ScottLpersia, did I really do a horrible job with zynjacku?  It certainly feels so00:03
persiaNot at all.00:03
persiaI reject about 80% of the packages I get on REVU, and I tend to only really review the ones that either have gotten prior reviews, or for which I've previously done an eyeball review and the uplaoder has fixed stuff.00:04
persiaI'm really picky :)00:04
persiaSince I hit your package without that layer of prior fixing, you got a *lot* of comments.00:05
ScottLi felt more or less comfortable with fabrice's comments (they seemed to be more about form) but your's is addressing some stuff that I have never heard of before00:06
ScottLwhich isn't really hard really considering i've only been trying to help for a couple of months and never used linix before Ubuntu00:06
ScottLdon't take that as I'm giving up, 'cause I'm not :)  I'm still having a good time learning and helping with what I can00:14
persiaDo you have some time in about 15 minutes?  I'd be happy to go over each item individually.00:17
ScottLwe can try, i'm getting dinner and kids are running around so I might need to take a couple of minute breaks now and then00:18
ScottLi know your time is valuable right now and I probably will not get to working on it again until almost the end (or even after) February00:20
ScottLi need to write and record another seven songs before the end of the month ;P00:20
ScottLso basically we can do it at your leisure but no need to rush on my account00:21
persiaheh.  I'll go through them now, but won't expect you to fix them soon :)00:30
persiaOK.  So the description is just a matter of form.  Some package managers use that cloze to present "user friendly" messages.00:31
ScottLworks for me, i'll be sure to log this also00:31
persiaIf you don't add double-spaces, package managers are free to line-wrap in ways that may not make sense.00:31
persiaThis is important for lists, and unimportant for prose00:31
persiaGTK/GTK+ is just because upstream complains when it's not used right.00:32
persiamanpages may seem silly, especially for GUI stuff, but people really use them.00:32
persiaAlso, manpages end up building index files, and get mirrored to web pages, which means that the application is more discoverable.00:33
persiacreating them is usually fairly easy: ask in #ubuntu-motu for help.00:33
ScottLI think i'll need it for the man pages :)00:33
persiaThe icon size and number of colors stuff is to support non XDG-compliant menu systems, which some people use for very lightweight environments.00:34
persiafluxbox is probably the most popular environment requiring this to be right in the audio community.00:34
persiafluxbox also requires that the menu files be just right, which documentation is in /usr/share/doc/menu after installing the menu package.00:34
persiaI'm not sure why usr/bin/lv2rack ended up in zynjacku, but that's probably related to the install file stuff (which we'll come back to later)00:35
persiaThe dependency on python is fairly straightforward: it's possible (but very difficult) to create an Ubuntu install without python.00:36
persia"#! /usr/bin/python" or non-executable is to prevent users from shooting themselves in the foot (and they have a special knack for this)00:37
persia"#! (interpreter)" at the top of a script just tells the shell to run that script with that interpreter.00:37
persiaSometimes people don't insert the space, and most shells understand, but there *should* be a space.00:37
persiaThe wiki page explains why .la files are bad more than I could.  Easiest way to deal with them is not to install them.00:38
persia(they also aren't correct, but we don't either care or have to care if we don't ship them)00:38
persiaWe generally put shared libraries in /usr/lib/${PACKAGE}/ or directly in /usr/lib because the library loading system knows to look there for stuff.  Putting it somewhere else might work, but if so, it only works by accident.00:39
persiaSo putting it in the right place is another way to avoid toe removal.00:39
ScottLspeaking of /user is it common for prefix=/usr or prefix=/usr/local?00:40
persia /usr00:40
persia /usr/local/ is for local stuff the sysadmins install directly.00:40
persiaThe distribution isn't supposed to mess with that00:40
persia(and sysadmins aren't supposed to mess with /usr)00:40
persiaSo, most upstream makefiles will be set up to install to /usr/local/ by default when building from source (this is correct)00:41
persiaBut when we package it, we install to /usr instead00:41
persiaHaving the library call exit() directly just ends the program without warning the user in any way.00:41
persiaThis can be confusing :)00:42
persiaBut that's hard to fix, and changes the behaviour and requirements for code that uses the library: it deserves an upstream bug, but there's nothing you need to do for it.00:42
persia(well, other than file the bug).00:43
persiaDo you understand the bug?00:43
ScottLnedko has been hot and cold about interacting with me but i'll file the bug00:43
persianedko is an odd, brilliant man.  I think he has mixed feelings about all the rest of us, perhaps in part because we don't have his depth of comprehension :)00:44
persiaBut his code is *wonderful* and well worth trying to understand.00:44
persiaHe might even have a really good reason to do it this way, although it's usually not ideal.00:45
ScottLwell, i've started understanding the makefile ;P  it's a start00:45
persiaheh :)00:45
persiaThe long description for lv2jack just doesn't make sense to anyone who isn't already steeped in the environment.00:45
persiaIt's fine for you and I, but my mother won't install that package because she won't understand that she wants it.00:46
ScottLyeah, i felt bad about that because i just stole it from his website and it's was rather terse00:46
persiaCribbing from the zynjacku and jackrack descriptions, I suspect you can come up with something better.00:46
persia(because it's a mix of the two, really)00:47
persiachangelog comment is just a form thing.  The syntax (LP: #nnnn) closes the bug, so you don7t need to explicitly declare that.00:47
persiaYou can get more on optional/extra from policy, but I think my comment (which I put in about 50% of packages I review) sums it up.00:48
persiaUploaders: only means anything in Debian.00:48
persiaThe LGPL-2.1 bit is because you listed the Files as LGPL-2+ and LGPL.  The idea of that copyright file format is to make it machine-readable, so you really need to worry about making the strings match.00:49
persiaThere's two ways to solve it: either change the License: tags for the Files: stanzas, or for the License: stanza.00:49
ScottLwhat about files that did not define copyright?00:50
persiaPutting in the short-form of the licenses and referencing /usr/share/common-licenses is intended to save space on user harddrives (nobody needs 2000 copies of the GPL)00:50
persiaFiles that don't define copyright, or have licensing can't be distributed.00:50
ScottLre: /usr/share/common-license   that's what I did originally but dep5 seemed to imply that the _entire_ license should be there, which seemed silly to me00:51
persiaIt's times like that you should ask in here or in -motu for help :)00:52
ScottLi saw some .h files and some .c files without copyright     http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/report.py/legal?upid=786100:52
ScottLi shall00:52
ScottLask for help, that is00:52
persiadouble-check those: at least the few I examined were just licensecheck parse failures.00:52
persia"public domain" isn't valid in many countries (especially ones with civil law rather than common law).  A good example of how to release rights to source in all jurisdictions is http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/revu1-incoming/ccscript-1001231639/ccscript-4.1.3/cmodel.sh00:53
persiaThat's another upstream bug00:53
persiaAlso, you didn't identify the public domain stuff in debian/copyright (needs it's own section)00:54
persia(it's not legal for me to use it, but it is legal for Ubuntu to distribute, just because of where I live and where the Ubuntu main mirrors are)00:55
ScottLi went off the legal link i posted earlier and didn't see any public domain stuff :(00:55
persiaYeah, that's only the output of licensecheck.  You're supposed to read all the source files to check :)00:55
persia(which is different from reading all the source: you ought be able to tell at a glance if something has a license, etc.)00:55
ScottLwell, next time i package i'll be choosing an app with fewer files then LOL00:56
persiaWhen licensecheck works, it's lovely, but when it doesn't work, we fall back to human intelligence.00:56
persiaWe're just better at understanding prose than licensecheck.00:56
persiaI usually do something like `less $(find . -print)` and press :n lots.00:56
persiaI keep a separate editor window open to take notes00:57
persiaThe ,desktop file bits are just based on my past experience with .desktop files.  Doesn't make that much difference, but can make things nicer.00:58
persiaSame for the 8-bit xpm, and using a nicer graphic.00:58
persiaAnd dh_install is tricky.00:58
persiaSo, the way dh_isntall works is as follows:00:58
persiaThe package builds, and installs everything to debian/tmp/...00:59
persiaThen you have several .install files.00:59
persiaEach consists of a set of lines, in either of two formats.00:59
persiaA single pathname with no leading / will grab a file or a directory from debian/tmp/ and copy it to debian/${PACKAGE}/00:59
persiaFor example if debian/lv2rack.install contained the line "usr/bin/lv2rack", that file would be put in the lv2rack directory.01:00
ScottLbecause no leading /01:00
persiaA pathname followed by whitespace followed by another path will move files, using either files in the source directory or in debian/tmp as the source of the move, and debian/${PACKAGE} as the target.01:01
persiaRight, so .../debian/tmp/usr/bin/lv2rack -> .../debian/lv2rack/usr/bin/lv2rack01:01
persiaFor example, if debian/zynjacku had the line "debian/zynjacku.xpm usr/share/pixmaps" this would copy that file to that directory under debian/zynjacku01:03
persiaYou can also add stuff from debian/tmp if you like, so you can do a two statement line like "usr/lib/zynjacku/*.so usr/lib/zynjacku" to install the .so file (assuming it got put in debian/tmp/usr/lib/zynjacku/ in the first place)01:04
persiaOr if it got installed to the wrong place, "usr/share/misc/zynjacku*so usr/lib/zynjacku/" would put it in the right place.01:05
persiaWhen the binary packages get built, the tree of files to install is taken from debian/${PACKAGE}01:06
persiathis is probably why you end up with extra stuff in the zynjacku package and not enough in the lv2rack package (because of the DESTDIR setting)01:06
persiaThat all make sense?01:07
ScottLlol, well not ALL...at least not yet01:08
persiaHeh.  Questions?01:08
persiaI think I covered all my comments.01:08
ScottLa side question that perhaps you will not be able answer about when I did get zynjacku and lv2rack isntalled01:09
ScottLi can run either from the terminal and it will start jack if jack isn't already running01:09
ScottLbut when i picked it from the menu both would not start because jack wasn't running01:09
persiaI've never understood that issue.01:10
ScottLif jack was already running both would start from the menu01:10
persiaI ended up not maintaining a package in Debian bacause of it.01:10
ScottLis it something I bring up with nedko?01:10
persiaJACK can't always be running : it blocks the sound card, which many people don7t like (including my mother).01:10
persiaNo need.  We tell the users to use qjackctl01:11
ScottLother apps have the same issue i believe01:11
persiaAs hansfbaier gets his set of stuff in shape, we can recommend that instead (if it' ready)01:11
persiaYeah, everything has the same issue.01:11
ScottLwhat is hansfbaier working on?01:12
persiaI think it has something to do with the way the GUI starts stuff.01:12
persiaand some other similar stuff.01:12
ScottLoh yeah, i read you two talking about that a few days ago01:12
persiaReally cool UI, but unfortunately needs packaging help, and he's trying to do both upstream and packaging.01:12
ScottLjackpanel is a gui lv2 host?01:13
ScottLhuh, it's not what I thought it was then, but it lets you do connections also right?01:15
persiaThat's still under development.01:15
persiaBut connections != hosts.01:15
persiaBut it means one doesn't have to run qjackctl & patchage01:15
persiaThat can all be in the panel, and one can then keep screen real-estate open for plugins, ardour, etc.01:16
ScottLi (think) i just came to grips with patchage and now it's going away!   kidding01:16
persiaI don't think it's going away.01:17
persiaBut I think most people don't really need all of it.01:17
persiaAnd nedko has a prettier one available anyway.01:17
ScottLwell it's somewhat true, i just set up a template for Ardour and patchage for my most common connections01:17
ScottLwhich one of nedko's are you talking about?01:17
ScottLthe prettier one01:18
persiaMy mother mostly just opens patchage to connect her mic & instrument inputs & hydrogen to muse, and then leaves it on a different desktop.01:18
persiaShe only uses it because the qjackctl connection tool confused her.01:18
* persia hunts for a link01:18
ScottLyour mother uses ubuntu studio to record music?  that's fantastic!01:18
ScottLdo you record music as well?01:19
ScottLi wondered about your connection to ubuntu studio - well, everyone who frequents this channel actually01:19
persiaNo.  I just fool with syntheised and mangled loops :)01:19
persiaI used to spend lots of time playing with hydrogen and freqtweak, but much less now.01:20
persiaI got involved with Studio because I kept patching packages that we shipped.01:20
persiaMy mother uses it because I work on it, and she likes the ideas behind Ubuntu (plus, it's good enough for her)01:20
ScottLyes, i've seen that before but didn't really look at it closely to be honest, nedko has done quite a bit of programming01:22
persiaAnd *lots* of it work that directly improves the set of software available to our users.01:22
ScottLi'm so retro in some ways, maybe not 'retro' but simplistic, i find what works and tend not to deviate01:22
ScottLi know I can make connections in ardour but i tend to still use qjackctl -> connect and just moved over to patchage01:23
ScottLbecause I already know how to do it and i don't want to waste time dorking with something that mgiht not work when i need it to01:23
persiaI totally understand.  I intentionally avoid making connections in muse because I like separation of concerns.01:23
* persia should really review ardour again, but the MIDI bits never seem to quite be there01:24
ScottLof course this mentality is why i also stayed with hardy and wanted to backport jack and ardour to it01:25
ScottLit seemed like audio tended to break each update (it probably didn't but it seemed it was)01:25
ScottLand i finally got my system where flash (with sound) and sound in general all worked and didn't want to have to dork with it anymore01:26
ScottLbut karmic (in general) seems much more in line so I have high hopes for further releases of ubuntu studio and i'll probably upgrade each release01:27
* ScottL needs to get daughter to do her spelling homework01:27
persiaScottL: If you have time to test lucid along the way, that's the best way to make sure the upgrade would be clean.01:29
persiaOf course, this requires an extra computer, or extra hard drive, or some such :)01:29
ScottLwell, i currently have four partitions but i'll be eliminating two (hardy) soon :)   but yes, I plan on getting rid of the karmic one and testing lucid in its place01:30
ScottLbut that will have to wait until after February though01:31
persiaFair enough: you've all those songs to write :)01:34
ScottLthat'll be easy, stock drum pattern, two passes of rhythm guitar, one bass and a solo (over most of it) and I'll be done but I want to01:37
ScottLdo more vocal stuff which is not as easy for me as the previously listed formula01:37
ScottLbut this is all an optional, voluntary project just to do it01:41
ScottLhttp://www.rpmchallenge.com/ is the project01:42
ScottLi'm even looking forward to next years challenge and transcribing some of my acoustic stuff, putting it into muse (or something similar) and having it done on piano...or tuba01:43
TheMuso`Why not use lilipond?01:43
ScottLhey ckontros, how are you doing, you're on kinda late tonight01:44
ckontrosTheMuso`: Can you merge this and upload a new package? https://code.launchpad.net/~psyke83/ubuntustudio-look/UbuntuStudio/+merge/1882101:44
ScottLTheMuso`, i can do that, i haven't done any music other than recording live instruments (except for hydrogen) so far01:44
ckontrosScottL: I'm well. Just tinkering a little.01:44
TheMuso`ckontros: Is there an official merge request on launchpad for that?01:44
ScottLi have until next february to get those things (midi, etc) under my belt :)01:45
ckontrosTheMuso: Isn't that it? :)01:45
* TheMuso` looks01:45
TheMuso`ckontros: yes it is01:45
* TheMuso` reviews01:46
ckontrosTheMuso: Last couple of dailies I've grabbed wouldnt boot in VM. Are yours working fine?01:47
TheMuso`ckontros: Haven't tested.01:47
ckontrosOk. Ill pull a fresh one tomorrow and test.01:48
TheMuso`ckontros: Merged, and uploading new package now.01:51
ckontrosDid stochastic or anyone figure out a new wallpaper?01:51
TheMuso`not afaik01:53
ckontrosSo, I see a little about what's going on because of bug reports but can anyone fill me in? Anything going on like, pulse audio getting built with JACK support? :)01:58
ScottLwell, the jack MIR is still going on and we (meaning stochastic) was supposed to get patches together for building a few apps with jack support02:00
ckontrosYeah. That's most of the bug-mail Ive got. Anything else?02:02
ScottLTheMuso`or stochastic (or the janitor) should have more depth on that than me :P02:03
TheMuso`Not shipping RT kernel on discs, because its 2.6.31 and is hard to maintain post release. So going preempt kernel for amd64, no flavour for i386 because the kernel team don't want any more than 2 i386 flavours/.02:03
ckontrosTheMuso: So we're shipping stock -generic for i386?02:04
TheMuso`ckontros: Yeah seems so.02:04
TheMuso`alessio is maintaing RT in a PPA though which will be noted in release notes.02:05
ckontrosWait. Why the hell do they even care since we're maintaining it?02:05
TheMuso`ckontros: the maintenance issue is with SRUs post release02:06
TheMuso`and security02:06
ckontrosSure but the kernel team isn't responsible for -rt. Shouldnt matter.02:07
TheMuso`ckontros: nothing to do with the kernel team02:07
TheMuso`its called lack of man power.02:07
ckontrosAnd hell, SRU's wouldnt be an issue if they got around to reviewing and approving them.02:07
TheMuso`If I had enough time to push RT SRUs, I would, but I don't.02:08
ckontrosAhh. You said "because the kernel team don't want any more than 2 i386 flavours" so, that's what I was going on.02:08
TheMuso`right I was talking about the separate rt package02:09
ScottLi'll be able to upgrade my recording box now, i'll "have" to...at least that's what i'll tell my wife :)02:10
ckontros? Im confused. :)02:10
ckontrosTheMuso: Is the kernel team stopping us from having -rt in the archive and on disk?02:10
TheMuso`ckontros: we are not shipping the rt kernel on the discs due to lack of manpower with maintenance.02:10
TheMuso`ckontros: no02:11
ckontrosOk. Gotcha.02:11
ckontrosI'd *almost* shutdown the project to restructure. At this stage, shipping -generic feels, dirty.02:12
ckontrosLike it shouldnt be.02:13
ckontros(shipping generic)02:13
TheMuso`I know what you mean02:13
ScottLcan the ubuntu studio ppa already be in the repositories for ubuntu studio? off of a clean install i mean?02:14
TheMuso`ScottL: not easily.02:15
ScottLso all users who want to upgrade to -lowlatency (or -preempt or whatever) will have to do it manually :(02:16
TheMuso`It will be in the release notes.02:17
ScottLTheMuso`, is it worth it to start a release notes wiki page?02:25
ScottLrather than wait until the day before release? 02:26
TheMuso`ScottL: yes02:34
TheMuso`Jack MIR has been given thumbs up.03:04
ScottLyay - that's a pretty big accomplishment :)03:15
crimsunand I've just uploaded pulse with jack enabled03:47
crimsun(along with other fixes recommended by Lennart)03:48
crimsunI think I owe mterry a few beers03:49
TheMuso`I think we all do.03:57
TheMuso`So pulse will be dep wait till the packages are promoted then.03:57
ScottLso how will pulse and jack work now?  doesn't pulse automagically stop when jack is started?04:17
ScottLcurrently:  pulse stop when jack is started that is04:17
TheMuso`ScottL: Not quite. Hopefully we can get jack2 into lucid+1 and use dbus to tigh them together.04:19
ScottLso, until jack2 is ready then pulse and jack will continue to act the same as they do now?04:21
ScottLand is jack2 going into debian first? or will we have it first?04:22
TheMuso`ScottL: This is what needs to be worked out. I'd like it in Debian first.04:23
TheMuso`ScottL: The issue is whether we want jack2 to sit alongside of jack, or replace jack.04:23
jussi01wow! great work lads!05:47
crimsun...and alsa-plugins uploaded with jack enabled07:30
jussi01crimsun: ++ 07:30
jussi01nice work07:30
* abogani waves07:37
jussi01hi abogani"07:55
aboganijussi01: Hi!07:56
stochasticCan anyone with upload powers look at the patch for building xine against jack on Bug #152487 <- TheMuso` crimsun persia etc... before feature freeze becomes solid?09:42
ubottuLaunchpad bug 152487 in xine-lib "Jack output for xine apps " [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/15248709:42
* abogani listen Frankie goes to Hollywood...09:48
stochasticalso Bug #36059010:36
ubottuLaunchpad bug 360590 in ubuntustudio "Please compile portaudio with Jack support" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/36059010:36
ScottLit also looks like libffado also made it into the main :)12:03
crimsunyep, due to it being one of j-a-c-k's build-deps12:23
* crimsun fixes alsa-plugins12:23
ScottL_i added to the working release notes wiki page      https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuStudio/WorkingReleaseNotes18:23
ScottL_i started one for lucid and was able to add a lot more than I thought I would :)18:23
persiaScottL_: realtime won't be default for amd64 : preempt will be default.  Realtime will be available for in the PPA for both i386 and mad6418:28
persiaAlso, I'm not sure we applied to be part of the Long Term Release.18:29
persiaSo there may be no guarantee that our applications will get long-term support.18:29
persia(we could try ourselves, but I'm not confident we have enough developers)18:29
ScottL_i will change the wiki then :)         thanks for the checking and feedback18:29
ScottL_quick fix - i'll reread back over it later (i had made the original during lunch but I'm back at work now)18:35
ScottL_if there is anything that should be added, i'll be happy to make any additions, moderations or deletions if you just want to say something here about it (e.g. I know TheMuso` and persia are probably really, really busy right now)18:39
* persia is kinda recovering from the pre-FF marathon, so not particularly busy, but similarly not particularly inclined to do much right now18:39
ScottL_persia: just to clarify -realtime vs -preempt, in synaptic the package says -rt but is that just semantics?  it really is preempt kernel?19:22
persiaThe -rt kernel is different, but not up-to-date (I think)19:24
persiaOh, it is kinda up-to-date, but not perfectly.19:24
persiaBut that's not the -preempt kernel.19:24
stochastichey fabrice_sp and persia is there any chance one of you could look at Bug #360590 and Bug #152487 ?19:28
ubottuLaunchpad bug 360590 in ubuntustudio "Please compile portaudio with Jack support" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/36059019:28
ubottuLaunchpad bug 152487 in xine-lib "Jack output for xine apps " [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/15248719:28
stochasticpatches are ready to be uploaded.  Do we need FFE bugs as well now?19:28
persiastochastic: That requires main upload rights, which neither of us have.19:29
stochasticpersia, where would be the best place to poke someone about this?19:30
ScottL_dtchen might have those rights, no?19:30
persiaHave you subscribed ubuntu-main-sponsors to the bugs?19:30
persiahe does, as do others.19:30
persiaBut subscribing the sponsors is the best right now.19:30
persiaOtherwise, wait, and either of the core-devs who are regularly in this channel will probably see it in backscroll.19:31
stochasticokay, I'll sit and wait then19:31
persiaI think we all know we want it, so it's just a matter of time.19:32
persiaIf freeze exceptions are required, they ought breeze through.19:32
TheMuso`Building portaudio with jack support may need to be considered carefully. DOing so will put libjack onto the CD which may be a problem.21:06
TheMuso`Xine is not a problem however.21:06
persiaDoesn't kubuntu pull xine as a phonon backend still?21:08
ScottL_why would libjack on the cd be a problem?21:08
TheMuso`I don't know.21:08
TheMuso`ScottL_: Space for one.21:08
ScottL_i'm guessing that libjack isn't necessarily that big, but that the cd is rather full already21:09
persia187k, which adds up fast over time.21:09
persiaTheMuso`: libjack0 is already in Task: ubuntu-desktop21:10
persiaIt may be that it's already on the CD21:10
TheMuso`persia: hrm ok. Probably won't know till the next daily images.21:11
persiaGets pulled by libasound2-plugins at least21:11
TheMuso`Although I was hoping that would be a separate package.21:12
persiaMaybe later, but not as currently implemented.21:12
TheMuso`No need for jack anything to be on the CD by default, most people don't need it.21:12
persiaFor jackd & friends, I agree.  WIth the way shared libraries work, the core lib might end up there.21:13
TheMuso`In which case portaudio linking against jack won't be bad.21:15
persiaWell, it's 187k, but we're probably going to end up with that there anyway.21:16
* TheMuso` checks latest daily images.21:17
TheMuso`ok not there yet21:18
persiaNo, tomorrow.21:18
persiaOr rather, later today :)21:18
persiaOr ~11 hours from now, however one counts.21:18
TheMuso`In which case I'll tend to those two bugs shortly.21:19
ScottL_did anyone ever tell you guys that you rock?  they should.  you do!  :)21:35
TheMuso`Right, portaudio debdiff uploaded, thanks stochastic.22:27
TheMuso`Yay can't build xine atm due to package installability breakage. :)22:46
* TheMuso` refreshes his local mirror in case the problem is transient and fixed in the archive.22:54
TheMuso`Otherwise, time to go digging.22:54
TheMuso`Yay ocaml breaks installability. :S23:08
TheMuso`Ah ok graphviz is affected by the ocaml transition.23:18
* TheMuso` sighs. I really don't enjoy these wild goose chaces sometimes.23:48
TheMuso`Oh yay. A launchpad/soyuz bug (i think) regarding not handling provides properly for package metadata.23:55
persiaHow so?23:56
persiaBecause virtual provides don't work by design.23:56
TheMuso`libgraphviz-dev in debian depends on ocaml-base-nox-3.11.2 but due to provides, ocaml-base-nox ets installed.23:56
TheMuso`ocaml-base-nox provides ocaml-base-nox-3.11.223:56
persiaWhich breaks the transition?23:56
TheMuso`which break libgraphviz-dev installability23:56
TheMuso`so we need to carry another change ingraphviz to depend on a versioned ocaml-base-nox23:57
TheMuso`instead of a ocaml-base-nox-$bla dependency23:57
TheMuso`I think thats the best approach anyway.23:58
TheMuso`and all to rebuild xine...23:58
persiaOh, it's a versioned depends on ocaml-base-nox-3.11.2 ?23:59
persiaYeah, that's annoying.23:59

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