tautologismxfact: timevault, maybe?  Though I'm not sure if it can back up to another drive.00:00
dabaRidk: recognized by what?00:00
tautologismxfact: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TimeVault00:00
Loshameowbuntu: ftp, http or torrent are all fine. Often torrent is the fastest because lots of different people can share the load, but the end result is the same in all cases00:00
xfactAny easy backup tool for Ubuntu? I am about to change my HDD, so asking..00:00
dabaR!restoregrub | M1DLGpc00:00
dabaR!recoveringgrub | M1DLGpc00:00
ubottuM1DLGpc: grub is the default boot manager for Ubuntu releases before Karmic (9.10). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto - See !grub2 for Karmic onwards.00:00
Losha!backup | xfact (disclaimer: I've never used any of these)00:01
ubottuxfact (disclaimer: I've never used any of these): There are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning00:01
idkdabaR, when i try to change my resolution, it says my monitor isnt recognized, and i only have options for 800 x 600 and 640 x 48000:01
Sweatneed some help with grub00:01
Sweatgetting error 15: file not found00:01
dabaR!resolution |idk00:01
ubottuidk: The X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution00:01
Sweatbut when i try "e" cant edit root somewhere to boot hd(0,0)00:02
DebiansArmyI thought we were to backup grub not restore it???00:02
* dabaR surrenders00:02
M1DLGpcta, but i lost my grub instal, and a faulty partiton has lost my ubuntu that was installed there. I only need to gain access to my old windoqws drive because i wont boot and was last shut down with hibernate so it's unmountable. all I want to do is a new istall of ubuntu filling the whole drive after recovering everything off first00:02
dabaRxfact: to backup your installation, which will then be able to run without installing on the new HD?00:03
M1DLGpcubuntu is less agrovation00:03
dabaRM1DLGpc: but when you boot ubuntu live, you can not mount the windows drive?00:03
M1DLGpcit refuses because it was hibernated00:04
Sweatcan someone please help me with grub?00:04
xfactdabaR, right, I have to backup the system also00:04
M1DLGpcdaber it will not let me delete it either woth the suggested commands00:04
dabaRM1DLGpc: sorry, I misread. you want to restore the windows boot loader.00:04
cubic1273howdy.  trying to get a wireless USB chipset working.  050d:705a; uses the rt73 driver, I believe.  I put the thing into ad-hoc mode, and it broadcasts garbage.  this is on (ARMv7l).00:04
yoyoma8how do i setup my wifi to rome? -.-00:04
M1DLGpconly need it till the week end00:04
dabaRSweat: how did you lose usage of grub?00:05
Sweatnever did lose usage, just after a fresh install00:05
dabaRSweat: Ah,.00:05
Sweatit wouldnt boot00:05
dabaRHow did you install?00:05
Sweateehm 1 lvm for home, 1 ext2 boot and 1 ext3 for root00:06
dabaRxfact: never heard of that.00:06
ubyserverHello Everyone!00:06
dabaRSweat: using the desktop CD?00:06
ubyserverHope you are all well and in good health.00:06
SweatdabaR: i googled into this link: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=297261 post 900:06
Sweatbut cant find root when i pres "e" in the grub menu00:07
Sweatto boot from hd(0,0)00:07
xfactI should totally explain the problem00:07
M1DLGpcdabar- I just fixed it, I couldn't get it to understand the name of the drive "win XP" because of the space, when I was working in console. I changed it to a wildcard and it said it was not able to work, but it fixed it anyway00:08
dabaRM1DLGpc: good job you!00:08
od3nis rm that command for deleting a file00:08
M1DLGpcI still doubt understnading why it doesn't understand spoaces in foldernames in consol00:08
dabaRod3n: do you use the Ubuntu desktop, or just the server?00:09
od3nI am just using decktop00:09
dabaRSweat: I see...00:09
od3ndesktop now00:09
dabaRSweat: So it does not boot into ubuntu after a normal install with the desktop CD?00:09
od3nI will set up a server in my room at some point just not yet00:09
bulltitanhi im running ubuntu 9.10 on a eeepc 701 so far so good but id like to know how to get rid of recent documents entry in places menu00:09
xfactMy old 80Gb HDD has 'bad sectors' (Ubuntu disk utility saying) and I am thinking about to exchange it to 160 GB HDD, but after that I do not want to setup the whole Ubuntu again, so I am asking for any ways to get back all the major settings without setting up one after one again.00:10
dabaRod3n: and why don't you just right click on a file and move to trash?00:10
ubyserverHas anyone here installed Plesk on there box.00:10
SweatdabaR: No, using ubuntu server00:10
dabaRbulltitan: is it possible to right click then remove from menu?00:10
M1DLGpcxfact, inless i'm corrected, gparted is good enough for that task00:10
bulltitanno i think it is part of the applet but there might be a way arround to delete it00:11
dabaRSweat: an ubuntu server CD? And it won't boot, right?00:11
M1DLGpcif you have concers about doing it in ubuntu it can be downloaded as a live disk in it's oewn right00:11
bulltitani know how to disable it but i want it off the menu00:11
M1DLGpcor ran from live ubuntu disk00:11
dabaRSweat: OK, so try hd(0,1), and hd(0,2)00:11
xfactM1DLGpc, But gparted is a partition tool, I am talking about to replacing the HDD, not upgrading.00:11
dabaRSweat: you have only one HD in the computer, right?00:11
Sweati want to, but where do i need to edit? cause when i enter grub menu, press "e" i see 4 lines..00:12
lostinspace_46If I make a karmic live cd using Remastersys is there a way to give the cd full permissions to my HDD when it loads?00:12
Sweat2 hd00:12
M1DLGpcyou can copy from one drive to another, then expand the size of partiton00:12
Sweatso i am sure it must be hd(0,0)00:12
dabaRbulltitan: Oh, the whole places menu?00:12
Sweatbut where do i need to edit?00:12
od3ncause I am using a live cd to fix some stuff as a last ditch effort to fix something00:12
bulltitanno just the recent documents entry00:13
Sweati got 4 lines, uuid, kernel, initrd and quiet00:13
dabaRSweat: just cause it has 2 hard disks, that does not mean it is hd(0,)00:13
Sweati am sure i installed grub on 0,000:13
Sweatanyway, i couldnt try yet00:14
Sweatcause i dont know where to edit it00:14
dabaRSweat: and you don't get a grub boot menu at start?00:14
Sweati do00:14
Sweati even did00:14
Sweatfind /grub/stage100:14
Sweatthats hd(0,0)00:14
Sweatwhen i want to edit the bootlines(or something) i dont know where to edit to hd(0,0)00:15
od3nand was wondering that the command to rename a file was or should I just cp it00:15
* PsychoMari0 00:16
SonicAD...oh I was going to ask about solutions for watching the NBC Olympics coverage but I see a preview version of Moonlight 3 is out now00:16
ericjamesI fixed part of my issue with thinkfinger. the package had to be built from source configuring thinkfinger for pam authentication.00:16
dabaRod3n: mv renames00:16
PirateGoosehow can I compile a .po file into a .gmo file? google gives me nothing viable...00:16
ericjamesnot, however, when i log in with a finger print I have to use my password for my keyring00:16
od3nok thanks00:17
ericjamesa suggested work around is to put 'echo "PASSWORD" | /path/to/pam-keyring-tool -u -s' in my .bashrc file (replacing 'PASSWORD' with my password of course).00:17
bulltitanby the way i have another question, the power manager applet in gnome displays all the battery info wrong is there a fix for this?00:17
teklobhow can I have find show me all .cpp or h files with a single command?00:17
SweatdabaR: so where do i need to edit it in grub?00:17
teklobfind ./ -regex ".*\.[h|cpp]" only shows headers00:18
ericjamesthis didn't work however, is there somewhere besides bashrc I should put this echo statement?00:18
dabaRbulltitan: did you read http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=556592 ?00:18
od3nok last question I have a file called menu.lst~00:18
bulltitannope but i will do right now thanks00:19
dabaRSweat: when you boot, you should be able to get to an grub boot menu editor.00:19
tickoi dont know why but all of a sudden my wireless connection keeps dying on me. I must restart the connection to get it to work form 5 min then do it again. Anyone help?00:19
Sweatye i am right now00:19
od3nwhat is that file, I know what menu.lst is but not sure what the ~ denotes00:19
dabaRSweat: so, edit it.00:19
Sweatwhat part do i need to edit? i got 4 lines00:19
dabaRSweat: I mean, it is somewhat almost unlikely that you will be able to fix what the installer could not configure, IMHO00:19
cubic1273od3n: ~ probably refers to a backup of the original file.  you can open the menu.lst~ file up in an editor and check.00:20
dabaRSweat: what are the lines? Can you post it to pastebin?00:20
bulltitanho yeah  thats the disable solution yep ive read that one00:20
Sweatnot sure how to, cant connect trough ssh :)00:20
tickocan anyone helP?00:20
dabaRSweat: if you can read it, you could type it...00:20
tautologismteklob: you want to use '(' instead of '['; also you might  need to to backslash-escape them along with the '|'00:20
od3nya I think I got it working00:20
bulltitani know it might be a cosmetic question to you folks just like the power manager but its important to me00:21
tautologismteklob: the [...] construction specifies one of the included characters.00:22
od3nso I got it to boot sort of now its doing a fsck00:22
tautologismteklob: documentation is via   man 7 regex00:23
tautologismteklob: though there may be some differences, I'm not sure which type of regex find uses, looks like 'emacs' by default.00:24
here4thegearhi, on ubuntu server, I usually use sudo aptitude install <package>.. Does anyone know if I can use aptitude to install php 6 and if so how? thanks00:25
PingFloydhere4thegear: yeah00:25
tautologismteklob:   man 7 regex   describes 'egrep'-style regexps; IIRC I usually use those style with find.  you should be able to pass the flag '-regextype posix-extended' to find to select that type for sure.00:26
PingFloydhere4thegear: like aptitude install pkg=version00:26
macman_hi all .. my wireless is enabled  but disabled in NetworkManager .. i have no check to enable it .. how can i check this00:27
macman_i tried ifconfig eth2 up00:27
macman_no go00:27
here4thegearPingFloyd: oh, ok I'll try that out.. I'm wanting to test some things out on it.00:27
macman_i also tried iwconfig eth2 up00:27
here4thegearmacman_: wireless is usually wlan000:28
macman_eth2 shows up for 802.1100:28
psycho_oreosdepends on driver00:28
here4thegearmacman_: what kind of laptop is it?00:29
macman_how do i renable the wireless .. i have Enable networking checked .. and i have Enable wireless greyed out00:29
macman_here4thegear dell studio 1700:29
loganhoupCan someone help me? Upon upgrading from 9.04 to 9.10 my wireless has stopped working. Network manager doesn't even acknowledge I have anything wifi. I have the restricted driver install. I don't have an enable wireless checkbox. I'm currently on a wired connection.00:29
psycho_oreoslegacy ieee80211 framework based driver, including some proprietary ones may have other interface naming.. ipw2200 for example uses ethX, broadcom-sta uses ethX, ralink driver (direct from ralink website) is raX00:29
psycho_oreosmacman_, pastebin your lspci -nnk output00:30
Serpicohow i know which the channel using my router?thanks00:30
ZiggyzxxylHow do I reset my keychain password?00:30
psycho_oreosSerpico, go into router config and check00:31
FrijolieI'm confused on the way Nautilus displays the file permissions...00:31
HalvtandHello everyone. I'm a first-time Ubunto user with my very first problem. I've installed Ubunto v. 9.10 on my Acer Aspire 3003 and the colors are all wrong. I tried to find an answer on the internet, but noone wrote out instructions for newbies. I have no idea of what to do.00:31
d3xterZiggyzxxyl, iwlist [wlan-interface] scan00:31
d3xtersry, that goes to Serpico ^^00:31
Frijoliefor instance, Nautilus displays the owner of this file as brian - Brian then the group as brian00:31
Frijoliewhat does that mean?00:31
loganhoupCan someone help me? Upon upgrading from 9.04 to 9.10 my wireless has stopped working. Network manager doesn't even acknowledge I have anything wifi. I have the restricted driver install. I don't have an enable wireless checkbox. I'm currently on a wired connection.00:32
Serpicopsycho_oreos, d3xter my router is blocked and i don't go into router config :(00:32
psycho_oreosloganhoup, pastebin your lspci -nnk output.. and I strongly advise against upgrades00:32
klappiFrijolie: normaly each user has his own group00:33
Frijolieklappi, I get that but why does it say "owner: brian - Brian"...what does that mean?00:33
psycho_oreosSerpico, what d3xter says is a command you can probe for wireless networks, you may need to do it a few times and if your AP name doesn't exist, you're almost pretty much SOL00:33
Frijoliethe ls -l says "rwxr-x--- brian brian"00:34
psycho_oreosFrijolie, for those who owns the file00:34
ddaweloganhoup:  Ubuntu has serious problems when it comes to distributio upgrade.00:34
loganhoupI know.00:34
loganhoupI just didn't have the time to back up00:34
Frijoliewell I'm brian and I can't rename the file. as soon as I rename it, it reverts back to what it used to be00:34
ubyserverWas it alright if I had to add a domain like such to satisfy Plesk installation upaddress computername.localhost.com00:35
ubyserverto hosts00:35
here4thegearI want to scrub a website (a specific one) which is full of links to wav files. On my remote server, I want to scrub that site (following links that are within that website) to find and download all the links to .wav files and then perform some tasks on those wav files. Where do I start to do the search of the site for the links to the wav files?00:35
psycho_oreosloganhoup, try sudo modprobe ath5k and see if there's wlanX interface00:35
FrijolieI've done chown "brian:brian" and chmod 750 on all files in that directory00:35
Serpicopsycho_oreos, d3xter how i can run this operation?(sorry for my english)00:35
blakkheimhere4thegear: man wget00:35
d3xterSerpico, you can run this command in any terminal00:35
psycho_oreosSerpico, <d3xter> Serpico , iwlist [wlan-interface] scan00:35
klappiFrijolie: and what did you expect ls -l to chow?00:35
ZiggyzxxylHow do I reset my keychain password? I turned my 'puter on this morning and it was not accepting my keychain password to connect to my wireless... which is odd, because I had it the same as my log in password, which still worked for logging me in. Last time I had the computer on, I changed my login password. Now neither my new or old password can access the keychain thing. What do I do?00:36
Serpicook thanks00:36
here4thegearblakkheim: thanks.00:36
loganhouppsycho_oreos: no output00:36
HalvtandHello everyone. I'm a first-time Ubunto user with my very first problem. I've installed Ubunto v. 9.10 on my Acer Aspire 3003 and the colors are all wrong. I tried to find an answer on the internet, but noone wrote out instructions for newbies. Something about running /etc/X11/xorg.conf but where do I write that, and how do I access it?00:36
wexzapaCan anyone heplme with mathematica???00:36
psycho_oreosFrijolie, try mv <current_file_name> <new_file_name>00:36
Frijoliethe "ls - l" is what I expected it, but that's why I"m so confused cause i'm the owner and in the group but I still cannot rename the file00:36
psycho_oreosloganhoup, do sudo lsmod| grep ath5k00:36
Jordan_USweat, Try just changing the boot order in the BIOS.00:37
Serpicopsycho_oreos, d3xter ok working thanks :D00:37
d3xterSerpico, you're welcome00:37
Frijoliepsycho_oreos, I know about that command..i know how to do renames but they don't stick00:38
loganhoup1psycho_oreos: that made me connect.00:38
loganhoup1no output on it00:38
Frijoliepsycho_oreos, that's why I think I'm having file permissions issues00:38
=== loganhoup1 is now known as loganhoup
psycho_oreosFrijolie, maybe there's a process that has a handle on the file00:38
loganhouppsycho_oreos: thank you. Is this a permanent fix?00:38
Frijoliepsycho_oreos, just tried "mv" again, it doesn't go through. Tried mv, nautilus, gprename00:38
psycho_oreosFrijolie, if it was a perm error, it'll tell you at prompt imo00:39
psycho_oreosloganhoup, don't think so, its weird how its not set to load at boot00:39
=== Wolf is now known as Guest93738
ZiggyzxxylHow do I reset my default keyring password?00:39
loganhoupyeah. This computer does some lovingly fun weird stuff.00:39
Frijoliepsycho_oreos, when i do mv it just goes to an empty prompt (making you think it went through) then you "ls" again and it's back to the original00:39
pinkspideralguém fala português ? brazil ?00:39
Jordan_UFrijolie, You need to have permission to edit that *directory*, a rename is an operation on a directory, not the file itself.00:39
loganhoupPsycho_oreos: So how do I make it permanent pray tell?00:40
psycho_oreosFrijolie, check via lso00:40
psycho_oreosFrijolie, I meant lsof00:40
schgoddieZiggyzxxyl: i'm not really shure, try to delete (or rename) .gnupg in your home-folder00:40
FrijolieJordan_U, yeah I thought about that as well parent, sub, and files are all 75000:40
psycho_oreosloganhoup, I only know of a dirty hack, that is to add it into /etc/rc.local00:40
klappiHalvtand: please do grep Driver /etc/X11/xorg.conf00:40
d3xterZiggyzxxyl, just move ~/.gnome2/keyrings/default.keyring into another folder and then reboot00:41
Jordan_UFrijolie, And you are the owner of the directory?00:41
Ziggyzxxylok, thanks00:41
d3xterFrijolie, have you tried to set the owner of this file?00:41
Frijolieyeah, parent directories, sub directories, and all files are 750 brian brian00:41
ubyserverMy installation of Plesk failed00:41
Frijolieand Yes I'm brian00:41
ubyserverHow do I remove the files if it did not finish successfully?00:42
Frijoliei have done chmod 750 * on all directories in that folder as well as chown brian:brian00:42
Jordan_UFrijolie, And you say you don't get any error when you use mv?00:42
Halvtandklappi how do i do that? I'm a first-timer, don't really know where to look for stuff in this yet.00:42
dazed_hey i just rebooted my comp and i got this error message when loading ubuntu and i cant access anything message: "One or more of the mounts listed in /etc/fstab cannot yet be loaded | /:waiting for /dev/loop0 | /tmp: waiting for(null) | Press ESC to enter a recovery shell"00:42
psycho_oreosubyserver, depends on how its installed00:42
loganhouppsycho_oreos: ummmm. How do I do that?00:42
sundaymorningpinkspider: #ubuntu-br00:42
klappiHalvtand: do you have console open?00:42
FrijolieJordan_U, nope, no error message. When I rename via Nautilus (right-click > rename) it allows me to rename the file but then ~2 seconds later it reverts00:42
Halvtandklappi no console, staring at the desktop00:43
ubyserverpsycho_oreos: Alright so that means what?00:43
loganhoupPsycho_oreos: That is, add it to  /etc/rc.local.00:43
klappiHalvtand: dont you got xterm?00:43
psycho_oreosubyserver, how did you exactly install plesk?00:43
ubyserverI wish I could just reinstall00:43
ubyserver./ parallels_installer_v3.5.0_build090817.16_os_Ubuntu_8.04_i38600:43
pinkspiderOii ( :00:43
pinkspiderany hacker ?00:43
tomatoes7max is koning00:44
psycho_oreosloganhoup, yes, its a shell script, add it before exit 0 line and the words would be "modprobe ath5k"00:44
Halvtandklappi xterm? What's that?00:44
psycho_oreosloganhoup, that's a cheap hack that will work on every bootup time00:44
FrijolieI've stumped the masters, huh?00:44
borborhey, been using ubuntu for a few weeks, when I'm connecting HDMI to my tv the resolution is either way too big or without widescreen, I think I can fix it with the nvidia 190 or 195 driver, as they have overscanning compensation00:44
klappiHalvtand: ok you have bootet into gnome?00:44
psycho_oreosFrijolie, you haven't tried lsof yet00:44
loganhoupalright. I greatly appreciate the help.00:44
dazed_Hey, i just rebooted my comp and i got this error message when loading ubuntu and i cant access anything message: "One or more of the mounts listed in /etc/fstab cannot yet be loaded | /:waiting for /dev/loop0 | /tmp: waiting for(null) | Press ESC to enter a recovery shell"00:44
borborbut it always says I'm running an xserver, and won't let me install00:44
Frijoliepsycho_oreos, never heard of it00:45
psycho_oreosloganhoup, for the time being I'd try to find out why it won't autoload.. might it be blacklisted? etc00:45
Halvtandklappi I guess so, how do I tell?00:45
psycho_oreosFrijolie, it lists open files.. if you do lsof| grep <filename> it might show which processes has a handle on it00:45
acervoanyvary tell me what is the command for a creat a root?00:46
klappiHalvtand: press alt - F200:46
Jordan_UFrijolie, Can you pastebin the output of "strace mv foo bar"?00:46
loganhoupPsycho_oreos: When I upgraded it asked if I wanted to keep or throw out something to do with blacklisting.00:46
loganhoupI'm pretty sure that concerned pulseaudio though.00:46
Halvtandklappi run application window comes up00:46
loganhoupWhich is probably toast since the upgrade too...00:46
klappiHalvtand: type xterm there00:47
dazed_ey i just rebooted my comp and i got this error message when loading ubuntu and i cant access anything message: "One or more of the mounts listed in /etc/fstab cannot yet be loaded | /:waiting for /dev/loop0 | /tmp: waiting for(null) | Press ESC to enter a recovery shell"00:47
Jordan_Udazed_, I assume this is a wubi installation?00:47
Halvtandklappi ok, some kind of console00:47
dazed_Jordan_U:  ya00:47
acervo#ubuntu -es00:47
psycho_oreosloganhoup, blacklisting keeps systems sane imo, without blacklist, some old and potentially problematic if not duplicate modules will be loaded for the exact same device found on your computer.. like your wifi chipset also has a driver known as madwifi-ng.. without blacklist and installing madwifi-ng you will find both of them autoloaded but only one will work00:48
acalbaza_do all versions of virtualbox OSE support usb?00:48
pinkspiderproxy in ubuntu ?00:48
dazed_Jordan_U:  it was working all day and night yesterday through numerous reboots00:48
klappiHalvtand: congrats youve found the console new wonders and adventures ahead00:48
Frijoliepsycho_oreos, lsof | grep <myfilename> returned no results00:48
Jordan_Uacalbaza_, No, the USB support is proprietary, the open source version doesn't have it.00:48
psycho_oreosFrijolie, tried what Jordan_U mentioned?00:48
dazed_Jordan_U: i have navigated into my etc in the recovery shell anyway i can remake my fstab?00:49
macman_hi all wasn't paying attention .. how do i enable my wireless ?00:49
Halvtandklappi I feel sooooo stupid right here... Hopefully I'll learn this stuff pretty quickly.... What do I do now?00:49
k0d3g3ardoes anyone know of a GUI application that front-ends the running of one or more shell commands?00:49
acalbaza_Jordan_U: thanks00:49
psycho_oreosmacman_, you haven't pastebin your lspci -nnk outptu00:49
loganhouppsycho_oreos: where is the blacklisting thingy at for my wifi?00:49
psycho_oreosmacman_, output*00:49
loganhoup(I have little to no idea what I'm talking about)00:49
klappiHalvtand: grep Driver /etc/X11/xorg.conf00:49
Jordan_Uacalbaza_, np00:50
psycho_oreosloganhoup, there's no blacklisting specifically for wifi, there's a general blackllst that can be found in /etc/modprobe.d/00:50
foss4sme #villagetelco00:50
* bihuhn (Away Grund : Auto Away nach 60 min | Pager : OFF )00:50
=== bihuhn is now known as Xp-Away
foss4smejoin  #villagetelco00:50
loganhoupPsycho_oreos: I remember being asked if I wanted that reset to default. I've made configurations to it before. I threw it out >_<.00:50
slowlearnerhi does anybody know how i can change the default session during login? menu always defaults to xterm(should be gnome i think)00:50
dazed_i just rebooted my comp and i got this error message when loading ubuntu and i cant access anything message: "One or more of the mounts listed in /etc/fstab cannot yet be loaded | /:waiting for /dev/loop0 | /tmp: waiting for(null) | Press ESC to enter a recovery shell"00:51
FrijolieJordan_U, http://pastebin.com/m1410b57600:51
psycho_oreosloganhoup, well that doesn't help me much, probably a better idea is to pastebin the output for the contents of that blacklist file00:51
klappislowlearner: do you use gdm?00:51
HalvtandKlappi grep: /etc/X11/xorg.conf: No such file or directory00:51
Frijoliepsycho_oreos, ^00:51
slowlearnerklappi: yes00:51
k0d3g3ardazed_:  what does your /etc/fstab contain?00:52
psycho_oreosFrijolie, its saying the file doesn't exist from the strace output00:52
klappislowlearner: you can use gdmsetup to turn off autlogin this allows you to choose different sessions00:52
dazed_im in etc and i dir'd it and found fstab but cant cd into it00:52
Frijoliepsycho_oreos, well "foo bar" doesn't exist, correct00:52
Jordan_UFrijolie, Ok, replace "foo" and "bar" with the actual names you are using, so just take your mv command and put strace in front of it00:52
loganhoupoh wow00:52
loganhoupthat's a directory00:52
k0d3g3ardazed_:  Its a file, not a directory00:52
psycho_oreosFrijolie, err you're meant to replace foo with the current filename and bar with new filename :p00:52
ubyserverHow do I remove LAMP00:52
Frijoliepsycho_oreos, Jordan_U, d'oh!00:52
dazed_k0d3g3ar:  i tried to mount it and it said cant find fstab in etc/fstab or /mtab00:52
psycho_oreosloganhoup, yes full of configs, look for blacklist or blacklist.conf00:52
slowlearnerklappi: cool thanks!00:53
Jordan_UFrijolie, :)00:53
k0d3g3ardazed_:  But you said you can see it?  Can you do a    cat /etc/fstab00:53
psycho_oreosubyserver, doesn't help if you don't say how exactly you installed it, from tar.gz? from deb? or what?00:53
dazed_k0d3g3ar:  yes a bunch of stuff popped up what do u need00:53
ubyserverummm tasksel00:53
ubyserverapt-get install00:54
loganhouppsycho_oreos: http://paste.ubuntu.com/378739/00:54
klappiHalvtand: grep LoadModule /var/log/Xorg.0.log00:54
k0d3g3ardazed_:  Its not what I need.... its what you need.  You need to understand what it says, and remove any lines that are not valid.  Sounds like its trying to mount stuff that isn't there00:54
psycho_oreosubyserver, for that case you can do apt-get remove.. but probably a better option is to use aptitude instead of apt-get00:54
ubyserverI only use command00:54
ubyserverso apt-get remove will do.00:54
psycho_oreosloganhoup, weird, ath5k is not blacklisted, dmesg might have some info I presume00:55
dazed_k0d3g3ar:  well im lost at that point i dunno what i need or dont nee00:55
loganhoupyay logs...00:55
sidney_to dualboot do i create one ect3 primary partition then the others root swap home inside the primary?00:55
k0d3g3ardazed_:  The format of each line should start with the source of what its trying to mount, the the mount type, then the destination of where it will mount it, etc.  (or something like that - I can't remember the exact order but its pretty obvious when you look at the file)00:55
psycho_oreosloganhoup, there's many many ways to check for potential causes of why it won't autoload00:55
tautologismHey, I asked a question a while ago about ssh'ing back into a server that's running do-release-upgrade under screen.  I'm getting an error from ssh_exchange_identification; I can actually access the machine but I'd like to continue running the upgrade via ssh.  Anybody know more about this?  Thanks00:56
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)00:56
ubottuSSH is the Secure SHell protocol, see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSHHowto for client usage. PuTTY is an SSH client for Windows; see: http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/ for it's homepage. See also !scp (Secure CoPy) and !sshd (Secure SHell Daemon)00:57
Halvtandklappi got a lot of (II) LoadModule: "something different in every one" I know that my graphics should be the one that says "sis"00:57
k0d3g3ardazed_:  Look at each line, and verify that the source of what it is trying to mount actually exists.  If not, there's your problem.  I suspect this is just a symptom of another problem you are having00:57
dazed_first 2 lines: "/host/ubuntu/disks/root.dsk/     ext4   loop,errors=remount-ro 0" --- "host/ubuntu/disks/swap.disk non       swap   loop,sw 0 0"00:57
k0d3g3ardazed_:  ie.  its trying to mount a nfs volume,and the nfs server is down.  Or something like that00:57
damaguHey all, what do I do if my / partition is getting full?00:57
TDJACRdamagu: Purchase a new HD00:57
psycho_oreosdamagu, find out where its using the most?00:57
loganhouppsycho_oreos: http://paste.ubuntu.com/378742/00:57
k0d3g3ardamagu:  clonezilla is your friend00:57
epinkytautologism: http://www.kriyayoga.com/love_blog/post.php/75200:58
dazed_next 2 lines begin with /dev/scd0 and /dev/fd0 and thats all there is00:58
ubyserverI'm trying to apt-get -f and it can't connect to my mysql server because of incorrect username/password. "psa-api-rpc"00:58
damaguThanks for the sarcasm00:58
klappiHalvtand: are you talking from a seccond pc?00:58
airtonixquestion about zeroconf : i have samba announcing its service from my laptop, but my service-discovery-applet on my desktop is not 'discovering' the laptop shares ... any thoughts.00:58
k0d3g3ardazed_:  /dev/scd0 is your cdrom drive, /dev/fd0 is your floppy disk drive.  Are they active and working?00:58
diss3ntivedamagu:  If your / filesystem is separate from others like /usr /home /var /etc and so on, it may nto be that big of an issue...empty out /tmp and find crap that is taking up space00:58
damaguMy / partition is 8GB but my hard drive is 500GB00:58
ubyserverHence can't clean anything because it fails "Trying to establish test connection..."00:58
psycho_oreosloganhoup, hmm try modprobe -l| grep madwifi00:59
ubyserverAnd the log shows login error for mysql.00:59
diss3ntivedamagu:  Yea, df -h should tell you which partitions you have other than /00:59
pinkspiderwhat is buffer over flow ?00:59
dazed_k0d3g3ar:  yes cdrom works i dont have a floppy00:59
damagudiss3ntive: could it be because I have all these kernels00:59
Frijoliepsycho_oreos, Jordan_U, http://pastebin.com/m34b7bad600:59
k0d3g3ardamagu:  Then check out gparted - it should let you resize partitions.  But be sure to read all the docs as you could wipe everything if you do it wrong00:59
pinkspiderwhat is buffer over flow ?00:59
diss3ntivedamagu:  I have no idea how you have your system set up, but /etc/fstab should define your mountpoints00:59
Halvtandklappi yes00:59
psycho_oreosdamagu, well if / is full it means you've reached your maximum allocated fs for linux (generally)00:59
loganhouppsycho_oreos: no output. Should there be?00:59
michal_is there a way to use my phone's GPS through a usb on comp?00:59
epinkypinkspider: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buffer_overflow01:00
drizzt_pinkspider, a memory corruption01:00
Ziggyzxxyld3xter: I tried to find the default.keyring file to move it, but I only have login.keyring and 5 hidden files .keyringRANDOMLETTERS in that folder... default.keyring does not appear to exist :(01:00
k0d3g3ardazed_:  You can probably remove the mounting of the fd0 then...  But if its complaining about the cdrom, something is wrong with your hardware or Ubuntu's ability to see it01:00
tautologismepinky: thanks, lovely flowers by the way.  I actually am running the upgrade under screen but I can't ssh back in.  I've had this problem a few times, do-release-upgrade seems to do something that prevents new ssh connections.  I can connect to the screen session from a console on the server itself, but I'd like to avoid this route for a couple reasons.01:00
psycho_oreosloganhoup, nope, just checking, strange interface naming, ath0 was meant to be for madwifi-ng not ath5k unless if I'm mistaken01:00
damagudiss3ntive: I have 8GB /  but when I boot up grub is showing about 10 different kernels. Would removing some of them make space on /01:00
klappiHalvtand: ok because we might break your xorg now ^^01:00
dazed_k0d3g3ar:  how do i remove the mounting of fd001:00
bastid_raZordamagu: yes01:01
bastid_raZordamagu: uninstall then via syntapic01:01
klappiHalvtand: sudo apt-get install xserver-xorg-video-sis01:01
ericjamesevery time i log in i need to issue the command 'sudo setkeycodes 68 241' to get one of my tablet keys working. where can i store this so that it is done automatically with sudo permission??01:01
ubyserverI can't remove something because it can't connect to mysql server.01:01
k0d3g3ardazed_:  Boot with a recovery cd, and then sudo bash to get root access.  Then just edit the file with vi or whatever your favorite editor is01:01
epinkytautologism: if screen can't recover your session, nothing will do :)01:01
loganhouppsycho_oreos: oddly, I've always had to use ath0 when I wanted to monitor my wifi in something like conky and such.01:01
dazed_k0d3g3ar:  ok01:01
damagubastid_raZor: cool. That's easy. I didn't know you could do that. SHould I backup first or is removing kernels through synaptic safe?01:02
diss3ntivedamagu: That is located under /boot for the kernel images01:02
bastid_raZor!boot | k0d3g3ar follow this guide01:02
ubottuk0d3g3ar follow this guide: Boot options: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions - To add/remove startup services, you can use the package 'bum', or update-rc.d - To add your own startup scripts, use /etc/rc.local - See also !grub and !dualboot - Making a boot floppy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto/BootFloppy - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SmartBootManagerHowto01:02
psycho_oreosFrijolie, I'd try enclosing the filenames in quotes and without backslashes01:02
k0d3g3arbastid_raZor:  I'm not the one needing that info, dude01:02
bastid_raZordamagu: removing them is safe .. just be sure not to remove the current kernel01:02
TDJACRI'm attempting to install dansguardian with tinyproxy and firehol. It is working alright, except some websites fail to produce content. news.bbc.co.uk, dansguardian.org load the favicon, but the page is blank. See http://ln-s.net/52yc for the full bug report. Any ideas as to why this is happening?01:02
Ziggyzxxylis login.keyring the same as default.keyring?01:02
diss3ntivethe /boot partition should be on its own and / should be on its own01:02
d3xterZiggyzxxyl, then try to move login.keyring to another folder :)01:02
corey__how could I tell apt to stop reconfiguring an application when it's properly installed?01:02
damagudiss3ntive: I don't have a separate partition for /boot so it would be in the / partition too right?01:02
bastid_raZork0d3g3ar: oh,.. whom ever needed it then there it is.. i thought you needed a startup script to run as roon on boot?01:02
d3xterZiggyzxxyl, i think so, because my login.keyring contains all my wlan-passwords and stuff01:02
psycho_oreosloganhoup, not that I'm doubting you, just that usually with ath5k, the interface is normally named wlanX instead of athX.. check iwconfig to see if there's wifiX as well01:02
Frijoliepsycho_oreos, will do (excuse the corny music..hehe I'm embarassed)01:03
Ziggyzxxyld3xter: ok01:03
damagudiss3ntive: IOW not in my /home partition01:03
bastid_raZor!boot | ericjames follow this..01:03
ubottuericjames follow this..: Boot options: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions - To add/remove startup services, you can use the package 'bum', or update-rc.d - To add your own startup scripts, use /etc/rc.local - See also !grub and !dualboot - Making a boot floppy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto/BootFloppy - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SmartBootManagerHowto01:03
bastid_raZork0d3g3ar: sorry.. bad eyes on my part01:03
diss3ntiveehhhhhh, you dont have a /boot partition?!?01:03
tautologismepinky: no no screen can recover the session, I can do $(screen -x update) just fine from the server.  The problem is that my ssh connections are being rejected with the error "ssh_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host".  They worked just fine prior to starting do-release-upgrade; that's how I started the process.01:03
damagudiss3ntive: I don't have a separate /boot. I have / and /home01:03
psycho_oreosFrijolie, never head of that song but everyone has different tastes01:03
loganhoupPsycho_oreos: http://paste.ubuntu.com/378746/01:03
Halvtandklappi nothing broke. xserver-xorg-video-sis is already the newest version. 0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 219 not upgraded.01:04
diss3ntivedamagu:   cat /etc/fstab  | grep boot | wc -l01:04
diss3ntive0 or 1?01:04
=== sebi_` is now known as sebi`
tautologismepinky: I'd like to continue the upgrade over ssh so I don't have to go into the other room every time I have to merge configuration files.  Mostly though I'd like to know why do-release-upgrade changes sshd's behaviour.01:04
psycho_oreosloganhoup, yeah that's definitely ath5k driver, not madwifi-ng umm maybe modinfo ath5k and check to see if the vid:pid matches01:04
damagudiss3ntive: 001:05
bastid_raZordiss3ntive: a /boot partition isn't required01:05
diss3ntiveI know its not....Its just weird dood doesn't have one01:05
syn-ackdiss3ntive: Not really01:05
bastid_raZordiss3ntive: not weird at all. nor important for what he needs01:05
damagudiss3ntive: Well I didn't create one01:05
SmileyChrisodd, a normal update and ubuntu wants to install postfix on my desktop :/01:05
diss3ntiveyea, does Ubuntu actually install an OS without a /boot partition?01:05
syn-ackdiss3ntive: Different needs01:05
SmileyChrisseems it's been tied to lsb-core01:05
syn-ackdiss3ntive: sure does01:05
klappiHalvtand: 219 not upgraded is very bad01:05
tomatoes7more people believe that elvis is alive than believe that the stimulus bill has created jobs01:06
damagudiss3ntive: normally Ubuntu just dumps everything in one partition.... no?01:06
klappiHalvtand: you should update your system before trying to fix it01:06
diss3ntiveI now know why 1% of my machines are Ubuntu01:06
pedrovillelaim having an audio problem here in my laptop... can anyone help me???01:06
syn-ackHonestly all one needs to install is / and swap01:06
damagudiss3ntive: I created / and /home so that I could keep /home on upgrades01:06
diss3ntivedamagu:  I am not sure what Ubuntu does for install01:06
klappiHalvtand: sudo apt-get update and then sudo apt-get upgrade01:06
bastid_raZorHalvtand: to get those updates run this command in terminal:  sudo apt-get dist-upgrade   ..it will NOT change distrobutions but only fully update your box.01:06
damagudiss3ntive: oh yeah and swap01:06
loganhouppsycho_oreos: http://paste.ubuntu.com/378749/01:06
diss3ntiveyea, root and swap is minimal....01:06
ericjamesbastid_raZor: thanks. can setkeycodes be used as a boot option?01:06
panfistis there anyway to try to get gdm to start in some kind of safe/compatibility mode? all i get is a black screen on tty701:06
SafiyyahI am having a problem with the resolution on my monitor which is a digital flat screen telly with a VGA port. It's plugged into VGA, any ideas how to fix this?01:06
epinkytautologism: maybe you'll have to wait timeout, try closing all your ssh and sftp clients01:06
diss3ntivethen yea your kernel images are located under /boot and it will free up space for /01:07
Frijoliepsycho_oreos, hmm, I think the quotes did it...I didn't know that you could do it that way. I've always been messin around with those friggin slashes01:07
klappiHalvtand: that gives you the latest patches and versions of all installed packages (apps)01:07
ericjamesbastid_raZor: also, I don't have a /boot/grub/menu.lst file01:07
Frijoliepsycho_oreos, why wouldn't a simple right-click > rename work though, I'm still confused as why one method would work and not another01:07
syn-ackericG: Don't need on in GRUB201:07
yo09384can someone give me an example of what a cli ssh command should look like using a ssh key?01:07
syn-ackericjames, that is01:07
bastid_raZorericjames: i don't know if you can add them that way.. adding the command to /etc/rc.local will do what you need01:07
diss3ntivejust dont go delete happy, and know which ones you are deleteing...when you are done you will need to edit the /boot/grub/grub.conf to del the deleted kernels01:08
panfistyo09384 something like 'ssh user@host -i keyfile'01:08
psycho_oreosloganhoup, need you to pastebin that lspci -nnk again01:08
dazed_ey i just rebooted my comp and i got this error message when loading ubuntu and i cant access anything message: "One or more of the mounts listed in /etc/fstab cannot yet be loaded | /:waiting for /dev/loop0 | /tmp: waiting for(null) | Press ESC to enter a recovery shell"01:08
klappiHalvtand: if there are still not 0 not upgraded do sudo apt-get dist-upgrade01:08
Halvtandklappi ok, typing....01:08
psycho_oreosFrijolie, probably it couldn't interpret spaces and stuff01:08
ericjamessyn-ack: bastid_raZor: thanks, appreciated01:08
epinkytautologism: also you can try "rm ~/.ssh/know_hosts" in your remote host, then logout and retry01:08
SmileyChrisis lsb-core an important package? it seems like it is...01:08
tautologismepinky: what's the timeout a timeout of?01:09
yo09384panfist, ok so the key is a file not an acutual code i would type out like ssh -p 8080 user@host 983ez9328s?01:09
Frijoliepsycho_oreos, wait I think I have spoken too soon. I'm trying to rename another file in the same directory and we're back to square one01:09
diss3ntiveok staring back at my xbox, bbiab01:09
psycho_oreosFrijolie, it most likely meant to the program that its an extra parameter or argument when it isn't01:09
corey__how could I tell apt to stop reconfiguring an application when it's properly installed?01:09
psycho_oreosFrijolie, using quotes?01:09
loganhouppsycho_oreos: http://paste.ubuntu.com/378750/01:09
Frijoliepsycho_oreos, yup :(01:09
epinkytautologism: that would be translated as "Try later" :)01:10
panfistis there anyway to try to get gdm to start in some kind of safe/compatibility mode? all i get is a black screen on tty701:10
psycho_oreosloganhoup, weird, there's a matching vid:pid for it01:10
psycho_oreosFrijolie, do the strace mv "filename long A" "filename long B" and pastebin it01:10
dazed_ey i just rebooted my comp and i got this error message when loading ubuntu and i cant access anything message: "One or more of the mounts listed in /etc/fstab cannot yet be loaded | /:waiting for /dev/loop0 | /tmp: waiting for(null) | Press ESC to enter a recovery shell"01:11
Halvtandklappi downloading of stuff taking place, 10 min left until explosion...01:11
loganhouppsycho_oreos: I'm sorry. I have no idea what that means.01:12
damagubastid_raZor: how do I found out what kernels I'm not using? Or what kernel I am using?01:12
klappiHalvtand: ^^01:12
psycho_oreosloganhoup, it means that its supposed to be autoloaded but it didn't for some weird reason01:12
bastid_raZordamagu: uname -a   will show you your current kernel01:12
Frijoliepsycho_oreos, http://pastebin.com/m3aa3b5d201:12
klappiHalvtand: hope you have enough beer on stock! i have ^^01:12
epinkydazed: enter recovery mode and edit /etc/fstab by hand, comment out offending line01:12
tautologismepinky: like how much later?  It's been like this for an hour or so; i haven't had any open connections to the server during that time.01:13
psycho_oreosFrijolie, and does the file Dreaming.flac exist?01:13
damagubastid_raZor: thanks. And do I remove just the kernel images or the headers or both?01:13
Frijoliepsycho_oreos, of course01:13
damagubastid_raZor: or is there something else I should remove?01:13
Frijoliepsycho_oreos, all the mv command is being done from within that directory01:13
epinkytautologism: then try removing know_hosts ssh file01:13
Halvtandklappi Yeah, I have, but I've got work in the morning... They don't take kindly to people comming in drunk...01:14
corey__panfist, from grub you can choose the recovery boot option01:14
corey__damagu, uname -a01:14
corey__how could I tell apt to stop reconfiguring an application when it's properly installed?01:14
tautologismepinky: on the server or on the client?  I did on the client; that didn't help.01:14
Helsinkiiihi people01:14
epinkytautologism: on the remote machine01:14
bastid_raZordamagu: removing the image will remove everything else associated with that kernelversion. after you finish with removing them run a sudo apt-get update and then a sudo apt-get upgrade   ..just to be sure you havent' removed something you need.01:14
coolkehoncoolkehon> whats this mean when trying to install python 2.601:15
coolkehon<coolkehon> update-binfmts: warning: Couldn't load the binfmt_misc module.01:15
Helsinkiiiguys i get a his is a major failure of your software management system. Please check for broken packages with synaptic, check the file permissions and correctness of the file '/etc/apt/sources.list' and reload the software information with: 'sudo apt-get update' and 'sudo apt-get install -f'.01:15
damagubastid_raZor: Cool thanks01:15
panfistcorey__ recovery just gets me to a text terminal...01:15
loganhouppsycho_oreos: any ideas or do I deal with dirty hack?01:15
Helsinkiiii got this after trying to install Chrome01:15
dazed_hey i just rebooted my comp and i got this error message when loading ubuntu and i cant access anything message: "One or more of the mounts listed in /etc/fstab cannot yet be loaded | /:waiting for /dev/loop0 | /tmp: waiting for(null) | Press ESC to enter a recovery shell"01:15
epinkydazed_: enter recovery mode and edit /etc/fstab by hand, comment out offending line01:15
psycho_oreosloganhoup, I'd read up more about it, for the time being the dirty hack should suffice but check other modprobe.d configs for example01:16
dazed_epinky: how do i edit it says its a read only file system in the recovery shell01:16
dazed_epinky:  what command to edit01:16
xjkx[offtopic] on boot: PXE-E01: PCI Vendor and Device ID do not match (got any idea of what it means ? googled and found complains, but no explanations)01:16
psycho_oreosFrijolie, weird, I'm sure Dreaming.flac doesn't exist, tried it on my setup and it works perfectly01:16
tautologismepinky: It seems to be something specifically with do-release-upgrade; I've never had problems with ssh before but recently I've tried a few times to run do-release-upgrade; every time I tried to do it over ssh it had this problem.  Before when it happened the server locked up and I had to shut down with the power switch; after that ssh was okay without any adjustments.01:16
psycho_oreosFrijolie, maybe its a portion of the filename and not a complete one :P01:16
loganhoupPsycho_oreos: Okay thanks.01:16
psycho_oreosFrijolie, or maybe try ls -1| grep Dreaming.flac01:17
Frijoliepsycho_oreos, hmm, interesting discovery. I have banshee open (not playing any songs) and it won't rename the files when that's open. closed banshee tried again and it works01:17
pinkspiderassembly + c using01:17
corey__panfist, yeah, so? that's what it is suppose to do.01:17
corey__panfist, without the terminal you would find it very difficult to diagnose and correct your situation01:17
corey__coolkehon, did someone from #python suggest you ask that question in here?01:17
panfistcorey__ well i have a terminal and i'm still finding it hard to correct the situation01:17
psycho_oreosFrijolie, yeah maybe it has a hook on the directory somewhere or it might be something to do with HAL01:17
epinkydazed: mount -o remount,rw /dev/your_device_here /mnt after that use an editor like "vi"01:17
coolkehoncorey__: the problem happend on install01:17
epinkydazed_: mount -o remount,rw /dev/your_device_here /mnt after that use an editor like "vi"01:17
dazed_epinky:  ok ill try that01:18
Frijoliepsycho_oreos, i did the lsof and it didn't show those being open or anything. Hmm, I would have never thought01:18
panfistcorey__ i've inspected the xorg log and i only see one thing that matches '-i error'; that's AIGLX isn't working, falling back on software rendering01:18
corey__panfist, you always have the option to reinstall if you don't feel comfortable working inside a terminal.01:18
dazed_epinky:  sry to be a nub but by my device you mean?01:18
dazed_epinky:  i only had standard ubuntu installed for like a day01:18
panfistcorey__ this is a vanilla jaunty installation. i need to use jaunty because there is no xen patched kernel for karmic yet01:18
psycho_oreosFrijolie, I suspect banshee is a low-level process or something01:19
panfistso reinstalling wouldn't do me much good01:19
d3xterxjkx every pci-device has its unique ID01:19
corey__coolkehon, you could try using the alternate cd. that version doesn't use the python gui installer.01:19
xjkxd3xter: yes. so ?01:19
d3xterand this ID contains classID:VendorID:DeviceID01:19
andreacarvalho77ola gente ...01:20
corey__panfist, you have a ati video card?01:20
andreacarvalho77alguem pode me dar um help?01:20
panfistcorey__ yep :(01:20
epinkydazed: it could be /dev/sdX or /dev/hdX (hdX for example for IDE and sda for SCSI and SATA), it depends really, you can find out with "fdisk -l" command01:20
dazed_epinky:  also when going into the recovery shell this time i got this message " mountall: Cancelled" "init: mountall main process (559) terminated wtih status 1 General Error Mounting fiilesystems"01:20
hiexpogood evening all long time01:20
dazed_epinky:  ok got that01:20
xjkxd3xter: going directly to the point,  how do i fix it :/01:20
d3xterxjkx what pci-card isnt working?01:21
corey__panfist, well I'm sorry for your bad luck with bad drivers, you could try the open source ones as they are much better.01:21
dazed_epinky:  when i ran your command to mount it returned01:21
tautologismepinky: appended '.tmp' to ~/.ssh/known_hosts on both server and client; same error message.01:21
xjkxd3xter: a nic01:21
xjkxd3xter: from realtek01:21
andreacarvalho77tenho um modem nokia 1508i cdma e uso ele para a conexao com a internet, porem no ubuntu 9.10 nao consigo conectar01:21
panfistcorey__ according to xorg.log it's using the open source radeon driver01:21
dazed_epinky: "cant find /dev/sd0/mnt in /etc/fstab or /etc/mtab"01:21
tautologismepinky: would you know if there's any danger in restarting sshd while do-release-upgrade is running?01:22
dazed_must be wrong device?01:22
xjkxandreacarvalho77: rodou o pppoeconf ?01:22
andreacarvalho77sim...mais ainda nada...01:22
epinkytautologism: yes it's very dangerous, it could make your system unusable01:23
dazed_epinky:  i fdisked found my device name is sdb1 but still says cant find it in fstab01:23
d3xterxjkx, does dmesg say anything about your nic?01:23
corey__panfist, you could try dpkg reconfigure to reset the settings.01:23
xjkxandreacarvalho77: como root ? fez tudo direitinho, senha e tal ? depois rodou pon dsl-provider ?01:23
xjkxd3xter: gonna check01:23
yo09384is a ssh key a actual file or a passphrase?01:24
dazed_epinky:  to mount it01:24
panfistwhat's the name of the package i need to reconfigure again? xserver-xorg or something like that, right?01:24
andreacarvalho77estou rodando agora01:24
andreacarvalho77alguem ja teve esse problema.. rodei o wvdial01:24
epinkydazed: then try "sudo mount -o remount,rw /dev/sdb1 /mnt", there's a space between /dev/sdb1 and /mnt01:24
epinkydazed_: then try "sudo mount -o remount,rw /dev/sdb1 /mnt", there's a space between /dev/sdb1 and /mnt01:24
andreacarvalho77e ele nao encontrou o modem no caso o nokia 1508i01:24
corey__panfist, yes01:24
Trek!english | andreacarvalho77 / xjkx01:25
ubottuandreacarvalho77 / xjkx: The #ubuntu, #kubuntu and #xubuntu channels are English only. For a complete list of channels in other languages, please visit http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat01:25
dazed_how to exit vi?01:25
xjkxTrek: i'm just answering :<01:25
dazed_epinky:  ahh i missed the space01:26
epinkydazed_: <ESC> and after that ":q!" and <ENTER>01:26
xjkxd3xter: i couldn't find, should I pastebin it ?01:26
tautologismepinky: okay, glad I asked!  okay I'm checking out ssh's verbose output now, maybe that will be helpful.01:26
d3xterxjkx, yes01:26
dazed_epinky:  i ran that command to mount now it says "you must specify the filesystem type"01:27
klappiHalvtand: still there?01:27
xjkxd3xter: http://pastebin.ca/180086701:27
epinkydazed_: sudo mount -o remount,rw -t ext3 /dev/sdb1 /mnt01:28
capronDo xhost command works ?   I tryied xhost +localhost  and still get errors as root user ( qconf: cannot connect to X server )01:28
xjkxd3xter: and here is my lspci http://pastebin.ca/1800847 (the other link was dmesg)01:28
Halvtandklappi I think so, it's replacing shit all over the place. I'm just waiting for my turn.01:28
panfiston jaunty is there a more comprehensive sample xorg.conf than what i can get from an dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg ?01:28
klappipanfist: afaik you can do Xorg -config01:28
ubuntu|Izanyone have a link to a tutorial on how to add windows back to mbr?01:28
dazed_epinky: "/mnt not mounted already, or bad option"01:29
klappipanfist: just check man Xorg01:29
epinkydazed_: sudo mount -o rw -t ext3 /dev/sdb1 /mnt01:29
ubottuFor discussion on Microsoft software, or help with same, please visit ##windows. See http://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+bug/1 http://linux.oneandoneis2.org/LNW.htm and /msg ubottu equivalents01:29
klappipanfist: -configure01:29
ubottugrub is the default boot manager for Ubuntu releases before Karmic (9.10). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto - See !grub2 for Karmic onwards.01:29
coolkehonthats my problem01:29
klappipanfist: make a backup ^^01:29
ardchoilleubuntu|Iz: ^^01:29
dazed_epinky:  "special device does not exist" i feel dumb right now lol01:29
epinkydazed_: can you post "fdisk -l"?01:30
panfistthanks klappi01:30
d3xterxjkx, the pci-id looks really strange. does this nic work in other computers?01:30
dazed_epinky:  im on my macbook pro talking and in recovery shell on my desktop i dunno how i could get it to u01:31
capronDo I relly need too install sux in order to run X apps as root on a users X login ?01:31
xjkxd3xter: yes, in an older motherboard01:31
dazed_epinky:  ill write out one moment01:31
klappiHalvtand: im back in a few minutes01:31
Halvtandklappi happy hunting01:31
epinkydazed_: maybe screenshot with your cam01:31
dazed_epinky:  ok 1 sec01:32
d3xterxjkx, well then i'm clueless sorry01:32
xjkxd3xter: i think it's all related to that boot message error PXE-E01: PCI Vendor and Device ID do not match01:32
d3xteryes, but why does it have such a strange id?01:32
d3xterxjkx, because there is no vendor with the id of 000101:33
xjkxd3xter: vendor should be "realtek" right ?01:34
epinkydazed_: BTW you can use Ubuntu LIVECD to fix things :) , of course if you have one around01:34
dazed_epinky:  http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2687/4366104489_b9bb16119a_o.jpg the one that says sda1 is my D drive with all my music/vids no ubuntu01:35
d3xterxjkx, yes, and the vendor-id of realtek should be 10EC01:35
xjkxd3xter: is it possible I didn't plug it right ? I mean, maybe i should try forcing pushing it down some more, going more deeper01:35
dazed_epinky:  yea i wish i had one i should just make one but i only have dvds and i didnt want to waste one haha01:35
panfiststill no luck getting a graphical environment, same results from the X log. is there some kind of failsafe config I can put in the [Device] section in place of using the radeon drivers?01:35
d3xterxjkx, yeah, because it looks like a hardware issue or maybe the pci-slot is broken01:35
htnshi. has anyone used ubuntu's win32-image-writer to write SD card images?01:36
Lee_UbunI have Gateway M-Series and it doesn't recognize the wireless and I don't know what type of wireless card is in this computer?01:36
seanbrystone!cn | johnben-yk01:36
ubottujohnben-yk: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk01:36
xjkxd3xter: cant be broken, it was never used, i bought this mobo like days ago01:36
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kad__hey! can someone give me software where it have webcam other than aMSN coz it crack ! thx01:36
d3xteroh ok01:36
dazed_epinky:  if you cant think of anything ill just burn the live cd and edit it from there but how would i get into my hard copy of ubuntu from live disc01:37
Jordan_Uhtns, There should be no difference between an sd card and any other drive.01:37
xjkxd3xter: thanks man, will see what i can do01:37
Guest82272hello everybody, how can open network manager with my ubuntu please???01:37
d3xterxjkx, np01:37
dazed_epinky:  i have a ubuntu installation cd but i cant live boot with that can i?01:38
klappiHalvtand: re01:38
ubuntu|Izwhere do i get super grub disk>01:38
htnsJordan_U, thanks. i think that too. just wanted to make sure it actually works. you know how windows will automount the SD card when its inserted, i hope win32-image-writer will know how to make sure that doesn't change the image01:38
epinkydazed_: ok, there's one column missing that show filesystem type LINUX, btw what's on sda?01:38
Halvtandklappi just in time. It wanted me to reboot, so I did, but the colors are still bad01:38
dazed_epinky:  sda is just media (movies music documents pictures)01:39
nerdy_kidso i have a possibly dieing external HD that doesnt support SMART, what would be the best way to test it?01:39
Guest82272i cant open my network manager,anyone can help please?01:39
Lee_UbunHow can I find what type of wireless device is in the laptop01:39
Jordan_Uhtns, Doesn't windows also auto mount USB flash drives?01:39
epinkydazed_: yes you can boot with installation CD, AFAIK it's livecd and installer01:39
klappiHalvtand: press alt-ctrl-F101:39
klappiHalvtand: and login01:39
htnsJordan_U, yes, i think it does. again, just wanted to know if someone has tried this before.01:39
dazed_epinky:  everytime i boot with install cd it just takes me to the bios installer01:39
v8bullnerdy-kid: take it out of the enclosure and hook it straight to your pc's motherboard,  run DFT & Spinrite01:40
Halvtandklappi done01:40
klappiHalvtand: sudo stop gdm01:40
epinkydazed_: it's really strange that you don't have any swap partition01:40
dazed_epinky:  im at the install cd main menu right now01:40
=== mips is now known as mipz0r
dazed_epinky:  ya it was all working fine and i rebooted and it was gone01:41
Jordan_Uubuntu|Iz, http://www.supergrubdisk.org/01:41
Halvtandklappi gdm stop/waiting01:41
tautologismepinky: I compared the output from ssh to the server in question with output from ssh to a server that is successfully connected to.  The output is the same up through the parsing of the identity files.  At that point the successful connection starts outputting server-related info, starting with "debug1: Remote protocol version 2.0,..."; the unsuccessful connection just outputs the ssh_exchange_identification error and terminates.01:41
epinkydazed_: select, run without touching filesystem  or something like that01:41
klappiHalvtand: sudo -i (gives you root shell be carefull)01:41
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Guest82272klappi can you help please?01:42
Halvtandklappi still alive01:42
Scombr0Hi all.01:42
dazed_ epinky : my optioins 1. Install Ubuntu 2. Check Disk For Defects 3. Test Memory 4. Boot From First Hard Disk 5. Rescue a Broken System01:42
klappiHalvtand: Xorg -configure01:42
serenitysmanhey all i am trying to figure out if how i should install ubuntu with my main os being win7?01:42
ubyserverwhat is the mysql savior command to setpermissions to change the password for your server?01:42
Halvtandklappi ok, what now?01:43
Jordan_U!wubi | ubyserver01:43
ubottuubyserver: Wubi is an Ubuntu installer for Windows users that allows you to install and uninstall Ubuntu like a Windows application, in a simple and safe way. http://wubi-installer.org/support.php and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WubiGuide for troubleshooting. Please  file bugs at http://launchpad.net/wubi/+filebug.01:43
klappiHalvtand: did it generate an xorg.conf.new?01:43
teurastajawhat was the problem? (wasnt watching and all those lines r worse than brainfuck programming (just jking))01:44
epinkytautologism: maybe /etc/hosts.allow is complaining, have you checked that on remote machine?01:44
serenitysmank will i be able to chose which os will load then?01:44
Jordan_Uubyserver, You can also do a standard install and it will also present you with the option to start either Windows or Ubuntu at boot.01:44
seanbrystonehi serenitysman :)01:44
Halvtandklappi Your xorg.conf file is /root/xorg.conf.new01:44
serenitysmanhey sean lol01:44
epinkydazed_: there's one menu before, but option 5 will be just fine01:44
teurastajawell run ur new config...01:44
ubuntu|Izthanks for the help01:44
klappiHalvtand: cp /root/xorg.conf.new /etc/X11/xorg.conf.test01:44
serenitysmanif i do the the windows way, how will that work with using it?01:45
d3xterserenitysman, yes, you'll be able to choose at startup which OS will be loaded :)01:45
teurastajau should test it b4 though01:45
serenitysmankk ty01:45
Scombr0Is there an ubuntu server edition but 32 bits?01:45
dazed_epinky:  i didnt get a menu before that :( and option 5 brings me into the blue background step by step installer even though it says recovery :(01:45
dbdii407Failed to run gdebi-gtk '--non-interactive' '/home/scrap/Downloads/install_flash_player_10_linux.deb' as user root.01:45
dbdii407Unable to copy the user's Xauthorization file.01:45
serenitysmani sure ill be back with more questions lmao01:45
dbdii407Anyone know how to fix?01:45
Guest82272i cant connect to internet with ubuntu01:45
wolterwhy does my system not boot in 10 secs as karmic promised?01:46
epinkydazed: what ubuntu version are you running?01:46
epinkydazed_: what ubuntu version are you running?01:46
d3xterdbdii407, why are you trying to install the flash_player manually?01:46
klappiwolter: m b you must reprofie01:46
klappiwolter: re profile01:46
dbdii407d3xter, It was just an example. It does this with synaptic too01:46
dazed_epinky: i dunno newest one i used the wubi to install latest edition downloaded yesterday once it was set up i upgraded kernels and everything01:46
Drone4fourhow do I uninstall the version of Chrome without the deb I used to install it initially?01:46
teurastajarun Xorg -config /root/xorg.conf.new if its like bsd01:46
wolterklappi, hm.. going to look that up in the wiki01:46
teurastajajust 2 test it01:47
Halvtandklappi nothing happened01:47
klappiHalvtand: good!01:47
dbdii407Anyone know a possible solution?01:47
Halvtandklappi yay?01:47
teurastajajust -config not configure01:47
klappiHalvtand: X -config xorg.conf.test01:47
umangHi, is there any way to find just information about only one of the flags of a command, instead of searching for it in the whole man page?01:47
epinkydazed_: are you sure ubuntu is on sdb1?01:48
d3xterumang, you could use "/" in the man-page to search for the specific flag :)01:48
Guest82272how do u see which version of ubuntu i am running please?01:48
bastid_raZor!version | Guest8227201:48
ubottuGuest82272: To find out what version of Ubuntu you have, type « lsb_release -a » in a !shell - To know the available version of a package, « apt-cache policy <package> »01:48
dbdii407epinky, Who are you talking to?01:48
dazed_epinky: im 110% sure it was on there before i rebooted01:48
teurastajapipe it to /tmp and grep -i the line01:48
dbdii407Ah. Gotcha01:48
umangd3xter, ah, like in vim? (I'm just learning how to use vim now).01:48
teurastajaunformatted though01:48
Halvtandklappi screen went black01:49
Scombr0I have Ubuntu 5.10 server installed on a PC connected in LAN, how can i upgrade to 9.10 having the .iso in this computer?01:49
klappiHalvtand: alt-ctrl-F101:49
klappiHalvtand: ctrl-c01:49
C0L0N3LHelp.. whats wrong with this line (trying to auto mount drives with fstab) UUID=7280B41A80B3E331 /mnt/1TB ext3 defaults, users 0 101:49
tautologismepinky: I did, yeah.  /etc/hosts.allow has the line in.ssh: localhost; however /etc/hosts.deny doesn't contain any uncommented lines.  So hosts.allow is basically ignored in that circumstance, right?  I get the same error when trying to ssh into the server from the server; I do have the that key in ~/.ssh/authorized_keys.  Also before running do-release-upgrade everything was fine.  Again this has happened before, specifically when I01:49
d3xterumang, yes, just type in "/", then the text you're looking for01:49
tautologismwas upgrading from intrepid to jaunty.  Now I'm going from jaunty to karmic.  I'm able to ssh into other servers from both the client and the server, so it does seem to be something with the server's sshd01:49
dazed_epinky:  i think im just going to start from scratch and screw this wubi installer :( it has given me problems01:49
dbdii407Unable to copy the user's Xauthorization file. I get this when ever i launch an app that needs root permissions01:49
umangd3xter, Thanks! :)01:49
umangd3xter, you've saved lots of my time. :)01:49
d3xterC0L0N3L, delete the whitespace between "," and "users"01:50
epinkydazed_: ok, well I'd suggest you to use LiveCD installer, Ubuntu native01:50
Halvtandklappi ok, back at root01:50
d3xterumang, you're welcome :)01:50
teurastajaread the xorg.0.log01:50
wolterklappi, well, its not in the wiki, what is it?01:50
klappiHalvtand: nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf.test01:50
dazed_epinky:  is the iso off ubuntu's site the live cd?01:50
teurastajaxorg logs r easier 2 read01:50
klappiwolter: basicly you can press e in grup and add profile to your kernel line and reboot again01:51
epinkydazed_: http://www.ubuntu.com/GetUbuntu/download01:51
Scombr0I screwed my sources.list file, and didn't back it up, where can I get it?01:51
Halvtandklappi ok, I got into GNU nano01:52
klappiHalvtand: with you xorg.conf.test in it?01:52
jribScombr0: system -> administration -> software sources  should be sufficient01:52
dazed_epinky:  thats the one i have on a dvd i wonder why it doesnt give me that menu01:52
Drone4fourhow do I uninstall the version of Google Chrome without the deb I used to initially install it?01:52
klappiHalvtand: look for the Device section01:52
C0L0N3Ld3xter didnt seem to help now saying "wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/sd**"01:52
jribDrone4four: use system -> administration -> synaptic for example01:52
Scombr0jrib, i have server edition, and manage it via SSH because has no keyboard, screen, mouse, nothing, just power and LAN cable.01:53
jribScombr0: you really should be more careful... what did you do exactly?01:53
Halvtandklappi I don't see a device, but at the top of the screen it says File: /etc/X11/xorg.conf.test01:53
wolterklappi, hm, it doesn't need to be in the grub conf, i just need to do it once?01:53
Scombr0Actually, nothing, it's just i want to upgrade from 5.10 server edition, to latest one.01:53
Scombr0But this repositories aint working..01:53
Scombr0Error 40401:53
Scombr0Not Found.01:54
elad`Is there some partition manager?01:54
klappiwolter: yes only once01:54
epinkydazed_: it's the first one in menu: http://news.softpedia.com/images/extra/LINUX/large/ubuntu910installation-large_002.jpg01:54
wolterklappi, ok nice, brb01:54
jribScombr0: 5.10 is really ancient...01:54
Scombr0I know jrib, it's all I had in hand..01:54
jribScombr0: why don't you just do a fresh install of 9.10 at this point?01:54
Halvtandklappi wait, further down there is a section "device" is that it?01:54
Scombr0Anyway i can do it from this computer over the LAN?01:54
klappiHalvtand: yay what does it say?01:54
Scombr0jrib: Anyway i can do it from this computer over the LAN?01:55
klappiHalvtand: Driver "sis"?01:55
jribScombr0: not that I know of01:55
Scombr0darn it01:55
d3xterC0L0N3L, you've entered this line manually?01:55
Scombr0Alright then.01:55
jrib!install > Scombr001:55
ubottuScombr0, please see my private message01:55
Halvtandklappi jupp01:55
ubottuUbuntu Netbook Remix is a slightly altered version of Ubuntu, optimised for small screens. For more information, please see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UNR - support in #ubuntu01:55
Scombr0Alrighty jrib, i'll check it out, thank you.01:56
klappiok cp /etc/X11/xorg.conf.test /etc/X11/xorg.conf01:56
jribScombr0: anyway, here is how to upgrade in case you don't find a suitable install method.  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DapperUpgrades  I recommend you get to 6.06 then go to 8.0401:56
C0L0N3Ld3xter into fstab yeah copied the uuid though01:56
klappiHalvtand: exit nano first ^^01:56
klappiHalvtand: should be ctrl-x01:56
Drone4fourty jrib, that's exactly what I needed01:56
dazed_epinky:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/47441216@N04/4366895128/sizes/o/01:56
dazed_and now the drive that contains that cd wont eject even in win701:56
teurastajadamn old computer.... could weird periodic wizzes imply my power supplys agonizing?01:57
elad`My "/" partition has 300GBs. How do I separate a small partition out of it so that I can install OSX on the new one?01:57
d3xterC0L0N3L, because normally the UUId contains some "-", try the UUID which is printed by "sudo blkid /device/path"01:57
jribDrone4four: wait, are you sure?  That's for a really old ubuntu version01:57
Halvtandklappi ok, back at root01:57
Drone4fourjrib, what do you mean?01:57
klappiok cp /etc/X11/xorg.conf.test /etc/X11/xorg.conf01:57
jribDrone4four: oh never mind, I forgot I said something earlier to you :)01:57
C0L0N3Ld3xter ok will try that now01:57
ubyserverhas anyone had any problems removing psa-api-rpc FRom there box. I've been doing crazy research and I even changed the mysql password and it still can't uninstall, hence stopping me from installing anything new01:57
FreeaqingmeLooking at the US Dvorak layout, there 4 symbols on some keys. How can I use the ones that dont show when I hit a normal key or use shift?01:58
jribFreeaqingme: which ones exactly?01:58
wolteroh where did klappi go...01:58
elad`My "/" partition has 300GBs. How do I separate a small partition out of it so that I can install OSX on the new one?01:58
epinkydazed_: I think you have the alternate CD01:59
klappiwolter: im here01:59
ubyserverdoes anyone know where the my.cnf file is located?01:59
dazed_epinky:  oh it does say that on the iso01:59
Svetliohi all01:59
klappiwolter: it bootet slower but it should boot faster next time01:59
Svetlioany from Bulgaria?01:59
wolterklappi, oh you didn't appear in the autocomplete options... god knows why. hey, i wrote it but it still boots slow01:59
ubyserverI cannot find this file as it is referenced all over forums for my issue.01:59
jribubyserver: what issue?01:59
dazed_epinky:  but i cant open my drive to burn a new one its like locked up or something01:59
MercuryRunning 9.10, evince, when told to print as PDF, is generating huge PDF files.  Printing as ps gives 300-400K, printing as PDF gives 5+M.01:59
wolterklappi, oh ok. Just in case, was it in the linux (...) line or in the initrd (...) line ?01:59
Scombr0jrib, already downloading latest server edition, will go for fresh install.. gonna avoid all troubles and do it quickly =P01:59
d3xterelad`, you can use gparted for example to resize you're partition01:59
klappiwolter: linux line02:00
dazed_epinky:  nm got it open02:00
wolterklappi, and what does profile do to make my booting faster?02:00
wolterok perfect02:00
ubyserverI can't use apt command line because psa-api-rpc issue with not connecting the the database using 'admin'@'localhost'02:00
MercuryNaturally, the several meg PDF doesn't print either, and it seems to generate pdf instead of ps when told to print to printers.02:00
jribScombr0: yeah, that's best imo.  Then just upgrade when 10.04 comes out and you are good until 2015 :)02:00
C0L0N3Ld3xter tried "sudo blkid /dev/sda2" got "/dev/sda2: UUID="D096BBD596BBBA74" TYPE="ntfs""02:00
Scombr0Heh, i guess so =P02:00
klappiwolter: updates ureadahead02:00
ng0nanyone here have IRC running in EMPATHY ?02:00
wolterklappi, ok, ill boot now to see how speed goes02:01
d3xterC0L0N3L, yes, so enter this UUID and change ext3 to ntfs02:01
donaldohello, toshiba x205-s7483 but low volume, no subwoofeer. any idea?02:01
SvetlioHi all02:01
Svetlioi have problem with Kubuntu02:01
Svetlioi can't connect to wireless02:01
HalvtandKlappi I'm back at root02:01
=== purpzey-is-a-guy is now known as purpzey
klappiHalvtand: start gdm02:01
epinkydazed_: Alternate CD is oriented to experienced users who want to customize non-standard things in Ubuntu installation02:01
Svetlioi can connect with Lan Cabel but with wireless i can't02:01
jribubyserver: my.cnf should be in /etc/mysql/my.cnf but I really really really (did I say really yet?) think you shouldn't have to mess with it02:02
Svetlioplease any tell me why02:02
purpzeyCan someone tell me how to make a script executable from CLI?02:02
dazed_epinky:  didnt realize thats the one i gog02:02
cab938_lappyif I insert a new nic in my machine, what does it take to get it recognized by ubuntu?02:02
cab938_lappyI kind of expected it just to work02:02
ubyserverwell i'm stuck and can't use apt-get ....02:02
ubyserverSo I have to resort to whatever fixes this issue.02:02
elad`d3xter, I see no option to resize the partition in gparted.02:02
jrib!permissions > purpzey02:02
ubottupurpzey, please see my private message02:02
C0L0N3Ld3xter zomg it works *love* so etx3 is a type of format?02:02
jribubyserver: you need to read mysql documentation on how to reset passwords02:03
klappiC0L0N3L: its a file system02:03
Halvtandklappi no dice, colors still bad02:03
d3xterC0L0N3L, ext3 is the name of a file-system, like ntfs is02:03
klappiHalvtand: grrr02:03
Svetlioany can help me? :)02:03
ubyserverI don't. I've already reset the passwords02:03
=== Randolf is now known as wolter
Freeaqingmejrib, stuff like: á and02:03
epinkydazed_: well, once again I recommend you to use Standard Live CD02:03
C0L0N3Lklappi d3xter ok thanks02:03
d3xterelad`, you have to boot from a livecd/liveusb because you cant resize a partition when it is mounted02:03
wolterklappi, no success02:03
jribFreeaqingme: you probably need AltGr (you can set one up in layout preferences)02:03
wolterklappi, still boots at same speed, and my hardware could totally boot faster i think02:03
klappiwolter: bad for you google around it worked for me02:04
elad`d3xter, that was my guess. Very well, burning the gparted livecd iso right now. Is there anything special I should do if I want the new partition available for OSX?02:04
LiraNunathe recent kernel update makes my computer crash randomly (i.e no direct action needed). how can I diagnose and figure out where the problem is?02:04
elad`Should I, like, FAT32 it or something?02:04
d3xterelad`, dunno, never worked with OSX02:04
Jwillhey all02:05
nobimintHello I have a question about the carwhisperer tool. How do I play my .raw file? In the readme it says to use some sox comands (which I already tride02:05
klappiHalvtand: grep Depth /var/log/Xorg.0.log02:05
nobimintI didnt mean that02:05
jribubyserver: make sure you check bugs.ubuntu.com for known issues02:05
nobimintHello I have a question about the carwhisperer tool. How do I play my .raw file? In the readme it says to use some sox comands (which I already tried) but its still not working? Please help me in this one.02:05
=== hektor is now known as hektor86
kjdashanyone gotten linux-vserver working with the latest ubuntu kernel?02:06
Jwillsorry quick *dumb* question.....i just installed 9.04 on my netbook and can not seem to take the panels off the desktop??? is it possible?02:06
usmc1269anyone know to install skype on to this platform02:07
wolterklappi, will i notice if the system reprofiles or not? maybe im reading i should see 'preparing to profile boot sequence'02:07
codebrainzHi.  Is there anyway, using nvidia proprietary drivers, twinview and compiz to have my 2nd monitor rotated 90 degrees?02:07
Halvtandklappi (==) SIS(0): Depth 24, (--) framebuffer bpp32 (--) Depth 24 pixmap format is 32 bpp02:07
jrib!skype | usmc126902:07
ubottuusmc1269: To install Skype on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype - To record on Skype, check: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkypeRecordingHowto - Please use open protocols instead if you can, see !Ekiga02:07
Lee_UbunI installed windows driver for my wireless and it says Hardware Present: Yes but no wireless?02:07
Jwillsorry quick *dumb* question.....i just installed 9.04 on my netbook and can not seem to take the panels off the desktop??? is it possible?02:08
Lee_Ubunin the Wireless network drivers section02:08
ng0nwhat is mean by 'to record on Skype ?"02:08
d3xterJwill, you're using the default UNR desktop?02:08
klappiHalvtand: i dont understand why you still get few colors02:08
nobimintHello I have a question about the carwhisperer tool. How do I play my .raw file? In the readme it says to use some sox comands (which I already tried) but its still not working? Please help me in this one.02:08
Freeaqingmejrib, works like a charm, tnx02:08
d3xterJwill, iirc its not possible in the default Desktop02:09
Jwillok...what if i change from gnome to kde?02:09
usmc1269is anyone using it via a ps3?02:09
klappiHalvtand: grep -e EE -e WW /var/log/Xorg.0.log02:10
klappiHalvtand: anything of interesst?02:10
d3xterJwill, you can change the UNR Desktop to the default gnome-desktop and customize it to your needs :)02:10
Jwillok great! havent been around linux since gutsy lol so back to basics02:11
nvmehow do i control affinity of running processes in linux ?02:11
tautologismepinky: I guess I'll give up on this attempt, it seems to be something with do-release-upgrade.  It was, at least until recently, not supported over ssh anyway, though I didn't see the usual notice about setting up a second ssh server on point 9004 this time.  BTW I did try to ssh in to that port, to no avail.02:12
HalvtandKlappi (ww) warning, (ee) error, (NI) not implemented, (??) unknown.02:12
klappiHalvtand: ok go back to root shell with alt-crtl-F102:12
Jwilld3xter where is option to change to gnomdesktop? because all of these panels are really annoying02:13
klappiHalvtand: nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf02:13
klappiHalvtand: insert DefaultDepth    24 into the screen section02:13
epinkytautologism: really sorry, do-release-upgrade sometimes just doesn't work as expected :(02:13
tautologismepinky: no worries, thanks a lot for your help.  Is it better/okay to use apt-get dist-upgrade -d?02:14
d3xterJwill, Settings or System-Managment02:14
d3xterthere is an option to change the Desktop02:14
dug1I get runlevel = unknown  on 9.1  I have edited events.d and it shows telinit 2 but still I get no run level on every reboot02:14
Jwillok thanks youve been alot of help d3xter02:14
tautologismepinky: when upgrading from hardy to intrepid I just changed my sources.list and ran aptitude dist-upgrade; this seemed to work okay though I had to fix some dependency issues.02:14
epinkytautologism: : yes, I think it's better02:14
d3xterJwill, no problem :)02:14
Tresmiushey how would I use a .patch file?02:15
tautologismepinky: which worked okay over ssh; presumably using the -d flag does basically the same thing?  better, you say?  that's good news..  Do you know what else do-release-upgrade is meant to do?  Is it just supposed to be more user-friendly?02:15
Halvtandklappi anywhere in the screen section?02:15
klappiHalvtand: right above the first subsection02:16
epinkytautologism: it's supposed to be more mnemonic and short :) , just kidding02:16
klappiHalvtand: hope that works otherwise your box isnt supported by the sys driver :-((02:16
aitibaalguien me ayuda con un tunel ssh por favor?02:18
epinky!es | aitiba02:18
ubottuaitiba: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.02:18
damaguHey all, can someone tell me if it's possible to create a virtual machine that runs off or accesses an OS installed on another partition?02:19
aitibasorry I was thinking that I'm on #ubuntu-es02:19
dazed_epinky:  question....that live disk that u pointed me to does that install 64-bit versions too? i think thats why i downloaded the alternate the first time cus i thought i needed it to install 64-bit02:19
Halvtandklappi can't get back to desktop02:19
epinkydazed_: there's one 32 bit version and another 64 bit version, select which you want to install02:20
wolterhow do i edit which services my computer runs?02:20
klappiHalvtand: ? your in your root shell?02:20
d3xterdamagu, you mean a normal OS which has been installed into the parition02:20
hi_carb0nI'm sure you've probably heard this problem many times. I have installed VLC and am trying to view different media files (Win32 codecs needed) and have accessed through apt-get the RestrictedReleases for the codecs; however, I am still unable to pull up any video output from my videos. Only sound.02:20
wolterI used to be able to do it in previous versions02:20
dazed_epinky:  yeah im an idiot lol i dont know why i dont read things clearly the first time EVER02:21
dazed_epinky:  thank you for being patient02:21
HalvtandKlappi yup, I inserted defaultdepth, ctrl+x, saved and I'm in root02:21
epinkywolter: easy way would be to use rcconf, not installed by default02:21
klappiHalvtand: stop gdm and start gdm02:21
epinkydazed_: no problem :)02:21
damagud3xter: well... I have Mac OS and Ubuntu installed on my Macbook pro and I'd like to get access to the Mac OS partition via virtualization if possible. That way I don't have to reboot.02:21
wolterdoes anybody know if bootchart will make my boot slower?02:22
damagud3xter: it's just so that I can run Logic Pro (the audio software) which is already installed in the Mac OS partition.02:22
damagud3xter: I don't want to have to create a virtual machine and install Logic Pro again02:23
hexmareevening all02:23
hexmareanyone gotten triplehead to work without xinerama?02:23
DaughainMorning, hexmare02:23
seanbrystoneis there any way of making screensaver come on after 3 hours? The slider only goes to 202:24
hexmaremornin Daughain02:24
d3xterdamagu, alright02:24
Halvtandklappi still bad. Don't really know whats wrong. The background is just pink/purple and yellox. The bars at the top and bottom are... orange with small spots of yellow flickering..02:24
rainy-dayI added a printer in the printing screen and now printing screen won't open at all. trying to print from command line results in segfault. How can I manually delete a printer?02:24
klappiHalvtand: your are in low color mode02:25
wolterepinky, does that thing work well in karmic?02:25
wolterepinky, I see some services that actually run which appear disabled02:25
damagud3xter: any idea on whether this is possible?02:26
dug1why do I get runlevel unknown?02:26
hlxis there a dedicated chanel for packaging?02:26
epinkywolter: yes rcconf works well afaik02:26
epinkyseanbrystone: http://www.cs278.org/blog/tag/karmic/02:26
Halvtandklappi oh, one would think that it should be easy to change to high color...02:26
seanbrystonethanks epinky ill take a look :D02:27
HappehwalrusI can't write to my microSD card, it says it's read only? When I set it to read and write nothing happens.02:27
d3xterdamagu, you could try this one http://blarts.wordpress.com/2007/12/06/how-to-run-virtualbox-using-a-physical-partition-using-ubuntu-feisty-fawn/02:27
dug1does anyone know why upstart seems to not be working?02:28
Halvtandklappi thanks anyway. Guess I'll have to look around for something else.02:28
klappiHalvtand: you need to ask somebody else ive done all i could m b your chipset need some more extra tweaking or isnt supported properly02:28
LeempHow do you add a pgp key block?02:28
LeempVia command line02:28
mgmuscarican anyone tell me how i can daemonize a command that i run inside a script? i.e. "metacity --replace"02:28
mgmuscarii don't want to background it because i don't want metacity to die when i close the terminal i run the script from02:29
d3xterdamagu, or this one http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=76988302:29
damagud3xter: is that link suggesting that what I want to do is possible. I mean, is "virtualiz[ing] an existing partition without creating a virtual hard disk." what I'm wanting to do? I get confused by the terminology02:29
kthomas_vhif I'm using key authentication for login,  how do I avoid users being asked for passwords for admin tasks?02:30
DaughainI have a few questions about 3G radios under linux and what can be done with them....Is there a way to access the phone number assigned to the card by the carrier and use it to place and receive phone calls?02:30
xjkxd3xter: i removed then plugged it again and it worked, was in dmesg and in lspci. then i rebooted and no-more, hah. that error message doesn't show up anymore on boot, i feel like, now, it's not loaded at all, can you check my lspci ? http://pastebin.ca/180093802:31
homzikim Tom02:31
mgmuscariDaughain: your service provider probably specifically disallows that kind of usage, and may not even allow calls to be routed to the device02:31
Daughainmgmuscari: Probbaly, but, I still want to try. =) You would be surprised what backdoors there are if you look.02:32
d3xterxjkx, it doesnt even occure :-O02:32
damagud3xter: thanks... it looks like what I want to do is possible... at least for Windows. Now that I know it's possible I'll try and find a guide for doing it for Mac OS. Thanks again02:32
d3xterdamagu, yes thats exactly what you want :)02:32
HappehwalrusFor some reason my microSD card says it's read-only?02:32
xjkxd3xter: hah, thanks again02:32
LonelyDragon757two quick questions... recently installed Ubuntu 9.10 (fresh install)...  and i installed gqview cause I like that jpg viewer... And I have some windows shares on my network... and nautilus can see those shares perfectly.. but gqview and geeqie both can not see those files... and it confuses me...02:33
mgmuscariDaughain: given what i know from my previous employer, a major US telecom and cell phone provider, i'd say there's no chance you could get it working with them, anyway :)02:33
d3xterxjkx, you should try to plug it in and out again ;)02:33
NikyoHello, is there a 64 bit version of ubuntu for Intel Mobile CPU?02:33
xjkxwill do02:33
LonelyDragon757second question.. is thunderbird...  for some reason, I can not get the program to start right now...  I don't see it under the ps... and it is frustrating me.02:33
hexmareany takers on getting X to run triplehead single server?02:34
Daughainmgmuscari: Well, wth the proper mopds on my BB, I have full net access and dont pay for a data plan at all. So, I still want to experiment.02:34
mgmuscariNikyo: what architecture is the cpu?02:34
d3xterLonelyDragon757, i guess gqview doesnt support smb shares02:34
cbxSo I'm trying to install vlc using package manager, and I get this:02:34
cbx* dsearle has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)02:34
cbx<Tresmius> lol I posted my question on yahoo answers - http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20100217101513AA24gwd02:34
cbx* tobbe has quit (Client Quit)02:34
cbx<kab> blakkheim, yes02:34
FloodBot3cbx: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:34
cbxumm :|02:34
LonelyDragon757i have had it work in the past... with WattOS and PuppyLinux...02:34
blakkheimcbx: what?02:34
cbxblakkheim, I selected some random part and pasted it by mistake :|02:34
blakkheimoh k02:35
cbx So I'm trying to install vlc using package manager, and I get this:   The action would require the installation of packages from not authenticated sources02:35
Nikyomgmuscari 64bit Intel Core Duo T340002:35
mgmuscariDaughain: i believe that - but i don't think that a data-only device is provisioned the same way as a voice device with data capability is02:35
LonelyDragon757d3xter ...  I have had it work with puppy linux and watt os... and I think xubuntu in the past... which is how I learned of the stilly software02:35
d3xterLonelyDragon757, have you tried to thunderbird from the terminal? any error messages?02:35
HappehwalrusI can't write to my microSD card, help!02:35
axisyshow do I increase the volume more than what the max .. it seems like since i played w/ alsamixer it is now not high enough.. i see master column is all the way to red .. so is pcm02:35
Daughainmgmuscari: I'm going to be using a sim designated for both voice and data to begin with.02:35
mgmuscariNikyo: yes, that's just regular amd64 architecture02:35
HappehwalrusWill someone actually help me?02:35
mgmuscariDaughain: oh well in that case, you can probably get that working - i was assuming your sim was only for a data device02:36
d3xteraxisys, increase the PCM Volume in alsamixer02:36
axisyshttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bpb96k3n_a0 is not playing loud enough in my laptop ... (splunk video)02:36
LonelyDragon757d3xter  (thunderbird-bin:4416): GLib-WARNING **: g_set_prgname() called multiple times   (but surprisenly, it actually did run)...  semi -ARGH.02:36
mgmuscariDaughain: i was thinking the restriction would be the provisioning on the carrier end02:36
Daughainmgmuscari: I'm going to try both, ultimately, but....The first attempt is not data only.02:36
d3xterLonelyDragon757, thats all?02:36
axisysd3xter: it is all the way to the top02:36
epinkyHappehwalrus: have you check with "mount" command?02:36
d3xteraxisys, strange02:36
NikyoSorry.. that's confuses me, because it is a Intel? I think it may not have the same 64bit extensions that the AMD and other Intel 64bit CPUs have..02:36
mgmuscariDaughain: look into the openmoko project - there might be some software for the 3g radio that you can look at that's somewhat relevant02:37
Daughainmgmuscari: Thanks for the start. =)02:37
NikyoI read that some other people could not install the 64btit version of ubuntu on there laptops either..02:37
mgmuscariNikyo: core duo and amd 64 bit processors use the same instruction sets02:37
axisysd3xter: this is how it looks now http://picpaste.com/Screenshot_5.png02:37
NikyoThanks mgmuscari02:38
d3xteraxisys, that looks good02:38
Happehwalrusepinky: http://pastebin.com/d38defc9502:38
mgmuscariNikyo: i run the same linux kernel on my opteron 185 as i do on my core 2 duo02:38
axisysi wonder if the youtube is recorded w/ low volume http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bpb96k3n_a002:38
d3xterdunno why it isn't loud enough :-S02:38
axisysd3xter: ^02:38
mgmuscariDaughain: no problem :)02:39
d3xteraxisys, hehe02:39
mgmuscariso - anybody know how to daemonize a process from bash? or more specifically, how to daemonize metacity when i run it. backgrounding the process is not an option.02:39
d3xtermgmuscari, create a init.d-script?02:40
Nikyomgmuscari: Thanks for the help.. I'll reinstall the 64bit version when I get a change to do so..on my laptop, I knopw everything works corretly in the live CD version of ubuntu.. even the wireless which is awesome.. so I'm going to migrate over to Ubuntu..02:40
mgmuscariNikyo: best of luck02:40
epinkyHappehwalrus: mmm, sry no idea man :(02:40
mgmuscarid3xter: i don't want to do this on startup02:41
Nikyomgmuscari: Thanks, good night.02:41
mgmuscarii'm just trying to switch window managers when i run a game using wine, then switch back when wine exits02:41
d3xtermgmuscari, you can disable it through rcconf ;)02:41
=== live is now known as oinkoinkoink
srinino equaliser in amarok 2.20  how to get?02:42
d3xterother possible way would be to create a upstart-script02:42
mgmuscarii'd prefer to avoid putting strange scripts in my init.d02:42
mgmuscarid3xter: do you know anything about the "daemon" package?02:42
d3xtermgmuscari, no sorry02:42
mgmuscarii tried using that, but metacity doesn't replace compiz when i run the command02:43
LeempWhy do i see so many references to gpg --keyserver when my gpg command has no --keyserver option02:45
=== Nightwolf42 is now known as Nightwolf
plustax_ 02:47
cbxI'm trying to install vlc using package manager, and I get this:   The action would require the installation of packages from not authenticated sources02:48
hiexpocbx yes install them02:48
DaughainReload your sources.02:48
cbxIt doesn't let me install em02:49
cbxJust says bye bye :D02:49
Daughaincbx: Reload your sources, then try the install.02:49
hiexpodo you have all sources installed ?02:49
cbxI think its the india server, gonna switch that and check02:50
cbxalso, why the F is stuff hanging ? I thought linux used to be shit proof [ I just switched to ubuntu from windows after many many years]02:50
cbxI click on a button and nothing happens02:50
DaughainNothing is shitproof, but with minor effort(compared to windows) it is *very* stable.02:50
hiexpocbx did you upgrade everything after booting up?02:50
unistdWhy could not join the go-nuts channel??02:51
Wormoxanyone interested in Programmable Logic Controllers?02:51
DaughainWormox: What are they?02:51
cbxDaughain, Ic's02:51
cbxlike old school microcontrollres02:51
DaughainAh....Oh, well.02:51
hiexposudo apt-get upgrade && update02:51
WormoxBecause I have a couple cool ones and i was wondering if anyone wanted to talk about them or was interested in buyin em02:51
cbxWormox, I don't see you on ##electronics and #sparkfun .  That is the place to discuss this02:52
cbxand you'll get your buyers there Wormox02:52
Wormoxi'm new to freenode02:52
Wormoxthanks amigo02:52
=== Wolf is now known as Guest30563
jumpnmustanganyone know how to change the default menu icon in easy peasy?02:52
unistdI think embedded system is more interesting ,like arm cpu02:52
Daughain#linuxMCE might be an idea as well....02:52
Wormoxunistd: i have some embeddedarm boards as well :D02:53
unistdI have one, but I cannot find a job on it.02:53
unistdI am freshman in this field......02:54
dbdii407What's the one terminal app to control your volumn?02:54
blakkheimdbdii407: alsamixer02:54
buku 02:56
balasi was wondering if someone would kindly help get me wifi going on my laptop.  iwconfig sees wlan0 and that is specificied specifically in in my wicd it also didn't work under network-manager.  it simply said "no networks detected"  it might need an update, but failing that, anything else i can do short of reinstall ?02:56
dbdii407GStreamer was unable to detect any sound devices. Some sound system specific GStreamer packages may be missing. It may also be a permissions problem. *Ugh*02:57
Daughainbalas: You have the right drivers for your wifi?02:57
ZiggyzxxylHow do I see what my keyring password is currently set to? Is there some way to get an input password prompt to pop up so that I can see if it accepts my password?02:57
wolterHi, my reprofile is not working.02:58
wolterI don't see any * Profiling system * notice in the console02:58
oinkoinkoinkI have a problem with VLC , firefox and the Divx02:58
oinkoinkoinkWhen i see a video, i can see the video but i dont have any option for the volume or to press pause02:59
billybigriggercan anyone point me in the direction of jailbreaking my ipod touch? i can't seem to get redsn0w to run02:59
Helsinkiiihi guys i keep getting a Could not get lock /var/cache/apt/archives/lock - open (11 Resource temporarily unavailable)02:59
Helsinkiii whenever i do anything synaptic/add/remove related02:59
oinkoinkoinkor anything02:59
Daughainbillybigrigger: www.modmyi.com02:59
billybigriggercomplains about libwxgtk2.8-??? something and i have the right package installed, is there another way?02:59
billybigriggerthanks Daughain02:59
balasDaughain, its worked on a fresh install before the only thing i did do was install usb-modeswitch for a mobile wireless but i removed that, and problem perisists.  i will try wired now and do a full update02:59
dbdii407Why must this thing need to sudo a xfce4-mixer? O_o03:00
Daughainbalas: That sounds like you need to do a manual edit somewhere.....I havent gotten into mobile wireless yet, so I couldnt tell you where to look.03:00
sirconisHaving a problem with the windows ubuntu installer. I ran it, but ubuntu does not show up in the list of operating systems when the computer boots, so vista auto-loads.03:01
balasDaughain, should you be interested, cricket wireless works, no contracts, and has a 5gb limit.  dads using mine now03:01
wolterset irc_conf_mode 103:02
Daughainbalas: I'm more interested in getting my netbooks to place and receive normal voice calls first. =) Then I can get rid of the cell phones. =)03:02
billybigriggerDaughain, there's 1 linux guide on that site03:02
ZiggyzxxylWhat is the easiest way to get this 'puter to ask me for my keyring password?03:03
sirconissry, got d/ced03:03
Absolute0ati HD 4850 or nvidia gtx 250 for linux and crysis?03:03
Daughainbillybigrigger: Gimme a few min, and I'll get back to you....Helping someone in #KUbuntu right now.03:04
PingFloydAbsolute0: I'll be honest with, ATI drivers can be sketchy sometimes03:04
billybigriggerDaughain, np03:04
zanberdoI am forced to citrix to connect to a linux server from my linux desktop. as such, I need to use putty as a citrix client application. Is there any way to transfer files via putty from my desktop to the end-point server I'm connecting to?03:04
dugI have check upstart all my runlevels and I cannot figureout why my runlevel reports unknown??03:04
PingFloydAbsolute0: especially fglrx driver03:04
Helsinkiiihi i keep gettinga Could not get lock /var/cache/apt/archives/lock - open (11 Resource temporarily unavailable)03:04
Helsinkiii and nothing is working03:04
Helsinkiiii tried every suggestion, still get the bug03:04
Absolute0PingFloyd: i am aware thats why i asked03:05
sirconisCan someone help? I ran the windows ubuntu installer and selected the partition I dedicated for ubuntu. It ran just fine, but when rebooting there is no option to boot ubuntu. Visa loads automatically. It has worked in the past, and I've done nothing different. :(03:05
Absolute0PingFloyd: that ati is low profile03:05
Absolute0so its more attractive03:05
PingFloydAbsolute0: I have an ati mobility radeon hd 4570, and my screen will get stuck blank when I log out of DE when using fglrx driver03:06
PingFloydAbsolute0: the open source drivers also won't support 3D accelleration in cards this new03:06
PingFloydAbsolute0: not yet anyway03:06
ZiggyzxxylWhat is the easiest way to get my computer to ask me for my keyring password, so that I can confirm if it is set right?03:07
Daughainbillybigrigger: OK....You;r trying o JB an iphone in ubuntu?03:07
PingFloydAbsolute0: that's only an issue in Linux though03:07
jumpnmustangIf you are dedicating a partition to ubuntu why use a windows type boot? just install it to the partition, and let linux install grub.03:07
PingFloydAbsolute0: no problems with this card in windows vista nor windows 703:07
iAmerikanwhen I run htop, i always see swap is at 0% why is that?03:08
billybigriggerDaughain, yup03:08
sirconisjumpnmustang, becuase it worked before, and for whatever reason I can't boot form the disc. I burned the cd image using my prefered .iso image burner, but it doesn't recognize the disc afterwards.03:08
billybigriggeriAmerikan, because your not using any03:08
Tetikus_22_Bhi all03:09
iAmerikanbillybigrigger: when does it get used?03:09
Tetikus_22_Bi need help03:09
militanthiya.  got a bit of a serious issue.  i installed xmonad and logged out/in to switch to it.  it wouldn't load.  so i went back to gnome, and now gnome has no window borders, terminal won't take focus, etc03:09
billybigriggeriAmerikan, when you run out of memory03:09
iAmerikanso I wouldn't really need swap with my 7.9 gb?03:10
semitonessirconis, it could be your bios isn't set to boot from cd, or your disk is defective03:10
mrpink57militant: I would change a session to xterm then uninstall xmonad03:10
yoyoma8my wepkey isnt working in ubuntu?romemode notdetecting networks? <8.0403:10
Tetikus_22_Bi want to install Fifa pro evolution game on my ubuntu anyone can help03:10
sirconisI've edited the windows file that contains the list of OS to boot before, but I forget what it is named, or where it is located. @semitones, my bios are set correctly.03:10
Tetikus_22_Bplss help me03:11
mrpink57iAmerikan: i'd keep some swap may it be REALLy small03:11
yoyoma8cananyone helpme? wifiissues..pmmaybe?03:11
Daughainbillybigrigger: what model ipod? You may need to load a diff JB app via wine, depending on booloader.03:11
mrpink57Tetikus_22_B: !wine | Tetikus_22_B03:11
PingFloydsirconis: are you having grub be your bootloader or having window's?03:11
militantmrpink57: that didn't have any results03:11
semitonessirconis, so are you trying to add ubuntu to the windows bootloader, or are you trying to install grub?03:11
Tetikus_22_Bi already install03:11
iAmerikanmrpink57: ubuntu automatically made me a 2gb swap partition when I started. While we're kinda on the subject should I partition different folders?03:12
Tetikus_22_Bbut fifa cannot be run03:12
jumpnmustangI have always had problems with windows quickie installs. They will work once twice maybe three times and never work again.03:12
Romney2012MITT ROMNEY at Yeshiva University in 2007:  "In the current conflict, defeat is not nearly as dangerously close as it was during the darkest moments of the Second World War and the Cold War. There's no comparison between the economic and diplomatic, and military resources of the civilized world and those of the terrorist networks that threaten us today.  "In those previous global wars, there were many ways to lose, and victory 03:12
dodecahedronLinux is for dumb mentally retarded bitches who ate too many lead chips as babies. Ubuntu is gay care bear cotton candy pansy ass insecure bloated faggotry compared to the spartan NetBSD and OpenBSD03:12
semitonessirconis, grub means GRand Unified Bootloader, by the way03:12
sirconispingfloyd, windows. afaik I can't choose grub from the windows installer, although once ubuntu is installed and I select it from the windows bootloader it goes to grub and I have to select it again, but that is when it is workign correctly as it has n the past.03:12
Romney2012and that is if we as a civilized world decide not to lift a finger to defend ourselves, or our values, and our way of life.  "I will not be silent, you will not be silent.  "Today, we can lead the world. We can and we must lead the world to do what it has sought for so many centuries-to accept different people and different cultures, to respect the inalienable rights of every child of God, and to welcome a time of peace and pro03:12
Romney2012Vote Mitt Romney for President03:12
DaughainiAmerikan: You need to be using most of your ram before the swap part gets used.....Set up a sysmon and watch how ram and swap get used.03:12
Romney2012for a safer and more prosperous America.03:12
PingFloydsirconis: if you're using Window's bootloader as the main bootloader, you can use easyBCD03:12
mrpink57iAmerikan: I generally do manual partitions and keep a /boot / swap /home for more advanced I add a /var03:12
billybigriggerDaughain, lemme check the model03:12
semitones!offtopic Romney201203:13
Romney2012MITT ROMNEY at Yeshiva University in 2007:  "In the current conflict, defeat is not nearly as dangerously close as it was during the darkest moments of the Second World War and the Cold War. There's no comparison between the economic and diplomatic, and military resources of the civilized world and those of the terrorist networks that threaten us today.  "In those previous global wars, there were many ways to lose, and victory 03:13
semitones!offtopic | Romney201203:13
ubottuRomney2012: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!03:13
jumpnmustangIt would be pointless to select grub in the windows bootloader since grub is a bootloader too.03:13
Romney2012and that is if we as a civilized world decide not to lift a finger to defend ourselves, or our values, and our way of life.  "I will not be silent, you will not be silent.  "Today, we can lead the world. We can and we must lead the world to do what it has sought for so many centuries-to accept different people and different cultures, to respect the inalienable rights of every child of God, and to welcome a time of peace and pro03:13
Romney2012Vote Mitt Romney for President03:13
billybigriggerDaughain, model a128803:13
Daughainbillybigrigger: I dont have em all memorixed. :P  Check it on that website I gavce you to find out which app works to JB that bl.03:13
Romney2012for a safer and more prosperous America!03:13
iAmerikanDaughin: I'm watching htop but my ram won't fill... mrpink57: would you suggest doing this?03:13
michael__tudo bem03:13
michael__gostaria de saber deque se tra03:14
PingFloyddodecahedron: life must be rough when you're part of the forgotten03:14
DaughainiAmerikan: Load the system more?? =)03:14
dodecahedronRomney2012 God most likely does not exist and third world genetic material (third world children) are for the most part trash who should die03:14
yoyoma8romeny...spambots will not getyouintooffice..03:14
mrpink57iAmerikan: I'm not sure what you are asking there, but with 8gb of ram you can probably do a swap of 128mb03:14
militantwhy would gnome tell me i'm not running a wm when i hit the show desktop button... why would my window borders etc vanish..?03:14
wolterI cannot reprofile my system, help please03:14
jumpnmustangThere was a document out there  once I saw that showed how to manually install grub. I think the one I saw was a knoppix hack though. Might still be out there and might work for you.03:14
Daughain8G?? No wonder you dont use swap. :P03:14
dodecahedronPingFloyd uh, OpenBSD does not want to be a popular OS we just want to be the best at what we do. We also do not care about newbies like Ubuntu we expect OpenBSD users to be advanced users03:15
yoyoma8lol swap s a hd partition03:15
dodecahedronpingfloyd so much for your retarded "forgotten argument"03:15
mrpink57iAmerikan: you could also do other things like creat a tmpfs and put your firefox cache in there to get a faster browser03:15
DaughainiAmerikan: Leave uit up for a couple of weeks and check htop then. Takes over 24 hours for my 2G to fill enough to use swap.03:15
Romney2012Romney at Yeshiva University: "What Jimmy Carter fails to understand is what so many fail to understand. Whether it's Hamas or Hezbollah; Al Qaeda or Shia and Sunni extremists, there is an overarching goal among the violent Jihadists - and it transcends borders and boundaries. That goal is to replace all modern Islamic states with a religious caliphate, to destroy Israel, to cause the collapse of the West and the United States,03:15
wolterMy boot time is of 70s, not 10s. I need help reprofiling03:15
Romney2012Vote Mitt Romney for President 201203:15
wolterBut cannot reprofile03:15
iAmerikanmrpink57: I meant to say, would you suggest keeping /home and /var partitions?03:16
PingFloyddodecahedron: sounds like you have a luddite sausage fest, all 3 members of your community03:16
iAmerikanDaughain: I'll take a look in a few days then03:16
dodecahedronPingFloyd OpenBSD developers know exactly who our target audience is ourselves the elite and not the benighted masses03:16
chris231989Romney2012: please stop03:16
dodecahedronPingFloyd Ubuntu panders to the benighted masses the newbies03:16
mrpink57iAmerikan: it's all user pref really, I keep it if I am going to be monitoring a lot of profiles.  its esepcially nice if you have a lot of users you can dump firefox profiles in /var and reuse them.03:16
DaughainiAmerikan: I'm at 2D, 8H uptime and still not using swap yet.03:17
Romney2012Mitt Romney has real private sector experience with keeping costs down and efficiency up!03:17
Romney2012Vote MItt Romney for PResident to restore fiscal responsibility to America!03:17
dodecahedronPingFloyd yeah being on the cutting edge of security technology sure is luddite </sarcasm>03:17
PingFloyddodecahedron: thou hast protest too much -- I think you're trying to convince yourself more than anyone else that you're elite.03:17
dodecahedronPingFloyd I'm just having fun trolling. You are putting too much meaning into my presence here03:18
PingFloyddodecahedron: I'll let you live in your little 1990s dream world though03:18
iAmerikanmrpink57: I'm the only user on my system. But I've heard something about at least making a partition for /home03:18
mrpink57iAmerikan: but if you want a answer /boot / swap /home is fine, keep /home seperate is nice if you have a failure you can reinstall and keep /home03:18
draugefilekimIs there a way to have nano remove trailing spaces (at the end of lines, not the line at the end of the document)?03:18
mrpink57iAmerikan: i would recommend always making a seperate home03:18
Romney2012Tired of Niggers and their monkeyshines?03:18
Xgatessay will this Grub2 menu entry work? ----> http://pastebin.com/m4e17f6a903:18
iAmerikanmrpink57: how big would you say I should make it?03:19
michael__join #ubuntu-br03:19
dodecahedronPingFloyd yeah the 1990s when linux was still exclusively for geeks and still had a relatively knowledgeable userbase unlike now where Linux is for bitches and dumbe ones at that and Ubuntu is the primary cotton candy pansy ass Bitch distro03:19
=== Romney2012 is now known as BlackSpade
* Daughain likes his cotton candy. :P03:20
XgatesI have GRUB_HIDDEN_TIMEOUT=15 and I can't see the grub menu, why?03:20
jumpnmustangI'll admit to being one of those pansy ass users.:-)03:20
wolterhas anybody using ubuntu karmic reprofiled their system?03:20
dodecahedronPingFloyd there are two kinds of camps : the userfriendly camp e.g. Ubuntu and Windows where security is a joke and the security camp i.e. OpenBSD which generally shuns usability03:21
PingFloyddodecahedron: your over compensation is too obvious03:21
=== _Raspberry is now known as Pazooza
semitonesGuys, please take your discussion to #ubuntu-offtopic and save this channel for support questions03:21
yoyoma8ijust want some wifi help..ubuntu8.0403:22
yoyoma8romedoesntwork..ineedanewkeygen i think03:22
SoahHey guys. Which file do I modify to change my boot loader? I have a lot of repeats in it. Like two that say Ubuntu and two that say windows 7?03:22
blakkheimdodecahedron: well said :)03:22
jagewhat is a good GUI search substitution for File Browser?  FB doesn't even show the location in searches, much less allow you to open the folder.03:22
mrpink57I use Arch personally and sometimes Debian.  But I think Ubuntu has done a great job and getting the masses interested in Linux.  I thought it was a big thing when I started seeing laptops (Dell) giving the option of a Linux install in the flavor of Ubuntu.03:22
PingFloyddodecahedron: I guess since there is no women around for you to blame your inadequacies on, you have to resort to blaming linux these days LOL03:22
jiohdiwhen hardware says windows mac and ubuntu on the side of the box... you know linux has arrived03:23
mrpink57Soah: /boot/grub/menu.lst03:23
semitonesXgates, coulld you pastebin the file for us?03:23
dughow can I debug why I am getting runlevel unknown?03:23
dodecahedronsemitones it is so funny that you say that this channel is for support. The OpenBSD channel is not really for support especially not for newbies. Back in the day common Linux responses to newbies was RTFM and in OpenBSD the manual pages are of the highest quality unlike Linux03:23
dodecahedronRTFM !03:23
tienno driver graphic card03:23
dodecahedronnewbie bitches03:23
Xgatessemitones: this is grub2 and I'm on another box at the moment, I just need to add a entry to boot a recovery partition for a Winbox is all, so how can I get the Grub menu to be visible?03:24
mgmuscarisigh... i have a 15 year old program that i'm trying to run with wine, and it's failing out due to "not enough free space." my disk is too large, and there's obviously an integer overflow occurring here that's causing the application to think there's very little space available. anybody have suggestions on fixing this?03:24
oinkoinkoinkvlc player suck thx03:24
semitonesXgates, I'm not that familiar with grub t2, but I think I can find you a link..03:24
semitones!grub2 | Xgates03:24
ubottuXgates: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager in Karmic. For more information and troubleshooting on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub203:24
PingFloyddodecahedron: don't you have a small innocent animal to torment like a normal sociopath?03:24
semitonesXgates, if you have any questions I'll be happy to help03:25
jagethere is a wine support channel, not sure if anyone there... #winehq03:25
tienwho can help me?03:26
mgmuscarijage: thanks03:26
XgatesAhhhh my bad I need to comment out ---> #GRUB_HIDDEN_TIMEOUT=003:26
Xgates  :)03:26
* Xgates bangs head03:26
mrpink57!ask | tien03:26
ubottutien: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)03:26
SoahThx mrpink57, Much appreciated.03:26
mgmuscariactually now that i think about it, i'll probably have to use dosbox to run this program03:26
tienmy grapphic card no driver03:26
semitonesXgates, did you try the stuff in that link?03:26
dodecahedronPingFloyd don't you have more time to waste on parasitic illiterate newbies who refuse to seriously research their problems first before asking like the retarded fool you are ?03:27
tiengefoce 9600 gt03:27
jumpnmustangDosbox is a wonderful invention.03:27
Daughainmgmuscari: One of these days I;d like to pick your brain on carrier end filters for data networks.03:27
tweisemanhello! im running ubuntu 8.04 on my laptop and i was wondering what program i shouhld use for .exe files?03:27
billybigriggerDaughain, not seeing where i can view my model03:27
semitonesdodecahedron, please stop.03:27
mgmuscarijumpnmustang: mustangs ftw!03:27
Xgatessemitones:  I need to comment out ---> #GRUB_HIDDEN_TIMEOUT=003:27
ZiggyzxxylHow do I see what my keyring password is currently set to? Is there some way to get an input password prompt to pop up so that I can see if it accepts my password?03:27
Daughainbillybigrigger: Pull up the bootloader version, and use that, not model number.03:27
mgmuscariDaughain: i don't have a whole lot of specialized knowledge about the phone network - i worked in the it services division03:27
mgmuscariDaughain: know this: deep packet inspection is real, and it's used in industry03:28
ZiggyzxxylWhat is the easiest way to get my computer to ask me for my keyring password, so that I can confirm if it is set right?03:28
jumpnmustangtweiseman: have you tried wine?03:28
semitonesXgates, to see the menu, just remove the "#" and specify how many seconds you want to see the menu03:28
billybigriggerDaughain, version 3.1.2 is that OS version?03:28
Daughainmgmuscari: Ah......Hmmmm.....Wonder why I havent been tagged for my net access yet. Been doing it for years.03:28
sirconisback. did anyone see my question about EasyBCD before I lost connection?03:28
billybigriggermodel pc087c03:28
dodecahedronpingfloyd this a record. The longest I have trolled like this in a linux distro channel without being banned (at least a decently populated one like this)03:28
Xgatessemitones: I got it already :) BUT I can't seem to get this menu entry to show up ---> http://pastebin.com/m721940c003:28
mrpink57tien: you should get a pop up in Ubuntu Karmic asking you if you want to install the restricted drivers for your Nvidia card03:29
tweisemanjumpnmustang:  i did try wine but there seemed to be some kind of error/03:29
PingFloyddodecahedron: great to know you set the bar high on accomplishments in life03:29
Daughainbillybigrigger: It will say OS or bootloader. I've done a few for freinds, but dont have this stuff memorized.03:29
jumpnmustangCan you give the error?03:29
mgmuscariDaughain: they probably only look at people who are using almost 5gb per month03:29
dodecahedronpingfloyd -- luxury -- some of us can afford such trivial games since we do not have to slave for money to live03:30
billybigriggerDaughain, i see nothing that gives me a bootloader version03:30
semitonesXgates, ok, could you post the whole file?03:30
tweisemanim not on the ubuntu system right now all i know is that other people have had it too. do you know of anyother programs?03:30
Daughainmgmuscari: Could be....I dopnt get close to that...03:30
PingFloyddodecahedron: I'm sure most of the people in here have you on /ignore by now, but I don't because you're quite entertaining03:30
billybigriggerDaughain, have you done one in ubuntu yet? ipod touch that is03:30
billybigriggerif so what did you use?03:30
jumpnmustangWell you could try codeweaver or you could try virtualbox.03:31
Daughainbillybigrigger: Search the forums. I lost all my bookmarks during a HD fail, so, cant point ya any better than that.03:31
sirconisI used easyBCD to add a linux entry, but when I select it in the windows bootloader it takes me to a grub command prompt. I tried typing boot, but it says the kernel has to be loaded first. In any case, I want to go straight into ubunto not a command prompt. Any ideas?03:31
Daughainbillybigrigger: I was using blackra1n on an XP box, I admit. Havent had one come in to try in ubuntu yet.03:31
dodecahedronpingfloyd attacking linux and ubuntu is like attacking a nest of butterflies attacking Linux and BSD would warrant death threats03:31
kdasdasfhi what's correct way to install php pdo_mysql with ubuntu?03:31
Daughainbillybigrigger: Ran the bootloader upgrade then blackra1n.03:32
kdasdasfpcl install pdo_mysql seems to be wrong03:32
dodecahedronpingfloyd attacking linux and ubuntu is like attacking a nest of butterflies attacking Unix and BSD would warrant death threats, rather03:32
tweisemanperf3ect! thank you so much03:32
kdasdasfbecause php dies with sigenv03:32
dodecahedronpingfloyd got it right the second time03:32
mrpink57Xgates: http://pastebin.com/m3339e089 here is my menu.lst I am using grub not grub2 but I also have it disabled maybe it will help.03:32
PingFloyddodecahedron: I guess only the macho he-men run BSD :P03:32
=== dexter is now known as Guest4974
jumpnmustangI usually just bypass all wine byproducts and install virtualbox. That takes care of 90% of my needs.03:32
billybigriggerDaughain, ya, you can't run wine to jailbreak in ubuntu, as wine doesn't support usb03:32
[Adam|Miner]Is there any support for broadcomm wireless adapters yet?03:32
dodecahedronpingfloyd The BSDs are still high church druid Unix and Ubuntu and Linux are still peter pan skittles and beer pansy ass care bear unmanly faggotry03:32
* iflema :)03:33
tweisemanthank you im new to linux haha this means a lot03:33
PingFloyddodecahedron: yeah BSD users do kind of remind me of catholic priests03:33
kebomixdoes Kubuntu 10.04 LTS (Lucid Lynx) Daily Build updated to kde 4.4 ?03:33
Daughainbillybigrigger: OK, then ya need a XP VM of some kind. google virtualbox.03:33
HeliusCan anyone recommend a good util to use in Live session to backup an encrypted drive to another backup drive?03:33
sirconisI used easyBCD to add a linux entry, but when I select it in the windows bootloader it takes me to a grub command prompt. I tried typing boot, but it says the kernel has to be loaded first. In any case, I want to go straight into ubunto not a command prompt. Any ideas?03:33
jumpnmustangDon't pay attention to the newbie haters then.;-)03:33
jumpnmustangHopefully you grow to love linux.03:34
tweisemanim sure i will because i HATE windows03:34
Xgatessemitones: grub2 isn't the same03:34
Xgatesas far as where to put it03:34
[Adam|Miner]I used ubuntu about a year ago and there was no support for my broadcom wifi card, has it changed?03:34
semitonesXgates, there isn't one config file that you edit?03:34
mgmuscari[Adam|Miner]: possibly03:35
Daughaintweiseman: Your head will hurt next time you look at windows......trtust me. =)03:35
mgmuscari[Adam|Miner]: try the live cd03:35
[Adam|Miner]I'll test then03:35
Xgatesanyone know if in grub2 for Karmic if you want to add an entry if you are suppose to add that into /etc/grub.d/40_custom?03:35
semitonessirconis, it sounds like you need to fix your grub, wherever it is installed03:35
jumpnmustangWell in reality, the best support for windows files right now is to use vbox, but that actually installs windows.03:35
kebomixdoes Kubuntu 10.04 LTS (Lucid Lynx) Daily Build updated to kde 4.4 ?03:35
jage9.10 doesn't work with my broadcom, LiveCD or installed.  YMMV03:35
dodecahedronpingFloyd I dunno about all BSD users being macho he-man but I'm in elite NAVY SEALs physical condition and I'm 6 foot tall with a beard -- basically a spartan ninja killing machine and the Spartan nature of OpenBSD appeals to me where userfriendliness is fancy insecure bloated nonsense and Spartans shun the fancy03:35
jumpnmustangPuts windows where it should be. In a controlled window.:-)03:35
semitonessirconis, I think you'd have to boot off the ubuntu live cd to fix it03:35
billybigriggerDaughain, yeah i know what virtualbox is03:36
Xgatessemitones: uses a config called grub.cfg but you have to make changes elsewhere03:36
PingFloyddodecahedron: and you're a millionaire too right?  Just like every other person on irc.03:36
semitonesXgates, ok, let me read up on it. :)03:36
Daughainbillybigrigger: Cool.....Never know, y'know?03:36
billybigriggerDaughain, i'm stuck in the boonies right now away from home, this would have been done long time ago but don't have the means to do it, i wanted a pure native linux method03:36
PingFloyddodecahedron: because everyone on irc is a millionaire womanizing badass03:36
dodecahedronpingfloyd no actually I'm not a millionaire (at least not yet) but I don't doubt that one day I might be a millionaire or billionaire03:36
Gamrokhey guys i had a question do i need to install the restricted drivers to properly connect my tv tuner to my machine you know via mythbuntu03:36
Daughainbillybigrigger: There isnt one. =( Not for JB.03:37
billybigriggerDaughain, i was pointed to redsn0203:37
billybigriggerjust can't get it to work properly, problems with libwxgtk2.8-03:37
billybigriggerlemme dig up the error03:37
Daughainbillybigrigger: redsn0w doesnt support the newer bl's.03:37
ZiggyzxxylIs it safe to delete the contents of /usr/local/bin/ ?03:38
billybigriggerwell how do i find my bootloader version03:38
dodecahedronpingfloyd I'm not actually a NAVY SEAL I just do their exercise regimen because I'm a health fanatic03:38
billybigriggeri went into settings, and about, saw os version and model number/serial number, just no bootloader version03:38
sirconis>_< It's frustrating because it has worked before. I ran wubi, and it installed ubuntu and added an entry in the windows bootlaoder. This time it didn't. :(03:38
billybigrigger./redsn0w: error while loading shared libraries: libwx_gtk2u_richtext-2.8.so.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory03:38
mrpink57Ziggyzxxyl: that is were some programs install to03:38
Daughainbillybigrigger: I dont remember......I can do it with the ipod in my hands, but cant explain it step by step. =(03:38
dodecahedronpingfloyd or I should say a fitness fanatic03:38
iflemadodecahedron your a knobba.... off ya trot03:38
billybigriggerDaughain, ^^03:38
anto9usZiggyzxxyl: no, that contains executable binary files, you need them, it's not a waste-bin :)03:39
billybigrigger!find libwx_gtk2u_richtext-2.8.so.003:39
DaughainWait.......*sn0wusualy refers to an unlock app for an iphone.03:39
militanti'm a bit confused folks.  why would installing xmonad make me lose window borders and other wm functions in gnome??03:39
billybigriggersays it will work with ipod touches aswell03:39
Daughain*ra1n is the jb app, *sn0w is unlock.03:39
mscookhi. Today I had an automatic update. It has resulted in problems. Namely. Firefox will not start 'dbus error' and the biggest problem X11forwarding is now broken 'X11 connection rejected because of wrong authentication". Any ideas/solutions?03:40
dodecahedroniflema I don't speak street slang or whatever nonsense you spew03:40
Daughainbillybigrigger: You have a usb2 port? usb1 wont work.03:40
ubottuFile libwx_gtk2u_richtext-2.8.so.0 found in libwxgtk2.8-003:40
mrpink57militant: I'm guessing its like using openbox with kde the WM is trying to be just that a Wm with Gnome being the DE.03:40
billybigriggerDaughain, brand new laptop as of 2 weeks ago, i imagine it's got usb203:40
Xgatessemitones: got it, need to add any entries into ---->  /etc/grub.d/40_custom03:40
Daughainbillybigrigger: Ya.....If not usb3......03:40
billybigriggerredsn0w.com says right on the first page, unloack and jailbreak tool03:41
semitonesXgates, did you make the file executable?03:41
yoyomarecommenda sitefor linksyswifi g..passphrase tohex/ansii03:41
PingFloydthere went the jerry springer entertainment :(03:41
billybigriggermy bad, it says, iphone and ipod touch jailbreak tool03:41
Xgatessemitones: you have to add any custom entries you want into /etc/grub.d/40_custom then after making entries in that file you run --->  update-grub  :)03:41
militantmrpink57: yeah i did have an option for e16+gnome and i tried logging into that before the regular (and failing) gnome session03:41
PingFloydtime for a smoke, that was some good laughs while it lasted03:41
* Xgates got it now :)03:41
Daughainbillybigrigger: OK, does it list bootloader versions? Also, as of 4 months ago, apple put out a new firmware that hasnt been JB's yet, as far as I know, so, if the ipod is that new, that may be the issue.03:42
kdasdasfi killed my php installation03:42
semitonesXgates, cool, good luck. I'm reading the wiki, and it's pretty confusing03:42
kdasdasfhow can i reinstall a package?03:42
XgatesI'm all good now03:42
semitonesXgates, it looks like you're supposed to make a _file_ and put it in /etc/grub.d/03:42
anto9uskdasdasf: sudo apt-get install --reinstall <package>03:42
yoyomaneed to convert passphrase forwifi connecton03:43
kdasdasfanto9us thx03:43
kdasdasfi tried apt-get reinstall but that doesn't exist03:43
mscookHow can this happen! X11 connection rejected because of wrong authentication03:43
militanthmmm it says gnome-vfs-obexftp is required by gnome but uninstallable?03:43
mrpink57militant: you could also try to wget xmonad and build from source which is what I would consider the defautl way of installing (I use dwm).03:43
dugdo I have to re install my server because I am seeing runlevel unknown?03:43
yoyomaanyoneofyou 1200peopleknowasitethat willconvert ansiito hex 128bit linksys?03:44
PingFloydthat guy reminded me of this http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/images/B00067TAWG/ref=dp_image_0?ie=UTF8&n=165793011&s=toys-and-games03:44
militantmrpink57: that could be.  but it doesn't bring my gnome back.  not sure how to revert03:44
billybigriggerDaughain, ipod is as new as the laptop, a few weeks03:44
mscookYeah, even better. apt-get upgrade results in:03:44
Frijoliepsycho_oreos, found out what was happening with my filenames, everytime it played a song it would rename it to <title>.flac03:44
mscookSetting up xulrunner-1.9.1-gnome-support ( ...03:44
mscookBus error03:44
bazhangPingFloyd, and that relates to Ubuntu support how?03:44
jage@pingfloyd, and you just kept punching that doll didn't cha?  :D03:44
Frijoliepsycho_oreos, don't know how to stop it from doing it. can you add banshee to another group so that it doesn't have write permissions on those files?03:44
woltermy karmic is taking 74s to boot, what ever happened to the supposed 10s boot?03:45
Biskit_laptophello world - I've just finished updating to 9.10 from 9.04.  Is there a way to get back to the 9.04 login screen?  I don't like the looks of the 9.10 screen.03:45
semitonesPingFloyd, too bad you couldn't get him to go to #offtopic and finish the discussion there :P03:45
Daughainbillybigrigger: Ouch......May not be JB'd yet then. research on the site. about a month after the 3GS was on the market a new firmware was out and hadnt been JB';d. Ipod and Iphone run the same firmware.03:45
Daughainbillybigrigger: I used to have the serial number list for the iphones, but not any more.03:45
semitonesbazhang, there was a guy in here talking about how freeBSD was better than linux03:45
Daughainbillybigrigger: Keep an eye on that site and keep tabs on wat devteam is doing, since they are the ones who released redsn0w, as I recall. Not the news ya wanna hear, but, its what I know.03:46
psycho_oreosFrijolie, dunno, I never used banshee personally but I've seen it appearing in stuff like managing ipods and what not03:46
bazhangbillybigrigger, what are you trying to accomplish03:47
Daughainbazhang: He wants to JB a brand new ipod.03:47
Frijoliepsycho_oreos, hmm, well in general I guess..what group/permissions level do normal apps run under?03:47
billybigriggerbazhang, jailbreak my ipod touch in ubuntu03:47
yoyomadudesand gals plshelp me get my wifi going -.-03:47
bazhangbillybigrigger, why would you want to do that; you can use iFuser to use it as normal03:47
billybigriggerwhat's ifuser?03:48
psycho_oreosFrijolie, probably under your own login I presume03:48
Daughainbazhang: After jb, there are a LOT of useful apps for it.03:48
bazhangbillybigrigger, there is currently a PPA for it, ifuser PPA using libiphone03:48
psycho_oreosyoyoma, pastebin your lspci -nnk output03:48
billybigriggercan you point me to the ppa?03:48
[Adam|Miner]When trying to go to Lucid, I get the popup "Unable to get exclusive lock" in Ubuntu, how do I get it to upgrade?03:48
bazhangDaughain, may well be, but only on ontopic consideration would be Ubuntu support for said iPhone and/or iPod03:49
mscookHi guys. Is there a way to revert the system to the state it was in post update?03:49
antonio_hello people! My blender doesn't work good, i cant click on menus or icons, but the 3d wiev works great... does anyone know why???03:49
billybigrigger[Adam|Miner], you need to ask that question in #ubuntu+103:49
mscookShould be simple!03:49
Frijoliepsycho_oreos, hmm...03:49
bazhang[Adam|Miner], lucid support in #ubuntu+103:49
achianghaving issues with sound in karmic, worked through quite a number of howtos on the web, still no love. http://pastebin.ca/180101203:50
jageis there a way to search files resulting in a folder so I can drag/drop replacements as needed?03:50
bazhangbillybigrigger, my mistake, it's called iFuse https://launchpad.net/~jonabeck/+archive/ppa03:50
jhalsteadlooking for a USB headset that is known to work with my linux box. anything I need to keep an eye out for? any recomendations?03:50
yoyomaineedwifi help -.-03:51
bazhangyoyoma, which chipset03:51
psycho_oreosyoyoma, you haven't answered my question03:51
Xeon06Hey guys. I'm on Windows and trying to upload a file to my Ubuntu server. I tried both FTP and SCP and both say some variant of permission denied. The user I use to log in isn't root, but its in the list of sudoers. Anyone knows whats up with that?03:51
dugi have been trying for 4 hours to get my system to get the correct runlevel and it still says runlevel unknown,  can anyone here help me debug this?  telinit 2 doesnt work,  /etc/event.d and manually setting the upstart runlevel doesnt seem to work ,  I am lost03:51
dugI am running 9.103:52
billybigriggerbazhang, how do use ifuse?03:52
robbins62I installed boxee from a .deb from boxee's website...how do i go about uninstalling that so i can install the newer beta version?03:52
billybigriggerbazhang, now that i remember, i installed it on a friends karmic machine...can't get it working in lucid, i think there's depends problems in lucid03:52
bazhangbillybigrigger, you are on lucid now?03:52
billybigriggerbut from what i've read it's just an app that will mount your iphone no?03:52
Frijoliebazhang, where are those PPAs for iFuser?03:52
billybigriggerhave a friends laptop in the next room with karmic03:53
achiangrobbins62: dpkg -l | grep ^ii | grep boxee -- that will give you the name of the .deb you originally installed. then, dpkg -r <name of deb> to remove03:53
billybigriggerhis has ifuse installed, mine doesnt03:53
bazhangbillybigrigger, well it will certainly be built for lucid when it is released at the end of April, otherwise lucid support is in #ubuntu+103:53
bazhangFrijolie, https://launchpad.net/~jonabeck/+archive/ppa03:53
robbins62achiang, straight forward enough! thanks man.03:54
achiangrobbins62: np03:54
yoyomawelllnow googlefailsi will try d/ling a wep key gennerater03:54
Frijoliebazhang, thanks man03:54
bazhangyoyoma, what is your chipset?03:54
PredakingI'm having a strange problem hooking up my linux box to the TV via HDMI. It cuts off the screen. I'm missing maybe about 200pixels from top, bottom, left, and right03:54
beyondcrhow do you rm a directory?03:55
Predakingmessing with resoulations doesn't help03:55
PredakingI'm using the native 1920x1080 res03:55
beyondcri just did it lastnight and forgot03:55
BHowardbeyondcr, rmdir <directoryname>03:55
yoyomadouhavehardwarethatsupportstvor hdtv's?03:55
PredakingAcer Revo 3601 nVidia ION with latest drivers using HDMI port on the computer03:55
robbins62Predaking, overscan perhaps?03:55
yoyomatryremoveingthe plug as ubuntu starts03:55
Predakingoverscan, is that a TV feature?03:56
yoyomawhen u think shes at the login plugit back in03:56
Predakinghrm good idea03:56
yoyomaworkedfor meearliertodayon 8.0403:56
PredakingI'm pretty much at a dead end on new things to try03:56
yoyomaalternativelyyou'd have to reconfig xserverbackto default03:57
beyondcrBHoward what if the dir is not empty?03:57
BHowardPredaking, ill be grabbing one of those on friday for a linux media pc. Ill be able to help you then LOL03:57
yoyomabutwhat your describeing is similarto me problem03:57
meso_im new here03:57
meso_a semi new ubuntu lover03:57
jacquesdupontdhey guys03:57
meso_i have been telling everyone how much i love it03:58
dugI am running karmic and I am getting runlevel unknown after an upgrade from jaunty,   why would this by?03:58
yoyomai loveditwhen mywififworkedallplugandplay -.-03:58
PredakingBHoward: yea it's a sweet little box but if I can't get ubuntu to run on my TV.... :( I'll have to use windows yucj!03:58
jacquesdupontdi would like to create a .iso or .img file , i've download a release but i only have the directory tree with all files and i need to make it bootable on a usb key03:58
meso_I had vista for a while and finally took the plung03:58
jacquesdupontddo you know how i could do in the terminal ?03:58
yoyomapred i'm sureyou canget it torun03:58
BHowardbeyondcr, rm -rf <directory name>03:59
semitonesjacquesdupontd, it would seem that you've downloaded the wrong file...03:59
semitonesjacquesdupontd, it should give you a .iso file if you downloaded it from ubuntu.com, which you can make a bootable usb key from04:00
max1234I don't have the option to minimize or exit out of any windows?04:00
militantmrpink57: any idea how to get gnome back to its default behavior, acting as full wm/de/etc?  :/04:00
gsgleasonmax1234 it sounds like you're missing a window manager04:01
EllocomotiveHello Everyone, I am considering changing my netbook OS from WinXP to Linux, is this the right spot?04:01
beyondcrcan some one point me to creating command shortcuts in a gnome menu?04:01
beyondcrvia command line04:01
=== kgs_ is now known as kgs
max1234all my compiz effects are working, how can I tell?04:01
bfshadow_alguien habla español??04:02
EllocomotiveHello Everyone, I am considering changing my netbook OS from WinXP to Linux, is this the right spot?  I am a newbie so I have a few general questions.04:02
bfshadow_VIVAN WINDOWS!!!04:02
jacquesdupontdits Mer and i don't see any iso file04:02
militantEllocomotive: Ubuntu netbook remix is pretty good, in my opinion.  i'll answer your questions if i can04:02
KurzweilYeah Ellocomotive. This is the right place04:02
dugis anyone here experienced upstart or know why my runlevel would be unknown?04:02
jacquesdupontdsemitones, i didn't made anything wrong, my question is simple, how to create an bootable iso file ?04:03
jacquesdupontdfrom a folder04:03
ericjamesthis script, http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/m26200f96 , was working fine, and now I'm getting an "unexpected '(' on line 7" error. any ideas?04:03
max1234how can I make sure I have a windows manager running?04:03
dugKurzweil: anychance you know anything about why a runlevel would be unknown?04:03
semitonesjacquesdupontd, you don't create it, you download it04:03
EllocomotiveThanks guys, I'm curious as to how I would get drivers for my netbook, do drivers have to be compatible with linux?04:03
militantmrpink57: enabling compiz effects actually got me back to normal just now.  it said effects couldn't be enabled, and dumped me back, and gave me my proper fucntions and behaviors04:03
semitonesjacquesdupontd, how do you know what you downloaded is right?04:04
jacquesdupontdsemitones, cause i know how to read things04:04
Kurzweildug: nope. SOrry. I'm actually a mac user.. just here to experiment.04:04
jacquesdupontdsemitones, you wanna check for me that would be much appreciated maybe i was wrong semitones04:04
semitonesjacquesdupontd, yes, maybe you are right -- could you send me a link to what you downloaded so I can check?04:05
semitonesor see what you got anyway04:05
dugKurzweil: thx04:05
bfshadow_windows rocks! :P04:06
dugsemitones: anychance you could help me debug why my runlevel is unknown?04:06
gsgleasonmax, is compiz running?  can you open a terminal?04:06
bfshadow_alguien habal español? :)04:06
gsgleasonps -efw|grep compiz04:06
semitonesdug, i don't have that kind of knowhow, sorry :(04:06
semitonesbut maybe someone else here does04:07
ericjamesthis script: http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/m26200f96 ; was working fine, and now I'm getting an error "unexpected '(' on line 7". any ideas?04:07
=== Walt_Tollefson is now known as [hudnix]
dugsemitones: I have tried here for hours... I cant seem to get anyone who know the real interworkings of the boot process04:07
Random832ericjames; the word "function" there is nonstandard, take it out04:08
yoyomaawmanid/led a random wepkey egn-.-04:08
jacquesdupontdsemitones, http://wiki.maemo.org/Mer/Releases/0.16#Released_images04:08
yoyomasob  -.-04:08
semitonesdug, you might have better luck with the forums at ubuntuforums.org -- there's a better chance someone who knows will see your question04:08
ericjamesRandom832: thank you! :)04:09
bazhangyoyoma, what are you trying to do? you said you had problems with your wifi04:10
semitonesjacquesdupontd, oh, I see -- I thought you were downloading an ubuntu release04:10
bazhangyoyoma, how does this relate to a 'wep key generator'?04:10
gsgleasonremove the word function04:11
[hudnix]having trouble installing 9.10 on the second drive with win7 already installed on the other one. The installer insists that the drives are mirrored even thought they're not , and will only install to  a /dev/mapper/... drive name. /dev/sd[ab] is not available in the installer, even though they're there in gparted. Any suggestions?04:11
semitonesjacquesdupontd, if you want to put those in a .iso file, you could use k3b to make an iso04:11
bazhangyoyoma, ??04:12
yoyomasry-.- 3hrsof googling andaskingpeoplefor wifihelp04:12
bazhangyoyoma, what is this 'wep key generator' ; stop repeating yourself and answer my question please04:12
jacquesdupontdsemitones, in fact it wouldn't work and things are not working like that to make them bootable but i know how to do now, if you're curious http://wiki.maemo.org/Mer/Documentation/Making_x86_Mer_Bootable04:13
jacquesdupontdsemitones, thx for helping04:13
Heliusanyone good with backup software for ubuntu04:13
yoyomai need to convert my pass phrazeto 128bit??or linksys g..hex so i can manually config my wifi in ubuntu04:13
yoyomaohmy routerisnetgear-.-04:14
ericjamesRandom832: the script still isn't working as it was before (-_-);04:14
thiefyyoyoma, you don't need to convert your key to hex.04:14
yoyomaso farromeing doesnothing..despite w 50%+ signals04:14
Random832ericjames; what is it doing wrong now?04:14
ericjamesRandom832: you helped me to resolve the "unexpected ')'" problem04:14
bazhangyoyoma, are you talking about cracking router/wep encrytption? simply use a web browser to get into the router's admin page and change it04:14
thiefyyoyoma, why would you want to ever use wep?04:14
Royallmy built-in webcam on my Dell inspiron 1525 laptop isn't being recognized (ie no video0)04:14
yoyomaomg...its whatis configuredasthe protection04:15
bazhangyoyoma, you are not making any sense04:15
thiefyyoyoma, huh?04:15
thiefyyoyoma, i think he might be drunk.04:15
bazhangyoyoma, stop repeating yourself and answer my questions please04:15
yoyomaitissetup asawep protectednetwork04:15
ericjamesRandom832: so DEVS is set to 'stylus touch eraser' and rotate_devices() has a loop for DEV in $DEVS04:15
bazhangyoyoma, so you are trying to crack it?04:15
thiefyyoyoma,  then change it to use wpa encryption.04:16
cratelgnome sound recorder is reporting "could not negotiate format" when I try to record. I have tried all the types (ogg, wav, etc.) karmic04:16
=== shai_ is now known as shai
ericjamesRandom832: which should set each device's rotation04:16
yoyomayouaretelling meidonot need to convert my pass phrase anymore?04:16
bazhangyoyoma, what are you talking about?04:16
thiefyyoyoma, right, you don't convert it. the router hashes it for you.04:16
yoyomaits my password on my home netowrk...04:16
ericjamesRandom832: instead, it is now trying to set the rotation for one device names 'stylus touch eraser' which doesn't exist04:16
Random832that $'\n' is nonstandard04:17
bazhangyoyoma, simply log in to the router via a web browser and reset it04:17
thiefyyoyoma, you dont need to know anythinga bout the hex of your password.04:17
yoyomai just want to manually config wifi so it will work...04:17
art_What about you talking ?04:17
thiefyyoyoma, go to
Random832just do IFS=' and on the next line '04:17
bazhangart_, Ubuntu support04:17
thiefyyoyoma, and see what your password is in here.04:17
thiefyumm, ok.04:18
yoyomayesnoyou dweeb..04:18
bazhangyoyoma, you are not making sense then.04:18
=== w0rd is now known as juso
bazhangyoyoma, please take chat elsewhere04:18
yoyomai amnot leaveingthewifi evenmore open-.-04:18
[hudnix]so, anyone know why the installer continues to insist that two previously mirrored drives are still mirrored and refuses to offer an unmirrored installation?04:18
=== Firewall is now known as Guest20052
ericjamesRandom832: worked like a charm.04:18
thiefyyoyoma, hook a wired cable and hook your computer up to the router and get at the config page that way.04:18
ericjamesRandom832: thanks so much.04:18
Random832the underlying issue is that bash has nonstandard extensions to the sh language04:18
yoyomai know how to log into my router-.-04:19
bazhangyoyoma, then do so and stop repeating yourself04:19
thiefyyoyoma, so state what your problem is.04:19
yoyomaubuntu needsapassphraseor hexcodeto setup awificonnection  ....04:19
thiefyyoyoma, right. do you know what your passphrase is?04:20
yoyomayoucon'tjusttype thewordin there04:20
ericjamesRandom832: any idea why it would have worked fine, then suddenly failed?04:20
thiefyyoyoma, or your password.04:20
Random832ericjames; when did it work fine?04:20
ericjamesfor the past two weeks I've been using it.04:20
Random832all i can think of is it running under bash before and a different sh now - did you do any installs or uninstalls between when ti worked and when it didn't?04:20
thiefyyoyoma, you type it in your wireless icon that is in your notification area on the ubuntu panel on your desktop after you select your network.04:20
ericjamesRandom832: I installed thinkfinger, but that shouldn't have had any effect04:21
[BAF64]hi, is there any clean/recommended way to maintain a shell-less SSH connection open to do some port forwards permanently (reconnecting as necessary, etc)?04:21
yoyomaright..itsconnected..hardware is detected...but idon'thave aconnection..i'm trying to manually config it04:21
ericjamesRandom832: anyway, thanks for helping me resolve that :)04:21
maxagazmy usb disk don't mount automatically anymore, what package do I miss ?04:22
bazhangyoyoma, what chipset04:22
mrb427for C++ can I use the same counter in multiple for loops in one program04:22
thiefyyoyoma, make sure your wireless is turned on (if you have a laptop) some of them have a little toggle switch on the side of it.04:22
jeeezhow do i change the prompt colors etc in terminal?04:22
bazhangyoyoma, the chipset of your wireless nic04:22
yoyomaican'tsimplyclicktheicon..whereusuallyi'dhave a list of networks..04:22
yoyomalinksys wusb54g04:23
tautologismepinky: hey not sure if you're still online.  Anyway I completed a couple of configuration merges (ie answered the y/i/n/o/d/z prompt).  The first one was for /etc/bash.bashrc; not sure of the others.  do-release-upgrade is still running, but I'm able to ssh in again.  weird.04:23
thiefyopen a terminal. and type in ifconfig    and make sure your wireless is on and ready to work.04:23
yoyomaand yes it has lights04:24
yoyomaone second04:24
semitonesI have that exact card04:25
semitonesIt hasn't worked in the latest versions of ubuntu...04:25
=== Guest20052 is now known as Firewallzero
Roastedhow do I cahnge my login screen04:25
semitonesstopped working abound 8.10...04:26
thiefyaah, so it's not his fault eh semitones ?04:26
semitonesmaybe not heh04:26
thiefythat is sad...04:26
thiefypoor guy.04:26
thiefywierd how a linksys card woudn't be supported...04:26
semitonesbut I don't know -- maybe my computer is just screwed up, and wusb54gv2 is supported, I don't know04:26
thiefywhere'd he go?04:27
thiefyyoyoma, are you still alive? did you fall off your chair?04:27
semitonesI wish the supported wifi hardware were kept up to date..04:27
thiefytis why i use wired where ever i can.04:27
thiefyi think yoyoma is in danger.... he's pinged out! heheh04:29
thiefyhis wifi card exploded.04:29
=== charitwo is now known as sekrit
Dread348I installed a CLI only version of linux to a server box from a USB flash drive and when I remove the flash drive is has an error, cannot find bootable device.  help?04:32
barcodehow do i connect to my router on command line :(04:32
bazhangDread348, which version of Ubuntu ; using which tool to write the usb04:32
Dread348I am using minimal CD image and I have tried using UNEbootin and others.  All with the same result04:34
Dread348I suspect that like a GUI version I need to use the install command but I don't know it for the CLI04:35
thiefyDread348, could it be something stupidly easy, like making sure your bios is set to try to boot from teh HD , and not just from the usb key?04:35
Dread348Sorry, I am REALLY new to linux04:35
looksharpis ubuntu have yum command ?04:35
bazhanglooksharp, no04:35
thiefyDread348, no prob, but nice to try the easy solutions first.04:35
Dread348I have tried to only boot from the HDD and it is set properly on master by IDE04:36
thiefylooksharp, no. that's redhat.04:36
looksharpok ty04:36
thiefylooksharp, ubuntu uses apt04:36
looksharpis it similiar to yum ?04:36
thiefylooksharp, very.04:36
thiefylooksharp, hehhe, i'm no expert, but i belive they are very similar in function.04:36
looksharpi see04:37
Dread348looksharp, the command name makes me want Doritos :)04:37
thiefylooksharp,  you can type sudo apt-get install gparted   (and you will install a partition manager program)04:37
acovrigI am running Ubuntu 8.?? (idk version, how do I tell?), how do I send e-mails from the cmd-line to a gmail account?04:37
looksharpwhat about wget04:37
ardchoille!version | acovrig04:37
thiefyachiang, type uname -r into a terminal04:37
ubottuacovrig: To find out what version of Ubuntu you have, type « lsb_release -a » in a !shell - To know the available version of a package, « apt-cache policy <package> »04:37
looksharpdoes it support that command also04:38
christianranwelcome to beijing04:38
ardchoillethiefy: that doesn't tell you the versionof Ubuntu04:38
acovrigok, I am running Ubuntu 9.04, how do I send e-mails from the cmd-line to a gmail account?04:38
achiangthiefy: why?04:38
thiefylooksharp, yes, it does.04:39
looksharpwell, thanks for the info04:39
looksharpcause i am new on linux i am trying to decide which opreating system to use04:39
ubottuYum! Err, I mean, APT!04:40
thiefyachiang, type cat /etc/lsb-release -A   and it tells your lots of good stuff.04:40
achiangthiefy: um, are you confusing me with someone else?04:40
ardchoilleachiang: he is04:40
thiefylooksharp, i would say you chose the right one.04:40
achiangardchoille: heh, ok. :)04:41
thiefyachiang, probaly.i meant that to go to acovrig.04:41
ubottuYum! Err, I mean, APT!04:41
thiefyyour names are similar.04:41
supernoobhelp: nautilus crashes when trying to connect network/smb/etc04:41
Dread348anybody about my non-bootable drive?04:41
acovrigI am running Ubuntu 9.04, how do I send e-mails from the cmd-line to a gmail account?04:41
thiefylooksharp, see, the bot just made a apt / yum joke...04:41
thiefyacovrig, i'd be surprised if you could achieve that.04:42
thiefyacovrig, though, i have no idea if you can or can't. just be real surpised if you could.04:42
jacobfogg_Just got ubuntu 9.1 installed. Finally got the wireless card working... but web pages are loading very slow.04:42
thiefyDread348, could it be something stupidly easy, like making sure your bios is set to try to boot from teh HD , and not just from the usb key?04:42
blakkhei1!info mailx | acovrig04:42
acovriglol, i've seen turorials that haven't worked, but they configured their mailx to use gmail as their smarthost04:42
thiefyjacobfogg_, using firefox?04:43
ubottuacovrig: mailx (source: bsd-mailx (8.1.2-0.20081101cvs-2ubuntu1)): Transitional package for mailx rename. In component main, is optional. Version 1:20081101-2ubuntu1 (karmic), package size 8 kB, installed size 36 kB04:43
blakkhei1acovrig: i do that with ssmtp04:43
acovrigblakkhei1, how04:43
Loshaacovrig: mailx is a cli front-end. You also need a mail back end configured. I use ssmtp for the backend, personally04:44
thiefyjacobfogg_, try chrome. go to any youtube page and you'll see a link to chrome for linux. see if it is any different.04:44
blakkhei1acovrig: setup the ssmtp.conf to use the gmail account, pipe the commands to mail04:44
thiefyjacobfogg_, i just inst. chrome and it works great on 9.10.04:44
acovrigwhere is ssmtp.conf?04:44
Dread348thiefy, I have tried that....Normally, when you install from a USB key.  After installation can you remove the USB Key and boot to linux?  Or do you have to leave the key in and execute a command to transfer the bootable system to the HDD?04:45
Loshaacovrig: apt-get install ssmtp. Then it's in /etc/ssmtp04:45
Dread348thiefy, that sounded REALLY dumb04:45
thiefyDread348, i know nothing about a CLI / no gui install, but after you've done the install, you can shut down and reboot and it should be all good to go. meaning - no other command...04:46
acovrigok, in the conf, it says hostname=ubuntu (my computer's name), would I put my dyndns address here?04:46
=== PirateGoose is now known as goose
thiefyDread348, hey, if there is a easy solution, try it first.04:46
blakkhei1acovrig: put your computer's hostname there04:46
acovriglocal host name?04:46
Dread348thiefy, thanks I will go and try it again on your recomendations04:46
blakkhei1acovrig: yes04:46
acovrigin /etc/hosts as
semitonesmeh I don't care enough to sign up for battlenet04:47
blakkhei1acovrig: just leave it as ubuntu04:47
semitoneswrong tab04:47
thiefyDread348, make srue it's actually installed.04:47
acovrigok, I have gone through the conf, now what?04:47
thiefyDread348, you could reboot with a GUI ubuntu on a usb key and see waht's on the hard drive. see if the bloody OS is even there. haha04:48
Loshaacovrig: now type something like: mailx -v -s 'test1' acovrig@gmail.com04:49
Loshaacovrig: then hit return, type your message, end with ctrl-d04:49
acovrigsend-mail: Cannot open mail:2504:51
acovrigCan't send mail: sendmail process failed with error code 1<br>04:51
acovrigoops, without the '<br>04:51
Loshaacovrig: that's a backend problem. Something wrong with your ssmtp.conf. Did you put in a mailhub line?04:52
acovrigidk, guess not04:52
blakkhei1acovrig: sudo cp /usr/sbin/ssmtp /usr/sbin/sendmail04:52
LordHawke13Is there a way for ls to list files recursively with full file path but with no extra lines like '/path/to/dir:'04:53
blakkheimsorry acovrig got disconnected, did that work?04:53
absolutex3use find04:54
Loshaacovrig: er, no, you need an actual real live mailhost that will take the mail and deliver it. Does your ISP supply one? Mine does (smtp.comcast.net)04:54
absolutex3just type find04:54
acovrigI have comcast, but never heard of that04:54
LordHawke13I know that, I don't knwo the syntax or the way it's used. . .04:54
LiraNunamy system hangs with no ping and no ssh every ~20 minutes. How can I debug what's causing it? it all started with the latest recent kernel update04:55
LordHawke13I've never used find04:55
acovrig<blakkheim>yes and no, ssmtp and sendmail are the same file04:55
absolutex3?, read the help via find --help04:55
Loshaacovrig: Try copying most of this: http://www.destr0yr.com/article.php/Gmail_and_sSMTP04:55
blakkheimacovrig: that's what you want04:56
serenitysmanstuck on ubuntu, need help, how do i get from grub04:56
LoshaLiraNuna: er, drop back to the previous kernel?04:56
trancefatHello, what is a good chm reader for ubuntu? i was considering fbreader04:56
LiraNunaLosha, I'd love to help solve the problem too04:56
serenitysmanwell i downloaded the windows installer and it says there is no kernel04:56
LiraNunaI'm sure I'm not the only one with this problem04:57
Loshatrancefat: I've always used kchmviewer, but I'm sure there are others...04:57
trancefatLosha, okay, thanks04:57
wifihelpso i'mtryingto getubuntu toprecognisemywifi passphrase...04:57
LoshaLiraNuna: not to sound snotty, but kernel issues are probably best left to the kernel hackers. At this stage, the most helpful thing you can do is confirm it's due to the kernel change04:58
ardchoillewifihelp: Is there a problem with your space ley?04:58
wifihelpyes -.-04:58
thiefy<yoyoma> linksys wusb54g04:58
thiefy<yoyoma> v2?04:58
ardchoillewifihelp:  ok, will ignore your lines then04:58
thiefy<semitones> I have that exact card04:58
tonsofpcsardchoille: is there a problem with your 'k' ley? :)04:58
FloodBot3thiefy: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:58
thiefy<semitones> It hasn't worked in the latest versions of ubuntu...04:58
wifihelpi willtry to check it before i send04:58
thiefy<semitones> stopped working abound 8.10...04:58
ardchoilletonsofpcs: nope04:58
LiraNunaLosha, I think you are wrong - maybe I can't "solve" the problem, but I can give enough information to let them solve it04:59
* tonsofpcs is tired04:59
thiefywifihelp, your card is said to not work in the new versions of ubuntu.04:59
Talon_I don't think ubuntu is utilizing my CPU correctly. Anybody else running an AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 6000+ ?04:59
LoshaLiraNuna: by all means...04:59
acovrigok, is there any way to send mail to my ubuntu  box?04:59
ardchoilletonsofpcs: That's enough please04:59
thiefywifihelp,  i don't have that card, but he says it probaly doesn't work.04:59
blakkheimTalon_: what makes you think that04:59
jacobfogg_thiefy: Chrome is faster, internet is great... domain name resolution04:59
serenitysmananyone have any idea why the windows installer version says that there is no kernels when i installed it it showed the os running like a normal now it only looks like it will stay in a dos?04:59
jacobfogg_is very slow04:59
thiefywifihelp, hmm, maybe that was just his computer then...04:59
absolutex3any one want to help me build my site?04:59
Talon_its supposed to be a 3ghz processor.. /proc/cpuinfo shows it as a 1ghz04:59
wubiwhere i change my hostname04:59
tonsofpcsardchoille: pull it out.05:00
blakkheimTalon_: you might want to look up cpu scaling05:00
wifihelpit IS working i just needthe hex version ofmypassword05:00
thiefyjacobfogg_, you say chrome is also slow?05:00
Loshaacovrig: more trouble than it's worth. Send mail out via ssmtp and read it on gmail via firefox...05:00
thiefyjacobfogg_, change your dns provider to opendns if you think dns is slow.05:00
mgmuscarihas anybody got catalyst 10.2 working with compiz under karmic?05:00
wifihelpand i believe it needs tobe 13-26 charecters long and inhex05:00
jacobfogg_looking now... thanks!05:00
thiefywifihelp, no you don't, jsut you need the not-hex version of the key.05:00
acovrigwell, I am wanting to send an e-mail and have my ubuntu box save it as a .txt, can I do that/05:00
semitoneswifihelp, does it connect to an access point with disabled security?05:00
wifihelplike on the ps3manual wi fi set up05:00
mgmuscarithere are posts floating around about compiz segfaulting with catalyst 10.2 - no resolutions in the usual places yet05:01
Talon_blakkheim, its a desktop PC, isn't scaling for laptops n such to save on heat & battery?05:01
thiefyjacobfogg_, on opendns' page, i the server ips are right on the home page somewerhe...top right corner i think?05:01
semitoneswifihelp, hmm, mine can't even do that05:01
wifihelpitdetects abunchofnetwroksincludeingmine05:01
thiefywifihelp, ooooh, ok, on  a ps3, i have no idea.05:01
wifihelptheif its essentially the same05:01
thiefywifihelp, still though, that seems wierd that it woudl want the hash of the key and not just the normal key.05:01
semitonesmaybe mine's broken :P it detects them, but it can't connect05:01
serenitysmananyone got any exp with ubuntu05:02
wifihelpi have done itbefore and ubuntu wants the hex05:02
Loshaacovrig: Sort of. You can create a text file and then use mailx to send it. Or just bcc yourself when you send it so you get a copy of it in your mailbox05:02
wifihelpjust like theps3 wants thehex05:02
semitoneswifihelp, if you're connecting with network manager, it should ask for the plain text password..05:02
h0rnmanHas anyone here had successful dealings with the ath928x WiFi driver in Karmic?05:02
thiefywifihelp, you can (on some routers) see the hash (the hex) of your wifi key in the router's setup page.05:02
thiefywifi makes me cry.05:03
wifihelpyea, but forsome reasoni can'tlogin tomyroutereither05:03
acovrigno, use firefox from computera, persay, to send an email to my ubuntu at home and have it save the body as a .txt?05:03
thiefywifihelp,  go to with a WIRED connection to it.05:03
wifihelpbasically..all i need is a ansii to hex generater.. all ifindon google is random's05:04
wifihelpcomcast has a site05:04
Loshaacovrig: it can be done, but configuring a mail receiver is a lot more work than configuring outgoing mail. Why not just save it on the home machine from firefox using 'save as'?05:04
wifihelpwe go there instead of routerip05:04
thiefywifihelp, http://centricle.com/tools/ascii-hex/05:05
thiefywifihelp, that is a converter tool (least the site says it is.) i've no use for it...05:05
thiefywep makes babies cry. you sholuld really consider moving to WPA.05:05
acovrigLosha, you misunderstand, I want to remotely email an address and have my ubuntu to save it as a text file without any user interaction, remotely05:05
absolutex3 /exit05:05
=== Jayle is now known as Kronus
wifihelpyup, tried that..it is not  128 bit05:06
acovrigabsolutex3, do u mean /leave or /quit?05:06
thiefywifihelp, if your using wep, you might as well use a 40 char key.  wep is not safe anymore, a longer key won't do you much good.05:06
wifihelplinksys is diffrent from other hexs too05:07
wifihelptheinternetitself is not safe anymore05:07
Loshaacovrig: yes, it can be done, but it's a lot of work, google 'setting up a mail server on ubuntu' and best of luck to you05:07
acovrigwifihelp, loosing spacebar? lol05:07
wifihelpyea aco05:07
wifihelpitsux soo much05:08
thiefywifihelp threw his spacebar across the rooom cause of his evil wep key.05:08
acovrigLosha, what do u think of http://www.emailman.com/unix/servers.html05:08
thiefyshould have thrown the scroll lock instead.05:08
wifihelpor my spacebar is so fawked from hours of googleing for a wepkey converter05:08
acovrigtheify lol, gotta love long WEP keys haha05:08
magn3tsWhere does GNOME store thumbnails?05:08
thiefywifihelp, rip of your scroll lock and jab it into the reset button on the back of your router.05:09
ardchoillemagn3ts: ~/.thumbnails05:09
thiefythen type sudo apt-get install spacebar05:09
acovrigwould u recommend postfix, or exim4?05:09
Loshaacovrig: I think it's a lot to get through for an inexperienced user, but then, I'm lazy...05:09
thiefyok, don't, maybe that's an actual program... heh05:09
acovriglol, me too, but it'd be worth it to get it going, i think05:10
thiefythen type sudo apt-get install spacebar-glue  - taht'd help too.05:10
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!05:10
acovrigubottu, what commands do you have?05:10
ubottuI am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)05:10
thiefyubottu, do you run ubuntu?05:10
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)05:10
thiefyubottu, do you have a spacebar?05:11
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)05:11
ubottuPlease investigate with me only with "/msg ubottu Bot" or in #ubuntu-bots.  Search for factoids with "/msg ubottu !search factoid".05:11
acovrig!search factoid05:11
ubottuFound: orgthingy-#ubuntu-offtopic, lazy, ubotu, worst-#ubuntu-offtopic, yes-#ubuntu-offtopic, trolls-#ubuntu-offtopic, factoids, orgything-#ubuntu-offtopic*, goodbotuse*, scope05:11
Loshaacovrig: As a learning exercise maybe. As I say, I'm bone idle. Is there some reason you want to be able to archive mail on a local machine?05:11
[hudnix]ok, does anyone know how to get rid of the /dev/mapper crap, and have the installer install to /dev/sda or sdb?05:12
acovrigI want to be able to send an sms (txt message) to an email address and have my ubuntu run the command if its from a certain user, then email the result to an email address (my phone, or gmail)05:13
Loshaacovrig: you can search ubottu's brain (such as it is) at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi05:13
wifihelpwoot i'mlogged into my router..05:13
=== goose is now known as PirateGoose
thiefywifihelp, yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay05:13
thiefywifihelp, now quick. change it to WPA.05:14
thiefyseadap, that guy ----->05:14
thiefywill you make breakfast after?05:15
thiefya lil cuddling too?05:15
genii<cough> !language and also !ot05:15
genii!hi | wubi05:16
ubottuwubi: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!05:16
wubiwhere i chang de color05:17
wifihelpoki changeditto wpa + wpa205:17
semitoneswubi, you'll have to be more specific05:17
wifihelplets try it05:17
Loshaacovrig: well, as I said, it's do-able, but for a beginner it will probably take weeks of debugging. I think it would be easier to setup an email address on gmail and have a daemon process check it periodically for mail from a certain user and then take appropriate action. Much less hassle and less risk than exposing a mail server to the internet05:17
thiefywifihelp,  taht is good. use AES not tkip + aes05:18
supernoobhelp: nautilus crashes when trying to connect network/smb/etc05:18
thiefywifihelp, if you do that, then wpa1 is just as good as wpa205:18
thiefywifihelp, you need a crazy (63 character long) wpa key now.05:18
seadapsupernoob, have you all your recent updates?05:19
lostinspace_46What size is a karmic install?05:20
geniilostinspace_46: Typically 2.5-26Gb05:20
wubiwhere do I change the color of my name here?05:20
genii2.6 rather05:20
supernoobseadap, yes05:20
lostinspace_46genii, Thank you.05:20
thiefylostinspace_46, yeah, i was gonna say a lil under 3 gigs...05:21
thiefybut genii is like lightening...05:21
geniiwubi: The colour you see your name here depends on what program you are using to connect05:21
Loshalostinspace_46: mine run closer to 4GB...05:21
geniilostinspace_46: If you don't clean out the /var/cache/apt/archives it likely will be closer to 4 as in Losha's case05:22
acovrigLosha, any idea what daemon i can use?05:22
tonsofpcsardchoille: please do not PM me without permission.05:22
thiefywubi i changed mine (xchat) so that all MY name is in bright yellow. so when i see what i've typed, it's in yellow.05:23
acovrigand yes, i do agree with you about the security thing, very important, given there is the sudo rm -R / command that could be EXTREMELY ugly if setup that way lol05:23
Dread348thiefy, I FOUND THE PROBLEM!!1  My HDD isn't bootable so says fdisk.  How do I fix that?05:23
thiefywubi, you can do this in the xhcat settings.05:23
mylisto2so I can't get into my site (free hosting from 000webhost) so I had to use a proxy to get into admin...I want to upload some stuff via ftp, but I can't.  is it possible to use a proxy server on lets say, Filezilla?  If so, where can I get some free settings for proxy servers for filezilla05:23
Loshaacovrig: you'd have to write your own e.g. a shell script that's always running. Welcome to the wonderful world of programming...05:23
thiefyDread348, go get a distro called parted magic (it'll fix partitions and hds.)05:24
Dread348thiefy, thanks!!!05:24
acovrighow can I have a shell script check for an email on a gmail account?05:24
thiefyDread348, - if your partition is having a problem... taht'll fix it. OR maybe you just need to edit your boot file.05:24
coz_acovrig,   you could install gmail manager for firefox05:24
coz_acovrig,  easy way ^^05:25
thiefyDread348, search google for help.ubuntu.com grub205:25
thiefyDread348, taht is where your boot options are.05:25
howie368Hi, is anyone willing to give me a hand with an ubuntu 8.04 grub bootloader problem?05:26
thiefyhowie368, probaly... state what's happening.05:26
howie368i need the CF slot running at boot time so grub sees my / partition05:27
Loshaacovrig: well, here's an example that downloads email from a gmail account: http://www.mattcutts.com/blog/backup-gmail-in-linux-with-getmail/05:27
wubiwhere change my ip by a mask like that of all here05:27
howie368ran lsmod in a live cd environment so i know what needs to be loaded05:28
thiefywubi, i think what you want is a bnc?05:28
semitoneswubi, you would have to ask for a mask in #freenode05:28
geniiwubi: First register what name you would like for freenode. Then go ask in the channel #freenode for a hostmask05:28
genii!register | wubi05:28
ubottuwubi: Information about registering your nickname: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#userregistration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available in #freenode05:28
ppaulhusHi. Just wondering, is it safe to do dist-upgrade on Ubuntu running on an amazon instance? seems like everytime i did it i can never get the instance to reboot properly05:28
thiefyit's a tricky way to get people to register.05:29
Loshathiefy: what's tricky about it?05:29
geniithiefy: If you get a hostmask on an unregistered name it will disappear next login05:29
lostinspace_46How would one mod the Karmic ISO to make the live cd internet ready?05:30
semitonesppaulhus, it's recommended not to run "dist-upgrade" there are better ways to start the upgrade05:30
thiefyi just personally think it's not necessary.. that's all. everything on the intertubes wants you to register these days... and usually there is no need to.05:30
semitoneslostinspace_46, it is internet ready05:31
ppaulhussemitones: such as?05:31
Flannelsemitones: dist-upgrade doesn't have anything to do with that kind of upgrading05:31
semitonesthanks Flannel05:31
thiefywhat is amazon instance?05:31
thiefy!hi | thiefy05:32
ubottuthiefy, please see my private message05:32
Loshathiefy: well, some of it's marketing, but you must've noticed that some people just don't behave responsibly when they're completely anonymous05:33
supernoobsegfault at 20706f74 ip b78ab76b sp bff26a20 error 4 in libglib-2.0.so.0.2200.3[b7851000+b8000] - trying to access trash05:33
thiefyLosha, yeah, i see yer point.  i heard it gives people a sense of joining something. so it makes them wanna come back.05:34
lostinspace_46semitones, Not for me. I need to blacklist 2 files, use my windows wlan drivers, and run initramfs.  If I burned to a DVD R/W could I do it after the burn?05:34
Loshathiefy: one of those 'cloud computing' deals where you rent the cpu time and disk space from amazon...05:34
Explore1Hi all, when i connect a v4l2src, how can i know to which /dev/videoX, it is connected? i mean X being 0, 1, 2etc...?05:34
thiefyLosha, like those cursed grocery store 'club cards' - they make you go back so you can 'save' but really they are just to make you not want to go to a diff store.05:34
LLStarksummm. why are you guys forcing the deluge daemon if it is completely non-functional behind college firewalls?05:35
seanbrystoneforcing? if im not mistaking ubuntu uses transmission not deluge by default05:36
thiefyLosha, i see. hmm, i would look into amazon instance help, as opposed to ubuntu help. i think you'd find better answers there. (wherever that is)05:36
thiefyseanbrystone, you are right, it does come with transmission.05:36
Explore1Hi all, when i connect a v4l2src, how can i know to which /dev/videoX, it is connected? i mean X being 0, 1, 2etc...?any help please??05:36
geniilostinspace_46: An oldie but goodie: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/creating-custom-ubuntu-live-cd-with-remastersys.html05:37
seanbrystoneactually transmission eats up 100% cpu, Deluge doesn't05:37
semitoneslostinspace_46, hmm, do any of those steps require a reboot?05:37
GSF1200Sanyone know of an improved alt tab for xfce?05:37
Explore1Hi all, when i connect a v4l2src, how can i know to which /dev/videoX, it is connected? i mean X being 0, 1, 2etc...?any help please??05:37
coz_GSF1200S,  are you using compiz?05:38
duncaAnyone know a good guide that can help me prep and install and patch WoW using Wine and PlayOnLinux.. would be great -tipboy133@hotmail.com-05:38
GSF1200Scoz_: no but I can be.. why?05:38
thiefyGSF1200S, it is easy with compiz installed.05:38
lostinspace_46genii, Tried that...ended up with an 8 gig ISO.  semitones  initramfs does05:38
coz_GSF1200S,  depending on what yo u want associated with alt+tab... I am assuming window picking...compiz is much more configurable for that05:38
thiefyGSF1200S, there you can easily tweak alt-tab behaviour.05:38
semitoneslostinspace_46, er, sorry then, I don't know05:39
LoshaExplore1: I would expect there to be a message in /var/log/dmesg mentioning which /dev/videoX is being used....05:39
GSF1200Sthiefy, coz_: hmm ok.. hopefully it has support for seperate x sessions (dual head setup).. Thanks.. never thought about compiz05:39
coz_GSF1200S,  compiz will work with both instances  as long as you set up the system for it05:40
lostinspace_46semitones,  NP, I'll get it worked out05:40
GSF1200Scoz_: cool.. ill give it a shot05:40
coz_GSF1200S,  in terms of the xlt+tab behavior on dual set ups  ...I personall  have nvidia so  I dont need separate xscreens05:40
thiefyGSF1200S, i think it does. i have dual monitors and compiz is kind to me. and i have nvidia card too.... coz.05:41
coz_GSF1200S,   I am assuming...although not tested here...that there should be no issue...however if there is meet us  in #compiz...one of us will try to figure out the issue if its possible05:41
GSF1200Si have an nvidia card too, but i have 2 vid cards05:41
thiefyooh, sneaky.05:41
coz_GSF1200S,  oh  mmmm  cool   also not tested here :)05:41
coz_GSF1200S,  however I do know many have that set up  with no issues05:41
GSF1200Scool.. i had no issues with the dual head, and ive had no issues in the past with compiz.. ill try to set it up and if i have issues ill roll over to the compiz channel05:42
coz_GSF1200S, I personally dont have the hardware to test all situations...however  give it a try  cant hurt and you can always revert if you have to :)05:43
acovrigWhen I run getmail, from http://www.mattcutts.com/blog/backup-gmail-in-linux-with-getmail/, I get /usr/share/getmail4/getmailcore/baseclasses.py:26: DeprecationWarning: the sets module is deprecated05:43
Loshalostinspace_46: in theory, you could take an .iso, unpack it, change files, return initramfs and then repack the iso. You'd have to make sure the repacked iso is bootable. But that's what remastersys is supposed to do anyway I thought (disclaimer: I've never used it). Might be easier to just supply a second CD with drivers and a few shell scripts to update the standard distro05:43
coz_acovrig,  are you wanting to back up the gmail  email?05:44
coz_acovrig, ah mm   hold on let me check something05:44
acovrigbut in .txt files as they come in, not all in 1 zip per say05:44
migg137hello, i just installed ubuntu and i wont let me enable the desktop effects, i have a modern ati dedicated graphics card, and it worked on my laptop with an intel chipset any help apreciated thanks05:44
mgmuscarisigh... xorg 1.6 and fglrx 8.7... any idea how to get this working in karmic? since there's no more xorg.conf, i'm up a creek without a paddle...05:45
mgmuscarihow do i enable glx05:45
coz_migg137,  here is a short factoid  about that    Compiz requires at least a Radeon 7000 (or M6). For 7000 to HD4xxx series cards, you can use the open source "radeon" driver. HD2xxx and later series cards are also supported by the proprietary "fglrx" driver.05:45
thiefymigg137, check 'hardware drivers' in the system - admin menu. run sudo apt-get update first though.05:45
coz_migg137,  if you want more indepth help go to #compiz and talk with soreau05:45
coz_acovrig,   look here   http://www.gmail-backup.com/download05:46
migg137coz_,  i have like 1gb dedicated graphics05:46
yoyomawpa wasnt supported by the ap05:47
wolterklappi, hey, good to be able to contact you again. I really need help with this preloading thing. Should I ask you here or go to the classroom05:47
coz_migg137,   I am not up on ati at all   but soreau   in #compiz  would be the one to talk to about this  at this time of day05:47
coz_migg137,   if you want to wait until tomorrow talk with adamk  or soreau05:47
wolterklappi, IF you are willing to help me haha05:47
wolteri've been looking up this for hours05:47
acovrigcoz_, I need to automate it, and background it, I want to be able to run a shell script the moment an e-mail arrives05:47
migg137coz_, thanks05:47
coz_acovrig,  ok then I am going to suggest going to the ##linux channel ,,,, I am betting they have another alternative for that05:48
coz_acovrig,  did you check into fetchmail ?   I havent but it may do what you want05:49
migg137coz_,  sorry for being a noob but how do i talk to soreau05:49
coz_acovrig,   http://lifehacker.com/235207/geek-to-live--back-up-gmail-with-fetchmail05:49
tonsofpcsardchoille - I asked you not to private message me without permission.  Please stop.05:49
lostinspace_46Losha,  Actually, I could copy my updated initramfs and Win drivers and remove the 2 files that need blacklisted. But I have no idea of where to put what in the ISO.05:49
coz_migg137,  well go to #compiz channel  and type  soreau  and ask a question...if he is at his system he will respond..05:50
coz_migg137,   i would wait a few minutes just in case he has fallen asleep :)05:50
migg137coz_,  how do i join that channel, im not very good at xchat05:50
geniimgmuscari: You can generate an xorg.conf by: logout to gdm ... choose "console login" as session type. Once logged into console, stop X: sudo stop gdm         then generate a new xorg: sudo X -configure       then copy it to where it should be: sudo mv xorg.conf.new /etc/X11      then restart gdm: sudo start gdm05:51
coz_migg137,  where you type something here..tyep    /join #compiz05:51
kjdashman irc?05:51
migg137coz_,  thanks alot05:51
coz_migg137,  no problem05:52
mgmuscarigenii: thanks05:52
Jordan_Uhowie368, Add the modules to /etc/initramfs-tools/modules then run "sudo update-initramfs -u"05:52
howie368thanks. i'll try that.05:52
Jordan_Uhowie368, np05:52
shashankhello everyone, can any one help me with the rotate command?05:53
shashankhello everyone, can any one help me with the rotate command?05:53
pepeeman rotate ?05:54
shashankI typed "rotate -r 270 *.jpg"05:54
shashankPepee, images05:54
shashankPepee, so what is wrong?05:54
howie368do i need to chroot into the install on my cf card?05:54
shashankPepee Can you tell me the correct method?05:55
pepeeshashank, know nothing about the program05:55
shashankI typed "rotate -r 270 *.jpg"05:55
pepeebut i think you should read the man05:55
seanbrystoneisnt that a imagemagik command?05:55
shashankPepee, Oh.. But where's the manual?05:55
wolterCan somebody help me reprofile my ubuntu 9.10 system?05:55
wolterBoot time is 75s05:56
seanbrystonetry man imagemagik or is it imagemagic?05:56
shashankseanbrystone, perhaps I don't know.05:56
shashankI have installed it though.05:56
pepeeshashank, in the console: man rotate05:56
shashankpepee, trying it right now!05:56
Loshalostinspace_46: I don't know the answer to that either, but someone else might. There is a remastersys forum I believe05:56
Heliusany real diff with 9.10 compared to 9.04 ?05:56
grndslmit's my first time using 64bit os... "aptitude install flashplugin-nonfree" is still installing flashplugin for 32-bit... what do i do for 64bit??05:57
floff_damn, this is hard05:57
shupathats what she said05:57
semitonesafaik the 32 bit version of flash works better than the linux 64 bit version, atm05:58
semitonesI could be wrong though05:58
pepeegrndslm, try flashplugin-installer05:58
kfoxi have a problem: http://imgur.com/zD7o505:58
kfoxhow can it say the file does not exsist, when its right there??05:58
pepeewell, all we have problems05:59
shashankPepee, I read the manual, figured out this is perhaps the command: rotate --rotate 270 file *.jpg05:59
SwedeMikekfox: it doesn't know how to run it probably.05:59
pepeekfox, use tab completion05:59
pepeei mean, use tab to complete the name06:00
lostinspace_46Losha, Yeah, with about 12 people in it..lol  However, as usual, asking the question in here has given me an idea or two.  Thanks though.06:00
shashankPepee, but I get a return message: if: Expression Syntax06:00
kfoxI did and still the same problem06:00
shashankWhat is tab?06:00
kfoxI can vi the file06:00
grndslmpepee, flashplugin-installer looks to be the same as flashplugin-nonfree...06:00
SwedeMikekfox: what is it then?06:00
induskfox, you are running a binary called splunk and its not there06:00
kfoxI can delete it, move it06:00
grndslmstill pointing toward 32bit files06:00
SwedeMikekfox: do "file splunk"06:00
shashankSorry for being a Noob!06:00
rainy-dayWhy doesn't apt-get install cups create /etc/cups/cupsd.conf? how can I create it?06:00
indusgrndslm, ya its same06:00
grndslmindus:  any idea how to install 64bit flash then?06:00
pepeeshashank, maybe try with one file at time06:00
shashankOh... got it.06:01
pepeegrndslm, ahh sorry06:01
indusgrndslm, of coursel06:01
=== rainofkayos is now known as SolarisBoy
indusgrndslm, you came to the right person06:01
pepeegrndslm, my response was semi automatic...06:01
GSF1200Scoz_: I got that missing window decoration crap.. other than that its working.. Where do I put xfwm4 in place of metacity?06:01
shashankPepee, even then I get the same error.06:01
coz_GSF1200S,      gnome?06:01
grndslmindus:  :)  nice!06:02
coz_GSF1200S, oh06:02
GSF1200Sterminal keeps spitting out that it cant find metacity..06:02
GSF1200Sim on xfce06:02
pepeeshashank,  rotate --rotate 270 *.jpg06:02
GSF1200Si dont have gnome06:02
ubottuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash06:02
pepeeor  rotate --rotate 270 ./*.jpg06:02
kfoxoutput for file splunk btw:06:02
kfoxsplunk: ELF 32-bit LSB executable, Intel 80386, version 1 (SYSV), dynamically linked (uses shared libs), for GNU/Linux 2.2.5, stripped06:02
Shdwdrgnevening folks.  I'm wondering if anyone knows of a package to *provide* dynamic dns services?  Everything I look up just tells how to connect to a ddns provider.06:02
coz_GSF1200S,   well actually if you have  compizconfig-settings-manager installed open that and under the window decoration plugin and in the "Command" field you wan t  gtk-window-decorator  not xfwm406:02
semitones"Currently there is NO Adobe Flash implementation available for 64-bit processors in the Ubuntu repositories, there is only an alpha from Adobe Labs. However, three options exist:"06:03
semitones(from ubottu's link)06:03
coz_GSF1200S,  I dont have xfce installed and we had one fellow with the same issue the other day....gtk-window-decorator  on xfce should work fine06:03
indusgrndslm, first go here and get the plugin http://download.macromedia.com/pub/labs/flashplayer10/libflashplayer-
Explore1Losha:  i dint find anything in /var/log/dmesg do anyone see any information regarding camera in this? http://codepad.org/vDZMRVhW06:04
coz_GSF1200S,  or hit  alt+F2  and type     gtk-window-decorator --replace06:04
pepeekfox, well, very strange indeed06:04
=== jage is now known as metricpiano
indusgrndslm, then, create a folder called plugins in the hidden directory .mozilla in home folder ,extract the libflashplayer.so and move it there06:04
indusgrndslm, remove all older versions of flash completely06:04
mgmuscariis anyone here using compiz with the latest version of fglrx and xorg 1.6?06:05
GSF1200Scoz_: says I dont have gtk-window-decorator06:05
axisyshow to make gmail as the default mail client for `Send Link' in FF 3.5.7 running on ubuntu ?06:05
LoshaExplore1: sometimes the disk file lags behind. What happens if you run dmesg | egrep -i video06:05
coz_GSF1200S,  see if you have  compiz-gnome installed06:05
rainy-dayWhy is marking libcups2 for removal automatically tries to remove about hundred+ other packages, including amarok, synaptic, thunderbird, openoffice, etc?06:05
yoyoma;.ithink iknowwhatitisow06:05
pepeekfox, chmod u+w splunk06:05
coz_GSF1200S,  there are only 3 possible window decorators for compiz on any DE or distribution at this point....kde4-window-decorator    gtk-window-decorator  or emerald06:07
GSF1200Scoz_: that did it..06:07
coz_GSF1200S,  cool :)06:07
GSF1200Sright.. ive never done it on xfce.. kde and gnome worked fine06:07
GSF1200Semerald was bad news for me- caused screen flickering and hard freezes for me06:07
coz_GSF1200S,  cool   yeah xfce actaally uses gtk  so that is the one to use :)06:07
DaemonFCWhy is Firefox correcting my spelling when I use en-US spelling? It tells me I got it right when I spell something as it is in en-GB.06:07
shashankpepee, I keep on getting the error "if: Expression Syntax."06:07
DaemonFCHow do I fix this?06:08
shashankPepee, But thanks a lot for your help.06:08
DaemonFCjust add to the dictionary myself?06:08
pepeeshashank, strange06:08
grndslmindus:  nope... still not working06:08
coz_DaemonFC,  go into  Edit preferences  there is a section...I believe the last tab   for that06:09
thiefyyoyoma, you find yer spacebar yet?06:09
GSF1200Scoz_: yeah, thats what ive got.. compositing works great on both screens.. Can even set options individually for each screen from ccsm06:09
indusgrndslm, what  do ytou mean06:09
coz_GSF1200S,  very cool :)06:09
indusgrndslm, it works for sure, you did something wrong06:09
DaemonFCcoz_, All I see is a checkbox to turn it on or off06:09
indusGSF1200S, aah suzuki06:09
grndslmdropped the libflashplayer.so into ~/.mozilla/plugins06:09
grndslmno flash06:09
coz_DaemonFC,  ok what did you want to do then?06:09
habananyI need help installing opera 10.50 in lucid06:09
GSF1200Sindus: indeed06:09
DaemonFCcoz_, Set it to American English (en-US)06:10
seanbrystone!lucid | habanany06:10
ubottuhabanany: Lucid Lynx is the codename for Ubuntu 10.04, due April 2010 - Lucid is NOT released and is NOT stable - Discussion and support only in #ubuntu+106:10
coz_DaemonFC, mm   that should have been done for the system   I dont have an answer for you on t his one   I am sure someone here does...but if not  either go to ##linux channel or maybe #firefox06:11
habananyubottu I know, but I've been using it since long06:11
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)06:11
coz_habanany,  did you look here  http://www.opera.com/browser/download/?os=linux-i386&ver=10.10&local=y06:11
grndslmindus:  yup... just moved it to .mozilla/  hehe06:11
DaemonFCcoz_, I assume it should have selected it when it saw my time zone?06:11
coz_habanany, and you should go to the #ubuntu+1 channel for linux06:11
indusgrndslm, no to .mozilla/plugins06:11
grndslmindus:  gracias, senor!06:11
indusgrndslm, inside plugins06:11
grndslmno no... was saying that's why it didn't work06:12
habananythanks  coz_06:12
coz_DaemonFC,  that would have helped a great deal yes.... you can google changing system language on ubuntu... I have not done that so I really cant help with this one      sorry06:12
coz_habanany,   I have not tried that on lucid  ,,,it definitly works for karmic06:12
grndslmindus:  any other tips for other 64bit apps that aren't in the repositories??06:12
coz_habanany,  I guess I can try it hold on06:12
DaemonFCcoz_, I'm kind of shocked it doesn't do it, there's about 350 million people that are in for a jolt if they use Ubuntu and get a load of Firefox's spell check :)06:13
habananycoz_ that's the 10.10 ,  I want to install the 10.50 alpha06:13
coz_habanany,  oh mm  let me check06:14
jacquesdupontdthere's a problem in ubuntu moblin remix with nvidia drivers, some modules of nvidia drivers are conflictings with clutter-glx which gives all windows empty of content, it appears there's a solution ; addiing xinerama to the xserver module, would you know how i can do that ?06:14
coz_habanany,    http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2010/01/new-opera-1050-alpha-released-for-linux.html06:15
mikelissDaemonFC: this is usually set during install...06:16
mikelissDaemonFC: something may have gone wrong, or you may have set the wrong country or something. It's easy to change, though I don't remember how. (it's very rare to have to do it.)06:16
mikelissDaemonFC: Try going into the time & date settings and see if they're set correctly...06:18
habananyCoz_ I got the package already, what I need to know is how to install it06:19
DaemonFChmmmm, it has them set to America/New_York, which is close, but not right06:19
jacquesdupontdanybody can tell me how to recompile some sources with a xinerama option in it ?06:19
jacquesdupontdis it hard on ubuntu06:19
jacquesdupontd can i find xorgserver sources via terminal ?06:20
* DaemonFC changed it to America/Indiana/Indianapolis06:20
coz_habanany,   I dont believe that is an installabe package.... just open a terminal    cd to that extracted pacakge folder and    ./opera     do you really want to install an alpha?06:20
floff_jacquesdupontd: sh configure --help06:21
jacquesdupontdi promess i was going to go this way06:22
habananyyes I really want to brake my notebook, can u explain me better how to extract06:22
jacquesdupontdbut for now it seems from all thread im reading nobody has managed to resolve the problem, so we can't say ubuntu-moblin-remix works, it only works on ati cards06:23
coz_habanany,  just right click the package and hit  "Extract" here06:23
habananycoz_  OK06:23
coz_habanany,  if this is on lucid you will get errors since it doesnt have sun -java06:24
coz_habanany,  it will start  but  with many errors rather libraries ignored because they are not installed06:24
coz_habanany,  looks different with sun java installed by the way06:24
pepee/j ubuntu+106:24
habananyI can't extract coz_06:25
coz_habanany,  also any questions regarding this on lucid should go to the  #ubuntu+1 channel which is specifically for lucid right now06:25
jacquesdupontdfloff_, sh configure says can't open configure06:26
coz_habanany,   is this gnome   kde   xfce?06:26
jacquesdupontdconfigure doesn't existe06:26
jacquesdupontdi tried a sudo apt-get install configure without results06:26
alankilajacquesdupontd: you need to run boostrap / autogen.sh / autoreconf -ivf06:26
coz_jacquesdupontd,  what are you trying to configure?06:26
burkeyIs there a command to see who is logged onto windows terminal  server in the ubuntu terminal06:26
mgmuscarican anyone tell me how to roll back my x server from 1.6 to 1.4.7?06:27
indusjacquesdupontd, hey06:27
habananyOK OK coz_ I'm going to #ubuntu+1 , thanks so much06:27
indusmgmuscari, remove it and install the older one if available06:27
coz_habanany,  no problem06:27
mgmuscariindus: 1.6 is the version in the karmic repositories. i'm not sure how to force installation of an older version06:27
indusmgmuscari, then nothing doing06:27
indusmgmuscari, why use 1.4 ?06:27
mgmuscariindus: 1.6 is apparently incompatible with the latest version of fglrx as well as compiz06:28
mikelissburkey: who06:28
mgmuscariindus: after sourcing 1.6, building it, and installing it, everything broke06:29
indusmgmuscari, fglrx is incpmpatible with xorg 1.706:29
indusnot 1.606:29
induswho told you06:29
mgmuscariindus: nobody, but it sure isn't working well with 1.6...06:29
Gracenoteswhy would Ubuntu 9.10 spontaneously switch to a different icon set on reboot without me changing the theme?06:29
mgmuscarimy first problem is that nothing i do in xorg.conf seems to have any effect06:29
indusmgmuscari, xorg is not used now much06:30
indusmgmuscari, whata is your problem though with fglrx06:30
Gracenoteseven manually changing to Human and back still leaves me with gray folder icons06:30
burkeymikeliss:  does who work for windows terminal server from a ubuntu workstation06:30
mgmuscari... well, karmic sure does use xorg06:30
mgmuscarimy problem is that i can't set rendering method or anything for fglrx06:30
indusDID you try the open source drivers?06:31
mgmuscariopen source drivers have no 3d support for my chipset06:31
indusmgmuscari, ok which chipset06:31
Gracenotesmaybe I should log out/in06:31
alankilamgmuscari: also, fglrx has a distressing tendency to drop support for any older chipset, so what works at version x no longer works at x+1.06:31
mgmuscarifglrx usually recognizes the card as hd3650, but it's a firegl v5700 mobile06:32
indusalankila, fglrx or AMD?06:32
DaemonFCalankila, any RadeonHD model should work06:32
indusmgmuscari, oh firegl06:32
mgmuscarifor all intents and purposes06:32
alankilaindus: err...06:32
DaemonFCit's just the old Radeon series and things like the 200m06:32
indusalankila, are you aware that amd funds development of both fglrx and the open source driver06:33
nimittuxI am Newbee of Linux.06:33
nimittuxbut know about  Networking well06:33
alankilaindus: it still doesn't change the fact that you can have a supported card at one version and then have crippled support on the next version.06:33
nimittuxand yes also06:33
indusalankila, its only crippled for old card06:33
nimittuxknow about asterisk..06:33
indusalankila, and you have a diff driver so nothing is crippled06:34
indusalankila, like a choice\06:34
alankilaindus: let's not mince words about this. I have found personally this out the hard way that you are forced to shift to the open-source driver at some point, and when it happened to me the open-source driver really wasn't very good at driving that card. It's OK now, though.06:34
indusalankila, of course, 8.04 still supports everything,06:34
indusalankila, its better than ok now actually06:35
BlackDalekI am getting constant random popping and crackling through laptop speakers on a HP pavilion DV9000. It continues constantly even when no sound is being played and when sound is muted. Is there a fix for this?06:35
StuckMojois there any way to get aptitude to help me install a deb that i've downloaded?06:35
StuckMojoi.e. solve the missing deps for me?06:35
Tetikus_22_Bhelp me06:35
indusalankila, but it will never be close to the fglrx06:35
diz_Childcan the ubuntu-9.10-desktop-i386.iso run on AMD64?06:35
indusalankila, but 2d on fglrx sucks06:35
alankilaand thanks to lack of ABI stability when you update xorg you generally can no longer run the old driver. Which is a hate point for me. Stable ABI would be better, or something.06:35
StuckMojodiz_Child: yes06:35
StuckMojodiz_Child: but it will be 32bit06:35
Tetikus_22_Bi already try install fifa game on mu ubuntu with wine but still cannot be run06:36
diz_Childyou mean the other 32bit is not use?06:36
nimittuxyou can try Crossover06:36
nimittuxfor it .06:36
nimittuxhad you tried Crossover ?06:36
nimittuxagaints of Wine ??06:36
Tetikus_22_Bi try playonlinux also06:37
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto06:37
nimittuxi think it should works.06:37
indusWHAT a pathetic factoid06:37
indusits listing matrox ?06:37
diz_Childi'm running a knoppix livecd on AMD64 now06:37
indusalankila, have oyu tried the radeon HD with similar results?06:38
Tetikus_22_BFifa 2010 pro evolution DVD06:38
navetzhey guys, i currently have a server that is running fairly slow. How do I find out what is causing it to bog down? I want to know if its the internet connection, or perhaps enough ram, or not enough processing power.06:38
navetzit is using ubuntu server edition06:38
indusalankila, drop in #radeonHD sometime06:38
jacquesdupontdalankila, in fact the x11 server havn't been configured/built with xinerama wich cause conflict with nvidia priority driver, a solution seems to be to recompile or add xinerama to x11xorgserver that's why i'm asking how06:39
Tetikus_22_Bi need instruction how to install  Fifa 2010 pro evolution DVD06:39
alankilaindus: as I said, my problem has been fixed by improvements in radeon driver. I used radeonhd at first, but it sucked for that hardware, visual glitches and low performance06:39
Tetikus_22_B3 times i install but result fail06:39
alankilafor the record, I'm perfectly happy about the ATI X1250 (RS500) support provided by the open-source driver. I only wish I could have used fglrx longer because it worked fine until it suddenly refused to work with RS500 at all.06:40
alankilaAnd I wish I had never touched radeonhd because it is apparently bad unless you have something actually designated as "HD". Maybe.06:40
=== PirateGoose is now known as goose
Tetikus_22_Bbut my laptop can read 3D game before i change to ubuntu 9.1006:41
indusalankila, yeah its for the HD ones, and the x1200 was the cut off really06:42
sirconisCan I solicit some help please? I'm trying to install ubuntu on a dedicated partition. It gets 26% of the way and says it failed to read data from the disk. I've tried burning at a much slower speed, I've redownloaded the image and burned again, and I've never had a problem w/ this DVD drive before. Is there another way? Can I place the image on USB flash memory?06:43
Joker_-_My sound stops working after a few minutes. Should I call it a hardware problem?06:43
indusbut we are spoilt for choice with 8.04 which does support ,and i hope something significant with 10.0406:43
indusso the open drivers currently being really nice06:43
Joker_-_It's an onboard sound-card, never tested it and I have several pci sound cards lying around...06:43
indusvery impressive indeed06:43
alankilaNow if only you had open drivers from day one, rather than waiting 1-2 years...06:44
indusits just a matter of time before nvidia drops support so then blame both companiess?06:44
Joker_-_sirconis: you can install from several other media, including the very same hard drive06:44
indusjust good fortune they support older cards06:44
indusor make older drivers work with newer xorg rather06:45
sirconisJoker_-_ , what do I need to do to use the image on my HD as it is now and install to a seperate partition?06:45
indusill probably try nexuiz today with the open drivers tonight06:45
alankilaindus: I have never had to regret going with nvidia, but I've always regreted going with ATI. That's a decade of experience, so until nvidia does something really ugly, they have my full support and endorsement.06:45
alankilaI think even today I could use the nvidia legacy drivers against ubuntu 9.10 to run desktop with geforce4 or something.06:46
indusalankila, yes i know, but i recently moved to ATI months before, so the experience is pleasant06:46
sirconisThe file system of the partition has been created successfully, as well as the Swap.06:46
Joker_-_sirconis: I'm looking for the name of the app, it's made for flashdrives, but it works for harddrives aswell06:46
indusalankila, a decade is long time indeed06:46
sirconisThank you06:46
sirconisI've burned through 5 DVDs trying to get this to work :(06:46
indusnvm off topic06:46
Joker_-_sirconis: I really feel retarded not remembering this name...06:47
Joker_-_sirconis: unetbootin06:47
theadminhow do i get rid of "Battery may be old or broken"?06:47
Joker_-_or something like that06:47
indusalankila, i have poor window movements with fglrx, can it be cured?06:47
sirconis^_^ thanks. googling it now06:47
Joker_-_sir http://unetbootin.sourceforge.net/06:47
Joker_-_sirconis: http://unetbootin.sourceforge.net/06:47
indusheard its a known issue06:47
alankilaindus: *shrug*06:48
Joker_-_sirconis: works in windows and linux06:48
nixpetanyone know how to get universal applets? ubuntu 9.10 here06:48
abxI need help regarding the following situation: I got the Ubuntu 9.10 Live CD and decided to give it a try on my Toshiba Satellite A105 laptop. Everything worked perfectly fine. I removed my cd, and restarted to access Windows XP (service pack 3). However, my Toshiba sound stopped working. Any suggestions?06:48
ninjaskkittleunetbootin has saved me many of times06:48
alankilaI have no fglrx-capable systems, so I'm not likely to know.06:48
syriushow do I enabled gobuntu?06:48
anto9ussirconis: unetbootin will help you create a bootable memory stick but check you have enough memory to run the livecd installer. You might need the alternative install image.06:48
theadminnixpet: "Universal applets"?06:48
indusalankila, initially i was not keen to use the radeon driver, but this issue made my a little partial06:48
nixpettheadmin: yeap06:48
Joker_-_anto9us: he can do it from hard drive, no need for flashdrive06:48
sirconisI'll try it using the HDD first, and hope that works06:48
theadminnixpet: Elaborate. What do you mean?06:48
Joker_-_sirconis: just make a partition at the end of your drive, something like 900mb06:49
nixpetthadmin: is universal applets a screenlets type package? i just read random stuff online and am trying to get in on my ubuntu machine06:49
BlackDalekwhere can I find information about audio problems with HP DV9000? I can't find diddly squat on forums or google :(06:49
indusBlackDalek, what audio problems06:50
theadminnixpet: Hm... I actually never heard of that.06:50
Joker_-_sirconis: use gparted, it's quite easy. I don't know if it's well documented, but I think ext3 partition would be just perfect.06:50
indusalankila, http://www.phoronix.com/vr.php?view=1459106:50
BlackDalekindus, this pretty much sums it up - http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=8844107#post884410706:50
kyubutsuis there a way to join/merge two terminals into one06:51
SakaraI would like to use an ubuntu machine to serve media (video, music, photos) to other computers around my house (linux windows workstations and a ps3)? Does anyone know of the easiest best way to accomplish this?06:51
theadminCan Ubuntu install on a FAT/NTFS/FAT32 partition?06:51
Joker_-_sirconis: and by the way, use the "disk image" rather than "distribution" option, as it's outdated.06:51
sirconisJoker_-_ : I've got 38gb formatted as ext3 for ubuntu, and 2gb for swap06:51
Joker_-_theadmin: yes, it can install within windows if you like.06:51
BlackDalekindus, the popping is random and constant and muting the volume won't even stop it.06:52
theadminJoker_-_: I mean normal install. Not WUBI.06:52
syriusdoes gobuntu use linux libre kernel?06:52
kyubutsutheadmin: why would you want to even try that..06:52
sirconisJoker_-_ : will a 1gb usb stick be enough? It only has to hold the 700 MB image right?06:52
theadminkyubutsu: My father asked that :D I? I don't want that.06:52
industheadmin, it wont install06:52
alankilaindus: I saw that. Abysmal performance, no difference between GPUs, either. That's strange. If I would have to guess it's doing 90 % CPU-based software rendering in the driver. :p06:53
Joker_-_theadmin: I don't see why you would do that, and I'm not absolutely certain it would. My very wild guess would be that you would need to recompile a kernel (I think fat support is a module by default)06:53
industheadmin, sorry with wubi yes06:53
Joker_-_sirconis: it should06:53
nixpetits ok im just going to use google gadgets06:53
alankilaor well, very little difference. There's some difference, just nowhere near expected amount.06:53
indusalankila, its early 3d obviously :)06:53
theadminindus: Okay, hm, i see. Well, not important, i'm with ext4, it's fast as lightning.06:53
nixpetscreenlets was nice but stuff didnt load right on startup06:53
theadmin...if you can measure lightning speed in megabits, that is06:54
industheadmin, in any case, it reformats to ext 306:54
Joker_-_theadmin: I just googled and apparently, it works fine06:54
industheadmin, for example, in live cd automatic install , it installs ubuntu side by side by resizing windows partition and putting ubuntu, but it will always be ext306:54
wolterdo any of you use the ubuntu-boot pack?06:54
theadminindus: Meh, dunno, i always used "Specify partitions manually (advanced)"06:55
industheadmin, ok me too :) but then why you ask06:55
theadminindus: Said a few messages ago, my father wants to know zat :D No idea why though06:55
Joker_-_heh I don't think my father knows what is linux.06:56
indusBlackDalek, there is a very good thread here http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=431815 read all of it06:56
Joker_-_but thats totally off topic06:56
wolterhow is ubuntu-boot package dangerous?06:56
kyubutsuwubi is the closest answer to 'installing ubuntu on a fat partition' ..06:56
theadminActually, is there a way to install Ubuntu before window$, not after it?06:56
nixpetlinux is a very lovable thing06:56
BlackDalekindus, thanks.06:56
theadmin...oh wait, there is something on that on help.ubuntu.com06:57
indusBlackDalek, also, i suggest in the very very end if all fails, remove pulse ,and if that fails install oss 4 from the website06:57
Joker_-_gnight all.06:57
indusBlackDalek, but that thread seems a good place to start for all dv 9000 stuff :)06:57
indusJoker_-_, g night06:57
kyubutsuis there any way to join/merge two terminal windows into one ?06:58
BlackDalekindus, this also sounds promising... http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=131483406:58
floff_hi there06:58
lakshmiCan I get Google chrome/chromium for Ubuntu?06:59
indusBlackDalek, aah superb06:59
indusBlackDalek, why didnt you search in googlebefore :)06:59
BlackDalekindus, apparently google didn't like the search terms I used...07:00
indusBlackDalek, see if that worked? iam curious07:00
kyubutsulakshmi: you need to add the chromium PPA to your sources first07:00
induslakshmi, www.google.com/chrome07:00
kemsiro@lakshmi: eaiser way could be through Ubuntu Tweak07:00
lakshmithanks guys!07:00
kyubutsuchromium is the open source version of chrome tho..07:00
lostinspace_46How is it that, when booted, a 700MB ubuntu CD disk contains an O/S that is 3GB on the HDD?07:00
alankilalostinspace_46: it's called compression.07:01
indususe PPA's at yourown risk,07:01
induswhy arent the ops not taking a stand on this]07:02
alankilalostinspace_46: plus there's some overhead in the files when they are stored on the disk, the file may be very small but its metadata still takes some space.07:02
indusrandomly recommending PPA's is a bad idea for new users07:02
indusor old07:02
kyubutsuthat wasnt random.. its the only way to install chromium afaik .. and he asked07:02
DavidSchlesquestion for anyone: i recently just now installed the recomended updates for firefox, and it now segfaults07:03
DavidSchlesand i can't use apt-get07:03
wolterwill preload show up as a process when I run it?07:03
DavidSchlessomething with post-fix07:03
Explore1can i use cheese on ubuntu for recording video and audio?07:04
wolterExplore1, yes07:04
wolterthats what you would use, in fact07:04
kemsiroEXplore1: yup07:04
LOLsaurusRexI just installed a rather large number of updates in Karmic Koala.  Some of the updates I've never heard of before, which included something called "alien" and "postfix"  Were these official updates, or did someone just installed some crap in my computer?07:04
wolterExplore1, are you running cheese?07:04
DavidSchlesanyone can help?07:04
wolterLOLsaurusRex, its official07:04
lostinspace_46alankila,  I understand that.  Perhaps I misphrased the question. How do the files run if they are compressed?  Don't they need to be unpacked to run?07:04
DavidSchlesdebconf: DbDriver "config": /var/cache/debconf/config.dat is locked by another process: Resource temporarily unavailable07:05
wolterLOLsaurusRex, however, you should only worry about people installing stuff to your system if you have authorized 3rd party ppas07:05
wolterExplore1, run it07:05
wolterExplore1, you'll see how to record a video when you do07:05
sirconisJoker_-_ , It didn't work. It transferred the image to the usb drive, but my system never recognized it during boot, and I made sure usb was top in the order even.07:05
Explore1ya i saw video07:05
Explore1does it do audio too?07:05
Explore1any idea what does cheese use internally?07:05
=== orion_ is now known as Guest99615
sirconisJoker_-_ , Now I'm trying the HDD method, but the partition I just made doesn't show up unless I select the box "show all drives (use with care)" and choose usb stick (not hard drive) even though it's a hard drive.07:06
LOLsaurusRexthanks wolter.  I just wanted to verify this large number of updates was in fact official.07:06
* DavidSchles needs someones help07:06
wolterLOLsaurusRex, in fact I am also updating right now, and thats why they sounded familiar to me haha07:06
wolterbut np07:06
Explore1does it do audio too?any idea what does cheese use internally?07:06
Callum__WTF, my Firefox window just quit for absolutely no reason whatsoever =P07:06
alankilalostinspace_46: there's on-the-fly decompression on the CD, called squashfs. I imagine they use that.07:06
wolterDavidSchles, try running [$ sudo killall apt-get]07:07
scp1callum__, that's normal07:07
wolterExplore1, yes it records audio too...07:07
alankilalostinspace_46: my original impression of your question was "how does a 700 MB CD, when installed on harddrive, take 3 GB"07:07
DavidSchleswolter: no process found07:07
wolterExplore1, it uses gstreamer, but remain on topic07:07
Callum__then again, I am taxing my PC like mad compiling a GNU toolchain07:08
alankilaI confess I do not 100 % grok the techniques used on the live cd.07:08
wolterDavidSchles, look up about removing locks on files07:08
wolterI don't remember how to do it07:08
LOLsaurusRexdoes anyone know when firefox 3.6 will be available from the official repos?07:08
DavidSchleswolter: woudl this also cause firefox to segfault?07:08
wolterLOLsaurusRex, no, but maybe you can look for a ppa at launchpad, thats what you generally do when you want updates for a specific package as they are released07:08
wolterDavidSchles, I do not know07:09
Explore1wolter: i dint see any audio UI in cheese gui?07:09
DavidSchleshttp://dsfdsf32.pastebin.com/d1f7cb9d4 - if anyone knows about this07:09
wolterExplore1 would you just try to record a video?07:09
sirconisI told it to extract to my new partition even though it thinks it's a usb drive for some dumb reason. rebooting to give it a shot.07:10
Explore1wolter: ii tried07:10
Explore1video is fine..but cant see any audio07:10
wolterExplore1, can you hear any audio?07:10
lostinspace_46Alamma, Hmm..assuming I am running a live DVD -RW I still can't mod it by importing files from the HDD, because it's an ISO, correct?07:10
wolterlostinspace_46, no, because you have to burn them to it07:11
Explore1ok, problem is with my laptop may be07:11
wolterExplore1, maybe07:11
wolterExplore1, have you tried recording with gnome-sound-recorder?07:11
scp1explore1, what sound system are you using?07:12
wolterExplore1, or running gstreamer-properties07:12
wolterExplore1, do so07:12
scp1isn't there alsarecord or something?07:12
Explore1bash: gnome-properties: command not found07:12
wolterExplore1, test sound input, and see if you can listen to any echo07:12
wolter"Explore1, or running gstreamer-properties"07:13
alankilalostinspace_46: but you can usually buy an USB key & install linux on that.07:13
lostinspace_46wolter, Right, but I can mod the ISO prior to burning, and that is really what I need to do07:13
BlackDalekindus, seems to have worked.. been about 5 minutes and I haven't heard any popping07:13
alankilaSome 8 GB key with 10 - 20 MB/s read-write rate is not that expensive07:13
wolterlostinspace_46, oh.. yes you can07:13
Eternal_2009Hello, I am having a little bug problem with Network Manager. I am using a dlink wireless router with Dlink pci card and my network is dropping out every 5-10 mins for 20-30 seconds is there anything i can do?07:13
wolterlostinspace_46, you can extract it, modify it, remake the ISO, and burn07:13
alankilaEternal_2009: I have seen that issue. I had DWA-556 against DIR-65507:14
Explore1i can hear sound in gstreamer-properties07:14
alankilaEternal_2009: I've seen it on several cards on Linux, resulting me to conclude that Linux wireless is almost useless. But then again, not all systems have shown this issue.07:14
Eternal_2009alankila: I have it working on windows and fedora OS's But ubuntu is not working right07:14
lorenzosuHi. Since upgrading to 9.10 I can't get the pc internal speaker to emit sound on an HP desktop. In ubuntu 9.04 there was a specific slider in the mixer (somthing like 'front' and 'back'). Now I can only get sound through headphones.07:14
alankilaEternal_2009: I installed karmix-modules-backports or some similarly named package and rebooted. That fixed it for me, I was using ath9k07:15
wolterExplore1, you can hear echo of yourself when you try to test default input?07:15
Explore1what else can i check?07:15
alankilaapparently the driver ubuntu chose to package me was made of barbed wire and bubble gum07:15
wolterExplore1, try the gnome sound recorder07:15
Explore1default input?07:15
alankilaor the main driver, anyway07:15
lostinspace_46My issue...to have internet I have to mod files, but can,t find them on the ISO, initramfs for instance07:15
wolterExplore1, yes, default input. Command for gnome sound recorder is gnome-sound-recorder07:15
Explore1i can hear the sound wave signal sound that's all..07:15
woltergenerally all gnome executable names follow that structure07:15
Eternal_2009Ok alankila  I'll check it out.07:15
wolterExplore1, I am talking about default input07:16
Explore1ya i can record07:16
wolterExplore1, then your mic is working alright07:16
wolterExplore1, sso should cheese07:16
tolarnCan someone help me setup Remote desktop from Ubuntu to windows 7 machine.07:16
wolterExplore1, please go to #cheese@irc.gnome.org07:17
wolterand ask there, this is offtopic here07:17
sirconisJoker_-_ or anyone else that can help: I'm out of ideas. I can find no way to install ubuntu successfully. The CD doesn't work, it doesn't recognize there being anything on my usb stick to boot from when I try that route, unetbootin doesn't recognize the partition I made on my HDD for extracting the image file to, and treating that partition as usb stick (it picks it up that way) didn't work either. Any ideas? Someone mentioned another prog07:17
bridgeguyHey, does anyone know any open source web-based games?07:17
alankilalostinspace_46: seriously, it ought to be much easier to do the usb key install and modify that -- no special work needed -- is there some reason why you prefer to change the ISO rather?07:17
floff_bridgeguy: web based as in... flash? :/07:18
bridgeguyI'm looking for something with some interaction, I found several PHP based text-games or fantasy games, but something with more graphics would be nice07:18
lostinspace_46Specifically, I need to blacklist 2 files, use my Win wlan drivers, install ndisgtk, and update initramfs.07:18
bridgeguyfloff_: no, trying to avoid flash07:18
Eternal_2009alankila: sudo apt-get install linux-backports-modules-wireless-karmic-generic Sound familiar ?07:18
floff_bridgeguy: good :)07:18
tolarnsirconis why doesnt the cd work?07:19
floff_bridgeguy: search for 'reverse'07:19
floff_pretty fun game07:19
lostinspace_46alankila, And I need to do that prior to burning07:19
floff_implemented it myself in perl, and I know there's a web-based variant07:19
sirconistolarn , it gets to 26% and says it can't read the data. I've burned through 5 DVDs writing at different speeds and even re-downloaded the image.07:19
sirconisI've never had a problem w/ the drive either.07:19
bridgeguyfloff_: Hmmm, anything more graphics intense?07:19
floff_bridgeguy: no idea...07:20
bridgeguyBasically I'm looking for something as close to the onlive service as possible07:20
tolarnno problems with the drive so what software are you using?07:20
kyubutsusirconis: checked the md5 hash?07:21
bridgeguyonlive is that new online game service in private beta, it streams streams the game video to a client and gets back the peripheral input07:21
Eternal_2009bridgeguy: You looking to play or a script to use?07:21
terminhellanyone know how to fix the pidgin notify icons?07:21
bridgeguyEternal_2009: I would like to test how well different types of web based applications behave under specific network conditions07:21
sirconiskyubutsu , I'm assuming you are referring to a type of file used to verify that everything is there, but I don't know how to do that.07:21
kyubutsu!md5 | sirconis07:22
ubottusirconis: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows07:22
lorenzosuOk... I seemed to have fixed it installing gnome alsa mixer07:22
bridgeguyEternal_2009: I have client/server setup and I can emulate different network conditions between the two07:22
tolarnHe downloaded the image twice could it be his software that hes using to burn the image is not working properly?07:22
bridgeguyEternal_2009: The goal is to have different server-side, preferably web based apps running on the server and testing how they work on the client under different network conditions07:22
sirconistolarn I'm using magic ISO07:22
bridgeguyEternal_2009: I have Etherpad, HTML5 video, etc but I'm missing something with high interaction such as a video game07:23
sirconisI've never had a probelm w/ the software before, but this is the first time I'm using it on Vista. It's always been XP before07:23
BlackDalekok - I got a new problem now with another computer.... faxing - Am I wasting my time trying to get a conexant internal modem to work as a regular dial-up fax? Or should I just invest in a "proper" external hardware modem?07:24
nomad77sirconis: try tao-mode and lowest speed burning possible07:24
bridgeguyYou guys know of a games oriented IRC channel?07:24
tolarnsirconis try using http://infrarecorder.org/07:24
Explore1my sound works, cant hear any sound in cheese?07:24
Explore1what is the best tool to go through bigger codes in ubuntu?07:25
sirconisnomad77 , tolarn , checking the md5 first, then I'll take a look at those.07:25
=== ae86-drifter1 is now known as ae86-drifter
tolarnAny Remote desktop setup guru's available. Can't seem to connect ubuntu to windows 7.07:25
terminhellis it possible to fix gnome's glitch with pidgins notify icons not being transparent?07:25
ae86-drifterterminhell, use a different gnome/pidgin version.07:26
Roxyhart0hi guys i got saba 3.4.5 and i want to install on ubuntu 9.10 somebody know how to do that?07:27
ae86-drifterwhats a good lightweight GIMP alternative07:27
sirconisrunning winMd5Sum where to I get the md5 to compare it to?07:27
ae86-drifter!best image07:27
Roxyhart0my file is .tar and i need to install that but i dont know how to do? somebody knows?07:28
ae86-driftersirconis, the md5 must be generated07:28
sirconisI'm guessing it was. I got this: 8790491bfa9d00f283ed9dd2d77b390607:28
ae86-drifter!tar | Roxyhart007:28
ubottuRoxyhart0: Files with extensions .tar, .gz, .tgz, .zip, .bz2, .7z, .ace and other archive file formats can be opened with file-roller (GNOME) or Ark (KDE) - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FileCompression07:28
sirconisthere is nothing in the "comprae" box though to compare it to.07:28
indussirconis, compare it with the md5 from the iso on the website07:29
terminhellae86-drifter: hmm07:29
Roxyhart0yes but they come tih samba files, what i need to do to install this samba verison in my ubuntu07:29
ae86-driftersirconis, the whole point of it is to actually have a sum to compare in the first place07:29
alankilaRoxyhart0: is there a reason why the ubuntu's prepackaged samba binaries aren't OK for you?07:30
mahiti-irchello when is ubuntu 10.10 releasing?07:30
Roxyhart0i did tar but i need install samba version 3.4.5 in my ubuntu 9.10 which come with samba 3.4.007:30
sirconisae86-drifter yes, I was just looking for the has page, found it.07:30
alankilamahiti-irc: I'd imagine on the 10th month of 2010? Aren't you more interested in the 10.04 anyway?07:30
wolteris it decent to get 22s boot time until login screen07:30
Roxyhart0no have bugs07:30
alankilawolter: similar to mine.07:31
Roxyhart0version 3.4.0 have bugs, 9.4.1 solve it07:31
sirconisthe md5 hashes are the same.07:31
casperletHelp plz. it's Ubuntu 9.10(desktop). the mouse works abnormally.07:31
wolteralankila, how much does it take after you login until desktop is usable?07:31
mahiti-ircalankila, oh ya man am really waiting for 10.0407:31
mahiti-ircthe Lucid Lynx07:31
alankilawolter: another 20 seconds, maybe, maybe less.07:32
wolteralankila, do you have a bootchard image?07:32
alankilawolter: no. I can't generate one any more either, I have switched to Evil Empire Operating System on this box07:32
Explore1wolter: are you sure that cheese has audio support? can you check once? bcz i dont really see anything like audio possibility..07:32
wolterExplore1, it has....07:33
sirconistolarn , ae86-drifter , indus , the hashes are the same. So try one of those other .iso recorders you mentioned then?07:33
wolterExplore1, as in #cheese channel07:33
wolter!offtopic | Explore107:33
ubottuExplore1: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!07:33
indussirconis, sorry, but i didnt read what the problem you have, can you restate it07:33
tolarnsirconis i would. I always had problems with magic iso07:33
Roxyhart0how i can create a installation package from a tar file?07:33
alankilawolter: I never paid 100 % attention to how long it takes until GNOME is usable. I know the desktop appears and you'd start launching apps and it'll take a while before they appear, I can't hear the disk drives because modern drives are silent... so 20s is estimate07:33
casperletHelp plz. it's Ubuntu 9.10(desktop). the mouse works abnormally. if i want click something, i must hold the left key 2 seconds, then release it.07:33
sirconisk. here we go disc #6 :(07:33
wolteralankila, i mean until the icons appear in your desktop07:34
alankilawolter: well, considerably less, that'd be in the order of 10 seconds maybe.07:34
ae86-drifterwhats the name of that best bot channel07:34
alankilaAfter hitting enter to login prompt's password prompt.07:34
wolteralankila, oh my god.. whats that os again?07:34
wolteralankila, or are you optimizing login in some way?07:35
alankilaI heard compiz churns for some >5 seconds on pure CPU when it starts, so major part of delay comes there, apparently. Also I got a large background, which certainly took several seconds of pure processing.07:35
tolarnsirconis no cds?07:35
tolarnor only dvds07:35
alankilawolter: I have switched to windows 7 on my desktop. And it's too late to ask, but I never did anything special.07:35
sirconistolarn I'm out of CDs, so yes only DVDs07:35
wolteralankila, oh07:36
ae86-drifteralankila, are you using a 486?07:36
wolteralankila, yeah, windows 7 is booting quite fast07:36
sirconistolarn I'm guessing this venture is costing me about .50c a pop. maybe less.07:36
ace__Hello. I want a command to be run at 8:45am (monday-friday) and another command at 8pm (monday-friday). I set crontab to do it. But can someone tell me if this is correct ---> http://www.nomorepasting.com/getpaste.php?pasteid=3170407:36
alankilaae86-drifter: someone whose job it is to optimize compiz told me that it takes like 5 seconds when it starts, so I just relayed that07:36
ae86-drifter!cron | ace__07:36
ubottuace__: cron is a way to schedule execution of software/scripts. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CronHowto  -  There is also a decent Howto at http://www.tech-geeks.org/contrib/mdrone/cron&crontab-howto.htm07:36
alankilaae86-drifter: I haven't measured it for *my* system. And I have a 2560x1600 display, and if you put a large enough jpeg to not look crappy on that, it will take some time to display.07:37
ace__ae86-drifter: I was looking for a yes/no07:37
ae86-drifteralankila, i'm sure that would depend on system performance07:37
tolarnsirconis if that doesnt work your next option would be https://shipit.ubuntu.com/07:37
ae86-drifterace__, sorry im not that good at bash scripting07:38
alankilaae86-drifter: yes, of course. But there are mitigating factors like compiz needing to load something from disk and all rotating platter drives are about equally fast, give or take a factor of 207:38
sirconistolarn , I'm burning at the lowest speed. I'm not taking any chances at this point. In InfraRecorder (I think that's the one you suggested) what write method do you suggeest?07:38
alankilaso even if it's fast, it's probably bounded from one end by the size of executable and how scattered around the filesystem its parts are. That's just an example, though, I hate that I named "compiz" for it. It's just that there's more than CPU to it07:39
sirconisSAO / TAO , etc.07:39
tolarnwhatever default its setup to. Thats all I did was default settings07:39
mehedi34Has there any off line English-English dictionary for ubuntu?07:39
ae86-drifteralankila, yeah, i personally don't use compiz as i like my resources07:39
ae86-drifteralankila, i use xfce, instead of gnome and i have a blank background, the desktop is usable as soon as it apears07:40
* alankila 's linux ran on a nice RAID-1 setup. I can't tolerate single-drive systems for being TOO SLOW :)07:40
alankilaI should get SSD one of these days, though.07:40
mehedi34Has there any off line English-English dictionary for ubuntu?07:40
ae86-drifteralankila, wait a year or so for SSDs i think07:41
alankilaae86-drifter: yeah, all that sort of stuff surely helps. I also used to use a single-color background on weaker systems, to save on Xorg size & startup time07:41
RPG-MasterGAH! Why does it take soooo long for buttons to respond when I click on them? :(07:42
alankilaat least at one point nautilus used to cache some private pixmap copy of the entire background and that took double the RAM it strictly speaking needed to ... not sure if it does it anymore07:42
ae86-drifterRPG-Master, how are we supposed to know with such little info07:42
ActionParsnipYo yo yo07:42
sirconisalright, it's done burning. Here we go again. :P wish me luck07:42
tolarnGood luck man. Let me give you my email07:42
RPG-Masterae86-drifter: I'm not sure where to start.... what info do I need to provide?07:43
ae86-drifterRPG-Master, which buttons are you talking about? what DE, PC specs, what apps are you running etc.07:43
ActionParsnip!details | rpg-master07:44
ubotturpg-master: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."07:44
Mehedi_SimonHas there any off line English-English dictionary for ubuntu?07:44
ae86-drifteryou cant just say "Why does it take soooo long for buttons to respond" and expect us to know what your'e talkin bout07:45
RPG-MasterIt's like this: I click a button for the first time in several minutes, it animates like it's going down, then the app "grays out", and then it actually reacts. For several minutes after that all the buttons in that app will work just fine.07:45
RPG-Masterthen it will start all over again :/07:45
lostinspace_46If I am running an ubuntu live CD, how much control do I have over my O/S?07:45
Primer3The GUI is getting locked07:46
kemsiroMehedi_Simon, try stardict07:46
alankilaRPG-Master: it sounds like the application has had its file cache reduced to next to nothing, or it has been swapped out, to me.07:46
ActionParsnipRpg-master: if you disable effects is it ok?07:46
RPG-MasterActionParsnip: Let me try that07:46
indusActionParsnip, whats up .07:46
Mehedi_Simonhow i can install it?07:46
ae86-drifterRPG-Master, GNOME? standard ubuntu install? and is this for every single app? what are the specs of your PC?07:46
tolarnlostinspace_46 I belive thats just setup as a demo. Not to do anything special.07:46
alankilaRPG-Master: in other words, it smells like something is consuming a lot of resources periodically on your systems, and your apps stall because crucial memory pages are not available to them.07:46
ActionParsnipLostinspace_46: as much as an installed system except you can't reboot to a different kernel07:46
ae86-drifterRPG-Master, how did you partition and install ubuntu?07:47
Primer3Does anyone know if its possible to use a Ubuntu Server to extend the range of a wireless network if the server has a wireless card?07:47
RPG-Masterae86-drifter: Sorry, Yes, 9.10 on a laptop with 2.4ghz Turon and 128mb of shared graphics07:47
RPG-Masternvidea, too07:47
lostinspace_46ActionParsnip, Could I go online from the O/S?07:47
RPG-Masterae86-drifter: Full hard drive07:47
tolarnPrimer3 I think thats a power hack on the card.07:47
ActionParsnipLostinspace_46: you will be constrained by ram amount, otherwise it will run like an installed system07:47
ae86-drifterRPG-Master, did you run through the installation with default configuration?07:47
RPG-Masterae86-drifter: yep07:48
tolarnprimer3 you boost the power the transmitter pretty much07:48
ActionParsnipLostinspace_46: provided you can setup you networking (or if its auto-detected) then yes07:48
RPG-Masteralankila: how can I tell?07:48
alankilaRPG-Master: it's somewhat matter of expertise. Linux has a program called "free". It can be run in a terminal and it tells vital system statistics.07:49
ActionParsnipRpg-master: press alt+f2, type: metacity --replace ,then click ok07:49
roccity_Primer3, you can try a stronger antenna07:49
ae86-drifterRPG-Master, type top and press enter as well07:49
RPG-Master:O I have 68% of my ram being used as cache07:49
nmvictorwhich package provides javac in ubuntu?07:49
brokenwallanyone able to help me with my stupid Intel Wifi 5100 and DHCP issues07:49
alankilaRPG-Master: if you have large number of swap pages in use (last line, second value), that indicates something is writing to swap a lot. Similarly, if the cached value is very low -- it's usually 100-200 MB, I bet -- then that could also be evidence of some kind of memory pressure.07:50
ae86-drifterRPG-Master, how much RAM and swap space?07:50
roccity_whats wrong brokenwall07:50
ActionParsnipBrokenwall: still no good huh07:50
brokenwallnope Action07:50
brokenwalli got the wired working07:50
brokenwallbut the DHCP is flakey at best07:50
nmvictorwhich package provides javac in ubuntu?07:50
RPG-Masterae86-drifter: I /think/ like 8 or 10gigs07:50
wolterhi, does anybody use preload? In that case, does it create a process named preload or what?07:50
ActionParsnipBrokenwall: i'd use ndisgtk til you get righted07:50
alankilanmvictor: sun-java6-jdk07:50
RPG-Masterae86-drifter: And 3gigs of RAM07:50
ae86-drifterRPG-Master, you can type "top" in a terminal and see what prcess is hogging your resources07:51
ActionParsnipWolter: I use it but I'm not home to run ps. Sorry07:51
wolterthanks ActionParsnip07:51
alankilaRPG-Master: then it should not be a memory issue, because 3 GB is very difficult to exhaust in normal circumstances...07:51
ae86-drifterRPG-Master, then type "sudo kill (process id here)"07:51
lostinspace_46ActionParsnip, Not sure how to phrase this. How do I get control of the O/S? For instance, just opening folders I get a ton of "no permissions" messages.07:51
RPG-Masterae86-drifter: OK, looking at "top"... which column am I looking at?07:51
ae86-drifterRPG-Master, which is using most RAM and CPU??07:52
ActionParsnipLostinspace_46: are they on an internal drive or part of the ubuntu OS?07:52
brokenwallok well i got the wireless finding networks and the wired works but DHCP never works on the wifi and sometimes works on the wired07:52
RPG-Masterae86-drifter: XORG07:52
roccity_brokenwall, what about assigning dns to the wireless and the wired07:52
ActionParsnipRpg-master: what is the output of: lspci | grep -i vga07:52
ae86-drifterRPG-Master, maybe your graphics card driver is playing up, you could try using a different version of it, xorg, and then try a new kernel07:53
roccity_brokenwall, and a ip07:53
Awesome3000lostinspace_46: it is probally your user group07:53
lostinspace_46ActionParsnip, My home folder is one I believe07:53
RPG-MasterActionParsnip: 00:12.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation C67 [GeForce 7150M / nForce 630M] (rev a2)07:53
* Hannibal is away: I'm busy07:54
crazycoolI have changed /etc/init/gdm.conf file. Will it be replaced on the next update system?07:54
ActionParsnipRpg-master: you can add the nvidia ppa and install a newer driver.07:54
lostinspace_46ActionParsnip, Don't really understand your question07:54
RPG-MasterAnd XORG is using "7 cpu and 3.4 mem"07:54
ActionParsnipLostinspace_46: ok is it the home in the liveCD or home on an internal drive07:54
RPG-MasterActionParsnip: I'll try that07:54
brokenwallroccity_: i am on the wired right now via static ip07:54
lostinspace_46ActionParsnip, Ahh home on internal drive07:55
alankilaRPG-Master: is that from the % column, like using 3.4 % of memory?07:55
roccity_brokenwall, can you use that same ip for the wireless and then at least see if you can ping the router?07:55
RPG-Masteralankila: Yes07:55
ActionParsnipLostinspace_46: the /home folder on the live cd iis on the ram drive and will be accessible by your user. The home on the internel drive is owned by a different user07:55
roccity_brokenwall, or one in that range07:55
alankilathen it is OK. I think.07:55
brokenwallok brb07:56
ActionParsnipLostinspace_46: you can get around it with: gksudo nautilus07:56
dugI have a problem with ubuntu 9.10 where my system isnt running init scripts,  my run level is "N 2" but no start up scripts start,   sysv-rc-conf shows all the services set to run on level 2,  update-rc.d show it set too07:56
lostinspace_46ActionParsnip, I mispoke.../home/daniel07:56
ActionParsnipLostinspace: the live cd username is "ubuntu" so unless the username you use on the installed system is that you will be denied access07:56
RPG-Mastershould I use this PPA? https://edge.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-x-swat/+archive/x-updates07:57
ActionParsnipLostinspace_42: so you can use gksudo to run nautilus with elevated access and the permissions won't apply ;)07:57
ActionParsnipRpg-master: in a websearch engine search for: nvidia ppa07:58
ActionParsnipRpg-master: I think its called nvidia-vpau or somesuch07:58
thiefyis somesuch a real word?07:59
ActionParsnipRpgmaster: you can install the 195 driver from that if you wish or try a slightly older one to see which gives you a good display07:59
broken_ok im on the wireless with a static IP07:59
ActionParsnipThiefy: I think its a coloquialism (sp). Not sure08:00
lostinspace_46ActionParsnip, ubuntu@ubuntu# gksudo nautilus /path/to file?08:00
RPG-MasterActionParsnip: It says its only for those with cards that support video accelerated mpeg playback08:00
=== broken_ is now known as brokenwall
roccity_broken_, so it works with static but not dhcp08:00
RPG-MasterI think08:00
brokenwallso i am only really having DHCP problems08:00
roccity_brokenwall, hold let me test something08:00
ActionParsnipRpg-master: it also has the 195 driver. You can use the 185 or 190 if you wish08:01
RPG-MasterActionParsnip: OK, will try :)08:01
ActionParsnipLostinspace_46: sure, or you can use the alt+f2 dialogue. Both will achieve the same end08:01
zslashzhow to we create a custom icon on desktop, and how to edit the target of this icon???????08:02
ActionParsnipRpg-master: I use the 195 with my gf 615008:02
RPG-MasterActionParsnip: Did you notice any improvements?08:02
ActionParsnipZslashz: you can drag icons from the menu to desktop08:02
ActionParsnipRpg-master: I don't game so no. I just know it works08:03
roccity_brokenwall, not sure why it doesn't pick up dhcp can you get dhcp with the wired?08:03
zslashzi want to create an custom icon for a program which runs on a server in another place08:03
edbianIs all of the software in the repos legal?08:03
brokenwalli wonder if its a router issue08:03
zslashzso i have to specify the target the same as u do on windows08:03
ActionParsnipBrokenwall: check the dhcp pool on the router isn't too small08:03
lostinspace_46ActionParsnip,So.. ubuntu@ubuntu# gksudo nautilus /usr/bin and click on FireFox to launch it?08:03
Mehedi_Simonhow to open rar file?08:04
roccity_brokenwall, does dmesg say anything about dhcp or dns errors?08:04
brokenwallmy router is a buffalo whr-hp-g54 with DD-WRT kernel 2.6 firmware08:04
SPFconfigure: error: "function ctime_r not found."08:04
ActionParsnipLostinspace_46: firefox is already on the liveCD. Do NOT run firefox in nautilus launched with gksudo08:04
SPFhow can I solve this?08:04
ActionParsnipZslashz: you can use a symlink to make a link to the item you want to run from desktop too08:05
ActionParsnipBrokenwall: doesn't matter what it is, check the dhcp pool isn't constrained08:05
zslashzhmm..i can edit the target of the icon on that?08:05
Mehedi_Simonhow to open rar file?08:05
lostinspace_46ActionParsnip, That wont work. I have Broadcom wireless card08:05
tautologismAnybody using an i810-ish graphics chipset with Karmic?  Specifically 855GM?08:05
roccity_brokenwall, is dhcp enabled on the router?08:05
ActionParsnipMehedi_simon: sudo apt-get install rar unrar08:06
zslashzmehedi_simon : sudo apt-get install unrar08:06
brokenwallmy media center, phone, and wife's pc use DHCP08:06
SPFMehedi_Simon: install unrar-nonfree, open nautilus and double click the file08:06
ActionParsnipLostinspace_46: what won't?08:06
brokenwallthe DHCP pool starts at 50 all the way to 25008:06
roccity_brokenwall, do you have another computer that you can test to see if it is assigning ip's08:06
timfrostSPF: have you installed all the build dependencies for the package?08:07
brokenwallit assigns ips in windows on this laptop08:07
ActionParsnipBrokenwall: ok then if your dhcp pool is 2 then there are no more ips left are there. Check the pool08:07
SPFtimfrost: I have installed build-essential and kernel-sources*08:07
brokenwallmy pool is not 208:07
brokenwallthere is plenty of available ips08:07
ActionParsnipBrokenwall: ok, what is it?08:08
brokenwall50.50 ==> 50.25008:08
mactimesAnyone could provide me some help with sound issues with Skype?08:08
ActionParsnipBrokenwall: its worth a check, its free and quick08:08
zslashzdoes symlink allow u to edit the target of the icon?08:08
SPFtimfrost: according to the readme I have installed all dependencies08:08
ActionParsnipBrokenwall: ok that should be plenty :)08:08
timfrostSPF: what are you trying to compile?08:08
mactimesI don't have input on Skype, to be more specific.08:09
ActionParsnipZslashz: you just make a new link, you can also right click the desktop and make a new launcher which will give a gui to what is launched08:09
brokenwallI have DNS Masq turned on in my router'08:09
ActionParsnipBrokenwall: are you restricting dhcp clients to a set list of mac addresses?08:10
roccity_brokenwall, when you try and get dhcp on wireless does it give a error or say that it isup and running?08:10
lostinspace_46ActionParsnip, The internet on the CD.Need to use ndiswrapper, my Win wlan drivers, blacklist 2 files, and run initramfs, then reboot to have wireless to work.08:10
zslashzi know this but the problem is..on my desktop my right click menu does contain create new launcher as it did on 9.0408:10
zslashzim using 9.10 remix08:10
ActionParsnipLostinspace_46: you can do all that in the livecd08:10
brokenwalli don't have any MAC restrictions on my router08:10
brokenwalli know this issue isn't a problem at the house because the same problems happen at my office08:11
brokenwalland the public wifi in the mall below my office08:11
timfrostSPF: the sdevelopment libraries are in a -dev or -devel package, not the run-time package (eg libxml2-dev is needed to compile a program that uses the Gnome libxml2 library)08:11
roccity_brokenwall, I'm just wondering if it is a dns issue or a ip and dns issue08:11
brokenwalltell me what to type and look for08:12
roccity_brokenwall, if it is a dns issue you can use opendns for the dns server info08:12
brokenwalldon't think its dns08:12
ActionParsnipRoccity: its not dns. The interface just fails to get dhcp08:12
brokenwallcause i can tell it to use global dns and it will pull frm the router08:12
roccity_brokenwall, so do you get a ip but cant get webpages and that ?08:12
brokenwalli just can't get any ips at all using wireless and only sometimes using wired08:13
brokenwallwhen the wired gets a dhcp address it works fine08:13
brokenwallbut its very off and on08:13
macpen1HELP: how to install sound card in ubuntu 9.10?08:13
lostinspace_46ActionParsnip, That would entail changing the ISO on the CD, would it not?  And I thought you couldn't do that.08:13
Jordan_Ulostinspace_46, Are you sure you need ndiswrapper, have you tried just grabbing the firmware for your card?08:13
roccity_brokenwall, sorry I'm out of ideas at the moment08:14
SPFtimfrost: thanks, I found one dependacy missing. But it still does not work: http://pastebin.com/mca3728f08:14
brokenwalli have updated the wireless drivers from intellinuxwireless.org and the firmware in the lib/firmware08:14
zslashzactionparsnip : there is no create new launcher on my right click menu08:14
brokenwallafter installing the new linux drivers for my realtek lan i as then able to get the wired to work sometimes08:15
zslashzactionparsnip : how do i fix this??08:15
ichati have a setup of 4 sata disks and an  ide dvd-drive,  when i try to install ubuntu it goes fine until  it needs to install  grub... (it wants to do so on  hd0 (??)   i mounted a 1gb partition on  sda1,1  (fists partition on first disk), as  /boot    but after reboot, the system fails to boot,  (no grub messages )08:15
ActionParsnipLostinspace_46: if it doesn't involve rebooting it can be done. You can remaster the iso to be reqady to go too08:15
ActionParsnipZslashz: is there a "new" entry to then open a submenu?08:16
zslashzactionparsnip : no there isnt08:16
=== Wolf is now known as Guest25472
ActionParsnipIchat: all drives have ide ;)08:16
ionuthow can i see my hardware components ?08:16
llutzichat: hd0 is the MBR (first sector, first hdd)08:16
roccity_ichat, before you click install on the installation there is a advanced button push this and I think that you can choose where to install grub08:16
ionutfor example in windows properties of my computer08:16
ActionParsnipZslashz: weird, that's all I got. I don't use icons much08:17
llutzichat: and even if devices are called sdaXY, grubs notation is (hd0,0) for 1st partition on 1st disk08:17
timfrostSPF: have you added libxml2-dev ?  That supplies the development libxml2 libraries08:17
ActionParsnip!find lshw08:17
ubottuFound: lshw, lshw-gtk08:17
SPFtimfrost: yes, I did08:17
ActionParsnip!info lshw-gtk | ionut08:17
ichatthing is it didn't install08:17
Jordan_Ulostinspace_46, ndiswrapper is usually *not* the best way to go for bradcom cards, and to use the broadcom drivers ( that are already on the CD ) you would just need to add /lib/firmware/b43/ to the squashfs image on the iso, which while somewhat involved is less so than ndiswrapper and also will take less space AND is likely to be more stable.08:17
ubottuionut: lshw-gtk (source: lshw): graphical information about hardware configuration. In component universe, is optional. Version 02.14-1 (karmic), package size 379 kB, installed size 1532 kB08:17
ActionParsnipIonut: the cli version would be: sudo lshw | less08:18
ionutActionParsnip: thx08:18
zslashzactionparsnip : no there isnt08:19
ActionParsnipIonut: lshw is a standard app, the gtk one will need installing08:19
ActionParsnipZslashz: isn't what?08:19
Jordan_Ulostinspace_46, You could also just put take the /lib/firmware/b43 from your hard drive and copy it into /lib/firmware in the live environment and run "sudo rmmod b43 && sudo modprobe b43"08:19
llutzichat: use live-cd to repair grub, try writing it to "/dev/sda1"08:19
brokenwallany idea how to fix the dhcp issue08:19
timfrostSPF: that doesn't appear in the lists in that pastebin (although libxml2 package does).  Which ubuntu release are you running?08:20
zslashzactionparsnip : i dont have create new launcher or new entry on my right click menu on desktop08:20
lsdlunawhere is the openoffice folder usually located in?08:20
ActionParsnipbrokenwall: i'd look in your routers logs to see if it recieves the dhcp request08:20
ActionParsnipZslashz: I know, you said earlier08:20
ActionParsnipNice gratitude from brokenwall eh08:21
zslashzactionparsnip : anyway to fix this???08:21
ActionParsnipZslashz: like I said. I don't know as I don't use icons all that much08:21
zslashzok thanks08:22
kemsiroanybody knows how can i find out all mac addresses of PC on LAN08:22
SPFtimfrost: 9.1008:22
ActionParsnipZslashz: you can use symlinks though08:22
ActionParsnipKemsiro: arp08:22
llutzkemsiro: nmap, arp08:22
kemsirothanks, i will try08:22
Jordan_Uichat, http://grub.enbug.org/Grub2LiveCdInstallGuide. But also just try changing the boot order in the BIOS.08:22
ActionParsnipKemsiro: there is rarp to go the other way08:23
ionutdoes anyone knows a good hmtl and css editor ?08:23
ActionParsnipIonut: gedit08:23
ichatthnx, ill just try again08:23
Jordan_Ukemsiro, ifconfig | grep HWaddr08:23
ubottuhtml is HyperText Markup Language, used to build web pages. WYSIWYG editors: KompoZer (was Nvu), Iceape Composer, Amaya - Development environments: Bluefish, Quanta+, Screem - For a howto on HTML coding, see: http://www.w3schools.com/08:24
lostinspace_46Jordan_U, I follow that. But I thought the live environment couldn't be written to.  I have always used ndiswrapper and such, because I followed the networking/wlan sticky08:24
timfrostSPF: double-check that you have installed libxml2-dev, then do a fresh configure (do a 'make clean' or 'make distclean' before re-running the configure)08:24
Jordan_Ukemsiro, Or if you want to extract just the the mac address, then "ifconfig | grep HWaddr | awk '{print $5}'"08:25
lostinspace_46Jordan_U, And I couldn't get wireless to work any other way08:25
timfrostSPF: it is possible that the configure is using saved data from previous runs08:25
ionutActionParsnip: another one,more advanced you know ?08:25
ActionParsnipLostinspace_46: you can, changes will be lost on reboot. You can even apt-get upgrade if you like08:25
SPFtimfrost: I get your point, but after cleaning it still complains about ctime_c08:26
ActionParsnipIonut: I know of none. I only knew the factoid08:26
Jordan_Ulostinspace_46, The Live environment keeps changes to the file system in RAM, so it's just like a normal system except the changes will be lost when you reboot ( and you are limited in how much you can write by your available RAM )08:26
ActionParsnipIonut: its just text so any text editor will do it08:26
mactimesCould someone, please, help me with audio input device issue in karmic?08:26
ActionParsnip!details | mactimes08:26
ubottumactimes: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."08:26
mactimesRephrasing:  I have no input from any audio devices in karmic.08:27
ActionParsnipMactimes: is the mic muted?08:28
mactimesActionParsnip, No.08:28
Jordan_Ulostinspace_46, Did you try installing b43-fwcutter while connected via ethernet ( it needs to download the firmware for legal reasons ) or downloading the firmware directly and just moving it to /lib/firmware/b43 ?08:28
ActionParsnipMactimes: then all I got is to run: lspci | grep -i audio ,and websearch the output to find guides08:29
mactimesActionParsnip, I've been browsing and googleing and it seems that the problem is related to one channel canceling the other one, but I'm no expert on that and all methods I've tried from web didn't solve it.  Now I have a clean install again to try to solve it if someone can help so I don't have any interference from prior tests.08:29
ActionParsnipMactimes: sudo lshw -C audio ,may also help08:29
ionutActionParsnip: yes but there are editors that make ur job easier (for example macromedia in windows) i don't want one like macromedia but one that can recognise tags and so on ..08:30
mactimesActionParsnip, Ok, I'll try.  Thank you.08:30
ActionParsnipMactimes: then you know as much as me08:30
ActionParsnipIonut: try a few, see which gives what you need (or close)08:30
theadminIs it somehow possible to allow a user to mount devices (that do not automount) without making him/her an admin?08:31
ActionParsnipMactimes: could see if there are bugs logged for your hardware. You could try switching to OSS08:31
mactimesActionParsnip, "sudo lshw -C audio" provided no output.  I'll pastebin the output of the other command line.08:31
mactimesActionParsnip, I tried OSS too, but no success from that either.08:32
ActionParsnipMactimes: try: sudo lshw -C sound ,then08:32
mactimesActionParsnip, That one worked.08:32
mactimesActionParsnip, I'll pastebin it.08:32
ActionParsnipTheadmin: add it in /etc/fstab and it will mount08:32
lostinspace_46ActionParsnip,  Jordan_U I type to slow to keep up..lol.  Umm why would b43 work in live env if it won't work in the O/S, and I pretty sure it won't. Had a hell of a time going wireless when I first got ubuntu.08:32
mactimesActionParsnip, Again, thank you for the support.08:32
ActionParsnipMactimes: I'm on my phone and web browsing is pretty painful08:33
theadminActionParsnip: O rly? Even if it's encrypted with TrueCrypt? I don't think that will work08:33
theadminActionParsnip: Guess i was a little rude just now, sorry08:33
timfrostSPF: OK.  I can't locate that function on my system, but a search indicates that it is in a version of the main libc library that is re-entrant (denoted by the _r suffix). Does the configure script offer an option to not use the re-entrant library?08:33
ActionParsnipTheadmin: you never added that info. Its cool, just chill :D08:33
Jordan_Ulostinspace_46, If you weren't connected to the internet when you installed b43-fwcutter it wouldn't have worked ( I know that sounds stupid, but broadcom won't allow Ubuntu to distribute their firmware so it has to be downloaded from broadcom's site )08:34
ActionParsnipTheadmin: I've not used encrypted filesystems. I don't wear a tinfoil hat08:34
theadminActionParsnip: hat?... huh08:35
ActionParsnipTheadmin: tinfoil hats stop the government reading your mind08:35
ActionParsnipTheadmin: not sure otherwise, sounds like a toughy but maybe someone else can help08:36
mactimesActionParsnip, http://pastebin.ca/1801299  I'll browse for issues related to my hardware.  In any case, I'm accepting suggestions should you have any.08:36
Jordan_UActionParsnip, Nonsense, that's just what the government *wants* you to think!08:36
stanman246hi is it possible to 'stream' an external monitor?08:36
theadminHm... It seems it mounts fine if user has rwx access to mount point08:36
* Gracenotes hits "snooze" on the bad analogy alarm08:36
ionuthei, we (me and some friends) have created a game in java. but for now is just working on windows. i'm wondering if i can make it work on linux (a debian package? )??08:37
ActionParsnipJordan_u: they win this time08:37
SPFtimfrost: not as far as I can see, I tried to exclude packages, but it did not work08:37
Karhuhi everyone i was wondering if anyone can help me..i have a 2Gig Kensington USB memory stick and it seems to have a file "stuck" on it..i tried to delete the file a while ago and it didnt work somehow..any other device i plug the drive into doesnt even see this file but my pc always does08:37
theadminionut: Just give users the .jar file, that will do it usually08:37
thiefy!chown | Karhu08:38
ubottuKarhu: The linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal08:38
theadminKarhu: Try checking the filesystem on it :/08:38
theadminKarhu: fsck /dev/usbdrivename08:39
thiefykarhu, read up about the chown command. maybe that is your prob?08:39
ionuttheadmin: now,because i've made it executable (.exe) . the source code is all in java ofcourse (i've done it using netbeans)08:39
jj2hi am new to ubuntu running x86 version of 9.1008:39
thiefyme too jj208:39
thiefyer, me 2 jjtoo08:39
lostinspace_46Jordan_U, Actually fwcutter is in the ubuntu repo. My drivers are bcmwl5 though.08:40
theadminjj2: Okay, so, what is the problem08:40
jj2well i want to know how to write a scirpt to download using wget and then shutdown once the downlaod is over08:40
Jordan_Uionut, Why did you make it a .exe? a .jar or .class file can be run directly on windows, linux, and OSX.08:40
theadminjj2: wget http://example.org/index.html -O /home/yourname/somefile && shutdown -h now (note, MUST be run as root)08:41
=== steveire_ is now known as steveire
Jordan_Ulostinspace_46, Yes, the package is in the repos and that package contains a script that downloads the firmware from broadcom's website when you install it, the firmware is not contained in the package itself08:42
jj2@the admin thanks08:42
Jordan_Ulostinspace_46, If you are not connected to the internet when you install the package it will not work.08:42
sabdahai all08:42
SPFtimfrost: I got a newer version from svn which works, sorry for the trouble08:43
lostinspace_46Jordan_U, I see, but would it work on drivers that weren't 43xx series?08:44
ionutJordan_U: i want to make it public. is a great game , and is big also. is not good to do a.jar file.is better a .exe08:44
timfrostSPF: Ah OK.  I guess the older versikon depended on a library function that isn't in Ubuntu.08:44
jj2help i want to run gui apps from tty1 or tty208:45
theadminionut: Provide Windows users with a .exe and Linux users with a .jar08:45
Jordan_Uionut, .jar files are compressed.08:45
alankilanot necessarily, .jar can be uncompressed afaik.08:45
theadminjj2: I don't think it's actually possible. But you can start a GUI in tty's using "startx"08:45
ionuttheadmin: u know that not always .jar files respond . there are cases when they don't work. in windows i've found this problem a couple of times08:46
lsdlunaim having problems with running an sh file for Alfresco, does anyone here have any experience?08:46
alankilatheadmin: by the way, what is wrong with doubleclicking .jar on windows?08:46
theadminalankila: JRE is not assigned to JAR by default.08:46
tuxer_hi all08:47
jj2got fatal server error display already running for :008:47
alankilatheadmin: yes, well, a jre/jdk is prerequisite.08:47
Jordan_Ulostinspace_46, Can you pastebin the output from "lspci" ?08:47
jj2theadmin:i got fatal server error08:47
lostinspace_46Jordan_U, One minute08:47
alankilaOnce installed I've found .jar files to work just fine, though.08:47
theadminjj2: I see... hem. Yeah same here :/ sorry, i dunno how to run X on multiple displays.08:48
theadminalankila: Well, same here... so i dunno.08:48
ionuti am using kdesvn ( a svn application ) how can i add a user ?08:48
theadminjj2: Err, multiple X's on same display08:48
timfrostjj2: try explicitly telling the app to attach to :0 with '-display :0' (don't use startx or xinit)08:48
llutzjj2: if you want to have a 2nd x-server running: startx -- :108:49
Jordan_Uionut, Is this game open source?08:50
fahadsadahJordan_U: kdesvn isn't a game.08:50
ionutJordan_U: yes,it will be,but now is not finished08:50
theadminfahadsadah: ...He reffers to game ionut is working08:50
Jordan_Ufahadsadah, I'm referring to his earlier comments08:50
lostinspace_46Jordan_U,  here it is....http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/m19d680fd08:51
theadminI wonder... is there some kinda crontab for all users?08:51
llutztheadmin: /etc/cron.*08:51
theadminllutz: Oh.08:51
shashankHelp needed with my cups printer.08:51
Jordan_Uionut, When the source is released under a DFSG compatible license you can probably get help from debian / ubuntu developers to package it.08:51
shashankI am unable to print pdf files08:51
shashankThe status message is 'cups-insecure-filter'08:52
shashankThere's some problem with backend08:52
alphAEchoSecurity Issue, anyone to help here?08:52
Jordan_Uionut, Depending on how popular it is / if a debian maintainer seems interested in it you may not even have to maintain the package yourself at all.08:52
ionutJordan_U: i think is a good idea. the game is called keywords  (is a table game)08:52
theadminCan i stop the automounted volumes appearing on my desktop? :/ it's not really nice to have them there.08:52
shashankWhat to do to make the printer secure08:52
shashank"Stopping the job because the scheduler could not execute the backend" is the error I get whenever I try to print something to pdf.08:53
shashankPlease help08:53
jj2theadmin: i tried the $vlc  -display:0 error authentication failed08:53
theadmin...Oh wait, can be done trough gconf, nevermind.08:53
ionutJordan_U: good.the game has 3 languages (english,italian and portuguese) . has a good resolution (all resolutions ,it automatically detect ur resolution and fits itself) and has under 100 mb.08:53
icerootis ubuntu amd64 using firefox in amd64 or i386? is it build from source or is it the mozilla i386 package?08:54
shashankPrinter prob, please help.08:54
ionutJordan_U: resolutions > 800x64008:54
Jordan_Uiceroot, amd64 from source08:54
shashankionut, I get 'cups-insecure-filter' status message08:54
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=== Jathan is now known as Sirconis
shashankionut, can you help?08:55
icerootJordan_U: thx08:55
ionutshashank: where u got that message ?08:55
Jordan_Uiceroot, np08:55
theadminiceroot: Built from source. It's the amd64 version.08:55
DavidSchles.me needs someones help08:55
shashankionut, Whenever I try to print a file to pdf,08:55
Xaero252I have a networking question directly related to ubuntu; I have a router in redboot, which means it isn't actively doing anything except having a static ip adress listening on a port, however I don't know what IP adress the router is "on", its only possible for it to be within TWO subnets (192.168.0.x, and 192.168.1.x) is there any way I can scan each subnet for a device listening on a port?08:55
* DavidSchles needs someones help08:55
shashankionut, I get a message 'Stopping job because scheduler could not execute backend'08:56
ionutshashank: is ur printer installed well?08:56
Jordan_Uiceroot, Note that unfortunately firefoxes javascript JIT is currently only 32 bit, so the 64 bit version is actually slower in some ways.08:56
theadminDavidSchles: Don't ask to ask, just ask.08:56
shashankionut, When I try to check  the status of the printer, (the place where all printers are listed)08:56
DavidSchlesi get that error08:56
shashankionut, I see 'cups-insecure-printer'08:56
DavidSchlesand firefox segfaults as of the update that ubuntu recomended today08:56
shashankionut, Yeah the printer is installed well.08:57
shashankionut, what I did was:08:57
lostinspace_46Jordan_U, I see. it IS 43xx08:57
icerootJordan_U: nice to know.08:57
theadminDavidSchles: Try apt-get install -f08:57
shashankionut, After getting the error I removed the printer08:57
shashankionut, and reinstalled it.08:57
Jordan_U!nmap | Xaero25208:57
shashankionut, This I did using the terminal.08:57
DavidSchlestheadmin: same error08:57
ionutshashank: what printer u have ?08:57
DavidSchlestheadmin: apt-get just seems broken08:57
shashankionut, cups-pdf08:58
llutzshashank: "find /usr/lib/cups/filter/ -type f -not -uid 0"08:58
theadminDavidSchles: ...oh, never had problems like that. No idea then08:58
shashankionut, wait I am on it.08:58
Xaero252Jordan_U: nmap is indeed a useful utility, but it only allows me to scan a specific IP adress for a listening port, it doesnt allow me to see if a device is attached to a static ip adress08:58
shashankionut, I executed the command you typed, but it yields no result in the terminal.08:59
DavidSchlesdebconf: DbDriver "config": /var/cache/debconf/config.dat is locked by another process: Resource temporarily unavailable08:59
Jordan_UXaero252, What do you mean by "attatched to a static ip address" ? nmap can scan ranges of ports and ip addresses, what more do you need?08:59
=== Mowee`Bnc is now known as Mowee
shashankionut, What do you think may be the problem?08:59
ionuti think there are some problems with permissions. u have to find anything in /usr/lib/cups/filter  and /usr/lib/cups/backend which are not owned by the root and chown and chgrp them to root ?08:59
lostinspace_46Jordan_U, So if I d/l it from Broadcom and replace the B43-fwcutter in the ISO with the d/l one then burn, it should work?09:00
theadminCan i remove the software center... or at least get it back to how it was in Jaunty?09:00
Xaero252Jordan_U: hmmm, I'll check it out, is there any way I can pass it a level of verbosity (since when I tried to do nmap 192.168.2-254 it doesnt say anything and kinda just... sits)?09:00
SqueeseHey, I got an wireless card: D-Link DWA 556, it "worked" sortof out of the box when I installed Ubuntu, however - the connection is unstable, Im going to try using the MadWifi "module?", do I need to uninstall the current drivers? Sysinfo says about my network controller: Atheros Communicatins Inc AR50008 etc..09:00
theadminIt's stupid now09:00
shashankionut, roger that.09:00
hsrHi! Will upgrading from 9.04 to 9.10 affect any application?09:00
llutzshashank: "find /usr/lib/cups/backend/ -type f -not -uid 0"09:00
theadminhsr: Breaks libnotify in a manner, popups appear not on top right but heck knows where09:01
fireOnSonghow do u do this ... - "Cannot join channel (+r) - you need to be identified with services"09:01
ionutshashank: try to run this commands sudo chown -hR /usr/lib/cups/filter , sudo chown -hR /usr/lib/cups/backend , sudo chgrp -hR /usr/lib/cups/filter , sudo chgrp -hR /usr/lib/cups/backend09:01
hsrWill it affect working of torrent in Transmission>??09:01
theadminhsr: No.09:01
Jordan_Ulostinspace_46, The easiest way to do it is to install b43-fwcutter on your main machine, when it downloads and extracts the firmware from broadcom's site it will create two directories, /lib/firmware/b43 and /lib/firmware/b43-legacy, you can just copy those in the live Session or remaster the CD to add those directories.09:02
hsrAny major change it can cause??09:02
theadminhsr: Nah. Trust me, i updated, everything was awesome.09:02
hsri mean impact?09:02
Sa[i]nTHow do I open up a port in Ubuntu?09:02
ionutshashank: sorry , u must add root between all for eg.   sudo chown -hR root /usr/libs/cups/filter09:02
Jordan_USa[i]nT, All ports are open by default ( though not much is listening by default )09:03
hsrtheadmin: thanks a lot for your help.09:03
Jordan_USa[i]nT, You might be thinking of port forewariding though, which is something you do on your router, not ubuntu itself09:03
Cybert1nusI've moved my Ubuntu Server install from one partition to another. I have a seperate /boot partition. I've done this before (with the same install) and then it worked. Now it doesn't. When I boot Grub2 works fine, but during the boot Linux can't find the root filesystem. I've checked the UUID it wants to mount, and it is the correct one. So it looks like my InitRD has lost the RAID drivers or something (I'm running on softraid level 1). Anybody any advice how 09:05
lostinspace_46Jordan_U, Sounds good.  I assume there is a lib section in the ISO to put those files in?09:05
DavidSchlesso dpkg just doesn't work for me anymore09:05
Jordan_Ulostinspace_46, Yes09:05
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DavidSchlesthis is horrible09:06
tasslehoffanyone know if there's a way to run a TeraTerm ttl-script in Linux?09:06
theadmin...how do you remove One?09:07
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lostinspace_46Jordan_U, Thank you.  I truly appreciate the help.  I am about 6 months into ubuntu now, and trying to learn everything at once :)09:08
Jordan_Ulostinspace_46, np :)09:08
zulfidose anyone know if ubuntu tweak version 0.5.1 will work with 9.04?09:09
lostinspace_46Jordan_U, And you don't even come with a disclaimer..LOL09:09
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ubottuFor Microsoft Silverlight support, install Moonlight with the following command: « sudo apt-get install moonlight-plugin-mozilla » in a terminal.09:11
DavidSchlescan someone tell me whats going on here: http://dsfdsf3.pastebin.com/d7e604ae909:11
DavidSchlesits making my computer almost unusable09:11
Jordan_Uzulfi, What are you actually using ubuntu tweak for? It can probably be done fairly easily without it.09:12
ShambatI'm trying to follow the steps shown here: http://tinyurl.com/ycpjrb6 but the step where I download the kernel source fails (step 2) ... how can I download the kernel source of the kernal I am currently using (
zulfiim just seeing if the new ubuntu tweak will work for the 9.04, because i just need a better one ( :09:14
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DaemonFCwell, now Compiz doesn't work with Catalyst 10.209:14
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oinkoinkoinkWhat is the channel for Kubuntu09:15
DJonesoinkoinkoink: #kubuntu09:15
oinkoinkoinkAre they a lot of people?09:15
DavidSchlescan someone tell me whats going on here: http://dsfdsf3.pastebin.com/d7e604ae9 i need help09:16
oinkoinkoinkNo this channel is dead09:16
oinkoinkoinkJust like #mandriva09:16
zulfijordan_U  im just seeing if the new ubuntu tweak will work for the 9.04 because i just need a better one ( :09:16
Jordan_UDavidSchles, Does the file /etc/passwd.lock exist?09:17
DJonesoinkoinkoink: I don't know, I only use gnome on my system, so its not a channel I go in, from what people have said its fairly quiet though, it just takes longer to get a response because its quieter09:17
oinkoinkoinkYea you have time to compil the entire world before getting an answer09:17
DavidSchlesJordan_U: yes09:18
Jordan_UDavidSchles, Is there any output from "sudo fuser /etc/passwd.lock" ?09:18
DavidSchlesJordan_U: no09:19
Jordan_UDavidSchles, Do you use the guest session feature?09:19
DavidSchlesJordan_U: rarely09:19
Jordan_UDavidSchles, You might have hit this bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/shadow/+bug/43296409:20
ubottuFor Microsoft Silverlight support, install Moonlight with the following command: « sudo apt-get install moonlight-plugin-mozilla » in a terminal.09:20
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DavidSchlesJordan_U: i don't understand though, this will cause firefox to segfault, and break dpkg?09:21
zulfidose anyone know if ubuntu tweak 0.5.1 will work on 9.0409:21
Jordan_UDavidSchles, Just to be completely sure nothing legitimately has a lock on /etc/passwd I would reboot, then if they are still there delete /etc/passwd.lock and /etc/shadow.lock09:21
DavidSchlesJordan_U: yes i rebooted a few times09:22
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DavidSchlesJordan_U: so i should just delete those files?09:22
Jordan_UDavidSchles, Shouldn't cause firefox to segfault but that is what is causing the problem with dpkg09:22
Jordan_UDavidSchles, Yes09:22
DavidSchlesJordan_U: ok i will delete09:22
Jordan_UDavidSchles, Wait09:22
DavidSchlesJordan_U: i believe dpkg failed in updating firefox, and that is causing the segfault09:22
lsdlunacan someone please give me a quick hand with installing Alfresco please?09:23
Jordan_UDavidSchles, Just rename them, accidentally mistyping and deleting /etc/passwd would be disasterous09:23
DavidSchlesJordan_U: ok09:23
zulfidose anyone know if tweak 0.5.1 will work on ubuntu 9.04?09:25
joel_How can I check from within ubuntu to see if my box supports sata disc?09:26
DavidSchlesJordan_U: should i restart?09:26
mgmuscarii've royally screwed up gdm - now, trying to reinstall the gnome package, i get a dependency problem because i can't install the "fast-user-switch-applet" package. is there a way to ignore this?09:26
Jordan_UDavidSchles, No need ( unless the package manager is asking you to )09:26
thiefyjoel. smash open the case and see if you have sata ports.09:27
DavidSchlesJordan_U: thanks, that may have worked09:27
thiefyon the motherboard.09:27
Jordan_UDavidSchles, np09:27
hidensofthi every body09:28
DavidSchlesJordan_U: i think firefox just is installed incorrectly now09:28
hidensofti can play 3gp file09:28
hidensofti have VLC09:28
hidensoftbut VLC cant play 3GP file09:28
hidensoftplease help me09:28
thiefywhat is a 3gp file?09:29
icerootthiefy: mobile phone video09:29
hidensoftplease help me09:30
hidensoftthis is VLC error09:30
hidensoftNo suitable decoder module:09:30
hidensoftVLC does not support the audio or video format "samr". Unfortunately there is no way for you to fix this.09:30
thiefyisn't that all you need?09:31
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alankilaDaemonFC: at times, it does seem like linux steps backwards.09:32
DaemonFCalankila, I just install Catalyst 10.2 and Compiz now has a mind of its own :)09:32
DaemonFCand their release notes are not even up yet, so who knows what they did? :P09:33
alankilastill, the poster has the wrong question. How can xorg devs release versions of xorg that don't support drivers that worked for some earlier release? HAven't they heard of backwards compatibility?09:33
hidensoftthiefy, that is player , i just need codec09:34
alankilaTHAT is the question. Was this question asked more often, people always had the option of using the old driver that worked.09:34
DaemonFCalankila, I am thinking about taking my Radeon out to the shooting range and replacing it with some kind of Geforce09:34
bloodskii've got an hfs+ journal fs, and i need to get the userdata like pictures etc, but it says it cannot access the dirs (some dirs (non-personal) i can get access to) and if i try to sudo chmod 777 the user dir, it says it's only mounted as read-only09:34
DavidSchlesanyone know of a way i can reinstall firefox without loosing bookmarks?09:34
llutzDavidSchles: just reinstall it, it won't touch personal settings like bookmarks09:34
DaemonFCalankila, Nvidia is usually ahead of X.org09:34
DavidSchlesllutz: must i remove it first then09:35
alankilaDaemonFC: true, because they apparently don't use xorg much :) they reimplement large parts of it in their driver09:35
llutzDavidSchles: sudo aptitude reinstall firefox09:35
DaemonFCsometimes you can even pull X out of git and your Nvidia card still runs. ATI is now 6 months behind X.org09:35
Jordan_Ualankila, Backwards compatibility is only important when the source isn't available. The Xorg ( and kernel ) devs just don't care about supporting proprietary drivers ( but this discussion should move to #ubuntu-offtopic )09:35
DaemonFCit's inexcusable09:35
alankilathat's why nvidia's stuff works and ATI's stuff doesn't, or every new version update always is broken with ATI.09:35
DavidSchlesllutz: thanks09:35
oinkoinkoinkI have problem with Ubuntu, how can i access to Windows Update09:35
DavidSchlesdamn firefox still segfaults09:36
DaemonFCbypassing large parts of X when they had DRI 1 made sense09:36
DaemonFCit was the way to bypass a lot of X shortcomings and get better performance09:36
shashankHow to remove folder from /usr/lib?09:36
DaemonFCsadly, ATI went along with DRI :)09:36
thiefyhidensoft, http://zoom-player.en.softonic.com/ this one says it plays 3gp files.... but i'm sure you could find a codec for vlc somewhere on the intertubes....09:36
alankilaJordan_U: I submit as final remark on this matter that USERS will love backwards compatibility, open source or proprietary. THey love that stuff just works.09:37
shashankJordan_U, How to remove folder from /usr/lib09:37
suigenerissudo rm -rf /usr/lib/folder09:37
suigenerisshashank, ^^09:37
shashankJordan_U: I have removed a package, but the folder still exists.09:37
shashanksuigenerisis, Hi!09:38
shashanksuigeneris, Hi!09:38
shashanksuigeneris, can you help?09:38
suigeneriswith what shashank ?09:38
shashanksuigeneris, I have a folder to remove from /usr/lib09:38
shashanksuigeneris, I have removed a package but the folder of the package still persists.09:39
suigenerisshashank, try sudo rm -rf /usr/lib/folder09:39
shashanksuigeneris, I am on it!09:39
shashanksuigeneris, Thanks!09:40
suigenerisshashank, np09:40
bloodskii've got an hfs+ journal fs, and i need to get the userdata like pictures etc, but it says it cannot access the dirs (some dirs (non-personal) i can get access to) and if i try to sudo chmod 777 the user dir, it says it's only mounted as read-only09:41
bloodskihow can i access this dir?09:41
suigeneriswould any creative webcam work for me?09:42
joel_I want to know how fast my processor is and what is supported by it only using the terminal.. how do I do? lshw -short doesn't list processor speed only type09:43
osvaldohey guys morning09:43
llutzjoel_: cat /proc/cpuinfo09:43
alankilathe problem with cpuinfo is that it lists the currently prevailing CPU speed -- if you have dynamic scaling, the values can be, like, whatever.09:44
llutzalankila: the model name often provides missing info09:45
alankilaIn case it does, no problem. I thought dmesg might be most reliable, the CPU is identified early.09:45
mamousI start my laptop09:45
joel_llutz, If I want to check if s-ata is supported.. how do i do that?09:45
mamousand it tells me network manager is not running09:45
mamousI type /etc/init.d/NetworkManager start09:46
osvaldodo someone knows a program that works just like Wine?09:46
mamousit tells me... : no such file or dirctory09:46
llutzjoel_: open case, look for s-ata plugs ;) no idea, tried "lspci"?09:46
mamouswhat should it di09:46
mamousand my small sister now she did09:46
mamoussudo apt-get remove nerwork-manager09:46
joel_llutz, i dont rly know how a sata plug looks like.. the processor is a 1250 mhz amd athlon09:46
alankilajoel_: well, you should definitely open the PC up and study the innards for a while. You'll have to know this stuff if you think the answer to the question is relevant anyway09:47
llutzjoel_: get the model of your mainboard, feed google with it, if you don't own a manual09:47
alankilathe sata ports are often arranged in a row, at the bottom right edge of the motherboard, they are small rectangular slots which a small flat cable can be inserted, it will be engulfed by plastic & it's keyed so the cable can only go in one way09:49
thiefyjoel. i'm sure google can also find you a picture of a sata port too.09:50
thiefygoogle knows everything.09:50
thiefyhence my previous answer of just looking inside the case after ye know what it looks like.09:50
alankilaI'd start by opening the case, it's better to know what to look for first, and if you are systematic you'll have a passing familiarity with all the stuff inside at least one PC then. But mobo manuals are the best because they generally list all things of interest, albeit schematically, so you do have to open the case anyway09:51
thiefyso we aer all in agreement?09:51
thiefyopen the bloody case?09:51
shashankHelp Help Help, I accidentally deleted the cups folder from /usr/lib09:53
shashankHelp Help Help, I accidentally deleted the cups folder from /usr/lib09:53
shashankCan anyone tell me how to get it back?09:53
alankilashashank: apt-get --reinstall cups (and all other cups-related packages you can find)09:53
alankilaeh, apt-get --reinstall install cups09:53
thiefyisn't it in yer trash?09:53
shashankalankila, I am on it!09:53
alankilashashank: try dpkg -l|grep cups to look for other related packages, they might have supplied files under /usr/lib/cups, might not. Also try "dpkg -S /usr/lib/cups"09:54
alankilathe dpkg -S ought to tell you all packages installed according to the dpkg database which have supplied a file with /usr/lib/cups as part of the path... Hopefully09:54
shashankalankila, the first command you gave does not work09:55
shashankalankila, that is : apt-get --reinstall cups09:55
dsandy82is this where I might query a question to those more knowledgeable than myself?09:55
shashankalankila, It reports: E: Invalid operation cups09:56
thiefyyou are the smartest one here dsandy8209:56
thiefyso good luck.09:56
alankilashashank: yes, see my updated line09:56
shashankalankila, roger09:56
dsandy82lol, thanks for the smart ass...I have a family for that though, thank you09:56
alankilaand the other stuff as well.09:56
thiefyi'm your lost twin brother.09:56
thiefyever wonder why you had a twin sized bed?09:57
thiefynow you know.09:57
dsandy82damn!! lol09:57
thiefymom lied to us.09:57
dsandy82so seriously though...09:57
ikoniait's ubuntu support discussion09:57
ikoniathiefy: keep in mind the topic of this channel please09:57
thiefyand she isn't a real queen either. i don't know why she got a queen sized bed.09:57
ikoniathiefy: stop please09:57
thiefywe're breaking the ice.09:57
ikoniaenough now09:57
thiefyare you gonna be ok ikonia ?09:58
dsandy82thanks for the humor though thiefy09:58
ikoniathiefy: please check the topic of the channel, and try to keep to it, for idle chatter use #ubuntu-offtopic09:58
shashankalankila, I suppose your last command was to set the destination.09:58
shashankAlankila, But how do I install the packages?09:58
thiefyit's a sad day when some random irc guy scolds you for adding humour to a nerdy conversation which makes someone happy.09:58
wuolaDo you  guys know of any chinese websites poorly written09:59
alankilashashank: err... dpkg -S ? No.09:59
wuolaI need them immediately09:59
shashankAlankila, Yeah09:59
ikoniawuola: you've just asked in #ubuntu-offtopic - please keep that discussion in there - this is ubuntu support09:59
shashankalankila, that command worked.09:59
alankilashashank: "apt-get install" is for installing packages, --reinstall is for forcing an install even though the package already is installed according to database. What more do you want?09:59
shashankalankila, but all my attempts to reinstall the cups are in vain.09:59
shashankalankila, sorry about that, I will try once more09:59
alankilashashank: well, right, the dpkg -S should be a complete list of all files that dpkg thinks should be under /usr/lib/cups & all the package names that supplied these files, so you know which packages to attempt to reinstall10:00
dsandy82I just bought an Hannspree HF237, and have installed the official ati drivers for my new 5770 ati card.  the monitor goes to a 1920 x 1080 resolution natively, and I've set the resolution to that, but there's a black border around my desktop, it's not using all the screen10:00
thiefyis a hannspree a monitor?10:01
=== EcKstasy is now known as JNsamuel
alankilashashank: but just in case something still doesn't work after you do it, I have no other suggestion except to extract the complete list of all cups-related packages and install them with some dpkg -l style line that lists all packages.10:01
dsandy82yea, 23" monitor10:01
thiefyis there a auto config button / setting in the monitor's front buttons? try that...10:01
thiefyit'll reconfig it self.10:01
llutzdsandy82: "xdpyinfo |grep dimen"   and check "/var/log/Xorg.0.log"10:01
shashankalankila, Here is my problem in detail: 1. the dpkg command you gave worked. 2. What did not work is this command: sudo apt-get --reinstall cups10:01
alankilashashank: you failed to notice the correct command I gave on the next line.10:02
shashankalakila, Wait I will read again.10:02
alankilashashank: it's annoying, I always forget to type --reinstall install because to my mind I already told apt-get to install something, I somehow always omit the second parameter.10:03
dsandy82yea, I went through the monitors menu's can't find anything useful there, do a factory reset, nothing, and ensure I'm set to use the HDMI connection.  Funny thing is in my windows install, the desktop is too big for the monitor at the same resolution10:03
rassehow to integrate php irc chat room inside a website ?10:03
shashankalankila, that worked!10:03
shashankalankila: Thanks!10:04
alankilashashank: make sure you have all packages that supplied files under that dir reinstalled.10:04
shashankalankila, roger that10:04
dsandy82llutz my result is as follows   "dimensions:    1920x1080 pixels (508x286 millimeters)"10:04
alankilashashank: and if you ever mess up the same way in /etc, know that reinstalling the packages does not bring new files under /etc. The packages must be removed and reinstalled. Or I have found no way.10:06
kthomas_vhI have no root passwd set (using keys) but my AWS instance now asks for a root passwd as well as key;  solution?10:07
dsandy82I've tried SO MANY google searches on this, either with the monitor name, graphics card...even replaced graphics card...can't find anything pertaining10:08
jadq: what is the significance of the number  n  in :     command (n)10:09
thiefyn is a letter.10:09
thiefycommand n - doesn't that refer to isteve's OS - meaning command n is like saying 'new'10:09
thiefylike, in windows ctrl - n is for new.10:10
jadsorry, for example:   anacron (8)10:10
llutzjad: refers to manpage from part 810:10
songeri need your help vlc can't play audio movies very well?10:10
llutzman 8 anacron10:10
kthomas_vhHELO songer@76.91.*10:10
alankilaand part 8 is for administrative tools. Just annoying obsolete manpage jargon, they ought to really do something about that.10:10
songer somebody know why?10:10
llutzjad: read "man man"10:10
alankilait's annoying that helps system is itself obtuse enough to need a manual :)10:11
kthomas_vhum,  sections to man are useful :)10:11
alankilakthomas_vh: not denying they are useful. Just that numeric sections are annoying jargon.10:11
kthomas_vhwell-- sure-- what's the alternative?10:11
alankilawhy couldn't it say "administrative tools" instead of 8?10:11
llutztoo much typing10:11
jadthx llutz10:11
kthomas_vhbecause man adminstrative tools ...10:12
kthomas_vh^ what llut_z said :)10:12
* kthomas_vh moans10:12
alankilayou don't have to type "man 'administratie tools' anacron". Just "man anacron". Any friendly system will scan what is available and show what it finds, if mulstiple matches then you pick what you want to see, and the numeric shortcuts could still work if you want them.10:12
* kthomas_vh kills instance 10:13
kthomas_vhgoete moerge,  ChaosR10:13
dsandy82llutz, did you see my answer to your solution request?10:13
viveki want to install dictionary can anyone tell me steps?10:13
llutzdsandy82: yes, but it messes my only idea10:13
ddavidsvivek: i have also been looking for an offline dictionaryto install in karmic to no avail, anybody got clues?10:14
dsandy82yea, I've been on this all day...it's like the resolution is right, but the monitor is reporting itself a smaller size or something10:14
* alankila also hates gnu info pages. It's super annoying that half of stuff is in man and other half in info, and all things have man pages per policy but the man pages kindly tell you that this page is obsolete and you might find more up-to-date stuff at info... But I sense I'm getting too ranty here.10:14
sintheteki was hoping perhaps someone could explain to me some details on grub2... i would like to change how the boot menu describes the bootable oses and remove a few10:15
ddavidsany offline dictionary on ubuntu?10:15
llutzddavids: ding10:15
sintheteki'm going through grub2 ubuntu-wiki now but nothing seems to jump out at me so far10:15
ddavidsillutz: pls what is ding?10:15
llutz!info ding10:15
ichatstrange,   installing from ubuntu-server x64  9.10  fails to install grub,  but with the exact same part screen (i only format volumes),  and a  ubuntu-aternative-desktop systeem it works fine10:15
ubottuding (source: ding): Graphical dictionary lookup program for Unix (Tk). In component universe, is optional. Version 1.5-3ubuntu2 (karmic), package size 90 kB, installed size 412 kB10:15
fodderunplug the power on the monitor in case it had a power spike10:15
llutzddavids: see ubottu10:16
crissi2how i can control the splash screen duration?10:16
kemsiroi follow as suggestion of someone here to use 'arp' to find out MAC address of other PC on LAN10:16
ddavidsilutz: how do i see ubottu10:16
llutz!info ding> ddavids10:16
ubottu'ddavids' is not a valid distribution: hardy, hardy-backports, intrepid, intrepid-backports, jaunty, jaunty-backports, karmic, karmic-backports, karmic-proposed, kubuntu-backports, kubuntu-experimental, kubuntu-updates, lucid, lucid-backports, lucid-proposed, medibuntu, partner10:16
kemsiroit turns out that only win 7's HWaddr is shown, xp is not ...10:16
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots10:16
llutz!info ding > ddavids10:16
Jordan_Usinthetek, First look in /etc/default/grub for basic configuration options, if you want to do more you might have to either create manual entries or edit the scripts in /etc/grub.d/10:17
=== vinicius is now known as Guest20421
dsandy82unplugged, and plugged in monitor.....no change10:18
dsandy82this is a brand new out of the box monitor10:18
dsandy82starting to want to go back to my old one10:18
fodderdid you unplug power for 30-60 secs ?10:18
kemsiroanyone ? i need to find out MAC address of PC on LAN ..10:18
ResearcherHello everyone.10:18
foddergood enough, that was my quick fix10:18
stopmvis it normal that banshee uses 95m memory10:19
=== Guest20421 is now known as viniciusandre
Researcherkemsiro : arp -a will work for you10:19
dsandy82would the power cord make any difference?  I just used the one from my old monitor, since it's the same plug10:19
Jordan_Ukemsiro, arp <ip>10:19
alankilastopmv: afraid so, it's done in a developer-friendly language, allegedly, but one that is less conservative on memory.10:19
foddershouldn't make any difference10:19
viniciusandreis there any way of copying a file to a tar file preserving all the directory path?10:19
viniciusandrei mean, automatically create all the folders10:20
stopmvakankila thanks10:20
dsandy82yawn, alright, I'll try some more tomorrow before work, gotta goto bed for now, thanks anyways for now guys10:20
BlackDalekis an external dial-up modem likely to work "out of the box" for sending faxes using efax?10:21
Jordan_Uviniciusandre, That's the default with the tar command10:21
viniciusandreJordan_U, Oo10:21
Jordan_Uviniciusandre, It will keep the entire path you give it10:21
sinthetekJordan_U do you know if it is bad to revert to grub1? i have a bad hd in here with several oses (for recovery) and 6 on the main one as well. i just need to clearly distinguish which installs are which10:21
viniciusandreJordan_U, let me see10:22
bloodskii've got an hfs+ journal fs, and i need to get the userdata like pictures etc, but it says it cannot access the dirs (some dirs (non-personal) i can get access to) and if i try to sudo chmod 777 the user dir, it says it's only mounted as read-only10:22
bloodskihow can i access this dir?10:22
alankilabloodski: sudo ls works?10:22
bloodskisudo ls? alankila?10:23
alankilabloodski: if it's a local permissions issue, sudoing the filesystem access commands make them work, no matter what permissions.10:23
Jordan_Usinthetek, If you actually look at it grub legacy isn't actually any simpler for that.10:23
=== katie11 is now known as [k]a[tie]
alankilabloodski: if there is no write support for the fs, you can't modify the filesystem.10:23
alankila(or if there is, but it has been mounted read-only for some reason, such as consistency failure detected by driver, don't know enough to tell.)10:24
BlackDalekare those mini USB modems "real" modems or just softmodem/winmodem jobbies?10:24
bloodskialankila: not sure what has happened10:24
NastyaGood morning everyone!10:25
SudeepI had Grub Legacy earlier, upgraded my ubuntu to 9.10 and now i have Grub 2 but Im unable to boot into my Windows os now. I tried configuring the file  etc/grub.d/40_custom but still cudn't boot into Windows should I revert back to Grub Legacy or its the problem with my windows partition.10:25
zvacet!hi| Nastya10:25
bloodskibut sudo cmd wont help it seems alankila10:25
ubottuNastya: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!10:25
Speedy2BlackDalek: Probably depends on the chipset.10:25
sinthetekJordan_U editing literal strings and being able to see clear association between device/partition and those literal strings seems a lot simpler than whatever grub2 seems to do10:25
alankilabloodski: oh well, it was worth a try.10:25
bloodskisure, i'll plug it in to another box and see, not hoping for anything really tho10:26
Jordan_Usinthetek, Except the whole part about comments-that-aren't-really-comments and some areas that you can edit but will be overwritten without asking when you run update-grub and others that won't10:26
Jordan_Usinthetek, If you want to manually edit the menu entries for your other OS's then copy them from your grub.cfg into /etc/grub.d/40_custom then remove or "sudo chmod -x" /etc/grub.d/30_os-prober. Then you can edit /etc/grub.d/40_custom however you want.10:28
bloodskithis is giving me such a headache10:28
LonniebizAny rsync experts here?10:29
stdiseaseLonniebiz, there's bound to be some here of 1300 people10:29
Jordan_Usinthetek, If you want to see some of the confusion caused by how grub legacy's update-grub works in debian / ubuntu: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/grub/+bug/2141210:30
LonniebizI've been backing up with rsync, but can't find one article exclusively dedicated to restoring with rsync.10:30
bloodskican i mount a filesystem and force it to have write permissions?10:30
Jordan_U!anyone | Lonniebiz10:31
ubottuLonniebiz: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?10:31
stdiseasebloodski, -o rw in the mount command or 'rw' in the fstab10:31
LonniebizIf I have ten folders that I've explicitly backup using an rsync command, how do I later restore those same ten folders to what is on the backup server?10:31
alankilabloodski: if the driver has no write capability, obviously not. Otherwise it should be default.10:31
bloodskistdisease: okay, thx10:31
llutzLonniebiz: just copy the files or use rync in reverse direcction10:31
Lonniebizubottu, I'll do that next time.10:31
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)10:31
=== wet-chan is now known as wet
dsandy82llutz, wanted to report to you on the issue10:32
bloodskidownloadin hfsplus10:32
=== lordmortis is now known as lordmortis|away
dsandy82toyed around in the catalyst control panel, found scaling......setting scaling to the far right solved the black border issue10:32
stdiseasebeing told by a but that it's not intelligent makes you feel terrible!10:33
lvlintwhere do i go to change the gnome-terminal hotkeys.. specifically ctrl+shift+pageup or pagedwn to switch tabs?10:33
llutzdsandy82: so stupid proprietary driver issue?10:33
stdisease lvlint in the profile options?10:33
fodderwd dsandy8210:33
Lonniebizllutz, I need to do it with rsync. The thing I don't understand is, when I back them up, I back them up to a sub folder of a home directory, but when I restore, it is not putting them back where they were (syncing), instead it is copying to another location.10:34
stdiseaselvlint, hmm Edit->Keyboard shortcuts10:34
=== fodder is now known as Guest72430
HakishoHi, has someone got a working sshfs mount through pam_mount (with password or keyfile) in 9.10?10:35
dsandy82llutz, perhaps not...to be honest it was like this and worse when i had the open source ati driver in place...plus I had a big "AMG unsupported hardware" watermark in the bottom10:35
Lonniebizllutz, I think I'm figuring out why right now. Thanks.10:35
zslashzhow do i run a .lnl file on ubuntu?10:35
=== Visual`_ is now known as Visual`
llutzLonniebiz: missing / at pathes10:36
stdiseasezslashz, you have got to figure out what applications works on .lnl files first, and then install it10:36
lvlintthank you stdisease10:36
llutzdsandy82: i never had any ATI but that sounds .... odd10:36
Lonniebizllutz, elaborate just a little. What do you mean by at paths, and what does the / you typed represent? Sorry you have to be so explicit with me.10:37
zslashzstdisease : i know the files and it targets a server over vpn10:37
zslashzstdisease : but i cant get it to work as it does under windows10:37
atmy wine doesnt recognize the sound card ... any help ?10:37
stdiseaseLonniebiz, '/' are directory separators on Unix, much like \ on windows10:38
dsandy82llutz isn't it just?  well lesson learned, black borders and image taking up too much or not enough screen with an HDMI connection might  = scaling options.10:38
llutzLonniebiz: if you type "rsync -aux path/ /target/" it will create contents of "path" but not "path". if you use "rsync -aux path target/" it will copy "path/withallcontents"10:38
dsandy82goodnight, and think you for the help10:38
stdiseasezslashz, what software do you usually use to open '.lnl' files?10:38
shazbotmcnastyat, wut10:38
shazbotmcnastywait nvm10:38
Nastyahi everyone.Where can I disable acpi in ubuntu 9.10?10:39
zslashzstdisease : its a brokarage program running on top of an oracle platform ..i installed it using crossoverlinux10:39
Lonniebizllutz, I did read that before in the man page; thanks for reminding me. I think I'll accomplish what I'm trying with your reminder.10:39
llutzLonniebiz: the trailing / makes a big difference10:39
atshazbotmcnasty, i have Wine application on my ubuntu and its doesnt recognize the sound card10:39
stdiseasezslashz, and it's not functioning correctly with crossover/wine ?10:39
indusalso, generally red or blue in color flat looking ports , say 2 mm thick and 8 mm wide10:39
zslashzstdisease : it installed successfully...but to operate i have to link the program to the server in another place using the .lnk file10:39
indusoops late post10:39
indusNastya, in grub boot10:40
zslashzstdisease : could i make a custom launcher on desktop to do that? or doesnt it support wine?10:40
=== sdfsdf is now known as Researcher
indusNastya, for temporary disable, during grub boot press e and enter line acpi=off to kernel line10:40
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager in Karmic. For more information and troubleshooting on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub210:41
Nastyaindus: Where Can I find grub boot? in 8.10 it was in /boot/grub/menu.lst. But I unable to find this file in 9.1010:41
indusNastya, yes hold ill tell you10:41
atany one can help me with Wine application and sound card ?10:41
stdiseasezslashz, perhaps I'm not really getting your point, you could try #winehq10:42
F15ch3rthe package of openswan in hardy is buggy and old.. this is what an openswan dev has told me..10:43
skuzzelhello all10:43
indusNastya, /etc/default/grub10:44
krishanhow can we use gtalk in ubuntu?10:44
F15ch3rhardy support 2.4.x and the latest openswan has released 2.6.x.. where can I find the newest openswan version in ubuntu packages ?10:44
Nastyaindus: thank you10:44
RPG-MasterI'm trying to install the Nvidia 195 drivers but I keep getting this error: "installarchives() failed"10:44
indusNastya, no wait10:44
indusNastya, i am reading a bit10:44
remoteCTRL1anyone familiar with freeradius?10:45
skuzzelhmm a lot of people need help huh10:45
remoteCTRL1i am getting this nasty "No authenticate method (Auth-Type) configuration found for the request: Rejecting the user" error but i cant seem to figure out why10:45
atany body here knows about WINE application10:45
Researchercan any one tell me about web cache proxy other then squid ?10:46
skuzzeldoes anyone have experience getting ubuntu to recognize a wireless card10:46
stdiseaseat,  possibly, you didn't really ask specifically, also try #winehq10:46
remoteCTRL1Researcher: polipo10:46
remoteCTRL1skuzzel: what card is it?10:46
skuzzelI don't know10:47
skuzzelthe one in my laptop heh10:47
jveI'm trying to install the daily build of lucid server from a usb stick onto a computer without a harddisk but with a sd-card. But when i come to the partitioning part in the install the sd-card does not show up. Haven't the server install got support for sd-cards?10:47
ResearcherremoteCTRL1 : polipo work as transparent ?10:47
indusNastya, grub2 sucks, sorry i coudnt understand it10:47
remoteCTRL1Researcher: afaik yes10:47
bloodskiis there a keyboard shortcut that can shutdown ubuntu (9.04)?10:48
tunjihi. i have tried installing nvidia driver on 9.10 but keep getting this message "E: /var/cache/apt/archives/nvidia-glx-190_190.53-0ubuntu1~karmic~nvidiavdpauppa10_i386.deb: subprocess new pre-installation script returned error exit status 2"... can anyone advise... at the moment it is running in low graphics mode.10:48
Nastyaindus: have you known why they moved menu lst to /etc/default?10:48
stdiseaseskuzzel, in the default environment, try System->Administration->Hardware Drivers10:48
HardDiskjve: #ubuntu+1 for beta support10:48
remoteCTRL1bloodski: not a default one but you can configure a keyboard shortcut in your preferences to execute shutdown10:48
bloodskiremoteCTRL1: care of telling me how, appreciate it if so10:49
indusNastya, they didnt move anything, grub2 is all new now, so menu.lst now appears ujnder /boot/grub/grub.cfg10:49
stdiseaseIf hardware support for your wlan card is possible it will present you with driver options, if not you will have to find out what hardware you have and download/compile the driver for the system10:49
remoteCTRL1bloodski: gimme a sec10:49
indusNastya, open and see10:49
jveHardDisk: thx i will try there10:49
bloodskithx remoteCTRL110:50
tunjican anyone help me install nvidia drivers?10:51
stdiseasetunji, be a bit more specific, please10:52
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto10:52
RPG-MasterI'm trying to install the Nvidia 195 drivers but I keep getting this error: "installarchives() failed"10:52
induscan anyone help me edit the grub.cfg file10:52
HardDisktunji, click system/admin/hardware drivers/enable the Nvidia driver you want.10:52
RPG-MasterAnd now I can't go back to the 180 drivers :(10:52
indusi need to make changes10:52
remoteCTRL1bloodski: go to system/preferences/keyboard shortcuts then click on add, name it enter shutdown -h into the command line then click ok, after that highlight the net shortcut in the list by clicking on it and press your keys->done10:52
nmvictorindus: what about it?10:52
remoteCTRL1tunji: whats the problem?10:52
tunjiHardDisk: none are listed...10:52
tunjiHardDisk: it says no proprietary drivers found10:53
indusnmvictor, i want to add line acpi=off to the kernel line10:53
indusnmvictor, but it says do not edit this file , so what the hell should i edit10:53
skuzzelHmm well that didn't seem to work10:53
stdiseaseindus, add that to /etc/default/grub and rerun update-grub210:53
remoteCTRL1tunji:  what does the command lspci | grep vga return?10:53
remoteCTRL1i need help with freeradius pls!10:53
sambruhey there10:53
sambruwe can see that, piotr10:54
tunjiremoteCTRL1: nothing10:54
nmvictoris their anyone here using lisp and generally an emacs pro i.e he could help me debug my .emacs file?10:54
piotr_ok. sorry10:54
indusstdisease, so copy paste the ubuntu entry from grub.cfg to /etc/default/grub and edit it?10:54
stdiseasepiotr_, stop that for the love'a..10:54
morenakien eres10:54
RPG-MasterSo, no help for me? :(10:54
sambruwas just responding, in case you weren't sure :)10:54
remoteCTRL1tunji: do lspci again without the grep pls and pastebin it10:54
piotr_im first time here10:54
indusRPG-Master, what happened10:54
morenahabla een español10:54
piotr_very sorry10:54
remoteCTRL1!es morena10:55
indus!hi | piotr_10:55
ubottupiotr_: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!10:55
nmvictorindus: i was helping someone yesterday, with something to do with grub.cfg, you havent told me your prob10:55
sambruanyone been running chrome on karmic and having crash issues?10:55
RPG-Masterindus:  I'm trying to install the Nvidia 195 drivers but I keep getting this error: "installarchives() failed"10:55
RPG-MasterAnd now I can't go back to the 180 drivers :(10:55
remoteCTRL1whats ubottus short for spanish?10:55
muhku_Hi all!10:55
indusnmvictor, actually i need to edit the kernel line in one of the ubuntu entries10:55
stdiseaseindus, no, add that to the line that says "GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT" then 'sudo update-grub2'10:55
indusnmvictor, like adding some line acpi=off10:55
tunjiremoteCTRL1: http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/m3c3f9e810:56
muhku_I got problem with ubuntu 9.10 and my sound dont work10:56
muhku_can anyone help me10:56
remoteCTRL1tunji: k, just a sec10:56
indusstdisease, is /et/default/grub a directory?10:56
remoteCTRL1!ask | muhku_10:56
ubottumuhku_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)10:56
skuzzelI think I have a broadcom wireless card, and I can't get ubuntu to recognize it10:56
stdiseaseindus, it's a text file10:56
remoteCTRL1!es > remoteCTRL110:56
ubotturemoteCTRL1, please see my private message10:56
stdiseaseindus, just try and edit it you'll see10:56
morenaqe hableis en español joder10:57
remoteCTRL1!es | morena10:57
ubottumorena: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.10:57
remoteCTRL1morena: nos disculpamos per no:P10:57
stdiseasemorena, no hablemos espanol aqui, try #ubuntu-es :)10:57
morenahombre uno hablando en espanoñol10:57
littlegreenRPG-Master where did you get those drivers from?10:57
rwwubottu: es | morena10:58
ubottumorena: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.10:58
indusstdisease, aah ok there i add acpi=off ok nice10:58
RPG-Masterlittlegreen: google "nvidia ppa"10:58
RPG-Masterfirst link10:58
stdiseaseindus, :)10:58
nmvictorindus: just edit, try to overide the warning at u\your own peril, i had a serious kernel panic that forced me to edit it, now things are good, remember you can always revert your changes if worse gets to worst.Only that for yesterday, the one i was assisting couldnt save the file, alot to do with extra permissions i guess10:58
user23hi, someone here can help with via chrome 9 drivers ?10:59
skuzzelDoes anyone know how to get ubuntu to recognize a broadcom wireless card?10:59
stdiseaseskuzzel, depends what make your card is10:59
stdiseasewhat model10:59
remoteCTRL1tunji: ok you got two ways, either you install envy and have it install the driver automatically or you download the driver from nvidia.com and isntall it yourself, its not that hard actually...10:59
indusstdisease, and to add custom i go to /etc/grub.d/40_custom right?10:59
muhku_Can anyone help me with my problem? Sounds dont work...10:59
skuzzelI will try and find out and be back11:00
remoteCTRL1skuzzel: you might need a fiormware there, what model ist it?11:00
indusskuzzel, ask ubuntu nicely and pray :) or use the system>admin>harware drivers11:00
stdiseaseindus, right, those will be pasted into grub.cfg as is11:00
skuzzelI tried that indus but it didn't work11:00
tunjiremoteCTRL1: thanks.. i'll try envy11:00
user23hi, someone here can help with via chrome 9 drivers ?11:00
indusstdisease, but have to run update grub too always?11:00
littlegreenRPG-Master I realy wouldn't do that if I were you. Download drivers from nvidia.com or via your Hardware Drivers applet in System > Administration > Hardware Drivers. Drivers in "some webpage" are not reliable.11:00
muhku_Can anyone help me with my problem? Sounds dont work...11:00
remoteCTRL1tunji: good luck with it!:)11:00
sambruNVidia's drivers on their website have worked pretty good for me11:01
stdiseaseskuzzel, see if you can dig up something by searching 'apt-cache search broadcom'11:01
tunjiremoteCTRL1: is it envycore i install?11:01
indusRPG-Master, stop using ppas11:01
littlegreenRPG-Master what's your NVidia Card?11:01
stdiseaseindus, right11:01
indusoh he left11:01
remoteCTRL1muhku_: what "does not work" mean, can you specify what you are doing and what the result is?11:01
stdiseaseindus, you don't have to if you edit grub.cfg dirrectly though11:01
indusstdisease, ok thanks a lot, i dont use grub2 but many have questions, so iam now ready to sc*ew their systems11:02
Ox0000What is the process controlling my webcam? I'm gonna kill it.11:02
stdiseaseindus, heh11:02
indusstdisease, that file is not meant to be edited it says clearly11:02
indusstdisease, but thats a fake warning i always believed11:02
stdiseaseindus, well 'not meant to' means different things for different people, hehe11:02
indussystem wont explode as far as i know11:02
remoteCTRL1tunji: do sudo apt-cache search envy and sudo apt-get install all the three packages that search returns11:02
indusstdisease, and the explanation why it should not be edited does not exist :)11:03
skuzzelstdisease it said to use fwcutter11:03
user23hi, someone here can help with via chrome 9 drivers ?11:03
indususer23, via chrome 9 what is it11:03
skuzzelwhich I already downloaded and installed and it didn't help11:03
muhku_I mean that i cant just hear anything... I've tried downlaod drivers but dont get these work....11:03
indususer23, isnt that driver built into the system11:03
stdiseaseindus, for most cases because of automatic regeneration & overwriting your changes11:03
remoteCTRL1indus: nope that warning is for serious edit the /etc/default/grub filoe instead11:04
grub_problemshello - I have ubuntu 9.10 installed in windows. Grub no longer loads it, just takes me to grub command prompt.  any ideas?11:04
indusremoteCTRL1, tell me what happens if i edit11:04
remoteCTRL1indus: it will be overwritten next time you update your kernel11:04
indusremoteCTRL1, hmmmmmmmmm11:04
stdiseasegrub_problems, ubuntu 9.10 installed in windows? how does that work??11:04
skuzzelokay I think I have a brcm94311mcg broadcom wireless card, any tips on getting ubuntu to recognize it?11:05
* indus is trying to think how that might affect boot11:05
tunjiremoteCTRL1: SystemError: installArchives() failed11:05
remoteCTRL1indus: or install anything that installs itself into the kernel and thus executes grub commands after that11:05
user23indus, no, the buit in driver dosent work well11:05
grub_problemsput the cd in - then it installs as dual boot.11:05
tunjiremoteCTRL1: that's what i get when i try to install the driver11:05
remoteCTRL1tunji: when doing what?11:05
tunjiremoteCTRL1: hardware drivers11:05
remoteCTRL1tunji: erm... is that a clean fresh install we are talking about or have you been tinkering alreaqdy?11:05
indusremoteCTRL1, so lets say it overwrites the cfg when kernel is updated, how will it harm ?11:06
tunjiremoteCTRL1: system/admin/hazrdware drivers11:06
indususer23, do you have the drivers downloaded?11:06
tunjiremoteCTRL1: i tinkered...11:06
remoteCTRL1indus: it will not consider the changes you made previously anymore? but i see no point in not editing /etc/default/grub anyways;)11:06
indusremoteCTRL1, aah i can live with that11:06
remoteCTRL1tunji: have you already installed anything there?11:07
indusremoteCTRL1, but thanks anyway :)11:07
user23indus, yes , installed it, and it gives me blank on startup screen11:07
remoteCTRL1indus: why wouldnt you edit the proper file? :D11:07
indusill change it  again :D remoteCTRL1 edit11:07
tunjiremoteCTRL1: nope, nothing can install... always giving same error11:07
grub_problemsso, how can I start ubuntu from grub command prompt?11:07
AdvoWorkmy /opt/ directory is getting full 99%, i keep deleting stuff, but something is writing back to it, i had it down to 95% of a 200G HD, and it keeps going back up. How can i find out whats currently filling it?11:07
indusremoteCTRL1, iam a bit lazy and i have the menu.lst hangover :D11:07
remoteCTRL1tunji gimme a sec11:07
tuxxHello. The Server-edition installer doesn't support raid as I've understood, hence I need the Alternative-installer. But is the alternative-installer setup with the server-presets, eg. kernel-version etc., all the stuff that makes the server-edition interesting...11:07
indusgrub_problems, you probably cant, try typing continue there11:08
remoteCTRL1indus: takes like 5 minutes to figure out the basics for grub2;)11:08
skuzzelokay actually I have a broadcom wireless card,  bcm94311mcg model, any tips getting ubuntu to recognize it?11:08
indusremoteCTRL1, yes i have understood it now ,thanks to stdisease and you too11:08
LSD|Ninjaskuzzel: remove it and replace it with something that doesn't suck :P11:08
skuzzelIt's a cheap laptop though11:08
sambrulol @ ninja11:08
indususer23, blank screen on startiing system?11:08
remoteCTRL1indus: hehehe you are welcome my freind11:08
skuzzeland I have a usb card I'm on right now if it comes down to it, I could just stick with it11:09
user23indus, yes11:09
sambrucould you get a cheap usb wireless card skuzz?11:09
sambruaha - you already have one! :P11:09
=== Wolf is now known as Guest47289
LSD|NinjaI'm only half joking. Replacing the Broadcom wifi card in my sisters laptop was quite possibly the single best upgrade I ever made to it11:09
indususer23, due you have a terminal?11:09
grub_problemsbut why would it not be loading automatically anymore when i select 'ubuntu'?11:09
stdiseaseskuzzel, you have something like https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/153683 - my broadcom wlan runs fine though11:09
indusgrub_problems, grub messed up, try live cd to recover11:10
stdiseaseskuzzel, google is your friend in any case11:10
skuzzelyeah I'v come up with stuff for version 7.1011:10
grub_problemsindus: ok, so i boot on live cd, then what?  i am using the same laptop in windows now, can i fix it from here?11:10
indusiam tired of hardware manufacturers not supporting drivers with linux11:10
LSD|Ninjaskuzzel: If you have network access by some other means then you may be able to get the broadcom working through the restricted drivers manager11:11
indusgrub_problems, how can you fix grub from windows? is this a wubi insrtall?11:11
indusgrub_problems, then forget it, i suggest you reinstall11:11
indusgrub_problems, wubi aint that great11:11
indusgrub_problems, in any case, need the live cd which will boot into ubuntu11:11
induswindows has notinh to do with it11:12
remoteCTRL1tunji: what does sudo apt-get -f install return?11:12
indusgrub_problems, but i think its difficult to repair a wubi grub problem11:12
Lantizia1Would you say (package versioning wise) Hardy is to Lenny, as Dapper is to Etch?11:12
induscan anyone else suggest11:12
grub_problemsthanks indus, will try live cd.  the last time i was in ubuntu, i mounted windows but did not umount, could that be it?11:12
indusgrub_problems, mounted windows?> how11:13
brainboxhey guys, anyone here ever been so evil to want to enforce banners on all their virtual hosting users? How would one want to... if they were an evil person11:13
stdiseasegrub_problems, boot from the live CD, then invoke grub-install on your HD device11:13
remoteCTRL1bazhang: hi dude, happen to have experience on freeradius?11:13
indusheh 'invoke'11:13
grub_problemsmount /dev/sda1 /mnt/win11:13
stdiseaseindus, s/he probably means mounted the partition11:13
grub_problemsi mean windows partition11:13
indusgrub_problems, no that wont cause grub issues11:13
remoteCTRL1brainbox: best ask in #httpd11:13
remoteCTRL1brainbox: np11:14
stdiseasegrub_problems, what would cause issues if you tried to install another OS after11:14
indusgrub_problems, use live cd and do a sudo grub-install /dev/device11:14
indusbut iam wondering about the stage1 and steps of grub 111:14
induswhats that for grub 211:14
tunjiremoteCTRL1: http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/m9e435d211:14
_dsli have an aging Freesco computer that i'd like to replace with an ubuntu box. It would need to be able to accept incoming dial up connections and run an ftp server. the latter seems straightforward but what would i need to accept connections?11:15
indusremoteCTRL1, what are the steps to repair grub211:15
AdvoWorkive ive got a massive directory, ie 20gb, is there a way I can just quikcly delete this? it takes ages using rm -r11:15
remoteCTRL1indus: lowl? how would i know what needs fixing?;)11:15
stdisease_dsl, you need the right hardware and the driver to support it and the software to accept the connections and run the appopriate actions11:16
remoteCTRL1tunji: that acrtually looks like it fixed it now but there are some lines of the output missing, right?11:16
johntramphi. when visiting sites like www.reddit.com my firefox freezes for about 10 seconds or so. anyone know why this is?11:16
skuzzel1Hey I just wanted to say thanks to lsdninja and std11:16
indusremoteCTRL1, i mean for exsample grub error 15\11:16
skuzzel1Third try was the try with the drivers manager11:16
remoteCTRL1indus: what are you actually trying to accomplish? what does not work?11:16
skuzzel1or the charm rather11:16
tunjiremoteCTRL1: that's all that was shown ...11:16
remoteCTRL1indus: and btw sudo apt-get purge grub2 && sudo apt-get install grub is also an option ...  last ressort tho...11:17
indusremoteCTRL1, i have no problems ,but lets say grub cant find my boot stage11:17
remoteCTRL1tunji: for my taste that looks like stuck... what happens if you execute exactly the same command again?11:17
indususer23, hi is this ubuntu 8.04?11:17
user23indus, ubuntu 9.0411:18
remoteCTRL1indus: like stage 1.5? in that case thats probably because its not there, just execute grub-install and then update-grub, that should fix it11:18
tunjiremoteCTRL1: same output11:18
remoteCTRL1tunji: that is really odd...11:19
indusremoteCTRL1, are you telling me,grub 2 doesnt suffer from the same problems grub 1 had? like erro 15 or error 22 etc11:19
remoteCTRL1tunji i guess if you restart your computer youll get stuck in a low graphics mode again...11:19
tunjiremoteCTRL1: yes11:19
remoteCTRL1indus: frankly spoken i have not rehearsed grub error codes;)11:19
_dslstdisease: :D it'll be using a zoom modem so drivers etc shouldn't be a problem hopefully. what software would i need installed (some sort of router I guess?)11:19
indususer23, have you tried googling then got tired and ended up here ?:)11:19
indusremoteCTRL1, hehe i did11:19
tunjiremoteCTRL1: i think i'll try a fresh install... and won't muck about with third-party repos ;)#11:20
tunjiremoteCTRL1: thanks for all your help11:20
indususer23, did you compile the via drivers?11:20
remoteCTRL1tunji: the problem is that your system is "hanging" in some undefined package status, this has as a consequence that not only the graphics driver is not working but als that you cannot install/uninstall anything else...11:20
user23indus, compile ?11:20
indususer23, ok do 1 thing, check errors in /var/log/Xorg.log11:20
remoteCTRL1tunji: if it is a fresh isntall i suggest you just do it once more...11:20
indususer23, can you paste it , type cat /var/log/Xorg.log11:21
remoteCTRL1tunji: np:)11:21
tunjiremoteCTRL1: yeah, it was a frsh install... that i then mucked up!11:21
indusdown with grub 2, hail grub 1 :)11:21
stdisease_dsl, something like ipppd I suppose11:21
remoteCTRL1tunji: well sh** happens, just install it once more, takes like 20 min;)11:21
remoteCTRL1indus: rofl11:21
remoteCTRL1freeradius, anybody PLEASE?11:22
tunjiremoteCTRL1: before i do reinstall... would you advise not to use playdeb.net?11:23
remoteCTRL1tunji: frankly spoken i have no clue what that is?11:24
user23indus, u want the log file ?11:24
tunjiremoteCTRL1: ah, ok... it's a third-party repo with games basically... maybe i should just stick to games in the official ubuntu repos...11:24
tunjiremoteCTRL1: anyway... off to reinstall. thanks once again :)11:25
remoteCTRL1tunji: i dont think that is the issue...11:25
remoteCTRL1tunji: np and good luck this time!11:25
xguruhas anyone got the blackberry software cd to install in ubuntu?11:26
user23indus, u want the log file ?11:26
xguruindus,  thanks for the help the other day!  sound is working great!11:26
_dslstdisease: thanks...reading11:27
bloodskii got this hfs formatted drive that i need to access in ubuntu 9.10, sudo chmod says fs is read-only, is there anyway of changing permissions so i can access some of the dirs on that drive?11:27
indusxguru, what help11:29
induswho are you , i dont remember you11:29
indususer23, yes i want11:29
indus!paste | user2311:29
ubottuuser23: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.11:29
xguruindus,  maybe a week ago you helped me with my sound muting every time i rebooted.  After i figured it out you went idle before i could say thanks :)  i had to "alsactl store" and then add the "alsactl restore" in the system startup application11:31
indusxguru, aah hmm11:32
indushehe nice11:32
indussometimes, people also forget to clean their ears :) that helps sometimes11:32
Lantizia1Would you say (package versioning wise) Hardy is to Lenny, as Dapper is to Etch?11:32
indususer23, hi did you paste?11:33
indusxguru, have any more questions?11:33
user23indus, im trying to send it to ya11:33
indususer23, yes just give me the url11:33
bloodskii got this hfs formatted drive that i need to access in ubuntu 9.10, sudo chmod says fs is read-only, is there anyway of changing permissions so i can access some of the dirs on that drive?11:33
indususer23, you know the process?11:33
thwappo/  Anyone about who might be willing to help figure out a sound issue?11:34
xguruindus, nah not really....i'm currently looking up how to install the Blackberry software in ubuntu.  This way i can create themes and such11:34
user23indus, no11:34
indususer23, have no fear,11:34
sheepzcat --help11:35
indususer23, ok paste the contents there, then click on send , then the page refreshes, and you get a new url, copy and psate the url here11:35
stdiseasesheepz, cat --haaalp11:35
Cybert1nushow can I add a module to my initrd? I've added them in /etc/modules and ran update-initramfs -k all -u, but they still aren't loaded during boot. What am I doing wrong?11:35
avelldirollHello, I remember a website that listed the changelog of the last added packages to the repositories, but I can't find it again ... does this ring a bell to anybody ?11:36
thwappAnyone about who might be willing to help figure out a sound issue?11:36
erUSULCybert1nus: /etc/initramfs-tools/modules11:36
tasslehoffhow do I change my username? guess I want to change username, name of home folder accordingly, and all file permissions11:36
erUSULtasslehoff: man usermod11:36
stdiseasethwapp, just describe and maaybe someone might be able to assist11:37
Cybert1nuserUSUL: ah thnx, that looks like the correct file indeed. Gonna add them there :)11:37
stdiseasealthough mayybe is more like it...11:37
stdisease*maaybe even..11:37
Cybert1nuserUSUL: but Busybox doesn't have an editor, so I need to reboot to a live CD first11:37
bloodskiis there anyway of making a mounte filesystem that's read-only, have read/write permissions? tried forcing it in fstab, but didnt help11:37
erUSULbloodski: if the driver does not support rw operaton you can not change that11:38
tasslehofferUSUL: yeah. this changes only username, so I guess the rest would have to be done manually. thanks.11:38
user23indus, the url: http://paste.ubuntu.com/379001/11:38
erUSULtasslehoff: true. but you only have to move a directory. easy11:38
erUSULtasslehoff: sudo mv /home/olduser /home/newusername11:39
stdiseasetasslehoff, or supply the --home/-d options to usermod11:39
erUSULtasslehoff: i would do all of this in recovery mode11:39
stdisease--home -m11:39
tasslehofferUSUL: yeah, and I don't need to change permissions, since my uid is the same?11:40
ben_qhello, which program can I use to create an iso of a video dvd? diskdump does not remove the copy-protection and the iso is thus not playable on a mediatank :(11:40
stdiseasetasslehoff, rtfm really, 'man usermod'11:40
thwappLOL..  Ok..  I'm fairly new to ubuntu...  It took me quite a bit to get the system setup..  running an EVGA 780i SLI Mainboard with an Intel Q9400 proc, 4 gb ram, and an nVidia GeForce GTX 260 Maxcore.  I've somehow managed to get the drivers for everything but the on-board sound card installed and was hoping someone could point me in the right direction.  Ubuntu autodetected something, but I have no idea what it's done, or how to even look i11:40
obscurant1styesterday i asked here which is the file to be edited for changing the boot menu in grub211:40
obscurant1stwell it is /boot/grub/grub.cfg11:40
erUSULtasslehoff: that's my thinking yes11:40
stdiseasetasslehoff, your uid is supposed to stay the same unless you change it11:40
tasslehoffstdisease: yep :)11:40
tasslehoffstdisease: I know. I just wondered if file permissions are okay with the username changing11:41
erUSULben_q: dvd95?11:41
ben_qdvd95 seems to make the iso's smaller11:41
EvilDennisRtasslehoff: file permissions should be fine if the username is changing and not the uid11:41
stdiseasetasslehoff, ah totally, as you seem to have figured out11:41
tasslehoffstdisease: yep :)11:42
tasslehoffstdisease: EvilDennisR: erUSUL: thanks :)11:42
indususer23, nice log file :) give me some time to read it11:43
=== lordmortis|away is now known as lordmortis
thwappWell, either I didn't describe something right, or nobody can help me..  either way, I'm giving up for the night and crashing..  night...11:44
indususer23, how did you install the driver11:44
LonniebizUsing rsync, lets say I back up drives c and d on a windows machine, to and ssh linux server. After this, I decide that I want to restore drive c and d so that they are in sync with the backup. How do I specify the "root" destination with a cygwin path?11:45
indususer23, also paste for me /var/log/Xorg.0.log11:45
Cybert1nuserUSUL: I added the needed modules to /etc/initramfs-tools/modules and ran update-initramfs -k all -u. The modules still aren't loaded :(11:47
erUSULCybert1nus: then i dunno ...11:47
indususer23, hello?11:48
Cybert1nuserUSUL: ok. Thnx though :)11:48
* indus sigh11:48
LonniebizWould i just be /cygdrive/ alone? I don't want to screw anything up.11:48
Cybert1nusanybody else knows how to add a module to an existing initrd?11:48
erUSULCybert1nus: np11:48
indusrww, hey11:48
user23indus, sudo ./vinstall.   i think i just need working drivers, ive searched the net, many have problems with via's cards11:48
EvilDennisRLonniebiz: if /cygdrive/ has the same contents as c: -- then yeah11:49
EvilDennisRLonniebiz: On your windoze machine, rsync -avz linux:/path/to/c/ /cygdrive/11:50
LonniebizEvilDennisR: No, C would be /cygdrive/C11:50
jiohdianyone know how to find screensaver for UNR?11:50
EvilDennisRLonniebiz: sure11:50
indususer23, give me the /var/log/Xorg.0.log11:50
indususer23, paste11:50
LonniebizEvilDenisR: I want both drive c and d restor