Sachse_SiechtumI have some sound issues in the ET:QW demo (cracking sound)00:06
aunvachotekcan garena 4.0 run normal on wine?06:11
ubottuThe Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help06:12
TheSheep!ru | Chelovek07:21
ubottuChelovek: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke07:21
Chelovektam pusto (((07:23
TheSheepChelovek: then try later when the people woke up07:24
TheSheepChelovek: it's empty here too :)07:25
Chelovek ;)07:25
Sysiwhere should i ask about Xubuntu lucid 10.04, here or ubuntu+1?08:45
Balsaqgood morning xubuntu channel09:36
knomemorning bal09:38
Balsaqknome! master of that is xubuntu!09:38
Sysino help on09:39
Sysi* #ubuntu+1 with keyring problem in lucid09:40
Sysikeyboard in this eee 701 is a bit difficult09:40
Sysiproblem is that i can't09:42
Sysi\dunno how to set up passwd for default keyring09:42
confusiousHi-de-ho everybody !!19:06
confusiousHelloooooooo ??19:07
confusiousAnybody ?? Would someone pleasse talk to me ?? I'm lonely ! {Heh,heh}19:08
confusiousHey there Moose19:12
Sysiconfusious: for common chatting you should go for example to #ubuntu-offtopic19:14
confusiousokay.....hmmmmmm I'll try...I'm pretty new at this stuff19:15
Sysino problem, but this is ment to be support channel/helpdesk19:16
confusiousStill there ? If so,so what you're saying is that I should "join" that channel ?19:17
bazhangtype /join #channelname19:18
confusiousWell,cool.Thank you.....I'm not sure if that's even where I should be.....It's just that I have a couple of generalized computer questions19:19
bazhangwell this is specifically about xubuntu ; generalized linux? something other?19:20
confusiousNaaaaah.Just gen comp maybe I could ask you ?19:21
bazhanghardware? linux? ms?19:21
confusiousFirefox ?.......WHAT is the reason for pages trying to auto reload ? Should I allow them to ?19:22
confusiousI'm sorry if I'm in the wrong place19:22
confusiousHmmmmmmm.Tried typing & entering "/join#ubuntu-offtopic" I got an "unknown command"19:29
bazhangits /join #channel with a space19:30
confusiousahhhhh thank you19:30
Sysiwoa, i haven't noticed before how much we have cool art-stuff on repos19:52
knomeSysi, ? :P19:54
Sysiall honour propably don't belong to you :b19:54
knomeno, but i'd like to know what our users like19:55
Sysibut all those icon themes for example19:55
Sysii'm starting to have feeling that i *must* get xubuntu lucid to my desktop also19:56
Sysibut if you want new(?) idea, you could make xfwm theme with round buttons, like radial-emerald20:00
Sysijust an idea, i already made one to my netbook20:01
knomeif you are interested in future theme development, join #shimmer20:01
schmeHello #xubuntu.  I have installed xubuntu and it was running fine up until today. Now I booted the laptop and it said i810 driver was missing and wanted to run in low-res graphics mode.20:19
schmeSo I clicked ok and got the graphical login screen. I click my user, enter passwd, and it loads a bit, then the login screen pops up again.20:20
schmeHow do I actually log in?20:20
schmeAlso I am curious about how to enable the wifi network. When I could log in it asks me for a passwd. Now I can just login to console so I get no passwd prompt.20:26
lexeDoes anyone know if nvidia xid errors are caused by software (driver) bugs or hardware malfunction? I'm experiencing random hard freezes, these xid errors are the last errors available in syslog.20:44
Sysihave you installed propietary driver?20:51
lexei just installed the restricted driver coz ubuntu instructed me to do so20:54
lexeon a clean install ..20:54
lexeits a new computer ..20:54
Sysiyou could try the open driver20:54
Sysiin settings are propietary driver managment20:55
lexeis this the driver available in the software center?20:55
Sysiyou shouldn't need to install it separately20:57
Sysijust set it to be used20:58
lexeim sorry, where can i do this?20:58
Sysisomewhere in menu, propably under settings, is 'propietary driver managment' or something like that20:59
lexei can only activate the proprietary driver via system - prefs - hardware drivers (using 9.10)21:00
lexemaybe if i remove this one again itll be the open driver?21:01
lexe(open means nog 3d accel i guess?)21:01
Sysiyeah, it uses open driver if you disable the propietary one21:03
Sysiidk how well open driver works, but you can test if problem is matter of driver21:04
lexeill try that :)21:05
lexethx for your help m8 :)21:05
Sysinp :)21:07
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m8thello, does someone know who I can poke about Ruby-GNOME2? I have a problem using Threads but currently I reproduce the problem only under Ubuntu 9.1023:56

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