FlimmHi everyone! I'm developing a generic graphical error handler for Python, and I'm stuck at what the default error message should say.13:40
FlimmHere's what I'm using now: <b>It looks like an error has occurred.</b>13:41
FlimmWe're terribly sorry. We didn't expect things to go wrong at this point. You might want to consider helping us out by reporting the crash.13:41
FlimmBut it seems too wordy and possibly too casual.13:42
nigelbFlimm: is this for apport? i.e., the gui for crash reporting?13:43
FlimmNo, it's independent from Apport, it's meant to be used by any GTK Python app on any distro regardless of whether Apport is installed.13:43
FlimmAlthough if Apport is installed, a report button will appear.13:44
nigelbwe're on the wrong channel for this (I'm not sure where either)13:45
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FlimmI was just wondering about the wording.13:54
FlimmHow about: "<b>It looks like an error has occurred.</b>\n We're terribly sorry. Could you help us fix the problem and report the crash?"13:54
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