste.ubuntu.com/379041/12:52
Ford121Hi, I tried to install phpmyadmin from the console but when I goto the URL it downloads a file called download12:54
Ford121Hi, I tried to install phpmyadmin from the console but when I goto the URL it downloads a file called download12:57
Ford121come on, please help13:01
Ford121Hi, I tried to install phpmyadmin from the console but when I goto the URL it downloads a file called download13:05
Ford121come on, please help13:07
blackbearwhere can i find out about a good implimentation of file encryption?13:09
blackbeardo i have to encrypt a whole drive or is it possible to simply do a set of files?13:09
Ford121Hi, I tried to install phpmyadmin from the console but when I goto the URL it downloads a file called download13:10
=== lionel_ is now known as lionel
livaFord121 > then you should download it and check which file is this.13:23
os_I want to have a digital library that server for sharing ebooks  audiobooks videos with cataloging system what technology is available please  I googled a lot but I came in to situations like ILS(integrated Library System) but I want for storing content13:24
=== Guest97766 is now known as bogeyd6-
os_Any one who has seen my question the question about the digital library I just want small hint please a keyword for google search is enough for me , I am waiting for you . People the precious kingdom13:35
mdeslaursoren: any idea what bug #523589 could be?13:37
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 523589 in vm-builder "vmbuilder aborts with "locale-gen does not recognize your locale"" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52358913:38
sorenmdeslaur: GNOME stuff. Very annoying. Haven't completely tracked it down.13:38
sorenmdeslaur: gdm sets my $LANG to da_DK.utf8 rather than da_DK.UTF-8, like it used to.13:38
sorenmdeslaur: and like it should be doing. No idea why. Yet.13:39
mdeslaursoren: oh, right...it used to be UTF-8...I though something looked odd about it yesterday13:39
mdeslaureven locale -a shows utf813:40
os_Is any one around among the 204 users or only your clients are there am I in the wrong channel I thought great ideas comes from server guys at least you have faced it at some part of your life or heard about it and I am looking for great  ideas from you13:40
mdeslauros_: noone answered you because no one knows of anything to suggest13:41
os_It is only about digital resource sharing13:42
kaushalsoren: just checking in with you for my query ?13:43
os_am I wrong to call it digital library I am thinking of implementing it to an educational orgainization and I am looking for possible technology solutionsl13:43
sorenkaushal: I have no idea. Perhaps #ubuntu-install will be of help.13:43
kaushalsoren: Thanks13:43
kaushalsoren: there is no one in that channel :(13:44
kaushalis that correct ?13:44
os_As linux server administrator what task's do you do I am new to linux with only 2 years of experience but I can see there is no thing attractive in information technology world what types of tasks are done as a server administrator13:48
sorenkaushal: sorry, #ubuntu-installer13:48
screen-xos_: Backups, updates, script writing.13:48
os_like configuring web servers ldap kerberos .... all of nothing is attractive13:49
os_but is this the only task of admin guy13:49
os_is there some thing better  I just want to have good time with IT13:49
screen-xos_: depends entirely on the situation. How big the company is etc.13:49
screen-xos_: What do you enjoy working on? Once you figure that out, you can look for a suitable job.13:50
os_but is there some thing attractive I like things like big works innovation and some thing great not routine works13:51
os_I like computer and I shifted from windows administration to linux  to satisfy myself  but I found nothing special just an overwhelming bunch of configuration files and command line options13:52
os_I don't know what I can I do on earth13:52
os_everything seems nonsense  and useless of useless13:53
os_How do you guy's around the world indulge yourself with your work13:53
screen-xos_: sounds like your issues are deeper than which OS you are administering.13:53
os_yeah but  I am interested in computer works13:54
os_you know even if I master linux still I am left with a lot of things like web integration with windows13:55
os_etc what good thing is there on earth13:56
screen-xos_: you can get apache to authenticate users against AD.13:56
os_I thing you are guy's around the world from a lot of countries thank's for the internet13:56
os_but this is a small thing you know what is the next step13:57
os_How can I work a great thing for myself and the world13:57
os_I want to bring some relief to the human life13:57
smosergood morning all.13:58
os_good morning  to you too13:58
os_screen-x are you with me13:59
os_screen-x: are you with me and the other guys too13:59
* screen-x backs away slowly and points os_ at ##philosophy14:00
swifthi guys,,, how often is it required for an ubunt server to be updated?14:01
os_I am having a lot to say but I don't want to shift the purpose of this channel but every one I would like to remind you about yourself14:01
os_Are you using the LTS version or the other versions14:01
swiftos_ using ubunt 8.0414:02
zulhey smoser14:02
swiftubuntu 8.04, LTS14:02
swiftAlso, do we need to reboot the server after the updates?14:02
cordenhello guys14:03
os_I usually update it every 2 to 3 weeks and I reboot it if it is update like kernel update but sorry for not giving solid answer I would to leave it for the other great guys14:03
os_the guys around in this channel14:04
cordenjust want to ask what recommended partition scheme for ubuntu server14:04
cordenany site that you can point14:04
swiftplease advise.. great guys14:05
cordeni've used ubuntu quite sometimes now and i want to learn the server side of it.14:05
cordentnx in advance14:05
screen-xswift: depends if there was a kernel update14:07
swiftscreen-x.. what is the frequency?14:08
swifti mean... do i need to do this every month?14:08
swiftor is it safe to do it quarterly?14:08
screen-xcorden: I tend to use a boot partition and the rest of the disk with LVM. But with grub2, you may not need a boot partition.14:08
os_To interrupt Any one who would tell me any software  or web based for digital library content sharing system I prefer web based14:09
swiftscreen-x... im trying to get a "best practice" here14:09
os_this is my last question sorry14:09
screen-xswift: If you server is internet facing then you definitely need to stau up to date with the updates in the security repos, you can get apticron or something like that to email you when they are available, then only reboot if there is a kernel update involved.14:10
screen-xos_: resourcespace, greenstone?14:11
cordenscreen-x, oic. but i want to experiment with server partitioning14:11
screen-xcorden: LVM is great for that, you can create/delete/shrink/grow LVs, you can move them between disks and do all sorts.14:12
cordeni open lot of informative site but have mix partition scheme14:12
cordenbut i guess i will try what you suggested14:12
cordensince i only got 10GB hdd14:13
os_thank you screen-x now I got a great  keyword to google for this is enough from people like you14:13
os_Let me copy and paste them to fire fox14:13
cordenand by the way which of the two you use? selinux or apparmor(default)14:13
screen-xcorden: I use apparmor, but I also use virtualisation to separate applications.14:14
cordenah, separating your lamp, file other type of servers? i uses vbox in vmachine14:16
screen-xcorden: yeah, I'm currently using *cough* vmware, but hope to be able to move to UEC or something kvm based.14:17
cordenok tnx for the info14:18
blackbearis there a channel for security / encryption?14:20
swiftguys, what command will tell me the linux distro?14:23
swiftuname -a f\doesnt give the necessary info14:24
swiftNo LSB modules are available.14:24
swifti got that message14:24
=== bogeyd6 is now known as Guest32750
sorenThat's the Right Way[tm] to do it.14:26
Piciswift: lsb_release -a14:26
sorenDo you need to do this programatically?14:26
sorenOr are you just poking around from a shell?14:26
sorenswift: /etc/issue usually has a hint.14:26
swiftok thanks!14:27
swiftgot it14:27
heynowhey all is there a way to inject module mptsas into 8.04 installer?14:27
heynow9.10 picks up the controller and loads the modules but not from the LTS installer14:28
jiboumanszul: morning!14:28
zuljiboumans: hey14:28
jiboumanszul: thanks for being flexible; can i give you a call now?14:29
zuljiboumans: sure14:29
=== Guest32750 is now known as bogeyd6-
zuli havent used virt-manager on lucid yet14:54
uvirtbotNew bug: #522225 in mysql-dfsg-5.1 "permissions incorrect on libmysqlclient16_7.0.9-1_amd64.deb" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52222514:56
BeardedChimpHow can I restart the usb system so that udev is forced to redetect the devices without having to reboot the system (n.b. I can't just plug and unplug them)15:16
thafreakIn lucid, will clvm not depend on cman then?15:17
thafreakI've done some reading and it seems possible to use clvm with openais, but you need to rebuild the clvm package to do that...15:17
BeardedChimpOh and I'm running jaunty15:17
thafreakSince it seems RHCS is being demoted, are there any plans to update clvm?15:18
ivoksthafreak: yes15:19
uvirtbotNew bug: #523868 in samba (main) "FFe request: samba upstartification" [Low,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52386815:21
thafreakivoks: so for lucid, clvm will be able to use openais?15:21
ivoksthafreak: openais and corosync15:21
thafreakIs there a bug of blueprint for this I can subscribe to?15:21
thafreakoops, bug or blueprint15:21
ivoksbut there's nothing specific for clvm15:22
thafreakThat's fine...I'll probably hold off on trying to set up clvm until lucid then.15:24
thafreakAre the changes to clvm in the current alpha?15:24
thafreakI guess I could get a head start on testing with an alpha...15:25
ivoksthafreak: nope, it still depends on cman15:25
ivokshopefully, this change would get in before alpha315:25
thafreakexcellent, when's alpha3 scheduled for release?15:26
ivoksnext week15:27
ivoksbut if you want, you could add my ppa and use clvm from there15:27
ivoksany testing is welcome15:27
thafreakcool...I may just do that...15:27
thafreakwhat's your launchpad id?15:28
thafreakok, wasn't sure if it differed from your irc handle...thanks for your help15:28
ttxsmoser: around ?15:33
ivokszul: around?15:41
zulivoks: kind of? whats up15:42
ivokszul: i was wondering if you would have time to sponsor my amavisd-new-postfix addition for amavisd-new15:43
zulivoks: sure15:43
zulbzr branch or debdiff?15:43
zulk url?15:44
ivokszul: http://www.init.hr/dev/amavisd-new.debdiff15:44
zulivoks: dont you need a ffe?15:44
ivoksi probably do15:45
ivoksi'll file it up with the rest of them15:45
zulivoks: please do so and then ping me again15:45
ivokszul: will do15:46
ivoksthafreak: there, clvm is packaged15:47
ivoksin ppa15:47
thafreakCool, thanks!15:47
ivoksplease test it15:48
ivoksi haven't had time to do that15:48
ivoks  locking_type not set correctly in lvm.conf, cluster operations will not work.15:48
ivoksthat sounds promissing :)15:48
ivoksthafreak: i just noticed that ocf is missing15:51
thafreakivoks: ocf? as in oracly filesystem?15:52
thafreakI'm purely interested in clvm, nothing else...15:53
ivoksocf resource, for pacemaker15:53
thafreakAh, ok...is that needed for clvm to work?15:53
ivokswell, if you want to tie it with pacemaker, yes15:53
thafreakI'm sort of new to this...I've only ever used RHCS on redhat and that was a while ago (and a giant pain)15:54
ivokspacemaker is much easier15:54
thafreakpacemaker, does that do the heartbeat/failover stuff?15:54
thafreakhmm...well I will be interested in that eventually, but not necessarily ATM15:55
thafreakI'm setting up 2 KVM hosts, with shared iscsi between them...so I want clvm so I can use LV's for vm storage15:55
thafreakeventually, it'd be nice to support migration if there's hardware failure, and I'm guessing pacemaker would be needed then...15:56
thafreakbut initially, I don't mind doing manual failover...15:56
ivoksthere it is15:57
* RoAkSoAx frustrated cause loadbalancers dont loadbalance... I wonder if that's because Im using VMs?16:00
uvirtbotNew bug: #523896 in postfix (main) "package postfix 2.6.5-3 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52389616:02
Jeeves__RoAkSoAx: What are you loadbalancing?16:05
RoAkSoAxJeeves__, webservice. I;m actually testing keepalived/ipvsadm to backport latest keepalived to Karmic :)16:06
Jeeves__RoAkSoAx: You could assume that ipvsadm tries to keep sessions together16:06
RoAkSoAxJeeves__, ivpsadm sends directly to inActConn16:07
RoAkSoAxJeeves__, you can follow it up here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/49693216:07
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 496932 in keepalived "Keepalived haven't LVS support" [Medium,In progress]16:07
RoAkSoAxhowever I'm seriously thinking is because I'm using a VM Testing Environment and for some weird reason, ipvsadm is not able to NAT to the real servers16:08
kaushalivoks, hi again16:15
kaushalThanks for your email16:15
kaushalI have replied you on that email thread16:16
kaushalplease suggest16:16
ivoksthafreak: http://pastebin.com/m3865011f16:16
ivoksthafreak: it's doable; next lvm upload will include RA file (OCF)16:17
ivokskaushal: i haven't seen your mail16:17
ivokskaushal: did you download ubuntu 8.04.4?16:17
ivoksand does installation work?16:18
ivoksfrom cd16:18
kaushalivoks, it worked fine with 8.04 too16:18
kaushalI enabled SAS Controller in the bios16:18
ivoksso, only pxe install doesn't work?16:18
kaushali get that message16:18
ivoksi said, you need to update pxe boot16:18
ivokson server that has tftpd16:18
ivoksit's serving old kernel16:18
ivoksand when installer starts and connects to internet16:19
ivoksit looks for modules for that kernel16:19
ivoksand there are no modules for it16:19
ivokstherefor it can not find your controler16:19
ivoksis another ubuntu server providing tftp service?16:20
kaushalare you referring to tftpd /diskless kernel image or /var/www/ubuntu folder structure ?16:20
kaushaldid not understand that16:20
ivokskernel image16:20
ivoks on my server, it's in /var/lib/tftpboot16:21
ivoksit's very easy to fix it16:21
ivoksjust remove everything from there16:21
ivoksand download latest hardy netboot16:22
ivoksthere's a really nice howto16:22
kaushalah you mean netboot image16:22
ivoksyou can't miss with these16:22
ivoksthat's right16:22
kaushalgot it16:22
kaushalThanks a Lot16:22
kaushalsorry for the trouble16:23
ivoksjust mirror that to your server16:23
ivokslftp -c "open http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/hardy/main/installer-i386/current/images/netboot/; mirror"16:23
ivoksor amd6416:23
kaushalso run that command in the command line16:24
ivoksinside your tftp directory16:26
ivoksi don't know which tftpd you use16:26
ivoksi've provided you a link that covers everything16:26
kaushali use tftp-hpa16:26
kaushalivoks, Thanks again16:26
ivoksthen go to /var/lib/tftpboot16:26
ivoksdelete everything inside16:27
ivoksand run that command16:27
ivoksthen boot your server16:27
ivoksmathiaz: http://pastebin.com/m3865011f16:27
ivoksmathiaz: isn't that awesome? :)16:27
mathiazivoks: cool!16:28
ttxkirkland: bug 52382616:28
mathiazivoks: is that with packages from the ubuntu-ha ppa?16:28
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 523826 in eucalyptus "Second node autoregistration fails with "Not a candidate for local cluster" error" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52382616:28
mathiazivoks: or with packages from the lucid archive?16:29
ivoksmathiaz: yes, with addition of lvm2 from my ppa16:29
ivoksmathiaz: well, corosync and openais are from ubuntu-ha16:29
ttxkirkland: feel free to box it with a few of your fixes and release, we need it for a3 candidates16:29
ivoksmathiaz: cluster-glue, cluster-agents, pacemaker and heartbeat are still in the queue on launchpad16:29
ivoksmathiaz: but there are no differences; those on ubuntu-ha or my ppa are the same as those sent to lucid archive16:30
mathiazivoks: so what's the state of the cluster stack spec now that FF is in effect?16:30
mathiazivoks: have all the packages been uploaded to the lucid archive?16:30
ivoksmathiaz: all componentes are in archive16:30
ivoksmathiaz: all deps have mir filled and except one all are already 'fix commited'16:31
mathiazivoks: great! Looks like everything is on the right track then16:31
ivoksmathiaz: once openhpi is also accepted, cluster-glue|agents, heartbeat, pacemaker go to main16:31
ivoksi'd say it is16:32
mathiazivoks: awesome work!16:32
ivokslets wait till is done completly16:32
ivokswe might decide on https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/openhpi/+bug/51597616:33
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 515976 in openhpi "[MIR] openhpi" [Undecided,Incomplete]16:33
kirklandttx: please go ahead and release as soon as you have a fix you're happy with16:33
ivokspitti asks if we are commited to support openhpi16:33
kirklandttx: no need to wait on me to roll fixes together, IMO16:33
ttxI'm happy with my fix. I kinda like patches that are one character long16:33
kirklandttx: :-D16:34
mathiazivoks: what do we loose if openhpi doesn't go into main?16:34
ttxkirkland: ok, releasing then16:34
ivoksmathiaz: support for IBM BladeCenter16:34
smoserttx, here now.16:34
ivoksmathiaz: it's used to stonith servers in blade16:34
smoseri just saw the euca call topic, and wished i would have called in16:35
ttxsmoser: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/52383216:35
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 523832 in cloud-init "20100218 fails to boot on UEC: 'time' is not defined" [High,Confirmed]16:35
smoseryeah. i just see. :-(16:35
smosershouldn't fail to completly boot16:35
ttxsmoser: On the good news side, i didn't reproduce mathiaz's issue :)16:35
smosereverything else shoudl be up, just the motd busted.16:35
mathiazttx: which one?16:36
ttxmathiaz: bug 52229216:36
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 522292 in ubuntu "Lucid UEC image 20100215 unable to start on UEC" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52229216:36
ttxmathiaz: mine starts to boot alright16:36
ttxit even keeps on "running"16:36
ttxsmoser: I just can't ssh in16:37
ttxand there are those scary messages in console-output16:37
ttx"time is not defined", speaking like Einstein16:37
mathiazivoks: what's the level of maintainaince in Debian for openhpi?16:37
smoserttx, ssh should function.16:38
mathiazzul: so no php 5.3 in lucid?16:38
smoserthe fix is easy, but i'll look at it.16:38
zulmathiaz: no im looking at FFE16:38
ivoksmathiaz: i'd say quite good16:38
ivoksmathiaz: http://packages.qa.debian.org/o/openhpi.html16:39
ivokssame maintainer for 4 years16:39
kaushalivoks, what does l mean in lftp ?16:39
kaushaljust curious to know16:39
ivoksit's the name of the program16:39
ttxsmoser: no key shown in output, looks like it blocks quite early16:39
ttxsmoser: maybe the blockage is unrelated to the error message ?16:39
smoserprobably. i'll look at it though.16:39
zulmathiaz: the debian guys are still fixing up the testsuite16:40
ivokstake care, i'm off for today16:40
smoserttx, i'll get it fixed asap16:41
ttxmathiaz, kirkland: I rewrote Dustin's PHP script in python and started configuration-filing it at lp:~ttx/+junk/boot-uec16:43
kirklandttx: nice!16:43
ttxkirkland: trying to get rid of those tmpfile and system calls :)16:43
ttxStill struggling with some of the language support, to get the right keyboard16:44
mathiazttx: I did the same as well: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~mathiaz/+junk/install-srv/files16:44
mathiazttx: I didn't port everything though16:44
mathiazttx: and the boot.py script was built around http support in gPXE16:45
ttxmathiaz: I just couldn't get gPXE running correctly16:45
ttxdidn't find the time to fully debug why16:45
mathiazttx: now that we have 3 scripts in some different variant we should schedule a session at UDS to merge all of this16:45
ttxmathiaz: sure !16:45
ttxmathiaz: mine includes the magic "run eucalytpus from local repo"16:45
ttxso you publish to a local repo and check the "use local repo" checkbox.16:46
mathiazttx: and I think there's already a blueprint registered about that a PXE installation service16:46
ttxand voila16:46
mathiazttx: and there is cobbler as well ;)16:46
ttxmathiaz: you did see my email about PXE booting a UEC installer from mirror+localrepo ?16:47
ttxmathiaz: there are a few nice hoops to jump through to succeed16:47
mathiazttx: I think so16:47
mathiazttx: it's in my archive somewhere16:47
ttxmathiaz: I just integrated much of those hoops into my branch16:48
ttxmathiaz: also used the yaml config to outsource differences between dustin's setup and mine16:48
mathiazttx: IIRC it's mostly about generating the correct preseed16:48
ttxmathiaz: yes, a creepy early_command and a few other classic preseed values.16:49
ttx+ some mangling of Release files in your localrepo16:49
ttx(but that's separate)16:49
ttxmakes me think, I should publish that as well.16:49
zulmathiaz: fyi mysql is fixed16:52
mathiazzul: great - how did it get fixed?16:52
zulmathiaz: the soyuz guys fixed it16:52
mathiazzul: by doing what?16:52
zulmathiaz: black magic im not sure slangasek told me its fixed16:54
smoserttx, are you able to test a fix on that ?17:02
smoserwould require cracking open image and re-registering17:02
ttxsmoser: hm, I just closed my cloud17:03
ttxsmoser: explain17:03
KristianDKDo you guys know how i can install the da locale package?17:03
smosersee my comment in bug.17:03
* ttx restarts17:03
smoserthe fix is easy as 'import time' in cloudinit/boto_utils.py17:03
smoserbut unfortunately, the fact that htat code was hit means the metadata service wasn't around17:04
smoserwhich may point to Euca thing. with the 'import time' it would sleep and try again17:04
ttxsmoser: i suppose you should commit the fix anyway ?17:05
smoserwell yes17:05
smoserbut i'm just interested in seeing if there is a Euca bug now17:05
ttxsmoser: then i'll test tomorrow's images, it's EOD here :)17:05
ttxsmoser: or convince Dustin to run it :)17:05
juliuxis it right that there is no xen kernel for lucid?17:05
smoserso, ttx, or kirkland, or mathiaz where would you suggest i start to install a UEC right now17:06
kirklandttx: i'm just about to install UEC on the test drig17:06
smoserie, install from media17:06
kirklandsmoser: local hardware?17:06
ttxkirkland: running todays image you'll fall into https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/cloud-init/+bug/52383217:06
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 523832 in cloud-init "20100218 fails to boot on UEC: 'time' is not defined" [High,Confirmed]17:06
ttxkirkland: follow smoser's advice to pass the first hurdle17:06
kirklandttx: k17:06
smoseri think you *may* fall into that17:07
ttxkirkland: correction: you /may/ fall into that bug17:07
smoserits possible its timing17:07
smoserbut if not timing then more17:07
ttxOnly tried once, I must admit17:07
ttxand on first image registration17:07
smoserbut i've never seen the "no metadata service up yet" bug for euca, only on ec217:07
ttxanyway, confirming it would be a good data point17:07
* ttx EODs17:07
kaushalwhile installing Ubuntu 8.04 amd64 Bit server using CD Image, does it fetch the kernel image from the internet ?17:09
kaushalsince pxe install has kernel image in /var/lib/tftpboot17:10
kaushalam i understanding it correctly ?17:11
kaushalthe reason why i am asking is the CD install works perfectly fine17:11
kaushalwhile the pxe install fails17:11
kaushalsince netboot kernel image is obsolete17:12
kaushalhas ivoks left for the day here ?17:14
smoserkirkland, where are you starting for an UEC install ?17:18
kaushalivoks you around ?17:18
RoAkSoAxkaushal, most probably17:18
kaushalRoAkSoAx, ?17:19
RoAkSoAxkaushal, ivoks gone for the day17:20
kaushalah ok17:20
kirklandsmoser: on the machines in Canonical's test lab17:20
kaushalcan someone answer to my query ?17:20
smosermathiaz, https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/52362517:27
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 523625 in cloud-init "Wrong archive mirror temporarily set during the boot process" [Undecided,New]17:27
smoserwhy "wrong archive mirror" ?17:27
raendeertrying to install hardy-lts from usb to a sata drive.. the installer only shows the usb drive, not the sata17:27
smoserwhat is wrong about it ? i thought you said it was right17:27
dhasthaneed help: how to configure and install heartbeat in ubuntu17:28
mathiazsmoser: it's right at the *end* of the boot process17:28
mathiazsmoser: but not during the boot process17:28
mathiazsmoser: IIUC this is what happens:17:28
mathiazsmoser: cloud-config-puppet: apt-get update -> fetches from archive.ubuntu.com17:28
mathiazsmoser: then apt sources.list is modified to use the local ec2 mirrors17:29
smoserright. so your 'started' does not indicate finished17:29
raendeertrying to install hardy-lts from usb to a sata drive.. the installer only shows the usb drive, not the sata drives? with amd6417:29
mathiazsmoser: then cloud-config-puppet: apt-get install puppet fails17:29
smoserbut 'started'17:29
smoserie: start on started cloud-apt-update-upgrade17:29
mathiazsmoser: right - that's what I though as well17:29
smoserthats what i was asking about.17:29
smoser(thats what i was asking about yesterday)17:30
smoseryou need to run after that thing finishes.17:30
dhasthaneed help on heartbeat installation17:30
dhasthaanybody know about heatbeat17:38
kaushalchecking in again for my query ?17:58
nunorI have an ubuntu server 9.10 running. Fixed public IP but no reverse DNS possible (for smtp use). I have another linux server who acts as smtp server (with rdns) and I have whitelisted my ubuntu server. How can I configure postfix to send the mails to my another server instead of sending it directly to the internet? Thanks18:10
sherrnunor: see "relayhost" and http://www.postfix.org/BASIC_CONFIGURATION_README.html18:58
inveratuloAt what point can I choose to install JeOS ?19:26
ksovieroinveratulo, at boot, when you hit f6 (i think) it lets you choose JeOS19:27
inveratuloksoviero: hrm, not seeing it there...19:29
inveratulosays I can install a minimal virtual machine, but I'm trying to get a host OS up and running19:29
inveratuloI think I figured it out19:31
ksovieroinveratulo, at boot, when you hit f6 (i think) it lets you choose JeOS VMs.19:32
ksovieroinveratulo, i meant, JeOS is for VMs, or at least meant for it, but can be used elsewhere19:33
inveratuloksoviero: yea i understand that, i'm trying to make sure i install ubuntu-server with the jeos kernel, looks like i'll have ot do it through expert mode19:34
smosermathiaz, you want to sponsor bug 52362519:52
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 523625 in cloud-init "Wrong archive mirror temporarily set during the boot process" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52362519:52
smoserplease ?19:52
wathekhello all20:07
wathekcan I add this repos to my sources.list : deb http://ftp.fr.debian.org/debian/ lenny main contrib non-free20:08
aleyvai've seen a strange behavior with open-iscsi in 9.04 and 9.10, is this the right place to ask?20:10
zulmdeslaur: i updated the apparmor rule for mysql finally20:12
smoserwell, seeing as mathiaz isn't around, can someone (zul) sponsor the cloud-utils package at bug 52362520:13
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 523625 in cloud-init "Wrong archive mirror temporarily set during the boot process" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52362520:13
mdeslaurzul: uh...I'm not aware of that...jdstrand maybe?20:13
zuljdstrand: ^^^20:13
jdstrandmdeslaur: thanks zul20:13
jdstrandzul: thanks20:13
zulsmoser: yeah sure gimme a sec20:13
mdeslaurzul: thanks20:13
jdstrandmdeslaur: just stay out of it already!20:13
aleyvawe have an equallogic and a poweredge with four nic's, two of them are connected to the equallogic, the PE is running ubuntu 9.0420:13
jdstrandI don't know how I typed that...20:14
aleyvawe have the eql LUN's running fine, with open-iscsi20:14
aleyvabut when we reboot the server dont login to the targets20:14
aleyvain /etc/init.d/open-iscsi, at line 93, we have:20:14
aleyva        ISCSI_TARGET_NB=$(cat /etc/iscsi/nodes/*/*/iface* 2>/dev/null| grep -c automatic)20:14
aleyvathe original line is:20:15
aleyva        ISCSI_TARGET_NB=$(cat /etc/iscsi/nodes/*/*/default 2>/dev/null| grep -c automatic)20:15
aleyvathe problem is that we dont have a "default" file at each node dir, thats why we have changed it to "iface*"20:15
aleyvai dont know if we should have a "default" file20:15
zulsmoser: umm...did you bump the changelog entry?20:17
smoseri thought so20:17
smoserarchive is 0.5.5-0ubuntu120:17
zulso there isnt a -ubuntu2?20:17
zulill do it20:17
smoserthis is 0.5.5-0ubuntu220:18
smoserzul, http://paste.ubuntu.com/379301/20:19
smoserzul, i just tested20:22
zulsmoser: k done20:22
tbcaleyva: I don't have an answer to your open-iscsi questions. If no one speaks up on this channel, you may have simply missed being online at the same time as a knowledgeable person who can help. You may want to write to ubuntu-server@lists.ubuntu.com (list info <https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-server>)20:26
ChmEarlon karmic, does the r8169 driver work for RTL8111/8168B nic?20:30
ChmEarlfor latest kernel 2.6.31-19-server?20:31
ChmEarlI went into rescue mode and the nic works with the generic kernel, but fails with the server kernel20:32
smoserzul thanks.20:32
ChmEarlcan I do a kernel update in rescue mode (booting from CD)?20:33
David_Bhello. i have a machine which i can install ubuntu desktop on fine, but will not correctly install server. i am not sure why this is the case20:38
David_Bthe issue is at the grub bootloader stage of install20:39
ChmEarlDavid_B, if you are multi-booting with other distros, you don't need to use that bootloader20:41
David_BChmEarl: new machine, nothing else on there20:41
ChmEarlk, you are stuck with it :)20:42
David_Bchmeark: aye, but it won't instal!20:43
ChmEarldo you have /boot partition and its ext2?20:43
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ChmEarldid you install with all defaults?20:43
David_Bdon't know, and yes20:44
DrNick_silly question, i assume a reboot is still required after updating the kernel or kernel modules? only I remember reading something somewhere about it not being required in some situations20:46
ChmEarlDavid_B, so the install failed. Did you try to go into rescue mode and see if root is OK?20:46
David_Bchmearl: hmm, no, let me boot from cd again20:46
DrNick_David_B: out of interest did you set up RAID or LVM voluems on the root device?  grub can't boot from an LVM partition, you'd have to use LILO in that instance20:48
David_BThat must be it20:48
David_Byeah, was just doing defaults and 'LVM' was default20:48
DrNick_:)  it should offer to install LILO for you however20:48
David_Bhmm, i seem to remember trying that, and it not working20:49
David_Bbut I'll try again20:49
DrNick_if in any doubt however, create a partition for /boot which isn't on an LVM or RAID volume, then boot from that and set everything else up as you please20:49
DrNick_only needs to be 100MB or so20:50
David_Berr, I only have my raid disks20:50
David_Bwould a USB pen drive do?20:50
DrNick_well no, reserve 100MB or so at the start of one drive for the /boot partition then use the rest of the drive for your linux RAID partitions20:50
David_Bright… so would i need to un-raid my drives, partition them using the installer and then re raid them?20:51
David_Bit's hardware raid off my modo20:51
DrNick_i'm afraid so yes20:51
DrNick_i thought you meant you were using linux's softraid20:52
DrNick_in that case that does somewhat confuse things... at least it can do.20:52
David_Bok… would i be best off starting off without raid and going from there?20:52
DrNick_does the linux install program see your RAID'd drives as a single disk or as individual drives?20:52
David_Bsingle disk i think20:52
David_Bwell, used to… now it see it as all kinds of rubbish as i've installed and reinstalled and fiddlled around so much20:53
DrNick_my advice - disable the RAID on the mobo, and use linux software RAID which is probably faster anyway if the truth is told20:53
David_Bok, I always thought hardware raid was faster, but this is just for a home web server so I guess it doesn't matter too much20:53
DrNick_most if not all "RAID" chips on  motherboards aren't true hardware RAID anyway and are usually more trouble than they're worth.  disable it, and set up RAID under linux if you need/want it20:54
David_Band I should be able to use grub with that? do you still recommend having a /boot partition on one disk?20:54
DrNick_grub can boot from mirrored drives just fine20:54
David_Bso i install unraided, and then can I set up RAID after it's all booting ok?20:55
DrNick_but if it's RAID5 you want, forget it you need a /boot partition.  if it's just disk mirroring you're doing however then you're fine20:55
David_Bno, RAID120:55
David_Bby the way, thanks very much, you've been extremely helpful20:56
DrNick_the steps you take should roughly be 1) disable RAID on the mobo, 2) boot the installer, 3) when asked about partitioning, nuke any and all partitions on your disks, i.e. initialise the partition table on each.  then set up the partitions as you like.  if you want RAID, create linux raid partitions on the drives, then you can do all your RAID setup from the installer itself20:56
David_Bexcellent, I'll give it a go!20:56
DrNick_good luck20:56
David_Bshould I use LVM?20:59
David_Bbearing in mind I'm not entirely sure what it actually is21:00
DrNick_if you're not entirely sure about it then either take the time to read up on it a little first (as there are concepts involved you really should understand before using it), or don't bother using it.21:03
DrNick_in general i wouldn't think it'd be required for a web server anyway21:03
DrNick_out of interest, i assume no one else had the answer to my original question then21:04
ChmEarlDrNick_, I had to reboot after kernel update, so yes21:04
DrNick_ok thanks ChmEarl21:05
ChmEarland my new kernel was picked fine21:05
David_BI cannot seem to delete all the partitions, they say they are in use by 'ubuntuserver'21:06
DrNick_select each disk in the list and press <Enter>, it should tell you it's about to initialise the partition table21:07
guntbertDavid_B: you have to do it from the install/live CD - not from a running system (rescue counts as running)21:07
David_BI am doing it from the instal21:08
David_Bthe following things are listed: LVM VG ubuntu server, LV root - 497.4 GB21:08
David_BLVM VG ubuntuserver, LV swap_1 −2.3GB21:08
David_BThen my two hard drives, each with a 499.7 GB primary LVM partition and 361.9 of free space21:09
DrNick_yeah, that must be from before... you migt have to go in and remove the LVM volumes first.... or actually restart the install, and when asked if you wish to activate existing LVM volumes say NO21:10
David_Bthere doesn't appear to be an option to remove I'm afraid21:10
DrNick_then you should be able to nuke all the patitions and start again21:10
David_Bhow would i do that?21:10
David_BI can't see any 'nuke' option :P21:11
DrNick_reboot it.  restart the install, when it asks if you want to activate your LVM volumes say NO.  then you'll get the list as before, but without the LVM volumes listed at the bottom.  then you'll be able to remove the existing partitions and start agian21:11
David_Bok, I'll try that, thank you21:12
David_Berr, the installer didn't ask me about lvm options21:15
David_Bdo I need to go into a more advanced mode?21:15
DrNick_what happens when you select the first hard disk in the list and press <Enter> with the highlight over it21:15
David_Bit says I cannot modify the disk because the primary partition is in use by the ubuntuserver lvm thing21:16
DrNick_ok, what you'll have to do then, there will be a menu option for modifying the LVM config.  go into that, remove all the logical volumes, then remove the volume group.  basically you'll get a further menu with options, use that to remove the LVM volumes21:18
DrNick_they're what the installer from before would have created21:18
ChmEarlfor managing services in Centos, I used chkconfig. What to use here for karmic?21:21
ChmEarlI know about /etc/init.d/<srvc>21:22
David_Bok, Dr Nick, that half worked… I was able to delete the logcal volumes and the volume group21:22
David_Band then could go back and delete all the partitions on one of the disks21:23
DrNick_ok good21:23
DrNick_but... lol21:23
David_Bthough there is still one LVM partition on one disk that won't go away (same issue as before)21:23
David_Blvm volume group in use by ubuntu server21:23
David_Boh wait, did it again21:24
David_Bneeded to do it for both disks :p21:24
DrNick_ChmEarl: best thing to use is possibly sysv-rc-conf21:30
ChmEarlchecking it out now21:31
sherrChmEarl: update-rc.d is the most similar - fairly straightforward.21:58
sherrChmEarl: see also : man service21:58
DrNick_i wouldn't recommend update-rc.d - as it says in the man page, it's mostly for use in scripts.  sysv-rc-conf is most like chkconfig and has a nice menu interface also if required21:59
uvirtbotNew bug: #524095 in postfix (main) "Do I need postfix on my local machine ?" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52409522:01
RoyKPROCS CRITICAL: 411 processes with STATE = RSZDT22:14
uvirtbotNew bug: #524101 in eucalyptus (main) "optionally fetch public ssh keys from Launchpad when starting an instance" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52410122:26
lijilif i install the bugzilla 3.2 package in karmic, then manually install the latest bugzilla from bugzilla.org, will apt overwrite if ubuntu pushes out a new release in the future?22:43
lijilthis may apply to some of the other 'web' apps that there are packages for, like mediawiki22:44
mathiazkirkland: hey - are you done with the UEC testing on tamarind?22:45
kirklandmathiaz: mostly22:46
kirklandmathiaz: i'm running an instance22:46
kirklandmathiaz: i can't ssh to it though22:46
mathiazkirkland: do you plan to do any more reinstall?22:46
uvirtbotNew bug: #522292 in cloud-utils (main) "Lucid UEC image 20100215 unable to start on UEC" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52229222:46
kirklandmathiaz: oh, i'm on the wrong machine22:46
kirklandmathiaz: i think i'm done22:46
kirklandmathiaz: you can have it22:46
mathiazkirkland: great - I'll test the iso support then22:47
kirklandmathiaz: i marked the functional tests task i have done22:47
kirklandmathiaz: i don't think i can do any scalability/performance testing22:47
kirklandmathiaz: can it?22:47
mathiazkirkland: that's what config_multi.yaml is for - in uec-testing-scripts22:47
kirklandmathiaz: hmm22:47
mathiazkirkland: it'll start as many instances as you want22:48
mathiazkirkland: and ssh into them22:48
mathiazkirkland: it tests the scability of starting/stoppping instances22:48
kirklandmathiaz: okay22:48
kirklandmathiaz: after you're done, i'll try that22:48
mathiazkirkland: making that sure that 1000 instances can be correctly started for example22:48
mathiazkirkland: I'll reinstall a topo1 then22:49
mathiazkirkland: with 4 NCs and one CLC+Walrus+CC+SC22:49
kirklandmathiaz: i'll drop all serial consoles22:49
cefanyone got a suggestion for getting past Bug #514012 when upgrading from karmic to lucid (server, no X)?23:05
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 514012 in mountall "cyclic dependency between mountall and libplymouth" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51401223:05
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