* thumper looks00:13
thumpermwhudson: first try no, updating source code and download cache now00:16
thumpermwhudson: can you look at   https://dev.launchpad.net/BuildBranchToArchive/MultipleSeriesBuilds and determine if we know enough to change the model?00:21
mwhudsonthumper: i think we know basically enough00:23
mwhudsonthumper: i guess it reopens the question of "what namespace do recipes live in"00:24
thumpermwhudson: can you plan a branch count (1 or more as necessary) to change the model?00:24
thumpermwhudson: I think we are going to have recipes at ~user/distro/+source/packagename/+recipe/name00:24
mwhudsonthumper: i'd have thought one would be enough00:24
mwhudsonthumper: ok that makes sense00:25
thumpermwhudson: the interesting bit is how to make ~user/distro and ~user/distro/+source/packagename (and possibly ~user/distro/distroseries and ~user/distro/distroseries/packagename) useful objects00:28
thumpermwhudson: consider ~user/project00:28
mwhudsonthumper: 'useful objects' ?00:30
mwhudsoni can see useful pages00:30
thumpermwhudson: at code.lp.net/~thumper/distribution ?00:30
thumpermwhudson: PersonDistro c.f. PersonProject00:31
thumpermwhudson: PersonDistroSeries00:31
thumperet al00:31
mwhudsonmaybe i'm unimaginative, but that doesn't seem very interesting00:31
thumperwhat useful pages can you see?00:31
mwhudsonit's just work isn't it?00:31
mwhudsonthumper: i think we're saying the same thing in different ways, ignore my objection00:31
thumperjml suggested there may be some multi-object adapter thing that we could use instead of having explicit objects00:32
thumperso (Person, Product) instead of PersonProduct00:32
mwhudsonoh right00:32
thumperI'm not so sure there is00:33
thumperor even if there is that it is a better solution00:33
thumpersimple is better than complex00:33
thumperalthough which is simple is a matter of opinion00:33
mwhudsoni think you have to have something like PersonProduct00:33
mwhudsonthat you can hang a view off00:33
thumpermwhudson: btw, make worked with updated download-cache00:34
mwhudsonit doesn't have to be anything more than just a container object though00:34
mwhudsonthumper: :(00:34
mwhudsonwell i guess yay that launchpad isn't broken for _everyone_00:34
thumperwhat are your symptoms?00:34
mwhudsonmwh@grond:trunk$ make00:35
mwhudsonutilities/shhh.py PYTHONPATH= ./bin/buildout \00:35
mwhudson                configuration:instance_name=development -c buildout.cfg00:35
mwhudson  Installing.00:35
mwhudson  Getting section i18n.00:35
mwhudson  Initializing section i18n.00:35
mwhudson  Installing recipe z3c.recipe.i18n.00:35
mwhudsonError: There is a version conflict.00:35
mwhudsonWe already have: zope.interface 3.4.000:35
thumpermy buildout bit isn't running00:36
mwhudsonit seems to be finding the system zope.interface00:36
thumperand now I'm wondering what'll happen if I remove my eggs00:37
mwhudsonthumper: dpkg -l python-zopeinterface00:37
thumperhowever in a python shell I can import zope.interface00:37
mwhudsonlots of things seem to depend on it here00:38
thumperii  python-zope.interface                   3.5.2-100:38
mwhudson apt-get install python-zope.interface00:39
mwhudsonwhich replaces the package00:39
mwhudsonand now it works00:39
* thumper shrugs00:43
mwhudsonwell about four hours later than it should have been, let's test that git import out...00:45
thumpermwhudson: :)00:52
thumpermwhudson: I've set my preferred email back to the @c.c one00:53
thumpermwhudson: we'll see if I get an email this time00:53
thumpermwhudson: perhaps we should add an --email-from tag too00:53
thumpermwhudson: that way it might work for the community people too00:53
wgrantthumper: It works fine if I run it myself, though.00:54
wgrantProbably because I have no SMTP server configured.00:54
thumperwgrant: could be00:54
wgrantAnd my mail server is not sufficiently SPF-policing.00:54
thumperwgrant: if the canonical one is set to use the canonical smtp server00:55
thumperwgrant: it only allows emails from a canonical.com address00:55
thumperwgrant: and drops others00:55
wgrantthumper: It doesn't even allow emails to a canonical.com address from a non-Canonical one?00:55
thumperwgrant: it may not be the general one... not sure00:56
thumperwgrant: maybe?00:56
wgrantYay email.00:57
mwhudsonec2 test should just drop a letter in the mail00:59
mwhudsoni'm sure there's a printer somewhere in amazon's data centre?00:59
thumpermwhudson: an unproductive afternoon just got worse with visitors01:10
thumpermwhudson: I'm going to get a real coffee01:10
mwhudsonthumper: ok01:10
mwhudsonthumper: i'm going to be finishing a little early today, btw01:10
thumpermwhudson: ok01:11
thumperlike 4?01:11
mwhudsonthumper: about 4:3001:11
* thumper nods01:11
thumperok, sounds fine01:11
mwhudsonec2 demo seems pretty broken by the openid changes01:20
wgrantmwhudson: What goes wrong?01:25
wgrantmwhudson: Does it hardcode hostnames like rocketfuel-setup?01:25
mwhudsonwgrant: i got fed up and didn't really dig01:26
mwhudsonbut pages that require you to log in oops01:26
wgrantYeah, it's not adding testopenid.dev to /etc/hosts.01:26
mwhudsonoh right01:31
mwhudsonhm it is when creating a new image01:31
mwhudsonmaybe a new one is needed01:32
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wgrantDoes the image creation use rf-setup?01:35
mwhudsonwgrant: no01:35
mwhudsonrf-setup does rather more than is needed i think01:35
wgrantAh, I didn't see the devscripts change in the diff.01:36
wgrantAh, because the diff is 5000 lines.01:36
jmlthumper, wrt "simple is better than complex", "simple" is often defined as "fewer interacting entities", in which case a multi-adapter would be simpler02:15
* thumper pokes jml in the eye02:15
* thumper looks around to see who saw that02:15
jmlthumper, entia non sunt multiplicanda praeter necessitatem02:16
thumperjml: when are you back at work?02:16
jmlthumper, I was back all today.02:16
thumperah, home again?02:16
jmlthumper, no, in Massachusetts02:17
lifelessjml: em or um?02:17
jmlthumper, working w/ cody-somerville & kiko, talking about OEM requirements and things02:17
jmllifeless, em.02:17
thumperjml: ok02:17
cody-somervilles/OEM/NewCore (the new shiny) ;)02:18
thumperhi cody-somerville02:18
thumpercody-somerville: still working?02:18
thumpergetting kinda late isn't it?02:18
cody-somervilleIt is02:19
cody-somervilleJust got back from dinner.02:19
thumperand you couldn't wait to see what happened while you were out?02:19
jmlthumper, well, I couldn't02:19
jmlthumper, and also there's nothing like taking a break from my job and doing a spot of document writing and process improvement for an open source project :P02:20
* cody-somerville is an addict to work. :(02:20
thumperjml: I've got my own pet project now02:21
jmlthumper, does it involve web and dvcs?02:21
thumperjml: yeah02:23
thumperjml: looking at mako for templating02:23
thumperjml: looks more intuitive to me than genshi02:23
thumperjml: still using twisted.web02:23
jmlthumper, what does django use normally?02:23
thumperkid I thought02:24
jmlthumper, have you looked at nevow?02:24
thumperor maybe that was something else02:24
thumperjml: nope02:24
thumpermako is super fast02:24
jmlthumper, I'm not suggesting that you _use_ it, mind, just that it's worth a look02:24
thumperand what the python website uses02:24
thumperjml: understood02:24
thumperjml: there are a gazillion different templating systems out there02:24
thumperI've been playing around with python 3.1 a bit too02:24
jmlthumper, nevow is one that was built to work with twisted.web02:25
wgrantDjango uses its own thing.02:25
wgrantI like genshi more than mako, I think.02:25
wgrantbut there's not much in it.02:25
thumperwgrant: why?02:25
thumperI'm not strongly stuck on any one02:26
wgrantI'm not sure.02:26
thumperI just want something that can easily apply a common skin to pages02:26
thumperI'm not wanting to invest a lot of time into it02:26
thumper(just yet)02:26
thumperjml: do you know of a python library that renders moin syntax?02:26
lifelessthumper: like, oh, moinmoin ?02:27
thumperlifeless: I heard that it wasn't simple to extract the rendering code from the entire wiki project02:27
jmlthumper, there's a name on the tip of my tongue (other than moinmoin)02:27
thumperlifeless: but I haven't looked02:27
lifelessthumper: I'd look; theres been a lot of work done on moin02:28
jmlthumper, also, I humbly suggest that you should use mediawiki formatting02:28
thumperjml: I was going to have a choice02:28
jmlthumper, good good.02:28
thumperjml: what is the name of the mediawiki format?02:28
thumperis there another name?02:28
jmlthumper, no, I don't think so02:28
jmlthumper, there's a wiki interchange library thing that I'm struggling to remember the name of02:29
thumperjml: I think I did a code import for that ...02:29
thumperjml: creole?02:31
jmlthumper, yeah, that's it.02:31
jmlthumper, phew, I'll be able to sleep now.02:31
mwhudsonthumper: is https://dev.launchpad.net/Code/PostThreeDotO much relevant these days?02:46
thumpermwhudson: I don't think so02:47
thumpermwhudson: we know about it all02:47
thumpermwhudson: and they are tracked elsewhere02:47
mwhudsonthumper: right02:47
thumpermwhudson: so kill it02:47
mwhudsonthumper: delete it? replace with a link to somewhere else?02:47
thumpernot sure where to link it to02:47
thumperis there a general four dot oh page somewhere02:48
thumperor perhaps link to the dev wiki strategy pages?02:48
mwhudsonhttps://dev.launchpad.net/VersionFourDotO/Themes ?02:49
thumperyeah, seems reasonable02:50
thumpermwhudson: I'm off to go shop for BBQ02:56
thumpermwhudson: see you monday02:56
mwhudsonthumper: see you monday, have a good weekend02:56
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adeuringgood morning08:11
=== thekorn_ is now known as thekorn
jelmermwhudson, hi09:24
jelmerstub: ping09:27
adeuringwhen i run "make build", i get "Error: There is a version conflict.09:33
adeuringWe already have: zope.interface 3.4.0". Any suggestions how to fix this?09:33
wgrantmwhudson had that this morning.09:33
adeuringwgrant: tahnks for the hint!09:35
wgrantadeuring: It looks like he might have fixed it by install the python-zopeinterface package.09:35
wgrantEr, python-zope.interface09:36
adeuringwgrant: thanks! that helped indeed09:40
wgrantUrgh. It shouldn't.09:41
jtvDid the +login page just stop working in devel?09:42
wgrantjtv: It's OOPSing?09:42
jtvwgrant: yup, for me it is09:42
wgrantjtv: Add testopenid.dev to /etc/hosts.09:42
jtvwgrant: thanks09:42
wgrantAn email should really have been sent about that.09:42
jtvwgrant: thanks, that did the trick09:44
stubjelmer: pong09:56
jelmerstub: Any chance you can review this patch that changes the db: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~jelmer/launchpad/bug471148/+merge/20142 ?09:57
allenapIs it really week 3? I've been out of touch for a while :)09:57
allenapYes, yes it is. (Looked at the milestone.)09:58
stubjelmer: What architectures does an archive get built for if there are no entries in ArchiveArch ?10:02
jelmerstub: Just the unrestricted architectures10:02
stubSo we add this flag to avoid needing 8 entries in ArchiveArch for every archive. I see.10:03
jelmerstub: yep10:04
stubWe are assuming we won't need further granularity like 'build hppa in lucid only'10:07
bigjoolsstub: that's already handled through distroarchseries10:10
al-maisanstub: this is not a requirement at present; if needed we could add a DistroSeries FK to ArchiveArch10:11
al-maisanto put the restricted processor family override into a distro series context10:12
wgrantHow does this work with require_virtualized?10:12
al-maisanwgrant: the latter is orthogonal to this10:12
bigjoolsal-maisan: no FK needed, distroarchseries man :)10:14
al-maisanbigjools: I guess we're fine for the moment10:15
bigjoolsal-maisan: yep10:15
wgrantAh, so this is for restricting the architectures of non-virtual PPAs?10:16
jelmerstub: thanks for the review10:16
al-maisanI don't quite see a use case where we'd want to have a PPA with builds for armel in say karmic but not in lucid10:16
bigjoolswgrant: it's for restricting for any archive10:16
bigjoolsvirtuality is orthogonal10:17
intellectronicai can't build after branching from db-devel because of "Couldn't find a distribution for 'lazr.restful==0.9.21'". anyone knows what's going on?10:21
intellectronicaah, nm, rocketfuel-got it10:24
bigjoolsal-maisan: that's a very valid use case actually10:30
bigjoolsfor example, lpia is not in lucid10:30
al-maisanthe lpia case is not really so pertinent since lucid has no lpia DistroArchSeries anyway10:31
jtvbdmurray: your branch has landed.  Now you need to Q/A it.  I'm not sure what the process for keeping track of that is in this case; in Translations we've been using an experimental process.10:32
jtvbdmurray: it needs to be marked as Q/Aed in order to be included in the release.10:33
wgrantArgh, all the buildds are gone again.10:41
noodles775gar, the cherry-pick is still waiting to land :/10:41
noodles775wgrant: the i386 ppa builders are all full?10:43
wgrantAnd amd64 :(10:43
noodles775wgrant: ah, I thought you meant that the buildd manager had died again... *phew* :)10:44
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mwhudsonjelmer: incremental imports seem to fail with10:51
mwhudsonAssertionError: Invalid sha for <Commit 8ab9c1e964cd0c36bb79f95fc229e49b7e296684>: 4638aef40ba9ebb9734caeed1f373c24015259fd10:51
mwhudsontype errors sometimes10:51
jelmermwhudson: is this just of the kernel or of other branches as well?10:51
mwhudson(only running locally, staging is still out of date10:52
mwhudsonjelmer: kernel and gedit10:52
jelmermwhudson: if it is just in the kernel, it might be an unrelated bug10:52
mwhudsononly on the import of revs 3000-4000 too, not very far in10:52
mwhudsonhm, it's not actually during revision fetch10:53
jelmermwhudson: The way I usually debug this is to compare the contents of the objects10:53
jelmermwhudson: git cat-file <id> and bzr git-object <id>10:53
mwhudsonjelmer: well at 5 to midnight on a friday i'm mostly thinking about bed...10:53
jelmermwhudson: ahh, right :-) sorry, I hadn't considered the timezone10:53
jelmermwhudson: is there an easy way to reproduce this outside of launchpad, using command-line bzr-git?10:54
mwhudsonjelmer: not sure tbh10:54
jelmerguess we should get that limit parameter upstream to make testing easier ;-)10:54
mwhudsonjelmer: maybe you can try gedit locally?10:54
jelmeryeah, sure10:55
mwhudsonthen run ./cronscripts/code-import-dispatcher.py as required10:55
mwhudsonwith make run_codehosting in another window10:55
jelmerah, thanks10:55
mwhudsonif it doesn't work let's not worry too much, i can try to debug it on monday10:57
mwhudsonand if we can't fix it we can always neuter the feature by setting the revision limit really really high10:57
* mwhudson zzzs10:57
deryckMorning, all.11:04
gmbIs pushing branches to launchpad being slow for anyone else? I'm getting ~1KB/s, apparently, but my connection seems otherwise quite nippy.11:05
bigjoolsmorning deryck11:06
bigjoolsgmb: bit slower than normal, yeah11:06
gmb(This is where my knowledge about how codehosting works ends)11:07
intellectronicastub: around? got a mo to review my db patch adding a trigger to update max_bug_heat?11:08
intellectronicaexcellent, just creating an MP11:08
intellectronicastub: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~intellectronica/launchpad/update-max-heat/+merge/2020411:11
intellectronicagmb: did you have any thoughts on how to implement bug #505849 ?11:22
mupBug #505849: Bug heat should decay over time <story-bug-heat> <Launchpad Bugs:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/505849>11:22
gmbintellectronica: Some. deryck and I chatted about this and our general idea was that heat should decay by 10 points for each week since a bug's last been touched.11:23
stubHmm... we don't have max heat for a distroseries?11:23
intellectronicaadeuring: looks like the new flame icons implementation is a bit broken. on a 1024 wide screen they new break and appear on a new line11:24
intellectronicastub: no, we only use the distro's max_heat11:24
adeuringintellectronica: sigh...11:24
adeuringintellectronica: do you mean listings or the icons on a bug index page?11:25
intellectronicagmb: gotcha. sounds like an easy solution.11:25
gmbadeuring: See bug 52837411:26
intellectronicaadeuring: let me take a screenshot11:26
mupBug #528374: Flames misplaced on bug report page <Launchpad Bugs:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/528374>11:26
gmbintellectronica: mpt already did that for you :)11:26
intellectronicathanks mpt11:26
stubintellectronica: I think the distribution max_heat is incorrect, as BugTask's linked to a distroseries are not directly linked to a distribution (Only one of BugTask.distroseries and BugTask.distribution can be set)11:26
intellectronicastub: oh, good point. didn't realise that.11:27
stub(I'm sure there was a reason for that, but I doubt it was a good one and hopefully not mine ;) )11:27
stubintellectronica: Do you want to fix or should I?11:28
intellectronicastub: go ahead and fix it if you can.11:29
stubDistributionSourcePackage.max_bug_heat calculation doesn't support multiple distributions yet either, but I guess we don't have to worry about that now :)11:30
adeuringintellectronica: I can't reproduce this... which browser are you using?11:35
intellectronicaadeuring: chrome11:36
* adeuring nedds to install chrome...11:36
intellectronicaadeuring: oh, and in FF it's even worse. the flames appear to the left of the bug info line instead of to the right11:37
adeuringintellectronica: I thought that was intended ...11:37
intellectronicaadeuring: oh, i didn't realise that. why did we change the location?11:37
adeuringintellectronica: i have no idea what changed or when it changed.11:38
intellectronicaadeuring: i thought it was your branch, since it was ok until yesterday, but maybe something else11:39
intellectronicathe light icons do look much better, though11:39
adeuringintellectronica: well, the icons were in firefox left of "bug #123 reported" even before my change11:40
mupBug #123: There's no direct way to see the project info when translating it <Launchpad Translations:Fix Released> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/123>11:41
intellectronicaadeuring: huh. i can't believe we missed that for so long11:41
deryckadeuring, intellectronica -- the flames aren't orginally left of the reporter info.  See:  https://bugs.staging.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nspluginwrapper/+bug/14161311:42
mupBug #141613: npviewer.bin crashed with SIGSEGV <apport-crash> <apport-failed-retrace> <iso-testing> <metabug> <npviewer> <npviewer.bin> <nspluginwrapper> <nspluginwrapper (Ubuntu):Confirmed> <nspluginwrapper (Mandriva):Fix Released> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/141613>11:42
* adeuring is now completely confused...11:44
stubintellectronica: looks like it all needs refactoring. If a BugTask.product changes for instance, both the old product and the new product need their maximums updated.11:46
stuboh.. hang on... i'm confusing myself11:47
deryckheh, "7 out of 4 heat flames"  oops. :-)11:49
stubYer - if we do this with triggers, we need triggers on both bug and bugtask, because changes to bugtask link and unlink bugs from stuff and that stuff needs their maximums updated.11:50
stubAnd technically on distroseries too incase a distroseries.distribution gets changed, but I think we can ignore that one.11:50
intellectronicastub: oright. i'll add triggers for the change of target. i guess in that case it would make sense to move most of the code out to a procedure and use the triggers to call that?11:52
stubIf there is enough that can be factored out, sure.11:55
stubI'd go for the cron job personally :)11:57
wgrantbigjools: Isn't that branch going to cause all the copy archive binaries to land in universe, so the second run won't actually use them?11:57
henningebigjools: Hi ;)12:05
henningebigjools: can you help me with build farm jobs or is that somebody else's domain?12:05
adeuringintellectronica: can you take care of the flame icons buG? I OCR today and have some reviews in the quere...12:05
intellectronicaadeuring: i think i can have a look at it after i finish refactoring my max_heat db patch12:06
henningewgrant: Hi :)12:06
adeuringintellectronica: thanks!12:07
intellectronicaderyck: does that sound like a reasonable plan to you? ^^^^^12:07
wgranthenninge: Hi.12:07
henningewgrant: are you knowlegable on build farm jobs?12:07
wgranthenninge: Probably.12:07
wgrantI know most of how it works.12:07
intellectronicait might mean not getting any other heat bugs done, though :/12:07
henningewgrant: I'd like to try out our template generate job in as much the same way as it will be run in real life.12:07
bigjoolswgrant: it's not applying any overrides12:08
stubError: There is a version conflict.12:08
stubWe already have: zope.interface 3.4.012:08
bigjoolsmaybe it should look in the primary archive12:08
stubBuildout error12:08
henningestub: apt-get install python-zope.interface12:09
wgrantbigjools: It should.12:09
wgrantI think.12:09
bigjoolsI did have a nagging thought about it12:09
wgranthenninge: Do you have a local buildd set up?12:09
henningewgrant: I don't think so. What would that entail?12:09
henningeI have build the launchpad-buildd package, or I can at least.12:10
wgranthenninge: So, you'll need to install that. What sort of arguments does your generation job take?12:11
henningewgrant: a branch url to fetch the package branch from. That's all.12:12
stubhenninge: Seems to be working. ta.12:12
deryckintellectronica, looking back12:12
wgranthenninge: OK, so, you can probably use Python's xmlrpclib to start the job without involving the horrible buildd-manager and Launchpad at all.12:12
henningestub: oghers have gone before me ... ;-)12:12
deryckintellectronica, so the plan being you'll refactor the trigger branch and then fix the icons?12:13
intellectronicaderyck: yes12:13
stubbuildout isn't reporting an error code on failure, which screws things up in the makefile...12:13
deryckintellectronica, good plan.12:13
henningewgrant: in real life the build slaves are ec2instances, right?12:14
wgranthenninge: No. They're mostly Xen machines in the DC.12:14
wgrantThe rest are real machines in the DC.12:15
henningeok, but they are like their own machines.12:15
henningebut you are saying I should not try and simulate that part, just run it on my machine.12:16
henningeI mean, "setting up a buildd" is not setting up a xen instance or the like.12:16
wgrantNo, no. You just need to install the package.12:17
wgrantIt'll run a daemon which makes the Soyuz tests fail, but that's about it.12:17
henningegood. Which is the top-level script I need to start?12:17
wgrantHave you installed launchpad-buildd?12:18
wgrantThat should have started it already.12:18
henningeoh, I see. NOt atm, I had it installed in a pbuilder chroot. I'll try that again and look at it.12:18
wgrantThat's fine too.12:19
wgrantThe daemon just needs to be running somewhere.12:19
henningeso when it runs I can use xmlrpc to have it start my job.12:19
henningewgrant: ok, thanks. Let me see how far I get with that.12:20
wgrantimport xmlrpclib; xmlrpclib.ServerProxy('http://localhost:8221/rpc').build('1-1', 'translation-templates', 'sha1ofthechrootinyourlibrarian', {}, {'branch_url': 'http://url.to/branch'})12:22
henningewgrant: thanks, that'll help a lot ;-)12:30
henningewgrant: where do I find 'sha1ofthechrootinyourlibrarian' ?12:30
wgranthenninge: Grab http://launchpadlibrarian.net/39617064/chroot-ubuntu-lucid-i386.tar.bz2, get it into your librarian, and use f1f10b8402ed686aaf0307676c76f07b45af2a09 as the SHA1.12:33
ricotzsalgado, hello12:35
salgadohi ricotz12:36
ricotzsalgado, is it possible for you to restart this build https://edge.launchpad.net/~ricotz/+archive/testing/+build/153215712:36
ricotzit seems to be jammed12:36
salgadoricotz, I don't seem to have permission to do that.  should I have?12:37
ricotzsalgado, sorry, thought you have12:38
ricotzcan you delegate this request to someone who can12:38
ricotzbigjools, hello ^12:39
bigjoolsricotz: let me lookl12:40
ricotzthank you12:40
bigjoolsricotz: why do you think it's jammed?12:40
ricotzcause its running for an hour and doesnt show any progress12:41
bigjoolsok I'll investigate12:43
ricotzthis build should take less than 10min like https://edge.launchpad.net/~ricotz/+archive/testing/+build/153216212:43
bigjoolsricotz: it's reset and on a different builder now12:50
bigjoolssee how it goes12:50
ricotzbigjools, thank you!12:50
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wgranthenninge: Any luck?12:53
techrascalwe are a bunch of undergrads and want set up a launchpad clone for projects we have in our college12:55
techrascalwe have a server access with jailed ssh12:55
techrascalwhich doesnt give us sudo access and probably not even yum install kind of operations12:56
techrascalcan anyone help me identify the bare minimum access we need for installing launchpad source code on a server12:56
jmltechrascal, you'll need root, I'm afraid.13:41
jmltechrascal, can you not just use launchpad.net?13:41
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deryckBjornT, ping14:56
jtv-afkWhy doesn't gpgme find my keys when I "make harness"?  (It does when I ./bin/py)15:06
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jtvderyck: on an entirely arbitrary whim, I decide that you sound like the sort of person who would know this.15:09
BjornTderyck: pong15:09
deryckHi BjornT.  So I need to rollout a new lazr-js to update with a change Tom had.  Want to make sure I remember right...15:10
deryckBjornT, it's just roll an sdist, ci it to download-cache, and update the versions.cfg in an lp branch.  is that right?15:10
gmbAnyone know how to fix this http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/384423/ when I'm trying to run `make`?15:12
gmbrocketfuel-get and make clean haven't fixed it.15:12
deryckgmb, do you need to clean up download-cache by hand, i.e. remove something from it that bzr up is trying to add?15:15
deryckpure guess that is.15:15
stub(19:09:04) henninge: stub: apt-get install python-zope.interface15:17
stubgmb: ^^ I got a similar error, but zope.interface. That was the solution.15:18
gmbstub: I'll give that a shot, thanks. (Except with the zope package, obviously)15:18
BjornTderyck: yes, that's right15:19
deryckBjornT, thanks15:20
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marsok, there is something fishy with the Repeat view load times of BugTasks on edge: http://www.webpagetest.org/result/100226_5F6Q/#run315:30
marsThey have increased a lot since December: http://www.webpagetest.org/result/091221_3RNM/#run215:31
marsis the server under load or something?15:32
marsDec time to first byte: 0.955s15:33
marsFeb time to first byte: 2.961s15:33
marsMust be something messed up with the cached view code on webpagetest's end.  The first-view times are still sane across the board.15:48
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gmbgary_poster: I'm running into this whilst running make: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/384423/. stub suggested apt-get installing zope.testing, but that didn't help. My download-cache is up to date; any suggestions about how I can get past this?15:51
gary_postergmb: yes.  As a work-around, manually edit your bin/buildout file to have a " -S" at the end of the shebang line.  I have a (rather invasive, but fully reviewed) branch that I'll land at the beginning of next cycle to address.  If you don't plan to land this until next cycle then you could merge that.  Getting branch...15:53
gmbgary_poster: This needs to land today, so I'll use the workaround for now.15:53
gary_postergmb: ack15:54
gmbgary_poster: Thanks, though :)15:54
gary_posternp :-)15:54
gmbgary_poster: Er, that -S didn't seem to help any. I'll try merging your branch and see what happens.15:56
gary_postergmb: mm, did you run make clean after applying the -S?  If so, it would have been wiped away15:57
gary_postergmb: steps would be as follows:15:57
gary_poster1) run make15:57
gary_poster2) curse at error15:57
gary_poster3) edit bin/buildout15:57
gary_poster4) run make again15:57
gmbgary_poster: I don't think I did; let me just try again.15:58
gary_posterif that doesn't help I'll be surprised and a bit concerned TBH15:58
gmbgary_poster: Hmm. Same problem. Let me try  a clean branch of db-devel (this branch was fine before I merged db-devel to resolve some conflicts, btw)16:00
gary_postergmb: argh.  pastebin your edited bin/buildout for me to make sure we are talking about the same thing?16:00
gmbgary_poster: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/384448/16:01
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gary_postergmb: ok alternate approach, have you infact tried make clean && make?16:02
gmbgary_poster: Yes. No dice.16:02
gmbgary_poster: In fact it complains about bin/py not existing when I do that16:02
gmbRunning link-external-sourcecode fixes that though.16:03
gary_postergmb: that doesn't make a lot of sense in my world view, so I don't understand something that you are doing. :-/16:04
gmbgary_poster: So, everything was fine until I merged db-devel. Then it broke. I updated my download-cache, ran make clean && make.16:05
gmbAnd everything else has revolved around trying to get the latter to work.16:05
gary_postergmb, ok, I'll try to dupe.16:05
gmbgary_poster: The branch is at lp:~gmb/launchpad/processapportblobjob-api-bug-513191, ftr.16:06
gary_posterack, on ity16:06
gary_posteror it16:06
stubgary_poster: I did notice that buildout must not be reporting an error code on this failure, as the shhh.py ate the output and the Makefile continued (hence the 'no bin/py' error)16:08
gary_posterstub, huh16:09
gmbgary_poster: This is also happening in a fresh branch of devel.16:15
gmb(the no bin/py thing, that is)16:15
gmbAnd also the zope.testing thing, too.16:15
gary_postergmb, a full make WFM without having to edit bin/buildout (history, for reference: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/384454/ ).  I did not have zope.testing installed from apt, which is what your showed, so I just added it and will try16:16
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gary_postergmb, sigh, still, worked for me.  Can you think of anything else I should maybe do to try to supe our environments?  Similarly, can you try merging in the branch I mentioned and see if it makes the problem go away for you?16:17
gmbgary_poster: I'll try merging your branch; I can't think of anything else you need to do. I might end up just switching machines for the sake of getting this landed...16:18
gary_poster(If my branch doesn't help, then I'll have to try to dig into this later once the release pressure has passed)16:19
gary_poster(because it is supposed to make this kind of thing go away)16:19
gary_posternote that your download-cache will need to be up-to-date16:19
deryckabentley, qa-ready is very nice.  many thanks!16:22
abentleyderyck, you're welcome.16:23
gmbgary_poster: Same error but with extra messages after your branch is merged: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/384458/16:24
gmbgary_poster: I'll switch machines; I don't have time to debug this properly.16:25
gmbThanks anyway.16:25
gary_postergmb: ack, and sorry.  I'll need your time next week.16:25
gmbgary_poster: Sure.16:25
* gmb -> switching machines; brb16:25
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gmbgary_poster: Looks like it's all working fine on my laptop; no idea what's up with my desktop machine's environment. Ping me next week when you want to try and debug this.16:35
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jtvbigjools: did you dazzle the crowds?16:37
gary_postergmb: glad you are unblocked at least.  Another guess is http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/384463/ combined with my branch, FWIW.  I don't have enough information so far to do much else than guess.  I'll definitely ping you next week, thanks.16:38
bigjoolsjtv: I did - the head wants me to install Edubuntu there now16:40
jtvsinzui, maybe you can help me with this?  I'm trying to get a GPG key out of the current system user's real GPG, and it works if I run it in a plain python, but I see no keys at all in "make harness"16:40
jtvbigjools: we'd hate to lose you to tech sales16:40
bigjoolsjtv: I feel I have missed my calling16:41
bigjoolsmy true calling16:41
jtvbigjools: I get missed calls all the time... I'm also using True prepay.16:41
sinzuijtv: I have no experience with this...16:41
bigjoolsjtv: I watch True Blood16:42
jtvbigjools: speaking of bleeding hearts, you wouldn't know about this either would you?16:42
henningebigjools: I followed wgrant's helpful hints but when I try to initiate the buld I get an error back (on xmlrpc).16:42
jtvthe gpgme problem16:42
sinzuijtv: I think that tests that work with package uploading may provide a clue how to do this16:43
jtvsinzui: I'd prefer not to rely on zeca though16:43
henningebigjools: what could be wrong here? http://paste.ubuntu.com/384472/16:43
* bigjools looks16:44
bigjoolshenninge: there's a chroot checksum mismatch somehow16:45
bigjoolsso what the buildmaster told it it was didn't match what it calculated when it unpacked it16:45
henningebigjools: when I Iook at the code, though, it does not seem to even try to get the file from the librarian.16:46
bigjoolshenninge: it could be cached16:46
bigjoolsand the cache doesn't match16:47
bigjoolsit's supposed to re-fetch in that case though :/16:47
henningebigjools: the cache is empty16:47
bigjoolsthen I am stumped :(16:47
henningebigjools: also, I am a bit confused by this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/384483/16:48
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henningebigjools: trying to get the file by its sha1 value gives me an empty result.16:48
henningebut accessing it by its id is possible - the sha1 is correct.16:49
bigjoolshenninge: findBySHA1("blah")[0] ... ?16:50
henningeoh, .... right16:50
bigjoolsit's a proxied result set16:50
henningeyup, that was too obvious for me to see ...16:51
henningeok, so it's not an error in the librarian.16:51
henningebigjools: does the librarian need to be running in any way for the slave to be able to access it?16:54
bigjoolshenninge: yeesssss :)16:54
bigjoolsunless it's some magic librarian16:54
henningebigjools: I have tried with LP running in another terminal, though.16:54
jtvhenninge: but what you need from the Librarian AFAIK is the chroot, and didn't you get stuck at that point?16:55
henningebigjools: what else could keep the slave from being able to access the librarian? I am running it from a chroot.16:55
bigjoolshenninge: firewall?16:55
bigjoolscan you telnet the address/port it's trying to access?16:55
bigjoolsas your slave user16:56
henningehow do I know what it's trying to access16:56
bigjoolsthe URL is passed to it from the buildmaster16:56
henningelemme try16:56
bigjoolsso it might not be passing the right URL16:56
henningebigjools: do you mean the librarian url?17:01
bigjoolshenninge: the path should be ok, I suspect the domain part isn't17:01
henningebigjools: ok, but I am simulating the master by an rpc call that wgrant gave me. So maybe the call is missing something.17:02
bigjoolstell me what it was?17:03
henningebigjools: ^17:03
bigjoolsoh that17:03
bigjoolsI can't remember and honestly I think I'd rather run the b-m locally17:04
henningebigjools: np, how do I do that? ;-)17:05
bigjoolshenninge: /bin/twistd --python daemons/buildd-manager.tac17:06
bigjoolshenninge: assuming you have the builder defined in LP.dev17:06
bigjoolsand that your job is ready to dispatch, etc17:06
henningenot sure if that is assuming too much ....17:06
henningebigjools: I'll try something else first.17:07
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bigjoolshenninge: poking xmlrpc is fine but given that only wgrant has done that then I would be scratching around the code a bit myself to remember what's going on17:08
henningethat's what I am doing ... ;)17:10
henningebigjools: http://paste.ubuntu.com/384494/ ;-)17:11
bigjoolshenninge: \o/17:12
bigjoolshenninge: awesome, let me know how it goes.  When you get it all working locally we can try it out on dogfood.17:12
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henningebigjools: "can't find ntp.buildd" What should that be?17:16
bigjoolsI need more context17:17
henningebigjools: sorry17:18
henningebigjools: build log on the slave: http://paste.ubuntu.com/384500/17:21
bigjoolshenninge: heh17:21
bigjoolseasy fix is to define that in /etc/hosts17:21
bigjoolsalong with the other million .dev ones17:22
bigjoolsand point it at ntp.ubuntu.com17:22
henningebigjools: oh, that is how the buildd's are synced ...17:23
bigjoolsyeah, the DC has that domain defined17:24
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sinzuiI think the QA wiki script is behind. I just QAed my changes on staging, but the wiki does not know that they have landed and been deployed to staging17:39
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henningejtv: are you sure the "doUpdate" step is required?17:51
jtvhenninge: no.  Only if something dramatically breaks intltool I expect.17:52
henningejtv: it calls "update-debian-chroot" but that is not included in the chroot.17:53
henningeso it breaks.17:53
henningejtv: also any cleanup fails because it tries to remove proc instead of unmounting it (and dev/pts and sys).17:53
jtvhenninge: I don't think it's supposed to call that from within the chroot17:53
jtvbut it's something I could easily have gotten wrong.17:54
magciusWhy can't I visit edge.launchpad.net without this new Launchpad Login Service?18:02
sinzuimagcius: because launchpad is going to use that for login from now on.18:04
magciussinzui, but why do I need an account to view Edge?18:04
magcius(Is it just testing Edge?)18:04
magciusalso, I see an +openid in the URL, but there's no place I can put in my existing OpenID18:04
sinzuimagcius: except that the login service will really be Ubuntu.18:05
magciussinzui, ? what does that mean?18:05
magcius(I don't use Ubuntu at all)18:05
sinzuimagcius: I believe next week all launchpad will be using openid for login18:05
magciussinzui, um, I still don't follow what you're saying18:06
magciusNext week when 10.2 releases I'll need to login to do anything?18:06
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magciusalso, I don't know who to talk to about this, but your sliding door needs more length18:07
magciusi.e. right here: http://imgur.com/67fmj.png18:08
sinzuimagcius: Yes. but to be clear, launchpad-login code became the launchpad SSO, but users did not to use it launchpad authentication, so we removed the feature last year. Ubuntu is the real SSO server, we have been running a copy and allowing the old login to continue for about year18:08
deryckintellectronica, I have some nervous energy about this branch.  This updates in real time with changes, right?18:08
intellectronicaderyck: yes18:09
magciussinzui, Launchpad authentication? What was that?18:09
intellectronicanot much different from a trigger, really18:09
sinzuimagcius: login18:09
magciussinzui, so there were two ways to log in?18:09
magciussinzui, what were they?18:09
intellectronicaderyck: are you worried about timing?18:10
deryckintellectronica, except this happens in a view, right?  So if it takes a while to complete it timesout a view.  I thought triggers were independent of the view.18:10
deryckyeah, timing is always my fear :-)18:10
intellectronicaderyck: why in a view?18:10
intellectronicaoh right, when you create a task or change the target it's in a view, you're right18:10
sinzuiLaunchpad has not manages user accounts for a year. We allowed users to continue to use the launchpad copy of SSO, but the Ubuntu version is the master. when you login to a page in launchpad, you are really logging into ubuntu's sso18:11
deryckintellectronica, that's what I meant.  I realize it's model code, but called from a view.18:11
deryckintellectronica, you could create a job then, but you still need something to process it offline.18:11
deryckintellectronica, do you feel really confident this won't timeout?18:12
magciussinzui, what is the Ubuntu SSO?18:12
intellectronicaderyck: we can remove the code that updates when you touch a bugtask. that will have pretty much the same effect, and wait for the max_heat to get updated when the bug's heat is next updated18:12
sinzuimagcius: https://login.ubuntu.com/18:12
intellectronicaderyck: it's hard for me to guesstimate whether it will timeout. i can't really know without trying this on staging18:13
magciussinzui, so if I have a Launchpad account, I can log in there?18:13
deryckintellectronica, can we just move all of it to update when heat is recalculated?18:13
deryckor is that what you mean?18:13
magciussinzui, what exactly does the Ubuntu SSO allow me to do?18:13
intellectronicaderyck: it will update when heat is calculated anyway18:13
sinzuimagcius: yes, because you really do have an ubuntu account, launchpad only keeps a profile of your hacking activity. For example, Launchpad does not really know your email address.18:14
intellectronicaderyck: it updates all targets whenever setHeat is called on a bug18:14
deryckintellectronica, which happens offline, right?18:14
magciussinzui, okay, what can I use the Ubuntu SSO for?18:14
deryckintellectronica, so the only live update is when a task is re-targeted?18:15
magciussinzui, like, I see my OpenID site in there for "Sites you last authenticated to"18:15
intellectronicaderyck: yes, or when a new task is created18:15
sinzuimagcius: You can use the openid url on your launchpad profile page to login into other openid enabled sites without registration18:15
magciussinzui, I already have an OpenID account, I don't need another one18:15
sinzuimagcius: you have had one from launchpad for about 2 years, it is shown on you profile page18:16
deryckintellectronica, yeah, so I think either remove those bits.  Because those will trigger setHeat anyway, right?18:16
magciussinzui, I know, I have had another one from ClaimID.com for about 3 or 418:16
intellectronicaderyck: i don't see how they will trigger setHeat18:17
intellectronicaderyck: how about, we remove triggering this when touching bugtasks and open a bug for looking at it later?18:18
intellectronicaderyck: my worry with all this stuff that happens offline is that we'll be accumulating inaccurate data18:18
intellectronicait's very hard to follow what happens when18:18
deryckintellectronica, yeah, that sounds good.  Also, if we're not adjusting heat with bugtask changes, then maybe we shouldn't do max_bug_heat either then.18:19
intellectronicaso without triggering the calculation directly, we'll probably have reasonable results, but i just don't want to leave it at that18:19
intellectronicaderyck: i'm sorry, i don't really understand your last sentence18:19
deryckintellectronica, I'm asking why do we even need to recalculate max_bug_heat on bugtask changes?  If we don't change heat on the bug on bugtask changes, then why change max_bug_heat?18:21
intellectronicaderyck: because the bug might already have heat18:22
deryckintellectronica, ah, but the project of the task might not yet have a max_bug_heat?18:22
intellectronicaderyck: exactly18:22
intellectronicaderyck: how screwed are we if this gets so staging and we find it times out? it will be really nice to know whether this is actually a problem18:24
deryckintellectronica, thinking about that.  is the only time we would call this "live" would be on changing a bugtask?  which is via AJAX?18:24
intellectronicaderyck: also when adding a new task. both are not necessarily ajaxed (changing a target can be ajaxed but there's also a non-ajax interface)18:25
deryckintellectronica, right, but it's through a new page, which is not as a bad as a bug list or page.  I think this probably isn't a problem in practice.18:26
intellectronicaderyck: right, i wouldn't bet on a timeout. but as always, without testing this on ubuntu on staging it's very hard to tell18:27
deryckintellectronica, I'm willing to risk it.  allenap has to cowboy a patch to test.  perhaps we could create a combined diff and test both.18:28
intellectronicaworst case, we know exactly what are the bits we need to back-out, so it shouldn't be too much work to recover from it18:28
deryckright.  but I do want to avoid having to do that.18:29
intellectronicabut if we get to cowboy a patch then even that won't be necessary18:29
deryckintellectronica, so can you and allenap coordinate about that combined diff when he's available.18:31
intellectronicasure thing18:31
intellectronicaderyck: apart from that, any comments on the code?18:31
deryckintellectronica, looks good.  Just doing a careful scan of the sql, and then I'll be ready.18:32
deryckintellectronica, only comment really is that line 145 has a commented out bit of code, which I assume you don't need anymore.18:36
intellectronicaderyck: whoops, no, of course i don't need that bit.18:37
deryckintellectronica, cool.  running a couple queries on staging just for paranoia.18:39
deryckhmmm, it's slow.18:41
deryckintellectronica, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/384562/18:42
intellectronicaoh yes, that's too slow18:43
intellectronicaderyck: so, remove the call when touching a bugtask for now? i do think we'll have to revisit this if we want reliable results, but it probably won't be too terrible for now18:45
intellectronicab.t.w i think it will also be very slow when calculating heat from a script18:46
deryckintellectronica, just a second more and let me play and then we can decide.  not meaning to delay, I know it's late for you.18:47
intellectronicaderyck: that's oright, i'm working on other heat bugs in the meantime. no rush18:47
intellectronicaand thanks for running these queries. nothing beats real data18:48
deryckyeah, I'm glad I can do them on staging.18:48
deryckintellectronica, I may have something.  http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/384585/19:14
deryckremoving the union and doing a limit.  and I get the right result.  it makes sense to me.19:14
intellectronicaderyck: wow. i'm impressed.19:15
intellectronicanot by postgres :)19:15
deryckmy head hurts now.19:15
intellectronicai'm amazed the difference is so bug19:15
deryckyeah, it's huge.19:15
deryckbecause it doesn't have to scan with the limit and order by.19:16
intellectronicaso this is just one of the queries in the union, but even running both and maxing the result in python would be faster than the 4s we got with the union19:16
deryckintellectronica, no, this can replace the union.19:17
deryckintellectronica, you just want the highest bug heat for any bug that has a bugtask.distribution or bugtask.distroseries, right?19:17
intellectronicaderyck: right, i missed the OR19:17
intellectronicait doesn't limit by distribution. don't know if that will make much of a difference19:18
deryckintellectronica, right.  so we can add a distribution = %s.  Let me check times on that.19:18
intellectronicaderyck: can you run the same with AND  Bugtask.distribution = 1 ?@19:18
deryckintellectronica, quicker even!19:21
deryckintellectronica, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/384589/19:21
intellectronicaand the sql is much more readable too19:23
deryckintellectronica, cool.  So r=me with something like this to replace each UNION sql statement.  If that seems acceptable to you, too.19:24
intellectronicai'm still surprised. my guess is that it's not the max() that was making it small, but the nested queries19:24
intellectronicaderyck: for sure. thanks a bunch!19:24
deryckintellectronica, cool. np!  Very sick of timeouts.  One day we'll do this everywhere and bring our counts do on the OOPS report.19:25
sinzuibeuno: adeuring: landed his fix for bug advanced search: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/launchpad-registry/+bugs?advanced=119:31
sinzui^ You can now see what the default criteria is for searching, and the legends a have enough space so that you can see the parts of the form.19:31
* sinzui thinks the checkboxes at the end are silly though19:32
beunosinzui, sure19:32
sinzuibeuno: I wanted them to be radio-button19:33
beunoalmost everything on that page needs vertical spacing19:35
beunothe sorting drop down is confusing when layed out that way19:36
beunothe input box as well19:36
beunothis is advanced search, so you probably want to explain that the input box is optional, and to search for text in X or Y parts of the bug19:36
beunothe "Doesn’t matter" option for asignee could be named better19:37
sinzuibeuno: I agree. I think Abel has done a good job closing a number of UI issues in one branch. He may hate me for it, but I can finally read that form19:37
beunosinzui, YES. It's a million times better now19:37
beunothe any/all radio buttons on tags should be right next to the tag field19:37
beunojust "Help" may also suffice there19:38
beunoand having:19:39
sinzuiIn their previous position, they looked like they were subordinate to the item above. The form layour you introduced 9 months places subordinates below, not to the right19:39
beuno  Show only bugs with linked branches   19:39
beunoShow only bugs without linked branches 19:39
beunoboth ticked by default is a bit confusing19:39
beunowell, if it can't be easily tweaked to be to the right of the input, at least change the labels to "All tags" or "Any tags"19:40
beunoall labels on that page could do with .5-1em of padding-top19:40
sinzuibeuno: yes, I was too, as was abel, We and I wanted a radio button show exclusivity or state your do not care. I had to run a search to prove I would get results with that insane condition19:40
sinzuibeuno: yes, padding can fix the radiobutton on right issue.19:42
jmlkfogel, ol buddy ol pal19:44
jmlkfogel, I want an elisp function that behaves like upcase-word but switches from under_score to camelCase, and another one that goes in the other direction.19:45
beunosinzui, did all that help?  or where you asking something else?19:45
=== jtv is now known as jtv-eat
sinzuibeuno: yes it helped. I wanted your opinion on the improvement.19:46
beunosinzui, long overdue, and very nice!19:47
jmlkfogel, It would be great if you could write this, but I say this in a way that has absolutely nothing to do with Canonical, just that it would help my occasional free software LP development19:47
EdwinGrubbsbac, sinzui: what do you think about this simplified upstream connections portlet? https://chinstrap.canonical.com/~egrubbs/upstream/upstream_simplified.png20:00
sinzuiEdwinGrubbs: I think that can get long20:01
sinzuiEdwinGrubbs: This may be easier if you keep in mind your proposing a change to two pages, not one...20:02
bacEdwinGrubbs: 'mozilla', 'firefox', and 'blog series' are three different links?20:02
sinzuiEdwinGrubbs: The difference between the packaging listing and the source package page is that the listing does not get the change operations20:04
sinzuiEdwinGrubbs: if we can keep the branch and translations in a separate column, and keep the 3 objects linked, the layout may work for both cases. Your https://chinstrap.canonical.com/~egrubbs/upstream/horizontal_hierarchy.png is more practical for users who want to visit the project or project group20:07
intellectronicawhat's a good way to test something time-related?20:08
intellectronicais there a way to temper with the current time for a test?20:09
EdwinGrubbssinzui, bac: I had actually removed the project group entirely after reading Curtis' email. Then I removed the project link, since the user can always make to clicks, and it makes the display cleaner and clearer.20:10
EdwinGrubbss/to clicks/two clicks/20:10
sinzuiEdwinGrubbs: I cannot fix the project bug tracker unless I have a link to the project. We need links to projects an series. The project group link is dubious, but needed until the bugs team sorts out their upstream contact contradiction20:11
sinzuibac: EdwinGrubbs: look at this: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/openoffice20:12
sinzui^ I need to enable bug tracking to set the value, then disable it again?20:13
EdwinGrubbsbac, sinzui: I'll use the horizontal layout but with the Branch in a separate column then.20:17
sinzuiEdwinGrubbs: I think that is what is there now (and translations is there too)20:18
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wgrantOoh. Somebody fixed the advanced search form.22:06
beunowgrant, hug sinzui and adeuring for that22:07
wgrantHey, ISD finally got their act together.22:09
wgrantThe security fix has finally been rolled out.22:10
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bdmurraymake build is failing for me in devel at finding a distribution for lazr-js==0.9.2DEV-r16922:17
wgrantbdmurray: Run rocketfuel-get lately?22:18
wgrantHow is login.ubuntu.com going to provide the OpenID team data that Launchpad provides?22:20
lifelessbdmurray: update-sourcecode probably22:22
wgrantThis one needs an updated download-cache.22:23
wgrantrocketfuel-get updates both.22:23
lifelesswgrant: is there a UEC AMI for doing LP dev?22:24
wgrantlifeless: No.22:25
bdmurraywgrant: okay I ran rocketfuel-get and it got the new version of lazr-js but its still failing22:28
bdmurrayoh, that's not quite right22:31
bdmurrayI have 0.9.2DEV not -r16922:31
* bdmurray takes it back22:33
wgrantI can see it was added to the branch 7 hours ago.22:33
bdmurrayokay I'm all squared away now thanks22:35
lifelesswgrant: do you know, is the EC2 test AMI suitable for adapting to be a development AMI?22:42
wgrantlifeless: I considered that. Quite possibly -- it can already do 'ec2 demo'.22:43
wgrant(although it needs an image update for the OpenID stuff)22:44
lifelessdo you know the size of the AMI?22:45
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mwhudsonjelmer: any luck with incremental imports?23:04
jelmermwhudson: I wrote a small plugin to add --limit to bzr pull - lp:~jelmer/+junk/bzr-pull-limit23:05
jelmermwhudson, but I haven't really been able to reproduce the problem yet23:08
wgrantsinzui: Around?23:08
sinzuiI am23:09
wgrantsinzui: I'm interested in making the mirror prober less inflexible by converting it to a job-based system.23:09
sinzuiThat will make several people happy23:10
sinzuiwgrant: jpds may also be interested in the job system for mirrors. There is a small chance the two of you could step on each other.23:16
jpdssinzui: We do that all the time. ;)23:17
wgrantsinzui: Oh, don't worry, I'm talking to him.23:17
mwhudsonjelmer: :/23:17
mwhudsonjelmer: oh well, something for monday then23:17
jelmermwhudson: If I have a spare moment on the train I might have a look during the weekend23:18
mwhudsonooh, staging is updated23:18
mwhudsonlet's try it there23:19
mwhudsonjelmer: ok, don't sweat it23:19
lifelessmwhudson: so a full repo fetch wasn't it ?23:22
wgrantsinzui: It seems to me that there are two options for doing this: adding a next_probe_time to DistirbutionMirror, or adding a full-blown DistributionMirrorProbeJob.23:25
sinzuiwgrant: In the former to do image a default time and allowing users to choose probe now so that the existing proc will pull all those that are due for a probe?23:27
wgrantsinzui: Something like that, yes.23:28
wgrantThe former probably makes more sense.23:30
sinzuiI think so to, but I am thinking of reason that might happen in the next year that make us want a job instead23:31
wgrantI couldn't think of anything compelling.23:31
sinzuiwgrant: nor me23:32

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