nirelguys i have a problem with my monitor02:52
mgariepymorning all13:24
sbalneavMorning all14:51
stgraberogra: btw, quick note on something we discussed a while ago. iBus works correctly even for localapps.15:51
stgraberogra: it's clearly doing some magic somewhere but it's working very nicely here.15:51
stgraberogra: I'll have someone come to our office this afternoon to confirm that Chinese is working properly (as I don't really understand it) :)15:52
stgraberthat's for one of my customer in China that'll be running laptop, desktops, thin clients and remote NX access on Karmic with Chinese input and interface15:52
ograsweet !15:52
alkisgstgraber, now that both you and ogra are here, can I just change that passthrough debconf method back to noninteractive, like debian has it? I think ogra says that it was never actually implemented, so we can just save ourselves from all the error messages. I tried with the debian plugin and it worked fine, and we still have time to check if that affects the alternate cd somehow.15:54
ogranono, i didnt say that15:54
ograi said it was used in ltsp-client-builder on the CD15:55
ograjust that ltsp-client-builder was never properly finished :)15:55
ograltsp-client-builder makes some use of passthrough, it will show a lot less progress if you use noninteractive there15:55
alkisgAh, sorry, misunderstood. But I did get the meaning right, right? I.e. that we can change it back to noninteractive...15:56
alkisgBut now it just shows 50 % and then 100%...15:56
alkisgThere's a bug filed for that15:56
ograwell, i would do it that way:15:57
ogradefine a variable that can replace the debconf frontend in the code dynamically and default to noninteractive15:57
ograif someone ever goes to fix the d-i module he will want to have passthrough available15:58
ograso there you can then export that variable15:58
alkisgwell, if DEBCONF_FRONTEND is set, we keep it, else we default to noninteractive - does that sound ok?15:58
ograno, because d-i might set soemthing completely different15:58
ogradont use DEBCONF_FRONTEND15:59
ogradefinae something else15:59
ograthat should be in the ltsp-build-client plugin15:59
alkisgWon't ltsp-client-builder be "in charge" of setting that SOMETHINGELSE variable? Why would it be better than saving/restoring DEBCONF_FRONTEND?16:00
ograltsp-client-builder can then set SOMETHINGELSE to whatever it wants16:00
alkisgI.e. DEBCONF_FRONTEND=passthrough ltsp-build-client16:00
alkisg...that'll save/restore the DEBCONF_FRONTEND value after the ltsp-build-client call...16:00
ograwell, try it16:01
alkisgBut how would I try it on the alternate cd?16:01
alkisgI mean, shouldn't we change it, and test on a daily image if it works?16:02
ograby changing it inside the CD :)16:02
ograits very tricky16:02
alkisgHmmm casper allows read/write, but what about the alternate?16:02
alkisgAh, you mean to unzip/rezip the .iso?16:02
ograit doesnt16:02
ografiddle with the iso16:03
ograas i said, very tricky and very time consuming16:03
alkisgHmmm I'd still go for the daily image, to save me some hours :)16:03
ograthats why i gave up on it ... i missed the time16:03
alkisg(which I currently don't have :D)16:03
alkisgWe're still in alpha3, can't we just try it?16:03
sbalneavJust to let people know, I'm expiring from the irc ops16:04
alkisgirc ops for edubuntu? why?16:05
sbalneavI have absolutely no desire to be an op for #edubuntu16:05
alkisgBut why? :)16:05
alkisgWhat if someone comes here and starts misbehaving? Who're we going to turn to?16:06
sbalneavI'll let others handle that,  I've got enough on my plate as it is :)16:06
alkisgOh com'on, it's not like it needs your attention every day... :)16:07
alkisgIt's nice to have a trusted person as an op, even if we never actually need him16:07
ograsbalneav, well, it comes in handy if you have a troll16:09
* ogra is usually not around after 9pm UTC16:09
LaserJockhi all16:17
LaserJockhighvoltage, stgraber, sbalneav: around?16:18
sbalneavYes for a moment or two16:22
LaserJocksbalneav: for Hardy I had a feature added to Add/Remove to "float" ubuntu-edu-* app bundles to the top of the Education category16:26
LaserJockno Software Center is replacing Add/Remove and they don't want to do the floating thing16:26
LaserJockinstead they have a mechanism for adding our own top-level "Compartment"16:26
LaserJockthey would like to know if that's OK or if we *really* need the "float to the top" thing16:27
LaserJockit's my bug but since I'm no longer in charge here I wanted to ask you guys what you wanted to do16:27
sbalneavHmm, not sure16:33
sbalneavWould the "compartment" be at the top16:33
LaserJocktop-level anyway16:34
LaserJockat the time that I added the floating thing the app-bundles were really a primary way of installing the Edubuntu software16:34
LaserJockas the Add-on CD wasn't getting used a ton it didn't seem16:35
LaserJocknow that the DVD is here I don't imagine that it will be used all that much16:35
LaserJockmy personal feeling is that it should be fine to drop the "float" thing as mvo/slangasek weren't pleased that we did it in the first place16:37
LaserJockas we were the only group using it16:37
LaserJockI think it also slowed down the app as the sorting got more complicated16:37
joerg_j #linux.de17:03
sbalneavLaserJock: BTW, did you see the responses to my comment?18:47
LaserJockI tend to think anything to do with empathy or telepathy is a dead end18:52
sbalneavI mean, it would be one thing to say "Yeah, try this, this, this.... Oh, still nothing?  OK, might be upstream"18:53
sbalneavBut it was *right out of the box*18:54
sbalneavAnd how the *&^#*% is a new end-user supposed to know where upstream is?18:54
LaserJockthey're just drowning in bugs and so are trying to close as many as possible and shove everything upstream18:56
LaserJockbut it does make one wonder what the point of having Launchpad is in that case18:57
sbalneavWell, that was my point.18:58
LaserJockI went to #telepathy to get help18:59
LaserJocknot significantly better18:59
LaserJockbut they did show me where there's a debug window in Empathy so I can watch to see if it's telepathy's fault or empathy's19:00
LaserJock... but that just sort of gets me to which bug tracker I'm supposed to head to, I have no confidence that the bug will actually be fixed19:00
sbalneavWhere's the debug window?19:05
LaserJockin Help19:05
LaserJockthe problem is this is such a random/niche bug19:06
LaserJockbut one I don't get in any other IM client19:06
=== joerg__ is now known as joerg

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