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UnixDawghey guys whats the tool in kubuntu to install pkgs from inside kde ?00:19
Typos_Kingas in synaptics in ubuntu?00:22
Typos_KingI'd prefer synaptics BTW00:22
Typos_Kingkubuntu has adept you can call it with 'adept_manager' it'd be in the KDE menus though00:23
UnixDawgwhat about kpackagekit ?00:24
AHelper2Hello!  How do I remove a package without removing dep.'s?00:24
UnixDawgno adept_manager00:25
fourathello all00:25
Typos_Kingkpackageit I think is for .deb installing, just like Gdebi00:26
fourati've installed kubuntu 9.10 and have no sound ... it only works on the startup sound and logout sound, but i cant get the sound when listening mp3 ...00:26
fouratany idea ?00:26
Typos_KingUnixDawg... is not .... well...  I know... 9.1 comes with 'aptitude' which is a console one00:27
* AHelper2 has no sound...00:27
Typos_KingUnixDawg but if you want the GUI one, I'd suggest to go with Synaptic, it'd be about 10mbs dl but is worth it IMO over the others00:27
Typos_KingAHelper    just do    sudo apt-get remove PACKAGENAME;   doesn't include any libs if it does, it'd say what's removig00:28
AHelper2But that will remove dependencies...00:29
fourati have strange issue with sound on kubuntu 9.1000:30
fourati can only hear sound when logging in to my session, or loging out from it00:30
fouratexcept that, sound wont work00:30
Typos_KingAHelper2..... it doesn't often for me.... I have to remove the deps with sudo apt-get autoremove often00:30
AHelper2sudo apt-get remove libopenal1  will remove all openal apps, not what I want00:31
Typos_Kingfourat:   sound won't work... what does that mean?  mp3s or oggs dont' work you mean? and wav's do?00:31
Typos_KingAHelper   check in dpkg, or man dpkg;    dpkg will have options relative to dependencies for that00:31
fouratTypos_King, is there an alsa sound tester, just to check it the right way00:32
AHelper2Hmm... My question (for all of this):  How can I get OpenAL to work with PA?00:32
AHelper2All OpenAL programs crash with .alsoftrc's config set to drivers=pulse,alsa.  Before this config, the audio crackled or was dropped.00:34
Typos_Kingfourat:  I don't think 9.1 comes with an mp3 decoders out of the box, it does do .wavs, but in my case I installed audacious2 player and it installed mp3 libs for playback00:35
AHelper2My Kubuntu had MP3's out-of-the-box...00:35
Typos_Kingmine didn't00:35
AHelper2Gah... My PC's audio has been nothing but trouble...00:36
Typos_Kingfourat:   and the 'session events' usually use either .ogg or .wav that I've seen00:38
AHelper2Hmm... an openal app tested ok for openal...00:40
AHelper2OK.  What can cause openal to have all null values when printing the openal version?00:42
* Typos_King doesn't use openall :|00:43
AHelper2... No games for you?00:45
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jessii can not get my laptop to connect to the internet, it will not work wired or wireless. i need to reinstall my network manager on my laptop but can not do it can anyone help me?00:53
Typos_Kingjessi:   how can we help you?   isn't going wired either?  ...00:57
Paddy_NIjessi: have you tried plugging in an ethernet cable?00:58
Paddy_NIjessi: also you may want to try "sudo ifconfig eth0 up" if you are still not connecting when cabled00:59
Paddy_NII use nm-applet in kde as knetworkmanager does not like hidden networks most of the time and fails to list even broadcasting networks too.. also mobile broadband fails with knetworkmanager01:00
Typos_KingPaddy_NI   no sweats, so do I :)01:02
vbgunzhas anybody yet had problems with suspending twice? any solutions yet?01:02
Paddy_NITypos_King: Other than that I love kde 4.4 :)01:03
Paddy_NITypos_King: are you in kubuntu-offtopic?01:03
jessinope that didn't work01:03
shaggy_How can i have an LV on my lvm  that has a 1 GB FS and fill it with 2.3 GB of data? its /tmp and i used dd ??? Is something wierd here?01:18
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jessii need to reload my network manager without any internet connection01:31
Typos_Kingjessi:    do so and finish when done :)01:43
jessihow to i do that?01:45
jessii'm not sure how to reload with no connection01:45
Typos_Kingrun the networ manager :)    knetworkmanager01:46
Typos_King... with no connection?  ...01:46
Typos_Kingeasy for you say :P01:48
Paddy_NIjessi: Are you saying that knetworkmanager is not installed?01:50
kuangwhere do you come from?01:51
Paddy_NIjessi: Do you have access to a computer with a net connection.. if so this has saved my ass many times http://keryxproject.org/01:51
resohiii :p02:11
resoDo you know a program who can automatically record an input of soudcard with scheduled auto delete time and with severals options of record?02:12
Qvintvsany recs for a kde/qt ftp client?02:24
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UnixDawgkpackagekit is nice04:01
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hanthanai would like to localize kubuntu05:39
hanthanai have done kde essentials for my language and also continuing the rest of localizing the apps05:39
ubuntuo que devo fazer, heim05:53
ubuntuvejam voces onde vim parar05:56
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.06:21
daskreechhanthana: Ask in #kubuntu-devel. Help appreciated thanks :) may want to speak to apachelogger06:21
hanthanadaskreech: thanks06:27
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sledgehello.. i was wondering if anyone can tell me how to make kubuntu automatically set up my NTFS drives07:13
sledgeim trying to install osx using VMWARE07:16
sledgeLETS PRAY that this installing nvidia 185 doesnt screw up my whole operation07:20
daskreechsledge: fstab ?07:27
sledgeoh yes07:27
sledgeits coming to me now.07:27
ubottuThe /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions07:30
plattdeutscherwhich repos do you use for kde4.4beta?07:36
jussi01plattdeutscher: /topic :) (and it isnt beta anymore, its the final version)07:43
plattdeutscherahhh, thanks jussi0107:44
basajauncan PYSDM be  used in Kubuntu 9.10        ?  or is it a gnome app?07:47
daskreechbasajaun: That question doesn't make any sense07:47
daskreechAny Gnome app can be used in Kubuntu07:47
basajaunyes  but some drag into the system a heavy bulk of dependancies07:48
basajaunhence the question07:49
daskreechYes but they can still be used07:50
basajaunsecond the fact you point out to me that I am stupid to ask questions that do not make sense doesn't make me any wiser daskreech07:51
basajaunbut thanks daskreech07:52
daskreechbasajaun: I didn't say you were stupid07:52
daskreech I said the question doesn't make sense07:52
BiggBangIs any upgrade of Kubuntu available now ?07:56
daskreechBiggBang: depends on what you mean by that question07:57
BiggBangI don t know which version I am using07:57
daskreechtype lsb_release -a in a termina07:58
daskreechshould give you a codename07:58
BiggBangHow do I check it ?07:58
BiggBangKarmic Ubuntu 9.1008:00
BiggBangIs it the last one ?08:01
ubottuUbuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala) is the current release of Ubuntu. Download: http://releases.ubuntu.com/9.10/ - Release Info: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/91008:01
BiggBangty :)08:01
daskreechYou are welcome :)08:02
BiggBangWhere are you located ?08:03
BiggBangtyvm :)08:04
BiggBangIèm from Eastern Canada.08:04
BiggBangI am08:04
BiggBangIs it opened all around the clock here ?08:05
BiggBangThe channel ?08:05
BiggBangHow is working REGISTER here ?08:07
BiggBangFor a Nickname ?08:07
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sledgehow so is ave in vI?08:07
GeckoHey, I have a couple of annoying programs that start up automatically with each session. It's like an old session that has been saved. How can I stop these apps from starting up automatically?08:08
sledgeGecko theres a startup applications somewhere08:08
Geckosledge: the folder?08:09
sledgeGecko,  system settings08:09
Geckosledge: I'm either blind or it's not in 4.4 :)08:09
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sledgesearch for it08:12
sledgeStartup Applications08:12
BiggBangBye all08:12
sledgeprobably whats happening08:13
Geckosledge: It's not there08:13
sledgeis it's saving your last session08:13
sledgeit default to save sessionk, then reopen where you left off08:13
GeckoHmm, right. I'll see if there's still some process left running before I log out08:14
sledgelemme see08:16
sledgeGecko,  i don't see it but i have seen it before somwhere.08:17
plattdeutscherwhy is sometimes Alt-Ctrl-F[1-6] working and sometimes just showing a blank screen?08:19
plattdeutscherand how can I change my text screen to have more characters on one screen?08:19
plattdeutscherups, after the update to KDE4.4 my addressbook is gone.08:21
zubin71hi im trying to update my packages using kpackagemanager ; however it doesnt work as it tries to connect via a proxy i had configured a long time back. how do i revert the setting so that i could upgrade the packages?08:24
daskreechIs it a KDE wide proxy?08:30
zubin71daskreech, the only place ive set it at all is http_proxy on the konsole08:31
zubin71daskreech, in any case could you tell me where the proxy setting for kpackagemanager is?08:31
daskreechI think it's in Kpackagekit08:31
zubin71oh; mi mistake... i dint mean kpackagemanager... ive been talking about kpackagekit the whole time...08:32
zubin71daskreech, there is no such option...08:38
daskreechzubin71: Then it's in the Network setting in system settings for al lKDE08:39
chlih[08:41] <chlih> i need solution to get connected with usb_adsl on ubuntu08:41
chlihplease help08:41
ubottuFor information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent08:43
ubottuYou want to connect via dial-up? Read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DialupModemHowto - Also try disabling/removing KNetworkManager if KDE applications cannot connect using dial-up08:43
daskreechchlih: try kppp ?08:43
chlihi wanna get connected via adsl08:43
daskreechor bridge the eth0 with usb device08:44
chlihnow i'm connected with a usb modem,it works08:45
zubin71daskreech, those settings are set to connect directly08:51
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zubin71daskreech, it seems to be some kind of a bug :(08:51
daskreechzubin71: Well you set the proxy under KDE then08:51
zubin71daskreech, im on a direct connection now08:52
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daskreechperhaps it got erased then?08:53
zubin71daskreech, wait a min. does configuring synaptic in GNOME have something to do with it?08:53
zubin71daskreech, i guess it does... maybe those settings are being used here too, smhow08:54
daskreechdo'nt know if that sets a system proxy, a gnome proxy or a apt proxy08:54
zubin71daskreech, sets an apt proxy i spose08:54
zubin71daskreech, thats one bad feature...  :( gotta report if its the problem...08:54
theseusCan anybody help me please? I get a really (and I mean really!) annoying beep sound in Eclipse and Firefox under KDE4 I cannot find any configuration to stop it. I tried to add the following lines to .gtkrc-2.0 but that didnt help :-(   gtk-enable-event-sounds=009:01
noaXesshow can i reinstall a kernel modul with dkms for a new kernel, if it doesn't automatifally?09:06
noaXesssudo dkms status09:07
noaXesspsb-kernel-source, 4.41.6, 2.6.31-19-generic, i686: installed09:07
noaXessbut my actually kernel is: Linux netkubu 2.6.31-20-generic #57-Ubuntu SMP Mon Feb 8 09:05:19 UTC 2010 i686 GNU/Linux09:07
theseusah same lines in "~/.gtkrc-2.0" did the trick :-)09:14
zubin71any1 using the "Monaco" font here?09:15
titan_arkhey! need an urgent help with OOo. I was trying to install the odf-converter as docx format documents were garbled and now it is is not opening any documents! is there a way to remove and reinstall all OOo packages?09:20
shadeslayertitan_ark: reinstall : openoffice.org09:22
shadeslayertitan_ark: its a package in itself ;)09:22
shadeslayer!find openoffice.org | titan_ark09:23
ubottutitan_ark: Found: dictionaries-common, hunspell-de-at, hunspell-de-ch, hunspell-de-de, hunspell-eu-es (and 220 others)09:23
shadeslayer!info openoffice.org | titan_ark09:23
ubottutitan_ark: openoffice.org (source: openoffice.org): full-featured office productivity suite. In component main, is optional. Version 1:3.1.1-5ubuntu1.1 (karmic), package size 5 kB, installed size 52 kB (Only available for armel i386 m68k mips mipsel powerpc s390 amd64 ia64 lpia ppc64 s390x sparc all arm)09:23
titan_arkshadeslayer, thanks for the information. But how do i remove all the packages and reinstall them? I am quite new to linux. not very comfortable with all commands09:24
shadeslayertitan_ark: sure no problem09:25
shadeslayertitan_ark: press alt+F2 and type konsole,hit enter09:25
titan_arkokay i am in the terminal09:25
shadeslayertitan_ark: now type : sudo apt-get remove openoffice.org09:26
shadeslayertitan_ark: if you want to purge config files as well use : --purge before openoffice.org09:27
titan_arkshadeslayer, cool thanks =)09:27
tdnAfter upgrading to KDE 4.4 my fixed width fonts are all messed up. Screen dump here: http://bayimg.com/iaKIhAACn  How do I solve this issue? It happens with fonts: Droid Sans Mono and Inconsolata, but not with DejaVu Sans Mono. What gives?09:28
shadeslayertitan_ark: now to install : sudo apt-get install openoffice.org09:28
titan_arkshadeslayer, cool :)09:32
shadeslayertitan_ark: so the generic commands are : sudo apt-get install foo : for installing stuff, for removing : sudo apt-get remove foo : and for searching we have : apt-cache search foo :09:34
shadeslayertitan_ark: we also have : sudo apt-get update : for updating your sources and : sudo apt-get dist-upgrade : for upgrading packages,always update your sources first ;)09:35
shadeslayer!apt | titan_ark : for complete documentation09:36
ubottutitan_ark : for complete documentation: APT is the Advanced Package Tool, which together with dpkg forms the basic Ubuntu package management toolkit. Short apt-get manual: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGetHowto - Also see !Synaptic (Gnome), !Adept (KDE) or !KPackageKit (KDE)09:36
titan_arkshadeslayer, when I try remove it says no packages! none for autoremove either09:36
shadeslayertitan_ark: and you can still run OOo09:36
titan_arkshadeslayer, hmmm removed and installed but no good :(09:40
zubin71is there a kubuntu package for the "Monaco" font?09:41
shadeslayerzubin71: package for a font?09:43
shadeslayerzubin71: arent those installed by the kde font installer09:43
zubin71shadeslayer, well, i tried that but the font doesnt work for me on KDE. i assumd there must be a package for a set of fonts...09:44
zubin71im not sure tho...09:44
shadeslayer!find monaco09:46
ubottuFile monaco found in openclipart-png, openclipart-svg, roxen-fonts-iso8859-1, xfig-libs09:46
shadeslayerzubin71: try installing : roxen-fonts-iso8859-1 : maybe it has it09:46
zubin71shadeslayer, trying it out..09:47
noaXessi have a asus eee t91 netbook with touchscreen.. now successfully installed kubuntu 9.10 with latest packages from backports..09:53
noaXessso.. all is working..09:53
noaXessnext step is get toucscreen running.. how can i check what manufacturer the touchscreen has? if its evtouch i know basically what to do..09:54
shadeslayernoaXess: try lspci or sudo lshw10:00
noaXessshadeslayer: lspci: http://paste.ubuntu.com/384252/10:01
zubin71shadeslayer, nope still does`nt work.. is10:02
zubin71is it a karmic prob?10:02
shadeslayerzubin71: dunno,10:02
noaXessshadeslayer: sudo lshw: http://paste.ubuntu.com/384253/10:02
shadeslayernoaXess: um..nothing useful in lspci10:02
zubin71shadeslayer, thnkx for trying anyhow! :)10:03
noaXessshadeslayer: in lshw too10:04
noaXessshadeslayer: hm.. is that cause it's not loaded or a part of another device?10:06
MamaroknoaXess: you might want to have a look at this bug on Launchpad: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/31709410:07
shadeslayernoaXess: well lspci and lshw dont depend on the loaded modules afaik10:07
shadeslayeri was searching for bugs too ;)10:07
Mamarokthis is the "general" bug to gather all data for various touchscreen manufaturers and trying to solve the problem10:08
noaXessMamarok: so.. what you think.. install evtouch anyway and test?10:09
noaXessor what you will do?10:09
MamaroknoaXess: yes, there is not much of a choice if you can't get other data10:10
noaXessMamarok: ok... so search for a howto..10:10
MamaroknoaXess: but you should skim through the submitted stuff to see if you can find something similar to your output10:11
Mamarokshadeslayer: hint: subscribe to the bugs ML and then search locally in kmail, much faster than searching on Launchpad :)10:11
shadeslayerMamarok: well i have subscribed to kubuntu bugs.. i was searching in that :)10:12
shadeslayerbut i guess since i have a new subscription this bug was not in it10:12
noaXessayn knowledge en evtouch?10:12
noaXessin ^10:12
noaXessshadeslayer: Mamarok: look at this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/384264/ on line 62: N: Name="AsusTek, Inc. MultiTouch"10:16
MamaroknoaXess: oh, great, you have the handlers!10:18
Mamarokso you should be able to configure the device10:18
noaXessMamarok: how??10:18
Mamarokhm, lst time I did that was 6 months ago...10:18
Mamarokit needs to be added to xorg.conf IIRC10:19
noaXessMamarok: i know.. but what..10:19
Mamarokbut since that was so long ago it might have changed10:19
Mamaroklet me digg that up10:19
noaXessok nice...10:21
* shadeslayer has no idea what handlers are ;)10:22
Mamarokshadeslayer: it is needed to calibrate the touchscreen10:24
shadeslayerMamarok: okies..10:24
smookiI have a problem with session logging dialog cause it stays in qwerty, how can I fix that please ?10:24
smookianyone please ?10:26
noaXesslunch time... enjoy your meal's :)10:28
MamaroknoaXess: did you run lshal yet?10:28
smookiOk, I think I got it, but session manager should allow to switch keymap, like windwos does10:29
smookihoooo still not set10:30
apofis2010alguien habla español?10:30
Mamarok!es | apofis201010:30
ubottuapofis2010: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.10:30
smookidamn, how do you change the keymap for session manager ?10:30
smookiapofis2010: , search for a spanish chan10:30
Mamaroksmooki: I just told him10:30
Mamaroksmooki: also,why changing the keymap for the sessionmanager? Configure different ones in the systemsettings and change in the SysTray10:31
smookiplease help me10:32
Mamaroksmooki: did you just read what I told you?10:32
tinashehi guys..I want to ask how to install kubuntu minimal install from a Kubuntu 9.10 CD....10:32
Mamaroktinashe: do you already have an Ubuntu installation?10:33
smookioops Mamarok10:33
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smookiMamarok : why change it ? well, as I use an azerty keyboard, getting qwerty at session manager is not conveniant you see ...10:34
tinasheMamarok, hi there..i want to install a fresh Kubuntu Minimal Install on a Virtual Machine for certain projects which should be shippable in terms of the VM sizes...10:34
Mamaroktinashe: the CD actually *is* a minimal Kubuntu10:34
Mamarokit just contains a lot of langauge packs10:34
Mamaroksmooki: configure different keyboard layouts in the systemsetting -> Region and language and activate the changer for the SysTray, then you can easily switch.10:35
tinasheMamarok, I know..i meant more minimal than that..if possible...otherwise, how many gigs would it take me to install the minimal CD10:35
smookiMamarok : I've allready done that, but I has no effect on session manager itself !10:36
tinasheMamarok, I want to create a VM hard disk < 1Gb10:36
Mamaroktinashe: yes, the CD is much less, and you only instll the langauges you need, that makes much less than the iso size10:36
Mamaroksmooki: you should set your system locale right, then10:37
smookiMamarok: , set locale, where please ?10:37
Mamaroksession manager uses the system keyboard setting, chosen on installation10:37
ubottuTo set up and configure your locales, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LocaleConf10:37
Mamaroksmooki: see above10:37
tinasheMamarok, ok..how do i get to select the packages i want for the minimal install..in suse there is an option for that..how about kubuntu?10:37
ubottuThe Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD10:38
smookiwell I asked for azerty during installation, believe me, and really KDE team should add a keymap switcher10:38
Mamaroksmooki: hm, then this is a bug, first time I hear about though10:38
smookiMamarok : bug or not, there really must be a switcher, like windows afaik10:39
theseusHi I installed the "gnome-control-center" because of some issues of my gtk application sounds, but since then all my notications changed from plasma notification to gnome notification. They are realy ugly, is there a way to change them back?10:40
smookianyway thanks for helping Mamarok10:40
Mamaroksmooki: that should not be necessary since it should use the azerty keyboard by default, if configured correctly10:40
tinashesmooki, Mamarok the mini.iso CDs available there are Ubuntu..I want to install Kubuntu...10:41
smookiwell, many people will not even know what is keymap, so allowing to easilly change that would be appreciated by azerty kb onwer10:41
smookitinashe : what ?10:41
jussi01smooki: just a quick thing, does changing the language of the login manager help?  (not ideal, but maybe try it?) system settings -> advanced -> login manager -> language10:42
smookinope it doesn't10:42
tinashesmooki, erm erm..I mean the link you gave me has only Ubuntu minimal cds..and not Kubuntu...10:42
smookitinashe : I didn't give you any link dude10:43
jussi01tinashe: the minimal is neither, you can choose ubuntu-desktop or kubuntu-desktop... it allows you to choose what you want10:43
Daugha|ntinashe: apt-get install kubuntu desktop after install.10:43
Daugha|nForgot the hyphen.10:43
tinashesmooki, sorry..that was directed to ubottu..sorry...10:44
jussi01!bot | tinashe10:44
ubottutinashe: Hi! I'm #kubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots10:44
Mamaroktinashe: the person giving you those links was jussi01, not ubottu, which is just a bot10:46
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tinasheMamarok, well in the chat i saw this from him..pretty sure..n-way burning the Min. CD now..did u say it gives an option of Kubuntu and Ubuntu on Installation?10:50
Mamaroktinashe: yes, you can choose on installation which desktop you want to install10:50
tinasheMamarok, kk..thanks..one other question...would be a 500MB VM Hard Disk be enough for this min cd?10:51
tinasheMamarok, considering that most files will be extracted...10:52
smookiok to change the 'native' keymap, the ubuntu's site says to use dpkg-reconfigure, but I don't get this, so I tried a search but I cant define witch pak is related ... can someone help me ?10:53
tinasheMamarok, I mean during installation...10:54
tinasheMamarok, am not nagging..just want to ask if a 500MB VM Hard Disk is enough for the minimal install CD..considering that files are gonna be extraced..10:59
tinasheMamarok, before I installl.10:59
Mamaroktinashe: I doubt that, 500 Mb is very tiny10:59
tinasheMamarok, ok...so roughly what size...11:01
smookisudo dpkg-reconfigure localconf   ---->   Package `localconf' is not installed and no info is available.11:01
Mamaroktinashe: 1.5 Bg would be more sane to have11:01
Mamaroksmooki: there is no such package11:02
Mamarokare you shoure you typed that correctly?11:02
smookihttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/LocaleConf <--- they say to use $ sudo dpkg-reconfigure localeconf11:02
Mamarokit should read localeconf11:02
Mamaroksmooki: you missed the e11:02
Mamarok!list > ema11:03
ubottuema, please see my private message11:03
smookiok sorry ^^11:03
smookibut even wrtting it well, I got that response11:03
smookiMamarok : ?11:04
Mamaroksmooki: I am checking, wait11:05
Mamaroksmooki: to configure the locales you can use the locale command11:07
Mamaroklocaleconf is not used anymore, that wiki is a bit old, sorry11:07
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot »11:07
smookiMamarok : what is old, to use localeconf or dpkg-reconfigure localeconf ?11:09
Mamarokema: please stop that!11:09
smookiema, this is not a wared chan11:11
Mamaroksmooki: s/he is gone11:12
smookiMamarok : this drive me mad11:17
smookicant I edit a file ?11:18
Mamaroksmooki: set your locales with the locale command, it is described there11:22
Mamarokand set your keyboard, described a bit more down in that page11:22
smookibut there is not a file to edit ? that would be easier11:23
Mamaroksmooki: you just have to type a line to configure that, no need to edit anything11:28
tinashe_Mamarok, man is there a way of using advanced install when installing ubuntu minimal cd..11:49
Mamaroktinashe_: it uses the alternative installer, what do you mean by "advanced instalL"?11:53
tinashe_Mamarok, oh..i mean selecting only the packages you want to install besides the default...11:57
Mamaroktinashe_: I guess you have the choice for a minimal installation, everything else you can add afterwards11:58
MamarokI have never used it11:58
Mamarokok, meal time, bbl11:59
tinashe_Mamarok, kk..thanks...12:01
noaXessMamarok: so.. back..12:17
noaXesslshal: http://paste.ubuntu.com/384338/12:18
sateHi installed GDM , how do I run it?12:19
shadeslayersate: just logout?12:21
noaXesssate: have you reconfigured it? sudo dpkg-reconfigure gdm should do all what needed and set gdm as default display manager12:21
shadeslayersate: when you installed gdm it would have asked you if you want to set it as default12:21
sateyeah I said no12:21
noaXesssate: but why, you work in kubuntu?12:21
sateI do12:21
satebut my computer is acting sluggish12:21
noaXesswhy gdm? not kdm?12:21
sateI just need a new windows manager, thats not using so much resources12:22
Torchsate: you misunderstand.12:22
Torchsate: kdm is not a window manager.12:22
sateWhat I mean is, I need may need to use GDM, because it doesn't use so much resources like KDE12:23
Torchsate: if you want to run _gnome_ instead of _kde_ you can still use either kdm or gdm. they're login managers, i.e. the applications you enter your password into at the start.12:24
shadeslayersate: untrue12:24
shadeslayersate: you can make your WM as light as you please12:24
noaXesssate: just install ubuntu-desktop then you get gnome.. or fresh install ubuntu instead of kubuntu12:24
sateso installing GDM won't solve anything?12:25
Torchsate: i think you're confused about what you want, what's using resources and what isn't and what is what.12:25
Torchsate: no.12:25
Torchsate: nothing at all. it's just ugly ;-)12:25
sateI agree, but my computer crys lately :(12:25
sateI got all desktop effects off12:25
shadeslayersate: whats your config?12:25
sateWhat do you mean shadeslayer?12:26
shadeslayersate: like hardware configuration?12:27
=== coaboa_ is now known as coaboa
sateoh my specs12:27
sateI have a toshiba satellite m115 s309412:28
sateUpgraded to 2 gigs of ram, 1.6ghz duo, crappy intel 945 gpu card12:28
sateShould I not be using kde shadeslayer?12:30
shadeslayersate: um that looks fine12:32
Torchsate: the intel card can be problematic. the drivers, especially. apart from that it should run very well with that specs.12:32
sateWell I just notice that when I run youtube, my cpu fan runs constantly.. When I had ubuntu installed, It didn't run that much12:32
sateI really like the KDE, but I just don't want to kill my computer :/12:32
Torchsate: you won't harm your computer that way if it's not broken and not overclocked.12:33
sateSo the cpu fan being on is okay?12:34
shadeslayersate: absolutely12:34
Torchsate: of course. it exists to cool the cpu. as long as it's running, all is well.12:34
X-TREME-ASHey all12:34
sateDon't get me wrong my laptop is a fine computer, I just don't want to over kill it.  Like I had windows 7 installed, but it was too much12:35
edakiriHI.. I know about !kde.  I'm running Ubuntu Lucid Lynx.  Does anyone know about activity porting KDE3 to LL?12:50
ubottuKubuntu 8.04 ships with KDE3 and full support. Jaunty does not include KDE3 but a remix install CD can be obtained at  https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/Kde3/Jaunty . This is not officially supported. Support, instructions and ways to contribute can be found on the wiki page12:50
shadeslayeredakiri: KDE 3 is officially unsupported in LL12:53
shadeslayeredakiri: also on karmic ;)12:53
edakiriI know it is 'unofficial' I just desperately need to upgrade frome KDE4 to KDE3.12:55
edakiriSo I may go back to karmic.12:55
shadeslayeredakiri: upgrade? thats a downgrade ;)12:56
jetdronehi, with Kate every time i open a file it opens a new instance of the editor, i know if i use kate -u file it reuses the editor, is there a way to get this as the default behavior on kubuntu? I open lots of files and would like them to be on the same kate window like it happens with notepad++ on windows12:57
Peace-jetdrone: maybe modifying the laucher?13:05
jetdroneok if i do that on /usr/share/applications/kde4/kate.desktop it works, and maybe offtopic is it just me or shouldn't this be the default behavior?13:09
phili've got a quite annoying problem with vim in ubuntu, if i :make inside of vim, and there is an error somewhere, vim trys to open that file and it fails to do so properly.13:26
Peace-bad :)13:28
Peace-i dunno anyway13:28
phili start vim with #vim src/whatever.cpp and if the error shows up in src/classes/xy.cpp then vim tries to open xy.cpp in the root directory instead. this does not happen with an old suse system13:28
philwondered if i should ask in the #vim channel13:28
philbut it does not fail in suse so i ended up here13:28
Peace-phil: i am sorry but :) like i said  i dunno cuz i am a video audio semi-expert and that's all13:29
philPeace-: yeah probably a kubuntu vim fan club channel would be a better place to ask :-)13:30
Peace-phil: maybe you coukd get more answer on #ubuntu13:31
philPeace-: i'll try that one, thanks Peace- Peace :-)13:31
=== ubsafder is now known as ubsafde
turtle^s0uphi, does anyone know what directories Adobe Flash gets installed in?13:37
ToxinPowe /usr/lib/flashplugin-installer/13:39
Kasm279what is the package name fo rintel graphics drivers?13:41
edakiriKasm279: xorg-server-intel  or similar.13:43
=== bigjools is now known as bigjools-lunch
Peace-Kasm279: mmm libdrm2_2.4.15  libdrm-intel1_2.4.15 xserver-xorg-video-intel_2.9.113:44
Kasm279hey edakiri13:44
Kasm279do you know of a way withing th esudo apt-get thing to search?13:44
Peace-apt-cache search package13:45
Peace-Kasm279: -----> service menu made by me13:45
edakiriKasm279: you can safely remove all other xorg-server-thingy13:46
Kasm279thanks Peace-13:47
edakirior most intel users can.13:47
Kasm279can i put all those in one line and have it get all three or do i need to do it seperately?13:47
Kasm279im sorry, but ive been away from a REAL terminal for a while >.>13:48
edakiriKasm279: you can do:   aptitude install package0 package1 package213:50
Kasm279it isnt working13:50
Kasm279edakiri: says aptitude cant be found13:51
Peace-sudo apt-get install stuff13:51
Kasm279and it cant find any of those packages13:51
Kasm279im on 9.1 btw13:51
Peace-packages i have written  have number13:52
Peace-you should use autocomplete feature13:52
Peace-press TAB after you have written some stuff like13:52
Peace-sudo apt-ge install xserver ...NOW PRESS TAB13:52
Peace-it should show you13:52
Peace-a lots of packages13:53
Kasm279if i remove the number it works13:53
Kasm279and i tried to get that thingy of yours and konquerer decided to open it up13:53
Kasm279instead of downloading it13:53
BluesKajKasm279, which graphics ?13:54
Kasm279restarting xserv13:55
Kasm279BluesKaj: i cant remember the exact number but its in the 8xxx series13:55
BluesKaj8xxx series nvidia ?13:56
Kasm279i know, its horrible13:56
Kasm279im gonna eventually grab a 1GB video card for it13:56
BluesKajKasm279, intel grphics is probly ok , just gotta find the right drivers for it13:57
Kasm279BluesKaj: meh, a GeForce2 MX/200 beats it13:58
Kasm279unfortunelty the version i have of that card is AGP...13:58
Kasm279and this only has PCI slots13:58
Kasm279its a nice system though13:59
Kasm279Sysinfo for 'kasm279-desktop': Linux 2.6.28-11-generic running KDE 4.2.2 (KDE 4.2.2), CPU: Intel(R)Pentium(R)4CPU3.20GHz at 3191 MHz (6384 bogomips), HD: 2/73GB, RAM: 413/465MB, 122 proc's, 24.1min up13:59
BluesKajkasm do, lspci | grep VGA14:00
BluesKajKasm279, lspci | grep VGA , in the terminal14:02
Kasm279BluesKaj: it doesnt do naything14:02
Kasm279just gives me another line to type in14:02
Kasm279does it need sudo?14:02
BluesKajmake sure the expression is exactly like I typed it14:03
Kasm279well wth14:03
Kasm279well wth14:03
Kasm279i thoguht i typed it right14:03
Kasm279copy'n'paste worked14:03
Kasm279VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 82865G Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 02)14:04
BluesKajand , no output ?14:04
Kasm279thats the output14:04
BluesKajok good14:04
Kasm279wait BluesKaj14:05
Kasm279how many spaces did you pput in?14:05
BluesKajthat looks correct . Kasm27914:06
Kasm279anyway, any ideas on how to get all the purdy effects with this thing BluesKaj?14:07
BluesKajso what are you looking to do ?14:08
Kasm279get a triver to enable comositioning and stuff :\14:08
Kasm279i installed one but i cant remember how to restart xserv14:08
BluesKajxserver must be running if you have a desktop14:09
=== FeNRiR is now known as Guest32386
Kasm279BluesKaj: i remember a way to restart it if say the computer crashed14:09
BluesKajgo to a tty and type startx14:11
BluesKajctrl+alt+f1 , then startx, but that won't work if it's already running14:12
BluesKajX that is14:12
Kasm2793662s 352e 5 g6t 5t rest-14:13
Kasm279numlock was on14:13
FloodBotK2Kasm279: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.14:13
BluesKajKasm279,  ctrl+alt+f7 to get back to the desktop14:16
Kasm279thanks BluesKaj14:19
Kasm279BluesKaj: its ctrl+alt+backspace14:19
Kasm279if you have it turned on (to reset xserver)14:19
UnixDawgis skype somewhere in the pkgs ?14:20
UnixDawgthat are not standard ?14:20
BluesKajKasm279, I was about to suggest you turn X off with sudo /etc/init.d/kdm stop , then startx , then sudo /etc/init.d/kdm start , after drpping to the TTY14:21
Kasm279BluesKaj: does the shortcut do the same thing?14:22
Kasm279and what do you mean by TTY?14:22
BluesKajctrl+alt+bspc does nothing on machines after jaunty14:23
Kasm279the control-alt-f1-6 terminals?14:23
BluesKajKasm279, the TTY is the same as the terminal only without the Xserver14:23
Kasm279is that where you use the control-alt-f(1-6) keys to g-14:24
Kasm279brb then14:24
=== root is now known as Guest20878
Kasm279BluesKaj: after startx it dumped me bacj into the gui14:27
ujjainIs it true that only the Ubuntu alternate installer can create LVM partitions?? Seems such a vital option. And where can I find this alternate CD?14:28
* Kasm279 pokes BluesKaj14:29
ujjainPC  (Intel x86) alternate install CD << How many bits is this?14:29
lucianobom dia pessoal14:30
Kasm279does this freeze up Konq with you guys? http://www.intel.com/support/graphics/intel845g/14:32
Kasm279i have to go D:14:33
Kasm279ill get back to this tonight >.>14:33
Kasm279later BluesKaj and thanks for your help14:34
mudassarhi guys, can somebody solve my problem I am having problem compiling with g++14:34
shadeslayermudassar: sure14:36
shadeslayermudassar: whats the problem14:36
mudassarshadeslayer: where should I paste the error ?14:36
shadeslayer!pastebin | mudassar14:36
ubottumudassar: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.14:36
=== skype is now known as MidMark
noaXesswhat does kubuntu-firefox-installer do? i can't run it..14:37
shadeslayernoaXess: install firefox..14:37
mudassarshadeslayer: here is the error ==> http://paste.ubuntu.com/384404/14:37
noaXessshadeslayer: right :) but what exactly..14:37
shadeslayernoaXess: install firefox+kde integration14:38
shadeslayermudassar: ok apparently you havent defined the function14:38
shadeslayermudassar: no matching function for call to ‘transform14:39
shadeslayermudassar: either you missed out some variables to pass or the function has a different name14:39
mudassarshadeslayer: it works in windows when built with visual studio14:39
mudassarshadeslayer: I am using STL library14:40
shadeslayermudassar: well i think #C++ is a better channel for this14:40
shadeslayermudassar: they are pretty good at this,i had a question and they solved it asap14:40
noaXessshadeslayer: i get this http://paste.ubuntu.com/384406/14:40
shadeslayernoaXess: http://paste.ubuntu.com/384407/14:41
noaXessshadeslayer: same on you?14:41
shadeslayernoaXess: looks like it14:42
shadeslayernoaXess: well apachelogger might have more info14:42
shadeslayerhes the dev on that14:42
noaXessapachelogger: any idea about lateste kubuntu-firefox-installer?14:43
noaXesshave the same problem on two machines..14:44
noaXessapachelogger: here is the output http://paste.ubuntu.com/384411/14:44
shadeslayernoaXess: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/46022514:46
shadeslayerwrong bug... i thought it was related to our crash14:47
n8wanyone willin to help me out with settin up python environment in kubuntu?14:49
darthanubisanyone notice that kde does not report the correct refresh rate for your monitor. Has it showing as 50hz i you use nvidia?14:50
shadeslayer!python | noaXess14:52
ubottunoaXess: python is a popular Object Oriented scripting language included in Ubuntu. For more on Python please see http://www.python.org14:52
shadeslayern8w: ^^14:52
shadeslayern8w: all the documentation is on the site..14:53
n8wshadeslayer:  ye but ive got a problem which is more related to kubuntu than to python14:53
shadeslayern8w: sure shoot :)14:53
n8wshadeslayer:  i set up all paths correctly by usin "export blabla" ...env lists all path correctly, but the installer keeps sayin that i should set correct paths14:54
=== bigjools-lunch is now known as bigjools
shadeslayern8w: ok did you reload the terminal with : source .bashrc14:55
n8wshadeslayer:  ufff...nope14:56
shadeslayern8w: :)14:56
shadeslayern8w: you need to do that14:56
n8wshadeslayer:  just to make clear what im dealin with:  http://tiny.cc/aIQOU14:57
shadeslayern8w: ill be going in a few mins14:57
n8wshadeslayer:  ok,i will try what u say14:57
n8wshadeslayer:  sounds promisin:)))))14:57
shadeslayern8w: ok ive gtg,but try the source .bashrc command14:58
shadeslayerit should work :)14:58
n8wshadeslayer:  thx m814:58
=== bandicoot is now known as bandicoot_
n8wok:))) ..well....could anyone help me with the command bashrc?15:02
BiosftwIs there a way to copy a special part of a pdf and convert it to ps without losing its vector graphic property15:06
n8wcmon ppl15:10
noaXesswhere is is the linux source located if i have installed it?15:12
vbgunzmy korganizer daemon doesn't really run by itself anymore. why?15:26
vbgunzanyone know why creating shortcuts in the menu editor for applications no longer work?15:28
BluesKajvbgunz, adding to panel or desktop ?15:31
vbgunzBluesKaj: I open up the menu editor. select the system monitor. apply the shortcut of "Ctrl+Alt+Del" to it and save. I press the shortcut combination but the system monitor doesn't come up. this used to work. it no longer works in KDE 4.4 on Kubuntu 9.1015:32
noaXesshow can i change the linux source that hid will be compiled as module and not built in the kernel?15:33
BluesKajhmm, never used that method, I just right click on the app in the menu and select add to panel15:33
vbgunzBluesKaj: I just checked global shortcuts, under run command interface, show system activity, there I can change the shortcut. but it appears I can no longer apply shortcuts to programs in the menu editor15:35
BluesKajnoaXess, as long as you haven't insalled it already compiling anewer version from source shouldn't cause a problem15:35
=== smooked is now known as smooki
BluesKajBBL...stuff to attend to for a few mins15:37
ujjainShould I use ln -s /media/ACER/private /private to mount a NTFS partition at /work?15:41
noaXessBluesKaj: i'm trying that: http://lii-enac.fr/en/projects/shareit/linux-howto.html15:41
noaXesshave a multitouch netbook ASUS EEE T91MT15:41
noaXessnow whant get multitouch running..15:41
noaXessBluesKaj: nice if you can help :)15:43
=== brendan` is now known as brendan-
noaXessany tip in this? http://paste.ubuntu.com/384444/15:52
noaXessi try compiling a multitouch driver for my asus eee t91mt15:53
fcomtoishey guys15:56
fcomtoisanybody awake?15:56
noaXessa lot of :)15:57
BluesKajnoaXess, I have no idea about multitouch displays15:58
noaXessBluesKaj: but the output of my make? maybe any hint or tip .. first message ERROR: Kernel configuration is invalid.15:58
bitsmartquestion about kde, when I install a KDE theme it never changes the widget style/window decorations. do I have to install the theme directly to /usr/share/kde4/apps/kthememanager/themes/  ?15:58
fcomtoisI have a stupid ass question, but is it possible to increase responsiveness on kubuntu, I mean I have a relatively fast computer, but still feels a bit sluggish15:59
BluesKajnoaXess, the output says: Run 'make oldconfig && make prepare' on kernel src to fix it16:00
noaXessBluesKaj: no success.. have tried it then: http://paste.ubuntu.com/384447/16:01
BluesKajfcomtois, what specs does your pc have ?16:01
fcomtoisBluesKaj: P4 3.0ghz w HT, 2GB ram, 80GB HD, Ati 9600 XT16:01
BluesKajI think you have to cd into the kernel rc dir , noaXess16:02
noaXessBluesKaj: i'm in /usr/src/linux-headers-2.6.31-2016:02
noaXessah wait..16:02
noaXesswas in *-generic16:02
noaXessbut same problem in /usr/src/linux-headers-2.6.31-2016:03
BluesKajfcomtois, seems decent , have you checked your graphics driver ...up to date etc ?16:03
fcomtoisBluesKaj: well the Ati9600XT is not supported with the lastest ATI drivers, so I need to use open source16:03
fcomtoisBluesKaj: I mean it's not slow, the graphics are fine, just feel a tad unresponsive16:04
Machtinhm.. how can i manage which daemons/services i want to run automatically after booting?16:05
BluesKajahh , that could be it , but most open source atis work ok . Dunno what to tell you about sluggish response , could be a memory leak or an app that's hogging your cpu ...difficult to say unless you check in ssystem monitor16:05
noaXesswhat is the default kernel for lucid?16:05
BluesKajnoaXess, uname -a gives me 2.6.32-14-generic ..I'm on lucid16:07
fcomtoisBluesKaj: I doubt it's a leak, I mean I just installed it16:07
fcomtoisBluesKaj: but it's not a big issue obviously16:07
darthanubisanyone here us deluge and connect to it remotely with the gtk-ui?16:07
BluesKajfcomtois, check in system monitor16:07
noaXessBluesKaj: can you check if there is a mosart module?16:08
bitsmartquestion about kde, when I install a KDE theme it never changes the widget style/window decorations. do I have to install the theme directly to /usr/share/kde4/apps/kthememanager/themes/  ?16:08
BluesKajfcomtois, you'll find it in kmenu/system16:09
fcomtoisBluesKaj: will do16:09
fcomtoisBluesKaj: Im used to it, been using KDE since version 216:09
BluesKajfcomtois, ok :)16:09
fcomtoisBluesKaj: but havent used KDE 4.316:09
fcomtoisBluesKaj: can I ask you one thing, Samba is acting weird,16:10
BluesKajfcomtois, yeah I don't use samba directly , prefer smbclient , works just as well on my nerwork16:11
vbgunzanybody know of quick regular expression testing guis like kodos?16:11
fcomtoisBluesKaj: what is the difference?16:12
BluesKajor better , actaully fcomtois16:12
darthanubisSeems odd no one ever has a reply for any question I ask?16:12
BluesKajfcomtois, tbh not exactly sure , but smbclient seems to be a stripped down version of samba which works directly with you file manager like dolphin or konqueror16:13
BluesKajodd darthanubis , dunno if anyone here uses deluge16:14
ct529hi there!16:14
BluesKaj!hi | ct52916:15
ubottuct529: Hi! Welcome to #kubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!16:15
ct529 is it possible to download films from lovefilm manually on kubuntu? I have an account with them.16:15
ct529hi BluesKaj16:15
fcomtoisBluesKaj: because samba really sucks hehe16:15
ct529or if not download them, at least stream them16:16
BluesKajct529 dunno what that that is ...use ktorrent for torrents16:17
ct529oh no .... it is one of those sites where you can watch films online by paying a certain amount a month, but sometime it is a bit difficult because the line is not brilliant .... so I could download it somehwere esle where I have a good connection and then watch them at home, like bbc iplayer16:18
BluesKajcan you download them in windows ?16:18
SerraphynHow do I disable key repeat?16:20
BluesKajct529, if so then you can do the same with the wget command in the terminal , right click on the movie , choose it's link address then , "thelink address"16:20
ct529BluesKaj: I do not know .... always watch them in kubuntu16:20
n8wguys, when u use export for settin up paths, do u use any command after the execution?16:21
BluesKajwget thelinkaddress16:21
ct529BluesKaj: it is a flash video .... it does not return a link16:22
geniict529: I recommend https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/818916:23
ct529genii: what is that?16:24
geniict529: It lets you download stuff like embedded flash videos from websites16:24
ct529genii: thanks a lot!16:24
BluesKajright on genii , i was looking for that :)16:25
gabriele_ciao ragazzi16:28
gabriele_come faccio per entrare in un altro server in konversation?16:29
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)16:29
ct529genii: how does it work?16:29
ct529genii: I have installed it but ....16:29
bitsmartwhat is all this business about the kdmtheme manager being broken? /etc/default/kdm.d and the widget style being stuck on the default?16:30
fcomtoisis it a common issue that I cant open the network manager in KDE?16:32
geniict529: Right-click anywhere on the screen and select "convert this video" and choose some format to save it in16:32
=== zbenjamin is now known as zbenjamin|away
timothy_could i please get some input from you people16:37
johnnyqhi guys, i've just upgraded kubuntu to the newest version on my laptop. turns out, that nvidia driver support has been disabled and i've got only shell access now. can anybody help me get the GUI to work again?16:37
geniitimothy_: If you first describe your problem it may be easier to get some input on it16:39
timothy_my mouse stops working randomly i think its when i open certain pkgs but i plug another mouse in and it will work for a while too then it stops the light even turns off like i dont have power to the usb the only way to get the mice to work again is to restart16:40
timothy_usually only takes 3 to 5 minutes im on the newest kubuntu16:40
fcomtoisBluesKaj: I disabled Compiz, now it's more responsive :-)16:41
UnixDawganyone know if the dlink dbt-120 bluetooth usb dongle is supported ?16:42
BluesKajfcomtois, yeah compiz is ok , but desktop effects is almost as good with less load and more stability (it uses compiz at a lower level btw)16:42
timothy_genii_: ive seen this problem all over forums and ive seen complaints but no answers maybe my bios isnt compatible ... i dont know16:42
fcomtoisBluesKaj: but I mean I disabled everything16:43
UnixDawgBus 002 Device 002: ID 0a12:0001 Cambridge Silicon Radio, Ltd Bluetooth Dongle (HCI mode)16:43
fcomtoisBluesKaj: it still feels a bit sluggish, it's quite weird16:44
BluesKajfcomtois, well my pc isn' quite as new and up to date as your( 5yrs old now) , but i don't see any sluggishness with desktop effects enabled16:44
fcomtoisBluesKaj: what's your graphic card? Intel ? Nvidia?16:44
BluesKajwobbly windows,  cube etc ...nvidia geforce7600gt16:45
taga101morning all!!16:45
BluesKaj!hi | taga10116:46
ubottutaga101: Hi! Welcome to #kubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!16:46
fcomtoisBluesKaj: yeah your 7600GT is making the difference16:46
BluesKajyeah, could be alright16:46
timothy_my mouse stops working randomly i think its when i open certain pkgs but i plug another mouse in and it will work for a while too then it stops the light even turns off like i dont have power to the usb the only way to get the mice to work again is to restart16:47
timothy_just stopped16:47
fcomtoisBluesKaj: can I bother for one last thing, I dont understand why smbclient keep asking me for a login and password16:48
fcomtoiswhich I dont need16:48
BluesKajfcomtois, well that's std procedure16:50
BluesKajfcomtois, that's security for the pc you are connecting to16:50
timothy_seriously doods anyone know why my mouse would stop working randomly and when i plug another mouse in it too works for a minute then stops16:51
fcomtoisBluesKaj: I know, but with normal Ubuntu I didnt need that16:51
fcomtoisBluesKaj: that's why Im perplexed16:51
BluesKajfcomtois, that's changed , no need to be perplexed , username and pw is std now in karmic16:52
fcomtoisBluesKaj:  but I had the normal Karmic running last week... and no problem to access my samba shares16:52
BluesKajever since i installed karmic . username and pw permissions has been the case ..perhaps you can change it to auto ,I haven't bothered to try16:54
BluesKajfcomtois, well it's time for my daily walk ...BB in an hr or so.16:55
FerranIs it even possible yet to do?16:57
FerranHi.  I'd like to move my family members to Kubuntu.  One requirement I can't figure out how to do -- syncing contacts & calendar between Kontact & a Smartphone.  I did a bunch of reading, and there seems to be all sorts of bad feelings/opinions between Opensync, SymcML, KDE.16:58
afiefIs there a quick application to format a partition/drive that I can use?16:59
apparlehi guys17:00
Ferranafief: Can you use cfdisk ?17:02
afiefFerran: sure, but I was hoping for a GUI17:03
Ferranafief then gparted?17:04
afiefFerran: thanks :)17:04
afiefFerran: hadn't thought about gparted17:04
Ferranafief It is handy to keep a CD of systemrescuecd around I find, too.  It includes gparted ...17:05
afiefFerran: actually this is to reformat a disk on key to fat32 so that my dvd can read it...17:06
afiefFerran: I wonder if adding a "Format" option to Dolphin would be desirable17:06
shadowhywinddoes anyone know how to loop mic sounds to speakers?17:08
Ferranafief cfdisk is very simple for doing that ...17:09
afiefFerran: oh I agree, but you know, trying to get the other kids on the block to use Linux too and they are scared when I tell them to run the scary terminal17:10
afiefFerran: by the way, I used mkfs.vfat to format it, but it bothered me that I *had* to drop to a terminal for that(although admittedly it's not a common thing to do)17:11
Ferranafief Then gparted is good.  But if you worry about them being uncomfortable with terminal, I am not so sure that giving them a partition manager is a good idea.17:12
afiefFerran: you know windows user, they learn how to use a GUI and think they should be given a PhD in computer science for that17:13
Sakuiwhat is pulseaudio libs?17:26
FerranSakui http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PulseAudio17:29
Sakuibecause it's disabling the nvidia soundcard and pulseaudio does not work17:30
FerranDoes anyone sync a mobilephone with Kubuntu?17:30
Sakuiis there a way to disable it?17:30
FerranSakui https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PulseAudio -> PulseAudioRemoval.  Before you do, you may wish to familiarize with Ubuntu's excellent documentation.  It can be very useful.17:32
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* BluesKaj returns from daily trek17:56
UnixDawgok found a small issue18:12
UnixDawgwhy does /home not link to /usr/home18:12
AlienDKStupid ubuntu guys threw me outta their channel -.-18:30
AlienDKYeah, go ahead. THROW ME OUT! Family friendly my ass -.-!18:30
wizkoderAlienDK: What did you do?18:38
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raymearshi folks, quick question: i have 2 repos in my sources.list file: beta and backports. i need backports for kde sc 4.4, i need beta for amarok 2.3b; thing is, amarok does not get upgraded, inspite the version from beta being higher than the one from backports. i tried everything up to and including dist-upgrade; amarok's version still remains
afiefraymears: if you have synaptic you can force amarok to use a specific version(I don't know how to do it using apt though)18:50
raymearsafief: shouldn't apt automatically take the highest version number?18:52
raymearsalso.. how do i do it from synaptic (i have synaptic)18:52
afiefraymears: basically yes, but sometimes there are issues that make it not do it18:52
shadeslayerraymears: that is the highest version18:53
shadeslayerraymears:   Candidate: 2:
afiefraymears: select your package, then in the menu: package->force version18:53
raymearshmm.. bloody hell. you're right, shadeslayer18:54
raymearsthat is the beta18:54
raymearsat least that is what "aptitude show amarok" tells me18:54
raymears...ok. i am officially an idiot.18:55
sledgeWho understands vmware?18:57
sledgei have an supposedly vmware image18:57
raymearsshadeslayer: thank you for opening my eyes. i should not have commenced drinking so early after all, inspite it being friday night and all that18:57
sledgebut it has vmx, .img18:57
sledgeand ive never used anything but .iso18:57
shadeslayersledge: use the .vmx file18:58
sledgeshadeslayer,  as far as what? loading that up like an iso?18:59
shadeslayersledge: use the .vmx file as the vmware image18:59
shadeslayersledge: the .img is for writing to a pen drive19:00
sledgeshadeslayer,  do you know an easy way to install vmware from apt in terminal?19:03
shadeslayersledge: theres kvm19:04
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shadeslayersledge: and you can just do : kvm -m 512 -cdrom filename.vmx19:04
shadeslayerwhich launches a vm with 512 MB ram19:05
FerranA survey!  What (smart)phone do you 'use' with Kubuntu? Do you sync it, and how?19:06
shadeslayerFerran: please ask in ot19:07
shadeslayer!ot | Ferran19:07
ubottuFerran: #kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!19:07
Ferranshadeslayer: Why?  I am interested in syncing solutions within my Kubuntu installation.19:07
shadeslayerFerran: your initial question is OT19:08
FerranIt is completely Kubuntu related.19:08
FerranReally? How is " Hi.  I'd like to move my family members to Kubuntu.  One requirement I can't figure out how to do -- syncing contacts & calendar between Kontact & a Smartphone.  I did a bunch of reading, and there seems to be all sorts of bad feelings/opinions between Opensync, SymcML, KDE." offtopic?19:08
FerranI thought so ...19:10
shadeslayerFerran: really... i dont want to argue... i have a imp packaging session right now19:11
ujjainI have XMMS2 installed, but it does not show up in GNOME, wazzap?19:12
Ferranshadeslayer: Then go do your thing.  You're contributing nothing but wrong judgements to my question.19:12
ujjainCan Audacious use this skin? http://www.winamp.com/skin/winamp3-default-skin/14039719:22
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NewProggieHello everybody20:05
ubottuHi! Welcome to #kubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!20:05
NewProggieI just bought myself a new PC with an ATI Radeon 5750 graphic card and I cant login to kubuntu (fresh installation). I enter my username and password and get redirected to the loginscreen again. Where can I start to fix the problem, please?20:06
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NewProggieCan somebody please give me a hint, where to start searching for the error?20:13
aramiscan anyone help me with KDE?20:14
Solakaramis: what is the problem?20:16
aramisi am new to it.. want some basic tips.20:16
NewProggieSolak, have you read my problem?20:16
Solakaramis: can you be more specific?20:16
KDeskNewProggie: I read something similar to your problem20:17
KDeskNewProggie: what language do you have your setup? different to english or so?20:18
NewProggieI'm a german user20:18
KDeskNewProggie: I read the problem here http://apachelog.blogspot.com/2010/02/when-x-decides-to-crash.html20:18
KDeskNewProggie: the user had he_IL local, when he switch to en it worked. Try login to conole (ALT F1)20:19
KDeskNewProggie: and make a new user, then try to login with the new user.20:20
* Solak had an odd problem yesterday: some settings were gone (wallpaper, geometry of folder-view and a panel, also the size of the panel at the bottom of the screen)20:21
SolakI know there was not much space left, but I wonder if that could have caused the problem (settings not saved at logout?)20:22
KDeskSolak: yes, and maybe the logout didn't finish20:23
NewProggieKDesk, ok, one step further. Now I have the problem, which I had before I was installing the proprietary driver for my ati graphic card: I just can see the harddisk logo (in the login screen) and then it starts to freeze..20:23
SolakKDesk: hmm, but if the settings were saved in a previous session they wouldn't it be logical to assume settings were available and should be restored from there?20:24
KDeskNewProggie: hmm, with the new user happens this?20:25
KDeskSolak: odd, don't know..20:25
NewProggieyes, and it happened before I was installing the proprietary driver from ati20:25
n8wive turned the toolbar in dolphin off by mistake...how do i enable it again?20:25
SolakKDesk: do you know where panels are stored? Perhaps I can look at that map and see if they're still available.20:26
NewProggieWhere can I look up some errors to get at least a hint for this problem?20:26
KDeskSolak: some where in ~/.kde/share/config/plasma-something..20:27
KDeskn8w: right click in the toolbar and select the tolbar20:27
KDeskNewProggie: in ~/.xsession-errors20:28
n8wKDesk:  nope...i meant the toolbar havin menus such as file,etc20:28
n8wthats why im askin,bcoz there is obvious way how to enable it20:28
KDeskNewProggie:  and in /var/log/ there maybe Xorg.0.log is interesting20:28
KDeskn8w: ah20:29
KDeskn8w: with CTRL+m20:29
n8wKDesk:  ok got it20:29
n8wKDesk:  my bad,its called a manubar...20:29
n8wKDesk:  anywai, its back there:))20:29
KDeskn8w: ah, yes, menubar hehe. in every KDE app (almost) you can use CTRL+m to hide/show it20:30
SolakKDesk: hmm, can't find it... anyway, thanks!20:31
sconehello.  I've just installed kubuntu byt my network interfaces don't work20:33
n8wKDesk:  ok:) thx...20:33
penguin42where is the setting to disable the 'pop' notification when you click a button (in Lucid)20:35
sconecan anybody help me troubleshoot my network connection?20:35
Peace-scone: what's about that ?20:36
sconePeace-, I can't get a dhcp lease from my router.  No interwebs :(20:37
Peace-scone: ethernet?20:37
sconeyup.  i have 2 interfaces, one is 10/100, one is gig-e20:38
Peace-that s strnage20:38
Peace-let me see you interfaces20:38
Sakuihow can I tell apt-get not to install libpulse?20:38
Peace-your interfacs20:38
genii!pinning | Sakui20:38
ubottuSakui: pinning is an advanced feature that APT can use to prefer particular packages over others. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PinningHowto20:38
Peace-scone:  cat /etc/network/interfaces20:39
geniiSakui: So in your /etc/apt/preferences file use a number of -120:39
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.20:39
sconeauto lo20:39
sconeiface lo inet loopback20:39
geniiscone: Not here, use the pastebin please20:40
Peace-thats all? scone ?20:40
sconewell I can't connect on the ubuntu box. heh.  gonna have to just type it ove20:40
sconeand yeah that's it20:40
Peace-if yes it 's correct20:40
Peace-scone: have you tried with sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart ?20:40
geniiPeace-: If later than 9.04 it's now sudo restart networking20:41
Peace-genii: that's nice20:41
Peace-scone: i have no idea right now20:42
sconePeace-, restart networking gives me "unknown instance" and init.d says "ok"20:42
sconelol me too!20:42
Peace-i am bit tired20:42
Sakuifile does not exist,20:42
* Peace- and without a girl right now20:42
geniiSakui: Thats correct. Create it20:42
sconewell darn20:43
Peace-scone but i would like know this is the scheme  internet router ----ethernet---your ubuntu biox?^20:43
sconePeace-, yeah. cable plugged from router to box20:44
sconerouter to 'net20:45
sconeand it works fine in windows and gentoo20:45
Peace-that should work fine into kubunut too20:46
sconei know!20:46
Peace-i mean i plug in the ethernet cable and it works here20:46
Peace-scone:  maybe your card is not on ?20:46
sconei mean the lights blink20:47
Peace-or is not enabled via bios?20:47
sconei tried ifconfig eth0 up20:47
sconeand like i said it works in gentoo/windows20:47
Peace-scone: have you upgraded kde?20:47
Peace-have you renamed $HOME/.kde?20:47
Peace-i mean you can try20:47
sconenah this is literally right after install20:48
Peace-this is bad20:48
penguin42scone: Simple question; is the OS finding the interfaces at all? if you do an ifconfig -a do you see the eth0 and eth1 ?20:48
Peace-ifconfig what it says?20:48
sconeyeah ifconfig reports both interfaces20:48
Peace-bios no , cable no ... the only thing is the kernel and the configurations20:49
penguin42scone: So do you have network manager or wicd ?20:49
Peace-ethernet should work even without wicd20:50
penguin42but the way it's set up is different - although you would expect it to dhcp out of the box20:50
sconepenguin42, does it come with the install? like i said this is fresh, and without internet i cant install packages :(20:51
penguin42scone: That's OK - I just can't remember what's fresh - if you do ps -eaf | grep wicd    do you get anything (other than the grep) - similarly if you grep -i networkmanager20:52
sconepenguin42, just the grep20:53
penguin42ok - so neither networkmanager or wicd ?20:53
penguin42ok, (says he knowing the ubuntu rather than kubuntu install better) - in your panel do you see a network icon?20:54
sconepenguin42, yes20:54
sconeit says there are no connections20:54
penguin42and if you right click on it there is a manage connections - same for me, I guess best thing is to Add one!20:55
penguin42scone: Select wired and then click add20:55
sconepenguin42, didn't seem to do anything20:57
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sledgeDOES anyone know what i need to do to make rythmbox work, amarok just works like crap21:15
* penguin42 tends to use Exaile these days (although I was giving Amarok another go today - I just don't get why it's so hard to get going on it)21:19
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Torchsledge: "like crap" doesn't tell us much.21:32
Torchsledge: what's wrong? what are you trying to achieve?21:32
sledgeamarok doesn't want to regularly show all my songs from my USB hdd21:32
sledgei have to rescan everytime21:32
Torchsledge: did you try juk?21:33
robin0800sledge: try songbird21:33
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sledgerobin0800, couldn't find that package with apt-get install songbird21:34
noctulesledge: is the usb mounted when you try to play tracks off of it?21:34
KageHmmm... dolphin will not open... not even from the command line21:34
sledgenoctule,  ofcourse.21:34
Kageany ideas?21:34
noctuleok, like to get the basic problems out of the way first =)21:35
robin0800sledge download it from the Internet getsongbird.com21:36
noctulesledge: I take it that your usb is also selected in the collection folder configuration as well, right?21:37
noctuletbh, I always preferred rhythmbox as well before I fully switched to KDE21:37
robin0800noctule: I find songbird sounds better than rhythmbox no idea why though21:39
sledgenoctule the folder yes21:40
noctuleHaven't actually tried songbird21:46
noctulesledge: still trying to think of what the problem could be, but giving another media player may be the best route, especially if this isn't the only issue for you with amarok21:51
sledgenoctule,  well i like rythmbox21:52
KDeskrobin0800: sould be no diff in the audio quality, both use gstreamer21:52
noctuleok sledge, what problems are you getting when you try to use rhythmbox?21:53
sledgenoctule,  missing codecs21:54
Sakuiis there a virtual package that I can rebuild the system to the default Kubuntu setting...I removed libpulse0 and I guess it removed too much21:54
noctuleok that's more doable21:54
sledgenoctule,  actually nvm it disappeaerd.21:54
sledgenoctule,  ill find something else that works, thanks for your help.. work calls21:55
noctuleno worries, take care21:55
sledgenoctule,  i mean, i don't want to rescan everytime.. i know i probably have to edit fstab21:56
sledgenoctule,  that would fix it..21:56
noctulesledge,  I know exactly what you mean. Give me a shout if you see me on and want to try another go at fixing it21:58
Sakuiis there an installer command in kubuntu 9.10?  I mean after you installed it?22:01
robin0800KDesk: the only difference is the decoding codec songbird uses its own propriety one22:01
KDeskrobin0800: realy? for which audio type?22:05
robin0800KDesk: mp3 at least not sure about other formats22:06
KDeskrobin0800: so it doesn't use gstreamer for mp3? or a gstreamer plugin?22:07
robin0800KDesk: it uses gstreamer but not for decoding if I understand correctly22:08
robin0800KDesk: more info http://getsatisfaction.com/songbird/topics/what_are_the_terms_of_licensing_for_the_fluendo_mp3_decoder_included_in_the_linux_version_of_songbird22:13
rosco_yDoes anyone know how to set the Desktop Page "Always On Top"?22:16
rosco_ysorry, "Desktop Pager"22:16
KDeskrobin0800: ah, thanks, will read22:16
KDeskrosco_y: the widget?22:17
rosco_yKDesk: Yes, thank you.22:17
KDeskrosco_y: you can not do that22:17
KDeskrosco_y: but you can use a shortcurt to see the dashboard22:18
robin0800KDesk: also http://www.fluendo.com/shop/product/fluendo-mp3-decoder/22:18
KDeskrosco_y: or use a small panel22:18
rosco_yKDesk: I did experiment with the shortcut, but I'm not sure I understand what it is supposed to do22:18
KDeskrosco_y: a shortcut to see the dashbord, like the show dashboard widget :) See in System Settings22:19
rosco_yI set it to ctl+d, but when I press ctl+d, nothing happens22:19
rosco_yKDesk: I see your point now--Thanks@!22:21
KDeskrosco_y: look in System Settings under Keyboard and mouse, then in Global Keyboard Shortcuts22:21
rosco_ysheesh, I'm fluent in typo, dunno where that '@' came from22:21
KDeskrosco_y:  hehe, then under Plasma Workspace22:21
rosco_yThanks again KDesk: mission accomplished!22:22
KDeskor use ctrl+F10 or so22:22
KDeskrosco_y: nop, Ctrl+F8 to see all workspaces22:22
KDeskrobin0800: but I think that the fluendo codec is only use full to use because of the patents thing, don;t think that thw quallity can be better, but I don't know. Also the codec is released under the MIT license22:25
binarylooksOMG Just played with bespin. I can only say WOW22:25
robin0800KDesk: try and see I suggest play same file in Rhythmbox and Songbird22:27
KDeskrobin0800: hmm, have to install 1000s of gnomish fils..22:27
robin0800KDesk: Not for songbird no install at all for linux22:28
enkiduhi, anyone having troubles with Akonadi? (segfaults etc)22:47
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Guest74245how do I change the kdm login screen, between entering password and actual desktop use. I guess it could be called login splash screen22:52
Guest74245I can change the kdm screen but not the other one   (kde 4.4)22:52
binarylooksGuest74245: after the login here is ksplash. System settings >  Appearance > Splash Screen22:55
Typos_KingGuest74245:    that'd be under ...  systemsettings > Splash Screen22:55
binarylooksbinarylooks: damn, u were a millisecond faster :-)22:55
Kasm279whats the command to get info on a GPU?22:58
Typos_Kingon a gpu?23:00
Typos_Kingand yes, I know what the acronym stand for :|23:00
Kasm279Typos_King: like a graphics card23:00
Kasm279its grep lspci or something23:00
Kasm279but i cant remember it23:00
Typos_Kinglspci probes hardware....so23:00
Typos_Kingyou could also do a ->   lshw | less;    which gives more detaills23:01
Typos_Kingor just lshw > myhw.txt   and view the .txt on any editor23:01
Typos_Kingsudo lshw rather23:01
Typos_Kingbut for a quickie, just lspci23:01
Kasm279just tell me the command >.>23:02
Typos_KingI justt did :P23:02
noctuleKasm279: what kind of card are you using?23:02
Kasm279noctule: thats what im trying to figure out23:02
Typos_Kingahh heh23:06
Typos_Kingthen just do 'lspci'23:06
Kasm279now thatts done23:08
Kasm279does anyone know how to enable desktop effects with the "Intel Corporation 82865G Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 02) "23:08
Typos_King.... enable.... well...I don't use them.... so... .can't say :|23:09
enkiduKasm279: it should work just with one click ("enable desktop effects")23:10
Kasm279also, konq cant open any intel sites23:10
Kasm279so i had to get Opera23:10
Typos_Kingkonq....ohhh hehe23:10
Typos_KingI'd say stick with opera :) IMO23:10
Kasm279have you tried the 10.50b2 for windows, Typos_King?23:11
Typos_Kingmight be a js issue, not a markup one, I assume intel's site has some loaded js going, so23:11
Typos_King10.5?   no23:11
Typos_Kingdon't think I need it either :|23:11
Typos_Kingon win32 I still use 10.1, same in *nix, works peachy for me :)23:12
Kasm27910.50 for linux and Mac is still in aloha23:12
Kasm279Typos_King: you should try the 10.50b2 for windows23:12
thraxsahey all23:12
Kasm279its very fast23:12
Typos_Kingdecent DOM2 and js engine as well as great css2 and a few css3, only other browsers better than opera engine wise are safari/geckos, but noone can top it on speed though23:12
enkiduok, time to get rid of kubuntu, brb...23:13
Typos_KingKasm279:    I've used opera since 1994, they've done really a good job, it has been the fastest since, is not really new23:13
Typos_Kingand isn't really special to 10.5 either23:13
Kasm27910.50 is faster than 10.123:14
Kasm279i am always grabbing the alphas and betas for opera23:15
Typos_KingI was there just yesterday, I didn't see it in the *nix downloads23:15
Kasm279because they are mostly stable23:15
Kasm279for nix and Mac its still in alpha23:15
Kasm279only windows has it in beta form23:15
Typos_KingI may get it when it comes out at least in beta2, and yeah, I do betas with them too, usually beta2 or more, they're stable enough23:16
sledgeroot@karmic-9:/home/sledge# gedit /etc/fstab23:16
sledgeNo protocol specified23:16
sledge(gedit:2447): Gtk-WARNING **: cannot open display: :0.023:16
FloodBotK1sledge: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.23:16
donvitoReading state information... Done23:16
donvitoE: Couldn't find package proftpd23:16
donvitowhy ??23:16
niblzanyone know how to apply this theme from kde look? http://www.kde-look.org/content/show.php/Monochrome?content=11632623:16
binarylookswhich package do I need to get ubuntuone in kubuntu lucid? ubuntuone-client-gnome does not install anything usable23:17
jschallI have a dell latitude d505, and the computer completely hangs when I close the lid. I have to hold the power button down to restart it. This happens no matter what the computer is set to do when it the lid is shut. so far I've tried the nomodeset kernel option and installing linux-backport-modules.23:17
niblzI have tried to push download and save link as too23:17
donvitoanyone to help me23:18
donvitoReading state information... Done23:18
donvitoE: Couldn't find package proftpd23:18
Kasm279jschall: dont buy dell >.<23:18
Kasm279donvito: it would be helpful to tell us what you are doing23:18
rosco_ydonvito, you might try installing the proftpd package.23:18
jschallKasm279: i didn't.23:19
donvitoim trying to install that package23:19
donvitoand it wont get it23:19
binarylooks(no bot?)23:20
Typos_Kingbinarylooks:    apt-get not working for you?    sudo apt-cache search proftpd23:20
niblzor what is the file that kde looks to for a general theme like the one under setting colors scheme23:21
binarylooksdonvito: try proftpd-basic23:21
Typos_Kingniblz:   what doyou mean? the themes files? or the configuration for the current theme?23:22
niblzTypos_King: try appling this theme http://www.kde-look.org/content/download.php?content=116326&id=1&tan=37949338&PHPSESSID=19d8574d08d421935528c4618b69580823:22
Typos_Kingdonvito:   check in apt-cache search if it's in the repos23:22
niblzTypos_King: sorry here http://www.kde-look.org/content/show.php/Monochrome?content=11632623:23
binarylooksniblz: scifi ftw23:24
Typos_Kingniblz:   I could be mistaken, I think I did have that theme before, and I think is a Bespin file, meaning you need to install the Bespin package, which is a themer for kde4 and uses .bespin files23:25
Typos_Kingbespin is in the repository23:25
bra-takhey good evening23:25
niblzTypos_King: kde4 bespin or kwin one23:32
Typos_Kingkde4 bespin23:33
Typos_Kingcheck the extension of the theme file you get, it'd have a .bespin extension23:33
Typos_Kingyou can also do your own tweaking with Bespin, is an executable package, 'bespin' and you can custom some parts of the loaded theme23:34
niblzTypos_King: I only see download.php no matter what way I try to save it23:36
Typos_Kingwell.... dow...h.23:37
niblzTypos_King: what do you mean23:40
Typos_Kingchecking the url23:40
Typos_Kingbased on the url the filename http://www.kde-look.org/CONTENT/content-files/116326-Megabaks.colors    is ->  116326-Megabaks.colors23:42
niblzTypos_King: try downloading23:42
Typos_KingI did23:42
Typos_Kingbut I don'thave kde4 on this box23:42
niblzTypos_King: figured out23:43
niblzthanks anyway23:43
binarylooksubuntu-one lucid anybody?23:44
r00t_Hi my menu bar that had the time,my kmenu/calendar/etc on it disapeered. how do i get it back23:50
rmrfslashso what is kde 4.5 gunna bring?23:53
Typos_Kingr00t:    I assume you're referring to the taskbar 'applets', you can just right-click the taskbar/systray and it Add > new applet23:54
noctuler00t: did you remove the taskbar panel?23:57

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