penguin42Nitsuga: I'm confused because it was the !multiverse - I know of 'multiverse' but not '!multiverse'00:00
rwwpenguin42: the ! just means there's a factoid about it00:00
penguin42oh got you00:00
ubottuThe packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories and http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/components - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories00:00
rwwalright. I'll research it and then poke at the existing factoid sometime this week, I think.00:00
sebsebsebrww: right, but it can't really be changed, untill Lucid has been released00:01
sebsebsebrww: unless the change is only for this channel00:01
penguin42it's not in multiverse00:02
rwwpenguin42: Sun Java doesn't exist in Lucid. It /used to/ be in multiverse.00:02
penguin42that's going to screw a lot of people up00:03
sebsebsebpenguin42: things change also Sun no longer exist, well I guess they do,  but part of Oracale00:04
MaximLevitsky-vmespecially since this is LTS (long term release)00:04
rwwI guess it's a real-world lesson in not relying on closed-source silliness.00:04
penguin42sebsebseb: That's just a name though - why remove the package completely?00:04
penguin42sebsebseb: Java is essential in most businesses for one thing or another and icedtea just doesn't work00:05
MaximLevitsky-vmpenguin42: rww probably to fix thee open version once for good00:05
penguin42MaximLevitsky-vm: Doing that on an LTS is somewhere between brave and foolhardy00:05
sebsebsebpenguin42: foolhardy???00:05
MaximLevitsky-vmpenguin42: and it doesn't work because not all of java was open sourced00:05
penguin42sebsebseb: Dumb00:06
MaximLevitsky-vmpenguin42: they replaced these parts with new free implemenations00:06
sebsebsebpenguin42: I know what a fool is, but foolhardy that's new to me00:06
sebsebsebfor me00:06
MaximLevitsky-vmpenguin42: but these parts aren't bug to bug compatable00:06
penguin42sebsebseb: 'Unwisely bold or venturesome; rash. See synonyms at reckless'00:07
sebsebsebMaximLevitsky-vm: bug to bug hrm,  yeah like Internet Explorer00:07
sebsebsebbusiness intranet apps00:07
sebsebsebthat rely on bugs in Internet Explorer00:07
MaximLevitsky-vmsebsebseb: exactly....00:07
penguin42sebsebseb: No, a lot work fine with Sun java; and things like a lot of SANs and the like need Java to manage them00:07
sebsebsebthat's  probably the reason why loads of business's  still use Internet Explorer 600:07
sebsebsebhowever it's daft00:07
sebsebsebthey could have another browser for the actsual  web as well, for example Firefox00:08
sebsebsebpenguin42: SANs ?00:08
sebsebsebI thought hardly anyone used Java anymore, since Flash00:08
penguin42sebsebseb: Storage Area Networks - people use Flash for Fun stuff, they still use Java for management consoles and the like00:08
sebsebsebI thought Java was mainly still used today for Java applets?00:09
rwwsebsebseb: that.. would make sense ;P00:09
jpapertowelhow well would a 3d mmorph run in flash compared to java o.O00:09
sebsebsebrww: it seems you were just sarcastic.  also I don't really follow Java and where it's used and what not00:09
ubottuLaunchpad bug 420426 in sun-java6 "sun-java6 6b16 update for karmic, hardy and jaunty" [Undecided,Fix released]00:09
rwwso maybe it'll end up in the partner repo. who knows.00:09
rwwsebsebseb: Saying that Java is used to run Java applets is somewhat tautological...00:10
sebsebsebrww: tautological not sure what that means, but  I assume your using that word instead of obvious00:10
sebsebsebanyway wow  business's using Java instead of Microsoft junk00:11
sebsebsebpenguin42:   MaximLevitsky-vm  who uses Ubuntu mainly?  Home users that's who00:12
sebsebsebpenguin42:  MaximLevitsky-vm   How many of these home users want Java?  Not many at all,  so I guess that issue won't be much of a big deal00:13
penguin42sebsebseb: Many business guys use it00:13
MaximLevitsky-vmsebsebseb: I do, and I have too00:13
penguin42sebsebseb: I bet there are home banking systems that use it (I don't know any but I'd bet there are some)00:13
jpapertoweldoes lucid's lilo work with software raid1?00:13
MaximLevitsky-vmsebsebseb: my uni math assigments are in java applet...00:13
sebsebsebpenguin42: many business's use Ubuntu since when?   as far as I know it's still Windows with most of that market,  and then for servers it's Debian and Redhat and I guess CentOS, not Ubuntu00:13
MaximLevitsky-vmsebsebseb: and yes open java doesn't work well00:14
penguin42sebsebseb: A lot of those admins who maintain the Debian/Redhat systems like to have Ubuntu on their own machine!00:14
jpapertoweldebian can be a beautiful desktop system too >.>00:14
sebsebsebUbuntu is probably a pretty good server distro, but  Debian, Redhat, and CentOS are much more likely to be used as a server00:15
sebsebsebjpapertowel: yes Debain can be a good desktop distro as well00:15
sebsebsebMaximLevitsky-vm: Gnash and Swfdec won't work as good as  Flash either, but they are getting there00:16
sebsebsebMaximLevitsky-vm: Wine won't work as well as real Windows for loads of Windows apps, but it is getting there00:16
sebsebsebthings take time,  also as time goes by certain software becomes obsolute00:16
rwwthat reminds me, I should install gnash in Lucid and see how it's going00:16
rwwalthough I don't use Flash much any more anyway. I only used it for youtube, and youtube-dl + ffmpeg2ogg does that for me :)00:17
penguin42sebsebseb: icedtea seems to have a much lower success score for me00:17
sebsebsebpenguin42: MaximLevitsky-vm  well I assume running Windows java in  Wine in a browser their,  will work quite well00:18
penguin42sebsebseb: You may as well run Windows if you are going to get that nutty00:19
sebsebsebpenguin42: I would avoide doing stuff like that personalley, but these so called business's who want Java so badly, might do it00:19
sebsebsebpenguin42: as for running real Windows, well virtual machines :D00:19
penguin42sebsebseb: If you put people in that position they just never transition to Linux00:20
sebsebsebpenguin42: which position?00:20
penguin42sebsebseb: Of making it difficult to get their work done00:20
sebsebsebpenguin42: running some apps in Wine isn't a big deal,  running a Windows vm, well got to wait for it to boot up00:22
penguin42sebsebseb: We should take this elsewhere, but I've been through these types of scenarious at work in a few companies00:22
avi_hey, does Alpha 3 come with the new Plymouth boot thing by default?00:23
sebsebsebpenguin42:  Having to Wine or Windows virtual machine Java would be sucky though00:23
penguin42avi_: Yes00:23
avi_okay, and is it enabled by default? Also, can I ensure that my gfx card will be supported? I read somewhere it doesn't like ATI cards.00:23
sebsebsebpenguin42: What I just put is a good ending,  so convo over I guess00:23
penguin42avi_: It likes my Radeon card00:24
penguin42avi_: Which one have you got?00:24
jpapertoweljesus, just installed alpha 3 from mini.iso with minimum possible installation - booted up, -/+ buffers/cache: 575 used00:24
avi_ATI Radeon HD 260000:25
avi_Its in a 2008 iMac, if it matters.00:25
penguin42avi_: Do you know which chip that is?00:25
avi_hmm, chip?00:25
penguin42avi_: It seems to be an RV630 - I think the 6's just work (mine is a 7xx chip and that just went in)00:26
avi_ATI Radeon HD 2600 Pro (just checked)00:26
avi_sounds great!00:26
avi_Any reason I shouldn't upgrade from 9.10?00:26
avi_As opposed to making an a3 install cd?00:27
penguin42avi_: Remember it's still Alpha, some things break; it might break really badly and you could lose data - have a good backup and no how to fix things!00:27
penguin42oh upgrade? Oh sure - upgrade seems fine for me - use the do-release-upgrade script00:27
penguin42(or update-manager)00:28
avi_That's fine, it's just sort of a ubuntu-for-the-hell-of-it thing.00:28
avi_I dualboot my stable OS X and ubuntu.00:28
avi_so even if ubuntu fails completely, I'm fine.00:28
avi_Furthermore my OS X install is regularly backed up, so even if it manages to mess with my OS X partition, I'm safe. :D00:28
penguin42avi_: Well it could take out MacOS on the same drive if it really goes screwy00:29
avi_That's a scenario that I'm able to combat :D00:29
avi_hopefully won't have to, but never the less.00:29
Kai_I tried "update-manager -d" in lucid alpha 2 but I don't see a new release.00:31
BUGabundoKai_: there is NO new release00:32
BUGabundolucid is already the most recent one00:32
avi_Alpha 3 is out.00:32
avi_That is what he is referring to.00:32
Kai_how do you update to alpha 3 from alpha 2, then?00:32
BUGabundoavi_: milestones are NOT releases00:32
BUGabundoKai_: as always: updating00:33
avi_He misspoke then.00:33
BUGabundoI do updates 4 times a day00:33
Kai_I misspoke, BUGabundo, as avi_ said.00:33
Kai_I didn't see any kind of update.00:33
BUGabundoKai_: I do $ sudo aptitude update; sudo aptitude safe-upgrade00:33
Kai_Okay, I will once Synaptic is done00:33
BUGabundoKai_: do you run update manager daily or any other apt frontend?00:34
BUGabundodone what?00:34
Kai_I run synaptic and the update manager very often00:34
penguin42hmm note the special in there for upgrading from lucid 200:34
Kai_BUGabundo: I tried installing gtk2 rgba, but I do not want it00:34
Kai_I think it messed up Firefox and Chrome.00:34
BUGabundoKai_: if you already update, what else are you expecting ?00:34
Kai_Flash doesn't work in Chrome anymore and Firefox is dead except for root00:34
Kai_BUGabundo: ?00:35
BUGabundoall of that WFM00:35
Kai_actually, there was a distribution upgrade yesterday...00:35
Kai_and all the craziness with FF and Chrome happened after that. :O00:35
Kai_this is weird.00:36
avi_Wait -- no browser flash in Alpha 3?00:37
BUGabundoopen a new Guest Session and test00:37
Kai_avi_: it works in Firefox when I run it as root.00:37
Kai_BUGabundo: okay, I will.00:37
Kai_Be right back.00:37
BUGabundoflash 64 bits .so from adobe working fine here00:37
BUGabundoKai_: NEVER run anything as ROOT , please00:37
avi_Yeah, seems like a bad idea.00:37
BUGabundoits not officially supported either00:37
Kai_BUGabundo: It was just for testing once.00:37
BUGabundodon't really care00:37
BUGabundoavoid doing it00:37
BUGabundono real reason to00:38
Kai_I can't get to a Guest Session... it just does the same thing as when you lock the screen00:38
BUGabundopurge plymouth00:39
Kai_BUGabundo: actually, those commands you gave me want to remove the packages from the distribution upgrade yesterday! :D00:39
Kai_okay, I will once this is done00:39
BUGabundosafe-upgrade *should* be fine00:39
Kai_Oh, by the way, what does the {u} after a package name mean?00:39
BUGabundouninstall I think00:40
BUGabundo[a] for adding00:40
avi_does plymouth require grub 2?00:41
BUGabundosee you tomorrow!00:41
BUGabundoavi_: probably00:41
Kai_I just noticed something...00:42
Kai_The error was 'BadMatch (invalid parameter attributes)'.00:42
Kai_That happened in Firefox and Banshee.00:42
Kai_The exact same thing.00:42
rww{a} is automatically installed, iirc00:43
Kai_I'm guessing it's a problem with gdk (Gdk-ERROR **:)00:43
Kai_okay, what the toast. My filesystem is read-only now.00:43
penguin42Kai_: dmesg00:44
penguin42Kai_: Should tell you why it went read only00:44
Kai_sho[ 5317.569155] end_request: I/O error, dev sda, sector 20397493900:45
penguin42not a good error depending what is either side00:45
Kai_http://pastebin.com/VyUZFVNk  <-- some recent output from dmesg00:46
DebianUTAnyone tried Lucid alpha3 in vmware?00:46
avi_DebainUT: I'm going to in.. 1 hour.00:46
arandKai_: time to fsck..00:46
penguin42Kai: It sounds like 1) your machine is too hot (see temperatuer throttle) and then something bad happened on the ATA link - I don't know the sata errors well but I'd say that was at the link level on the drive rather than a particular bad sector00:47
Kai_arand: this is happened before, I had to fsck00:47
penguin42Kai: Check your fans/cooling first, then use smartctl -a to see if the drive is OK00:47
Kai_penguin42: Oops. I'm using a laptop, must have blocked the air vent.00:47
Kai_penguin42: not installed :(00:47
Kai_I'm going to reboot into my old 9.04 install and fsck from there, be back in a bit00:48
penguin42arand: fsck is the WRONG thing to do!00:48
penguin42arand: If you have IO errors the first thing to do is to figure out what is wrong with the hardware, fsck can't do that and can make it a LOT worse if the hardware is dodgy00:49
DebianUTavi_: I just did, and x crashes constantly00:49
DebianUTavi_: gonna try with virtual box00:50
arandpenguin42: Ok.. well I tend to simply reboot as quickly as possible when I get the ro remount..00:50
avi_DebianUT: Wow, I misread. I plan on using Vbox.00:50
penguin42arand: If you get a ro remount it's probably failing hardware and you should fix it - it really shouldn't happen; very very occasionally you hit bugs that cause it00:50
avi_DebainUT: You're on a mac too I presume?00:50
DebianUTavi_: WIndows 700:52
avi_How can you be using VMWare?00:53
avi_Oh, its not mac only.00:53
DebianUTavi_: Is not mac only00:55
penguin42VMWare was on other platforms many years before mac00:56
DebianUTOO, it doesn't crash in VBox.00:59
Kai_okay, my filesystem is now unfscked.01:01
arandKai_: penguin42 seems to have a few things to say about how one shouldn't rush for an fsck the first thing..01:03
arandKai_: So I might've been wrong on that..01:03
Kai_fsck fixed it01:03
Kai_it seems01:03
arandYes, but it indicates hardware errors which should be looked over first.. or something like that..01:04
Kai_the fan isn't blocked anymore :p01:04
Kai_stupid blanket01:05
arandWell, if the problem is that obvious I guess, just make sure there's no lasting damage (palimpsest/smartctl)01:05
penguin42Kai_: Yeh I was just saying, always check the hardware/sort stuff out before doing fsck - fsck running on bad hardware can make things worse01:06
Kai_My hardware is fine physically I think01:07
penguin42anyway, time for bed01:08
arandavi_: in our dreams.. (also: old!)01:16
Kai_Wow, Chrome works again.01:18
Kai_BUGabundo is awesomeness.01:18
Kai_Firefox works! :D01:18
shaggy_How can i have an LV on my lvm  that has a 1 GB FS and fill it with 2.3 GB of data? its /tmp and i used dd ??? Is something wierd here?01:20
void^you made a sparse file01:26
RAOFshaggy_: Since it's /tmp, it's also possible that it's mounted on a tmpfs (ie: ramdisk).01:28
shaggy_so tmp also ram disk to expand?01:29
RAOFIt'll use up to 1/2 your RAM; IIRC.01:30
Nitsugashaggy_, in my ubutnu /tmp isn't a tmpfs...01:30
rwwIt is in some versions, isn't in others. check using "mount"01:30
RAOFIn fact, it'll depend on how much space is free on /01:32
shaggy_tmp isnt listed with the mount command ? is that because its lvm?01:33
shaggy_lvscan shows it there01:33
void^what dd command did you use?01:34
shaggy_dd if=/dev/zero of=/tmp/outfile01:34
void^that would simply fill the filesystem entirely, maybe lvm automatically expands the volume01:35
shaggy_void^ thats what i wanted to check if it would fill and stop...01:36
shaggy_it nevers stops..01:36
vlad003Why is this channel named ubuntu+1? I've seen someone refer to a version of Lucid by lucid+1. What does that mean?02:32
Nitsugavlad003, here is discussion about lucid02:33
Nitsugaand when lucid is releases, here we will discuse about mad monkey (unofficial joke name :P)02:33
Kai_Mischievous Man? :o02:34
vlad003So it's just the future version of Ubuntu02:36
vlad003but what would the person who said "Lucid+1" mean?02:36
vlad003he said something like: "I'll test it in lucid+1"02:37
NitsugaKai_, it would be a shame if 10.10 is something about man. That would be another excuse to keep the "Human" theme!!!02:40
virtualdi actually like the human gingerbread theme02:42
neezerIf I have 9.10 on my laptop, and I install 10.04 on a separate partition that is already there?03:28
maco2neezer: is there a "then" to go with that "if"?03:28
neezerthen will it cause pronblems?03:29
maco2do you intend to share /home ?03:31
neezerI don't think so.03:31
neezerI'd like to see what it is like fresh install.03:32
maco2should be fine then03:32
neezerI have a separate /home partition right now anyways, will that move over to the new one? I would rather it doesn't. That way I know that I won't screw up my install that I have.03:34
maco2when you install, just choose not to use that extra /home.  the standard "put everything in a new partition" option should work fine03:34
neezergreat! thanks03:35
faustoHow do I report bugs for an ubuntu+1 release? There are any special options I need to set in launchpand when creatin the bug report?03:38
rwwfausto: Type `ubuntu-bug packagenamegoeshere` in the terminal03:38
rwwthat's how you do it for released versions too now. It automatically sends Ubuntu and package version info (amongst other things that you can browse before sending) to Launchpad.03:39
faustorww: but I'm not on Lucid at the moment, my wifi isn't working on lucid, so I'm back on my other system (karmic)03:40
twbfausto: ubuntu-bug should be able to generate a file which you can manually copy via sneakernet, then upload using that other machine03:40
rwwfausto: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs#Filing%20bugs%20when%20off-line03:40
maco2fausto: the assumption on any bug report is that it is against the current development version. "fix released" always means "in the current development version."  getting a bug fixed in an already-released version actually requires setting an additional flag on the report03:40
neezerI just did a check, and my spare partition is only 12.8 GB, is that enough to install and use 10.04? or would you recommend more03:41
maco2neezer: thats fine03:41
maco2neezer: just dont try to torrent 15GB of music ;)03:41
neezermaco2, I don't think I'll be doing much of that at all...just want to check things out. Any idea if skype will work with it? I have been having lots of problems with skype and 9.10.03:42
maco2i havent tried03:43
neezerwell then I guess it will be an adventure!03:43
crimsunskype works fine with /current/ 10.0403:43
crimsunI uploaded the last bits to fix the PA side prior to Alpha 3, and if you update you'll get the capture-side mute fixes03:44
neezerhmmm, thanks crimsun.03:45
faustohow do I report a bug if I'm not sure which package contains the problem? E.G. gstreamer-properties (Multimidia Systems Selector) is missing an important option of video device in Lucid, but I believe the bug is somewhere in the graphics stack and not in gstreamer-properties, so how should I report it?03:47
maco2if you think its in X, use the "xorg" package and someone who knows X will triage it into the right sub-package03:48
crimsunfausto: or, ubuntu-bug -f03:49
crimsunthen choose Display03:49
rwwooo, shiny. I didn't know about that.03:52
RAOFfausto: What is the problem?  It's possible that it's easily solvable.03:53
faustoRAOF: the problem is that gstreamer-properties doesn't list "ATI Radeon Video Overlay" as an option anymore and with the only remaining option "Radeon Textured Video" I can't play fullscreen videos03:58
RAOFOff the top of my head, I'd guess that the problem is that the video overlay is not implemented with KMS.  And there's a subsidiary problem there - you can't play fullscreen video with the textured video adapter?04:00
RAOFThat should be faster/higher quality/better/involve more gold bars than the overlay, IIUC.04:01
faustoRAOF: my card is not fast enough to play fullscreen with textured video, it runs slow and with a lot of tearing04:02
faustoI guess I'll try to disable KMS  to see if it resolves the problem04:03
RAOFYou might lose 3D if you do that.  Graphics drivers suck. :)04:04
faustoby lose you mean even worse than I have now? my card is of the radeon r3xx family and I've been sufering without proper 3d since the ati droped support for it on the proprietary driver04:06
RAOFI think you might have to define “proper” more thoroughly.  My understanding was that r300s should get perfectly adequate 3D out of the free driver.04:08
RAOFOf course, installing fglrx will *break* 3D for any other driver, so if you've got remnants of that installed it might be your problem.04:08
faustothe free driver doesn't support opengl2.0 and is one order of magnitude slower than the proprietary (I had to stop playing computer games :-(04:10
faustoand I don't have any fglrx installed I did a clean lucid install from the live cd04:10
faustobut lets forget about 3d, I gave up hopes on 3D a long time ago and I know I'll never be able to use it again untill I change my hardware. My problem now is that in karmic I can play videos fullscreen without tearing using video overlay, but this is not an option anymore in lucid, so: How can I disable KMS?04:12
RAOFAdd radeon.modeset=0 to your kernel command line, I think.04:13
faustothanks, I'll try it. I'll be back in 30min04:14
git__what's the current kernel version for lucid?04:32
Damascenehello, does any one have this problem when you login you see black screen with the mouse only and you need to switch to tty then to X by f7 for it to work04:33
Damascenecan some on test the battery icon on clear-look theme04:35
ellEllo... Have a small problem with lucid04:42
Damascenehi ell04:43
Damascenewhat is the problem04:43
ellafter ~5minutes of idle  cpu is going to the sl33p mode. And when i'm trying to unlock it - all gdm keyholder is stucking and making 100% cpu usage04:44
ellhave waited for 20 minutes - still stucked... then i've killed it, stopped gdm, and started it again. only that helps.04:46
elland that helps only once. At the next time there is no chance to start gdm after it has been stopped04:47
ellthat's happening every time :P04:47
ellany ideas what could I do?04:48
ellcould -> should04:50
Damasceneell, disable the lock screen feature for now, it's know bug04:51
ellwhere to do that>04:51
Damascenebug 52486004:51
ubottuLaunchpad bug 524860 in gnome-keyring "starts eating cpu when trying to unlock screen" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52486004:51
ellthx for halp04:52
=== tester01_ is now known as uaa
=== uaa is now known as Guest30244
Guest30244ell, did you see the bug 52486004:56
ubottuLaunchpad bug 524860 in gnome-keyring "starts eating cpu when trying to unlock screen" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52486004:56
=== Guest30244 is now known as damascene
mjs7231Hey guys, I just updated to Aplha3, and now I can't get Ubuntu out of Low Graphics Mode05:04
mjs7231Im running NVIDIA and even installed the latest drivers: nvidia-glx-19505:05
RAOFmjs7231: How did you install those drivers?05:06
mjs7231I used the PPA: http://ppa.launchpad.net/sevenmachines/nvidia/ubuntu05:08
mjs7231My /etc/X11/xorg.conf is shown here: http://nvidia.pastebin.com/eFQ4R5kB05:08
mjs7231and the XORG error I get is something like "Screens found, but none usable"05:09
RAOFThere's been a big change in the way the nvidia drivers are installed in Lucid; I don't think any of the PPAs have got this right.05:10
RAOFThus, I think all of the nvidia PPAs are currently broken.05:10
mjs7231ok, thats good to know. :)05:10
mjs7231I also tried the recomended driver in the Hardware Drivers menu item.. but same thing..05:11
RAOFThat would have been debuggable :)05:11
mjs7231From what you're saying, it sounds like I might just need to wait a few days for things to hash out a bit?05:12
RAOFI'm not even sure if you'll be able to cleanly remove the PPA packages.  Failing anything else, try removing them, removing the PPA from your sources, and then reinstalling all the relevant packages: “sudo aptitude reinstall ~nmesa ~nlibgl1 ~nxorg ~nxserver ~nnvidia”05:12
RAOFOh, the drivers installed through Hardware Drivers should work (and should have been working for a while.05:12
mjs7231remove nvidia-195-kernel-source nvidia-195-libvdpau-dev nvidia-96-modaliases nvidia-current-modaliases nvidia-glx-195 nvidia-173-modaliases nvidia-settings :)05:14
mjs7231whats that tilda mean in the install command?05:15
mjs7231RAOF, Just FYI.. I was running fine until todays update on Lucid.05:15
RAOFMatch by.  And the 'n' means “name”05:15
RAOFSo that's “reinstall all the packages whose names contain mesa, libgl1, xorg, xserver, or nvidia”05:16
mjs7231I still ahd that PPA in there..05:16
mjs7231its going to install all the nvidia drivers! :-P05:16
mjs7231ohh god, what did I do.. :)05:17
mjs7231lol.. this is great.05:17
mjs7231im afraid to ctrl+c this in the middle of installing..05:18
mjs7231im going to reboot and see if this thing even boots now. :)05:19
damascenedoes any one have a laptop here?05:22
mjs7231Hey RAOF, Its working now! :)05:23
mjs7231Thanks alot.05:23
mjs7231ok, time for bed. :)05:24
mjs7231and thanks again! :)05:24
* Anzenketh is liking the way lucid is looking now05:32
wzssyqawhich kernel will lucid use?2.5.33?05:32
AnzenkethI just shut down lucid hold on I will let you know05:32
hifisome bastard upgraded thunderbird to 3 ;)05:33
hifimust be the best ubuntu release ever05:33
git__it's LTS05:33
AnzenkethIt has to be good05:33
AnzenkethIt is a LTS version05:33
git__I hope so ... b/c 9.10 freezes sporadically on me05:33
git__i had to upgrade to 2.6.32.x to stop all the freezes05:34
Anzenkethgit__: your enviroment would be excelent to run a test in05:34
AnzenkethHave you thought about testing alpha in a Live enviroment05:34
git__tomorrow, i'll d/l lucid alpha 305:34
git__live as in production? ... not quite there yet :P05:34
AnzenkethNo live as in live cd05:35
AnzenkethI am running mine in a vm05:35
AnzenkethLucid uses currently05:35
AnzenkethI would not want to run alpha as my main system ewww05:36
AnzenkethHowever it is quite stable maby.05:36
wzssyqanow,google earth and gnote suck05:36
SomeoneE1seI'm running openbox and nm-applet can no longer get my wpa key from the keyring daemon, any help in trouble shooting this one?  Where do I look first?05:40
Anzenkethlet me dig out a bug report05:41
AnzenkethSomeoneE1se: what version are you running?05:42
AnzenkethGuess he did not want the answer05:42
SomeoneE1sesorry my keyboard froze, what version of what ubuntu? The karmic alpha, I just apt-get update/dist-upgrade not an hour ago05:43
SomeoneE1seI missed anything post that question... also I was going to file a bug report but I hate submitting bugs with, "it doesn't work, I don't know why, sorry!"05:45
SomeoneE1seawww all my support went away :( sad05:48
AnzenkethYes what version of ubuntu are you using?05:48
SomeoneE1sekarmic alpha05:48
git__karmic alpha?05:48
SomeoneE1sethe install it about 2 weeks old however apt-get dist-upgrade is <1h old05:48
git__what's that?05:49
SomeoneE1sethis one05:49
git__debugging with syskey05:49
git__even if your filesystem freezes on you, you can still get keyboard input05:50
AnzenkethAhh ok05:50
SomeoneE1seI'm sorry I really fucked it up05:51
AnzenkethThere is a bug report open on this issue05:51
SomeoneE1seI'm on the 10.4 alpha05:51
AnzenkethIs this your production system?05:51
SomeoneE1seyes and no05:51
SomeoneE1seI have another system but yes this is the main system I use right now05:51
AnzenkethOk so you are helping by testing05:51
SomeoneE1sesure we can go with that05:52
SomeoneE1setrying to at least05:52
AnzenkethLet me look up a bug report I was working on05:52
AnzenkethSomeoneE1se: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/52731305:53
ubottuLaunchpad bug 527313 in network-manager "after last update the network manager does not connect to wireless network" [Undecided,Incomplete]05:53
AnzenkethSee if the details are the same for you if so mark yourself as having a issue05:54
AnzenkethAnd post a comment so I can mark as confirmed.05:54
SomeoneE1seno I can still connect, the problem is that it doesn't talk with the keyring daemon05:55
SomeoneE1seso it prompts me for a wpa key everytime is connects to a network05:55
AnzenkethOh that issue05:56
rwwI like being on this channel. It finds bugs for me before I bother reporting them.05:56
AnzenkethI remember seeing something in regards to that too SomeoneE1se05:57
AnzenkethSomeoneE1se: Does this issue sound more like your's05:58
ubottuLaunchpad bug 305067 in network-manager-applet "Cannot connect to WPA2 Enterprise network (PEAP w/phase2) (Intrepid)" [Undecided,New]05:58
AnzenkethNa that not it05:58
AnzenkethSomeoneE1se: Check out bug Bug #150934  see if that is your issue06:01
ubottuLaunchpad bug 150934 in network-manager "[ralink] nm-applet will not keep a WPA key. " [Low,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/15093406:01
AnzenkethYou can also search https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/network-manager?field.searchtext=WPA&orderby=-importance&search=Search&field.status%3Alist=NEW&field.status%3Alist=INCOMPLETE_WITH_RESPONSE&field.status%3Alist=INCOMPLETE_WITHOUT_RESPONSE&field.status%3Alist=CONFIRMED&field.status%3Alist=TRIAGED&field.status%3Alist=INPROGRESS&field.status%3Alist=FIXCOMMITTED&field.assignee=&field.bug_reporter=&field.omit_dupes=on&field06:01
Anzenketh.has_patch=&field.has_no_package= to see if you can find something simular to your issue06:01
AnzenkethOr the same06:01
SomeoneE1sethanks Anzenketh searching now06:04
jfoxhey everyone, I recently upgraded to 10.04 from 9.10 and my wireless usb mouse stopped working06:15
jfoxI'm guessing this is due to the removal of hal06:15
jfoxI've configured xorg.conf by hand in the past on gentoo systems if that is the case, but I was wondering if it could be caused by the removal of some other package06:19
jfoxor if ubuntu has a tool I can run to auto configure my system06:19
jfoxalso, since the upgrade my LCD is not at its full brightness nor can I adjust it06:20
SomeoneE1sehow do I clear a dns cache for firefox?06:22
=== kermiac_ is now known as kermiac
AlanBellhi all06:52
AlanBellwhat is the current story around Java for Lucid?06:53
EruditeHermithey is radeon broken in lucid?06:54
EruditeHermitit is defaulting to VESA for me06:55
arandAlanBell: afaik, icedtea is the recommended default for lucid, other than that I don't know..06:57
AlanBelldon't think that will run a tomcat container with Alfresco in it07:01
EruditeHermitI am getting Failed to load module "ati" (module does not exist, 0) when I try to use the ati or radeon drivers for X. Any one else having this issue?07:04
crdlbEruditeHermit: have you verified the packages are installed?07:06
EruditeHermitcrdlb, yeah they are. The radeon kernel module is even loaded07:06
crdlbxserver-xorg-video-ati and -radeon?07:07
EruditeHermitoh wait07:08
EruditeHermitthey aren't07:08
EruditeHermitmust have removed them on upgrade07:08
EruditeHermitthanks that will do it07:08
EruditeHermitcrdlb, seems to be that firmware-linux was obsoleted, do you know what replaced it?07:09
EruditeHermitah linux-firmware possibly07:09
gotsanityAnyone know why I am locking up when i login but only on the newest kernel installed? If i login from the older kernel it works fine.07:14
=== om26er_ is now known as om26er
om26er!hi | patcito07:19
ubottupatcito: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu+1! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!07:19
patcitoI get "error while loading shared libraries: libxul.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory" when trying to start firefox07:19
patcitoanyone else gets that too?07:19
om26ergotsanity, I think its another bug (reported already) its a gnome-keyring issue07:20
gotsanityk, i'll see what i can find07:20
ActionParsnipPatcito: are you using the mozilla ppa?07:20
patcitoActionParsnip, no07:20
patcitoregular ff07:20
patcitoweird thing is, I tried downloading the tarball from mozilla ftps, and I get the same error07:21
ActionParsnipPatcito: if you search your fs is the file there? Is there a bug logged for this?07:21
EruditeHermithmm, touchpad edge scrolling not working07:22
patcitoActionParsnip, locate finds it07:22
ActionParsnipPacito: is it in the right place?07:22
patcitoActionParsnip, although, it's called /usr/lib/libxul.so.0d, is that normal?07:23
ActionParsnipPatcito: looks like you need a symlink07:24
ActionParsnipPatcito: does /usr/lib/libxul.so exist?07:24
patcitoActionParsnip, but how about the tarball? it comes with libxul07:25
patcitobut, let me try the symlink07:25
ActionParsnipPatcito: sudo ln -s /usr/lib/libxul.so.0d /usr/lib/libxul.so07:25
ActionParsnipPatcito: if it works, log a bug with the fix07:26
edakiri∃ A3 DVD?07:26
patcitoActionParsnip, still not working, I'll fill a bug tomorrow after an update if it's still happening, thanks07:28
jfoxanyone alive?07:30
jfoxah my night is just beginning lol07:32
gotsanityyeah, mine is ending... work in 6 hours >.<07:33
jfoxhrmm... since I updated to lucid, my usb mouse isn't showing up in lsusb07:38
edakirijfox: mine continues to work.07:40
zniavregood morning07:45
=== kermiac is now known as kermiac_
Bash23Is the alpha 3 stable enough to use day to day or will it constantly crash on me?07:57
jfoxi havent had any problems07:57
jfoxwell no crashing07:57
Bash23What probs have you ahd?07:58
jfoxtrouble getting my usb wireless mouse working and my lcd screen is dim and i can't adjust brightness07:58
EruditeHermithey, does anyone know how to regain the scrolling settings tab in System --> Preferences --> Mouse in Lucid?07:58
kikbguyThe nouveau driver (installed by default on 10.04 alpha 3 and Fedora) causes my screen to go blue when I try to boot up ubuntu.  Anyone know how to fix it?07:58
jfoxi think its due to the removal of HAL07:59
Bash23I guess I'll risk it and update.07:59
EruditeHermitjfox, was that at me?07:59
jfoxno at Bash2307:59
kikbguyIs there a fix?07:59
Bash23jfox, Do you think the update was worth it overall?07:59
jfoxbut mainly because I have a radeonhd mobile08:00
Bash23I have a nvida card but I should be able to use the nvidia drivers so it wont be a prob for me.08:00
jfoxthe 2.6.32 kernel has new drivers for it and that was the main reason i updated08:00
Bash23so I should*08:01
kklimondanvidia drivers are broken right now ;)08:01
jfoxother than that, it seems faster08:01
Bash23kklimonda, Are you serious?08:01
Bash23No compiz? :(08:01
jfoxouch, I feel for you Bash2308:01
kikbguyIt doesn't give me the option of using nvidia driver, it just goes right to the blue screen after booting ubuntu from the live cd and clicking "try ubuntu without installing"08:02
Bash23I'll see what happens. I have a windows installed so I'll have something as backup.08:02
kklimondaBash23: there are problems with the boot process - it does work but every time you boot system gdm dies the first time you press enter and only after it starts again you can login08:02
jfoxcould you add a kernel option before booting from the live cd?08:02
kikbguyAny idea what the problem could be?08:02
jfoxmaybe use a vesa driver by default?08:03
kklimondakikbguy: you can try to boot with lbm-nouveau.modeset=0 kernel parameter08:03
kikbguyHow do you add a kernel option before booting from the live cd?08:03
Bash23I guess I'll reinstall ubuntu 9.10 if its that bad...08:04
Bash23To late to abort though, It's getting the new packages right know.08:04
kikbguykklimonda, any way a noob like myself might find instructions on doing that?08:04
Bash23kklimonda, Have you gotten Compiz working?08:05
kklimondaBash23: yes, it works08:05
Bash23Well, I guess that's a plus.08:05
zniavrebug 52826308:06
ubottuLaunchpad bug 528263 in indicator-me "wrong fonts in entrybox if background menu is black" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52826308:06
kklimondakikbguy: no idea - you have to play around the boot screen :/08:06
kklimondakikbguy: by pressing one of function keys you can get an Expert something.. ;)08:07
kikbguyalright, thx, I'll just report it as a bug and play around with it08:08
Bash23Just out of curiosity does anyone know if you can import you /home partation without screwing up /user?08:08
jfoxdo you mean during the update?08:10
jfoxThe update won't touch your home directories unless you're formatting/doing a fresh install08:10
Bash23When you make a fresh install08:11
Bash23because I might need to reinstall 9.1008:11
Bash23unless there is a way to downgrade08:11
jfoxas long as its on a separate partition08:11
jfoxand you don't use the entire disk overwriting it during the install, you can have the installer reinstall the base files to the root partition then link /home to the home partition08:12
jfoxi'll be back shortly08:12
SmoochictShould i test ubuntu 10.04?08:13
Bash23apperently it has nvidia driver probs08:13
Bash23I guess I'll find out...08:13
Smoochict:O  nivdia driver problems?08:13
Bash23<kklimonda> Bash23: there are problems with the boot process - it does work but every time you boot system gdm dies the first time you press enter and only after it starts again you can login08:14
Bash23I'll post late on when it upgrades08:15
Bash23kklimonda, Are you on Alpha 2 or 3?08:21
kklimondaBash23: a2 updated to a308:22
Omar87What's the latest version of 10.4 now?08:24
Bash23alpha 308:24
Omar87Bash23, thanks.08:24
Bash23Omar87, http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/lucid/alpha3#Improved%20support%20for%20nVidia%20proprietary%20graphics%20drivers08:24
arandThere isn't really versions when it comes to ubuntu dev version, it's just quick rolling release, with a few pauses to create liveCDs which are more safe to install from (a.k.a. alpha/beta)...08:27
Bash23aren't their like 6 alphas then beat and release?08:29
ubuntujenkinsBash23 for lts there is only 3 alphas and there is two betas08:35
AlanBellwhen building packages for Lucid will it be possible to build-depend on stuff in the partner repository? i.e. Sun Java if it gets there.08:39
AlanBellI tried a little experiment in a Karmic PPA and you can't build-depend on acroread which is a partner repo package08:39
kklimondaAlanBell: no, you can't08:41
arandBUGabundo_work: 'ello09:02
BUGabundo_workam i the only one facing probs with DCHP09:04
BUGabundo_workfor the last two days???09:05
BUGabundo_workyep Bash2309:05
BUGabundo_workdhclient to be more precise09:05
Bash23I'm not sure...09:05
Bash23I'm upgrading ATM09:06
Omar87Bash23, to alpha 3?09:16
Bash23Yes from 9.1009:16
Omar87Bash23, cool!. I'm currently downloading the iso.09:16
BUGabundo_workOmar87: ppl dont upgrade to milestones09:16
BUGabundo_workthey upgrade to what ever its in the archive09:16
BUGabundo_workat a certain moment09:17
BUGabundo_workspeaking of upgrades09:17
Omar87BUGabundo_work, I know. I just want to test drive it on my other machine.09:17
BUGabundo_workoh right... cant connect home. darn dhcp breakage09:17
BUGabundo_workOmar87: $ upgrade-manager -d09:17
Omar87BUGabundo_work, yeah, thanks. However, my other machine is hollow atm. :) (meaning:  there's almost no OS in there)09:18
BUGabundo_workok bko or netboot.me09:19
BUGabundo_workand start it up09:19
BUGabundo_worku will have to hand edit the repo to get lucid from daily servers09:19
arandBUGabundo_work: Omar87: official way is "do-release-upgrade -d" ...09:20
BUGabundo_workarand: for cli version, yes09:21
arandFor both, afaik..09:22
Omar87arand, BUGabundo_work, thanks guys. I really know all that, but I have no Ubuntu on my other machine altogether.09:22
Bash23When I upgrade all y servers will stay intact right?09:24
BUGabundo_workarand: NO. GUI oficial version *is* UM09:24
Bash23or will I have to set them up again?09:24
BUGabundo_workBash23: upgrades shouldnt leave you without your setings09:25
BUGabundo_workbut as usual MAKE BACKUPs09:25
arandBUGabundo_work: but not for getting to a devel release?09:25
BUGabundo_workand remember its ALPHA software with NO KIND of garantee support09:25
Bash23I to late for backups.09:25
BUGabundo_workarand: ???09:25
Bash23It's *09:26
BUGabundo_workBash23: then PREY :D09:26
BUGabundo_workBash23: i already replied to you a few lines above, on how to get a no OS machine with ubuntu , via network09:26
BUGabundo_workor u can use a cd or pendrive with a daily image09:26
Bash23Meh, it can't be that hard to reset up the server.09:27
BUGabundo_worki really dont get what you want to do Bash23  :(09:29
Bash23I was wondering if my server will get erased after upgrade.09:29
Bash23file and print server09:29
BUGabundo_workwhat is it running right now?09:30
BUGabundo_workwhat is it running right now?09:31
Bash23What do you mean?09:31
BUGabundo_workwhat os/version/arch09:31
Bash23Ubuntu 9.1009:32
Bash23Forget it, I'll find out when this is done installing in 45 min09:33
nacho_hey guys09:45
nacho_after a few months without splash screen I found out that I had to install the plymouth package, though after installing it now no cool theme appears09:46
nacho_I've installed plymouth and the theme, do I have to configure something?09:46
nacho_do I need also the -x11 package?09:46
BUGabundo_worknacho_: behare of a bug that makes your login crash when u press enter, with plymouth installed09:47
nacho_BUGabundo_work, yeah, I realized that when I press enter with the gnome-keyring the session is restarted and the gdm appears to login again09:48
Bash23Should I keep my local version of grub-pc?10:04
Bash23or should I install maintainers version?10:04
zniavrehello / bonjour benje10:11
benjesalut zniavre :)10:12
benjei have error about driver ice1712, i use two same card ewx24/96 ( not same rev )10:12
benjehow are you zniavre it's been long time10:12
benjethe error in dmesg is about cs8427 ( spdif ) signature10:13
zniavregreat thank you10:13
zniavredo not know for your worrie10:13
benjesometime drivers don't see any card somtimes one and rarelly the both10:13
zniavrebut there is planty of good and helpfull ppl here10:13
benjezniavre: i am trying to made an audio station10:14
benjefor the jm2l 2010 but maybe for later10:14
benjeau regard of problems10:15
BUGabundo_workbenje: please file a bug ($ ubuntu-bug audio), join #ubuntu-audio-help and ping crimsun  to it10:16
benjeok BUGabundo_work10:16
benjeBUGabundo_work: it seems that crimsun is not here10:44
BUGabundo_workthe nick is. and he will read backlong when he gets a change10:45
benjeBUGabundo_work: i give the dmesg, lspci -vvvvv and alsa-base.conf10:45
benjedoes he need somthings else ?10:45
BUGabundo_workubuntu-bug alsa-base should be enough10:46
Damascenecan any one test the clear-look battery icon please10:46
benjeBUGabundo_work: do you think it's because i don't put sdif cable between both card ( it's something i am thinking now10:47
BUGabundo_workno idea10:47
Bash23I can't boot into ubuntu11:05
Bash23It says waiting for /Windows [sm] and its stuck on that screen11:06
Bash23anyone know how to fix this?11:08
BUGabundo_worknever saw that11:09
BUGabundo_workand u still havent replied to my inicial question11:09
BUGabundo_workso i cant provide a good reply11:09
BUGabundo_work[09:31] <BUGabundo_work> what os/version/arch11:09
Bash23I just upgraded from ubuntu 9.10 to 10.0411:10
phaidroshi, anyone any solution for the very slow X with ati cards?11:12
penguin42hmm that was an odd boot failure11:29
penguin42was left with what looked like a text console with a few normalish type of boot messages, but with the mouse cursor; keyboard was in raw mode and what I typed was coming out with junk; sshing in showed X was running, looked like it got stuck on KMS11:40
Damascenepenguin42, are you there?11:41
* penguin42 might be11:41
Damascenehow did you get out?11:41
penguin42Damascene: sshed in, rebooted it11:42
ubottuLaunchpad bug 523788 in plymouth "Only see X mouse cursor on VT during boot" [High,Confirmed]11:42
Damasceneyou might kill the gnome-screensaver11:42
rwwyup, plymouth bug. I've given up trying to figure it out, removed the package.11:42
penguin42Damascene: Ah yes sounds like that one, hadn't seen those symptoms before11:43
kklimondayou can fix the cursor on vt by using sysrq+k to restart X server11:44
Damascenein this bug report they call this text console a VT but if you can't type in it what is it really?11:44
rwwit's a horrible mess caused by the quest for shiny boot graphics :(11:44
penguin42Damascene: I think it is one of the virtual consoles but I suspect it's actually vc7 which is the one used by X anyway and so there is no getty running to take your commands and X/plymouth has already switched the keyboard to the mode that it  uses11:46
Damasceneso it's a vt that aren't rely a vt because it X special place ... or something11:47
* Damascene sorry for his poor english11:47
penguin42Damascene: Just because X uses it, it doesn't change the fact it is still a virtual console11:51
knittlhi. linux 2.6.33 was released yesterday … any chances it will make it into lucid?11:55
sebsebsebknittl: no I think it will use 2.6.32 since it will be supported two years upstream11:56
knittlhmm, ok. thanks sebsebseb11:56
BUGabundo_workknittl: NO11:56
sebsebsebknittl: and then they got to support it themselves I guess, if what I put is correct11:59
penguin42sebsebseb: but hopefully after 2 years most of the nasties are gone, it's just down to backporting security fixes and the occasional driver backport12:00
sebsebsebpenguin42: ok12:01
sebsebsebpenguin42: knittl  It might get supported more than two years upstream, I think.12:04
=== BUGabundo_work is now known as BUGabundo_lunch
Bash23After spaming ctlr-alt-f2 a bunch of times along with other keys I eventually got a shell.12:06
Bash23Anyone know how I can fix it?12:06
penguin42Bash23: What is /windows?  A partition on the same disc?12:07
Bash23Same HDD12:08
penguin42is this an upgrade? How did you tell it about /windows?12:08
Bash23After upgrade12:08
Bash23From 9.1012:08
penguin42Bash23: Did you manually add /windows to /etc/fstab ?12:08
Bash23Should I go into gparted and see if I can remove that tag?12:09
Damasceneyou tried startx right?12:09
penguin42I'd check if it's actually in /etc/fstab and see whether it's specified by uuid/or device (if it's there at all)12:09
Bash23I tried running gdm12:11
Bash23but I got that error12:11
Damasceneyes if you are at console and you can't see your gui you should try startx12:11
Damascenethat might help you back12:11
Bash23but what about that eroor12:12
penguin42Damascene: I don't think Bash23 has got that far12:12
Bash23That has got to do with something12:12
* om26er just had a quick visit to #fedora and its silenced even more that #ubuntu+112:12
Damasceneshould he use the init 3?12:12
om26erhey Damascene12:13
Damascenewhat channel did you visit? was it #fedora-qa12:13
Damascenehey om26er12:13
penguin42Bash23: If the /windows in the /etc/fstab then I would comment it out and see if you can boot OK, if you've just forcibly killed plymouth I'm not sure it's in a sane state to be able to do much12:13
* om26er uses empathy for IRC12:14
Bash23I'll boot into live cd12:14
om26eranybody using empathy renkoo? (that will be dafult in lucid) I am getting very small fonts12:15
Damascenewhat is renkoo?12:16
om26erDamascene: adium theme for empathy12:16
phaidrosanyone experience very slow X in lucid with ati?12:17
DamasceneI only have classic, blue, clean and simple themes for empathy12:17
Damascenenot using ati sorry12:18
rwwphaidros: I have an RV620 using xserver-xorg-video-radeon, and haven't had any problems.12:19
phaidrosrww: with dri running?12:19
rwwphaidros: I'd have to boot it up and check. If Compiz requires DRI, then yes.12:20
phaidrosit feels like even 2d acceleration is not working here on firegl t212:20
phaidrosok, then yes12:20
ccooke12:12 < penguin42> Damascene: I don't think Bash23 has got that far12:24
ccooke12:12 < penguin42> Damascene: I don't think Bash23 has got that far12:24
ccooke12:12 < penguin42> Damascene: I don't think Bash23 has got that far12:24
* penguin42 confiscates ccooke's middle mouse button12:24
Damasceneccooke, what?12:24
ccookenote to self: Clean laptop when it's not in use12:24
* ccooke goes away to do that better12:24
ubottuLaunchpad bug 528407 in gnome-themes "battery icon on clearlooks theme is broken" [Undecided,New]12:28
om26erDamascene: its a duplicate12:30
Damasceneto which bug?12:30
BashYour a genius12:31
penguin42it did?12:31
DamasceneBash, what?12:31
BashNow I need to figure out how to get compiz working12:31
Bashcompiz (core) - Warn: SmcOpenConnection failed: None of the authentication protocols specified are supported12:31
Bashcompiz (core) - Fatal: Root visual is not a GL visual12:31
Bashcompiz (core) - Error: Failed to manage screen: 012:31
Bashcompiz (core) - Fatal: Root visual is not a GL visual12:31
Bashcompiz (core) - Error: Failed to manage screen: 112:31
Bashcompiz (core) - Fatal: No manageable screens found on display :0.012:32
rwwubottu: pastebin | Bash12:32
ubottuBash: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.12:32
gnomefreak!pastebin | Bash12:32
om26erDamascene: or not12:32
* gnomefreak late :(12:32
om26erDamascene: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/indicator-sound/+bug/52529512:32
ubottuLaunchpad bug 525295 in indicator-sound "Lucid volume icons are not shown. Displays the "unknown icon" instead" [Low,Confirmed]12:32
om26erbut thats for indicator sound12:32
BashSo does anyone know how to get compiz working?12:32
om26erDamascene: the one you reported should be moved to power manager12:32
penguin42Bash: It sounds like you need to get 3d to work first12:32
Damasceneom26er, it works with other themes12:33
om26erDamascene: try dark room and its the same12:34
gnomefreakBarridus: does this say yes or no glxinfo | grep render12:34
BashHow do I do that?12:35
gnomefreakBash: does this say yes or no glxinfo | grep render12:35
Bashdrivers seem to be installed.12:35
Bashbash@bash-desktop:~$  glxinfo | grep render12:35
BashError: couldn't find RGB GLX visual or fbconfig12:35
BashError: couldn't find RGB GLX visual or fbconfig12:35
gnomefreakBash: that is why you dont have 3D running (ati?)12:36
Damasceneom26er, the same12:36
BashI'll reinstall the drivers12:36
gnomefreakBash: use jocky12:36
gnomefreakjockey even12:36
BashWhats wrong with hardware drivers?12:36
om26erDamascene: change the effected package to gnome-power-manager12:37
phaidroshm, glxgears segfaults here, anyone else dri problems with ati?12:37
om26erDamascene: should I ?12:37
gnomefreakBash: it is the same if you mean by the system menu12:37
gnomefreakphaidros: ati has a problem or 312:37
phaidrosgnomefreak: could you specify?12:38
gnomefreakphaidros: one minute12:38
gnomefreakphaidros: here is one bug 50665612:39
ubottuLaunchpad bug 506656 in fglrx-installer "Xorg crashed with SIGSEGV in FatalError()" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/50665612:39
gnomefreakthat the one you are seeing :)12:39
gnomefreakim sure there are alot more if you look in launchpad for yours12:39
gnomefreaks/*/is that12:41
BashWhy wont i work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!12:41
BashI installed the drivers in hardware drivers12:42
gnomefreakBarridus: did you read the bug i gave you?12:42
gnomefreakBash: bug 50665612:42
ubottuLaunchpad bug 506656 in fglrx-installer "Xorg crashed with SIGSEGV in FatalError()" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/50665612:42
gnomefreakBash: is that yours?12:42
phaidrosgnomefreak: not mine for sure, as I try to stick with xorg radeon12:43
gnomefreakhere are some other known issues for a few packages http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/lucid/alpha3#Known%20issues12:43
phaidroshow does one set KMS ?12:43
gnomefreakphaidros: look in Launchpad for yours12:44
BashI'm trying to get the nvidia drivers to work12:44
BashIt says its installed12:44
spawn57is there a channel for dvb tv cards?12:44
gnomefreakBash: look for yours in launchpad or just file a bug on the package using ubuntu-bug packagename12:44
gnomefreakBash: sorry pleae look at the link i gave you to see if it is there12:45
phaidrosBash: make sure, that your xorg.conf uses "nvidia" as driver and not "nv"12:45
gnomefreakBash: if not run ubuntu-bug nvidia-current12:46
phaidroslatest kernels (-13 & -14) do not trigger the password request for encrypted harddrive, any hints on that?12:46
Bashit is set to nvidia12:49
gnomefreakBash: Because of the new alternatives system used for nvidia driver packages, the nvidia installer from NVIDIA's website currently doesn't work.12:50
BashI didn't use that.12:50
gnomefreakBash: jockey does12:50
BashI used the drivers in hardware drivers12:50
gnomefreakBash: hardware drivers is jockey12:51
BashWell it's not working...12:51
gnomefreakBash: hint: wait until its fixed/ file a bug on nvidia-current if you have it installed12:52
gnomefreakif not find teh nvidia drivers you have installed and report it against that package12:53
BashWhat drivers are you using?12:53
phaidroshow does one determine if 2d acceleration is enabled?12:53
gnomefreakphaidros: glxinfo | grep render12:54
gnomefreakif its no than you are using 2D12:54
zniavregnomefreak,  this is only for 190.xx nvidia drivers (they do not work)?12:54
gnomefreaktest for 3D you can also try to enable compiz if it fails that you are usin 2D12:55
phaidrosgnomefreak: glxinfo sez direct rendering is enabled, but still getting segfault with e.g. glxgears12:55
gnomefreakzniavre: it doesnt say12:55
gnomefreakphaidros: you are on 3D. file a bug on glxgears12:55
gnomefreakphaidros: sorry report it against the package you have enabled12:56
phaidrosgnomefreak: that was not my question ;) how, does one test if 2d acceleration works at all? (coy some apps are quite slow in rendering)12:56
gnomefreakglxgears is from a package but not sure what one.12:57
Damasceneom26er, I meant it's not the same12:57
gnomefreakphaidros: 2D is normal so if you are running a GUI you have 2D working12:57
Damascenethe only theme I checked that have this problem is clearlooks12:57
phaidrosgnomefreak: yeah, but I wonder about 2d acceleration, isnt that something different than plain 2d ?12:58
gnomefreakand you were helped in #ubuntu-bugs12:58
gnomefreakphaidros: no IIRC12:58
BashI'm running nvidia current also12:59
Bashnot working for me :/12:59
gnomefreakBash: gnomefreak@Development:~$ glxinfo | grep render12:59
gnomefreakdirect rendering: Yes12:59
gnomefreaklet me make sure im using -current12:59
gnomefreakBash: what nvidia card?13:00
BashhError: couldn't find RGB GLX visual or fbconfig13:00
gnomefreakyep im using *-current13:01
gnomefreakOpenGL renderer string: GeForce 6200/PCI/SSE213:01
gnomefreakBash: it maybe your card+drivers not working13:01
gnomefreakif i were you i would file a bug using ubuntu-bug nvidia-current  or test the other drivers that fits you from jockey13:02
gnomefreakbe back in a few coffee+smoke ;)13:02
=== BUGabundo_lunch is now known as BUGabundo_work
Machtin/dev/sdb3       /               ext4    errors=remount-ro 0       1 <- the installer generated this.. why wouldn't it use the uuid? :o13:08
BashI'll try version 17313:08
cwillu_at_workugh, pastebinit is broken13:10
cwillu_at_workpastebin.com updated stuff :p13:10
Bashpastie.org FTW13:10
Bashgod dam it.13:11
BashSystemError: installArchives() failed13:11
BUGabundo_workcwillu_at_work: it is?13:12
bjsniderBash, what driver were you using before nvidia-current?13:12
BUGabundo_workahh i use paste.u.c13:13
zniavredoes memenu entrybox working well with gtk themes with dark menus ?13:13
BashIt was the free one that came with it13:13
Bashthen I switched to current13:13
Bashand now to 17313:13
bjsnideryou clean installed lucid?13:13
bjsniderwhat were you using in karmic?13:14
BashWhatever what the latest one13:14
Bash180 something13:14
bjsnideri don't believe him13:15
bjsniderit works fine if you were using the 185 in karmic13:15
bjsniderhe was probably using the nvidia installer version13:15
* BUGabundo_work wonders if he is using nvidia .run driver13:17
phaidrosgnomefreak: xorg-edgers works wwith ati/glx13:18
gnomefreakphaidros: than it will be fixed soonish maybe a day or 313:18
gnomefreakdepends when it was fixed in xorg-edgers13:19
phaidrosbut, though, glxgears yields alot cpu load, is that normal?13:19
Italian_PlumberYay!  Alpha 3 is out!13:20
Italian_PlumberThe iso for lucid desktop 386, alpha 3, is the same filename as the iso for lucid desktop 386, alpha 2.  If I get the files mixed up, how can I tell which is which?13:23
phaidrosItalian_Plumber: boot them, or re-download with proper namens ;)13:24
Italian_PlumberWell yes I was thinking hash check them again... that's a good idea, though.13:25
platiusItalian_Plumber,  right click on file, select properties from popup menu, check date modified13:25
Italian_PlumberI was just wondering if there was a way of telling after I booted it up13:25
Italian_Plumberheh... :) okay I'm officially bonking myself on my forehead.13:25
Damascenethe sound icon is not showing. how to get it back13:26
Italian_PlumberI'm excited because now I get to see if the drivers for the Broadcom wireless in my Dell laptop have been fixed.13:27
phaidrosItalian_Plumber: b43? lets see how stable they are, at freifunk we need them too, testing from time to time, latest version are somewhat stable13:28
robin0800Damascene: its in the indicater applet13:28
DamasceneI'm using netbook launcher and I couldn't find any way to add applet13:29
Italian_PlumberNot sure if it's b43.  Do you have a Dell, too?   My Latitude E550013:29
BashI'm looking at the driver screen and it says "The drivers are activated but not currently in use" :/13:29
phaidrosItalian_Plumber: with my dell I have luckily a intel wifi card13:29
Italian_PlumberI mainly (only) use Ubuntu Desktop as the live CD, and I use the Jaunty CD.13:30
robin0800Damascene: can you not right click on the panel?13:30
Italian_PlumberWhen I started using the Karmic, I had to manually load the drivers every time I booted up.  I don't have to do that under Jaunty, so I went back.13:30
Damasceneyes but there is only choice to remove13:30
Damascenelike there is no free space on the panel13:31
gnomefreakBash: reboot?13:31
robin0800Damascene: the icon may be there do you have the envelope icon13:32
phaidrosDamascene: usually you can start an applett from the terminal if you know the name13:32
Damasceneok, what is the name of the sound applet, please?13:32
phaidrosif I would know that ..13:33
Machtinsince i edited my crypttab to load the device and fstab to mount it, i can't boot anymore.. it results in a black screen.13:33
phaidroswhat it could be named? I am scolling through my ps13:33
robin0800Damascene: well its next to that but many icon sets don't show it as a speaker13:33
Machtinany ideas what i could do about it?13:33
phaidrosDamascene: gnome-volume-control-applet maybe?13:33
Damascenenothing with that name13:34
BashI did.13:34
Bashgnomefreak, I did.13:34
BashIt's saying that after reboot13:34
gnomefreakBash: use the xorg-edgers PPA see if it is fixed there13:34
phaidrosDamascene: hm, that one I have here on non-netbook install13:34
Damascenerobin0800, to the right of the envelope there is the date and to the left there is the power icon13:34
gnomefreakBash: or just file a bug. noone in here is going to fix the package. that is why we have an Xorg development team13:35
robin0800Damascene: perhaps as they changed it for this release its not made it to the netbook perhaps a bug13:37
phaidrosDamascene: hm, maybe you can meanwhile circumvent by loading the pulse audio manage applet13:37
Damasceneany one using netbook launcher beside me13:38
DamasceneI can control form system >> sound but I wonder if it's only my problem or if there is others13:39
robin0800Damascene: Sound is also in the preferences but won't help with the icon13:39
Damasceneyes it's in the preference section of the system tab. preferences and administration are on the same page in netbook view13:40
Italian_Plumberphaidros: do you know anyone with a dell that has the Broadcom wifi card?13:41
platiusDamascene,  you can right click on  System>preferences>sound  and add to your panel13:41
Damascenenot in the net-book launcher, there is only add to favorite after open13:42
robin0800Damascene: you could install pulse audio volume control but don't know if you can add it to your panel13:42
DamasceneI think we are for testing. these is no problem to me. I just want some one else to check if he has the problem so we can report it13:44
Damascene*we are here for13:44
robin0800Damascene: have you changed icon sets?13:44
Damascenemany times13:45
gnomefreakbazhang: hi13:45
bazhanggnomefreak, hi13:45
BashI filed a bug13:45
bazhangBash, for what13:45
BashGuss I'll just have to wait for a fix13:45
Bashthe nvidia drivers now working13:46
bazhangon lucid?13:46
Bashit says "This driver is activated but not currently in use"13:46
gnomefreakBash: good. or try the xorg-edgers PPA13:46
bazhangwell it may be fixed by the time of release, nice to file bugs to help :)13:46
robin0800Damascene: have you any icon you don't recognize ? many icon sets have not been updated13:46
bjsniderthere are no bugs in nvidia-current at the present time13:47
gnomefreakbjsnider: yes there is :)13:47
bjsniderit is considered that the open bug reports are user-created issues13:47
Damascenerobin0800, no13:47
gnomefreaknvidia in gernel is broken13:47
gnomefreakjockey cant get the drivers (the upstream installer is broken13:48
robin0800Damascene: well I suspect its a bug then thy forgot to include it13:48
DamasceneI'll check13:48
gnomefreakbjsnider: did you see if you have any updates? i dont recall what the updates were13:49
bjsnidergnomefreak, i'm not using lucid13:49
gnomefreakbjsnider: ah that would explain it13:50
bjsnidergnomefreak, i'm echoing the sentiments in the -x channel13:50
gnomefreakmy nvidia works fine13:50
gnomefreakbjsnider: ah good idea13:50
bjsniderall remaining bugs are merely support requests13:50
gnomefreakbjsnider: i was just going on the alpha 3 known issues13:51
bjsniderwe do have an issue with people who are using ppa drivers in karmic before upgrading. that's being worked on13:51
bjsniderand anyone who used the nvidia installer itself will have issues13:51
gnomefreakjockey is getting them?13:51
bjsnidersince it is no longer compatible with lucid's xorg/mesa system13:51
gnomefreakxorg got updated today or last night13:52
bjsniderjockey is getting what?13:52
gnomefreakbjsnider: jocckey uses upstream package13:52
gnomefreakx11-common xorg xserver-xorg xserver-xorg-input-all xserver-xorg-video-all  most recent update for X13:53
gnomefreakBluesKaj: hi13:53
robin0800bjsnider: actually the release notes say fglrx dosen't work with the new Xserver13:53
BluesKajhey gnomefreak13:53
gnomefreakrobin0800: current13:53
bjsnidernvidia-current is the packaging scripts that contain the nvidia driver itself. jockey does 2 things: updates xorg.conf, and activates the driver through the alternatives system13:53
bjsniderthe upstream installer as you put it will not work anymore in lucid, by design. it is being blocked on purpose13:54
bjsniderbecause if someone were to use it they would hopelessly bork their system13:54
* gnomefreak thought nvidia packages were gotten the same way as flash 13:55
gnomefreakscript goes to upstream package nad downloads13:55
bjsnidernot at all13:55
bjsniderthey are already in the nvidia-current package13:56
gnomefreaksince we are unable to rewrite the nvidia code i thought we had to get it from upstream (non-free package)13:57
bjsniderthe upstream installer is included with the packaging scripts, but the installer itself is not used. the contents are unpacked, the kernel module is built, and hte shared libs are put in their proper places with links13:58
bjsniderand of course the kernel module is installed by dkms13:58
gnomefreakyeah i knew about the dkms13:59
bjsniderthe contents of the upstream installer package can be unpacked with "--extract"13:59
gnomefreakthat reminds me a little of envy (IIRC we merged or removed it)13:59
gnomefreakbjsnider: yeah14:00
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Machtinhm. as soon as i enter the following line into my fstab, i can't boot: /dev/mapper/home / ext3 defaults 0 1 <- the screen turns black and the monitor goes to power safe.14:00
Machtinwhat's wrong with this?14:01
gnomefreakMachtin: are you using ext4?14:01
zniavre /dev/mapper     /home / ext3 defaults 0 1  you forgot space no ?14:01
Machtingnomefreak: yes, but only for my /14:02
Machtinand that line is wrong, sorry.14:02
* gnomefreak be back in a few14:02
Machtin/dev/mapper/home /home ext3 defaults 0 1 <- that's it14:02
zniavresorry ...14:02
penguin42Machtin: Are you using lvm for / as well?14:05
Machtin/ is unencrypted14:05
phaidroslatest kernel doesnt yield the passphrase request on boot for encrypted partition, how would on e fix that?14:05
Machtinpenguin42: i find it interesting, that i'm not prompted for the passphrase.. i just booted without this line in my fstab, but with the entry in my crypttab.. so the partition doesn't get unlocked.. not only not mounted.14:07
penguin42Machtin: Odd; I have a partition I don't have automatically mounted that's crypted and has stopped showing up in the disk-mounter panel app14:08
Machtinoh, as i read the topic: can i suspend to ram again?14:09
phaidrosMachtin: just try :)14:09
phaidrosMachtin: do you get the password request on boot? if so, which latest kernel do you use?14:10
Machtinno, i don't.14:10
phaidroshm, latest kernel which did that for me was 2.6.32-12-generic14:10
phaidrosfrom -13 and now -14 dont ask for pw14:11
Machtinhome    UUID=6408923b-e0d5-46dc-9d1e-990ac13d3320       none            luks <- that line's okay, isn't it?14:11
phaidrosanyone knows, how to enable that pw request? some initrd thing?14:11
Machtincrypttab, of course14:11
phaidrosMachtin: I have alike, except that i have /dev/disk/by-uuid/xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx14:12
phaidrosdunno if thats important14:12
Machtinhm, don't think it is.. it did work once like that14:13
phaidrostry kernel -1214:13
penguin42it's odd it's a kernel thing, I'd have expected it to be initrd14:14
Machtindon't have that one.14:14
phaidrospenguin42: hm, nothing regarding crrypt in /etc/initramfs, right?14:16
penguin42phaidros: hmm no, hohum14:16
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phaidrosanyone with crypted drive has aswell problems being prompted for passphrase at boot?14:21
Machtinphaidros: the attempt to suspend to ram was disappointing ;)14:21
phaidrosMachtin: sometimes it works here, sometimes not ..14:21
Machtinyup, figured that14:22
phaidrosbut suspending is none of my concerns anymore, either it works or not, I ve spent to many hours in my life to fix that for my laptops ..14:22
Machtinwasn't that important anyway.. but it would have saved me some effort with the crypt-thing14:22
phaidrosand with any release again ;)14:22
Machtinthat's what crypt was like for me ;)14:22
Machtinwell.. only with alphas actually.. and the other issue is sound.14:23
phaidrossince I use that crypt, was always stable during dist upgrades (luckily)14:23
Machtinwhich actually works quite fine since i have that xonar :)14:23
Machtini once took weeks to figure out that i have to use uuid.. not using it somehow shredded my header or so.14:24
Machtinit changed my disks, i guess.. so it considered home as swap14:25
phaidrospenguin42: even more strange, nothing changed between kernel -12 and -13 except CONFIG_X86_CPU_DEBUG not being set on -13 anymore, but from that version crypt seems broken14:25
penguin42phaidros: I really doubt the problem is kernel related14:26
phaidrosor, something with crypt changed in between ..14:26
phaidrossomething related to mkinitrd14:26
phaidrosor any initrd related14:26
phaidrospenguin42: yeah, kernel shouldn`t be suspected14:26
phaidrosbut, I have no clue for now. afk and bbl .. cu guys :)14:27
Machtinbye phaidros ::)14:28
Machtinpenguin42: any thoughts on monitor going to power safe when i have that fstab-line?14:29
penguin42Machtin: I don't quite understand how the new ubuntu startup works, I wouldn't be surprised about some interaction of plymouth and mountall14:31
Machtinthat might well be.14:32
Machtini read about both in the last days.. mountall said it was terminated.. iirc when i did alt+print+k to get to a root-shell.14:33
Machtin(which doesn't work any longer)14:33
soeewhat do i have to do to upgrade kubuntu 9.10 to 10.04 a3 via konsole ?14:38
penguin42soee: run do-release-upgrade -d14:38
soeepenguin42: thank u14:38
DrakesonCould someone using amd64 please install xul-ext-greasemonkey and see whether firefox starts?  (it does not start here.  same is xul-ext-firegpg, xul-ext-mozgest, ...)14:41
ActionParsnipDrakeson: no firefox here dude, sorry14:42
penguin42Drakeson: Works here14:42
Drakesonpenguin42: amd64? firefox3.6?14:43
penguin42Drakeson: Yes & Yes14:43
Drakesonpenguin42: which xulrunner do you have?14:43
soeewow ~1100 mb to download while upgrading to 10.04 :p14:43
Drakesonpenguin42: thanks. something must be wrong here.14:45
penguin42Drakeson: Hang on a sec14:45
Drakesonpenguin42: btw, close firefox once and run it again14:45
Drakesonit does not start *the second time* here14:45
penguin42Drakeson: Yeh, it won't run a second time!14:45
penguin42Drakeson: Agreed, have you filed it?14:46
=== Yorvyk is now known as Yorvik
ActionParsnipChromium forever :)14:46
Drakesonno, I have just complained in #ubuntu-mozilla or some such.14:47
Drakesonpenguin42: I am trying to see what else is broken14:47
penguin42Drakeson: File a bug, tell me the number and I'll confirm it14:47
=== Yorvik is now known as Jorvik
Drakesonseveral of my favorite addons where broken. first I assumed something is wrong with them. now that several of xul-ext-* packages are broken there seems to be something wrong14:48
=== Jorvik is now known as Yorvyk
sebsebsebActionParsnip: Firefox for the win!  Best browser to support at the moment, since good number 2 after IE,  Well   it has apparantly more market share than any version of IE on it's own now.   Plus it has code in that are part of the remains of Netscape,  which nearly died at the evil clutches of Internet Explorer being bundled into Windows.  Then later died properly when AOL stopped making it.  RIP Netscape14:48
penguin42Drakeson: Yeh I don't use any add ons14:49
Drakesondo you know which version of xulrunner firfox-3.6 uses internally?14:49
DrakesonI kind of suspect xulrunner to be incompatible14:49
sebsebsebActionParsnip: Chrome is part of the Google hype, and Chromium helps with the Google hype.14:50
Drakesonbut I don't know how to confirm that14:50
ActionParsnipSebsebseb: poor ram management in ff imho. Chromium loads faster too. The lubuntu guys tested each for load times and ram use and chromium was a clear winner. Mass use is moot14:50
DrakesonActionParsnip: chromium is not mature yet.14:50
penguin42Drakeson: I'd report it against firefox-3.6 (given that it's multiple things that break it)14:50
DrakesonActionParsnip: it has some nice ideas, though.14:50
Drakesonpenguin42: I see. will do in a moment ...14:51
ActionParsnipSebsebseb: if more users == better product then windows is better than ubuntu right?14:51
sebsebsebActionParsnip: RAM management?  uhmm not sure about that, but Flash in Ubuntu in it's Firefox can make the computer slow.   Chromeium is more light waight than Firefox though sure I guess, since netbook remix will have it as default browser.14:51
ActionParsnipDrakeson: I made the switch and it makes ff look so slow plus moving tabs between browsers is sweet14:51
sebsebsebActionParsnip: Netscape14:52
sebsebsebActionParsnip: RIP Netscape14:52
sebsebsebFirefox woudn't exist if  Netscape hadn't  nearly died14:52
ActionParsnipSebsebseb: nutscrape is what we call it at work ;)14:52
sebsebsebChrome and Chromeium probably woudn't of just come along a few years after Firefox either, if Firefox hadn't became the major number 2 browser after IE14:52
sebsebsebalso Chrome like Safari uses  webkit which is a port of KHTML that Apple started and open sourced.  Surely Apple could of just improved KTHML instead?14:53
DrakesonActionParsnip: yes, there are nice features, but it is not *mature*, yet.  I occasionally use it when I am not doing something serious and can afford the occasional bugs/crashes/...14:54
ActionParsnipFirefox most likely gained popularity due to holes in IE6 which are now resolved. People just fear different stuff. Then plugins got made and from what I've seen people got comfy and complacent14:54
ActionParsnipDrakeson: its not crashed here yet14:54
Drakesongood for you.14:54
sebsebsebActionParsnip: Well it's a rather good thing indeed that Ubuntu Desktop Edition still uses Firefox as the default browser :)14:54
DrakesonActionParsnip: take a look at the list of bugs and you'll see.14:55
ActionParsnipSebsebseb: it does. I use ulite or minimal to install. Less fluff14:56
eagles0513875hey guys im having issues with grub 2 booting onto a windows partition that i have any ideas what i need to do to rectify the situation. i hit the windows partition yet the screen goes black then just brings up grub and stays there14:56
ActionParsnipDrakeson: I just see what I experience when I use it and it runs fine. Run firefox for a few hours with adobe flash and java then check how much ram its using. I've seen users with more than 1024mb for just the firefox process14:57
sebsebsebActionParsnip: Google and Microsoft and so on aren't our friends,  so it doesn't really make proper sense surely if you think about it,  why  quite a lot of proggarmemrs are for example  proggramming chromium for free,  which Google will then use  code from in their  freeware  Chrome browser?14:57
ubottu#ubuntu+1 handles support for the development version of Ubuntu.  Please join #ubuntu for all other Ubuntu support.  Chat in #ubuntu-offtopic.14:57
ActionParsnipSebsebseb: microsoft make tools for a job. If their products fit what you need better than linux then linux is a bad choice. Its all situational14:58
sebsebsebeagles0513875: This might be helpful14:58
sebsebseb!grub2 | eagles051387514:58
ubottueagles0513875: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager in Karmic. For more information and troubleshooting on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub214:58
Drakesonsebsebseb: there are projects to "liberate" chromium. the stock chromium is not so good (e.g. on privacy).  for instance see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SRWare_Iron14:58
Italian_Plumberusing the lucid alpha 3 live CD now14:59
Italian_Plumberbroadcom wireless card drivers seem to be working fine15:00
Italian_Plumberbut they certainly are slow15:00
ActionParsnipDrakeson: not bothered about that. Id send them my cookies in an hourly tar if they wanted. I just don't care, not scared and nothing to hide15:00
ActionParsnipItalian_plumber: is there a bug logged for it?15:01
ActionParsnipItalian_plumber: does it improve if you update (can't see their being much but maybe)15:02
Italian_PlumberThere is but I can't find it at the moment15:02
Italian_PlumberI have a launchpad account and I commented on it, but I don't see how I can find the bugs that I commented on15:02
ActionParsnipItalian_plumber: if you use iwconfig can you set the rate higher?15:02
Italian_Plumbernot sure how to do that15:03
eagles0513875sebsebseb: the grub 2 link doesnt help me one big15:04
eagles0513875hey guys im having issues with grub 2 booting onto a windows partition that i have any ideas what i need to do to rectify the situation. i hit the windows partition yet the screen goes black then just brings up grub and stays there15:04
Italian_PlumberI commented on an issue similar to the one I *was* having, but am not now.  With alpha 2, the drivers were flaky for me.  With Alpha 3 they work fine, so far, but seem slow15:04
ActionParsnipItalian_plumber: maybe it will get better over time. Keep an eye on the bugs. Could try some bootoptions maybe.15:05
Italian_PlumberThis is the bug I commented on: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/50243315:05
ubottuLaunchpad bug 502433 in linux "Lucid: b43 fatal DMA error on Dell Mini 9" [Medium,Triaged]15:05
Italian_Plumberas you can see in my comment, I had different problems on each reboot.  I should reboot several times to see if I get consistent behavior from alpha3.15:06
sebsebsebActionParsnip: Just want to quickly go back to earlier, even though it's off topic,  of course Windows isn't better,  because it has most of the Desktop Market share.15:07
eagles0513875sebsebseb: i only use it cuz im a gamer15:07
eagles0513875if i wasnt i would be either on osx or linux15:07
ActionParsnipSebsebseb: so because more folks use firefox doesn't make it better than chromium by the same token15:07
* eagles0513875 thats my 2 sense15:07
eagles0513875ActionParsnip: any ideas as to my issue btw15:08
bazhangthis is not the chat channel  ; please /join #ubuntu-offtopic for that15:08
Italian_Plumberback after a couple reboots15:08
ikoniaeagles0513875: check your grub config for Windows - has this ever worked or not ?15:08
eagles0513875i just installed karmic on a 2ndary drive15:08
ikoniaeagles0513875: also is this on lucid or karmic ?15:08
eagles0513875upgraded from karmic15:09
ikoniaeagles0513875: ok - so has windows ever worked on either the current karmic/lucid grub configuration ?15:09
eagles0513875for starters though one issue i had was grub2 not listing my windows partition, but it was listed after running sudo update-grub to get it listed15:09
eagles0513875ikonia: not sure i booted windows for the first time after install and upgrade this morning15:09
ikoniaeagles0513875: ok - so check the windows grub configuration - make sure it at least "looks" sane15:10
eagles0513875ok will take a look at the fstab15:10
ActionParsnipEagles0513875: I don't multiboot so have no idea15:10
ikoniafstab is nothing to do with windows15:10
ikoniaeagles0513875: nor is fstab anything to do with grub15:10
* eagles0513875 rules out the idea of mount point issue15:11
ikoniaeagles0513875: why would a mount point effect grub or windows ?15:11
alex_mayorgaBUGabundo_work: anything to fear from latest nouveau?15:11
eagles0513875ikonia: dunno how grub 2 besides over writing the ntbootldr functions after that15:12
eagles0513875i understand the basic concepts of it but not in depth15:12
ikoniaeagles0513875: grub 2 works the same as grub one in terms of boot process15:12
ikoniaeagles0513875: /etc/fstab is used by the linux operating system15:12
* eagles0513875 goes back to pondering15:13
ikoniaeagles0513875: check the windows/grub config - look if it at least "looks" sane15:13
ikoniathats the first point of call15:13
ikoniathere maybe something obvious such as the stated partition being the wrong address, or something along those times15:14
ikonia"lines" even15:14
eagles0513875ikonia: im still not used to the grub2 are we talking about the conf in the default folder15:14
Drakesonpenguin42: could you please confirm https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/firefox/+bug/528498 ?15:16
ubottuLaunchpad bug 528498 in firefox "Several addons prevent firefox 3.6 from starting on amd64" [Undecided,New]15:16
ikoniaeagles0513875: it's documented in the link sebsebseb gave you15:16
eagles0513875ahhh ok15:16
penguin42Drakeson: Done15:16
ikoniathe one you said you read and was no use15:17
ikoniabut it's certainly worth just checking out at a high level if everything looks ok in terms of the windows config15:18
ikoniaeg: does it match to the right partition,15:18
BUGabundo_workalex_mayorga: using blob :(15:21
alex_mayorgaBUGabundo_work: duh15:21
alex_mayorgaBUGabundo_work: is there breakage I just updated and are afraid to restart :(15:22
Italian_Plumberworks ok second reboot too15:22
BUGabundo_workalex_mayorga: LOL15:24
BUGabundo_workshould be stabe15:24
=== ikt_ is now known as ikt
duffydackwhats the difference between plymouth and whatever bootsplash was used before?15:33
gnomefreakusplash was used before :) and not real sure15:35
Andre_Gondimdoes anyone has problem when try install alpha 3? after fiiled everything just crash and not installed16:03
OxymoronI wonder, does somebody get mouse integration in Vbox work togehter with Lucid Lynx ALpha 3? :)16:06
ZykoticK9Oxymoron, http://sites.google.com/site/alucidfs/how-i-do/virtualbox-mouse-integration16:11
iktAndre_Gondim: where does it crash?16:12
Andre_Gondimafter click on install, nothing happens16:12
Andre_GondimI am downloading again to check it16:13
iktI installed alpha 3 netbook edition just a few hours ago16:14
Andre_GondimI'm  downloading, after I will check the iso's hash16:16
icorbettI have a test kubuntu system that i upgraded from karmic to lucid and the ps2 keyboard/touchpoint and usb mouse don't seem to be playing nice... confirmed it with the alpha3 live cd... any thoughts on chasing that one down?16:21
icorbettwas just directed here from #ubuntu so sorry for the rapid fire join and paste.16:21
OxymoronZykoticK9: Thanks :) I tried something similar before, but it didnt work, but I will try that one instead :)16:24
icorbettsbts: in regard to your question on #ubuntu, in lucid the keyboard is simply locking up when connected via ps2 (works fine on dual boot), if i disconnect and reconnect with a ps2-usb adapter it picks up the keyboard but shortly begins to repeat an individual character and never stops16:24
icorbettthe usb mouse, on occasion locks up at the kdm login screen or during kde start16:24
ZykoticK9Oxymoron, it is the xorg inside the VM (i updated the link to note this as well)16:25
OxymoronZykoticK9: Yeah, outside vbox seems unneccasary :P16:26
sbtsicorbett: that is nasty, what happens if you have only the keyboard plugged into ps2, mouse not connected at all16:26
vishanyone[with 'un'mounted internal partitions] up for a test?   1> select the unmounted partition from the places menu 2> as soon as the nautilus window is opened , now select unmount button in the sidepane   , what happens?16:27
vish[select the unmount button without interacting with anything in the window]16:28
icorbettsbts: i did try that and it seemed to work briefly, but the mouse still locked up... let me see if another package upgrade (managed via ssh) resolves this and if not ill test that way again16:28
icorbetti may be operating under the false asumption that ps2 is "stable" while usb may be less so.16:28
[LSUCS]DezzaHello, I wonder if anyone could help me? I'm trying to get xubuntu alpha3 running on my machine, but I appear to have some form of graphics problem during boot, and the screen just switches off16:30
[LSUCS]Dezza(this is from the cd)16:31
Italian_Plumberhow many times have you tried?16:32
OxymoronZykoticK9: doesnt seem to work? :(16:32
[LSUCS]Dezzaseveral times, any option I select from the boot menu (try, install, check for defects) just *appear* to hand16:32
[LSUCS]Dezzathere is disk activity but no screen activity16:33
[LSUCS]DezzaI tried removing splash from the boot line, but still no difference16:33
Italian_Plumberyou may have gotten a bad download, or a bad burn.16:33
ZykoticK9Oxymoron, sorry man, all I can say the the dreaded "w4m"16:33
Italian_Plumberthe fact that you can't do a disk check makes that somewhat more problematic16:34
Italian_Plumberor it could be a bug with your hardware.16:34
OxymoronZykoticK9: w4m? :P16:34
Italian_PlumberIv'e tried the live CD four times now and have had no problem.s16:34
ZykoticK9Oxymoron, sorry - works for me16:34
[LSUCS]DezzaItalian_Plumber: I'll try the disk in this machine actually, good point. Give me 5mins16:35
icorbettupdates don't fix the ps2 keyboard/touchpoint + usb mouse combination16:35
sbtsicorbett: in the past I have seen problems with ps2 and/or usb keyboards caused by kernel hertz settings being changed, issues with /dev/rtc and a number of other things, including rogue kernel modules that conflict with hardware. as I don't have a lucid system here to play with, I would suggest you check out the kernel docs for boot options. there should be options to disable the iopic, apm, acpi and a number of others that may have an effec16:35
icorbettremoving usb mouse and trying again16:35
OxymoronZykoticK9: But I dont know if I did it correctly though. I started Kubuntu Lucid alpha 3, edited /X11/xorg.conf as it was there and rebooted?16:35
sbtsicorbett: could you please start your replies with sbts for me, the highlighting helps me keep track and not miss what you say, especially in a busy channel :)16:36
icorbettsbts: ill give the iopic, apm and acpi kernel parms a shot... the only "rogue" module ive got is the dkms nvidia driver.16:36
icorbettsbts: sure, sorry for not doing so previously16:37
sbtsicorbett: when you use the usb mouse, are you using a real usb mouse, or a ps2 mouse and adapter, same question for the keyboard?16:37
sbtsicorbett: graphice modules could very well cause these sorts of problems.16:38
Andre_Gondimin this version is there any applications that needs mono??16:38
icorbettsbts: the ps2 keyboard/touchpoint are real ps2, the mouse is real usb, i have also tried the keyboard w/ and w/o the touchpoint connected via a ps2-usb adapter, and a separate usb only keyboard16:38
OxymoronZykoticK9: If I remember correctly you should install nvidia drives manually for alpha 2 right? Maybe thats the problem?16:40
sbtsicorbett: so with USB only keyboard and USB only mouse you still have problems?16:40
sbtsicorbett: that is without the touchpoint?16:40
n8w ive got a problem with setting up paths for python environment for ibm data servers....here is the "step by step" what i do: http://paste-it.net/public/sa09a59/16:41
n8wive been told in #debian channel that the problem related to ubuntu/kubuntu distros16:41
icorbettsbts: yes, i have two usb keyboards, one with touchpoint and one without, both seem to have problems, i have not yet tested with usb keyboard without usb mouse or touchpoint16:42
icorbettsbts: it also seems to be related to boot... i just rebooted again and if i wait too long it hangs at the kdm login prompt16:44
sbtsicorbett: that's fine. just thought I should check, can you remove (or blacklist) the nvidia driver, and try again, the system *should* boot using std vesa drivers. this will exclude issues with them. after that try the kernel options16:44
icorbettsbts: i should say, related to time from boot.16:44
sbtsicorbett: I have seen similar symptoms before, iirc it was related to interrupt problems, 2 kernel modules trying to use the same one. It would also be possible for a memory issue or thermal issue to do something similar.16:45
ubottuHere I am, brain the size of a planet and you expect me to respond to a ping? How depressing.16:46
sbtsicorbett: wrt the boot/login screen lockup, could you still access the machine via ssh, and was it *responsive*, or was it sluggish?16:46
icorbettsbts: lsmod | grep nv shows that the nvidia driver is not presently loaded, though i have no problem adding "blacklist nvidia" to /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf16:48
icorbettsbts: i am doing all research on the machine via ssh now and it seems fine16:49
icorbettsbts: reviewing /var/log/Xorg.0.log confirms that it is using vesa currently16:51
[LSUCS]DezzaHey there, I managed to get to a working desktop on this machine16:51
[LSUCS]Dezzaand I've rebooted into the old installation on the machine I was testing on, and the md5sum of the .iso is good16:51
[LSUCS]Dezzainteresting.. I may have something now16:55
[LSUCS]Dezzaleft the machine for a few mins and the screen has sprung back into life with a cursor on it16:56
[LSUCS]Dezzavery worrying however having the screen go off with no input for 5mins or so while it's loading16:57
icorbettsbts: trying with noacpi made no difference, trying with that and apm=off now, i am not finding any reference to iopic kernel parms17:04
sbtsicorbett: sorry distracted for a minute or 10. ok so it should not be a video driver, I would try setting a few kernel options, maybe all of the ones that look likely first, then if that helps, start dropping them 50% at a time17:05
sbtsicorbett: once you have worked out which 50% use only half of them, follow the same reduction in numbers each time, this is quicker than testing one by one.17:06
iktanybody having this issue: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubiquity/+bug/52847317:06
ubottuLaunchpad bug 528473 in ubiquity "installer not full screen" [Undecided,New]17:07
sbtsicorbett: it may have been ioapic, I will do a quick google17:07
icorbettsbts: i understand the theory there... and agree with it, just a matter of sorting out which parms might be effective...17:08
icorbettsbts: as for the distraction, ive got a bit of that myself so aboslutely no worries17:09
eagles0513875ikonia: :( its still not working even after following whats on the grub2 link17:10
eagles0513875!grub2 | eagles051387517:10
ubottueagles0513875, please see my private message17:10
sbtsicorbett: something else that may be worth doing straight away, add a kernel option "single" this should get you either a simple menu at the console, or a bash prompt17:10
sbtsicorbett: from there you can play around and see if the keyboard locks up, if you install gpm you will be also able to test the mouse.17:11
OxymoronUhm, when I upgraded nvidia alternative drivers kdm doesnt start on bootup? How to solve?17:11
OxymoronIt also uses tty2 and not tty7? :S17:11
sbtsicorbett: remember though, if you install gpm. it is best to remove it BEFORE you start X up17:11
ikoniaeagles0513875: please pate your grub config for the windows boot17:12
sbtsicorbett: if every thing works fine from the console (when booted in single mode) then it is a very good bet that you have a problem related to either graphics drivers, or morelikely the X input system17:13
eagles0513875ikonia: i have one other thing to try there is a mention of a -no-floppy error which might be doign it not sure though17:13
icorbettsbts: right, the keyboard seems fine in "text mode"17:13
icorbettsbts: i would certainly believe it is the x input system, it almost seems like the mice are "competing" but thats something I can't quite put a finger on.17:14
eagles0513875ikonia: ok17:15
ikoniaeagles0513875: pastebin your windows grub2 file17:15
sbtsif that is the case, I would suggest perhaps finding an xorg support forum/channel I probably could have helped you track that down with the old X11 but I have never had a problem with Xorg, and I know that pretty much everything is different :(17:15
icorbettsbts: installation of gpm seems to confirm, as both mice work fine17:15
sbtsicorbett: sorry the last one from me was for you, missed your nick :)17:16
sbtsicorbett: I am not even sure which modules handle it in xorg17:16
icorbettsbts: heh, no problem... any thoughts on ubuntu specific xorg support channels or is ubuntu close enough to upstream that normal xorg channels should work?17:17
sbtsicorbett: once you have worked it out would you mind doing a /msg sbts or /query sbts and let me know (basically pm me)17:17
icorbettsbts: of course i wouldn't mind... I am a big believer in closing the loop17:18
sbtsicorbett: I would start with the upstream, and if they can't help, I hope they will be able to point you at the best place for resolution.17:18
sbtsicorbett: thanks, it is always nice to findout what caused a problem, may save my ass from being bitten next time around the loop.17:19
icorbettsbts: I hear that.17:20
sbtsicorbett: well it is 01:20 am here, I should be off to bed. will check in on #ubuntu then crash I think17:21
benjehi does lucid kernel will include modification of ratelimit fonction ?17:22
benjeto include description of the function which call it17:23
eagles0513875ikonia: http://pastebin.com/DtF02cZF17:25
icorbettsbts: oh hey, this is interesting, after shutting down the "netroot" prompt from the recovery menu, and selecting resume, it takes me to a login prompt and promptly locks the keyboard17:25
icorbettsbts: of course not a problem... not worth staying up late to work on this... ill try to keep playing with the kernel parms, thanks for the help thus far!17:26
ikoniaeagles0513875: looks at /dev/sda1 and root hd0,1 - is that right as it doesn't look right to me17:26
eagles0513875i have 2 hdds17:26
eagles0513875one is 500gb drive other is 2tb drive with a 500gb partition for kubuntu17:27
ikoniathat is nothing to do with it17:27
ikoniaI said check the partitions are right - it doesn't matter if you have 10 disks17:27
ikoniacheck they are right, /dev/sda1 doesn't normally match (hd0,1) - however it "could" be right17:27
eagles0513875ikonia: foudn the error17:28
benjeon a bi P3 processor on asus tr-dls, i get message about slow clocksource. do you know if i can use acpi_pm_good ?17:28
ikoniaeagles0513875: oh really ?17:28
eagles0513875dev sda1 is an efi partition created by windows itself17:28
eagles0513875dev/sda2 is the remaining space on that  drive17:29
OxymoronHow do I install nvidia alternative drivers correctly?17:29
ikoniaeagles0513875: you told windows to create an efi partition ?17:29
ikoniaeagles0513875: at least you know the problem17:30
eagles0513875ikonia: it does it on its own it creates another small partition for some reason on its own17:30
ikoniaeagles0513875: no it doesn't17:30
eagles0513875100mb partition17:30
ikoniaeagles0513875: the 100 system partition17:30
ikoniait doesn't create an efi partition on it's own17:30
eagles0513875sry im thinking mac and dual booting17:30
eagles0513875ikonia: what file do i need to edit to fix that error and point grub at sda217:31
ikoniaeagles0513875: the windows config file in your grub config dir - it's named in the file17:31
ikoniaeagles0513875: fyi: /dev/sda2 would match better with (hd0,1) that makes more sense to me17:32
alex_mayorgaRAOF, ping17:32
=== DBO_ is now known as DBO
alex_mayorgaanyone familiar with nouveau that can explain lbm-nouveau.nomodeset to me please17:36
eagles0513875ikonia: so i would need to edit the os prober file?17:38
yofel_grub1 or 2? grub1: sda2 == hd0,1 | grub2: sda2 == hd0,217:40
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
eagles0513875yofel: grub 2 its looking at a small system partition of 100mb for my windows partition i need to change it to look at sda2 not 117:42
eagles0513875yofel: confused as to what file exactly to edit17:42
yofelok, just so understand this right, kubuntu loads fine but you can't boot win7?17:48
yofeleagles0513875: ^^^17:48
eagles0513875yofel: yes17:49
yofel*so I understand...17:49
eagles0513875i did an fdisk -l on /dev/sda and it has 2 partitions17:49
eagles0513875100mb system partition and rest of the 500gb hdd is win install17:49
eagles0513875which is /dev/sda217:49
eagles0513875yofel: http://pastebin.com/DtF02cZF17:49
* eagles0513875 still hasnt gotten used to grub2 and the way things are done yet17:50
yofelhm yes, but the windows bootloader should be on sda1 and be loaded with 'chainloader +1'17:50
yofellemme try here in a moment, I've got a similiar setup on one of my pcs17:50
eagles0513875yofel: when i installed windows which was before linux it put the 100mb first17:50
eagles0513875yofel: ill be back i need to go pick up me mother from university then ill be back17:50
sbtsicorbett: yeah, that bug with the netroot prompt/menu is a pain, I havn't seen the lockup, but there has traditionally been strange behaviour of the menu when you go into single mode17:51
eagles0513875yofel: feel free to leave me a pm or ping me and ill see it when i return17:51
yofelI'll try it after I finish making myself an up-to-date lucid live disk just in case...17:51
yofeleagles0513875: will do17:51
eagles0513875yofel: ok :( dont want you to break ur system for me :(17:51
bjsniderOxymoron, just pick them in jockey (hardware drivers manager)17:52
yofeleagles0513875: not quite, I've had issues with grub2 and booting windows myself and it's a good opportunity to debug it ;)17:52
yofeleagles0513875: but my grub.cfg looks the same here (the windows section)17:52
eagles0513875yofel: just cant afford to lose my music i have on windows drive :( specially since i dj17:53
icorbettsbts: the last option i "discovered" and tried adding was noapic and it seems to be working again... ill try removing all others and see if that stays the same17:53
Oxymoronbjsnider: Yeah if jockey even would recognize them as it doesnt in alpha yet ... and now my screen does not work at all. Tahnk god for vbox17:53
eagles0513875yofel: try boot for me i get a black screen then it says GRUB and thats it17:53
* eagles0513875 will brb17:53
yofeleagles0513875: wait17:53
yofeldoes it boot at all after that?17:53
eagles0513875yofel: no17:53
yofelneither windows and linux or just windows not?17:53
eagles0513875windows doesnt yofel kubuntu is fine17:54
* eagles0513875 away17:54
* BluesKaj returns from daily trek17:55
icorbettsbts: which i guess would mean i have a buggy apic which just showed up with the .32 series kernels?17:55
=== Blizzzek is now known as Blizzz
abe3kI have an eeepc 904hd and I think theres is a small problem with the black indication boxes, the black indication boxes show up too far away from the top of the monitor.17:56
sbtsicorbett: that sounds likely, noapic is the option I was thinking of when I said ioapic! too much going on and not enough grey matter :)17:56
abe3kis this a problem ?17:56
benjehow can we change apport preference ?17:56
OxymoronIts seems like a problem with plymouth17:57
yofelbenje: what do you want  to do?17:57
icorbettsbts: well i am thrilled that seems to have done the trick! Thanks so much for the time you spent!17:57
benjeyofel reactive apport for jackd i tell not report more but bug repport failed17:58
sbtsicorbett: I would recommend filing a bug agains the ubuntu kernel package, when you do provide full details of your machine (make, model, and if you are happy to the serial number) for the model, please make sure you give both the "common" model name and the full model/partnumber found on the bottom of the machine.17:58
abe3kany ideas ?17:59
yofelsbts, icorbett: if you file a bug with 'ubuntu-bug linux' apport should do that for you17:59
yofelabe3k: like, 20% from the height away from the top?17:59
benjewishlist asking after good report :)18:00
icorbettsbts: ill do a bit of digging to make sure it is noapic that has done the trick18:00
benjei cannot found any doc about apport with google18:01
icorbettsbts: if i can confirm, ill file the report with anything and everything I can, hopefully prevent the pain for others!18:01
sbtsicorbett: if you have time and the inclination, it would be good if you could grab the kernel config file from (I think) /proc/config or /proc/kernel/config, something like that, and a copy of the upstream kernel source. then compile a kernel using that config and the upstream source.  then test your custom kernel. if the bug can be reproduced there, update the ubuntu bug to say so, and file an upstream bug.18:01
abe3kyofel: like theres another invisible box ontop of the one showing up18:05
abe3kyofel: this mostly happens with the network connection indication18:05
yofelabe3k: ok, I have heard of that and I think that's intentionally but as I use KDE I haven't kept track of notify-osd for a while, you should wait for someone else to answer that18:07
abe3kyofel: the volume indication is almost perfect, but other indications have the problem I mentioned18:07
abe3kyofel: anyways I'll wait for someone whos working on gnome :>18:08
yofelabe3k: afaik stuff like sound/brightness etc. notifications should appear in the first line and it's reserved for them and normal notifications will appear below them and leave a space on top in that case iirc18:09
abe3kyofel: I see, that kinda makes sense now thanks :)18:09
yofelas I said I'm not sure18:09
abe3kyofel: overall experience on the eeepc 904hd is excellent18:10
abe3konly thing that bothers me is the bluetooth manager that comes with ubuntu it should be replaced with blueman, since it offers 3g connectivity over bluetooth18:13
benjenobody knows how to reactive repport for a program ?18:13
abe3kand many more cool features of bluetooth18:13
abe3kalso blueman can let you connect to the internet on the mobile via your local internet connection18:14
sinurgelucid has a ability to use multiple nvidia drivers. but everytime i use hardware drivers it never finishes the setup18:15
sinurgesays error stored in var/log/jockey.log18:15
abe3kyou should use the beta drivers for lucid18:15
abe3ksince xorg has been changed18:15
sinurgeabe3k now how do i do that again18:16
abe3ksinurge :http://ubuntu10-04.blogspot.com/2009/12/how-to-fix-problems-with-xorg-and.html18:18
benjeyofel: any idea ?18:19
benjenothing about it at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Apport18:20
icorbettsbts: i took notes of the requests including yofel's mention of using apport and will follow up with all of it, thanks again and have a good night!18:20
high-rezNow that nouveau is the default, what is the proper way to switch back to nvidia proprietary?18:21
Unksiabe3k: there is a package nvidia-current which has version 195.36.03, do you know if theres any difference to the one with that vdpau repo?18:21
bjsnideruse jockey for that18:21
yofelbenje: not sure, you could check if you have a crash file in /var/crash and see if deleting it helps, if not maybe the other bugsquad folks in #ubuntu-bugs can help you18:21
bjsniderUnksi, i don't have lucid drivers in the vdpau ppa18:22
benjeok thanks yofel18:22
bjsnidersinurge, did you upgrade from a previous distro to lucid?18:23
sinurgeits a fresh install18:23
bjsnideryou clean installed lucid?18:23
bjsniderwhat graphcs card do you have?18:23
sinurgenvidia 660018:24
bjsniderwhat does jockey.log say?18:24
sinurge2010-02-26 21:48:12,221 WARNING: cannot connect to cups; printer detection is not available18:25
bjsniderpastebin the whole thing18:25
sbtsicorbett: your most welcom18:25
sbtsicorbett: your most welcome!18:26
penguin42sinurge: Try doing an /etc/init.d/cups start18:26
penguin42(as root)18:26
sinurgewhats the expected result18:27
penguin42hopefully then whatever it was that couldn't connect to cups will be able to18:27
penguin42oh, sorry, it wasn't actually a printer problem you had!18:27
eagles0513875yofel: im back18:30
yofeleagles0513875: still trying to burn the live disk (2nd try, the disk verification for the first found errors -.-)18:32
eagles0513875yofel: ok18:32
bjsnidersinurge, run dkms status18:32
eagles0513875yofel: if you tell me what file to change i can test it as this is on a separate drive and i can afford to reformat it18:33
yofeleagles0513875: as your grub.cfg is the same as mine (for the windows part) and it worked here last time I booted windows (a few weeks ago) I'm not sure what could be the issue18:34
sinurgenvidia-current, 195.36.03, 2.6.32-10-generic, i686: installed18:34
sinurgenvidia-173, 173.14.22, 2.6.32-10-generic, i686: installed18:34
yofelother than grub2 broke in the meantime18:34
eagles0513875yofel: do you have a 100mb system partition?18:34
eagles0513875as the first partition on said drive18:34
eagles0513875then windows partition18:34
yofeleagles0513875: yep, win7 seems to need it (as it created it on installation)18:34
eagles0513875yofel: im wondering if the issue is having kubuntu possibly on a 2nd drive18:34
yofeleagles0513875: not sure, I have kubuntu on sda3 for that matter18:36
bjsnidersinurge, try activating the 173 from jockey18:36
eagles0513875yofel: mines on scd018:36
eagles0513875yofel: sry sdb3 on mine18:36
sinurgebhsnider: thats what i have been asking how do i start jockey18:37
yofelhm, but I doubt that should prevent windows from booting... where did you install grub2 at? (sda MBR here)18:37
sinurgeis it the same as hardware drivers18:38
eagles0513875yofel: mbr on the mbr of the drive that i have windows on18:43
yofelok, so the same too18:43
yofelok, rebooting18:43
eagles0513875yofel: ok18:44
yofelhm, windows boots fine18:45
yofelfrom sda118:46
eagles0513875isnt sda1 the 100mb boot partition18:46
yofelit is18:46
major_redhatwhat about sda018:46
eagles0513875yofel: what if you switch that to boot of the main partition which would be sda2 for me18:46
yofellemme boot kubuntu again and pastebin my grub.cfg18:46
eagles0513875major_redhat: ?18:46
major_redhatdrive assignment18:47
major_redhatsda0, sda1, sda218:47
eagles0513875major_redhat: i have 2 drives18:47
yofelmajor_redhat: drive names begin at 1 not 018:47
eagles0513875major_redhat: sda1 and 2 are on a 500gb drive that has 100mb partition for windows system files and rest is space which is sda218:48
major_redhato ok i misread something18:48
eagles0513875and then sdb 1 linux and 3 is swap with rest of space ntfs18:48
yofelok, here my grub.cfg: http://paste.ubuntu.com/384571/18:52
eagles0513875yofel: mines exactly the same18:53
yofeland 'sudo fdisk -l /dev/sda' http://paste.ubuntu.com/384572/18:53
eagles0513875yofel: would it be having the linux partition on a different disk have something to do with this18:54
eagles0513875or the size of the 2ndary drive i put it on?18:55
yofelno idea really, it *should* not but I don't know enough about grub to help here18:55
eagles0513875is there an ubuntu-grub channel or something of the sort or would i need to go into ubuntu-kernel18:56
eagles0513875ikonia: any ideas cuz my configuration is the exact same as yofel's in regard to dual booting with win 719:03
eagles0513875any grub experts in here19:28
eagles0513875im having a strange issue with grub 2 and windows 7 :(19:28
high-rezWow, the nouveau integration is just a mess.  I switched back to the proprietary drivers using jockey and my machine just freezes on bootup now.  It appears to be loading the nouveau module regardless19:32
eagles0513875yofel: question for you are you running 32bit or 64 bit win 719:32
eagles0513875strange. im still puzzled as to what i have done wrong19:34
cwillu_at_workwhat's the script that make /etc/sudoers on a fresh install?19:53
cwillu_at_workdpkg-query -S doesn't show anything19:53
Chipacais it a known issue in the lucid iso that it can't mount ext4 filesystems it just created?20:09
ChipacaI'm trying to install lucid using lucid-desktop-i386.iso (alpha3), inside kvm, and it failed, and mount of an ext4 fs fails, even right after a mkfs20:10
high-rezAre plymouth and nvidia-proprietary drivers mutually exclusive?  It seems you need KMS for Plymouth - but if you load the nouveau/drm module that gives you KMS that the nvidia proprietary drivers break, is that correct?20:12
charlie-tcaChipaca: never had any issues with it here20:18
charlie-tcaI ran about 30 installs for testing over two days, all worked20:18
Chipacacharlie-tca: I can't mount a thing, it complains about corruption (???)20:19
jbichahigh-rez: I thought Plymouth worked with the proprietary Nvidia drivers but maybe I don't know what I'm looking at20:19
charlie-tcasomething went wrong there, I don't know what it is.20:19
Chipacacharlie-tca: these multiple installs were inside kvm?20:24
charlie-tcano. Hardware and VBox20:24
Chipacavbox as in VirtualBox?20:25
ChipacaI'll try that one20:25
high-rezjbicha: From what I've read plymouth requires KMS, and as I understand KMS is not available in nvidia-proprietary.  So its nouveau or nothing at this point.  And, frankly, nouveau is just too infant to be usable on a modern desktop.20:26
jbichawell you don't need Plymouth to boot20:27
charlie-tcaUmm, nouveau is the default driver in lucid now20:27
jbichain the sense that I can boot the nvidia proprietary driver just fine20:27
bjsniderplymouth would select a basic vesa type thing if it had no better kms driver20:27
high-rezjbicha: Yeah, totally understand - I was just trying to figure it out how to get my system back after the latest aptitude full-upgrade pushed me to nouveau :)20:28
high-rezcharlie-tca: It is, but on two of my systems it hasn't proven to be very reliable.  Don't get me wrong, I really would like to see it take off and be wildly successful, but at this stage in its development it seems a little premature for inclusion in a product that'll be shipping pretty soon.20:29
high-rezbjsnider: Hmmf, its not running at all for me.  What I read said it required KMS, which I didn't think was available with vesafb..20:30
* penguin42 plays with kubuntu+1 and wonders htf to disable the 'pop' whenever I click a button20:30
jbichaa terrible answer, but...you could try a live CD of a recent build & reinstall if that works, if the upgrade didn't quite work right it may be difficult to fix20:30
high-rezYeah, no reinstall.  I'll roll with what i got.  :)  Everything seems mostly fixed after I just ripped nouveau out completely.20:31
avi_hey, can anyone verify if Plymouth works with Karmic?20:36
avi_As in, if I can use Plymouth 9.10?20:37
Italian_Plumberyou might want to ask that in #ubuntu.  This is #ubuntu+1, which is lucid, not karmic20:37
avi_Yeah, But I've been unsucessful in that channel. I guessed that since Plymouth is in Lucid, people might know.20:38
jbichaavi_: no, Plymouth isn't available for 9.1020:38
avi_jbicha: oh, ok.20:39
charlie-tcaOTOH, does plymouth work with lucid ;-)20:39
penguin42charlie-tca: On a good day....20:40
avi_charlie-tca: but, Alpha 3 doesn't have flash support, or so I'm told.20:41
charlie-tcaI didn't test flash20:41
penguin42well it does on upgrade, not tried a fresh install20:41
high-rezI think the answer to that question is "it depends on your video card hardware and the driver you're using."20:42
charlie-tcaOh, ubuntu! Yes, I think it works there, but not in Xubuntu20:42
charlie-tcaor it conflicts with my nvidia cards20:42
avi_is it possible to test plymouth running in VB?20:42
charlie-tcaI don't know? but that is a really good question20:43
avi_Right. Well I actually config'd Alpha 3 with VB20:43
avi_testing it now20:43
avi_How can I 'enable' Plymouth?20:45
avi_In Alpha3, that is.20:45
charlie-tcaIt is already20:45
* charlie-tca thought it is already, anyway20:46
avi_if so, then it didn't work.20:46
charlie-tcaThey said that is the white/blue/blue lines across the bottom in xubuntu20:46
avi_i saw that!20:46
avi_wondering what that was.20:46
avi_too bad I'm using Ubuntu, not Xubuntu.20:47
* charlie-tca is sorry :-(20:47
avi_hmm, I wonder if I need to specify *which* plymouth theme i need?20:48
avi_and that those odd lines are some boring default theme?20:48
avi_Okay, i think i set plymouth to Solar theme.20:53
avi_Hopefully that wil work.20:53
zniavreavi_,  do tou have an how-to to do that please?20:58
avi_Not an expert, but this is what I followed:20:58
ubottuLaunchpad bug 504052 in plymouth "[lucid] No plymouth at boot time and mountall error" [Undecided,Fix released]20:59
avi_plymouth is def. trying to run, but its def. not actually showing up at start21:00
zniavredid you rebooted yet to see it?21:02
cellofellowI heard that Lucid uses Plymouth? Does it just replace usplash, or xsplash too?21:03
cwillu_at_workno, xsplash is still ther21:04
cellofellowok, nifty21:04
cwillu_at_workxsplash is used as soon as possible basically21:04
avi_zniavre: I rebooted, but Plymouth is not showing.21:04
zniavreat least i know now the pllymouth theme list21:05
avi_does anyone know where I can check if my gfx card is supported by Plymouth?21:07
avi_About flash -- just checked, flash works prefectly fine in Lucid A3. (Firefox)21:10
zniavredoes gdm2setup works on lucid?21:33
Plagman_evtouch doesn't seem to install on lucid alha 321:39
Plagman_The following packages have unmet dependencies:21:39
Plagman_  xserver-xorg-input-evtouch: Depends: xserver-xorg-core (>= 2:1.6.2) but it is not going to be installed21:39
Plagman_how do I work around that?21:39
robin0800Plagman_: I think lucid xserver is 1.7,5 so you would have to downgrade it21:44
Plagman_so X 1.7.5 is too recent for evtouch?21:44
Plagman_how do I get my touchscreen to work? is evtouch deprecated?21:45
penguin42sounds like a packaging bug21:46
robin0800Plagman_: theres a 0.8.8-0ubuntu8 evtouch driver dated 09/02/2010 https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xf86-input-evtouch/0.8.8-0ubuntu821:50
Plagman_what do I do with that?21:51
Plagman_it says it failed to build21:51
Plagman_does that mean it didn't try to build a deb or that it failed and so it won't build on my system either?21:51
robin0800Plagman_: There should be a read me or install info included21:52
BUGabundoboas noites21:54
melteri installed lucid alpha 3 server, and the cursor just blinks in the upper left corner21:54
kklimondahave you reaf release notes?21:55
robin0800Plagman_: just looked at the driver instructions would say you would have to be an advanced user if not to make but calibrate is another matter21:59
melterkklimonda: looks like a known issue, easy workaround22:01
avi_does member:anyone know if I can test Plymouth from the livecd?22:10
avi_does anyone know if I can test Plymouth from the livecd?22:10
AnzenkethI don't see why not.22:13
kikbguyanyone know where to find the log file of a 10.04 alpha 3 livecd boot that displays "no signal" on my monitor every time I click "try ubuntu without installing" (I can't access the crashed livecd filesystem from the livecd because it crashes, so I need to access the livecd log file from my currently installed version of ubuntu 9.10)22:13
kikbguyAnzenketh, I actually just got your email about this (tulaneadam21@gmail.com)22:14
AnzenkethWhat was your bug number?22:15
AnzenkethI belive I asked if it was just slow to come up or if it did not come up at all it took a good 5-10 minutes for me to have it come up.22:16
kikbguyAnsenketh, it was bug 52827722:16
ubottuLaunchpad bug 528277 in ubiquity "screen goes blank when booting to live environment with Nvidia Graphics Cards" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52827722:16
stapelI upgraded from UNR karmic to lucid just now, and when I restarted, it booted into the classic desktop. How do I revert back to the UNR desktop?22:17
Anzenkethkikbguy: Ya was it just slow to start or did it not start at all.22:18
kikbguyOh, I didn't realize it could take 5-10 minutes, I'll try that if you think it might work, but my monitor displays "no signal" immediately after I click "try ubuntu without installing"22:18
kikbguyIt seemed to not start at all, it wasn't like a loading screen or anything, it literally was a blue screen that said "no signal" for 5 minutes22:19
penguin425 minutes?! I'd be pretty surprised if it took 5mins22:20
kikbguythen I just powered off and started my installed 9.10 version that's installed already22:20
kikbguyAnd I'd love to provide a log of the incident, I'm just not sure where to find it (even after reading the ubiquity debug link) in the installed ubuntu 9.10 filesystem for a failed 10.04 alpha 3 boot22:23
charlie-tcakikbguy: to debug the live cd before the desktop comes up - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingCasper22:23
kikbguyI'll check it out and be right back, thanks charlie-tca22:23
charlie-tcaI get the same monitor turned off bootint the live cd. It takes my system 7-8 minutes to get to gdm and turn the monitor back on22:24
stapel I upgraded from UNR karmic to lucid just now, and when I restarted, it booted into the classic desktop. How do I revert back to the UNR desktop?22:24
charlie-tcaTake a look at bug 52783222:24
ubottuLaunchpad bug 527832 in ubiquity "[Lucid] Ubiquity shuts off my monitor during the startup to live environment" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52783222:24
charlie-tcaSorry, stapel not you22:25
kikbguywill do brb22:26
kikbguyyeah, that's the precise error I have with my nvidia card, I'll try waiting 10 minutes and see if I can get in, but it definetly seems to veer from the avg ubuntu boot experience22:28
stapelIs anyone here on UNR Lucid?22:29
kikbguyThanks for the suggestions, I'll be back in about 10 minutes22:29
stapeltea anyone?22:36
Lord-Readmanis anyone here, I am trying to update a package on launchpad for lucid22:38
mazda01using devede in lucid, the iso created doesn't contain an AUDIO_TS folder, shouldn't it to have a proper dvd structure iso?22:42
Andre_GondimI saw one problem in Alpha 3 live CD when I tried install in pt_BR22:50
kikbguyOkay, just tried to wait 10-15 minutes and it still didn't load ubuntu after displaying "no signal" on my monitor after clicking "try ubuntu without installing" on the lucid alpha 3 live cd22:53
charlie-tcaWell, that sucks22:54
charlie-tcaAt least mine will turn back on22:54
kikbguy,n idea how to submit the log file?22:54
OxymoronCould someone explain to me why I got to the tty2 xserver slot when I boot Lucid alpha 3? :S22:55
charlie-tcaThat debug page gives explanation to submit it using a usb drive22:55
kikbguy(meant to say) word, any idea how to submit the log file22:55
charlie-tcaOh, you can't see the screen to save it, huh22:56
kikbguyI don't have a usb drive, I guess I'm out of luck22:56
BUGabundomono breakage22:56
charlie-tcaDid you try adding debug to the menu line?22:56
charlie-tcaand removing splash and quiet?22:56
melodie_hi here !22:56
kikbguycharlie-tca, not sure how I would do that22:56
kikbguyI'm basically a noob with linux/ubuntu22:57
charlie-tcahit f6 at the menu, backspace to remove quiet and splash, then type in debug=22:57
melodie_I may have a bug to report, about alpha3, this one must have shown ? (in vbox) http://pastebin.archlinux.fr/37857922:57
charlie-tcaand hit enter22:57
melodie_"The problem cannot be reported:22:58
melodie_You have some obsolete package versions installed."22:58
charlie-tcamelodie_: yup22:58
kikbguycharlie, thanks, will try that22:58
OxymoronI guess I have to wait for the Beta 1 then ...22:58
melodie_charlie-tca, thanks22:58
charlie-tcamelodie_: If you update and still have that, you can report it using manual reporting, but it is harder22:58
melodie_good night, see you ! o/22:58
melodie_charlie-tca, all right, I'll see that next time (maybe tomorrow)22:59
charlie-tcagood luck22:59
melodie_bye ! :)22:59
melodie_thanks ! ^^22:59
DebianUTwith Alpha3 Totem doesn't ask me if I want to downlod the codecs if I open a .mp3, RithmBox does23:06
kikbguycharlie, that F6, backspace, debug= method didn't work either.  It's weird that ubuntu worked well before lucid alpha 3 and now it doesn't work at all on my computer23:08
kikbguythanks for the help though23:09
charlie-tcasorry. Maybe a daily will work soon, though.23:09
binarylooksho do I get ubuntuone in kubuntu lucid? I installed ubuntuone-client-gnome, but there is no executable for that on the terminal?23:12
binarylooksubuntuone-preferences does nothing23:12
jpdsbinarylooks: Tried https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntuone-client-kde ?23:13
binarylooksjpds: is that official now?23:13
jpdsbinarylooks: No.23:13
binarylooksi remember an apachelogger magic thing23:14
jpdsbinarylooks: That is it.23:14
jpdsbinarylooks: However, U1 runs as /usr/lib/ubuntuone-client/ubuntuone-syncdaemon here.23:14
binarylookshmmmm. do ubuntu one support for kubuntu in lucid?23:14
binarylooksjpds: kde?23:14
jpdsNo. Plain Ubuntu.23:14
binarylooksit worked in karmic under kde. not good23:15
kikbguyalright, thanks again charlie, later guys23:20
BUGabundoone of 3 is the correct23:28
BUGabundoeither my new pioneer TV sucks as lcd monitor23:28
BUGabundomy GPU sucks outputing VGA to a large screen23:28
BUGabundoor nvidia BLOB is lame as hell :(23:28
high-rezProbably #123:29
high-rezIn my experience LCD TVs return broken EDID info all the time.23:29
penguin42BUGabundo: What is the native res of the TV ?23:29
BUGabundoLOLOL nice nick high-rez23:29
BUGabundothe image is SUPER flacky23:29
BUGabundoalways shacking23:29
BUGabundooff center too23:29
BUGabundolike 20 px to the right23:30
high-rezI'd look at Xorg.0.log or whatever its called - and see if its detecting EDID info correctly.23:31
penguin42hmm quite a lot of updates today23:31
BUGabundoworse part is: tv says : 1358x760, and nvidia settings allows up to 1360x76823:32
penguin42'1358' ?!!!!23:32
BUGabundomeaning I get the left part cut off if I use anything above 102423:32
penguin42what type of weirdo res is that23:32
high-rezI'd try to force resolutions in xorg.conf and try different modelines.23:34
high-rezMy Toshiba provided horribly broken information.23:35
BUGabundo$ xrandr --verbose | pastebinit23:35
penguin42BUGabundo: You could add a resolution using xrandr --admode23:44
BookmanI just did an update a few moments ago and now Ubuntu One will not start.  I get: Failed to execute child process "ubuntuone-client-applet" (No such file or directory)23:53
abe3kok, so my eeepc 904, went to sleep by itself, I tried to wake it up, but after entering the password it showed me checking... and didn't do anything after that, so I decided to ctrl+alt+backspace it and logged in, later on the fans of the netbook went crazy so I looked in htop and found out that gnome-keyring-daemon was using 89% cpu so I killed it, what went wrong there guys ?23:53
OxymoronCould someone explain to me why I got to the tty2 xserver slot when I boot Lucid alpha 3? :S23:56
abe3kecho echo echo ...23:57
high-rez(pong pong pong)23:57
charlie-tcaWhich slot would you like?23:57
Oxymoroncharlie-tca: tty7 I guess as it usually uses?23:57
charlie-tcaOh, that's that server bug, isn't it. Boots to a blinking cursor only?23:57
setuidAnyone notice that PM/acpi/suspend is broken since last night's updates?23:57
abe3ksetuid : I think I did23:58
setuidIt was working fine, and then I updated last night to current and now it's not even an option23:58
charlie-tcaOxymoron: then you have to switch tty's to login?23:58
Oxymoroncharlie-tca: No not really, I can login to a temrinal :)23:58
abe3ksetuid : it asks for the password when I come back, but it keeps loading forever23:58
Oxymoroncharlie-tca: Well I use vbox, I cant do ctrl+alt+f* unfortunatly :(23:58
charlie-tcaMaybe it is using TTY1 for log files?23:58
setuidabe3k, what asks?23:58
setuidabe3k, It's not even an available option anymore, suspend is _gone_ in the current packages23:59
setuidIf I do a ctrl-alt-del, the menu that shows up is shutdown/restart, no longer shows hibernate or suspend23:59
Oxymoroncharlie-tca: Well here I use stable Karmic, but would be nice with Lucid in vbox agiain. It worked before todays update and when trying to install nvidia-current xD23:59
abe3ksetuid: my eeepc went to sleep23:59
abe3ksetuid: I have them here23:59
charlie-tcaheh - it might work again then23:59

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