TakyojiAnyone having an issue with the address in Firefox just recently?03:14
Takyojiaddress bar*03:14
Takyojiin Lucid03:14
TakyojiWhoops, wrong channel03:28
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davmor2morning all11:05
aramorning davmor2 :)11:17
aradavmor2, you used to be an earlier bird before... or have you moved to some island in the Atlantic ocean?11:18
davmor2my gaffa is based in canada and asked if I would work 11:00-20:00 so there was more overlap with him :)11:19
aradavmor2, ouch!11:20
davmor2ah it's not a problem.11:20
davmor2I'm up from 07:00-ish till 00:0011:20
primes2hara: Ok, so.11:31
primes2hI was wondering about where to place Testing report. This https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/Notebook/etc. could be a nice place. Waht do you think?11:33
araprimes2h, I agree11:34
primes2hara: I would move this example page http://wiki.ubuntu-it.org/GruppoTest/TestPortatili/Netbook in there.11:34
araprimes2h, I would add a /Report subpage11:35
araprimes2h, and it might be useful to add a CategoryTestReport, so we can have all the different reports in the same place11:35
primes2hara: and this would be an example of report. http://wiki.ubuntu-it.org/GruppoTest/TestPortatili/Netbook/DellMini9PaginaDiProva11:35
araprimes2h, what do you think?11:35
primes2hara: Yes, that's nice.11:36
araprimes2h, those sample pages look great! congrats!11:36
primes2hara: thanks. :-) As you see in the main page, I see this project as opened to anyone would like to contribute, not restricted  to Ubuntu Members etc..11:38
araprimes2h, I agree11:39
primes2hara: Could you have a look at the pages please and tell me about errors, etc.?11:39
araprimes2h, sure11:39
primes2hara: or improvements also ;)11:40
primes2hara: now I have to go for the lunch, see you later... :-)11:41
araok, I'll send you an email11:41
primes2hara: Thank you very much. Feel free to edit pages as well if you want, ok?11:42
araprimes2h, OK11:42
primes2hara: Btw, in the main pages some link are still wrong.  I have to correct them ;-)11:43
primes2hara: bye for now. :-)11:43
araprimes2h, see you!11:43
arahey fagan, how's tricks?12:38
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davmor2Morning fader_14:59
fader_davmor2: Howdy15:00
davmor2morning cr3 alexmoldovan15:00
cr3davmor2: yo mama15:00
alexmoldovandavmor2: Good Morning15:14
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primes2hara: I've just replied to your email. Now I must go, I'll be back in 1-2 hours.18:34
primes2hBye for now :-)18:35
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