elkybot invasion complete.12:47
* Tm_T hides12:49
AlanBellwhere are the logs?12:52
ubot2Official channel logs can be found at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ - For LoCo channels, http://logs.ubuntu-eu.org/freenode/12:52
Tm_Tfirst link (:12:52
AlanBellyeah, so why isn't it there :-)12:53
rwwAlanBell: it will be in 10 minutes12:53
rwwirclogs.ubuntu.com updates hourly, a couple of minutes past the hour12:53
Tm_Tbut but, AlanBell wants it now! (;)12:59
* Tm_T huggles AlanBell13:00
elkyAlanBell, has scrollback for now :P13:00
czajkowskiAlanBell: prodcutive meeting ?13:02
AlanBellnot in the least13:03
czajkowskikind of like today really :)13:04
AlanBelllogs are there now14:00
* Tm_T is famous now! (:)14:00
czajkowskiTm_T: not really all the other channels we;re in are logged, not a biggie14:22
Pendulumyay! logs!14:25
czajkowskiPendulum: ;)14:39
Tm_Tczajkowski: I was just kidding, being in ~70 channels now this channel doesn't make me fame (:15:04
czajkowskiTm_T: your tone doesn't always come across as kidding on irc ;)15:04
Tm_TI though that smiley did, oh well15:05
Tm_TI suck at that, no matter what form of communication is used15:05
* MichelleQ looks around at new room. 15:06
czajkowskiMichelleQ: aloha15:07
MichelleQhey there!15:09
czajkowskiMichelleQ: fancy seeing you here :p15:10
MichelleQI'm liking the new digs.  :D15:11
MichelleQGlad this portion of the debate has been more or less settled.15:11
czajkowski3.5 months later.15:12
czajkowskihalf way through a cycle, but yes. finally15:13
czajkowskisorry 315:13
MichelleQthat's OK, at least it's done.15:13
MichelleQtime to move forward15:13
AlanBellyay to moving forward15:15
AlanBellnow, about specific targets for membership. . .15:15
AlanBellany thoughts?15:16
MichelleQ... women?15:17
czajkowskiAlanBell: any women in ubuntu that are not members, I'm trying to encourage them to join15:17
czajkowskiAlanBell: not many in ireland YET tbh. so looking elsewhere15:18
czajkowskiMichelleQ: ...yes15:18
MichelleQI've been working with my loco to increase spouse involvement.15:18
AlanBellczajkowski: you are doing great15:18
czajkowskiMichelleQ: that seems to be very USA based, it's nice idea.15:18
MichelleQoh, it's essentially just Florida targeted- my local area15:19
czajkowskibut I want to focus on getting more women i technology areas help and offer assistance and if they have questions help15:19
czajkowskiMichelleQ: seen a good few usa teams encourage their partners to join. nice idea.15:19
MichelleQve added 8-10 women who regularly participate.  It's been good15:19
czajkowskiMichelleQ: are they end users of Ubuntu ?15:20
MichelleQabout 75% yes15:20
MichelleQat least to some degree15:20
MichelleQhave we considered having an actual booth at conferences like SCaLE?15:24
czajkowskian Ubuntu women specific ?15:25
MichelleQyeah... It might be a good way to just meet people, make our presence known, you know?15:26
czajkowskiaye, it'd be nice. if we had women in those areas. I can see it working well in USA. ye have more conferences than in EU and more women who come along and help15:27
Pendulumyeah, I think it's a good long-term thing15:27
czajkowskiat FOSDEM there was an Ubuntu booth. I popped in where I could. but there was no way you could have had an ubuntu woman booth tbh15:27
MichelleQmight be something to consider in the future.  I know I'd be happy to man a UW booth when I'm at a conference.15:29
czajkowskiMichelleQ: aye as I said, it'd work out well in USA tbh.15:29
MichelleQwas just a thought.15:30
czajkowskiaye good idea.15:31
czajkowskithere are more families and women in usa. at my loco event., there are 2 women, me and 1 other.15:31
MichelleQour loco was like that, here in Florida.  When I joined, I was the only active woman.15:32
MichelleQthat was most of the reason I set out to make our loco family friendly - to make moms, wives, kids welcome15:33
MichelleQI'm not sure what sort of strengths we might find in the EU that we can use to our advantage.15:33
czajkowskiyeah we tried that. but some of the women were just not interested and didnt want to be involved. We don't want them to be there just fo rthe sake of it either. a lot of the time we want to talk about Ubuntu, uses, and they're not interested. so having them along means we try and have to have conversations we're not pushed with15:34
czajkowskicould be just my loco .15:34
czajkowskiwe got them along to a geeknick. but I felt I had to go over and talk about kids and and stuff, and leave the techie talk conversations to go and be polite tbh. Not really what I'd want from a meet up.15:35
MichelleQczajkowski: see, that's my role in our loco, and one I'm comfortable in.15:36
czajkowskithat's nice.15:36
MichelleQit works well for me, but I can understand where it wouldn't for everyone15:36
czajkowskiMichelleQ: aye that's true.15:37
MichelleQwhat sort of areas do you think we should look at in the EU, czajkowski?15:37
czajkowskiMichelleQ: I'd love to have more women along I would really. But I want to discuss other it stuff with them same as I would with anyone else who comes along15:38
czajkowskiMichelleQ: what do you mean?15:38
MichelleQhere, we have the advantage in size, and things like conferences.15:39
MichelleQIs there a plethora of IT clubs, or unions, etc?15:39
czajkowskiMichelleQ: an example would be I went to fosdem and went to the talks., I went to the womaz meet up. only about 20 women turned up which was just under half of what was there. Somtimes women don't want to be involved in areas other than tech15:39
MichelleQCan we start, for instance, advertising at some of the colleges?15:40
MichelleQJust a simple flyer on a bulletin board at the womens dorms?  or in the tech wings?15:41
czajkowskiMichelleQ: yup I do try15:41
czajkowskiI when I can mention at talks and will do when I give them to 2 colleges here. most will join the -ie loco few if any will join -women.15:41
czajkowskiMichelleQ: let me ask a different question15:42
Pendulumczajkowski: what about the girls' high schools?15:42
Pendulumdo any of them have any sort of IT/CS/tech courses that might be worth talking to?15:42
czajkowskiMichelleQ: what would you like to see from more women joining from your area/usa/world into ubuntu women project?15:43
czajkowskiis it to meet one another, engage in projects?  or mentor ?15:43
hypa7iaif they aren't feeling the need to join -women, but are joining their loco, that's seems like a good thing to me :)15:43
MichelleQczajkowski: a little of all of the above?15:43
czajkowskihypa7ia: aye and IU'm happy with that tbh15:43
czajkowskihypa7ia: I dont want to force it down their necks either but I do offer it there as an alternative.15:44
Pendulumczajkowski: makes sense to me :)15:44
czajkowskiPendulum: I know once in a brief moment I get a bit of clarity :)15:44
hypa7iaczajkowski: it's more that as long as they know it exists and don't feel the need to join it means we're making progress :)15:44
czajkowskihypa7ia: just the person! where in toronto would one pick up a decent A) desktop B) 2nd hand desktop15:44
czajkowskihypa7ia: exactly.15:45
czajkowskiI'm in pm at m with a guy who's still wondering why it exists. I've sent him back to the wiki to properly read15:45
MichelleQwhy U-W exists?15:45
hypa7iaczajkowski: http://www.rebootcanada.ca/ for 2nd hand; new - filtech or Canada Computers or Staples (staples often has great deals on clearance)15:45
hypa7iafiltech is my fave small computer dealer15:46
czajkowskineed to get one for mate in Gualph15:46
hypa7iacanadacomputers.com has cheap shipping :)15:46
hypa7iaactually they may have a guelph location now15:47
MichelleQhi issyl0!15:48
* issyl0 hasn't been paying that much attention to recent discussions and didn't attend the last meeting, so didn't know about this channel until this morning :)15:48
issyl0Hi MichelleQ15:48
MichelleQoh, Qimo just got big news.15:49
MichelleQjust as an aside15:49
MichelleQour local university is hosting a cd iso now, so we don't have to worry about dropping our mirrors because of bandwidth issues15:49
czajkowskiMichelleQ: deadly15:50
PendulumMichelleQ: that's wonderful!15:50
czajkowskihypa7ia: cheers, tc (mate in gualph) needs a desktop, but just bought a house.15:50
MichelleQapparently 30gb down EVERY DAY was hurting them.15:51
MichelleQso, the university volunteered15:51
MichelleQand alpha2 is final, too... I think Mike's putting it up sometime today15:52
czajkowskiMichelleQ: well donde15:56
* popey sighs at his local LUG channel15:57
MichelleQvery excited.15:57
* czajkowski hugs popey 15:57
popeyI'm seriously done with LUGs15:57
MichelleQaaw, popey, I'm sorry15:58
czajkowskiour lug is a national one. but mostly a mailing list and an irc where they are experts on EVERYTHING15:58
* hypa7ia offers popey her sparkly pink emp cannon15:59
* pleia2 misses the philly lug already15:59
czajkowskipleia2: you're arrived!16:00
pleia2czajkowski: yep :) most of my stuff won't arrive until next week, but today I can start setting up my desk!16:00
czajkowskipleia2: yay!!!!16:01
czajkowskipleia2: starting work today?16:01
pleia2czajkowski: nah, I took the whole week off so I won't start until monday16:01
Pendulumpleia2: that's because the philly lug is awesome. and they're going to miss you horribly16:05
Pendulum(since you were part of what made the awesome)16:05
MichelleQpleia2: glad you made it safely!16:11
pleia2Pendulum: aw! yeah, they're all giving me a hard time for leaving16:30
pleia2MichelleQ: thanks :)16:30
czajkowskiwintellect: aloha :)16:32
Pendulumpleia2: I'm sure. Has anyone actually stepped up to fill your shoes  yet? (if they can?)16:33
Pendulumhi wintellect16:33
wintellecthello Pendulum16:33
* wintellect is eating "humble pie"16:33
MichelleQmorning, wintellect16:33
wintellecthey MichelleQ16:34
czajkowskipleia2: you're still working for the same place?16:35
czajkowskijust remotely ?16:35
pleia2czajkowski: yep, I was working from home anyway, so the major change will be I won't be available for the 3-4 times per year I'd do on site work, and I start work a bit later16:37
czajkowskipleia2: ah not so bad, will you need to fly on site at times?16:42
pleia2czajkowski: luckily not, but we may schedule bi-yearly staff meetings and some maintenance when I'm in town visiting (mjoseph still has family there, so the goes back 1-2 times a year)16:43
czajkowskihappy days ;)16:44
czajkowskithat worked out well16:44
pleia2yeah, I'm happy :)16:44
czajkowskipleia2: *hugs* GREAT STUFF!16:44
pleia2czajkowski: *hugs*16:44
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AlanBellwintellect: o/20:30
Tm_Tpleia2: btw if you think you need more ops around, feel free to add me in20:46
* Pendulum watches as slowly everyone in UW gets op status ;)20:49
hypa7iaPendulum: with the amount of trolling lately that's not a bad thing :/20:50
hypa7iaso everyone knows, we're getting targeted by gnaa right now20:50
Pendulumhypa7ia: I didn't think it was a bad thing20:51
jussi01I cant look at the access lists right now, but I assume the ircc nick has been added.20:53
Picijussi01: looks like it20:53
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AlanBellhi czajkowski21:36
MichelleQhey czajkowski21:36
czajkowskihow's folks?21:39
MichelleQfinishing the last of my pre-scale to do list.  You?21:39
PendulumMichelleQ: when do you leave?21:40
MichelleQwe have to leave our house at about 3:30 tomorrow morning21:40
czajkowskimunching on a battered saussage and garlic chips21:40
czajkowskiand trying not to choke on it21:41
czajkowskiI mean chips as in frys21:41
MichelleQgarlic fries?  interesting!21:41
jussi01czajkowski: drool21:42
czajkowskijussi01: soooo tasty and not from supermacs either21:42
rwwMichelleQ: I'm supposed to leave in an hour and a half, and haven't started my list yet ;P21:42
* jussi01 want chips and garlic sauce...nom!21:42
MichelleQrww: not good21:42
rwwMichelleQ: The later I am, the less I-405 traffic I have to deal with, so... :D21:42
MichelleQhey, totally understand21:43
MichelleQpraise the lord and pass the potatoes, I found the cd stomper21:45
maco2oooh garlic fries. nom21:45
* jussi01 whimpers a little...21:49
maco2jussi01: whats wrong?21:50
jussi01maco2: severe cravings for good solid irish chips and garlic sauce...21:50
jussi01from the donnybrook chipper21:50
MichelleQI've never had garlic sauce on fries...  Must try this21:51
maco2i never had garlic *sauce*21:51
maco2just plain diced garlic21:51
jussi01maco2: its somewhat like garlic dressing21:51
czajkowskiye guys don't know what you;re missing22:02
czajkowskijussi01: I'm not a fan of a garlic cheese chip mind22:03
czajkowskiand my mates love taco fries22:03
MichelleQtaco fries?22:03
MichelleQwhy am I just now hearing about taco fries?!22:03
czajkowskitaco fries are fries22:06
czajkowskiwith mince meat on top and garlic sace22:06
czajkowskiand grated cheese22:07
MichelleQoh my gracious22:09
MichelleQthat's enough to make one keel over22:09
czajkowskiwell usually one has it at 3am after you've keeled over22:11
czajkowskito sober you up to go home22:11
MichelleQaah, that seems like a good hangover sort of food22:11
czajkowskiin theory to prevent one22:12
MichelleQI'm gonna have to try to replicate that one22:13
* czajkowski notes how -women-project has gone all quiet after being shown pictures of food 22:16
valoriethat wasn't food22:19
valoriethat was a "produce a fat body" substance22:19
* AlanBell thinks that looks like food22:20
valoriehttp://www.waterfootprint.org/images/gallery/original/apple.jpg <----- food22:20
czajkowskiG'night folks22:22
* AlanBell looks up the local delicacies of Liverpool22:22
czajkowskiAlanBell: beer!22:22
czajkowskiAlanBell: cannot wait for oggcamp22:22
czajkowskiAlanBell: don't forget we have april and spanish point/lahinch for gruo22:23
AlanBellyes, if that works out22:26
czajkowskilahinch and O'Looneys pub @D22:27
MichelleQwhat to feed children for dinner...22:30
pleia2yay! :D22:32
pleia2barbie would be proud22:32
pleia2and honestly, this is one of the best cases I've ever worked with22:33
czajkowskipleia2: you're such a cute geek22:33
maco2pleia2: pretty!22:33
czajkowskipleia2: buy the case? or how did it end up girlie?22:33
pleia2czajkowski: bought the case: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E1681110806422:34
pleia2I wanted a pink one, but stopped looking when I fell in love with this one22:34
pleia2I've never done the pretty case thing, all my cases have been very practical and boring22:34
pleia2and I was always kinda put off by the OMG LEET GAM3R cases with the windows and all the lights and tubes22:35
MichelleQpleia2: my girl would spaz - pink, flowers, and sparkles?22:38
MichelleQshe'd squeal like a stuck pig22:39
pleia2MichelleQ: I feel kinda ridiculous for buying it, this silly case was over $100 and didn't even come with a power supply :)22:39
maco2pleia2: fairly typical isnt it?22:43
maco2ooh if we make it so girls'll think its pretty, we can charge more and short-change them on the features!22:43
MichelleQfeatures?  we don't need no stinking features.  It's got sparkles!  :D22:44
maco2girls dont care about features anyway, right?22:44
maco2its not like computers are meant to be *functional* or anything22:45
wintellectIf a battery time is an "estimate" and the charge is a fact provided by the hardware - can anyone guess as to why gnome-power-manager uses the estimated time rather than the actual "charge" to decide when to action the "critical" state?22:50
maco2wintellect: because estimated time takes into account the load and how quickly the remaining charge will be used up at the current load22:52
maco25% could last 10 minutes or 2 minutes, depending on load22:52
wintellectmaco2, Ahhhhhhh, k22:52
wintellectthough popey says 5% lasts him 1.5 hours :P22:53
wintellectrather, the last 5%22:53
popeyit has done22:54
popeynot all the time22:54
popeydepends on the circumstances22:54
wintellectpopey, like load perhaps?  :P22:55
popeyin my circumstance I used the laptop for 1.5 hours, suspended it, woke it up 12 hours later and it said 5% left22:56
popeyi told gpm not to suspend, it continued to say 5 mins left (not 5%) for 1.5 hours22:57
popeyanyway, this isn't really the right channel for this22:57
* Tm_T huggles popey22:58
maco2popey: i wonder if it counted the suspend time, very very slowly, in its estimate??23:00
* popey shrugs23:00
maco2hrm. my computer says its plugged in and charging and 98% full. its been unplugged for nearly 2 hours...23:09

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