urbanapesanderqd, the problem with desktopcouch and chrome is that the desktopcouch instance starts up on a random port, and we use dbus to query for the current port.00:12
urbanapethere's no way to shell out from a chrome extension (currently), without resorting to an NPAPI plugin to do the mediation.00:13
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sanderqdurbanape: ok, so a minimal NPAPI plugin would use some way to find the port, username and password00:32
urbanapeyeah, essentially. We use a script for Bindwood (for Firefox) that gets the port, and the OAuth tokens, but same basic idea, yeah.00:33
ryeHm, something tells me that we need to start moderating messages in ubuntuone-users...09:41
voytechHello, I've hot a question, If I have installed desktopcouch and want to replicate databases in ubuntu one do I have to add some record to paired-server-record document ?10:27
voytechor it will replicate via ubuntuone automatically somehow ?10:27
voytechbecouse I  thought that after installing desktopcouch and for example creating database on couchdb server estabilished by desktopcouch , it will be automatically replicated via ubuntu one10:29
voytechand now I'm not sure, cose I went to futon on port that desktopcouch run couchdb and there is no cuch paired-server-record document in management database10:31
voytechand I assume that this record is needed to replicate via ubuntuOne ? am I wrong ?10:32
duanedesignhello voytech10:43
teknicorye, ubuntuone-users is already moderate, I let that message through :-)10:45
teknicomaybe I should have declined for being offtopic?10:45
teknicodeclined *it?10:45
ryeteknico, ah,  i was talking about "2Wire 802.11g usb wireless adapter" setup :)10:45
teknicoyes, that one :-)10:45
teknicoiti did include a mention of "ubuntu" at the bottom :-)10:46
duanedesignrye: do you know the answer to voytechs question?10:46
ryeduanedesign, verifying where the pairing record comes from...10:47
ryeok, that's com.ubuntuone.Authentication service10:48
ryevoytech, ok, have you used ubuntuone client to authorize your computer for ubuntuone?10:48
voytechYes I have ubuntuone client and I have added my computer to ubuntu one10:49
ryevoytech, hm, let me see what that script that aquarius gave us does...10:50
voytechshould there be paired-server record in management database ?10:50
voytechI've only run desktopcouch by getPort10:51
voytechI'm signed to launchpad and have my computer added to ubuntuone service10:51
ryevoytech, http://paste.ubuntu.com/378976/ - save it as ubuntuone-couchdb-query10:52
voytechIn my opinion paired-server record should be added, there should be a port of remote ubuntuOne service and address of service10:53
ryevoytech, you should have a record for your computer wit http://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/Specifications/desktopcouch/paired_server recordtype10:53
ryevoytech, run that script as e.g. ./ubuntuone-couchdb-query --show-tokens=true notes - it should show what OAuth tokens are used for couchdb replication, if it is actually set up.10:54
voytechOh Now I see something like this is management data base "_design/paired_servers"10:54
ryevoytech, design documents are only used to fetch info about the existing regular documents, these are simply views. You should have some 32byte hex record id with paired_server record type10:56
ryevoytech, do you have something in desktopcouch replication log?10:57
rye~/.cache/desktop-couch/log/desktop-couch-replication.log - do not post it here since it may contain private tokens you won't wish to became public10:58
voytechYes I have10:59
voytechstatic pairings are []11:00
voytechthis is one of entries in this log11:01
voytech there is also "found 0 self_identity records"11:01
voytechat the beginning11:01
voytechanf there are logs after 10 minutes11:02
voytechof replicating of discovered hosts11:02
ryevoytech, then it means that it has not filled the pairing. and actually, management database is not initialized properly11:16
ryevoytech, what version of ubuntuone-client are you running ?11:16
voytechok I'm now upgrading ubuntu one11:18
voytechvia apt-get upgrade11:18
voytechBut If I'm singned in launchpad and my computer is added to computers which are in ubuntuone, after running desktpcouch by getPort from its API it should put paired-servers record to management data base ? Am I right. It should be done by default11:31
ryevoytech, the records are put to couchdb by ubuntuone authentication system. In case it failed to do so, then this is what needs to be investigated11:31
ryeI know why people use ubuntuone-client to report bugs against various packages, such as scanners, update-manager, etc.12:49
ryewe are the only applet that  has 'Report a bug' item.12:49
aquariusthis will be helped a lot when the applet goes awya12:49
ryethe people may think that this is a general bug reporting menu.12:50
ryeaquarius, then there will be bugs that will say 'I want my bugreporting tool back!'12:50
aquariusrye, WONTFIX. :)12:50
alecurye, that's a great point. We should have a "Report problem..." option in the System menu, a bit above "About Ubuntu"12:55
ryealecu, hm, i just started to search the possible way how a regular user can report a bug...12:55
ryealecu, hm, there is no way to report misbehavior if the user does not know what has actually crashed... though it will be too hard to find out what user meant if he succeeds in creating such bug report. On the other hand, if he gives enough description then we might deduce something...12:57
ryeSince you're requesting help rather than having a bug on the application please raise it at the Launchpad Support Tracker: https://answers.launchpad.net. Thanks in advance.12:58
ryebut that's NOT clickable12:58
ryeah, it is opened automatically12:58
ryethen it should say so12:59
alecurye, also, there's a "Help->report a problem" option in most apps, but there's no generic way to send a bug report.12:59
ryeWow, You are using Ubuntu 10.04 LTS - the Lucid Lynx - released in April 2010 and supported until April 2013.12:59
ryealecu, yes, i have just clicked on report on problem for 'Help' (yelp?) and it asked me whether I want an advice or to file a bug report.13:00
ryeok, say when I start any game it freezes my machine. How do I report a problem about that?13:00
alecurye, oh, right.13:03
ryerodrigo_, hi, re: the tomboy bulletted list structure corruption - was that meant to fix such behavior http://picasaweb.google.com/roman.yepishev/Bugs#5439277416387517042 + forward 3 more ?13:14
* rye really needs to set up his own server with gallery, ogg theora video, blog and filesharing... Time to find a cms that supports all this (no desire to write one myself at the moment)13:16
rodrigo_rye, yes13:17
rodrigo_rye, going to be deployed today hopefully13:17
ryerodrigo_, hm, these are the screens from edge when there was a call for testing yesterday...13:18
rodrigo_rye, yes, the backport of python-lxml was completely broken13:18
rodrigo_rye, I've re-submitted the branch using a different parser, and now it works on hardy, lucid, etc13:19
rodrigo_so should be ok now13:19
rodrigo_once it's deployed, I marked the branch as 'needs-review' again, because there were changes after it was approved13:19
rodrigo_ok, bbl, need to get out for lunch now13:20
duanedesignrye: thats funny i was just thinking this morning about the filing of random bugs against ubuntuone-client because of the 'report a problem' in the applet14:19
duanedesigni am not sure what i installed to get it, but i have an apport launcher under App > SystemTools > Apport14:20
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aaron_seibertHi folks.  I noticed an open ticket regarding an issue with ubuntu one and contacts sync.  Was wondering if there was any progress made...15:14
aaron_seibertor if I have perhaps another issue that should be filed15:14
aaron_seibertResourceNotFound: ('db_not_found', 'could not open https://couchdb.one.ubuntu.com/u%2F84c%2Ffe6%2F348187%2Fcontacts/')15:14
aaron_seibertis the relevant line from desktop-couch-replication.log15:14
dobeyCardinalFang: not bothering with kicking off the standup any more? :)15:14
CardinalFangdobey, when I remember, I do.  Today's your turn!15:16
duanedesignhello aaron_seibert15:19
duanedesignaaron_seibert: which bug number were looking at on Launchpad?15:20
vdsChipaca: do we stil ldo standup meeting?15:21
dobey<- not a manager15:21
Chipacavds: desktop+ standups should be replaced by desktop destkop+ desktop desktop standups, and web desktop+ standups. Until that happens, we should continue having these.15:22
teknicoehi! we want web desktop+ web web standups too!15:23
CardinalFangOkay, I'm going.15:29
CardinalFangDONE: Some of flipping d-c get_port and dbus-firing inside out.  Chased a silly problem too long about my tarmac run earlier polluting my XDG_CACHE_HOME, making couchdb fail weirdly.15:29
CardinalFangTODO: Finish work and get reviews.  Hopefully, release and package also.15:29
CardinalFangBLOCKED: None15:29
CardinalFangvds, svp.15:29
Chipacateknico: that would be web desktop+ desktop web standups, surely15:29
CardinalFangI think we'll need TeX markup to describe some of these.15:31
teknicoChipaca, you're the boss15:31
teknicoDONE: more work on the Funambol deployment with mthaddon; landed more branches about the Funambol configuration and the funambol schema in the account database15:32
teknicoTODO: making phone sync work15:32
teknicoBLOCK: none15:32
tekniconext: vds15:32
vdsDONE: list-of-device branch landed, support to the deployment of funambol15:32
vdsTODO: #523861 + file a couple of more bug15:32
vdsBLOCKED: no15:32
vdsEOM ?15:33
dobeyChipaca: the term 'desktop' should be replaced with 'client' or something. at least until computers start to actually assimilate physical desks15:36
Chipacadobey: I've actually worked on a computer that was a desk :)15:36
Chipacaif "writing a car race in basic" counts as "work"15:37
ChipacaEOM, it seems15:37
rodrigo_well, me missing :)15:37
rodrigo_• DONE: Music download progress in music store widget. Hardy lxml tests. Fixed url building in music store widget. Release libu1 0.2.1. Show photos of contacts in contacts picker. Fixed soversion in couchdb-glib and release 0.6.1. Released evo-couchdb 0.4.115:37
rodrigo_• TODO: Conflict resolver tool in pair tool. Make sandy's snowy test suite work with our server (http://git.gnome.org/cgit/snowy/tree/api/tests.py). Discuss with jdo and aquarius about oauth token per app, not per machine? Add jslint tests to check. U1 client interrogates library page to update download progress. Dbus method for sharing with multiple contacts. & in note titles. Poll download status on music store. fix play-library sign15:37
rodrigo_• BLOCKED: no15:37
rodrigo_dobey, next?15:37
dobey☺ DONE: Fixed lint issue, Added initial tab/notebook structure and quota widget to control panel, CP login requirement, CP quota info, Me menu integration, Accont info, Services tab, Release15:39
dobey☹ TODO: New login UI pieces.15:39
dobey☹ BLCK: None.15:39
dobeyChipaca: a crt under a glass desk doesn't make the desk a computer :)15:39
Chipacadobey: this was a metal desk, with 8" floppies and a green crt15:41
Chipacadobey: it was so old, they let *me* play with it15:41
beunoDONE: Lots of stuff with funambol deployment15:48
beunoTODO: Integrate vds's branch and finish the here-is-your-phone branch15:48
beunoBLOCKED: no15:48
beunoChipaca, what time is standup normally?15:49
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Chipacabeuno-lunch: normally @ 1216:04
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CardinalFangI'm dismayed at how easily I can crash python via dbus module.16:24
dobeyNow you see why the Nautilus extension is in C16:26
ryedobey, nautilus extension can crash in gtk :-P16:30
dobeyrye: stuff can still crash, sure. it crashed a LOT more often when it was in Python though16:30
dobeydbus would just crash randomly for no apparent reason16:30
dobeyand it was insane to debug16:30
dobeyembedded python in a C app is not fun to debug16:31
dobeyanyway, lunch calls16:31
ryedobey, hm, if dbus is so crashy, then why is it _that_ crashy after several years of production... ah, CardinalFang meant that he crashed python process...16:39
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dobeyrye: python-dbus is pretty crashy17:32
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rye* ubottu has quit (Killed (idoru (Spam is off topic on freenode.))) . Wow, someone really dislikes the logging daemon17:40
bigpigso, what was the upgrade?17:44
beunobigpig, a lot of infrastructure for phone sync and music store17:45
beunoboth of which you can't access yet  :)17:45
beunoa few minor tweaks to the web ui as well17:45
beunofixed notes up a bit17:45
bigpigbeuno: boo. ;)17:45
beunoand files should look a bit nicer17:45
bigpigbeuno: I do like the fact that I'm not automatically logged in just because I'm on my computer, now.17:46
dobeynot automatically logged in?17:47
* dobey lands potentially pending branches, and then gets to coding17:48
bigpigIn the past, when I went to the one.ubuntu.com web site, it said something to the effect of "you're imhavoc...." click to sign in....17:48
dobeyguess I should install all these updates too17:48
bigpigno password, just the assumption that it was me setting at my keyboard.17:49
dobeythat wasn't ubuntu one. that's you being logged into the openid provider, but not ubuntu one17:49
bigpigah.... there it is... unless I manually log out, I still see that.17:50
* rye needs X restart, will be back in a moment (or more if I am not so lucky)18:20
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joshuahooverduanedesign: very nice work on improving the ubuntuone wiki! https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuOne20:59
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duanedesignjoshuahoover: I thouhgt a FAQ would be useful based on input from and seeing certain questions come up a lot21:26
duanedesignif you can yhink of anything else or have any other input21:27
joshuahooverduanedesign: we should probably point people to the lp faq's though...i'm not thrilled with the lp faq ui but that is where we try to keep them (probably need to fill holes there, please let me know which ones you find & i can help fill)21:27
duanedesignjoshuahoover: thats a good idea21:27
joshuahooverduanedesign: https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntuone/+faqs21:28
joshuahooverduanedesign: that'll get all the faqs for all u1 projects21:28
duanedesignjoshuahoover: yeah definetly. No sense in duplication of effort :P)21:29
duanedesign^^crazy smiley, lol21:29
jeremydeiI'm trying to install and use ubuntuone from a console (no Xorg or gnome), is there a tutorial for that or is it really easy and someone can enlighten me?22:06
duanedesignjeremydei: We will eventually provide a more complete cli client that removes all the GNOME dependencies, but currently you cannot use Ubuntu One on a headless server22:14
duanedesignsorry got that response from a Tomboy note i have of answers to common questions. That shouldnt read 'we' as i am not a U1 dev. :)22:17
jeremydeicool, thx for the tip duanedesign22:18
dobeythe royal we :)22:18
duanedesigndobey: you have made some icons for Tango?22:19
dobeyduanedesign: yes22:19
duanedesigndobey: nice. I like them. Did you use inkscape?22:19
dobeyInkscape is nice when it doesn't break. :)22:21
duanedesigni am having a hard time transitioning to inkscape from Adobe Illustrator. I use Illustrator everyday as a part of my job and the pen tools are very different22:22
dobeyduanedesign: hang out in #tango and ask questions then, when the (real) artists are around22:25
duanedesigndobey: thanks for the tip22:27
dobeyduanedesign: I know garrett used to complain about the differences between ai and inkscape all the time :)22:28
sanderqdso this hack works to make a chromium extension connect to the desktop couch :-) http://dl.dropbox.com/u/575568/couch-extension.png22:34
L0neRangerCan any one help? I seem to to be having a problem with signing on for Ubuntu one. I get "Unauthorized token" page after I click on the link that was sent to me when I registered with my email address.23:00
L0neRangerBrowser: 5.0.307.9 beta on Ubuntu 9.10. Email: Gmail23:00
* L0neRanger is AFK23:05
* L0neRanger is AFK and still waiting for assistance with Ubuntu One23:06
* L0neRanger is back and still waiting for assistance with Ubuntu One23:20
sanderqdL0neRanger: if noone from the ubuntuone team appears, you should probably try to ask through launchpad23:26
L0neRangersanderqd: Thanks!23:33
duanedesignL0neRanger: have you added your computer at https://one.ubuntu.com/account/23:59

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