jblueIs there a channel dedicated to discussion of loggerhead?01:11
spivNot that I know of.  It would be ok to talk about it on #bzr probably.01:12
jblueAlright thanks01:14
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StevenKHi, how can I run just one test (or group of tests) in LP's test suite rather than waiting 2.5 hours for make check?02:16
thumperStevenK: ./bin/test -vvt <test name?02:17
thumperdamn sausage fingers02:17
thumper<test name>02:17
thumperStevenK: or substring match of the test names02:17
wgrantStevenK: What Launchpad evil are you committing?02:24
StevenKwgrant: Nothing ...02:25
StevenKthumper: Ah ha, it's the name of the test not the file the test is in. That's got it, thanks.02:30
wgrantStevenK: The filename should work too. What were you trying?02:31
wgrant(also... 2.5 hours for make check? That's like so two years ago. It's more like 4 now)02:31
thumperwgrant: he might have a fast machine :)02:32
StevenKwgrant: I ran the test suite on my machine last night:02:32
StevenKTotal: 25757 tests, 47 failures, 3 errors in 194 minutes 39.537 seconds.02:32
wgrant3:15. Not bad.02:32
StevenKMeh, I was sleeping02:32
StevenKwgrant: As it turns out, a machine that can run WoW well can also run the LP test suite quickly. :-)02:43
StevenKIf I could figure out how to make check peg both CPUs, it'd probably run quicker again02:44
wgrantStevenK: The test suite cannot run concurrently, due to shared resources like the database.02:50
StevenKOh well02:53
* StevenK grumbles at a test assuming /var and /tmp are on the same device, and os.rename() dying02:55
wgrantWelcome to Soyuz.02:59
mwhudson<StevenK> If I could figure out how to make check peg both CPUs, it'd probably run quicker again03:02
mwhudsonStevenK: you would also quickly be buried under presents from grateful launchpad developers03:02
StevenKwgrant: bin/test does take a -j option03:16
wgrantStevenK: Whether it does anything is another matter entirely.03:18
StevenKwgrant: True03:23
Andre_GondimHi everyone, I need to create a list in one group at lp, but I recived this message The application for this team's mailing list has been declined. Please contact a Launchpad administrator for further assistance.03:27
wgrantAndre_Gondim: Which team?03:35
Andre_Gondimwgrant,   https://launchpad.net/~ubuntugames03:36
tseliotit looks like I was subscribed to https://launchpad.net/~canonical-dx-team/+archive/ppa but I can't access the page. Any ideas?08:45
tseliot(my username is albertomilone)08:45
noodles775tseliot: Hi, being subscribed to a private PPA currently only gives you access to download software from that private PPA, not to view the PPA itself.08:47
tseliotnoodles775: shall I ask the owner to give me upload rights if I want to browse the PPA page?08:48
=== leoquant is now known as soonerorlater
noodles775tseliot: This will be changing soon, but currently to be able to view the private PPA you need to be a member of the owning team.08:48
tseliotnoodles775: ok, thanks08:49
=== soonerorlater is now known as leoquant
wgrantnoodles775: One must be a member of the owning team or be an additional uploader.09:10
noodles775wgrant: yeah, but the latter can only be done via the API right?09:12
noodles775But right, my sentance implied the only way was to be a member.09:13
wgrantAdding people who aren't in DX to the DX team is probably inadvisable, so I thought it best to clarify that there existed another option.09:14
wgrantAnd yes, it's only possible through the API.09:14
noodles775Yes, good point.09:15
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bigjoolspeople added like that get more email09:17
wgrantI think everybody is already used to filtering emails from LP's dodgy notification setup, though.09:20
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gnomefreakim fairly sure im not getting all bug mail in one of my email boxes. i checked gmail from web and it is the same # as thunderbird11:12
RAOFgnomefreak: And gmail's spam filter isn't eating it?  Mine's been consuming an annoying number of interesting messages.11:16
gnomefreakRAOF: nope11:16
gnomefreaki get about 20 in 24 hours where it was more like 80 in 24 hours11:17
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wgrantIs there a script around to let me close all the bugs associated with a milestone?13:07
deryckwgrant, yeah, in launchpadlib/contrib, I believe.  close-my-bugs, or something like that.13:12
techrascali have a question regarding installation of launchpad on a remote server.13:14
techrascali have a jailed ssh access to a remote server, which doesnt give me sudo access13:14
techrascali was unable to install bazaar on it, can anyone help me with installing launchpad on the server?13:14
wgrantderyck: Ah, indeed. Thanks.13:15
thekornwgrant,   ilaunchpad-shell --service STAGING_SERVICE_ROOT -c 'for t in launchpad.projects["zeitgeist"].getMilestone(name="0.3.1").searchTasks(): t.transitionToStatus(status="Fix Released")'   ;)13:15
shadeslayerhi,whats the command to authorize ubuntu dev tools to be able to upload?13:15
shadeslayerany ideas?13:21
wgrantshadeslayer: ubuntu-dev-tools help is more likely in #ubuntu-motu.13:22
shadeslayerwgrant: no one knows there as of now :)13:23
mikeulI'm having a problem with my first ever 'bzr launchpad-login'.  I've uploaded my ssh key, but I'm getting "Server refuses to fulfill the request (403 Forbidden)..."13:32
mikeulmaybe somebody has an idea what I could be doing wrong?13:32
nigelbmikeul: key is in LP?13:34
nigelbmikeul: have you pasted the public part of your key into launchpad?13:34
mikeulYes, I've uploaded the public part into launchpad. but wait, here's the full error:13:35
mikeul"bzr: ERROR: Transport error: Server refuses to fulfill the request (403 Forbidden) for https://launchpad.net/~michael-jones/%2Bsshkeys"13:36
mikeulwith wget I can fetch the key from that URL.13:37
wgrantmikeul: From the same host?13:39
mikeuldoes "bzr whoami" have anything to do with the authentication with the public key?13:39
mikeulwgrant, yes13:39
wgrantmikeul: No.13:39
wgrantmikeul: I can lp-login as you fine.13:40
wgrantHow odd.13:40
mikeulwait- I bet it's a proxy issue.13:40
nigelbah, thats possible13:41
mikeulI have environment variable http_proxy and HTTPS_PROXY defined which wget honors.13:41
mikeulI haven't done any proxy setup with bzr yet.13:41
mikeuler... how do I inform bzr of a proxy?13:43
=== bigjools is now known as bigjools-lunch
mikeulhm, according to http://wiki.bazaar.canonical.com/ConfiguringBzr I would do it with $http_proxy, which I already have set.13:46
wgrantThis isn't bzr itself though -- it's the Launchpad plugin.13:48
wgrantI don't know what that respects.13:48
wgrantHopefully the same thing, but you never know...13:48
persiawgrant: regarding application authorisations.  Is that a client thing, or a server thing?  I thought there was a UI on LP.13:57
wgrantpersia: There is UI on LP, but the client has to request it.13:58
shadeslayerfound it!13:58
shadeslayerits manage-credentials in ubuntu dev tools13:58
shadeslayermanage-credentials - manage Launchpad token credentials.13:58
persiawgrant: Hrm.  That gets confusing.  I'm getting excited about the concept of some more official LP client tools (rather than scripts stuffed in a variety of places), as that might be easier to avoid redirects.13:59
persiashadeslayer: Thanks for finding it and announcing the correct script :)14:00
wgrantpersia: The UI on LP is only for the user to be able to say "yes, I allow this application to get a token on my behalf"14:00
persiawgrant: Yeah, that's what I gleaned from your comment.14:01
shadeslayerpersia: the man page is quite well written out ;)14:01
persiashadeslayer: Indeed so.  I'm just unsure it belongs in ubuntu-dev-tools (although that was probably the best place for it when it was written).14:03
shadeslayerpersia: hmm well idk about that,the ubuntu dev tools wiki still lists it14:03
persiashadeslayer: And I'm wrong about -motu being the wrong place, although I'd like to change that for lucid+1 (but it's right for lucid).14:03
persiashadeslayer: It *is* in ubuntu-dev-tools: I'm just not sure that's where it belongs.  There are a lot of things I believe could be different :)14:04
shadeslayerpersia: hehe14:04
mneptokkfogel: active?14:05
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james_wwhy can't I edit the status of https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~statik/ubuntu/lucid/oprofile/really-fix-jit-profiling/+merge/19925 ?14:12
wgrantjames_w: Because the BranchMergeProposal launchpad.Edit adapter is on crack.14:14
wgrantIt is ignorant of official branch permissions.14:14
james_wbut I'm in the owner team!14:14
wgrantI was just thinking that, yes.14:15
statikjames_w: I could edit it now to clean up the list, i think doko already did an upload that supersedes that branch proposal14:15
james_wI realise it's broken for others, but it's broken for me as well now!14:15
james_wstatik: yeah, can you edit the status of that one?14:15
wgrantjames_w: You're sure you're logged in? edge has kicked me out once or twice tonight...14:16
james_wthanks wgrant :-)14:16
statikjames_w: my options were work-in-progress or merged, so i deleted it :)14:17
evmari'm unable to load pages on bazaar.launchpad.net.  is this a temporary problem?14:29
gnomefreakwe no longer get upstream comments on bugs is ths intended?14:43
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mrjazzcathi evmar.  Are you still having this problem with: bazaar.launchpad.net16:06
mrjazzcatevmar: I am able to reach it.  It takes me to launchpad.net16:07
evmarmrjazzcat: seems to be fixed now, sorry for th enoise16:07
mrjazzcatgnomefreak: I'll have to go check on that for you16:07
gnomefreakmrjazzcat: thanks16:08
mrjazzcatevmar: great.  just a temporary network thing.16:08
deryckgnomefreak, hi.  gnome-bugs updates between upstream are down while we try to get our bug syncing stable.16:15
gnomefreakderyck: thanks mozilla bugs are down too so i have to assukme all bugs are having same issue16:15
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deryckgnomefreak, mozilla bugs are not explicitly turned off, like gnome bugs, but yes, the whole system of updating bug watches is irregularly updating while we work on it.16:16
gnomefreakderyck: ok thanks :)16:16
deryckgnomefreak, np.  This should get better over the next 3-4 weeks.  Sorry for the inconvenience it causes.16:17
gnomefreaknot a problem i was just wondering what happened to it16:17
micahgsince when can invalid bugs not be edited?16:24
micahgnm, I got timed out16:25
mrjazzcathi micahg, A timeout may indicate a bug on our part, not an intent to keep you from editing.  You can report the bug, or ask a question about it.16:27
micahgmrjazzcat: sorry, I meant my login expired...16:27
mrjazzcatmicahg: np.  So, your cookie expired.  There have been recent changes to the openID implementation.16:28
mrjazzcatmicahg: let me know if you have any trouble either getting back in or if you see this problem over and over again16:28
micahgmrjazzcat: k16:29
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* bdmurray is feeling the heat16:37
bdmurray7 out of 4 heat flames!16:37
mrjazzcatbdmurray: now that's hot!16:40
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geserbdmurray: how did you manage that?17:09
bdmurraygeser: I don't think I had much to do with it.  I was just looking at a bug.17:10
bdmurrayadeuring: is linked_branches exported in the API?  I'm trying to test it now w/o much success.17:11
adeuringbdmurray: let me check...17:12
adeuringbdmurray: no, it isn't17:12
bdmurrayadeuring: really? that's rather unfortunate17:13
adeuringbdmurray: care to file a bug about it? I guess that would be quite interesting for you17:13
bdmurrayadeuring: yes, actually more interesting than the html version ;-)17:14
adeuringbdmurray: poke deryck about it. Exporting should be easy, and we have a release next week ;)17:14
derycknot sure what adeuring means by "easy."  :-)17:15
deryckif it means easy for bdmurray, sure, +1 :-)17:15
adeuringderyck: It tink that's mostly decorating the interface IBug17:15
adeuringand a little test17:16
adeurings/it tink/i think/17:16
deryckadeuring, right.  but I know I can't get it today. :-)17:16
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adeuringderyck: right... And edge updated regulary17:16
* adeuring was considering to JFDI , but I have an appointment in ca 90 minutes...17:17
bdmurrayit bug 52856917:18
ubottuLaunchpad bug 528569 in malone "searching bug tasks by linked_branches not exported in the API" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52856917:18
deryckbdmurray, if you take it, I can find time to review it today.17:18
bdmurrayderyck: okay, can I get a bigger hint of what needs to be done though17:19
adeuringbdmurray: let's talk on skype about it17:19
deryckthere you go17:20
bdmurrayderyck: I seem to have already done the work17:29
deryckbdmurray, doing a review for intellectronica and then I can take a look.17:30
bdmurrayderyck: awesome, thanks17:31
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* deryck[lunch] does reviews over lunch17:32
adeuringderyck[lunch]: the odd thing with bdmurray's branch is that the MP claims that the status is "merged" -- but if you look at the affected files, the cahnges are not there.17:35
adeuringderyck[lunch]: so... since the branch is already reviewed, I think we can simply land it. Problem is that I'm away after an hour, so... could you run it through ec2?17:35
deryck[lunch]adeuring, sure17:36
adeuringderyck[lunch]: thanks!17:36
adeuringintellectronica: I notice in "bzr log" for devel that you reverted bdmurray's code to export IBug.linked_branches  (back in January). Any special reason?17:39
intellectronicaadeuring: oh i remember exactly why i did that...17:40
intellectronicaehrm, actually no, i don't remember :)17:40
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adeuringintellectronica: brian asked about it ;)17:40
intellectronicai remember we experienced some errors and reverted instead of fixing because it was last minute, but i don't remember what the errors were. sorry!17:41
adeuringAh, I see.17:41
bdmurrayMaybe it was an ec2 error?17:41
adeuringintellectronica: could it have been a cyclic import or somesuch?17:41
intellectronicait could have been17:42
intellectronicai suggest just update the branch, fire an ec2 test. if everything is ok, land it, if not, well, we'll have a reminder of what the problems were17:42
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adeuringderyck[lunch], bdmurray: Brian's changes were backed out for an unoḱnown reason... I reverted the reversion, erm, I re-installed the changes (lp:~adeuring/launchpad/api-export-bug-linked-branches) and started an ec2 test.18:02
deryck[lunch]adeuring, ok, cool.18:02
deryck[lunch]adeuring, so nothing needed from me then?  And this wasn't related to the bugtask age issue, was it?18:03
adeuringderyck[lunch]: yes and no,. I'm AFK in 30 minutes, and I'm away for much of the weekend. IOW, I can't watch the progress with the branch very carefully :(18:04
deryck[lunch]adeuring, gotcha.  I'll make a note and keep an eye out.18:04
adeuringderyck[lunch]: and no, I don't think this is related to bugtask age...18:04
deryck[lunch]ok, cool.18:04
deryck[lunch]bdmurray, can you ping me via email if you get a failure email from ec2?18:05
bdmurrayderyck[lunch]: of course18:05
=== deryck[lunch] is now known as deryck
adeuringderyck, bdmurray: EC2 failed very quickly... I've forwarded the mail to you18:19
* adeuring is now running away, sorry...18:19
deryckbye bye adeuring :-)18:21
bdmurrayderyck: is there a way to run this same test w/o going through ec2?18:24
deryckbdmurray, is it a single test?  Haven't looked at mail yet.18:25
bdmurrayI think it's create-lp-wadl.py18:25
deryckhmmm, never run that.  Usually it's something like:  ./bin/test -cvvt create-lp-wadl18:27
bdmurrayderyck: okay, I've recreated it locally18:27
=== mrjazzcat is now known as mrjazzcat-afk
bdmurrayderyck: let me know when you look at the failure18:49
deryckbdmurray, will do.  Working on another review right now.18:52
* MTecknology things Canonical should put up about twice as many servers for building packages as they have now - /me doesn't like waiting in line :P19:13
MTecknologydoes make me want to pay for a private ppa though :P - 10k boost in priority19:17
MTecknologyhow long does it normally take to publish a build that was copied from another ppa?19:31
deryckbdmurray, so I have to confess these zcml errors are not my strong point. :-)19:33
deryckbdmurray, branching from you to look closer at this now.19:33
bdmurrayderyck: okay, thanks19:34
Lord-Readmanwhen will launchpad do its next translation import of approved translations?19:36
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LaserJockI don't seem to be able to unsubscribe a team from a group that I just accidentially subscribed, how can I fix that?19:47
deryckbdmurray, so I don't know how much I can help today.  I can say it's something to do with missing zcml declarations.19:50
deryckbdmurray, maybe take a look at something like attachments, i.e. how IBugAttachment is handled in the configure.zcml files.19:51
deryckbdmurray, I'm sorry that I don't have time to play myself and work it out, but top of the hour is my EOD and family is arriving soon to go out.19:51
bdmurrayokay thanks19:53
mrjazzcat-afkhi MTecknology and Lord-Readman.  I'll go ask.20:33
mrjazzcat-afkhi LaserJock.  I've seen this bug too, but don't know what the bug number is.  Do you want it so you can say "affects me to" or no?20:34
mrjazzcat-afkhi Lord-Readman.  All the translations folks are off now.  To get an answer, you can submit a question at: https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+addquestion20:38
=== mrjazzcat-afk is now known as mrjazzcat
mrjazzcathi MTecknology.  The best way for you to get an answer would be to submit your question here: https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+addquestion20:39
mrjazzcatHi LaserJock.  If you submit your question online, someone will get on it soon:  https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+addquestion20:41
MTecknologymrjazzcat: It's not important enough for that - I only wanted an answer if it was readily available - thanks though20:57
mrjazzcatMTecknology, sorry I didn't know the answer for you.  cheers20:58
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wilsonliamHey all21:47
wilsonliamI'm having a bit of trouble signing into Launchpad at the moment, could anyone give me a hand?21:47
lifelesswhat is happening21:49
wilsonliamWhen I try to log in after Apport creating a crash report and opening Launchpad in Firefox, I enter my email and password, but I get an error message saying that a validation email has been sent21:49
wilsonliamBut I've already been validated, and it says this when I click the link in the email21:50
lifelessare you logging into edge ?21:50
wilsonliamI don't know21:51
wilsonliamthe url begins with bugs.launchpad.com21:52
lifelesswhats your usercode?21:53
wilsonliamwhats that?21:55
wilsonliamthe ~username?21:56
lifelesswilsonliam: interesting. What I see lookes like its not setup right.21:58
lifelesswilsonliam: I can't solve tis for you21:58
lifelessI can file a question for you22:01
wilsonliamlifeless: If you could do that, it'd be great. Or should I just sign up with another email address?22:02
lifelessis there some contact address I can put in the question? Note that questions are public-access22:02
mrjazzcathey lifeless.  thanks for the cover.  I looked away for a bit and you jumped on this.  thanks22:04
lifelessmrjazzcat: :P22:04
lifelessmrjazzcat: I does what I does22:05
mrjazzcatlifeless: it all good22:05
lifelessCHR can't see enough to tell whats wrong here22:05
lifelessI suspect LOSA will be needed22:05
lifelesswilsonliam: our sysadmins are all travelling today22:05
mrjazzcatlifeless, yes and filing a question is the best place to keep this22:05
lifelesswilsonliam: so you probably won't get helped till Monday australian time - sorry22:05
wilsonliamlifeless: That's fine, I can live without filing bugs for a while :P22:06
lifelesswilsonliam: if you were to make a new account with a different email address, as long as you don't make a PPA for it, we can merge them once a losa looks at ~liamwilson9322:06
wilsonliamlifeless: Well I'll do that then, thanks a lot. How will the two accounts be merged? Will I be notified of this?22:08
lifelesswilsonliam: put the new account ~thing on the question I just linked22:08
lifelessand say that you've done this and want to merge them eventually22:09
wilsonliamAlrighty, I'll do that. Thanks lifeless! :D22:09
lifelessde nada22:09
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Lord-Readmanhello, need help updating a package22:34
Lord-Readmanon launchpad22:34
mrjazzcathi Lord-Readman22:38
mrjazzcatLord-Readman: I'm not going to be able to do that for you, but I might be able to find someone who can22:39
mrjazzcatLord-Readman: can you tell me exactly what you want to do?22:39
Lord-Readmanok one min while i type it out ...22:39
Lord-Readmanxz-utils https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xz-utils the latest upload is 4.999.9 2009-11-16, I contacted the package maintainer, and he said he was unable to help as he is the debian maintainer, not the ubuntu one, (even tho thats what launchpad says) he said to checkout http://packages.debian.org/sid/xz-utils / http://packages.qa.debian.org/x/xz-utils.html and http://ftp.us.debian.org/debian/pool/main/x/xz-utils/ as you22:42
Lord-Readman can see there is a 2010-02-13 (alot newer with minor fixes)22:42
Lord-Readmanso I am wanting to update the package22:42
Lord-Readmanto the newer version22:42
Lord-Readmani.e. upload those debian ones or whatever I need to do to help out22:42
Lord-Readmanbut I have never done anything like it before22:42
lifelessLord-Readman: #ubuntu-motu is a better channel for this sort of thing22:43
lifelessLord-Readman: part~icularly if you want to be changing the package in Ubuntu22:43
Lord-Readmanam I on the right track? or should I just wait for someone else to do it?22:43
lifelessLord-Readman: you should discuss it in #ubuntu-motu. Really :)22:44
Lord-Readmanmany thanks22:44
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akgranerhey all  - I have Ubuntu Media Relations listed in the as a member of the Ubuntu Women team in Launchpad, and I don't know how to delete it.  I am listed as an administer but not seeing where to do this at?  suggestions on where to look or what to do?23:55
keithycan anyone point me at a solution that handles multiple branches, i.e. trees so I can find out how it works23:57
keithyI am thinking that rather than expect to find a solution23:57
keithyI am providing a framework for making your own23:57
keithybzr like thingy23:58
keithyI think thats what repo does for git23:58
keithywe could call it bzrs23:58
wgrantWhat do you mean by "handles multiple branches"?23:58
keithyor fete23:58
keithysub-project support23:58
wgrantLike svn:externals?23:58
keithyyeah that kind of thing23:58
keithymy framework for making bzr like thingy is called grown23:59
keithybecause thats what I do whenever I write bash scripts23:59
keithyI had not head of scmproj23:59
keithyconfig-manager wouldnt install23:59

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