stimble_anyone know a way to list all the emitted events on a system?07:17
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BuBUI've a small question about upstart + scripts18:49
BuBUhow to disable the stop on error stuff ?18:50
BuBUI mean ie in the script I'm doing I've things like rmmod mymodule18:50
BuBUbut if mymodule is not loaded... then the script stops :(18:50
ionIt’s just sh, you could do e.g. ‘rmmod foo || :’18:51
ionAlso, ‘modprobe -r foo’ doesn’t fail if foo isn’t loaded.18:52
BuBUI've same problems with some stuff like PSB_EXISTS=$(lsmod|grep psb)18:53
BuBUfor some reasons this does not work if psb is not in the list18:54
BuBUin fact behaviour in upstart is the same as when using set -e in a shell script18:55
BuBUso how to disable the set -e ?18:55
BuBUfor upstart for my given script ?18:55
ionRather don’t disable -e but write code that embraces the error handling you get from -e.18:57
BuBUso things like that: PSB_EXISTS=$(lsmod|grep psb)18:58
BuBUhow can I write clean code ? :)18:58
ionFor instance, if lsmod | grep -q '^psb '; then ...; else ...; fi. But why are you doing that in the first place?19:00
BuBUok thx19:02
BuBUin fact I'm adding poulsbo (intel GMA500) support for an ubuntu live cd19:03
BuBUbut I want to keep that livecd usable for non-GMA500 box19:03
BuBUthx ion19:06
BuBUwill check soon19:06
ionKernel modules should generally be loaded by udev.19:08
BuBUI know19:08
BuBUthe problem is that poulsbo sucks :)19:09
BuBUit use a modified drm.ko19:09
BuBUwhich does not work with regular devices19:09
BuBUso needs to rename based on the board19:09
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