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LLStarkshey bryceh, would you recommend ati or nvidia for a new linux box if i exclusively use non-free drivers?02:35
bjsnidernvidia, no contest02:35
bjsnideryou're using the blobs, right?02:36
bjsniderthe nvidia driver gives you vdpau, opengl 3.2, xrender accel02:37
bjsnidersupport for newest x servers and cards right away02:37
JanCOTOH, like I saw twice during the last 10 days, people can't seem to get there laptop to work together with a beamer if they have nvidia  ;-)02:38
LLStarkswhat about free drivers? how are nv, nouveau, radeon, and radeonhd?02:38
brycehthey all suck02:38
brycehbuy a mac02:38
bjsniderthey're all crap02:38
LLStarksno 3d?02:38
brycehradeon's ok02:39
brycehat least for R500 and earlier02:39
bjsniderthe intel driver is the ony good foss graphics driver02:39
JanCradeonhd has 3D if you have the exact same card as the developers IIRC  ;)02:39
JanC(or was it the radeon driver?)02:39
LLStarksintel graphic drivers are godly. intel graphic hardware is crap.02:39
LLStarkshow is gallium coming along?02:40
LLStarkscan i expect nouveau to perfect it and all of xf86-intel to use it by the end of 2011?02:41
bjsnidernot ready for prime time02:41
JanCAFAIK gallium is a tool (library) to make 3D graphics drivers, it's not a graphics driver in itself...02:41
LLStarksheh. i though gallium was replacing mesa.02:41
LLStarksor do i have a completely incorrect view of how graphic stacks work?02:42
bjsnidernot anytime soon, that's for sure02:42
JanCwell, mesa is used for something like that too  ;)02:42
JanCas I understand mesa, it implements OpenGL in software, and lets drivers override that by hardware-supported methods02:43
bjsnideri don't know how anyone tolerates the fglrx/ati drivers02:46
JanC"""Gallium3D is a software library for 3D graphics device drivers being developed by VMware (previously Tungsten Graphics).[1] Gallium3D operates as a layer between the graphics API and the operating system with the primary goal of making driver development easier, bundling otherwise duplicated code of several different drivers at a single point."""02:46
bjsniderwhen i put this system together i tolerated it for 15 minutes before returning the card02:47
LLStarkswut. vmware gobbled tungsten?02:51
JanCmaybe for the better (let's hope)02:52
LLStarksanyway, i have a question about the 2.6.33 backport plans. which option is being considered most heavily?02:52
JanCLLStarks: I guess vmware wanted 3D graphics knowledge for VMs02:52
LLStarksthat's good. 3d emulation sucks.02:53
LLStarksas long as they keep it gpl02:54
JanCwell, I guess they want 3D passthrough  ;)02:54
kklimondabryceh: if I have to add resume=/dev/sdXY to resume from hibernation should I mark test as passed or nt?06:03
kklimondabryceh: I'm talking about nouveau evaluation06:03
brycehmark it failed and list what you did to work around it06:03
brycehkklimonda, btw thanks for helping with testing :-)06:04
kklimondabryceh: and when testing dual head should I mark it as failed if nouveau fail to detect that I've plugged my monitor until I use xrandr or display from preferences menu?06:08
kklimondaplugged or unplugged06:08
brycehif you can get it to work after fiddling with xrandr, count it passed06:09
brycehkklimonda, but we're not sticklers on what counts as passed or failed; kind of use your judgment, if you feel the driver is really sucking on something, fail it.  If you think it's adequate, give it a thumbs up06:10
brycehremember we're comparing against -nv, so that's a pretty low hurdle ;-)06:10
kklimondabryceh: I should mark all tests as passed then - maybe leave hibernation one as failed..06:11
kklimondabryceh: are all required bits for nouveau uploaded to archive or do I still have to use xorg-edgers ppa?06:11
kklimondaI'd like to reinstall system when alpha3 is released and test it on clean install06:11
brycehkklimonda, I'm pretty pleased with the testing that folks have done.  It's giving me confidence that we're going in the right direction with nouveau.  We may have some issues to square away but I don't feel like we're going to need to go back to -nv or anything drastic06:12
brycehkklimonda, there are still a few bits outstanding for nouveau.  I think we may have them all in by the end of the week06:12
kklimondabryceh: for example packages that have been uploaded to archive seem to be missing nouveau_kvm_hook for initramfs.. or maybe I don't have the right package installed06:13
kklimondabryceh: I'm really pleased with nouveau myself - especially now that there are so many weird problems with nvidia driver in lucid :)06:14
brycehyeah I'm not sure whether linux-backports-modules is in yet, but we'll need that in the archive before we can really start wrapping things up06:14
RAOFkklimonda: The kms hook really needs to go into the framebuffer hook shipped with initramfs-tools.07:11
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tjaaltonany pending changes to mesa, or should I upload what's in git now?10:47
tjaaltonSarvatt: ^10:48
tjaaltonxserver 1.7.5 merged12:21
sebnertseliot: your new nvidia upload to lucid drops my glxgears frames rate about 5-10k (to half maybe)14:12
tseliotsebner: what does glxinfo say?14:13
sebnertseliot: http://pastebin.com/m59fe117a14:14
tseliotsebner: it's not the final release so it might be a temporary regression14:15
tseliotsebner: do 3D applications seem slower?14:15
sebnertseliot: definately14:16
tseliotglxgears is not a benchmark14:16
tseliotsebner: also what does this command say? "ldconfig -p | grep GL" and does the X log show anything interesting?14:17
sebnertseliot: http://pastebin.com/m213d74b2 Xorg log shows acpi failure (dunno if this is new though)14:18
tseliotsebner: maybe nvidia is doing something "new" ;)14:20
tseliotbut other than that it should be fine14:20
* sebner will just wait until mighty tseliot gets his hands on a new and fixed driver then :)14:22
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Sarvatttjaalton: whats in git now works for mesa, the bug fix for building rss-glx is waiting on moving libGL back to /usr/lib as far as I can see but the alternatives for libgl1-mesa-swx11 are working fine18:42
brycehheya Sarvatt19:06
brycehSarvatt, what's your opinion on sticking with 2.9.1 vs moving to 2.10 for -intel?19:06
Duke`no execbuf error for days... Duke` is happy \o/19:12
brycehDuke`, is that with stock lucid or xorg-edgers?19:13
Duke`on karmic19:13
brycehtjaalton, heh the comments on the phoronix article are arguing every single opinion on this.22:45
bryceha third think we're crazy not to be using the 2.6.33 kernel, a third think we're crazy to be considering backporting *anything* from 2.6.33 for an lts, and a third are crazy themselves22:46
RAOFAre you sure those groups have no intersection? :)22:47
brycehRAOF, ;-)22:47
BUGabundobryceh: what are we backporting from .33?22:49
brycehit's a bit irritating how closely phoronix follows our development discussions.  It's like having a conference call and someone hooks the phone to the loudspeaker at comdex22:50
brycehBUGabundo, drm22:51
brycehBUGabundo, RTFPhornix ;-)22:51
BUGabundothat I don't know22:51
brycehprobably for the best22:52
tjaaltonbryceh: haha :)23:05
tjaaltonSarvatt: ok, I'll probably upload it tomorrow until someone gets to it before me23:06
brycehtjaalton, mesa?23:13
BUGabundoany news on fixing 3D in nouvuea?23:15
BUGabundobeen broken since Sunday23:15
tjaaltonbryceh: yep23:15
brycehtjaalton, great23:16
RAOFBUGabundo: -ENOTSUPPORTED!  Without having looked at it, I'd guess that it now requires libdrm 2.4.18 and a drm interface version 0.0.16, which means pulling from nouveau's linux tree rather than linus.23:17
RAOFIf we end up planning on pulling 2.6.34 intel & radeon into linux-backports-modules, we may well end up pulling in the 0.0.16 nouveau drm interface soon.23:20
persiaHey.  Seems that the latest x11-common pulls in a heap of -dev packages.  Is this intentional?  What use case does it support?23:59

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