Alpha_Clustertonyyarusso: btw it looks like for the live player the whole blocking stuff not on your cable plan is actually up to the cable provider. I am watching Curling live and its not on the normal NBC which is all i can get.00:04
TakyojiIf only OpenOffice was made where you could resize images while keeping the aspect ratio. I went to the picture settings and checked "Keep ratio", though it doesn't keep the ratio when resizing it by the corner with the mouse..00:15
* Takyoji twitches with OCD00:23
Alpha_Clusteryeah that always bothered me00:24
Takyojiand World of Goo barely runs using Nouveau00:28
Alpha_Clusteri know this is bad but why dont you use the nvidia driver?00:30
Alpha_Clusteryou even get vdpau then00:30
kermitTakyoji: did you try holding down ctrl or shift while you click and drag the corner?00:31
kermitthat's just a wild guess00:31
TakyojiJust testing Nouveau is all00:31
Alpha_Clusteractually kermit i wouldnt be suprised if that worked00:31
TakyojiThat actually copies the image00:32
Alpha_Clusteror at least some combo of ctrl/shift/alt00:32
TakyojiIt works by holding Shift00:34
TakyojiSo if a person were to license a work to allow others to make derivatives, but not enforcing that they share-alike; would that mean creators of the derivative are allowed pretty much claim the work, or?00:47
Alpha_Clusterit should explain it on the CC site i thought?00:53
tonyyarussoAlpha_Cluster: huh, interesting.03:02
tonyyarussoTakyoji: yeah, I was irritated by having to resize photos by dialog instead of click-and-drag a few days ago.03:03
Alpha_Clustertonyyarusso: im not to surprised i had access to everything in the last summer olympics when i was up here with the same cable03:07
Alpha_Clustermind you my they also put CTV on the C-SPAN channel for the olympics03:07
tonyyarussothey did?03:09
tonyyarussoI kind of think we might get C-SAN.03:09
Alpha_Clustersadly i dont get upto C-SPAN03:09
Alpha_Clusterbut i still get CBC not that taht helps thyis year03:10
Alpha_Clusteri loved how CBC and NBC were next to each other it was handy03:10
TakyojiWoo, Firefox in Lucid seems to be bricked03:12
tonyyarussoyou get the CBC too?!?03:12
Alpha_Clustertonyyarusso: im closer to canada tehn teh twin cities03:13
Alpha_Clusterits not odd ot get CBC up here03:13
Alpha_Clusterif you go a bit more north towns get CTV too03:13
tonyyarussoAlpha_Cluster: oh, right - you probably get CBC on air broadcast.03:13
Alpha_Clusterwell we might03:13
Alpha_Clusteri get it on cable :)03:13
Alpha_Clusterchannels we get03:14
Alpha_Clusternotice 12 is winipeg03:14
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_diabloIt's quiet here... Too quiet...18:01
* bdunnette ambushes _diablo18:01
* _diablo dies.18:02
mr_stevebloody contractors...18:26
bdunnetteSorry about killing you and all, _diablo.20:10
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