lainlivesi could use my 60gb if ext maps around bad sectors00:02
Kingbuzzowould sata devices interfere with pci soundcards?03:19
holsteinwhat sata devices?03:46
holsteinlike a sata HD controller?03:47
holsteini think that would be fine03:47
holsteinas long as both the sound card, and controller are supported03:47
holsteinmight want to check interrrupt settings in the bios03:48
holsteinif possible03:48
holsteinand try and have the audio card on its own IRQ by itself03:48
holsteinbut, that may not be necessary03:48
Kingbuzzoyeah well it's an m-audio delta 4403:50
holsteinAFAIK thats well supported03:51
holsteinlike the 1010lt right?03:51
Kingbuzzoyeah it is03:51
Kingbuzzobut I get noise in one channel randomly03:51
holsteinwhat is running into the channel?03:52
Kingbuzzodidn't have this problem on my last rig, but I was using an IDE HD then03:52
Kingbuzzoit's the output, input is fine.03:52
holsteincan you get the sound to move to another channel?03:52
Kingbuzzoit follows as long as there are two outputs03:52
Kingbuzzodoesn't happen in windows, but happens in jack, oss, and alsa03:52
holsteina buzz?03:52
Kingbuzzolike distortion, clipping03:53
holsteini dont have that card03:53
holsteinbut isnt there a panel for it?03:53
holsteinwith gain settings03:53
Kingbuzzoit will be working fine03:53
holsteini suppose youve tweaked those out pretty good then...03:53
Kingbuzzothen all of a sudden there's a strange clipping-like sound in one of the stereo channels03:54
holsteinare you getting xruns?03:54
Kingbuzzohowever not in my onboard sound03:54
Kingbuzzobut I seem to always be getting xruns anyway03:54
holsteinwell, i would start trouble shooting that03:54
holsteini dont get any03:55
holsteinrecording into ardour03:55
holsteini get some when i try some midi synths that dont play well with jack03:55
holsteinbut, i bet thats the noise03:55
holsteinif its clipping and sporatic like03:55
holsteinnot a constant hum03:55
Kingbuzzoeven if it's in OSS and ALSA?03:56
Kingbuzzoit will happen during basic playpack in audacious03:56
holsteinoh yeah03:56
holsteinthats strange03:56
holsteinkinda blows that theory then03:56
Kingbuzzoa reboot solves it for a while03:56
Kingbuzzoyeah strange stuff03:57
KingbuzzoI read that sometimes sata will interefere with the pci bus in some way03:58
holsteini forget how to view interupts03:58
holsteinbut that would be worth a look i suppose03:58
* holstein looks03:58
holsteincat /proc/interrupts04:04
holsteintry running thta04:04
holsteinand see what all is shared with your soundcard04:05
Kingbuzzohm, I'm not too sure what I'm looking for04:07
holsteinyou can pastebin it04:07
holsteinif you want04:07
KingbuzzoICE1712 should be it04:08
holsteini was goinf to say04:09
holsteini think thats it too04:09
holsteinyeah, all by itself like it should be04:10
holsteinim having a hard time thinking what would cause that in both jack, and like pulse too04:10
holsteinwell, the mailing list is very active04:11
holsteinif nobody pipes up here in a bit04:11
holsteinwith a better idea04:11
Kingbuzzowell thanks for helping. I might try at linux musicians04:12
Kingbuzzogood call04:13
sysdocKingbuzzo, U having trouble with an ICE 1712???05:49
sysdocWhat kernel are you running?05:50
sysdocuname -r05:50
sysdocU still in OSM?05:52
falco7woah lots of updates09:52
AmokPauleHello, can someone recommend me a good model animation software besides blender?18:05
lainlivesim not sure if there really are anymore free ones18:11
lainlivesgood ones anyway18:14
lainlivesUbuntu Studio fails whilst installing software packages and GRUB20:14
jussi01lainlives: please file a bug20:23
tenachHello!  I have a friend who has started using Ubuntu Studio, coming from Windows.  I have set him up with Blender, but he is rather confused with it.  Does it (Blender) support orthographic extrusion and/or spline-based modelling, similar to Lightwave?21:46
tucemiuxThis is the documentation I was able to dig up for blender: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuStudio/Graphics/Blender21:48
AmokPauleHello, i have a video grabber here to capture vhs videos on my pc, is there any other software then virtual dub around i can use?22:04
tucemiuxhave you tried kino?22:05
AmokPauleNot yet, can i also save the file while capturing into diffrent formats there?22:06
tucemiuxAmokPaule, once you have it set up and you save it, I suppose you can change the format to whatever you want22:08
tucemiuxAmokPaule, the trick is configuring it so that you can view and record your video22:08
tucemiuxmaybe this site will be of help: http://robfisher.net/linux/video/kino.html22:09
AmokPauleok amyn thanks :)22:09
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