bafflecjwatson: But doesn't this also apply to /etc/init/*.conf as well? Then you would have to define these as Conffiles as well; Or else they will get overwritten on upgrades.. And then you never will recieve new versions of initscripts from the package maintainers?00:05
bafflecjwatson: As I see it, there is a very good reason for separating configuration and functionality.. The existing (well, old) system of initscripts and /etc/default/ are written to allow for a certain degree of customization/configuration wich is maintainable over time. RH does the same with its /etc/sysconfig/ ..00:09
cjwatsonbaffle: but they are conffiles ...00:10
cjwatsonyeah, the question is at what point the configuration becomes simple enough that it isn't worth the added complexity of separate files00:10
cjwatsonupstart jobs are sort of on the edge of that00:11
cjwatsoninit scripts are clearly not00:11
cjwatsonanyway, this isn't something I decided - if you want to debate it, better wait until Keybuk is around. :-)00:12
bafflecjwatson: I'm just trying to understand if it is intentional or not. :-) And if it is, trying to think if it is a good idea..00:13
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lifelesskees: bug 52815501:32
ubottuLaunchpad bug 528155 in linux "needs a breaks: clause for lvm2 versions in hardy" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52815501:32
lifelessI wonder, how btrfs would go on /dev/fd001:53
jdonglifeless: is that even enough space to store the metadata?01:54
jdongisn't the first 1.0MiB of the ondisk format reserved for metadata explicitly?01:54
lifelessno idea01:55
zullifeless: you still have a floppy drive? ;)02:05
lifelesszul: on this server, yes.02:10
slangasekTheMuso: oh; who's in this testing group? :)02:20
brycehslangasek, is there a way from a script on a user's system to determine if the system is running a development version or an official release?02:21
slangasekbaffle: /etc/default> note that if you have a file left around as an obsolete conffile, that's probably a bug in the owning package for not cleaning it up properly02:21
slangasekbryceh: lsb_release -d?02:22
twbIs there a way to get a unified change history of version migration into Lucid (particularly for the last fortnight)?03:33
twbThat is, something like the "news" section of http://packages.qa.debian.org/m/mg.html, but for a distro rather than for a package.03:35
nixternaltwb: https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/Lucid-changes03:41
nixternallike that?03:41
* twb looks03:41
nixternalits actually worth subscribing too...you will get a lot of emails, but you will see all of the work going on, and you will find new packages and stuff that you may not have known about before03:41
twbFSVO subscribe = turn it on in my gmane feed :-P03:42
RAOFIt's also aggregated as an RSS feed, if you prefer (I do).03:43
twbRAOF: bah, RSS is for people too young to have a .newsrc03:43
nixternalI don't have .newsrc, but I have .newsbeuter/config, does that make me to young?03:46
ScottKnixternal: You definitely aren't too young.03:46
ScottKI'm unsure of the exact topic, but that's a safe bet.03:46
nixternalyounger than you!03:46
ScottKNot in years of FOSS experience.03:48
ScottKBTW, younger than me doesn't help at all if you're shooting for "not old".03:49
twbYou're young if you never got your sleeve caught in a disk drive :-)03:49
* StevenK never managed to do that03:50
ScottKYou're young if you never had to sort a dropped deck of punch cards.03:50
nixternalpfft, disk drives, how about getting stitches from a magnetic disk on a Univac 90/60 or 90/70, can't remember, when I worked at Unisys in high school?03:53
nixternalScottK: good, I never had to sort the punch cards I dropped, so I am young according to your last statement...woohoo I win!03:53
ScottKnixternal: If you're looking for excuses to call yourself young, you aren't.03:54
maco2ScottK: he drinks like a young'n03:54
nixternalpfft, I put a young'n to shame!03:55
crimsunfogeys all ya03:55
ScottKGet off my lawn....03:55
nixternaldude, you are going bald, I can at least say I am not03:55
* maco2 notes ScottK could be her dad03:55
crimsunnixternal: who me?03:55
nixternalyeah you03:55
nixternalevery event your hair is thinner and thinner03:55
maco2nixternal: he's been balding since high school, iirc03:55
twbmaco2: you realize that might be taken as a criticism of your mom03:55
crimsunnixternal: that statement only works on people who actually care about their baldness. :-)03:55
ScottKnixternal: Maybe you aren't the only one experiencing denial.03:56
maco2twb: heh, i meant he was old enough03:56
nixternalI shave my head now, so I don't care about baldness either03:56
nixternalScottK: no denial here, I am losing hair too :)03:56
nixternaljust not as fast as crimsun over there03:56
nixternaland you can't blame it on the snow!03:56
maco2nixternal: calling crimsun old doesnt work. he responds "and in the culture of my ancestors, being old is a thing to be proud of, so HA!"03:56
* RAOF has a glorious head of flowing hair. :P03:56
ScottKnixternal: Hair isn't what you're in denial over.03:56
twbcrimsun: do you wax it, too, so the glare annoys passing motorists?03:56
crimsunboom tish03:57
nixternalScottK: shush :D03:57
maco2crimsun: look! a local IP!03:57
nixternalwow, today has been a quiet inbox day, only 81 emails thus far..and I am to lazy to sort them right now03:57
maco2nixternal: you know anything about .sip files?03:58
nixternalfunny you should ask, check kubuntu-devel :)03:59
maco2good timing, eh?04:00
twbnixternal: what does KDE have to do with VOIP?04:00
maco2twb: .sip is the extension for c++-to-python bindings, afaict04:00
ScottKtwb: Different sip.04:00
nixternalnot that kind of sip :)04:00
twbSilly qt04:00
nixternalwatch it now04:00
nixternalyou are surrounded by qt/kde devs right about now :)04:01
twbEh, I don't even run X, so I'm not worried.04:01
nixternalwell well, Richard Stallman is in the channel!04:01
* maco2 is excited to have written something with pykde that actually runs04:02
twbnixternal: nah, RMS runs off a Yeelong, not an Eee PC.04:03
ScottKRunning is good.04:03
nixternali wrote a BSOD with pykde :)04:03
twbScottK: "if it compiles, it's great; if it boots, it's perfect"04:03
ScottKIf it runs, ship it.04:04
maco2ScottK: the trick was, i had to not use pykde4 for phonon and instead just use normal pyqt4 bindings for that. and so now i'm looking at these sip files trying to figure out how to fix them such that pykde is slightly less broken04:04
maco2from what crimsun and seele say, i have the impression i'll be needing to try to fix pykde4 a few more times04:05
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slangasekScottK: boost-defaults is settled at 1.40 for lucid, right?05:50
ScottKslangasek: As far as I'm concerned, yes.05:50
ScottKDebian may move to a later version due to freeze getting delayed, but that shouldn't change what we do for Lucid.05:51
* slangasek nods05:55
ccheneyyou know those drug fact sheets... read those before taking the meds06:19
ccheneybecause sometimes the drugs mess with your brain and you don't read them clearly enough and then you have issues, heh06:20
* ccheney will probably have to take off tomorrow and go back in to the doctor, the drug he was given is causing one of those immediately discontinue use side effects :-\06:20
lucentccheney: "Discontinue use if experiencing the urge to license software with the CDL" ?06:44
lucentthat one?06:44
ccheneylucent: no, bad CNS effects, etc06:54
ccheneyand my wife claims more agitation than usual, heh06:55
ccheneywhich is a symptom listed06:55
ccheneyand muscle pain :-\06:55
ccheneyfeels like i really overdid it in the gym without barely walking around06:56
ccheneythe part i'm most worried about the CNS issues with my right wrist06:56
twbCentral Nervous System?06:57
ccheneytwb: yea06:57
lucentccheney: and seriously, I hope you are feeling better soon.06:57
ccheneyapparently some of the symptoms can end up being permanent if you are unlucky06:57
ccheneythe drug is ciprofloxacin (antibiotic)06:58
ccheneylucent: i'm sure i will be ok, but the info about the drug online seems a bit scary06:59
* ccheney heads off to bed, ttyl07:03
lucentdo yourself and your CNS a favor, relax with some music and a book07:03
ccheneyyea typing in my present condition is probably not too good an idea, heh07:03
jdongccheney:you should be okay with the cipro.... the only common "yikes help!!" side effect you should watch out for is swelling/tender tendons / painful joints....07:19
jdong(not a doctor, but have been on cipro before and had the adverse reaction)07:19
twbSee, I'm "old school".07:20
twbMy view is broadly that if you get sick, you ought to bloody well be sick, not try to weasel out of it with drugs07:21
nixternalunless they are illegal drugs07:23
twbnixternal: that's just economics07:24
nixternalblack market baby07:25
twbHaving said that, I do take a lot of capsaicin and caffeine.07:25
twbBut more for recreation than medical reasons.07:25
nixternalI don't take anything, as there is enough smog here in chicago to give you a great buzz07:26
twbHeh, like London in `52.07:28
jdongtwb: yeah, I've got a degenerative connective tissue disorder, and I've seen the brink of death before and happily submit to my fancy schmancy genetically engineered medicine :)07:39
twbI've been hospitalized with asthma a few times, but I doubt that really counts.07:40
jdongI don't feel one really gains anything from the "hmm let's wait and see" approach...07:41
jdongI don't know the statistics off the top of my head for how many people per year die from sepsis due to bacterial infection going into the bloodstream... but I have a feeling it's not a pretty number07:41
jdongbut anyway, totally offtopic for this channel!07:41
twbI bet it's smaller than the number killed in auto accidents07:42
twbAt least in the first world07:42
jdonggranted, yes.07:42
jdongbut preventable deaths are preventable deaths IMO07:42
jdongevery one counts.07:42
twbYou could prevent auto accidents by removing all the autos :-P07:42
jdongnow that's not as practical as a bit of levaquin love, is it? :)07:43
jdong(or at least a trip to the doc for a blood culture)07:43
twbNFI, I'm not a materials scientist.07:43
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dholbachgood morning08:17
mvohey dholbach08:18
dholbachhola mvo!08:18
ograhmm, my system started to massively misbehave since the last upgrade08:21
ograwhile i have an 8.9second boot (http://people.canonical.com/~ogra/osiris-lucid-20100226-4.png) i seem to end up at the wrong console (X cursor sits on black screen) switching consoles gets me to a running desktop with a keyring question waiting for input ...08:23
ograif i put in the PW i get dropped back to gdm08:23
twbogra: known lucid issue08:24
twb(Re wrong tty by default)08:25
ograah, k08:25
twbI don't have the ticket number handy, sorry08:25
ografor the keyring i thought there was an upload though08:25
twbI don't use GUIs, so I can't help you with the other part.  You probably want to ask #ubuntu about it.08:25
ograsurely not :)08:26
ograbut thanks for the hint :)08:27
ograseb128, morning08:36
seb128hi ogra08:36
ograseb128, did you expect all keyring issues to be fixed with your last upload ? (on i386 that is)08:37
seb128ogra: no08:37
ograseems i have a keyring prompt that kills my X session after entering the PW (just upgraded)08:37
seb128I don't expect any issue to be fixed out of the "don't ask to create a keyring"08:37
seb128you get x crashing on enter08:38
ograah, good, then i'll file a new bug after next reboot08:38
seb128seems rather this plymouth issue08:38
ograyeah, i also end up on the worng tty it seems08:38
seb128uninstall plymouth08:38
ograwill do (cant reboot atm to verify though)08:39
ograat least i got an 8.9 sec boot now ;)08:39
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seb128cjwatson, hi08:49
seb128cjwatson, I opened bug #528290 about the segfault08:49
ubottuLaunchpad bug 528290 in ubiquity "crashes after the installation summary" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52829008:49
seb128it doesn't have too much detail for the moment but I will try to get some later08:50
seb128seems I've been lucky yesterday to get my install done08:50
seb128it keeps crashing again since08:50
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Ixancjwatson: followup to #526405 it's still broken :/09:19
Ixanwhat's the proper conduct for reopening a bug? i opened one, there was a patch and it was marked as fixed, but a new bug appeared on the same topic. should i change from fix released to new? or just get out of Dodge09:31
azeem_is it a new bug, or the same bug?09:35
Ixansame bug, more or less09:42
cjwatsonIxan: if you're kriberg on Launchpad, then from your comment on that bug, it would be best to open a new one09:49
* cjwatson prefers not to have a bug morph between crash causes09:49
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evcould I get another pair of eyes on http://paste.ubuntu.com/384362/ - does that look reasonable?13:11
cjwatsonthe motivation seems OK to me and your control fields do what you say on the tin^Wchangelog13:13
seb128cjwatson, ev: does running ubiquity from an install work correctly?13:14
seb128I'm think it will be easier to install debug packages, valgrind etc on an install13:14
cjwatsondefinitely not guaranteed13:16
evseb128: running ubiquity from an install wont work as you don't have /rofs (the aufs read-only mount of the squashfs)13:16
cjwatsonthe partitioner in particular is likely to have trouble, and it will feel entitled to modify bits of configuration in /etc13:16
evcjwatson: thanks13:16
cjwatsonoh and that13:16
cjwatsonyou could try a live image on a usb stick with persistence?13:16
seb128"with persistence"?13:17
cjwatsonusb-creator has a slider for how much space on the stick you want to allocate as persistent storage, in other words space for work done while in the live session that won't be discarded on reboot13:19
seb128oh ok, thanks13:21
seb128the key I'm using is a 8G one13:21
seb128so I can easily do that ;-)13:21
statikdoko, thank you very much for the oprofile upload13:27
seb128cjwatson, I don't know if that's luck but I didn't get the crash this time after moving the slideshow dir away13:27
cjwatsonI was wondering if it might be related to the fact that the slideshow's currently broken13:28
cjwatsonev is fixing that by way of moving to po4a13:28
seb128still weird that it crashes13:28
seb128but I don't know how the slideshow thing is working13:28
seb128and it could mess up the ubiquity state by being broken13:28
cjwatsonit uses python-webkit13:29
cjwatsonso I can believe that that could crash13:30
dokostatik: still in binary NEW13:30
seb128would the slideshow crashing take ubiquity down with it?13:30
cjwatsonit's in the same process, so yes13:31
seb128cjwatson, ok, it seems to be something with the slideshow, I get the crash every time and didn't get it 3 times in a row without slideshow13:33
seb128I put the slideshow back and it's crashing again13:33
cjwatsonok, excellent, so the fact that the slideshow is currently known to be broken is probably implicated13:33
cjwatsondon't know if you noticed, but there's a slideshow parse error in the debug log13:34
seb128yes I did13:34
seb128that's what made me want to try without it13:34
cjwatsonwhich is because slides/index.html got flattened into one line by po2html, complete with JavaScript single-line comments13:34
cjwatsonwhich of course didn't work very well :)13:34
seb128is there somewhere where I can download a correct index?13:34
seb128just to see if replacing this one makes it not crash13:35
cjwatsonyou can edit it and search for //, and do the obvious thing to unfold the line breaks13:35
seb128ok, makes sense ;-)13:35
* seb128 tries13:35
evseb128: http://people.canonical.com/~evand/tmp/ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu_15_all.deb13:35
seb128ev: even easier ;-)13:36
evsure thing13:36
evI'll be uploading something similar to that momentarily13:36
ionHmm. Why is the https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/apt-mark-sync package not in lucid?13:43
Ngion: http://www.mail-archive.com/ubuntu-motu@lists.ubuntu.com/msg06320.html may be relevant to your interests13:44
ionI guess i should just get it to Debian.13:45
ionThanks for the link13:45
mvoion: what is the problem with apt/aptitude? they should share the same db, at least they did in the past13:54
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ionmvo: They have switched to the same db since, but what i personally really want is to sync the debfoster db to the apt/aptitude one, since they don’t offer debfoster’s functionality. I’ve been thinking of perhaps implementing something like debfoster in aptitude, but so far it’s just an idea.14:05
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seb128ev, cjwatson: the new slideshow version doesn't fix the crash14:33
evseb128: what happens when you run the following: /usr/lib/webkit-1.0-2/libexec/GtkLauncher "file:///usr/share/ubiquity-slideshow/slides/index.html"14:35
evseb128: or if you've selected a locale, /usr/lib/webkit-1.0-2/libexec/GtkLauncher "file:///usr/share/ubiquity-slideshow/slides/index.html#locale=fr"14:36
ev /usr/lib/webkit-1.0-2/libexec/GtkLauncher "file:///usr/share/ubiquity-slideshow/slides/index.html#?locale=fr"14:36
seb128ev: segfaulty14:36
seb128in the same function than ubiquity14:37
seb128same stacktrace14:37
seb128ev: so I guess iz webkit bog14:37
seb128not ubiquity14:37
seb128cjwatson, ^14:37
evhooray (sort of)14:37
seb128that will make it much easier to debug, let me see if it crashes on my work machine too14:37
seb128in which case I can talk to the webkit guys14:38
cjwatsonseb128: cool, thanks14:40
seb128$ /usr/lib/webkit-1.0-2/libexec/GtkLauncher14:41
seb128Erreur de segmentation (core dumped)14:41
seb128go webkit go14:41
seb128cjwatson, ev: ok, webkit guys have been useful14:47
seb128seems to be bug #41399414:47
ubottuLaunchpad bug 413994 in enchant "enchant zemberek backend cause sylpheed crash" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/41399414:47
seb128or similar issue14:47
seb128I verify on ubiquity now14:48
seb128but that fixed /usr/lib/webkit-1.0-2/libexec/GtkLauncher crashing14:48
seb128that = moving zemberek.so away14:48
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seb128cjwatson, ev: ok, seems to be that indeed, ubiquity stopped crashing too14:56
seb128cjwatson, ev: I will fix enchant14:56
evseb128: thanks for tracking that down14:56
seb128where "fix" there seems to be "stop using zemberek which is known to be broken"14:56
seb128ev: np14:57
cjwatsonI recall seeing bugs about zemberek brokenness in the past14:57
seb128the one I just pointed is there for a while14:58
ttxseb128: I think I hit https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-panel/+bug/526796 -- do you need input on it or is it a well-known issue ?14:58
ubottuLaunchpad bug 526796 in gnome-panel "No sound applet on the gnome panel" [Low,Incomplete]14:58
seb128ttx, do you have an indicator applet on your gnome-panel?14:58
ttxseb128: yes14:58
seb128ie the one with the messaging icon14:58
seb128ttx, are you sure?14:59
* ogra wonders if that happens to people that dont use update-manager 14:59
ttxseb128: I can screenshot it if you want to check :)14:59
seb128ttx, you have the messaging menu which lists empathy, gwibber, etc14:59
seb128ttx, yes please ;-)14:59
ttxseb128: lists empathy, evolution14:59
seb128ttx, is indicator-sound installed?14:59
ttxseb128: no15:00
seb128ttx, ok then that's your issue15:00
seb128ogra: it's a recommend so it should not15:01
seb128ogra: if you don't turn recommends off...15:01
ttxseb128: it's a lucid alpha2 install, fwiw15:01
seb128ttx, did you upgrade using update-manager?15:01
ttxseb128: no, installed lucid alpha2 then apt-get dist-upgrade every 2-3 days15:01
seb128I blame apt then, check with mvo15:02
ttxseb128: ok :)15:02
seb128indicator-applet recommends indicator-sound15:02
mvottx: how/when did you upgrade?15:02
seb128and we install recommends by default15:02
seb128mvo, will upgrading a package pulls in new recommends?15:02
ttxmvo: installed from alpha2 ISO, then apt-get dist-upgrade every 2-3 days15:03
seb128mvo, like indicator-applet got a recommends on indicator-sound15:03
ttxfwiw "sudo apt-get install --reinstall indicator-applet" doesn't get me indicator-sound, I have to install it manually.15:05
* ttx restarts session to check fix15:06
ttxseb128: ok, it's back, thanks. Will comment on the bug15:07
mvottx: if you can attach your terminal log and your apt history, that would be nice (both in /var/log/apt/)15:11
ttxmvo: done15:14
mvottx: what is the bugnumber?15:16
ttxmvo: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-panel/+bug/52679615:16
ubottuLaunchpad bug 526796 in gnome-panel "No sound applet on the gnome panel" [Low,Incomplete]15:16
emgentsalut sabdfl15:28
sabdflhi emgent15:28
ttxseb128: in the same vein, my rhythmbox status icon also disappeared recently (when I run RB, I have no icon up there anymore) -- is it expected ?15:30
ograttx, do you have rhythmbox-plugins installed ?15:36
ttxogra: apparently not. Purging/Installing rhythmbox pulls it in, though.15:36
ograyou server guys ...15:37
ogrause update-manager :) it saves the world !15:37
ttxogra: I'll consider it :)15:37
mvottx: there is also sudo apt-get install --fix-policy15:38
mvottx: that should give you missind recommends15:38
ttxmvo: ah thanks, that's the one I couldn't remember :)15:38
mvoits not exactly obvious ...15:38
mvosounds like something for computer-janitor15:38
* ttx realizes he is missing 23 packages15:39
seb128mvo, are new recommends meant to be auto pulled in?15:43
seb128ok, I was not sure15:43
seb128not sure it doesn't work for rhythmbox and indicator-applet then15:43
mvoseb128: the trouble is if they are not installable it will forget about them, i.e. if you have pkg A with new recommends B and at the point you install A B is not installable it will forget about B15:44
seb128that's not the first user to tell me indicator-sound or rhythmbox-plugins don't get installed15:44
seb128mvo, ah I see15:44
mvothat might explain it15:44
seb128might be an issue rather for unstable users then15:44
mvootherwise I'm happy to debug15:44
seb128mvo, we just need to make sure those get installed in test upgrades15:45
seb128mvo, do you have a checklist somewhere?15:45
seb128or a diff between upgraded system and new install?15:45
mvoseb128: no, but I think I could generate one, if the pkglist of a new instlal is available somewhere, that would make it massively easier15:46
seb128mvo, will you take care of reassigning that bug where it should be?15:46
mvoseb128: I can do that, but I'm not sure at this point where it belongs to15:49
seb128mvo, apt or NOTABUG?15:49
mvoseb128: hm, lp does not let me login, can you re-assign to apt please (for now)15:50
seb128mvo, ok15:51
ccheneyjdong: yep having those15:51
ccheneyjdong: even 12hr+ after last dose my muscles are still hurting :(15:52
alexmoldovanbryceh: Hello, I just finished testing a laptop with a Core i5 M520 that uses the integrated CPU graphics and it works perfectly. Even the acceleration. Thanks!15:58
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jibelmvo, hi, I pushed a workaround for bug 282995 . commited to my branch r171316:32
ubottuLaunchpad bug 282995 in synaptic "[quicksearch] New 'quick search' is unable to search for dashes '-'" [Low,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/28299516:32
mvojibel: thanks, I check it out16:32
jibelmvo, I talked with the xapian's guys this morning about it and searching for a term with an hyphen using a prefix is not possible with xapian :(16:33
jibelmvo, so searching for a part of package name e.g pkg:xserver-xo is a bit problematic.16:35
mvojibel: oh :( sad to hear - are there plans from them to fix that?16:36
jibelmvo, see comment#16 in the report. We need to talk to ojwb to get his opinion.16:38
hyperairwho should i subscribe to a bug to poke a retry build button for a package lying in main?16:39
hyperairu-m-s or u-a?16:39
hyperairor could someone here with super cow powers please poke it?16:40
sistpoty|workhyperair: poked16:45
hyperairsistpoty|work: thanks =)16:45
sistpoty|workhyperair: only ia64?16:45
hyperairsistpoty|work: yes.16:45
magciusIs UNR dead?16:47
=== beuno-lunch is now known as beuno
ogramagcius, yes, it was renamed16:49
magciusogra, to what?16:49
ograits the UN Edition now16:49
cjwatsonI was going to say "no, it was renamed" :-)16:49
magciusIt looks like there are two forks of the Launcher16:49
magciusOne uses EFL. What does the other use?16:50
ograthere are two launchers, right16:50
ograclutter and efl16:50
magciusAlright, Clutter.16:50
magciusIs there a reason that Canonical developed their own Netbook distribution instead of contributing to development of Moblin and such>16:51
magciusAlso, why not help build a non-OpenGL backend for Clutter?16:52
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superm1mvo, would you mind if i picked your brain a little bit?  I'm seeing this happen: http://paste.ubuntu.com/384146/ on a 'dpkg -G -i blah.deb' call.  Here's the postinst: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~dell-team/dell-recovery/trunk/annotate/172/debian/postinst .  Interestingly enough, the grub.cfg is fully populated even though the stdout from the dpkg call doesn't agree so.   AFAIK, nothing is sending  SIGTERM to the dpkg call.  So could you se16:56
superm1e any other scenario causing that to happen?16:56
slangasekseb128: I gather appindicator has something to do with why my volume control no longer stays put on my panel across logins?17:01
jdongccheney: oh ouch, man, hope that clears up soon for you :-/. Yeah, cipro/levaquin are good antibiotics except when THAT happens. I feel your pain -- get better soon.17:02
seb128slangasek, most likely yes17:02
slangasekseb128: so... is there an ETA on having whatever the "right" mixer is landing, so I don't have to keep readding the old one by hand?17:03
seb128slangasek, ok maybe I didn't parse you right17:03
seb128slangasek, the right mixer should be there17:03
seb128slangasek, is indicator-sound installed?17:03
slangasekseb128: yes17:03
seb128slangasek, you have the indicator applet on your config?17:04
seb128slangasek, the one which does the message indicator thing17:04
seb128slangasek, all indicator go in that container17:04
slangasekseb128: I have the message indicator and session indicator, yes17:05
mvosuperm1: hm, is this reproducable?17:05
mvosuperm1: or just happend once?17:05
superm1mvo, it is happening on 4.2% of factory shipped systems (that dpkg command runs as a late command)17:06
* Keybuk wants a department-of-homeland-security-alert-level-indicator17:06
slangasekseb128: running /usr/lib/indicator-sound/indicator-sound-service by hand, it aborts immediately; thanks, that gives me enough info to file a bug17:06
superm1mvo, so when it's happening it's a bit hard to investigate or speculate17:06
seb128slangasek, np17:06
mvosuperm1: i see, hm17:08
mvosuperm1: I guess you can not run update-grub or the postinst with sh -x ?17:09
superm1mvo, if i was able to reproduce it at my desk, that was the first inkling I had, but it's only being reproduced at the factories.17:10
superm1i've tried interrupting the late_command to just rerun update-grub and the reload for dbus 10k times hoping to hit it, but alas still nothing17:11
superm1so i'm starting to wonder what would happen if one of the children in the postinst got a SIGTERM, does it flow up to dpkg too?  or just cause dpkg to exit with a non-zero return code?17:12
=== MacSlow is now known as MacSlow|capoeira
Keybuksuperm1: signals aren't STDs17:12
cjwatsonthere's no guarantee that the "Terminated" you're seeing there is from dpkg17:12
Keybukthey're only sent to one process17:12
cjwatsoncould be from any of them17:13
Keybuk(the fact that there are extremely complicated rules about which process that is when a terminal is involved tends to confuse people)17:13
superm1so without set -x in each, probably won't be able to figure much out then17:13
cjwatsonand yes, dpkg would probably get a non-zero return code, provided everything in the stack is handling exit statuses correctly17:13
superm1cjwatson, hm, but if something in the postinst received the TERM, dpkg would have done something more like this though: dpkg: error processing dell-recovery (--install):17:19
superm1 subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 14317:19
Keybuksuperm1: depends on set -e17:22
Keybukif the postinst isn't set -e, the shell will just execute the next line in turn17:22
superm1well that postinst is launched as #!/bin/sh -e17:22
seb128hyperair, please don't open bugs for builds that need a retry17:22
hyperairseb128: er sorry.17:23
seb128hyperair, we have better ways to track things which fail to build17:23
cjwatsonsuperm1: could be a script it calls that isn't correctly set -e all the way down, though17:23
hyperairseb128: how?17:23
cjwatsonor even || true17:23
geserhyperair: you know http://qa.ubuntuwire.com/ftbfs/ ?17:23
Keybukright, there's lots of shell things that "consume" exit statuses, like ||, &&, if, while, etc.17:24
hyperairgeser: well yes. but nobody knows if that one just needs a "retry build" or needs more poking without reading the logs.17:24
Keybukcjwatson: did I tell you about the time I got a patch from someone changing a line to "if something || true; then" to avoid "the shell exiting" ?17:24
superm1okay well i'll get a more concise env together to capture that information17:25
seb128hyperair, in any case f-spot is queued for build17:25
cjwatsonKeybuk: heh17:25
hyperairseb128: thanks.17:25
seb128hyperair, so your build can be closed17:25
seb128hyperair, was not me17:25
cjwatsonKeybuk: I take it you replied with 'man bash'? :-)17:25
seb128hyperair, well I just looked to give it a kick and it's waiting for build17:25
seb128hyperair, somebody did it before apparently17:26
hyperairi see.17:26
hyperairsorry for the noise17:26
seb128<hyperair> or could someone here with super cow powers please poke it?17:26
seb128 https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/f-spot/
seb128<sistpoty|work> hyperair: poked17:26
seb128<hyperair> sistpoty|work: thanks =)17:26
seb128<sistpoty|work> hyperair: only ia64?17:26
* sistpoty|work likes that button :)17:27
* hyperair facepalms. i feel old and forgetful17:27
seb128hyperair, you knew it had been retried apparently since you asked there for it...17:27
hyperairseb128: what?17:27
hyperairseb128: i filed the bug before poking17:28
seb128hyperair, well then you could have closed the bug once somebody kick the retry ;-)17:28
geserhyperair: for give-backs in universe you can do them yourself (through the web ui or the ubuntu-build script) and for main asking here is usually enough (if you don't it at unusual times e.g. middle of the (european) night or on weekends)17:28
hyperairseb128: sorry, like i mentioned, i've a bad memory and i'm poking several packages at once.17:28
hyperairgeser: okay cool.17:29
seb128hyperair, ok, no problem, just avoid opening bugs for those17:29
seb128mention it on IRC17:29
seb128usually that's enough to have those picked17:29
hyperairseb128: sure17:29
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seb128slangasek, you can use /usr/lib/libindicator/indicator-loader /usr/lib/indicators/3/libsoundmenu.so17:40
seb128slangasek, libindicator-tools has the test software17:40
=== ecanto is now known as edson
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
slangasekseb128: well if I do that, it runs... :)17:41
slangasek(though in a goofy window, not in my panel)17:41
sebnerseb128: are there pop-ups (notifications) planned for the AppIndicator stuff?17:42
seb128sebner, what popup?17:42
seb128sebner, we have notify-osd?17:42
sebnerseb128: I mean if you move your mouse over the old icons you get small pop-ups, transmission speed, musikplayer -> track + minutes etc17:43
seb128slangasek, you are sure you have the indicator applet on your gnome-panel?17:43
seb128slangasek, ie you run rhythmbox you see it as an indicator?17:43
seb128or the bluetooth icon17:43
seb128(indicators are menus, you can see the background colored when the menu is open to compared with old icons)17:44
slangasekseb128: er, I don't know, I have indicators on my panel - indicator-session, indicator-me, etc?17:44
seb128slangasek, well those are indicator session17:44
seb128there are 2 applets17:44
seb128(yes confusing)17:44
slangasekok, apparently I didn't have indicator-applet here17:44
seb128ok, what I though ;-)17:44
seb128that used to be the message indicator only17:44
seb128ie the envelop icon17:44
seb128but other things dock there now17:45
slangasekso what was supposed to auto-add it, and why is that different than what's preventing gnome-volume-control-applet from running?17:45
seb128what? it's supposed to be there since jaunty17:45
seb128we will have to make sure to add it back though17:45
seb128I guess many user didn't like the messaging thing and remove the applet17:45
slangasekI don't think I've ever seen this before17:46
slangasekmaybe it looked very different17:46
seb128the messaging indicator?17:46
seb128it did17:46
seb128it only had text, no icon17:46
seb128and was like17:46
seb128  Description17:46
seb128  Description17:46
seb128and that's where you im messages go if you use an im client17:46
seb128slangasek, anyway to reply to your other question we stop autostarting gnome-volume-control-applet17:47
seb128since we have this indicator-sound17:47
sebnerseb128: I have the indicator-applet, e.g Transmission is already updated and the icons (horrible) looks the same as the others but there don't appear a pop-up if I mouse-over it which is really annoying17:47
seb128and indicators are auto-loaded17:47
seb128sebner, tooltip?17:47
seb128sebner, no, there is no tooltip planned there17:48
sebnerseb128: ah, that is the word that I was looking for :D17:48
slangasekseb128: "stop autostarting" - well how come if I start it by /hand/, and save my session, it doesn't come back on next login?17:48
seb128the usually way is to click and have the info in the menu17:48
seb128slangasek, that I don't know17:48
seb128slangasek, did you try to add it in the session capplet?17:48
seb128rather than saving your session?17:48
sebnerseb128: for transmission I have to do 2 clicks, the app maximizes and I have to minimize it again, that's horrible and pretty annoying compared to the tooltip from just moving the mouse over the icon17:49
seb128sebner, you have to do that for doing what?17:49
slangasekseb128: no, the session capplet offends me :)17:50
sebnerseb128: I was just an example. For doing what? For getting some information quickly evidently ...17:50
seb128sebner, info should be in the menu17:50
seb128sebner, you have the exact same mouse movement to do17:50
seb128just to press your finger on the mouse button17:50
seb128shouldn't be too much extra work17:51
sebnerseb128: and I have to close the app (e.g transmission) again, that is much extra work17:51
hyperairseb128: i made a lot of noise about tooltips in #ayatana the other day.17:51
sebnerjust to get some info17:51
* sebner strongly agrees with hyperair 17:51
hyperairseb128: the verdict is that, sadly, lucid won't haev tooltips.17:51
seb128sebner, why would opening the menu open transmission?17:51
hyperairi meant to ping sebner by the way17:52
seb128hyperair, what I was saying, why would it, menu bar don't have tooltips17:52
sebnerseb128: I have to click on "Show Transmission" to see some information ;)17:52
seb128sebner, well that's a bug17:52
hyperairseb128: let's consider it this way. menu bar buttons have text.17:52
seb128sebner, infos which were in the tooltip should be in the menu directly17:52
sebnerseb128: Clicking on it is buggy too imho17:52
sebnerseb128: oh, Ic17:52
hyperairseb128: given that fact, the new application indicators are more like toolbar buttons than menu buttons, don't you agree?17:52
hyperairseb128: toolbar buttons have icons.17:52
hyperairand why? because icons aren't always intuitive to everyone.17:53
hyperairthere are daft people around like me who don't understand what all the icons mean.17:53
* sebner doesn't like that all Apps now have the same icon (color)17:53
hyperairespecially if you switch your icon theme and suddenly get a new bunch of icons for everything.17:53
seb128well they had the same issue with notification icons17:53
hyperairseb128: what issue?17:53
hyperairseb128: and what is "they"?17:54
seb128non obvious icons17:54
seb128those others who don't know what those icons are17:54
seb128they didn't change between notification area and appindicator17:54
seb128they are the same icons17:54
hyperairseb128: right. but notification area has tooltips which tell me what the icon is.17:54
seb128hum, need to run for some minutes17:54
seb128hyperair, often they don't no, they give you random infos17:55
hyperairseb128: now i have to open a menu, and depending on what the contents are, i may or may not understand what that app is.17:55
seb128which you get now by opening the menu too17:55
hyperairseb128: that is besides the point.17:55
seb128you have the same info in the menu than the tooltip17:55
seb128or you should17:55
seb128anyway I'm not the designer17:55
magciusWhere can I find the source for the UNR EFL UI?17:55
hyperairseb128: the point is that tooltips have been there as "alt text" for icons.17:55
seb128but I've no real issue with the change17:55
hyperairthat they have been misused is another thing entirey.17:55
LaserJockmagcius: netbook-launcher-efl I think17:56
magciusLaserJock, no project on LP17:56
geserwhile talking about missing tooltips, is there a way to know what rhythmbox is currently playing without having to open the main window?17:57
LaserJockmagcius: that's the package, you can do apt-get source netbook-launcher-efl17:57
magciusah, sorry, I don't actually use Ubuntu17:57
cjwatsonmagcius: http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/n/netbook-launcher-efl/17:58
LaserJockmagcius: according to the package, https://launchpad.net/launch-lite-proj is the Launchpad project17:58
cjwatsonyou want the newest .dsc, .diff.gz, and .orig.tar.gz17:58
magciusAha, thanks17:58
cjwatsondpkg-source -x foo.dsc # if you have dpkg-source17:59
seb128geser, not yet but that should go in the menu too probably18:04
=== deryck[lunch] is now known as deryck
magciusit looks like the EFL launcher uses a cairo backend for EFL, is that right?18:17
magciusmterry, I think you'd be the guy to ask18:18
mterrymagcius, probably.  I inherited the current codebase, so I'm not super familiar with EFL, but I try18:19
mterrymagcius, it does18:19
mterrymagcius, (in answer to your question)18:19
magciusmterry, alright, so it doesn't use the EFL software renderer?18:19
mterrymagcius, I don't think so18:19
magciusmterry, do you know anything about Clutter?18:19
mterrymagcius, a bit18:20
magciusIs there a reason it was developed using EFL instead of using cairo directly? Do you use any other parts of the EFL library?18:21
magciusmterry, ^ ?18:27
mterrymagcius, oh, sorry.  Uhm, it was developed that way before I got involved.  We do use other EFL bits and widgets and theming support18:27
magciusmterry, who developed it before you? Was it someone at Canonical?18:28
mterrymagcius, yeah, Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri <barbieri@profusion.mobi> did most of it18:30
seb128slangasek, bug #528589 is NOTABUG18:49
ubottuLaunchpad bug 528589 in indicator-applet "indicator-sound doesn't start, exits when started by hand" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52858918:49
seb128slangasek, applet are not started, they are part of your config18:50
seb128the indicator applet one is part of the default profile since jaunty18:50
seb128and added on upgrade for upgraders18:50
seb128slangasek, it's most likely that you got it at some point and changed your config and forgot about it18:51
hyperairis lucid's libtool misbehaving?19:04
hyperairi'm looking into cone's ftbfs, and it seems that no matter what i do, libtool complains about a version mismatch19:04
Laneycjwatson: is grub2 supposed to work on md partitions with A3?19:32
Laneyubiquity bombed because it couldn't install grub19:34
slangasekseb128: hmm, ok; I guess I removed it because I could never figure out what it was ;)19:35
cjwatsonLaney: supposed to ...19:40
Laneycjwatson: I haz logs19:40
cjwatsonLaney: I can haz bug?19:44
cjwatsonLaney: (did you select /dev/md0p1 explicitly as the grub installation target, or did it select that for you?)19:44
LaneyI didn't change what it wanted19:44
LaneyI think it said /dev/md0, even19:44
cjwatsonFeb 26 19:14:52 ubuntu grub-installer: info: Installing grub on '/dev/md0p1'19:44
cjwatsonit seems a bit confused about something else too.  do you have a /boot/grub/device.map in the target system?19:45
cjwatson(ideally, you shouldn't)19:45
cjwatsonok, goo19:45
Laneywell, there is another Ubuntu partition, maybe that confused it?19:45
cjwatsonshouldn't have19:45
Laneywho wants the bug? ubiquity or grub2? (I can't install grub manually either)19:46
seb128hyperair, run autoreconf19:47
cjwatsonLaney: grub-installer for the moment, I think19:47
hyperairseb128: that's what i've been doing.19:47
cjwatsonI'm not quite sure, I'll have to look into it in detail, probably not on a Friday evening19:47
cjwatsonLaney: could you make sure to attach /var/log/partman too?  if you still have the live session running, 'ubuntu-bug ubiquity' will do the job19:48
LaneyI just need to file it while I still have the info19:48
seb128hyperair, auto*re*conf?19:48
Laneywill do, then I'll triage it to grub-installer19:48
Laneythanks for advice19:48
seb128hyperair, what package is that?19:48
hyperairseb128: yes, auto*re*conf.19:48
cjwatsonwait, ubiquity?  that doesn't actually support raid19:48
hyperairseb128: cone.19:48
cjwatsonnot well, anyway19:48
LaneyI manually selected the partition19:49
cjwatsonafter you've filed it, try with d-i to see if it acts any better, maybe?19:49
hyperairseb128: it seems to be a bug common with combined autohell trees.19:49
cjwatsonok, well I guess it might work19:49
hyperairseb128: as in nexted autoconf19:49
Laneywell grub cannot install the bootloader in any case19:49
hyperairseb128: could be out of date or something.19:49
cjwatsonLaney: let me know in the bug how I'd go about setting up a matching system, if you can19:49
Laneybut I will try d-i (I'll have to find out how to make it use an existing md array though)19:49
cjwatsonLaney: yeah, maybe don't bother trying d-i, you're probably right and it shouldn't matter19:50
seb128hyperair, the build log suggests it runs aclocal and autoconf not autoreconf19:50
hyperairseb128: this is a local build.19:50
seb128hyperair, usually we want to make sure to run none or things in right order19:50
hyperairseb128: i've been messing around with the source tree.19:51
seb128k, dunno then19:51
hyperairseb128: wait, you mean the build already runs aclocal and autoconf?19:51
seb128hyperair, yes19:51
seb128hyperair, see http://launchpadlibrarian.net/37421099/buildlog_ubuntu-lucid-i386.cone_0.79-2_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz build log19:51
hyperairoh for the love of..19:51
hyperairscrew cdbs.19:51
seb128hyperair, it's not the build, it's autotools19:51
hyperairand autohell >_>19:52
hyperairmake that badly implemented autohell by stupid upstreams.19:52
seb128hyperair, usually that's happening when touching some configure or makefile19:52
seb128you want to use maintainer mode to avoid that19:52
seb128or don't touch autotools files in patches...19:53
* hyperair takes a look at the patch19:53
cjwatsonor manually run around touching files after applying patches (ugh)19:54
cjwatsonor ACLOCAL=true AUTOCONF=true etc. :-)19:54
Laneycjwatson: that's weird, I just installed grub-pc again and it worked ¬_¬19:57
Laney(in a chroot on the live cd)19:57
Laneythis was after installing grub. The device.map it created must have fixed things.19:58
* Laney writes all this down19:58
Laneyok, filed 528670, hope that's alright20:03
cjwatsongood start, thanks.  the weird bit may be that you're using partitioned RAID.20:04
Laneyyeah I recently blew away all of the funny business20:04
cjwatsonnormally (and the way the installer sets things up) you have RAID physical volumes on partitions, assemble a disk-like object (e.g. /dev/md0) on those, and write a filesystem to /dev/md0 directly20:05
cjwatsonbut you have /dev/md0p120:05
cjwatsonso it may not so much be that md support in grub isn't there, but that partitionable md support in grub isn't there20:05
cjwatsonas I say, will have to look into it more, that's just from a first look20:05
Laneysure, I'll leave it with you20:06
* Laney restarts20:06
hyperairseb128: it works now, thanks for pointing me in the right direction.20:09
seb128hyperair, you're welcome, what did you change?20:10
hyperairseb128: DEB_CONFIGURE_EXTRA_FLAGS = SENDMAIL=/usr/sbin/sendmail20:10
hyperairseb128: and drop the patch.20:10
seb128ok ;-)20:10
hyperairseb128: now then, i've got a DD to fry.20:10
hyperairhonestly, patching configure and configure.in to change the patch of something in AC_PATH_PROG.20:11
hyperairi'd have expected more from a DD.20:11
hyperairE: cone: possible-gpl-code-linked-with-openssl20:12
xorlHey, there a quick way to package up a custom init scripts without a build script so I can maintain them debian style?20:18
xorlso I have a custom init script, custom config files, just want to package em up in a deb, I am familiar with the debian package, just not 100% on the rules, not sure how to package it up with just config files when there is no make environment.20:19
cjwatsonfoo.conf in your package, 'foo.conf etc/init' in debian/foo.install, /usr/share/doc/debhelper/examples/rules.tiny in debian/rules20:19
cjwatsondebian/foo.install is processed by dh_install; see its manual page for more information20:19
hyperairwasn't there some plan to make a dh_installinit or something?20:19
xorlcjwatson: thanks!20:20
* xorl goes to rtfm20:20
cjwatsonthere is a dh_installinit, actually yes you probably ought to use it20:20
cjwatsondebian/foo.upstart, in that case20:20
cjwatson(instead of foo.conf and debian/foo.install)20:20
hyperairor debian/foo.init20:20
cjwatsonright.  see dh_installinit(1)20:20
cjwatsonanyway, point is that make is entirely optional :)20:21
xorlsweet, nice, thanks for the tips guys!20:21
xorlYeah, was confused for a second, thanks for the clarification, I was about to wonder off to a world of too much work to do something stupid simple20:21
cjwatsonsorry for misdirecting you to dh_install first off, not sure what I was thinking there; but on the other hand you can use that technique for other things20:23
* slangasek does the dh7 dance20:24
slangasek(it's a very short dance, but very effective)20:25
cjwatsonslangasek: dh(1) use now at 19.47% in unstable, up from 12.69% when my records began in September20:31
cjwatson(corresponding cdbs numbers: 24.97% in September, 25.06% today)20:32
sebnercjwatson: that's the bad part of your news :P20:33
xorlhmm, I am making this more complicated for myself, just need to install a new mysql init, it's conf file and be on my way, using mysql-server as a guide (from the debian/* files) I think I have dug myself a hole.20:40
ccheneyjdong: they switched me to something different, not sure what yet, should have it in about an hour or so20:42
ccheneyjdong: the Dr seemed to think cipro can only cause tendon tears, not just joint pain, etc (which is also on the fact sheet)20:43
* ccheney thinks maybe he needs to find a better dr20:43
ccheneyhe only switched me because i wanted him to, heh20:44
cjwatsonslangasek: http://people.debian.org/~cjwatson/dhstats.png; apologies for my inability to drive gnuplot prettily20:46
slangasekwow, debhelper is that high a percentage?20:48
cjwatsoninterestingly, the raw number not using debhelper has increased by three since September; I'd expected it to drop20:49
ccheneycjwatson: so manoj packages 3% of debian? :)20:49
cjwatsonthe percentage has gone down though, 2.42% -> 2.3%20:50
slangasekno, I have some packages I adopted from elmo that I haven't switched to dh7 yet :)20:50
cjwatsonccheney: don't forget dexter ...20:50
cjwatsonI converted a Wichert package to dh7 recently20:50
cjwatsonoh, but I haven't uploaded that yet :)20:51
ccheneycjwatson: ah20:51
cjwatsonI haven't quite dared to convert base-passwd yet20:51
ccheneyi need to convert my ubuntu specific stuff to cdbs/dh720:51
lifelessso, by using debhelper, do you mean calling dh_anything?20:51
cjwatsonlifeless: build-depending on debhelper20:52
xorlcjwatson: that rules.tiny won't work stock will it?20:53
ScottKFor lots of packages it does.20:53
xorlhmm, i have build-essential, devscripts installed, dh still not found20:54
cjwatsonyou might be running hardy20:54
ScottKxorl: dephelper is none of those things.20:54
xorlyeah, realized that, i spoke too soon :)20:55
xorlerror: must specify package since control info has many ()20:58
cjwatsonxorl: you need to fix debian/control; you have no binary package stanzas in there21:00
cjwatson(perhaps you need to *write* debian/control)21:00
xorlI have debian/control with Package: mysql-st in there21:02
cjwatsonyou've got something wrong - dpkg failed to parse it correctly21:02
jbebelcjwatson, What's the difference between base-installer/kernel/image and base-installer/kernel/override-image?  The example preseed uses "image" and the server CD preseed uses "override-image".21:07
=== Tonio__ is now known as Tonio_
cjwatsonjbebel: override is a bit higher priority I think.  I forget the exact details, it was a while ago ...21:10
cjwatsonfor most purposes I think you're ok to use image21:10
cjwatsoncould one of the other archive admins process parted through NEW for me?21:14
cjwatsonI'd like to get the stuff that depends on it building21:14
slangasekcjwatson: looking21:18
c_kornis Ubuntu also invloved in the Debian GNOME bug hunt ? http://np237.livejournal.com/27754.html21:23
slangasekcjwatson: accepted21:24
chrisccoulsonc_korn - we probably need a similar effort for gnome packages in ubuntu ;)21:38
* ccheney needs to learn how deb v3 works21:41
ccheneyanyone have a link that explains how the new stuff works?21:41
c_kornchrisccoulson: wouldn't this double the effort ? the bugs will be opened in the upstream tracker. so ubuntu should also gain profit of it.21:44
chrisccoulsonc_korn, possibly. but we have significantly more bug reports on our tracker ;)21:45
c_kornchrisccoulson: ok :) I will participate in the event. I think they will be happy to see some Ubuntu people helping Debian :)21:47
chrisccoulsonc_korn, yeah, i'm sure they will. thanks :)21:47
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ccheneycjwatson: do we have support for xz yet? looks like deb v3 supports it so we may to add it soon if we don't already21:57
ccheneycjwatson: sounds like xz is a better version of lzma21:57
MTecknologyI just made a fix for a bug in the 'debian/' directory of xdm. Should I upload to revu, attach the debdiff, and assign it to the ubuntu-main-sponsors team?21:59
dyekHi! Where can I find pv-grub? Is there a package that contains this (Xen?) utility?22:11
ebroderAre any core-devs around that could take a look at bug #497606? We just deployed CUPS 1.4 servers here, but have a lot of Hardy/Jaunty clients, so this bug is hitting us fairly hard22:18
ubottuLaunchpad bug 497606 in cupsys "lpstat in CUPS 1.3 can't list jobs on CUPS 1.4 servers" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/49760622:18
cjwatsonslangasek: thanks22:30
cjwatsonccheney: it went into dpkg trunk recently, but I'm not sure about that version for lucid yet22:31
ccheneycjwatson: looks like the dpkg version in lucid should be fine (1.15.5) but not sure if launchpad would it handle it22:42
cjwatsonccheney: launchpad uses current dpkg22:43
cjwatsonwhether it handles the file extensions correctly I don't know, but that bit would be trivial22:44
cjwatsonI was actually thinking of http://git.debian.org/?p=dpkg/dpkg.git;a=commit;h=9bb208a8338253a1c9e1d0642cf1ef039a335951 and http://git.debian.org/?p=dpkg/dpkg.git;a=commit;h=54be54799fd73850a6e869e3a8e270b35a9f7384, although I see now that the former is for binary packages not source packages22:46
cjwatsonand the latter is just dependency reduction22:46
ccheneycjwatson: ah ok, yea it would be good to get xz support into our dpkg for lucid also22:52
ccheneycjwatson: er binary support22:52
barrydoko: optimistic ping22:57
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